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merous legends in which Bouddha is made | las lately made soire inquiries into the subto act a part which is wholly fabulous, Mriject of the Turquoise, which seem to us to R. observes, however, that it is worthy of possess considerable novelty: we are indebt January 24th, 1820. Papers Read. remark, that no feature in any of those ed for the knowledge of them to the Asiatic A method of computing Astronomical legends has the slightest relation to the Journal.

Refractions for small Altitudes, by the Rev. foreign physiognomy which some would Turquoise, is a name which has been erro- John Brinkley, D. D. and M. R. S. A. Archattribute to Bouddha, and that he is always neously given to two different substances ; deacon of Clogher, and Andrews Professor represented with a degree of beauty equal to the oriental turquoise being a true stone, a of Astronomy in the University of Dublin. his power,

If Mr. R. had not contented clay coloured by oxide of copper, or even by The object of this paper is to deduce, by himself with repeating the opinion of Sir W. arseniate of iron; and the common turquoise, means of a modification of the result of the Jones respecting the negro features attri- occidental turquoise, or turquoise odoptolite, hypothesis, of a density decreasing uniformly, buted to Bouddha, he might easily have ac- being a fossil

, a petrefaction, a tooth, or a by a very simple investigation, the refraccumulated proofs of another kind, that he bone, coloured by a metallic phosphate ; and tion, at any low altitude, corresponding to was not an Ethiopian come from Africa to not belonging to the mineral kingdom at all

. any heights of the baróineter and thermoHindoostan, but, that his birth being once We imagine that very few persons are meter. Hence tables are deduced for zenith admitted as an historical fact, all the tradi- aware of this distinction. The former is the distances between 800 and the horizon ; tions, without exception, agree in placing it Calaite or borea of Pliny, in his chapter on which scarcely yield in simplicity to the in one of the kingdoms of central India. opaque" blue gems, lib. 37, c. 8; and no French tables, and enable us to obtain the This is a fact established by too many testi- doubt the radaos and ananass of the Greeks. quantity of refraction as changed by the monies, all concurring, though independent Dr. F. restores the appellation Calaite, and weight and temperature of the atmosphere, of each other, to render it necessary to dwell claims a place for this substance among the in which, near the horizon, the French taupon it.

Even should some statues of minerals or stony bodies to which it pertains, bles appear entirely to fail. The author Bouddha have frizzled hair, there are and from which it has only been excluded takes occasion, in a note, to correct a slight many ways of explaining this fact, and an by the more generally known turquoise of mistake, into which Doctor Young seems English gentleman furnishes us with one, Europe, properly described by Reaumur as to have fallen, with respect to an expression which is perhaps not the worst. In a notice a tooth coloured by copper. Indeed every part used by Archdeacon Briukley, in his paper upon the Djainas drawn up and translated of a skeleton may be converted into turquoise,

On, the Analytical Investigation of Reat Madjori, by the Bramin Cavelly-Boria, when placed in contact with coppery bodies, fraction," published in Vol. XXII. Trans. from documents furnished by a priest of and especially with phosphate of copper. The R. S. Academy. that sect it is asserted that the Mahavatas, or Calaite, or Oriental Turqnoise, is found in se On the Inscriptiou of Regular Polygons ascetics, of the second class, must not use veral mines in Perria, where it is highly va ) in a Circle. By Samuel James, Esq. comrazors, but employ their disciples to pull up lued. Pure stones of the size of a pea are municated by the Rev. F. Sallier, D. D. M. their hair by the roots. On which Major C. difficult to be procured; those of the size of a R. S. A. Secretary to the Academy. Mackenzie, remarks, that these sectaries nut are extremely rare. The Persians, Af This paper contains the mode of inscribattribute to the effects of this operation the ghans, and other Asiatic nations, use them as ing geometrically a polygon of 17 sides appearance of the heads of their Gourous, amulets, for ornamenting their creases, and in a circle. The author introduces his conwhich the Europeans have supposed to re- for the usual purposes of jewellery. There struction by remarks on this branch of geopresent curled or frizzled hair. This is an are some varieties.

