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Your lot be different, I'll not weep, but share it.

You did not doubt me a few hours ago. Sar. Your courage never - nor your love till now;

And none could make me doubt it save yourself.

Those words

Myr. Were words. I pray you, let the proofs

Be in the past acts you were pleased to praise

This very night, and in my further bear-
Beside, wherever you are borne by fate.
Sar. I am content: and, trusting in my


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Upon the palace towers as the swift galley
Stole down the hurrying stream beneath
the starlight;
But she said nothing.
Than she has said!

Would I felt no more

'Tis now too late to feel! Your feelings cannot cancel a sole pang: To change them, my advices ing sure tidings

That the rebellious Medes and Chaldees, marshall'd

By their two leaders, are already up
In arms again; and, serrying their ranks,
Prepare to attack: they have apparently
Been join'd by other satraps.

What! more rebels?


Let us be first, then.


That were hardly prudent 550 Now, though it was our first intention. If By noon to-morrow we are join'd by those I've sent for by sure messengers, we shall


In strength enough to venture an attack,
Ay, and pursuit too; but till then, my voice
Is to await the onset.
I detest
That waiting; though it seems so safe to

Behind high walls, and hurl down foes into
Deep fosses, or behold them sprawl on


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Sal. You talk like a young soldier. Sar. I am no soldier, but a man: speak not Of soldiership, I loathe the word, and those Who pride themselves upon it; but direct me Where I may pour upon them. Sal. You must spare To expose your life too hastily; 't is not Like mine or any other subject's breath: The whole war turns upon it — with it; this


Alone creates it, kindles, and may quench
Prolong it end it.

Then let us end both! 'T were better thus, perhaps, than prolong either;

I'm sick of one, perchance of both.

[A trumpet sounds without. Hark! Let us


Reply, not listen.


And your wound!

Sar. "T is bound'Tis heal'd I had forgotten it. Away! A leech's lancet would have scratch'd me

deeper; The slave that gave it might be well asbamed


To have struck so weakly.
Now, may none this hour
Strike with a better aim !
Ay, if we conquer;
But if not, they will only leave to me
A task they might have spared their king.
Upon them!
[Trumpet sounds again.

Sal. I am with you.

Ho, my arms! again, my arms! [Exeunt.


The same Hall in the Palace.

Myr. (at a window). The day at last has broken. What a night

Hath usher'd it! How beautiful in heaven!

Though varied with a transitory storm,
More beautiful in that variety.
How hideous upon earth! where peace and

And love and revel, in an hour were trampled

By human passions to a human chaos, Not yet resolved to separate elements 'Tis warring still! And can the sun so rise,

So bright, so rolling back the clouds into Vapours more lovely than the unclouded sky,

With golden pinnacles, and snowy mountains,

And billows purpler than the ocean's, making

In heaven a glorious mockery of the earth,
So like we almost deem it permanent;
So fleeting, we can scarcely call it aught
Beyond a vision, 't is so transiently
Scatter'd along the eternal vault: and yet
It dwells upon the soul, and soothes the


And blends itself into the soul, until Sunrise and sunset form the haunted epoch Of sorrow and of love; which they who mark not, Know not the realms where those twin genii

(Who chasten and who purify our hearts, So that we would not change their sweet rebukes

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Sol. Upon the same ground, and encouraging


With voice and gesture the dispirited troops
Who had seen you fall, and falter'd back.
Whom heard ye
Named next to the command?


I did not hear. Sal. Fly, then, and tell him, 't was my last request

That Zames take my post until the junction,
So hoped for, yet delay'd, of Ofratanes,
Satrap of Susa.
Leave me here: our troops
Are not so numerous as to spare your ab-

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Sar. I over-ruled him.

Myr. Well, the fault's a brave one. Sar. But fatal. Oh, my brother! I would give

These realms, of which thou wert the ornament,


The sword and shield, the sole-redeeming honour, To call back But I will not weep for thee; Thou shalt be mourn'd for as thou wouldst be mourn'd.

It grieves me most that thou couldst quit

this life

Believing that I could survive what thou
Hast died for our long royalty of race.
If I redeem it, I will give thee blood
Of thousands, tears of millions, for atone-


(The tears of all the good are thine already).


If not, we meet again soon,-if the spirit Within us lives beyond: - thou readest mine, And dost me justice now. Let me once clasp That yet warm hand, and fold that throbless heart [Embraces the body. To this which beats so bitterly. Now, bear The body hence. Soldier. Sar. To my proper chamber. Place it beneath my canopy, as though


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Of the exulting rebels on his fall, Have made them


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Rage have been. We'll find the means to rouse them. Such a loss


Might sadden even a victory.

Sar. Alas! Who can so feel it as I feel? but yet, Though coop'd within these walls, they are strong, and we Have those without will break their way through hosts,


To make their sovereign's dwelling what it


A palace, not a prison nor a fortress.

Enter an Officer hastily.

Sar. Thy face seems ominous. Speak!
I dare not.

Sar. Dare not ? While millions dare revolt with sword in hand! That's strange. I pray thee break that loyal silence

Which loathes to shock its sovereign; we can hear

Worse than thou hast to tell.

not droop it should

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Proceed, thou hearest. Offi. The wall which skirted near the river's brink 189

Is thrown down by the sudden inundation Of the Euphrates, which now rolling, swoln From the enormous mountains where it


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