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But gratitude to Heaven procure,
The good thou hast may long endure.
Contention's desolating hand,

To Europe unconfined,
Riots in India's distant land,

Where tyrant Tiproo, base, and blind To honour, gives to most inhuman death; Britannia's warriors, whose struggling breath, From fell Calcutta's fiend-like dungeon flies For retribution, to avenging skies.

A splendid list of names heroic blends 1759. With sea and land achievements, each day sends

Advice of gallant deeds by William's arm.* Boscawen, Amherst, Johnson, with an host,

Who kept our fmernies in dread alarm;

* The Duke of Cumberland distinguished himself in every battle he wai present at on the Continent. At sea, Admiral Boscawen defeated la Clue, and took orburned four large ships of the line; he also took Louisburgh. General Amherst took Ticonderago, Crown Point, and Montreal. Admiral Havvke gloriously vanquis! ed the French fleet in Quiberon B?y. Sir William Johnson took •Nigara;Martinico, Guadaloupe, and Maregakutte, were also taken. Lord Howe was killed gallantly righting near Ticonderagd, and succeeded by an Abercrombie. Monckton and Townsend signalized themselves with the immortal Wolfe. In Africa, Senegal was taken by Commodcre Marsh, under the. direction of Mr. dimming, a Quaker.

Vol. ii. o Howr.

Howe; Abercrombie; Monckton; Wolfe, who died

Of Albion's sons the dearest pride, Of Albion's chieftains the most honored boast.? Nor from the battle springs our fame alone,

Where in it's cause the valiant soldier bleeds; Benevolence, as if she wou'd atone

For Discord's brutal deeds,

Founds an asylum for the orphan maid;

A home where innocence, by man betray'd,

Might find the narrow path whence late she stray'd.

What if we travel, reader, from this road
Of cramp chronology, and hear a tale,

A true one too, of how this kind abode
First rose the help and comfort of the frail.

This freak of my erratic muse,

I'm sure, your goodness will excuse;

Forgive the manner, since the matter's true,

For 'tis a fact, denied by few,

Magna est Veritas, and will prevail!

The TAe Institution of the Magdalen.*

;. v..^- - • , - ;

JTwas darkest December, the frost pointed sleet

Was borne on the whirlwind, like ocean's white 1' foam;

Fast closed was each door and deserted each street. Save of wretches who wander, devoid of a home:

C .. * ." :,

'Twasthe season of joy,when His mem'ry sublime, Who bled for our sins and expired for our sake, Is hail'd with rude mirth, ill beseeming that time

Which shou'd gratitude's noblest emotions awake.

- in.

The song, and the jest, and the story, went round,

By warm hearths where the grape gaily circled about.• ' r And while on the ear burst loud merriments sound.

Mirth heard from within, heighten'd mis'ry without.

* The Rev. Dr. Dingley assisted by Henry Field-ng, Esq. anil the celebrated, tho' unfortunate. Dr. Dodd, were among the first whose warm-hearted ideas gave birth to this valuable institution.

o2 Where IV.

Where the portal superb of an Opulent ford,
With massy projection invaded the street;

To share the cold shelter it's root might afford,
Two children of want took a sorrowful seat.


'Twas winter, I've said, yet thin garments of white The limbs of two shivering females enfold;

And keenly past thro' them the blast of the night, As close to each other they shrank from the cold.


The transit of heat those fell liquids impart,

Those liquids impregnate with murderous fire,

Had ceas'd to inflame, and left colder each heart,

For that warmth of the instant which glows to expire.


... ^ * With voice scarcely human, so mournfully hoarse,

Indignant in tone, yet suppressing a sigh*

One daughter of error address'd her discourse,

To the other who scarce rais'd her tear-swollen eye. |/


"That my parents are living you've f»ft beard me : say,

"And, I hoped, uninform'd of their Emily's fate;

"They've discover'd me now, and a letter to day

"Offers pardon and home,—but the offer's too late."


"Ah take it, accept it," with eagerness cried The withering blossom, who lean'd on her knee:

"Accept it! Oh, never!" indignant replied Stern Emily,—once no one milder than she.


"Accept it! encounter a mother's reproof,

"A sister's contempt, a whole neighbourhood's scorn;

"No! never again will I darken that roof,

"Where wou'd I had never, ah never been born!

.: >.. . 5 : ' . XL . ,'

"My father so partial, so fond, none beside, "Of his children solov'd, so distinguish'd as I,


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