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we may inention that we heard, a few weeks The new Tragedy of Mirandola, will, we one door;and being content with this solitary since, of a traveller of the name of Gordon, hear, be fully rehearsed. by next Saturday. entrance, they convert the side-scenes into who ha'l reached Calcutta after having tra- Theatrical report, and public expectation, what they are intended to be, the walls of versed the vast portion of the globe from the seem to be alive on the suboj ct.

the room. Again, it always strikes ine that Russiani frontier ortr the whole table-land of

English Opera House. A new species of there is much more dignity in advancing in Asia. If we are correctly infor:ned, this is entertainment has been produced here: we full view of the audience from the bottom is the most extraordinary journey of our have not been able to see it yet, but learn of the stage to the front, than in coning in times.

from a critical friend, that it is a better kind at all parts of the divided wall at the side,

of puppet-shui. Actors and actresses where (except in the proscenium) we lare THE DRAMA.

amuse themselves (if not the audience) be- not even the apology of a sham door for our

hind a transparent curtain : there is some admission. I say nothing of the advantage more sedate and learned readers, for com- entertainments! We shall perhaps gain no credit with our singing, plenty of puns, and other rational enjoyed by the persons seated in the sige

box, and those next it, of seeing mrich pressing, as we mean to do, our dramatic criticisms for the weck, within a very nar

The Minor Theatres have burst into new of the power which these favoured individuals

that passes behind the scenes. I say nothing row compass

. When it is considered that activity. The Surrey, clever as usual ; the enjoy," of marking the exact inoment at this is the season of lunch and Pantomime, Olympic, amusing; the Cobourg, so-so ; the which the buskined hero, retiring from the and that all the recondite sciince of Friar Adelphi, tolerable. We intend deroting an

scene, relapses into the man; when his meaBacon, and glorious spirit of our Aretie al crening to each, and reporting fairly, for the sured pace, sustained for a proper distance venturers, have been brought into visible benefit of the rising generation.

in liis retreat from the stage, gives way to action, we are sure that more than a liriet

the strut of meaner mortals; and his heroic sketch would be expected from a scientific

To the Editor of the Literary Gazette.

length of face is exchanged for a hearty journal, and one which has so largely duelt

laughi, on receiving the congratulations of his upon the brilliant exploits of the northern Sir,-If the following remarks, on one or brother actors. Ensconced in the stage-box navigators. But to confess the truth, though to points relating to the stage, appear worth at Covent Garden or Drury Lane, I bare à priori well disposed to take up these sui). your attention, I shall be obliged by your been an unwilling witness to sundry orber jects with all the solemnity and deliteration giving them a place in the Literary Gazette. occurrences, not meant for the public eye, due to their importance, we must say, è pos. During some months spent on diterent parts some of them too insignificant, others of 100 teriori, that we have been so much disap- of the Continent, I was, like most travellers, sinister a character, to bear relating. The pointed in the manner of their treatment, by much in the habit of frequenting the theatres last point with which I shall trouble you, is our esteemei coadjutors (illessrs. Winston of the places in which I made any stay. I that of the position of the Prompter. ' In all and Farley, or D. Lane and C. Garden), that could not help observing some triling par- the foreign theatres I have seen, he is uniwe have lost every disposition to join thein ticulars in the mechanical part of theatrical formly seated in the middle of the proscein their attempts to espound Bacon, and management, in which the French, and, fol. nium, below the stage, alore which his elucidate Polarity. Of the Drury Lane pan- lowing them, the Germans and Dutch, cer- head

