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The ark which shall receive a remnant of The seed of Seth!

Aho. And dost thou think that we, With Cain's, the eldest born of Adam's, blood Warm in our veins, strong Cain! who was begotten In Paradise, children?

would mingle with Seth's

Seth, the last offspring of old Adam's dotage ?

No, not to save all earth, were earth in peril! Our race hath always dwelt apart from thine From the beginning, and shall do so ever. 661

Japh. I did not speak to thee, Aholibamah! Too much of the forefather whom thou vauntest

Has come down in that haughty blood which springs

From him who shed the first, and that a brother's!

But thou, my Anah! let me call thee mine, Albeit thou art not; 't is a word I cannot Part with, although I must from thee. My Anah!

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But man, and was not made to judge man-

Far less the sons of God; but as our God
Has deign'd to commune with me, and

These are they, then,
Who leave the throne of God, to take them

From out the race of Cain; the sons of

Who seek earth's daughters for their beauty?


His judgments, I reply, that the descent 750
Of seraphs from their everlasting seat
Unto a perishable and perishing,
Even on the very eve of perishing, world,
Cannot be good.

Aza. What! though it were to save?
Noah. Not ye in all your glory can re-

I am

What he who made you glorious hath condemn'd.

Were your immortal mission safety, 't would
Be general, not for two, though beautiful;
And beautiful they are, but not the less

Oh, father! say it not.


Son! son! If that thou wouldst avoid their doom, forget

Woe, woe, woe to such


communion! Has not God made a barrier between earth And heaven, and limited each, kind to kind? Sam. Was not man made in high Jehovah's image?

Did God not love what he had made? And

Do we but imitate and emulate
His love unto created love?



That they exist: they soon shall cease to be;
While thou shalt be the sire of a new
And better.

Japh. Let me die with this, and them! Noah. Thou shouldst for such a thought, but shalt not; he

Who can redeems thee.

And why him and thee,
More than what he, thy son, prefers to

Noah. Ask him who made thee greater than myself

And mine, but not less subject to his own
Almightiness. And lo! his mildest and
Least to be tempted messenger appears!


Enter RAPHAEL the Archangel.



Whose seat is near the throne,
What do here?
Is thus a seraph's duty to be shown,
Now that the hour is near
When earth must be alone?


Adore and burn

In glorious homage with the elected



Your place is heaven.


The first and fairest of the sons of God,
How long hath this been law,

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And as your pinions bear ye back to heaven,



Think that my love still mounts with thee on high,

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And thou, Azaziel! No-
Thou shalt not suffer woe
For me.
Away! nor weep!
Thou canst not weep; but yet

May'st suffer more, not weeping: then


forget Her, whom the surges of the all-strangling deep

Can bring no pang like this. Fly! fly! Being gone, 't will be less difficult to die. Japh. Oh say not so!

Father and thou, archangel, thou! Surely celestial mercy lurks below That pure severe serenity of brow:

Let them not meet this sea without a shore, Save in our ark, or let me be no more!

Noah. Peace, child of passion, peace! 950 If not within thy heart, yet with thy tongue Do God no wrong!

Live as he wills it - die, when he ordains,
A righteous death, unlike the seed of Cain's.
Cease, or be sorrowful in silence; cease
To weary Heaven's ear with thy selfish


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Noah. Silence, vain boy! each word of thine 's a crime.


Angel! forgive this stripling's fond despair.
Raph. Seraphs! these mortals speak in
passion: Ye!
Who are, or should be, passionless and pure,
May now return with me.
It may not be:
We have chosen, and will endure.
Raph. Say'st thou ?

Aza. He hath said it, and I say, Amen!

Then from this hour,

Shorn as ye are of all celestial power,
And aliens from your God,


Japh. Alas! where shall they dwell? Hark, hark! Deep sounds, and deeper still, Are howling from the mountain's bosom: There's not a breath of wind upon the hill, Yet quivers every leaf, and drops each blossom:

Earth groans as if beneath a heavy load.

Noah. Hark, hark! the sea-birds cry! In clouds they overspread the lurid sky, And hover round the mountain, where be


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