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Death Chant for the Sultan, By B. Sim- Lungs of London, the, 212-St James's
mous, 319,

Park, 214_The Green Park, 220-
Delta's poem of the Power of Peace, 116. Hyde Park, 221-Kensington Gardens,
Dietetics, legal, 30.

224-the Regent's Park, 225.
Dinners real and reputed, 815.

M'Henry, a poem by him termed the An.
Egypt, Affairs of the East, Turkey, 100, tediluvians, reviewed, 119.
Europe, its history from the commence. Madness of Hamlet, on its feignedness,

ment of the French Revolution in 1789, 449.
to the restoration of the Bourbons in Mathews the comedian, review of the 3d
1815, by Archibald Alison, F.R.S. E., and 4th vols. of his memoirs, by Mrs
- volume seventh reviewed, 272.

Mathews, 781.
Excursion over the mountains to Aberyst- Milton, 778.
with, narrated, 66.

Miracles, Hume's argument against them,

considered, 91.
Fables, literary, from the Spanish of Moile, Nicholas Thirning, Esq., his specie
Yriarte, 202.

men of a new edition of State Trials,
Family Continental tour and its results, reviewed, 548.
in six glimpses.

Glimpse the first- Moore, 368.
Home, 55. Glimpse the second-Ge- Murder considered as one of the fine arts,
neva, 57. Glimpse the third — Rome, 661.
58. Glimpse the fourth-Naples, 60. Napoleon's Telegraph on Montmartre, a
Glimpse the fifth-Baden. Baden, 62. sketch in verse, 689,
Glimpse the sixth-- Home, 64.

National Gallery, 467.
Fine arts, murder considered as one of Notes of traveller, No. II., The Vaude-
them, 661.

ville, 19—Chasips Elysée—on a fête,
French literature of the 18th century. By 21-a day at St Denys, 22-the bar-

Villemain, reviewed, Part I. 1-Part rière and the fauxbourg, 23—the road,
II. 321.

24—the abbé, ib. -the abbey, 25-

parties, 27.
Goethe's life and works, No. I. from my

life, poetry, and truth, Part I. 476— Ossian, have you read him ? 693.

Book I. 477- Part 11. Book II. 597, Otho III., 812.
Grattan, Henry, memoirs of his life and Our Pocket Companions, 145.

times, by his Son, reviewed, Part I.
392— Part II, 520.

Pietro D'Abano, a tale of enchantment, from

the German of Tieck, Chap. I., The fu-
Hamlet, on his feigned madness, 449.

neral, 228—Chap. II., The monk, 229–
Jlasty hints upon horses, 170,

Chap. III., The robber's den, 231-
Have you read Ossian ? 693.

Chap. IV., The incantation, 236-
Hemans, Mrs, B. Simmons's inscription in Chap. V., The search, 238–-Chap.
the new edition of her work, 320.

VI., Berecynth, 239—Chap. VII., The
Hermotimus, a tale in verse, by William purple chamber, 240-Chap. VIII.,
E. Aytoun, 592.

The disenchantment, 244-Chap. IX.,
Holywell lodge, the tenants of it, a tale, The hermit’s cell, 245--Chap. X.,

The meeting in Rome, 247—Chap.
Hope, the subject of our pocket compa- XI., A new friend. 248-Chap. XII.,
nions, 145.

A chapter on beauty and other matters,
Hume's argument against miracles, 91- 250--Chap. XIII., The end of Pietro,

Section II. ib- Section III. 92-Sec- 253—Chap. XIV., The conclusion, 254.
tion IV. 94_Section V. 97- Section Picture exhibitions- National Gallery-
VI. 98-General recapitulation of the British Institution, 467.
argument, 99.

Picture Gallery, the, No. VIII., 46.-

pedestrian in spite of himself, or the mis-
Jamaica question, 75.

haps of a night, a tale, 47.

Poetry, a prosing upon that subject, 195.
Khouli Khan, the manner of his death Protestants of Scotland, letter to them,
related in verse, 317.


Queen Argenis, a poem, 767.
Lay quibbling, Lector on it, in a letter to

Queer stick, the, a rustic legend in verse,
Christopher North, Esq. 744.


Legal dietetics, 30.
Literary fables, from the Spanish of Yri. Roman Western empire, on the true rela-

tions to civilisation and barbarism of the,

arte, 202.

age, 410.

Rot your Italianos, by a man behind his dependent state, 103- the boasting of

France that this treaty is favourable to Royal Academy and its exhibitions, 304. her views, considered, ib.-her en

couragement of rebellion in Egypt as. Sayings and essayings, by Archæus, 669. serted, 106—from the pretensions and Scotland, letters addressed to the Protes. policy of France turn to those of Rus

tants of, 177_on the present position sia in regard to the Porte, 108-114. of the Church of, 573-799.

Universal suffrage and the chartists, 289. Simmons, B.'s Death chant for the Sul.

tan, 319_his inscription in the new Villemain, his history of the French lite.

edition of Mrs Hemans' works, 320. rature of the 18th century, reviewed, Song-writing, Burns, 256— Moore, 368. Part I. 1- Part II. 321. State Trials, specimen of a new edition.

By Nicholas l'hirning Neville, Esq. of Whig and Tory finance, 494-state of the Inner Temple, special pleader, re- the public debt in 1816, 495—two most viewed, 548.

important circumstances crippled the Stick, the queer, a rustic legend, in verse, Tory administrations from being able to 614.

reduce the public debt rapidly; the first

the general distress after the war, Telegraph on Montmartre, Napoleon's, from 1816 to 1830, 496- the second 689.

the resumption of cash payments in Ten thousand a-year, a tale, Part I. 505- 1819, 497-in both respects, the Whig Part II. 620- Part III. 832.

government have been widely different, Tenants of Holywell Lodge, a tale, Chap. ib.—the financial measures of the Whig

I. 677—Chap. II. 680_Chap. III. government during nine years of prospe683 - Chap. IV. 688.

rity, contrasted with those of the Tory, Tieck's tale of Pietro D'Abano, 228. 499, 501-the fatal delusion of self-goTorquato Tasso, or the prison and the vernment in the matter, is the true cause

crown, a drama, by the Baron von of the present disastrous state of our Zedlitz, 431.

finances, 502-Tory administrations inTory and Whig finance, 494.

jured the sinking fund, and repealed Tour, a family continental one, and its too many indirect taxes, 503—these results, 56.

arose from attending to Whig clamour, Traveller, notes of a, No. II. 19.

ib.--and so was the increase of debt ocTurkey, Egypt, and the Affairs of the East, casioned by the emancipation of the

100_there is an enchantment in all that negroes, ib—the reckless spirit of Whig relates to the East, ib. the Christian, financial legislation evinced in their, when he thinks of the East, remembers step regarding the post-office revenue, the “ Man of Sorrows,” ib.—the philo- ib. sopher thinks of the East as a storehouse of materials for the mind, 101-a short Yriarte, literary fables of, 202. historical sketch of Egypt, as a depende ent of Turkey, 102 - the treaty of Zedlitz, Baron Von, his drama of TorKutahia has constituted Egypt an in- quato Tasso, analysed, 431.

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