! only appears. He is not seen at all by tomime, therefore, of Ilarlequin Equimaux, tainly excel us. I need not tell you, that in the greater part of the audience, being shelor the North West Passage, we shall inerely tragedy and genteel comedy the French writered as it were by a low shed rising about state, that it is one of the worst we ever wit-, ters pay special attention to unity of scene ; | a foot above the stage, immediately before nessed. The decorative parts are poor; the and, in consequence, that the stage usually the raised seat of the leader of the band, performances, with little exception, quite represents a chamber, the entrance to which which does not impede the view. If an actor contemptible; and the triple action of trick, is by folding doors, in the middle of the scene is not perfect in his part, instead of shufiling change, and machinery, iniserably contrived which stretches across the back of the stage towards the side-scene, and looking one noand ill-inanaged throughoui*. We were quite and bounds the spectators' view. This scene ment at the audience or his fellow-performers, sorry 10 see the wretched style in which the is either let down from above, or pushed up and the next at the prompter seated behind piece was yot up; for in these enlightened through a trap-door, and being composed of the side-scene, he and his colleague or coldays, so much of a theatre's prosperity de- one piece of canvas, does not present that leagues advance to the front of the stage, and pends on an attractive pantomime, that so woeful break hiatus valdè defienlus,” down take a position where he is enabled to receive great a failure in this raspect must be very the middle, which always oftends the eye on every word from the prompter, whose roice, injurious to an establishment which cannot our stage, from the circumstance of the as its sound rises towards the ear of the well bear it, anıl to which every lover of the scene being composed of two parts, pushed actor, is never raised so high as to be heard drama must wish success. At Covent Gar- / on from their respective sides. It is really by the audience, which is certainly not the den, though inferior to the most popular quite ludicrous to see the two halves of what case on onr large theatres, where propriety things of the sort, Harlequin and Friar Ba- is meant for a portrait, cruelly separated by is sacrificed, either by the retreat of the oncon displays some magnificence, two or three an awkward scene-shifter, and some stern- fortunate actor to the side-scene, or by the gooil tricks, a tine panorarnic scene, and the looking worthy, or perhaps“ my uncle shouting of the prompter, plainly enough to inconsist. de clowning of Grimaldi. These Oliver” as completely cloven to the brisket be heard by persons in the boxes near the will carry it through the holidays; and with as if the sword of Amadis de Gaul had been stage. I am aware that the genius of our drana greater chance of profit in consequence of at work upon him; while the vociferous will not admit of the constant use of the the bad luck of the other house.

Goals shower down all manner of maledictions foreign back-scene, which, however, might Vandenhoff has performer Rolla with some upon the bungling servants of the stage. be introduced on most occasions (in comedy eclat. Wallack, his competitor in this part, And when the sundered parts, after quivering especially) with great advantage. I would plays it with interest and effect. Mr. Cooper some time in the air, do contrive to join, the also abolish the doors in the prosceniun, or does Alonzo as genteely as white kid gloves case is not a whit improved; no " healing space between the lamps of the orchestra and permit; and there is a Pizarro, one Mr. arı” can remove the terrific scar which in the beginning of the side-scenes; it should, Thompson, who has the rare merit of being tersects, not only the face of the unlucky I think, he kept sacredi (except in the case of quite original in the character.

portrait, but the whole of the imaginary wall. application to the prompter) as a sort of neuThe Clown was guilty of taking an imperti- But the absence of this absurdity is not the tral ground between the actors and audience; nent liberty with the audience on Wednesday I thod : all the actors enter through the fold

only advantage possessed by the other me- for evening, by introducing political names : he was

'Tis distance lends enchantment to the view. justly hissed for his pains, and taught, that as ing doors I have described, instead of sncak I must request your indulgence for these coblers should not go beyond their last, so neither ing in by the side-scenes, as with us. The basty observations ; they are dictated by: should Clowns say what is not set' down for French do not forget that a room, such as is wvisli to see our theatres as pre-eininent i or

rcpresented on the stag”, has usually only the correctness of their stage



they are for the splendour of their architec- to be sure, ironically speaking! certainly troyed by the Englisk under the celebrated
ture and decorations.

Talbot), Mr. de Rostaing of Cadourme,
I am, sir, yours, &c. Warnings.--The Journal de Liege pub- Chevalier de St. Louis, has found a sepulchre

T. E. C. lishes the following predictions of the old of white marble, of gigantic dimensions. Cambridge, 17th Nov. 1820.

Tyrolian Prophet, Rudolph Wartgrum, now The bas-reliefs, wlich represent a battle, are in his 89th year. The above journal ob- in the best taste, and of admirable expression.

serres, that the prophet foretold the temper. The athletic forms, the life and spirit which VARIETIES.

ature of last year in the most exact way. breathe in the whole composition, show a

November.-For the inost part cold and Roman hand, did not the costuine and acSirifl's Battle of the Books, --was bor-damp.

companiments bear indisputable evidence of rowed from a little French volume, entitled December.-During the first half of the it. The inscription has been iinpaired ; but “ La Guerre des Bêtes, 1971;” and it is most month a cold north-east wind will prevail ; Nir. de Rostaing has made out what follows. probable that “Il Divortiv Celeste," of Fe- during the second half, rain and snow.

