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Born, A.D. 1649, at the death of King Charles the First. Had issue, illegitimate, many pretended Saints and genuine Hypocrites; many of whom, however, were brave men and shrewd politicians. Died, 1653, on the Restoration of King Charles the Second, and its memory buried in the polished frivolity and licentious manners of that Monarch's dissipated reign.

Principal Events.

Suppression of the Levellers. Siege of Dublin. Storming ofTredah. Rise of the Covenanters. Loyalty, Misfortunes, and Execution of the Marquis of Montrose. Battle of Worcester, and narrow escape of Charles the Second from the Parliament Army. War with the Dutch. Violent Dissolution of the Parliament by Cromwell, and elevation of that extraordinary man to the Protectorate.

Eminent Persons.

John Milton; Waller; Davenaut; Cowley; Sir John Denham ; Harrington ; Harvey ; Clarendon; Selden; Hobbes. Admirals Blake, Montague, &c. Generals Bradshaw, Ireton, Fairfax, Monk, Lambert, Fleetwood; the Earl of Essex; Sir Henry Vane; Bulstrode Whitelocke, Lord Keeper.

Cotemporary Sovereigns.

Innocent X. 1644. Alexander VII. 1655.

Emperors. Emperors.

Of Germany.—Ferdinand III. 1637. Leopold, 1658.
Of the Turks—Mahomet IV. 1649.

Kings and Queen.

Of France.—Louis XIV. 1649.
Of Spain.—Philip IV. 1621.

Of Portugal—John IV. 1640. Alphonso VI. 1656.

Of Denmark.—Frederic III. 1648.

Of Sweden.—Christina 1633, Charles X 1653.

Inter-regnum INTER-REGNUM;



"When civil dudgeon first grew high,
"And men fell out, they knew not why;
"When pulpit, drum ecclesiastic,
"Was beat with fist instead of a stick."


Why " Then a monstrous rabblement there pass'd
"Of rude mis-shapen Wights, a horrid shew;

"'Till, slowly pacing, onward came at last,
"A long lean spectre, imp of vice and woe,
"Hight melancholy, with deportment low."

Leigh Hunt.

"Established violence and lawless might,
"Avow'd and hallow'd by the name of right."

Rom E's Lucan.

"Fell Anarchy!

"As thy loud trumpet calls "To deadly rage and fierce alarms, "Just Order's goodly fabric falls; "Whilst the mad people cry, to arms! to arms! "With thee, Proscription, child of Strife, "With death's choice implements is seen,

, "Her murd'rous gun, assassin's knife.

Poetry or The Antijacoein.

Header, pardon (tint the muse
Such uphill dnidgery should chusr,

As As make a list, tho' odd, yet true,

Of some of Praise-God Barebones crew;

"Praise-God Barebones," so do we,

From such mongrels to be free;

Such strange names, and such strange men,

Ne'er may England see again.

The names that follow, I assure ye,

Says Hume, once form'd a Sussex jury;

For me, if their meaning Pve wrongly exprest,

My meaning pray pardon, it's meant for the best.

Make-peace Heaton, like Hudibras fought;

Fly-debate Roberts, a wrangling calf;

More-fruit Fowler, thy fruit is worth nought;

Weep-not Billing, thy name makes us laugh.

Earth Adams, Call'd Lower, and Brewer The Meek;

Spelman Return, nor with blockheads be found;

Faint-not Hewit, God knows thou art weak; Stand-fast Stringer, 'tis ticklish ground.

Be Be-faithful Joiner, of traitors tlie tool;


you've misled; Hofe-for Bending, the fate of a fool;

Kill-sin Pimple, cutoff thine own head, Accepted Trevor, by reason refused;

Compton Redeemed, to common sense lost;

Grateful Harding, a name most abused:

God'reward Smart, with a smart whipping post.

With what contempt you'd treat an ago,
That giv^s such fools to history's page;
Did it not also bring to view,
Hogbes, Harrington, and Harvey too.

Harvey, by whom first understood

The circulation of the blood.

And Denham, who can charm us still,

Living, tho' dead, on Cooper's Hill;

Cowlev, "whose Wit, tho' thousand shapes it bears,

TM Yet comely in a thousand shapes appears."*

• Cowley's Ode on Wit

Vol. ii. H Waller

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