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mons propose the exclusion of the Duke of York. on account of his bias to the Roman Catholic perstu-.siou. The King's opposition. He governs without a Parliament. The Rye House plot charged upon the Protestants. Stafford, Algernon Sydney, and Lord Russc-U, beheaded.

Eminent Persons.

Hyde, Earl of Clarendon; Villiers, Duke of Buckingham; Butler, Duke of Ormond; Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury ; Sir William Temple; Algernon Sydney; Wcutworth Dillon, Earl of Roscommon; R.Boyle, Earl of Orrery ; G.Mackenzie, Earl of Cromarty; G. Monk, Duke of Albemarle; C. Stanley, Earl of Derby; Montague, Earl of Sandwich; J. Powlett, Marquis of Winchester; W. Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle;

G. Digby, Earl of Bristol; Denzel, Lord Holies; Dudley, LordNorth; J. Touchet, Earl Castlehaven & Baron Audley;

H. Pierpoint, Marquis of-Dorchester; J. Wilmot, Earl of Rochester; Anthony Ashley Coop;r, Earl of Shaftesbury; Hcneage Finch, Earl of Nottingham; Francis North; Lcrd Keeper Guildford; J. Robartes, Earl Radnor; Arthur Anncsley, Ear! of Anglcsea; Marquis of Argyle;* H. Finch, Earl of Winchelsea; A. Carey, Lord Falkland; R. Maitland, Earl Lauderdale; Anne, Countess of Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgomery;! Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle.

* This Marquis of Argyle wrote on the great importance of observing the filial duties, yet quarrel'd with his father and bis son.

Catalogue or Noble Auruons.

t This illustrious lady replied in answer to a mandate, from Kir Joseph Williamson, his Majesty's Secretary, which required her to return a certain person, a Member for the borough of Appleby, in Westmorland ;— *' I have been bullied by an usurper, I have been neglected by a court, but I will not be dictated to by a subject."

Your man shan't stand,

"Annf, &c. &c. &c"





Alexander VII. 1655. Clement IX. 1667. Clement X. 1670. Innocent XI. 1676.


Of Germany.—Leopold, 1658.
Of the Turks.—Mahomet IV. 1649.


Of France.—Louis XIV. 1643.

Of Spain.—Philip IV. 1621. Charles II. 1665.

Of Portugal.—Alphonso VI. 1656. Pedro II. 1683.

Of Denmark.—Frederic III. 1648. Christian V. 1670.

Of Sweden.—Charles, XI 1660.


"The only genius of the Line of Stewart."

Horace Walpolg.

"Who never said a foolish thing,
"Nor ever did a wise one."

4? Rochester.

"Few men put on the appearance of sincerity better, and iu which so much artifice was usually hid; that, in conclusion, he could deceive none, for all were mistrustful of him. He had great vices, but scarcely any virtues to correct them."

Bishop Burnet.

*' Let pedants urge their learned strife
"To teach dull mortals what is life:
"Life's a jest—and all things shew it;
"So said Charles, so said the Poet;
"Then live to laugh, since life's a jest,
"Who laughs the most enjoys it best."

Mark Lonsdale.

"Charl'y lov'd good ale and wine,

"And Charl'y lov'd good brandy; "And Charl'y lov'd a pretty girl"—

Old Ballad.

"Already quench'd sedition's brand,

"And zeal, which burnt it, only warms the land."


O Be joyful! let's sing, since hypocrisy's hood

Has been pluck'd from their saintships so dev'lish good;

i 2 Who Who with puritan modesty pilfer'd the crown, Jiut whose stifi'-neck'd nobility now must bow down.

Dcrry down.

The semblance of piety caus'd ev'ry evil,

In a war that look'd much more religious than civil,

Presbyterians and Papists alike draw the sword, *Till Puoiestani Charles by a Monk was re* stored.

Derry down.

In that Court where devotion of late was a trade,

Where round headed rumps in the market-place play'd;

Now the arts and the loves and the graces unite, To make formal extremes grow extremely polite.

Derry down.

Chaiiles's beauties you've heard of, I'll venture to say,

Uuequall'd by any, (but those of our day);

I mean the dear girls who surrounded his throne,

For of personal beauty he'd none of his own.

Perry down.

Now Now Rochester's Muse running riot apace, Indecency clothed so, with talents' best grace; That whether lie wish'd us to reckon each line More brilliant or beastly, 'tis hard to define.

Derry down.

By wedlock to royalty closely allied,

Shines Clarendon, conscience still taking for guide,

Of lionesc intentions who truly may boast,

And with most spirit wrote when his theme was a ghost.

Derry down.

Now Cow Lev wrote Wit, which a thousand shapes bears,

'Yet comely in each of the thousand appears;"

And Shaftebsury* placed at the helm of the state,

Liv'd when Butler's Muse found admirers too late.t

Derry down.

* "Shaftesbury," said Charles, "thou art certainly the greatest rogue in England." His Lordship replied, "Of a Subject perhaps I am, Sir."

t" He ask'd for bread and he received a stone,"' as the poverty he sufter'd while living, and his monument when dead conjointly testify.


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