Fabu......Germ....N....VI.... rante Pallarichini, furnished the hint for his January.---This month will commence

Debellantem ... ...mors. “ Tale of a Tub.”

with hard frosts, which, however, will not Liberty.-It was the saying of a consul last long: a south-west wind will bring thaw

Duce Cesar. under Nerva, that it was a great misfortune and rain.

There were found within this sepulchre, a to live under an emperor who would suffer

February. — Excessive cold will prevail sword, and a coin supposed to be a sesterce. nobody to do any thing; but that it was a throughout the first half of this month; dur

LITERARY –The troublesome system of still greater to be in a country where every ing the latter half, the weather will be mild, duties and drawbacks upon books passing body might do every thing they pleased.

with occasional snow. Curious Frontispice.-The copperplate

March and April. - During these two continued by a Treasury Vinute, in so far as

between England and Ireland, has been disengraving which faces the title page of a months, the temperature will be so extreme. regards private property. We wish governsmall edition of Cornelius Nepos*, published ly mild, that the trees will appear in blos- ment would revise the law on the subject of at Amsterdam, 1783, represents on one side som, and every thing will denote an alun- duties on works of art, remains of antiquity, our Saviour on the Cross; and on the other, a dant sėason.

&c. imported from abroad. Such things enfigure of the author, from whose mouth a label Puffing:- The following modest adver- rich a country, and ought not to cost indi. appears to issue forth, bearing the following tisement is taken from the Mercurius Publi-viduals one penny for bringing them in. inscription: “Lord Jesus, lovest thou me?" cus for Nov. 20, 1663. “ Newly published, which is answered by another label affixed the second part of Hudibras (by the incomto the mouth of the person addressed, with parable author of the former) which if pos

LITERARY NOTICES. "Highly famed, excellent, and most learned 'sible has outdone the first; sold by John Rector Seger, imperial poet, and well de- Merton and James Allestry, at the Bell, St. serving inaster of the school at Wittenberg ; Paul's Church Yard.” By which it would

A new and splendid edition of the Poems yes, thou knowest that I love thee." !!! appear, that the art of puffing was understood of Petrarca, by Professor Antonio Marsand,

The slight shock of an earthquake was and practised as well then as in our own day, at Padua, has been published in two vofelt in Verionethshire, on Wednesday se’en- by booksellers and authors. Neither was lumes royal quarto, on the finest wove panight. the trick of filching titles and names totally

per. This edition is far superior to the The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, unknown, as we gather from learned Antho- numerous editions before published, both were seen on Sunday se’ennight, from Crony Wood. “It was a usual thing in those in the correctness and beauty of the immor, in the county of Norfolk.

days,” says he, " to set a great name to a pression. It is ornamenter with a fac simile The lovers of Astronomy will shortly have book by the sharking booksellers, in order of the hand writing of the illustrious poet, a favorable opportunity of observing the new to make it sell.”

and several engravings by the best Italian planet Vesta. By a paper laid before the

Story.--Pope was once complaining to Ar- masters, among which are the portraits of Astronomical Society of London, it appears buthnot of the attacks to which his character Petrarca and Laura, the first by Maura Ganth:t she will be in opposition between Ge- was constantly subjected, when the doctor in dolfi, the latter by the celebrated Raphael mini and Cancer on the evening of the 13th reply begged to tell him a story. A gentleinan, Morghen. The literary merit of this edition of January.,, If a line be drawn from Castor says' he, passing down the Strand, was acci- has received the just tribute of commendathrough Pollux, it will cut two stars in Can- dentally dirtied hy soine scavengers, who tion in the discourse held by Prefessor Mecer, of the sixth magnitule, situated near to

were collecting the mud at the road side. neghelli in the academy of Venice, and in each other, and designated in the catalogues Being extremely passionate, he violently abus- many of the most distinguished journals of by the Greek letter f. The most northerly ed them, which they bore with silent patience; Italy and Germany. His Majesty, the Emof these two stars is called 1 y, and the bus their forbearance served only to irritate peror of Austria, has subscribed for a copy southerly 2 pe; she will pass close to the the beau, who attempted with his stick to throw for his own library, and for 24 copies for the latter of these, on the 29th instant, and pro- some of the contents of their load upon the principal Academies, &c. in the Austrian ceed nearly in a straight line towards A, in men.“ Ah master, if you are for that sport, dominions. Cancer ; to the north of which she will pass we'll suit you in a trice, that is our trade :” | Contents of the Journal des Sarans for on the 9th of February. By the assistance with these words they returned his unsavoury of a map of the constellation Gemini, this salute, thick and threefold ; nor could they

November, 1820. planet may be readily found with a good be persuarled to desist, until they had en- Countries of the East. Reviewed by Mr.

