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Househoider, Reflect. of, Watson (E. H. L.) is. net

. Feb. 08 Householders, Hints to, Bowyer (Alfred) 25. net

Jan. 08 Houses and Gardens, Eng., Macartney (M.) 155. net

.Oct. 08 Housing Conditions in Scotland, 2d.

WYMAN, April 08 Housing, Practical, Nettlefold (J. S.) is. net

Mar. 08 Housing, Town Planning, &c., Standing Committees on-Report, with Proceedings. 9d.

WYMAX, Dec. 08 Housman (A. E.)-A Shropshire Lad. New edit.

Illus. in colour by William Hyde. 8vo. 81x6, pp. 126, 6s. net

.RICHARDS, Oct. 08 Housman (Lawrence)--The Chinese Lantern. A Play. 4to. 8 X6}, pp. 112, 38. 6d. net

F. SIDGWICK, June 08 Housman (Lawrence)-Selected Poems. 12mo. 7 X41, pp. 136, 38. 6d. net

SIDGWICK & J., Dec. 08 Housman (L.)-The Seven Young Goslings. Illus. by M. Dearmer. 4to. Is. 6d.

BLACKIE, Sep. o8 Houston (Edwin J.)-The Atmosphere. Cr. 8vo.

7, X 5), pp. 336, 38. 6d... CHAMBERS, Nov. 08 Houston (Edwin J.)-Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Cr. 8vo. 78 X 5), pp. 382, 3s. 60.

CHAMBERS, Nov. 08 Houston (Franccs C.)-The Woman of the Well. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5), pp. 312, 25.

R.T.S., Feb. 08 Hoverers, Cleeve (L.) 6s.

.Oct. 08 How (Frederick D.)-Clerical Humour of Olden

Time. Being Sketches of some Clerical Humorists between the Twelfth and the Eighteenth Centuries. La. cr. 8vo. 5$ x 71 x 11, pp. 272, 6s, net

. PITMAN, May 08 How Canada was Won, Brereton (F. S.) 6s.

Oct. 08 How do We Know, Anderson (A.) 25. ....Nov. 08 How England was Saved : History of the Years 1910-1925. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 5, pp. 172, is. net

SONNENSCHEIN, Dec. 08 How Far ? Bretherton (R.) is. net .......

. May 08 How to Cook Husbands, Worthington (E. S.) IS. 6d, net

Sep. 08 How to Enforce Payment of Debt. By a Lawyer. Cr. 8vo. limp 6d. net

GREENING, May 08 How to Gain Eye of Young, Mitchell (J.) is. 6d.,

Nov. 08 How to Live on Twenty-four Hours a Day, Bennett (A.) is. net

· June 08 How to Use the Stanley Universal Plane. By a Practical Woodworker. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net

P. MARSHALL, May 08 Howard (H.)— The Shepherd Psalm. 18mo. IS. net

.R. CULLEY, Feb. 08 Howard (Keble)-The Bachelor Girls and Their

Adventures in Search of Independence. Cheap edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 272, is. net

CHAPMAN & H., July 08 Howard (Keble)-The Girl who Couldn't Lie. An Extravaganza. Cr. Svo., pp. 156, Is. net

NASH, April 08 Howard (Keble)-Miss Charity: a Tale from My Heart. Cr. 8vo, 8 X 5, pp. 302, 6s.

HODDER & S., Oct. 08 Howard (P. E.) Sunday Schools, 2s. 6d. net

Mar. 08 Howard (W. G.) Das Fahnlein der Sieben Aufrechten, Keller, is. 6d....

.... Mar. 08 Howard (W. J.)-A Memorandum of Practice in Civil Cases. 2nd edit. Cr. Svo. 38, net

THACKER, Oct. 08 Howard's Art of Reckoning. New edit. Cr. 8vo.,

pp. 138, Is., swd. 6d. ..CASSELL, July 08

Howden (J. R.)-The Boys' Book of Steamships.
Illus. 8vo. 81x5, pp. 304, 6s.

Howe (J. L.)- Inorganic Chemistry for Schools

and Colleges. Being a 2nd edit. of “ Inorganic
Chemistry According to Periodic Law," by
F. P. Venable and J. L. Howe. Demy 8vo.

125. 6d... (American) WILLIAMS & N., Oct. 08 Howe (L.)— The Muscles of the Eye, Vol. 2.

Illus. Ryl. 8vo. 16. net. .PUTNAM, Sep. 08 Howe (M. A. De Wolfe)—The Life and Letters of

George Bancroft. 2 vols. Illus. 8vo. 81 x 54,

pp. 306, 370, 16s. net ..HODDER & S., Sep. 08 Howe (Will D.) Thomas (C. S.) Composition, 5s.

Nov. 08 Howe (W. F.)- The Classified Directory to the Metropolitan Charities for 1908. Cr. 8vo. swd.

.LONGMANS, Jan. 08 Howells (W. 1.)-Fennel and Rue 8vo. 87 X 51, pp. 136, 6s.

.HARPER, April 08 Howells (W. D.)-koman Holidays and others. Illus. 8vo. 8} X5}, pp. 312, ios. 6d.