metry, which had remained almost without atexplanation which would dispense with our The turquoise with which we are all more tention from the tiine of the Greek geometers, making Bouddha a negro with woolly hair. familiar, it is now proposed to designate as till, in the ycar 1801, M. Gauss, in bis“ DisWere it certain that this gnd had received the odontolite; as, though the whole animal quisitiones Arithmeticæ,” called the attention from ancient times the name of Mali, which may be rendered turquoise by being pene- of the scientific world to the subject, and proris given in the Vyacurna, not to the legisla- trated and coloured by metallic oxides, par-ed the possibility of inscribing in a circle all tor Bouddha, but to the genius of the planet ticularly by copper, the teeth alone, owing to such regular polygons as have the number of Mercury, and which does not mean black, their hardness, are capable of becoming tur- their sines expressed by 2n + 1, being also a as P. Paulin de S. Barthelemni thought, but quoises in the full acceptation of the word. prime number. The construction, however, spotted, and which at all events, might very Many teeth of unknown animals have been for these polygons, has not as yet been made well have been given to inhabitants of Duk- found so converted in copper mines, &c. public, schin by the Indians of the north, a fact of but the principal depôts for the formation of this nature would surely not deserve to be these precious bodies are in France. Fur Sine or Cosine of Multiple Arcs. By Hum

On the development of the series for the reckoned among the particulars which may naces, and a process (kept secret) are emphrey Lloyd, Esq. Undergraduate in Dublin make known the history of Indian civili- ployed to produce this artificial turquoise, College. Communicated by the Rev. J. H. zation, and authorise us to think that it may ivhích is, however, distinguished from the real Singer, Secretary to the Academy: have been brought from Ethiopia to Hindoo- stone by being less hard, by losing its costan, and had its origin among the negroes, lour in distilled vinegar, and by dissolving elementary algebra, the expressions for the

The object of this paper is to deduce, from Such trifling circumstances are not calcu- completely in nitric acid. The true Calaite sine and cosine of multiple arus, in terms lated to throw light on such extensive and withstands these tests, and bears a finer of the sine or cosine simply, which had hicomplicated questions. The affinity which polish.

therto not been effected without fluxions. seems to exist between several points of the

They are derived from the expansion of De religions and the institutions of India and


Moivre's formula, and the author has annexEgypt, gives rise to important and difficult

ed some other analytical expressions calcuproblems; but it is not by alledging some


lated to show the utility of that theorem. specious arguments, or by indulging in re. flections in which there is always something Burrow, B.D. of Trinity College, was ad- By the Rev. W. H. Drummond, L L. D.

On Saturday last the Rev. Edward John An Analysis of the Cynegetics of Oppian. superficial, that these problems can be solved. mitted ' Doctor in Divinity, grand com

M. R. S. A. pounder.

This paper is properly a continuation of On Thursday last the Rev. Samuel Hall, one read to the Academy during the last ARTS AND SCIENCES.

M. A. Fellow of Brasennose College, was year, on the life and writings of this neglect

admitted Bachelor in Divinity; and the ed Greek poet. Doctor Drummond has given, THE TURQUOISE.

Right Hon. Dudley Ryder, Visc. Sandon, in his analysis, which is very full, many Dr. Gotthelf Fischer, professor of Natu- Nobleman of Christ Church, was admitted passages abounding with high poetic beauties, ral History in the University at Moscow, Bachelor of Arts.

and very interesting to the naturalist, as con


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taining a fair specimen of the knowledge of doing, we shall further endeavour to check found in Athens und Rhodes, of Grecian anNatural History, which had been acquired what appears to us to be an excess which tique wormanship the Jason tying his Sanat the time of Oppian.