1. Robert Walpole's Travels in various telescope, and her progress watched for up- tirely corered him with filth from head to foot. Letronne. wards of two months. - Daily Papers. Pope saw not, or would not see, the drift of Sheridan.-No man was readier with a the story; he persisted in pelting, and was Dates.-Mr. Daunou.

II. Saint Allais, l'Art de Vérifier les repartee than Sheridan. The relater of this pelted the greater part of his life. There anecdote once encountered him nearly oppo-are authors living at the present moment, -Mr. Raynouard.

III. H. H. Milman, the Fall of Jerusalem. site the Adelphi, just at the moment when a by whom the hint might be applied to very cart loaded with long iron rods was passing; useíul pupposes.

IV. Quelques Remarques Historiques, sur and upon casually remarking that the music

les Dialogues, dites Socratiqnes.-Letronne.

Roman Sepulchre in France. In the V. G. Spurzbeim, Essai Philosophique sur it made was none of the most delightful, neighbourhood of St. Seurin de Codourme, la Nature, Morale, &c. de l'Homme.-Abel Sherilan immediately rejoined,

“ music?” glancing at the vehicle,

in the department of the Gironde, (where are Rémusat.

seen the ruins of a place called Brion, which VI. Géographie de Strabon (en Français) In the possession of the writer. existed in very remote ages, and was des- Raoul Rochette.

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" oh, yes


ERRATA:n.NO, :01: in the plan of the New ITALIAN SCENERY, from Drawings by Miss Family with portraits of King George III. and king





TARRATIVE of the OPERATIONS and DECEMBER 1820. be published the 1st of January, will contain, besides

RECENT DISCOVERIES within the PYRA. Thursday, 21 -- Thermometer from 45 to 50. the usual Varieties in Art, Science, Criticism, the Dra. MIDS, TEMPLES, TOMBS, and EXCAVATIONS in Barometer from 30, 27 to 30, 30. ma, Politics, and Commerce,

EGYPT and NUBIA; and of a Journey to zbe Coast of Wind S. W.H. -Clouds generally passing ;

1. Lectures on Poetry, delivered at the Royal Insti- the Red Sea, in scarch of the ancient Berenice, and at times clear.

tution, by T. Campbell, Esq. II. On the less celebrated another to the Oasis of Jupiter å minon. By G. BELFriday, 22 - Thermometer from $1 to 11. productions of the Author of Don Quixote. II. Poems | ZONI. 4to. with a portrait, 21, 2s.

Barometer from 30, 29 to 30, 25,

by Thomas Campbell, Esq.-.-). The Rainbow... 2. The
Lover to his Mistress on her Birth Day, from the Bo.

FORTY-FOUR COLOURED PLATES, Illustrative Wind S. W.g.-Generally cloudy; sunshine

hemian. IV. Verses by Joanna Baillie V. Sonnet to of the Researchics and Operations of G. BELZONI in at times.

the Nightingale. VI, Kniglit Toggenburg, from the EGYPT and NUBIA. Folio, 61. 6s. Printed for Jolin Saturday, 23 - Thermometer from 36 to 43.

German of Schiller, by T. Bowring, Esq. VII. Letters Murray, Albemarle Street.
Barometer from 30, 16 to 30, 08. of Mileon. VIII. German authors, No. 1, Koerner.

To Schoolmasters.
Wind N. b. E. 4 and 1. -Generally cloudy ; 18. The Revolution of Naples, from an unpublished

Price 2 hound. clear at times in the afternoon.

Italian Manuscript. X. Journey to l'ulmyra or Tad. Sunday, 2i-Thermometer from 32 to 31. inor in the Desert, by Count Rzewsky.


ING the SPELLING and PRONUNCIATION of Barometer from 30, 17 to 30, 05. on the Life and Writings of Ugo Foscolo. XII. Wo.

the FRENCH LANGUAGE. By JOHN PELRIN, Wind N. E. 1, and 1. - Cenerally cloudy.

man, a Sketch.