HARPER, Nov. 08
Howman (D, M.) and Lawson (G. G.)-A Beauti-

ful City. (An Alphabet of Gloucester.) 4to.
78. 6d. net

K. PAUL, Aug. 08 Hoyden, Hungerford (Mrs.) 6d. .. April 08 Hoyer (Maria A.)-By the Roman Wall. Notes on a Suminer Holiday. Cr. 8vo. 78 x 55, pp. 176, 25. 6d. net

.NUTT, Aug. 08 Hoyle (A.) Joseph Bush, 2s. 6d. net...... Jan. 08 Hoyt (Wayland)—

The Lord's Teaching concerning His Own Person. Cr. 8vo. 78 X 5, pp. 196, 25. net

.R.T.S., May 08 Hrdlicka (A.)- Skeletal remains suggesting or

attributed to early man in North America. (Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin.) Illus. 8vo. 91 X6, pp. 113, 5s. net

WESLEY, Feb. 08 HIsiao Ching-Book of Filial Duty, is. net Oct. 08 Huart (C.)-Les Calligraphes et les Miniaturistes

de l'Orient Musulman. 10 plates. Ryl. 8vo.. pp. 388, 125. net.

.LUZAC, Aug. 08 Hub of Life, Maiiland (V.) 6s.

. April 08 Hubbard (Mrs. Leonidas)--A Woman's Way

through unknown Labrador : An account of the exploration of the Nascaupee and George Rivers. Illus. 8vo. 9 X54, pp. 354, ios. 60. net

MURRAY, May 08 Hubbard (Sara A.)--- The Duty of Being Beautiful.

12mo., PP. 52, IS. net ......FOULIS, Oct. 08 Hubbard (Sara A.)—The Religion of Cheerfulness. 1 2mo., pp. 54, Is. net

FOULIS, Oct. 08. Huber (Edouard) Acvaghosa, 125, net....Mar, 08 Hude (C.) Herodoti Historiae, 1-4, Vol. 1, 4s.

June o8 Hudson (Charles B.)-The Crimson Conquest : A

Romance of Pizarro and Peru. 8vo. 81 X54, pp. 454, 6s.

RICHARDS, Aug. 08 Hudson (F.)-The Song of the Manly vien, and Other Verses. Cr. Svo. swd. is. net

NUTT, Oct. 08 Hudson (G.)-Sylvia's Rose and the May Moon.

16mo. swd. Is net....E. MATHEWS, April 08 Hudson, Roderick, James (H.) 8s. 6d. net Sep. 08 Hudson (W. H.) The Land's End A Natura

list's Impressions in West Cornwall. Illus. 8vo. 9 X5), pp. 332, 1os. 60. net

HUTCHINSON, May 08 Huefter (Ford Maddox)-The listi Queen

Crowned : A Romance. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 41,
Pp. 326, 6s.

...NASH, Mar. 08 Hueffer (Ford Maddox) - Mr. Apollo. A just possible story. Cr. 8vo. 7* X5, pp. 318, 6s.

METHUEX, Aug. 08 Hueffer (Oliver Madox)—The Book of Witches.

8vo. 9 X51, pp. 348. Ios. 6d. net NASHI, Nov. 08




HUNGARY Huelin (von C.)- Technisches Worterbuch in Human Physiology, Ritchie (J. W.) 25. 6d. Dec. 08

Deutsch, Englisch, Franzosisch und Spanisch. Human Speech, Macnamara (N. C.) 5S. ..Dec. 08 Cr. 8vo. Ios. 6d. net

. Spon, Jan. 08 Human Woman. Grove (Lady) 5s. net....Nov. 08 Huey (E. B.) — The Psychology and Pedagogy of Humane Philosophy, Rousseau (J. J.) 25. net Reading. Cr. 8vo. 6s. net

Sep. 08 MACMILLAN, Feb. 08 Humanists, Modern, Robertson (John M.) 25. 6d. Huston-Windust (Florance)—see Windust (Flor

Feb. 08 ance Hufton-)

Humanity and Its Problenis, Hook (Alfred) 55. net

.Mar. 08 Hügel (Baron F. von)— The Mystical Element of Religion as Studied in Saint Catherine of

Humble Romance, Wilkins (M. F.) 6d. net

Oct. 08 Genoa and her Friends. 2 vols. 8vo. 9 X 511 Hume (Fergus) — The Amethyst Cross.

Cr. 8vo. Pp. 490, 428, 215, net

DENT, Dec. 08 Hugh Rendal, Portman (L.) is. net .... Sep. 08

73 X 5, pp. 312, 35. 6d. .... CASSELL, Sep. 08 Hughes (C. E.)-Addresses and Papers of C. E. H.

Hume (Fergus) -- The Crowned Skull. Cr. 8vo. Governor of New York, 1906-1908. Intro. by

73 X5, pp. 320, 6s..... T. W. LAURIE, May 08 J. G. Schurman. Cr. 8vo. 75. 6d. net

Hume (Fergus)—

The Green Mummy. Cr. 8vo. PUTNAM, May os 73 X5, pp. 326, 6s. ....LONG, July 08 Hughes (Harold) and North (Herbert 1,.)—The

Hume (Fergus)-The Mystery of a Hansom Cab. Old Cottages of Snowdonia. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 8vo. swd. 6d.