has grown out of public notice, and which dal; the colossal' Heros from the Barbecan only end in disappointment and mortifi- rini Palace ;, excellent Hermes of Xeno

cation to thousands who engage in the pro- crates, Xenophon, Miltiades, Socrates, and FINE ARTS.

fession from mistaken impressions, either the remarkable statue of Alexander, from the

arising from the facilities afforded to the Palace Rondanini. This collection now This attractive exhibition has been shut in study of art, or the encouragement obtained consists of more than two hundred articles. consequence of the Royal demise: if we form by a few; to these it may be proper to oban estimate of the state of the Arts in this serve, that mediocrity inust sink in neglect ; and in the warning voice of Mr. Fuseli, ex

ORIGINAL POETRY. country sixty years ago, by what is trans- claim, " It is better to deter than to deceive." mitted from that period, and then cast our

A SCENE. There are above 300 paintings in this eye over these walls, we must be prone

“ There is a ban upon mc. The thick air acknowledge how much they have advanced year's collection, and several pieces of sculp

ture. The contributors amount in number Parches my brow, and in my haggard cyc under the beneficent sceptre of George the to more than one hundred and fifty, and There lives a glassy splendour : women shrink, tions, which may almost literally be said to brity, as well as youthful aspirants to faine. Whom ruin has blasted. Look upon me well.-Third. With but very few brilliant excep-include many names of the foremost cele. And children fly me; nay, immortal man belong to the early years of the last reign, A good many of the subjects have been expainting and sculpture were generally at a hibited before, but they are new (we calcu- The breath of those who raised me to the skies

Am I unlike the thing I was ? or has low ebb in England. Since then, many late roughly) in the proportion of ten to Been tainted ? ---Would ye know my story ? bright stars have risen and set; and, at this

Listen. day, our country stands, ire presume to af- one; so that besides old friends with new

I am a wretch of desperate fortunes ; maim'd, . firm, without dispute, the highest on the na- (varnished) faces, we find novelties enow to

captivate our senses. Next week we shall And touchd by plague and burning pestilence, tional scale of excellence in the cultivation of the Fine Arts. The theatrical airs, and resume these strictures, and notice particu- Tho' harmless now) and rack'd by inward pains. cular works.

But more by pondering on the scenes of joy exaggerated anatomy of France; the imita

Long past and gone for ever. I have lost tive feebleness of Italy; the deep sleep of ROYAL ACADEMY.-Last week Mr. Abra- What made this carth a paradise, the wife Flanders and Holland ; and the hardly emu- ham Cooper and Mr. William Collins were I lov'd and worshipp'd like the heavens.-She's lous talent of other states, whence war has elected Members of the Royal Academy, in gone : scourged the nobler pursuits of humanity, the room of the late Messrs. M. Lloyd and Aye, dead and 'mouldering like the common soil present nothing to compare with the various E. Bird. and exuberant wealth of our British school. raised himself from humble life to this diss with all our children from their home, to ruin,

The former, Mr. Oooper, has You trend upon :--but this I might have borne,

Tho' hard ; but she was slain, polluted, torn, Far be it from us to deny the highest attri-tinction by the mere dint of extraordinary I liv'd and turn'd a madman. How I laugh'd butes of genius to individual foreign artists ; talents; and his animal paintings, for truth At all the slanders that the world cast on me! but setting nation against nation in the glo- and spirit, have rarely been excelled. The And when they beggar'd me I laugh'd, and bit rious competition, we repeat, with pride and latter, Mr. Collins, has no superior for de- My chains, and shriek'd in horrid jubilec. triumph, that there is none to match Great lightful landscape ; his coast-scenes are al- They bound me to the slimy ground, and none Britain.

most always peculiarly beautiful, and his of all I had befriended lent me comfort. From this general view it behores is to figures finely introduced.

My limbs were rung and riven: my frame grew let ourselves gradually down to particulars,

parch'dI deserving perhaps of some remarks.