Xm. Letters from George Pertinax Eigheenth edition, revised and corrected by C. Gros,
Vonday, 25 - Thermometer from 28 to 31.
Growler, Esq. on Modern Improvements. XIV. On the

Editor of all Mr. Perrin's other Works. London:
Barometer from 30, 03 to 30, 00.
Causes of the present Stagnation of Cominerce.

Printed for Lackington and Co.; G. and W. B. Whitta.
Wind N. E. 2, and 3.-Cloudy till noon; the bration of Christmas.
The Polar Expedition. XVI. On the Origin and Cele-

ker; Scatherd and Co.; Baldwin and Co.: Harvey and

XVII. On the Dramatic Writ. rest of the day generally clear.

Darton; Dulau and Co.; Sherwood and Co.; Buaser ings of Richard Clitherow. XVIII. Original Anecdotes

and Sons; and J. Harris. Tursday, 26 - Thermometer from 26 to 34.

connected with the Bastile, &c. &c. London : printed Barometer from 29,93 to :9, 99. for Henry Colburn and Co. Conduit Street. Orders re

The Fine Aris-Sir Thomas Laurence. Wind N. E. ?.-Cloudy. ceived by all retail Booksellers, Stationers, and News On January ene first, 1821, will be published, price2s.61.

with a Portrait of Sir Thomas Lawrence, Part 14 of Wednesday, 27-Thermometer from 27 to 33. Venders. Barometer from 30, (I to 30, 08.

THE PERCY ANECDOTES, by Sholio and Wind N. E. 1.-Cloudy.

MR. CAMPBELL'S LECTURES. The Pub. Reuben Percy, Brothers of the Benedictine Mo

lic is requested to take Notice, that the next Lat. 51. 37.32. N.

nastery, Mont Benger : containing Anecdctes of the Number of the NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, to be FINE ARTS. Also, lately published, of the same Long. 0.3. 51. W.

published the lst of January, will be the first of a New Work, as undermentioned : Edmonton, Middlesex. JOHN ADAMS. Serica, and will contain, besides a variety of other in Anecdotes of Humanity, portrait of W. Wilberforce,

teresting papers in prose and verse, the Lectures on Po- Esq.

etry lately delivered at the Royal Institution. By Tho Part 2. Anecdotes of Eloquence, wich Portrait of Lord In order not to encroach on our general readers by mas Campbell, Esq. Orders received by all Booksel Erskine.

filling our allotted space for adrertising, in a lers, Stationers, and Newsvenders. Henry Colburn and Part 3. Anecdotes of Youth, with a very interesting Number where the bounds are occupied by the Co. Couduit Street, Dec. 20, 1820.

portrait of Robert Charles Dallas, the son of Sir George Title page, we postpone the insertion of many

European Scenery.

Dallas, Baronet. advertisements till the last leaf is free.

On the 1st of January will be published,

Part 4, Anecdotes of King George the Third cad his Royal Society, 1st column, line (of the Pro Batty. New edition. No. 1, imperial 8ves. con.

George IV

Part 5, Anecdotes of Enterprise, portrait of Mungo spectus) 31 “ subscriber” ought to be “ sub taining :-). Aiguebelle. 2. Lans le Bourg. 3. Pass of

Park. Bramante. scription;" and line 49,“ successiv- prize dis

4. Turin, from Vigna Andisano. 5. Turin,

Part 6, Anecdotes of Captivity, portrait of Sir Sidney sertations" should be “ successful prize disfrom Palazzo Valentino.

Smith. sertations." In last No. last line but three of *** To be completed in 12 Numbers, published

Part 7, Anecdotes of Science, portrait of Sir J. Banks, Ding Dong, for braws read brav'ls.

every month,

In the Siege of Belgrade, in last Number. In FRENCH SCENERY; consisting of views IN

Part 8. Anecdotes of Heroism, portrait of Marqness the Epigraph, for anectis r. Arectis. In Note PARIS, and the most Picturesque Parts of France, from

of Anglesea. 1, for noboby r. nobody. Note 2, for macima Drawings by Captain Batty. No. 7, containing;--

Part 9. Anecdotes of Justice, with a portrait of Lord r. marima. Note 4, for Huberta Minkr. Hu- 1. Fountain of St. Cloud.


2. Paris, from Montmartre. bert a Monk; for buildings r. baldness; for 3. Paris, from the Butte de Chaumont. 4. Boulogne.

Part 10. Anecdotes of Instinci, portrait of the Elcalvis r. calvos. Note 13, for Paraclesus r. 5. Hotel des Invalides. 6. Pian of ditto.

trick Shepherd.

