Memoirs and Correspondence of Major-General Sir William Nott, Volumen 2

Hurst and Blackett, 1854

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Página 24 - ... signal and decisive blow upon the Afghans, which may make it appear to them, to our own subjects, and to our allies, that we have the power of inflicting punishment upon those who commit atrocities and violate their faith, and that we withdraw ultimately from Afghanistan, not from any deficiency of means to maintain our position, but because we are satisfied that the king we have set up has not, as we were erroneously led to imagine, the support of the nation over which he has been placed.
Página 4 - Now ready, in 1 vol. (comprising as much matter as twenty ordinary volumes), 38s. bound. The following is a List of the Principal Contents of this Standard Work: — I. A full and interesting history of each order of the English Nobility, showing its origin, rise, titles, immunities, privileges, &c.
Página 2 - ... those of the privileged few, are now for the first time given to the public. The most secret history of many of the transactions is laid bare. It is not possible to conceive contemporary history more completely exemplified. From such materials it was not possible to form a work that would not possess the very highest interest. The Duke of Buckingham has, however, moulded his materials with no ordinary ability and skill. The connecting narrative is written both with judgment and vigour — not...
Página 6 - This is a book which ought to be read by every one. The professional man will find in It the career of one of the most illustrious professors of medicine of our own or of any other age— the student of intellectual science, the progress of a truly profound philosopher — and all, the lesson afforded by a good man's life. Abernethy's memory is worthy of a good biographer, and happily It has found one.
Página 19 - Sunday Times. SPAIN AS IT IS. BY GA HOSKINS, ESQ. 2 vols. post 8vo. 21s. '* To the tourist this work will prove invaluable. It is the most complete and interesting portraiture of Spain that has ever come under our notice.
Página 5 - In one respect the subject-matter of these volumes is more interesting, because it is more diversified than that of the ' Queens of England.' That celebrated work, although its heroines were, for the most part, foreign Princesses, related almost entirely to the history of this country. The Princesses...
Página 10 - This work treats of the whole origin of nature in an intelligent style ; it puts into the hands of every man the means of information on facts the most sublime, and...

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