. PEARSON, June 08 38. 6d. net.. (Bangor) JARVIS & FOSTER, Oct. 08 Hughes (Spencer L.) Edwards (J. H.) From Village Hume (Fergus)— The Mystery of a Motor Cab. Green, D. Lloyd George, is. net......Oct, 08

Cr. 8vo. 71 X 41, pp. 316, 6s. EVERETT, Sep. 08 Hughes (T.)-History of the Society of Jesus in

Hume (Fergus)— The Rainbow Feather. 8vo. North America, Colonial and Federal. Docu

swd. 6d.

DIGBY, L., July 08 ments, Vol. 1, Part 1, Nos. 1-140 (1605-1838). Hume (Fergus)— The Sacred Herb. Cr. 8vo. Ryl. 8vo. 215. net ..LONGMAXS, Jan, 08

71 X5, pp. 320, 6s.

. . LONG, Jan. 08 Hughes (Thomas)—Tom Brown's School Days. Hume (Fergus)— The Sealed Message. Cr. 8vo. 74 X55, pp. 370, is. (Chambers's Standard

7} X5, pp. 366, 6s... ...DIGBY, L., Feb. 08 Authors) ...CHAMBERS, June 08

Hume (Fergus) — The Yellow Hunchback. 8vo Hughes (Thomas)— Tom Brown's Schooldays.

swd, 6d.

.F. V. WHITE, Feb. 08 Cr. 8vo. 71 X 5, pp. 342, 3S... NELSON, Oct. 08 Hugo (Victor)--Bug-Jargal. With biography,

Hume (Martin) — Two English Queens and footnotes and exercises by W. G. Hartog.

Philip. Illus. 8vo. 9 X 5), pp. 510, 155. net Cr. 8vo. 71 X4, pp. 150. IS. 6d.

METHLEN, Sep. 08 MURRAY, Nov. 08

Hume (W. F.)-A Preliminary Report on the Hugo (Victor)- Jean Valjean. Founded

Geology of the Eastern Desert of Egypt be"Les Miserables." Adapted by F. W. M.

tween Latitude 22 deg. N. and 25 deg. N. 5 Draper. 12mo., pp. 96, is. METHCEN, June 08

plates 8vo. 71 X101, pp. 72, 45. 6d. net

PROBSTHAIN, April 08 Hugo (Victor)—The Laughing Van. 12mo. 6d.

Humility and Patience, Little Bk, of, Ullathorne NELSOX, Nov. 08 (Archbp.) 28. net

.Sep. 08 Hugo (Victor)-Notre Dame. 12mo. 6d. net

Humorists, Eng., Thackeray (W. M.) 25. 6d. NELSON, Mav os

July 03 Hugo (Victor)— The Toilers of the Sea.

Humorists of the Pencil. 4to., ea. is. net 6d. net NELSON, Sep. 08


Humour, Everyman's Calendar of, 6d. ..Mar. 08 Hugo of Avendon. In 4 acts. By E. i,. M. 8vo. 3s. 6d. net

.K. PAUL, Sep. 08

Humphrey (L.)—The Strength of Concrete Beams.

Results of tests of 108 beams (First ser.) made Hugo's French Composition Simplified, and Key at the structural-materials testing laboratories, 12mo. 3s.

.Hugo's INST., Feb, 08 (Bulletin U.S. Geol. Survey.) Illus, Ryl. Svo. Huguenot Family, Mem, of, Fontaine (1.) 7s. Cd. 9 X6, pp. 58, swd. is. net.... WESLEY, Dec. 08 net

· Jan 08 Humphrey Bold, Strang (H.) 6s. ........0ct. 08 Huit Contes, Minssen (M.) ea. is. ...... . Feb. 08

Humphreys (Arthur I..) -Salt and Sincerity, from Hulbert (A. B.)-The Niagara River, Illus. Letters to Belinda." Cr. 8vo. 7! X41Pp. Ryl. 8vo. 155. net

PUTNAM, Oct, 08 192, 38. od. net ......GARDNER, D., Feb. 08 Hull (Eleanor)— Pagan Ireland. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 1 Humphreys (A. L.)- Materials for the History of 74 X 5, PP. 250, 25. 6d. net M. H. GILL, Oct. 08

the Town and Parish of Wellington in the

County of Somerset. Part I. 4to. sud. 55. net Hull (Eleanor)-A Text-Book of Irish Literature.

A. L. HUMPHREYS, May 08 Part II. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 4), pp. 292, 3s. net Humphry (Mrs.)--Beauty Adorned. Cr. 8vo.,

NUTT, June 08
pp. 140, IS.

WARD, L., April 08 Hullabuloos at Hacksters, Clark (W. A.) 6S.

Νου. ο8

Humphry (Mrs.)-Manners for Girls. Cr. 8vo. Hulme (F. Edward)-Familiar Swiss Flowers. pp. 140, IS.

WARD, L., April 08 Illus. Cr. 8vo. 78 X5, pp. 232, 75. 6d. net Humphry (Mrs.)—More Manners for Men. 121110.,

CASSELL, April 08 Hulme (F. Edward)— The Foggy English of John

pp. 164, 28. net; swd. is, net Bull's Friends. Cheap edit.