Part 1l. Anecdotes of Humouty-.-George Colman Paraclesis; for plaudito r. plaudite ; for pin


the Younger. gue dine r. pinguedine ; for propags r. propa- by P. Dewint, from the Original Sketches of Captain SICILIAN SCENERY, engraved from Drawings

Part 12. Anecdotes of megination, portrait, Sir Walgo: for progneditur r. progreditur ; for

ter Scott.
prato r. prata. Note 19, for vines r. vires.
Light. No. 1, containing :---). Convent of St. Maria di

Part 13. Anecdotes of videlity, portrait, Marquess of
Gesll, Palermo. 2. Capuchin Convent, behind the
Theatre at Taormina. 3. On the Road to Palco, look.

ing towards Mon Reale.

Those who are desirous to commence with the new 4. View of Harbour of Mes

sina, from Castel Guelfonio. 5. Palermo, from the year taking in an interesung, clegant, and eatertaining Mortimer's Commercial Dictionary.

Road to Palco. Printed for Rodwell and Martin, New periodical work, at a trivial expence, may find the A new Edition, brought down to the present Time, inBond Street. Of whom may be had, complete in 12

same in the Percy Anecdotes. cluding the Act passed 59 Geo. III. for consolidatNumbers,

*** Each Part is complete in itself, and sold sepaing the Duties of the Customs, in one large vol. 8vo, SWISS SCENERY, from Drawings by Major Cock-rately, price 29. 6d, price II. 105. bds. burn.

London: Printed for T. Boys, Ludgate !!:!l; sold also

by all Booksellers. A GENERAL COMMERCIAL DICTIONA- in three large voluines, 8vo. with thirty-five

illustrative RY, comprehending Trade, Manufactures, and Maps and Engravings, price 21. 128. 6d. boards.

In 8vo. price los. Bd. boards, with a portrait, &c. Navigatico; as also Agriculture, so far as it is connected ISTORY of the INDIAN ARCHIPELAGO, ME H

EMOIRS of the LIFE of NICHOLAS with Commerce; with brief Abstracts of the Laws re containing an account of the Manners, Arts, Lan

POUSSIN. By MARIA GRAHAM, author os a lating to the Regulation and Protection of Trade and

Journal of a Residence in India. Printed for Longman, guages, Religions, Institutions, and Commerce of its InTradesmen; exhibiting their present state, and their habitants. By JOHN CRAWFURD, F. R.’s. late Bri

Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London; and A. ConConnection in these Kingdoms with those of other tish Resident at the Court of the Sultan of Jara.

stable and Co, Edinburgh. Also may be had, by the Parts of the World. By THOMAS MORTIMER, Esq. Printed for Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh :

saine author, The second edition, with considerable alterations and and Hurst, Robinson and Co, 90, Cheapside, London.

THREE MONTHS passed in the MOUNTAINS additions. Corraeted to Aug. 1819. By WILLIAM * These Islands comprise a population of seventy six plates, price 10s. 6d. boards.

EAST of Rome, during the Year 1819, in Sro. with DICKINSON, Esq. with the Assistance of Professional millions, and he would beg leave to read a passage from Gentlemen in the various Departments. Printed for a Book lately published, (Mr. Crawfurd's History of the

LETTERS on INDIA, in 8vo. price 14s. bds. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London ; Indian Archipelago), a work toplete with com inercial and sold by all booksellers. New editions of CAPPER'S TOPOGRAPHICAL DIC. and political information, showing the facilities for

London : Printed for the Proprietors, by W. POPLE commerce in the Eastern Seas, the great wcalth which 67, Chancery Lane: Published every Saturday, by TIONARY of the United Kingdom, and of WATKINS's they offered, and the little trade that was now carried on BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, are in considerable

W. A. SCRIPPs, at the Literary Gazette Office, zini

, iornardness.

in them.---Lord Lansdowne's Speech on Foreign Com. (Exeter Change) Strand, where Communications, (past mớce, đi .

paid) are requested to be addressed to the Editor.

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Abbot, The, rev. of, 661.

Braconot, Mr. Account of his discotery of the conver. Danish Throne, aceount of Pretender to, 616.
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• This Leaf is so arranged as to be readily cut off and bound with the Volume for last year. It may be had separate by subscribers, at the publishers, but was of necessity

in this form, for transmission iny post.


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