And, like a madden'd hound, my tongue rollid The yearly accumulation of art, while it

out, | developes and displays more talent and

Munich, Jan, 6th. Foaming :--but no one sooth'd. The loathsomo


Yesterday the celebrated Faun of the Par Is stamped on; so was I.-My heart was struck, progressive improvements, must also increase the struggle of contemporary me- lace of Barberini, purchased by his Royal And I was branded thro' the living world,

we feel the shackles imposed on Highness the Crown Prince, happily arrived A villain half condemned. The rabble shrank

by repeated observations upon like here without being damaged. After this co- from one so vile; but I was innocent. subjects ; and impediments inuch more dif- lossal mass of marble had safely passed over Let me not talk of this.--I rave, I rave." ficult to be overcome must arise from the the Appennines and Tyrolese mountains, a 'Tis well I do at times, for that upholds-mé, same cause to painters, whose task it is not delay of eight days was occasioned by a Look at yon drivelling idiot~he is happy. merely to express an opinion, but to create a bridge near Kufstein, which was unable to Yon foaming orator.--Is he wretched ? -No. work which shall differ from the multitude bear the weight: but soon were all obstacles But I have partial glimpses of the past,

thus annually produced. We are embar- overcome, and the chest is now placed in That come like burning sun-beams : aye, and | rassed, they must be disheartened'; are are one of the saloons of the Museum. The col

dart i perplexed what to say, they can scarcely be lection of our Crown Prince has now, cxclu- Scorching, right through my brain. My flesh is able to tell what to do. In our ditemma,

the sive of the Egina, statues, two works of art, (It withers and wastes away; and thro' my heart points at which we have principally aimed, which after the Torso and the fragınents of A knife is driven, altho' you see it not. throughout our many criticisms, have been the Parthenon, according to our opinion, I'm shaven to the crown; and my“dark lair, the interests of the artist, the developement bear most evidently and ineontrovertibly the (I was so proud of it!) was torn away, of the principles of painting, and the direction stamp of Grecian originality and perfection, To make me quite a mockery: but I hear it, of the public. The nature of the theme namely, this Faun and the celebrated statue And will bear more--much more." must necessarily lead to a recurrence of of the Son of Niobe, bought at Vienna.

Thus from his straw, technical terms, which the lovers of art, vi- But that these two masterpieces do not stand shriek'd one poor frenzied wretch, whose look, siting the exhibitions, may be supposed suf- alone here, appears from a list of some of

methoughty ficiently to understand, but by which our the works which are placed in two saloons, Spoke somewhat strangely of nobility. distant and general readers can be little where, besides above twenty other fine works, His eye was glass'd and wide, and rang'd about informed. In the choice now offered us, we see the celebrated Methusa, from the Pa- Huge fetters; and his hands were clench'd, as (and never were the inaterials of which a lace of Rondanini; the colossal Pallas, from

tho modern gallery was composed in our time the Villa of Albani; the colossal Muse of He felt internal pains: then he breatha'hard, more worthy of attention) we feel it our Ageladas from the Barberini Palace; the. And look'd half upward in reproach, -and turn'd duty to be seleet, and to mark only pictures beautiful Venus, from the Palace Braschi: A wistful, piceous eye on me. -Istrove of distinguished excellenee for regard. In so the well known Vaccarelles; two Urts, To soothe; but be grew weaker every hour;

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rit :


And now and then be smil'd in bitter anguish. The trunk of this tree measures fourteen | the northern parts of America, is to be subThere seem'd a rapturous, tarrible joy, like one feet in diameter one way, and between scten mitted to the examination of the Royal AgriAbout to roam in freedom. Hope was gone : and eight the other. 'It is hollow, but the cultural Society of Paris. It is expected That had departed with belief; and he

cavity is divided by concentric partitious that it will afford iinportant advantages to Glar'd like a dying comet on this world,

formed of ligneous layers which have resist- rural economy. Pearless of that to come.Now his blue lip Seem'd losing all its colour, and a film

ed decomposition. These partitions are Spread like a snbtle web across his eye,

80 widely separated one froin the other, LITERARY NOTICES. Slowly. His nose grew, white; and get the that a man may pass between them. breath According to local tradition, this tree