J. F. SHAW, Nov. 08 Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d.

Hundred to One Chance, Gould (Nat) od. Jan. 08

JARROLD, J uly 08
Hulme (F. Edward)— The History, Principles and

Hungarian, Eng, and, Dict., James (E. W.) and
Eid-j 2. 55. net

..Jan 08 Practice of Symbolism in Christian Art.

Hungarian Hist., Vallyi (N.) is, net.. ..Oct. 08 edit. Cr. 8vo. 8 X51, pp. 240, 75. 6d.

SONNENSCHEIN, July 08 Hungarian Question (The). Tirom a Historical, Human Body, Landmarks of, Rawling (I.. B.) 5S. Economical and Ethnographic Point of net

· Aug. 08 l'iew. Trans. by Ilona and C. Arthur Ginever. Human Boy Again, Phillpotts (E.) 6s.. Mar. 08 Svo. 8 X 5), pp. 96, 25. 6d. niet Human Machine, Bennett (A.) Is. 6d. net Nov. 08

K. PAUL, Jan, 08 Human Nature, Robinson (C. H.) 6d. net April 08 Hungary and the Hungarians, Bovill (W. B. F.) Human Nature in Politics, Wallas (G.) 6s. Nov. 08 75. 6d. net

.Sep. 08 Human Ovum, Development, &c., of, Bryce | Hungary, Political Persecution in, is, net (T. H.) 125. 6d, net. · July 08

April 08

net .

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Hunger Line, Kennedy (B.) is. 6d., is. net

Mar. 08 Hungerford (Mrs.) – The Hoyden. 8vo. swd. 6d

HEINEMANN, April 08 Hungerford (Mrs.)— The Red-House Mystery. 8vo. swd. 6d.

..CHATTO, Mar. os Hungry Forties (The): Life under the Bread Tax.

Intro. by Mrs. Cobden Unwin. Re-issue. Cr.

8vo. 8x5, pp. 274, 35. 6d. UNWIN, May 08 Hunnings (A.) and Webb (C. A.) --Rates and

Taxes : A Guide for Ratepavers. 32mo. Ithr.
Is. net (Miniature Reference Lib.)

Hunt (Enid Leigh) - The Advent of Arthur.

8vo. 87 X 6, pp. 321, 6s. Low, Jan. 08 Hunt (Enid Leigh)-Hazelhurst. 8vo. 9 X 61, PP. 320, 6s.

Low, Nov. o8
Hunt (G.) Journal of Debates, Constitution of
21S. net

...May 08 Hunt (Henry) Valda (S.) Naval Sketches, 3s. 6d.

Oct. 08 Hunt, Holman, Coleridge (M. E.)'is. 6d. net

Mar. 08 Hunt (Leigh)-Coaches and Coaching. 18mois. net, Ithr. is. 6d. net (The Miniatures)

SISLEY, Aug. 08 Hunt (Leigh) Lamb (C.) Pigs. 6d., is., 25. net

Nov. 08
Hunt (Violet)-Sooner or Later: the Story of an

Ingenious Ingénue. New and cheaper edit.
Cr. 8vo., pp. 432, Is. net

CHAPMAN & H., July 08
Hunt (Violet)-White Rose of Weary Leaf. Cr.

8vo. 74 X 4), pp. 438, 65. HEINEMANN, Feb. 08 Hunt (William)-History of Italy. Re-issue. 12mo. 7 X 4), pp. 308, 35. 6d.

Hunt (W. H.) ed.-Mission Preaching for a Year.”
Part 2.
Cr, 8vo., pp. 252, sud. 25. 6d. net

Hunt (W. H.) ed.- Mission Preaching for a Year.
Cr. 8vo., pp. 256, swd. 2s. 6d. net

SKEPPINGTON, April 08 Hunt (W. H.) ed.-Mission Preaching for a Year :

a Series of Eighty-six Original Mission Sermons, Part 4. Cr. 8vo., pp. 316, swd. 2s. 6d, net

SKEFFINGTON, July 08 Hunt (W. H.) ed. - Mission Preaching for a

Year. A series of 86 original Mission Sermons. 2 vols.

Cr. 8vo. 74 X5, pp. 478, 590, ea. 6s. net

.SKEFFINGTON, Sep. 08 Hunt (W. R.)-Heathenism under the Search: light. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5), pp. 154, 35. 5d. net

MORGAN & S., Feb, 08 Hunt Annual, English, 1908-9, 5s. net ..Dec. os Hunt Annual, Irish, 1908-9, 25. 6d, net. .Dec. 08 Hunt Annual, Scottish, 1908-9, 25. 6d. net Nov. 08 Hunt of the White Elephant, Ellis (E. S.) 29. 60.

