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“ Henceforth, she said, in each returning year, “ One stem the Thistle and the Rose shall bear; « The Thistle's lasting grace, thou, O my Rose, shall be, « The warlike Thistle's arm a sure defence to thee.”


“ Great Anna claims the song, no brighter name
“ Adorns the list of never-dying fame;
“ No fairer soul was ever form'd above;
“ None e'er was more the grateful nation's love,
“ Nor lov'd the nation more.


“ Ye active streams! where'er your waters flow, “ Let distant climes and furthest nations know “What ye from Thames and Danube have been taught " How Anne commanded, and how MARLBRO' fought.”


“ Next to the Thunderer let Anna stand, “ In piety supreme as in command; “ Famed for victorious arms and generous aid, Young Austria's refuge, and fierce Bourbon's dread.


66. A Lady lived in former days,
“ That well deserv'd the utmost praise ;
“ For greatness, birth, and justice famed,
“ And every virtue could be named.”


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So of the Queen sung Doctor King,
And thus on many a lyric wing
Her praises soar; while, to speak her due,
Who most commended, said most true.

King William's plan of continental war,

The Queen and Commons, after stout debate, Resolve to second; hence that blazing star,

Ruling of each campaign the fate, Bright MARLBRO' rose, whose very name Half won the day where'er it came; Victorious still his banners flew, And on his helm spontaneous laurels grew; Imperial sov'reigns woo'd his worth, And graced the chief of British birth With principality ; while Churchill's brow By Anne with ducal circle bound, Bade Envy's self submissive bow, And hail desert with genuine honor crown'd. At Donawert and Ramilies He thrash'd the French with skill and ease; .. At Oud’nard and Malplaquet beat 'em, At Blenheim bravely did defeat 'em, And in each place he chanced to meet 'em.

His presence still the foe appald,
While grateful friends shall long revere,
CHURCHILL to patriot memory dear.
So in our days, RODRIGO's chief,
Ordain'd for sinking Spain's relief,
For Britain's joy and Erin's fame,
Born to acquire a Maribro's name;
Or by IBERIAN Dukedom praised,
Or LUSITANIAN honors raised ;
Great Torres Vedras thy paternal throne,
Attaches honor to thy name alone,
And proudly calls a WELLINGTON it's own!

“ Come gi’s a sang, the lady cried,
“ And lay awyer disputes aside ;
“ What nonsense 'tis for folk to chide,
• For what's been done before 'em,
“ Let Whig and Tory* aye agree,”
But Whig and Tory, friends, d’ye see,
Wou'd not agree, and fierce began
Their quarrels in the reign of Anne,

* Scotch Ballad.


Tho' of their origin we have some doubts, They surely were a sort of Ins and Outs ; (Whate'er their designations may denote,

Remember, reader, I'm no party minion). TORIES for strict episcopacy vote,

The Whigs for greater freedom of opinion : And it was said, in prose, by Doctor Swift, (Who had been known to give each side a lift) Of Church and STATE who dearest deems Should carefully avoid extremes ; Nor, for the former's sake, engage With Whiggish violence or rage; Nor less, for State's well-founded glory, Avoid the overweening Tory.

Whether they right or wrong have been
Their party jars perplexed the Queen;
Who still most equitably tried
An honest course 'twixt either side.
North and South Britain now become one land,
And Union join each Scotch and English hand.

Hail CALEDONIA ! sister true,
Long may thine ABERCROMBIES, good as brave,

Long may thy Duncans teach that foe to sue

Who envious of Erix, us, and you, VOL. 11.



Dispute our triple right to rule the wave.
France tries, without effect, the war to bring
To Albion's guarded shores ; the gallant Byng*
Puts the Pretender's fleet to rapid flight,
And JAMES the Third deserts his self-named


Mourn’d, lov’d, esteem'd, the “ royal Dane,”+

Our sov'reign’s consort, pays great nature's debt, The heaviest sorrow of a well-spent reign,

Was Anne's keen, unaffected, deep regret.

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Now sateless war, with fire terrific, rages ;
And GUISCARD, now, a Gallic wight, engages
To snatch by dire assasination
Great HARLEY's life ; due execration
Attends his well-prevented plan,
And, victim of his treason, falls the man.
Anxious that Discord's voice should cease,
The Queen attends to proffer'd peace;
CHURCHILL dissents, and, strange to say,
Stripp'd of his honours in a day,

* Sir George Byng.

+ George, Prince of Denmark.


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