Mr. Sharon Turner's third edition of the 'Thro' the distending nostrils whistled hard, has existed since the time of the Druidical History of the Anglo-Saxons, is nearly Like gusts of wind, at prolong'd intervals worship, to the cereinonies of which it was ready. It will contain (we are informed) an He grasp'd his nig and strove to rise, --in vain. consecrated.

addition of several observations and dialogues We lifted him, and then he gaspid and groan'd, The ARCTIC Expedition. Accounts, of our King Alfred, on the subjeets discussAnd open'd wide his mouth.The sounds were ria Montreal, purporting to announce the ed by Boethiusa fuller analysis of the heAnd half resenibled words a lcarner uttors.

arrival at the mouth of the Copper-mine roic poem on Bewulf a larger view of the

River, of the expedition sent out last year to Witena-gernot, or Anglo-Saxon ParliamentHe'shook his hcad, and fell against my arm With all his weight. Awhile I held him there,

explore Baffin's Bay, have been published in and a detail of the population of the AngloAnd now and then look'd at his moisten'd bror, a Dublin paper. The authenticity of this Saxons. And spoke some words of comforh. He was

relation seeins to be inore than problematistill silent:

cal, and we are sorry to suspect that it is an METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL. But hic gazed stedfastly npon the wall, inrention, the more discreditable as the

FERBUARY, 1820. Where he had once sketch'd curious images. dearest private feelings, as well as public Thursday, 10—Thermometer from 35 to 47. This lasted long. I spoke again, but he interests, are wrapt up in the fate of tho gal

Barometer from 30, 04 to 30, 24. Still answered not, but gaz'd and gaz'd. At last lant navigators on board of the discovery ships.

Wind S. W. and N. W.1-Generally clondy I looked more closely at him, and I found But even supposing the story to be true, the till noon, when it became clear. I had been holding in my arms--a corse. fact established would not go far towards Friday, 11 — Thermometer from 29 to 44. W. the solution of the great gcographical ques

Barometer from 30, 29 to 30, 21. (By Correspondents.] tion at issue. It has long been thought

Wind S. W. f and 2.-A white frost in the probable, that the Copper-mine river ran became cloudy: rain in the evening.

morning, and generally fair till noon, when it TO PITT:

into an arm of Baffin's Bay stretching more Saturday, 12-Thermometer from 34 to 45. Kind Pity, daughter of the skies,

to the westward than is laid down in charts ; Whene'er thy plaintive voice we hoar,

Barometer, from 30,06 :o 30, 20. The echo is our bosom sighs,

and the extreme uncertainty of the observa Wind S. W. 4. and N. b. E. 2. - Generally And the bright token is a tear.

tions of Mr. Hearne tend greatly to strength- cloudy. A misling rain most of the ufternoon. Where want and poverty reside, en the conjecture; since neither the direc

Rain fallen ,15 of an inch, Where sorrow sits apart to moum; tion of the river, nor the degree of longi- Sunday, 13 — Thermometer from 34 to 47.

Barometer from 30, 23 to 30, 21. Shunned by the “ glittering song of pride," tude of its mouth, are at all established by Thy sympathetic footsteps turn. his statements. It may, for aught we know,

Wind S. b. E. and 8. b. W. t.-Generally Oh! may thy presence never cease

flow much more to the east than is supposed; cloudy; sunshine at times. To light the shade of hunian woc; and when the shortness of the degrees in this

Rain fallen ,025 of an inch. To shed the dawn of Hope and Peace latitude are considered, it requires no great

Monday, 14–Thermometer from 27 to 43.

Barometer from 30, 34 to 30, 42. On man's brief narrow space below. hypothesis to believe that an expedition

Wind N. b. E. Generally clondy till the D

might reach this point from Baftin's Bay, evening when it became clear.' A few flashes of

and be nevertheless as unlikely as before to lightning in the West about 7 o'clock.
arrive at Behring's Straits.