Sep. 08 Hunter (John)-De Profundis Clamavi and other Sermons. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 5, pp. 338, 5s. net

WILLIAMS & N., June 08 Hunter (R.)--Socialists at Work. Cr. Svo., 6s. 6d. net

. MACMILLAN, May 08 Hunters (Horses), Condition of, ios. 6d. net

Mar. 08 Hunting Annual (The) 1908-9. 12mo. IS. net

LOVE & MALCOMSON, Oct., Dec. 08 Hunting Direct., Baily's, 1908-9, 55. net Nov. 08 Hunting, Art of, 155., 3os. net ...... Dec. 08 Huntington (Helen)- The Sovereign Good. Cr. 8vo. 6s.......

...PUTNAM, Sep. 08 Hunt's Universal Yacht List, 1908. Oblong 12mo. 6s.

.. IMRAY, May 08 Hunts with Jorrocks, Surtees (R.) 1os. 6d., 425, net

Oct, 08 Hurrell (Henry)-Supplement to the ' Limited

Partnerships Act, 1907. With rules, &c. Svo. swd. 6d. net.

WATERLOW, Feb. 08 į

Hurry (Alfred A.)--Manual of Small Debt Procedure. Domy 8vo. 45. net

(Edin.) W. GREEN, Feb. 08 Hurst (E. II.)- Mystery Island. Cr. 8vo. 8 X 5 pp. 320, 6s..

IlU'RST & B., Feb. 08 Hurst (J. W.)- The Life Story of a Fowl. Illus.

8vo. 81 X 6, pp. 230, 6s. ...,BLACK, Sep. 08 Hus (H.) Conard (H. S.) Water-Lilies, 25. 6d. net

Feb. 08 Husband, Making of Successful, Yost (C. S.) 28. 6d. net.

.Oct. 08 Husbands, How to Cook, Worthington (E. S.) IS. 6d. net

.Sep. os Husband's Practice of Medicine. Designed for

the use of Students and Practitioners. 6th edit. rewritten and enlarged, by Robert F. C. Leith and Robert A. Fleming. Cr. 8vo. 7 X 4, pp. 1,164, 125.

net..... . SIMPKIN, July 08 Hustled History; or, As it Might have Been.

By the authors of “Wisdom While You Wait."
Illus. Cr. 8vo., pp. 104, swd. is. net

PITMAN, Jan. 08
Hutcheson (John C.)-Fritz and Eric; or, the

Brother Crusoes. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 71 X41.
Pp. 432, 28. 6d..,

FROWDE, Oct. o 8 Hutchieson (Francis L.)-The Great Oblation. 12mo. 61 x 41, pp. 106, is. 6d. net

MASTERS, Mar. 08 Hutchinson (A. S. M.)-Once Aboard the Lugger :

The History of George and his Mary. Cr. 8vo.

74 x 44, pp. 374, 6s. .....A. RIVERS, Oct. 08 Hutchinson (M. F.)-The Ways of a Girl ; or,

The Story of One Year. Cr. 8vo. 74 X 5, pp. 334, 28. 6d.

.PARTRIDGE, Oct. 08 Hutchinson (Colonel) Memoirs; by his Widow

Lucy. Cr. 8vo., pp. 434, is. net ; Ithr, 23. net (Everyman's Lib.)

DENT, June 08 Hutchinson, Colonel, Roundhead, Hutchinson (L.) is, net

· June 08 Hutchinson (Lucy)–Colonel Hutchinson, Roundhead. 12mo., pp. 606, is, net (Lib. of Memoirs)

SISLEY, June 08
Hutchison (Alfred) and Taylor (Thomas)'lhe

Factory Acts so far as they apply to Commercial
Laundries. Svo 84 X 54, pp. 286, 5s, net

POWER LAUNDRY," July 08 Hutchison (J.) Tales of a Grandfather, Scott (W., Sir) is.

.. Aug. 08 Hutchison (Robert)-Applied Physiology : A

Handbook for Students of Medicine. Cr. 8vo. 7! X5, pp. 310, 7s.6d. net

E. ARNOLD, Aug. 08 Hutchison (Robert) and Collier (H. S.) cds.An

Index of Treatment. By Various Writers. 4th edit. 8vo. 87 X 53, pp. 942, 215. net

SIMPKIN, Dec. 08
Hutchison (Robert) and Rainy (Harry)—Clinical

Methods : A Guide to the Practical Study of
Medicine. 4th edit., thoroughly rev. I 2mo.

6° X4, pp. 648, 10s. 6d. ..CASSELL, June 08 Hutton (A. W.)-A Short History and Description of Bow Church, Cheapside. 4to. swd. is. net

E. STOCK, April 08 Hutton (Edward)—Country Walks about Florence. I 2mo. 6] x 41, pp. 340, 5s, net

METHUEX, Oct. 08 Hutton (J. A.)--Reminiscences of Halsten Muri. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7 * X5, pp. 190, 6s. net

SHERRATT & II., Jan. 08 Hutton (R. S.) and Petavel (J. F.)-Electric l'ur

nace Reactions under high Gaseous Pressures.

ato, plate, swd. 25. 6d. net.. DILAT, J21. 08 Hutton (William H.)-The Age of Revolution.

