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Cain. Eastward from Eden will we take

our way;

"T is the most desolate, and suits my steps. Adah. Lead! thou shalt be my guide, and may our God

Be thine! Now let us carry forth our children.

Cain. And he who lieth there was childless. I

Have dried the fountain of a gentle race, Which might have graced his recent marriage couch,


And might have temper'd this stern blood
of mine,
Uniting with our children Abel's offspring!
O Abel!

Adah. Peace be with him!

But with me! [Exeunt

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Then wed thee

Unto some son of clay, and toil and spin! There's Japhet loves thee well, hath loved thee long:

Marry, and bring forth dust!


This cannot be of good: and though I know


That I do wrong, I feel a thousand fears Which are not ominous of right.

Anah. I should have loved Azaziel not less, were he mortal; yet

am glad he is not. I can not outlive him.


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But to our invocation! - 'Tis the hour.
From thy sphere!
Whatever star contain thy glory:
In the eternal depths of heaven
Albeit thou watchest with the seven,'
Though through space infinite and hoary
Before thy bright wings worlds be



Yet hear! Oh! think of her who holds thee dear! And though she nothing is to thee, Yet think that thou art all to her. Thou canst not tell, and never be Such pangs decreed to aught save me, The bitterness of tears. Eternity is in thine years, Unborn, undying beauty in thine eyes; With me thou canst not sympathise,

Except in love, and there thou must Acknowledge that more loving dust Ne'er wept beneath the skies. Thou walk'st thy many worlds, thou seest The face of him who made thee great,


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For thou hast ventured to share life with me,

And shall I shrink from thine eternity? No! though the serpent's sting should pierce me thorough,

And thou thyself wert like the serpent, coil
Around me still! and I will smile,

And curse thee not; but hold
Thee in as warm a fold
As-but descend, and prove
A mortal's love

For an immortal. If the skies contain More joy than thou canst give and take, remain !

Anah. Sister! sister! I view them winging

Their bright way through the parted night. Aho. The clouds from off their pinions flinging,


Rising unto some sorcerer's tune

An hour too soon.


As though they bore to-morrow's light. Anah. But if our father see the sight! Aho. He would but deem it was the


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To meet them! Oh, for wings to bear
My spirit, while they hover there,
To Samiasa's breast!

Anah. Lo! they have kindled all the



a returning sunset; - lo!
On Ararat's late secret crest
A mild and many-colour'd bow,
The remnant of their flashing path,
Now shines! and now, behold! it hath
Return'd to night, as rippling foam,

Which the leviathan hath lash'd
From his unfathomable home
When sporting on the face of the calm deep,
Subsides soon after he again hath dash'd
Down, down, to where the ocean's fountains


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Irad. And so did I.

Me! why?

And now thou lov'st not, Or think'st thou lov'st not, art thou happier? Irad. Yes. Japh. I pity thee. Irad. Japh. For being happy, Deprived of that which makes my misery. Irad. I take thy taunt as part of thy distemper, And would not feel as thou dost for more shekels

Than all our father's herds would bring if weigh'd


Against the metal of the sons of Cain -
The yellow dust they try to barter with

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Have lain within this bosom, folded from The elements; this bosom, which in vain Hath beat for thee, and then will beat more vainly,

While thine -Oh, God! at least remit to her

Thy wrath! for she is pure amidst the failing

As a star in the clouds, which cannot quench, Although they obscure it for an hour. My Anah! How would I have adored thee, but thou wouldst not; see thee

And still would I redeem thee live When ocean is earth's grave, and, unopposed



By rock or shallow, the leviathan,
Lord of the shoreless sea and watery world,
Shall wonder at his boundlessness of realm.

Enter NOAH and SHEM.

Noah. Where is thy brother Japhet? Shem. He went forth, According to his wont, to meet with Irad, He said; but, as I fear, to bend his steps Towards Anah's tents, round which he hovers nightly,

Like a dove round and round its pillaged nest;

Or else he walks the wild up to the cavern Which opens to the heart of Ararat.

Noah. What doth he there? It is an evil spot


Upon an earth all evil; for things worse Than even wicked men resort there: he Still loves this daughter of a fated race, Although he could not wed her if she loved him, And that she doth not. Oh, the unhappy hearts

Of men that one of my blood, knowing well

The destiny and evil of these days, And that the hour approacheth, should indulge

In such forbidden yearnings! Lead the



He must be sought for!

I will seek Japhet.

Do not fear for me: All evil things are powerless on the man Selected by Jehovah. Let us on.

Shem. To the tents of the father of the

sisters ?

Go not forward, father:

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