Tuesday, 13 – Thermometer from 31 to 45.
The Savage of Jara.—It is stated in a

Barometer from 30, 44 to 30,47.
All the theatres reopened on Thursday: letter from a traveller in Batavia, that a sa Wind N. b. E. 3.- Morning cloudy, the rest
Drury Lane with a selection of music and vage has been found in the woods of the of the day generally clear.
several addresses on recent events; Covent island; it is thought that he must have lost Wednesday, 16–Thermometer from 23 to 37.
Garden with additional verses, by Colinan, limself in the earlier part of his youth, and

Barometer from 30, 47 to 30, 41. to the national air of God save the king ; the he now seems to be about thirty years old.

Wind N. b. E. J. and S.E. 1.Generally clear. Surrey with a solemn dirge ; and others with He speaks no articulate language, but bel- A white frost and thick rime in the morning, various tributes of public feeling.

JOHN ADAMS, lows like an animal, or rather barks, for his

Edmouton, Middlesex.
voice is like that of a dog. He runs on all

fours, and as soon as he perceives any hu- TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. -Complaints of irregula-
man being, he climbs up a tree like a mon-

rities in the transmission and delivery of the The following is a list of the receipts of key, and springs from one branch to another.

Literary Gazette have reached w: for some the different Theatres of Paris, during the When he sees any bird or game, he

of which, il is possible that our train Office may

have been responsible, but the neglect generally catches at it, and very seldom misses his

les with the persons to when the orders of whick Academie Royale de Musique, 522,786 prey. As yet he has not been able to ac

we have no cognicance, are given. We hære, francs ; Comedie-Française, 679,342 fr. ; | custom himself to the usual mode of living however, enforced a new and more regular syster, Opera-Comique, 694,571 fr. ; Second Thea- and food of the human species.

and may securely promise, that hencofuruard the tre-Francais, 256,453 fre; Opera - Italien,

A French amateur already known for the utmost punctuality on the part of our publishers 245,76 fr. ; Vaudeville, 511,228 fr.; Varietés, services he has rendered to the fine arts,

may be relied on.

In other cases, we are sure, 505,173 fr. ; Gaieté, 460, 988 fr.; Ambigu- has procured a collection of the fine compo

that the parties employed need only have the corrComique, 406,184 fr. Cirque-Olympe, sitions of sacred music, which are annually

plaint against what is wrong made to thein, to 295,568 fr.; Porte-Saint-Martin, 504,917 fr.: performed during passion week in the Pon

reetify it. Any friends disappointed through Total, 6,082,881 fr. Eleventh of the profits tificial Chapel at Rome. He intends to have Title pages for the rolume for 1819,

have been ser!

past negligence, we shall be happy to satisfy. for the poor, 462,080, fr. ; a twentieth, them performed publicly in Paris duriug levied on the Secondary Theatres, for the passion week.

to Mr. Millken, Bookseller, Dablin; where they

may be had gratis by our Subscribers in Ireland. anpport of the Opera, 134,203 francs.

A nodel of a plough has been shipped on Upon application, we will do the same ir Edin. There is a remarkable vegetable curiosity board the Jeanne-Louise, bound for Havre, burgh, or any considerable place in England, in the Department of Moselle ; namely an from the United States. This plough, which where wanted for binuding up the Literary Gaelm, planted near the church of Bettange has been recently adopted throughout all setke.

year 1819:


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Macnian bard, that bas yet made its appearance. It Giovanni Crespi ; Alexander and Porus, Le Brun; a

In the pres, and shortly will be published, Landscape and Figures, Gaspar Poussin: a Portrait by diciendo contiene in tem neodore he dicamtaing to CASES of A SERIOUS MORBID AFPECRubens ; Hercules and Omphale, a grand gallery Pico