Being an outline of the History of the Church from 1648-1815. Cr. 8vo. 7! X

10. 48. od. net

Hutton (William H.)—By Thani

Sketches of the Country.
9 X 54, pp. 310, 5$. net ..Co

Part 3

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ILLUSTRATED Hutton (William H.)—The Influence of Chris- Hyne (C. J. C.)- McTodd. 8vo. swd. 6d. tianity upon National Character, illustrated by

MACMILLAN, Jan, 08 the Lives and Legends of the English Saints. Hyne (C. J. C.)- Mr. Horrocks, Purser. 12mo. 2nd edit. (Bampton Lectures 1903). Cr. 8vo. 7d. net

...J. LENG, Feb, 08 8 X5}, pp. 400, 6s, net. GARDNER, D., April 08

Hyno (C. J. C.)—The Recipe for Diamonds. 12mo. Huxley (Julian S.)-Holyrood. The Newdigate 7d. net

...NELSON, April 08 Poem, 1908. 4to, swd. is. net B. H. BLACKWELL, June 08

Hyne (C. J. C.)-Sandy Carmichael. New edit.

Cr. 8vo. 6s. Huxley (Thomas H.)- Lectures and Essays.

.. LOW, Dec. 07 Cr. 8vo.8d. net, Ithr. is, 6d. net (People's Lib.)

Hyne (C. J. C.)—Thompson's Progress. Cheaper

CASSELL, May 08 re-issue. Cr. 8vo., pp. 320, is. net Huxley (Thomas H.)—Man's Place in Nature, and

RICHARDS, Mar. 08 a Supplementary Essay. 8vo. swd. 6d. Hyne (C. J. C.)— The Trials of Commander

WATTS, Mar. 08 McTurk. 8vo. swd, 6d. . . PEARSON, Mar. 08 Hyamson (Albert M.)-A History of the Jews in Hypatia, Kingsley (C.) 8d., Is. 6d, net..May 08 England. With Portraits and Maps. 8vo. Hypatia, Kingsley (C.) is., 2s, net.. ..) uly 08 9 X 53, pp. 384, 4s. 6d. net..CHATTO, Feb. 08 Hypatia, Kingsley (C.) is, net

j uly 08

Hypnotic Therapeutics, Quackenbos T(J. D.) Hyatt (Alfred H.) ed. - The Charm of Edinburgh :

75, 6d. net

Feb. 08 An Anthology. Fine Paper Edit. I 2mo. 61 X4, pp. 448, 25. net, Ithr. 33, net

Hyrst (H. W. G.)--Adventures Among Wild

CHATTO, May 08

Cr. 8vo. 8 X 5, pp. 346, 58.
Hyatt (Alfred H.) ed.— The Charm of Venice :

SEELEY, Sep. 08 an Anthology. Fine paper edit. 12mo. 64 X 4,

Hyslop (James H.)–Pyschical Research and the pp. 398, 2s. net, Ithr. 3s. net ..CHATTO, Nov. 08

Resurrection. Cr. 8vo. 78 X54, pp. 426, 5s, net

UNWIN, Dec. 08
Hyatt (Alfred H.) ed. - The Winds of Heaven : an
Anthology. 12mo. 64 x 4, pp. 368, 25. 6d.
net (Wayfaring Books) .. ROITLEDGE, Oct. 08

I Came and Saw, Blackburn (D.) 6s. ... Nov. 08
Hyatt (Stanley P.)-The Little Brown Brother.

I Little Knew-! Crommelin (M.) 6s.. ...Mar. 08
Cr. 8vo. 7} X5, pp. 320, 6s.

Ibsen (H.)-Works. Vol. Cr. 8vo. 7 X 5

pp. 508, 45. net... ..... HEINEMANN, Jan. 08 Hyde (John D.)-Mrs. Maclean. Pop. Edit. Cr.

Ibsen, Gosse (Edmund) 35. 60.. 8vo., pp. 302, swd. is. net ....SISLEY. Sep, 08

.. Jan. 08

Iceland, Leith (Mrs. D.) is. 60. net .Sep. 08 Hyde Park, Tweedie (Mrs. A.) 155. net..april os

Icelandic, Trans, from, Green (W. C.) is. 6d. net
Hydraulic, &c., Tables, Hennell (T.) 49. 60. net

J 111e 08
May 08

Idea in the Working, Kelly (H.) is. net.. July 08
Hydraulic Calculator, Roberts (Wynne-) 5s. net Ideal Ministry, Johnson (H.) 6s, nec.. ..Oct, 08

May 08 Ideal of the Material Life, &c., Keeble (S. E.) Hydraulics, Dunkerley (S.) Vol. 2. ros. 6d. net

• 28. 6d, net...

.. Nov. 08
July 08

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Hydraulics, Gibson. (A. H.) 18s, net. . May 08
Hydraulics, Lea (F. C.) 18s. net

· Jan. 08

Ideas of a Plain Countrywoman, by “ The Country
Hydro Electric Develop., Player (P.) 4s. 60, net

Contributor." Cr. 8vo. 35. net
Aug. 08

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.Sep. 08 Idylls, Theocritus (Calverley) 2s., 3s. net.. June 08 Hygiene and Public Health, Whitelegge (B. A.)

Idylls of the King, Tennyson (A., Lord) 45. net and Newman (G.) 75. 60. May 08

April 08 Hygiene, &c., Notes of Lessons, Chadwick (Mrs. Idylls of the Poor, King (M.) is. 60. .... Nov. 08 E. H.) is.

