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Word than this is to give it utterance.
But what are words to us? we have well
nigh done

With them and all things.
Save one deed - the last
And greatest to all mortals; crowning act
Of all that was, or is, or is to be-
The only thing common to mankind,
So different in their births, tongues, sexes,


Hues, features, climes, times, feelings, intellects,

Without one point of union save in this, To which we tend, for which we're born, and thread

The labyrinth of mystery call'd life.

Sar. Our clew being well nigh wound out, let's be cheerful.

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And now to serve for safety, and embark: The river's broad and swoln, and uncommanded

(More potent than a king) by these besiegers.

Fly! and be happy!

Under your protection !
So you accompany your faithful guard.
Sar. No, Pania! that must not be; get
thee hence,

And leave me to my fate.

I ever disobey'd; but now
So all men
Dare beard me now, and Insolence within
Apes Treason from without. Question no
'Tis my command, my last command. Wilt


Oppose it? thou!

But yet not yet.

'Tis the first time

Sar. Well, then, Swear that you will obey when I shall give The signal.


With a heavy but true heart,

I promise.
Sar. 'Tis enough. Now order here
Fagots, pine-nuts, and wither'd leaves, and

Things as catch fire and blaze with one sole spark;


Bring cedar, too, and precious drugs, and spices,

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I have said it, And could keep my faith [Exit PANIA. What mean you? You shall know - what the whole earth shall ne'er forget.

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Soldiers enter, and form a Pile about the Throne, etc. Sar. Higher, my good soldiers, And thicker yet; and see that the foundation

Be such as will not speedily exhaust Its own too subtle flame; nor yet be quench'd 360 With aught officious aid would bring to quell it.

Let the throne form the core of it; I would not

Leave that, save fraught with fire unquenchable,

To the new comers. Frame the whole as


"T were to enkindle the strong tower of


Inveterate enemies. Now it bears an

aspect! How say you, Pania, will this pile suffice For a king's obsequies?


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Is ready. Pan.

Ay, for a kingdom's.

I understand you, now.
And blame me?
Let me but fire the pile, and share it with


Myr. That duty's mine.

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A woman's!

Myr. 'Tis the soldier's Part to die for his sovereign, and why not The woman's with her lover? .

Pan. 'Tis most strange ! Myr. But not so rare, my Pania, as thou think'st it,

In the meantime, live thou. - Farewell! the pile

I should shame to leave my sovereign

With but a single female to partake
His death.
Sar. Too many far have heralded
Me to the dust already. Get thee hence;
Enrich thee.


Sar. Thy vow:

And live wretched! Think upon 380 't is sacred and irrevocable. Pan. Since it is so, farewell.

Search well my chamber, Feel no remorse at bearing off the gold; Remember, what you leave you leave the slaves

Who slew me: and when you have borne away

All safe off to your boats, blow one long


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[The Soldiers and PANIA throng round him, kissing his hand and the hem of his robe.

Sar. My best! my last friends! Let's not unman each other-part at once: All farewells should be sudden, when for ever,

Else they make an eternity of moments, And clog the last sad sands of life with tears.

Hence, and be happy: trust me, I am not
Now to be pitied; or far more for what
Is past than present; — for the future, 't is
In the hands of the deities, if such
There be: I shall know soon. Farewell-
Farewell. [Exeunt PANIA and Soldiers.
Myr. These men were honest: it is com-
fort still


That our last looks should be on loving


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Before Baal's shrine, in the adjoining hall?
Sar. Do so. Is that thy answer?
Thou shalt see.
Sar. (solus). She's firm. My fathers!
whom I will rejoin,

It may be, purified by death from some
Of the gross stains of too material being,
I would not leave your ancient first abode
To the defilement of usurping bondmen;
If I have not kept your inheritance
As ye bequeath'd it, this bright part of it,
Your treasure, your abode, your sacred
Of arms, and records, monuments, and


In which they would have revell'd, I bear with me

To in that absorbing element,
Which most personifies the soul as leaving
The least of matter unconsumed before
Its fiery workings: and the light of this
Most royal of funereal pyres shall be
Not a mere pillar form'd of cloud and

A beacon in the horizon for a day,
And then a mount of ashes, but a light 440
To lesson ages, rebel nations, and
Voluptuous princes. Time shall quench
full many

A people's records, and a hero's acts;
Sweep empire after empire, like this first
Of empires, into nothing; but even then
Shall spare this deed of mine, and hold it

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Than be polluted more by human hands Of slaves and traitors. In this blazing palace,


And its enormous walls of reeking ruin, We leave a nobler monument than Egypt Hath piled in her brick mountains, o'er dead kings, Or kine, for none know whether those proud piles

Be for their monarch, or their ox-god Apis; So much for monuments that have forgotten Their very record!

Myr. Then farewell, thou earth! And loveliest spot of earth! farewell, Ionia! Be thou still free and beautiful, and far Aloof from desolation! My last prayer 490 Was for thee, my last thoughts, save one, were of thee! Sar. And that? Myr.

Is yours.

[The trumpet of PANIA sounds without. Hark!




Adieu, Assyria!
I loved thee well, my own, my fathers' land,
And better as my country than my kingdom.
I sated thee with peace and joys; and this
Is my reward! and now I owe thee nothing,
Not even a grave.
[He mounts the pile.
Now, Myrrha !

Art thou ready?
Sar. As the torch in thy grasp.

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