TION, principally incident to Femaler after De. ther with a dissertation upon the Homeric metre, prioci. ''very, Abortion, &c. and arising from Uterine Hæmor. ture, by Paolo de Mattheis , and many others of great merit by Pordenone, S. di Pesaro, Domenichino, Guido, pally

selected from

the writings of Professor Dunbar and shaky, undue Venæsection, Menorrhagia, protracted Le Duc, Van Dyck, Eckbout, Stork, Powell, &c. To be

Mr. R.P. Knight. The Notes are partly original, and partly Lactation, Diarrhæa, Aphtha, Constipation, Scybale, viewed three days preceding. taken from Heyne, Clarke, and Knight The author

or other Causes of Exhaustion and Irritation. By has judiciously enlivened the heavy critical matter of MARSHALL HALL, M. D. F. R. S. E. &c. Printed for New Librory.

his work by qnotations from Pope's admirable transla. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London.

tion, and adorned it with a few parallel passages from THE very great patronage, bestowed apon the Roman Poets, and from our illustrious countryman siderable Additions, on the Mimoscs; or a Descriptive,

Also, by the same author, a Second Edition, with conPEARSIAN'S ESTABLISHMENT is the best

Müton.... Meu Monthly Magazine, Oct. 1819. proof of the superior excellence of the New System.

Diognostic, and Practical Essay, on Disorders of the

Printed by A. J. Valpy: and sold by G. and W. B. The principal feature of the plan is to prevent disa pro Whittaker ; Longman and Co.; Baldwin and Co.: contrasted with soinc acute and insidious Diseases ; be

General Health, in their simple and complicated Porms, pointment, insuring Subscribers every New Work as

Lackington and Co.: P. C. and J. Rivington, London: ing an attempt to prosecute the views of Dr. Hamilton soon as published. Terms of subscription to be had at Macredie and Co. Edinburgh ; Camming and Co. Dub. and Mr. Abernethy. the Library, 170, New Bond-streel, next the Clarendonlin; and all other Booksellers. of the same may be Hotel.

had, bound, Horace, with English Notes to the Odes, In the press, and shortly will be published, • new Edibo. bed. Horace, no Notes, 88. 6ch A neat Edition of

tion, in 7 vols. 8vo. of BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY.


, 18mm. 3d edition, the same with English | THE REIGN of GEORGE the THIRD. To Holt's Life of his late Majesty, Netre, from c. no ,

which is prefixed, a View of the Progressire im. Jo 8vo, Price 36. Part I. (to be continued weekly,) of

same with Hegner Text, and Delphia Notes, no Interprovement of England, in Prosperity and Strength. By THE PUBLIC and DOMESTIC LIFE of his pretatio, los. Bd. Creeana Commcatuies Oberline Tex. ROBERT BISSET, LL. D. author of the Life of Burke. kate Most Gracious Majesty, GEORGE the THIRD, many plates, no interpretatio, los. Ech; Gradus, without kc &c. Continued to the Deccase of the King. Printed

Serbes of Phrases, 77. Homer's Iliad, from the for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London cornprising the most eventful and iinportant period in

Text of Heyns ke: Elegantix Latine, da odes Greek the whole Annals of British History compiled from

"Dr. Bisoet's History is highly praise-worthy--it darauthentic Sources, and interspersed with painerous in Grammar., brOch Greek Delectus les Latin Gratis.

rates with greater detail and completeness than Maer. teresting Anecdotes. By EDWARD 'ROLT, Esq. mar; 2.665 Latia Delectus 20. Els Amphitryo; Aumrlane, Helsham, or Adolphus, the transactions of the London : Priated for Sherwood, Neely, and doncs, per tuberke, Captives, and Budent of Plautus, with English present Reign. The style is natural, yet elegant; the ternoster Row, and sold by ah Booksellers.