.. Jan. 08 Hygiene for Nurses, McIsaac (I.) 5s. net.. Oct. 08

If : A Nightmare in the Conditional Mood,

by the Authors of “Wisdom While You Hygiene, Journal of. Vol. 7, No. 6, December, Wait," &c. Illus. by George Morrow. Cr. 8vo. 1907, being the third extra number containing 41 X7, pp. 112, is. net... ...PITMAN, Nov. 08 Reports on Plague Investigations in India.

Ifs and Hans. 8vo. 31 X2), pp. 104, 9d. net, swd. Rvi. Svo., 6s. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Jan, 08 6d. net

. MOWBRAY, Oct, 08 Hygiene, Military, Firth (R. H.) 35. 6d. net

Ignition Electric, for Motor, Hibbert (W.)
July 08

Is. 6d. net
Hygiene, New, Wilson (J. W.) 28. 6d. April os

· Jan, 08 Hygiene, Notes of Lessons, Chadwick (Mrs. E. H.) Ikin (A. E.)-Key to Knotty Points in Algebra. Vol. 2 3s.

... July 08 Cr. 8vo. swd. is, 6d, net (Normal Tutorial Ser.! Hygiene, Pract., Bergey (D. G.) 6s. 6d. net

Oct. 08

Ile des Pingouins, France (A.) 38. 6d, net Nov. 08
Hygiene, School, Lyster (R. A.) 35. 6d

lles (E.)-Nell Fraser. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. Feb., Oct. 08

R. E. KING, Jan. 08 Hygiene, School, Porter (C.) 35. 60. ..Sep, 08

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Iliad, Homer, Bks. 7-8 (Blakeney) is. .Dec. 08 Firth (R. H.) 21s. net.

Jan. 08
Hygiene, Tropical Climates, Simpson (W. J. R.;

Iliad of the East (The). A Selection of legends
Oct. 08

drawn from Valmiki's Sanskrit poem The Hymn Bk., Methodist, Lineal Index, Miles (W.)

Ramayana, by Frederika Macdonald. Illus. 6s. 6d. net

.Dec. 08

Cr. 8vo. 78 X5, pp. 350, 75, 6d, net
Hymn Tunes, Booth (J.) 25. 6d., 38. 6d. net

LANE, Oct. 08
Dec. 08

Iliad, Stories from the, Havell (H. I..) 25. 6d.,
Hymns Ancient and Modern. New edition 1904,

IS. 6d, net

. . May 08 Tunes transposed into a lower key. Oblong Illing worth (T. R.)-Reason and Revelation. Ryl. 8vo., 55. net ......W. CLOWES, May 08 8vo, swd, 6d..

MACMILLAN, Nov. 08 Hymns, Lyra Anglicana, 2s. 6d. June 08 Illumination, Spiritual, Mills (J. P.) 28. 60.

net Hyndman (M. H.)— The Commercial Crises of the

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Tan. 08 Hyne (C. J. Cutcliffe)-Kate Meredith. Cr. 8vo., Illustrated Pocket Classics. 12mo., ea. Is. net, pp. 348, swd. is. net CASSELL, July 08 Ithr. 28. net

COLLINS, 07, 8

155. net.





Illustrating, Pen and, Ink Puppet, Herford (0.) In the Shadow of Guillotinc, Dalrymple (G.) IS.

28. 6d. net

...Sep. 08


June 08

Ilona, Hungarian Question, 2s 6d. net · Jan 08

In the Shadow of Pa-Menkh, Langlois (D.)

Imagination, Training of the, Rhoades (J.) is.

Dec. 08


. Mar. 08 In the South Seas, Stevenson (R. L.) 25., 3s. net

Imbeciles, Lang (L. Lockhart) 6s.

Jan. 08

Sep, 08

Imitation of Christ, Kempis (Thomas à) 25. 6d. In the Starlight, Gibson (E.) 5s. net.... Aug. 08


Feb. 08 In the Teeth of Adv., Miles (A. H.) 55. ..Oct, 08

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April 08 In Wolf's Clothing, Garvice (C.) 6s. ... Oct. 08

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Imitation of Christ, Kempis (T. a) 75. 6d. net Incarnate Purpose, Percival (G. H.) 28. 6d. net

Oct. 08

Oct. 08

Imitation of Christ, Kempis (T. à) 25. net Dec. 08

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June 08

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Immortality, New Light on, Albe (E. E. F. d') 6s.

Sep. 08


Oct. o8 Incas of Peru, Vocab. of Languages, Markham

Imperial Brown of Brixton, Turner (Reginald) 6s. (C.) 7s. 6d. net

Oct. 08

Feb. 08

Imperial Gazetteer of India,

Inch (Thomas)-Scientific Weight Lifting 2nd

New edit.

Vol. 2

rev. edit. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 4, pp. 82, swd.

8vo. 6s. net, l-mor. 7s. 6d. net. Ditto Alpha-

IS. net

betical Gazetteer Proper. Vols. 5-14, 8vo.

AUTHOR, Feb. 08
(sets only) (Clarendon Press) FROWDE, June 08 Inchbald (Mrs.)-A Simple Story. With intro.

Imperial Institute. Report, 1906–7, 4d.

by G. L. Strachey. Cr. 8vo. 7 X44, pp. 316,

28. 6d. net

..FROWDE, Oct. 08

WYMAN, Dec. 08

Imperial Reciter, Miles (A. H.) is. net....Oct. 08

Income-Tax Accounts and How to Prepare Them.

Imperial Richenda, Langbridge (R.) 6s. . . Nov. 08

Notes on Income-Tax Law and Practice. Cr.

Imperialism british, Hertz (G. B.) 6s. net July 08

8vo. 4* X71, pp. 78, 28. . PITMAN, Aug. 08

Imperialism, Constructive, Milner (Viscount) is.

Income Tax Payers, Guide for, Deighton (T. H.)

. Mar. 08

and others, is. net.


.Feb. 08

Income Tax Simplified, Fieldhouse (A.) is. Sep. 08

Import Duties, Colonial, 1907, 25. od.

WYMAN, Feb. 08

Independent Labour Party--The I.L.P. Year

Book. id. . . . . INDEP. LAB. PARTY, Jan. 08

Import Duties, Foreign, 1907. 35. WYMAN, Jan. 08

Import List, with Appendix, 6d. WYMAN, Feb. 08

Index Kewensis, Plantarum Phanerogamarum.

.Mar. 08

Impostor, Bindloss (H.) 6d.

Supplementum Tertium. 4to., pp. 198, 28s.


In Armour Clad, Caley (W. B. R.) IS.

. (Clarendon Press) FROWDE, May 08

May 08

In a Wild Garden, &c., poems, Orred (M.) is. 3d. Index of Treatment (An). By Various Writers.

Jan. 08

3rd edit.

8vo. 81 X54, pp. 894, 215. net

In Catilinam I., Cicero, 3s.

.Mar. 08


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June 08

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In Deadly Peril, Lechmere (D.) 6s. ..Oct. 08 78. 6d, net.

Oct. 08

In Empire's Cause, Protheroe (E.) 35. 6d. Nov. 08 India and Burman, Edinburgh to, Murdoch

In Fashion as a Man, Cameron (J. R.) 6d. net (W. G. B.) Ios. 6d. net

. May 08

Mar. 08 India and the Empire, Webb (M. de P.) 3s. 6d.

In God's Way, Bjornson (B.) 6s. net Mar. 08 net

Mar. 08

In Memoriam, Tennyson (A., Lord) 6d., is. net

Oct. 08

India (British)-Statistical Abstract, is. 2d.

In Mortal Peril, Crake (E. E.) is. 6d. .. June 08

WYMAN, Sep. 08

In My Lady's Garden, Richmond (Mrs.) 12s. 6d.

India (British)—'Trade of, 1902-03 to 1906-07,


.Nov. 08

IS. 4d.

WYMAN, Mar. 08

India, Commercial Products, Wait (G., Sir)

In Nature's Garden. 12mo. 7 X 41, pp. 160,

16s. net

.Oct, 08

25. 6d. net, Ithr. 35. 6d. net, 6s. net

India, Comparative Studies, Rama Varma Raja,

TRUSLOVE & H., Oct. 08 8d.

. Mar. 08

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In Perils in the City. Cr. 8vo., pp. 68, swd. is. net Lefroy (H. M.) 25. 3d, net

.Dec. 08

HEADLEY, Sep. 08 India, Directory of Chief Industries, gs. net

In Sheep's Clothing, Nisbet (Hume) 6d... Feb. 08

July 08

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Mar. 08

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· June 08

India, East--Administration Report of the Rail-

In Summer Shade, Mann (M. E.) is. net.. Aug. 08 ways in India, 1907. 35. 3d. WYMAN, Sep. 08

In Texas with D. Crockett, McNeil (E.) 5S.

Nov. 08

India (East) Papers regarding Operations on

In the Beginning, Macy (S. B.) 6s. net ..Oct. 08 the North-West Frontier, Is. 6d.

In the Days of Marlborough, Long (G.) 6s.

WYMAN, July 08

Sep. 08 India (East)--- Advisory and Legislative Councils,

In the Days of the Councils, Kitts (E. J.) 1os. 6d. &c. Vol. 2, pt. 2, Replies of the Local Govern-


Dec. 08 ment, &c., 6s. 5d.

WYMAN, Dec. 08

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In the Fairy Ring, Harrison (F.) 6s. net.. Oct. 08

I2s. 6d. net

May 08

In the Gates of the North, O'Grady (S.) 35. 6d. India, Handb. for Wives and Mothers in, Staley

Nov. 08

(M. E.) 45. 6d. net

.... Aug. 08

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75. 6d. net

. Nov. 08 India, Hist. Atlas of, Joppen (Charles) zs. net

In the Land of Mosques, Milloun (F.) 78. 6d. net

Jan. 08

Aug. 08

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India, Imperial Gazetteer, 6s., 78. 6d. net June 08

India, Impres. of, Craik (H., Sir) 3s. net Jan 08
July 08 India, Jones (J. P.) ros. 6d. net.......

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