Noten, there but i latin Focabulary, 25.1 First Exer- information abundant, yet select; the criticism loyal,

cises, 16 6d. į Latin Dialogues, 2s. Ed.; Cicero de Ami- yet liberal, In short, it appears to us more likely than .t#7 It is expected, this valuable work will be com,

citla et de Senectute, with Emesti's Notes, &c. by Bar. any of the rival histories, to annex itself to Hume and prised in Sevan Parts. By a very large page, and close printing, it will contain as much matter and is usually ker, 3d edition, 4s.6d. ; Principia Officiorum, Historia Smollett, as the regular and generally receitet finfound in Thrue Volumes of a stmilar size It will be

et Geogra. 3. 64; Poetical Chronology of Ancient and linuation of the History of England.". Annud keneatly printed on good paper, and embellished with English History, 2s. ; Mythology, 4th Edition, 2s. , ci- vies, Vol. 2.

cero de Oficiis, with English Notes, 6s, ; Epistola M. T. about thirty highly-finisbed Portraits of the most dis

“We must recommend this as a work replete with Ciceronis, 314. Edition, 26.; the Germany and Agricola both information and amusement and whlle it is free tinguished public character of the Reign, engraved by of Tacitus; from Brotier, with all his Notes, &c. by the from any spirit of pariy, it breathes throughout a form Scriven, Cardon, Schiavonetti, Hol, de. from Pałntings

saine, 2d edition, 58. OL; C. Nepos, with English-Notrs attachment to tempered freedom, and the spirit of the by sis William Beeches, Hoppper, Opie, and other emitent Artbots.

and Questions, by Bradley, Ss. Och i Eutropius, with British Constitution, a sincere regard for the Britisła

ditte by diuto 2d edition, 20. 6.; Latin Prosody, by character, and a just veneration for the rights of réa. MY OPINIONS SINCE THE PEACE. By ditto 4.; Greck Testament, 3 vols

. Bro. by Rev. E. con, of religion, end morality.--- Library. Journal ook. Sir ROWLAND OLDACRE, Bart. Prive Is. 61. Valpy, 21. 12$. Bel. ; Large Paper. 46.; Greek Septuagint, %, page 405. The pation trenibles al cach blow,

with the Apocrypha, I vol. 8vo. bols. 11, 8s.; Epitome. 747 For other very farourable accounts of this work, That No gives Aye, and Aye gives No.

Sacræ Historie. with English Notes, 8d edition, 2s. see the Monthly Review for October, and the British Printed for Longman, Hunt, Rees, Orme, and Brown tit Please to ask for Valpy's editions of the above Critic for November, 1904; and the Anti-Jacobin Re. Paternoster Row, Works.

view for November, 1808,




d New Periodical Work.

Longman and Co.'s Cntalogue of Old Books for The third Edition, in 2 vols. Bro, embellished with scie.. On the first of March will be published, price 2s.6d. the

1820.- Price 2s.6d.

ral coloured plates, price. 28s. boards. first Number (to be continued monthly) of a new Work, called LOGUE of OLD BOOKS for the year 1820 ; con


Published from the Originals, in the possesTHE ARCADIAN. Containing, amongst other taining the classes of Theology and Ecclesiastical Histo- country,

matter--- The commencement of a Series of Dead ry, in various Languages; History, Biography, Anti-sion of the Family of the late RICHARD TU LLY, Esq. Letters; or Letters from the Dead to several Living La- quities, and Miscellaneous subjects, in English. To be the British Consul. dies and Gentlemen of notoriety: No. I. From the late sold at the affixed prices, by Longinan, Hurst, Hees,

" Like Lady Wortley Montagu's, these pages bare Miss E...P-.-, who died at Mrs. - - - •'s Boarding Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row.

the merit of bringing every thing immediately before School, at Chelsea, in consequence of perpetually read +++ Ainongst the Theology will be seen a very con

the eye; but they far exceed her's in the importance of ing Little's Poems, which had been incautiously lent siderable ruinber of the most rare and curious Books of their statements, and at the same time, neres awaken in her by one of the housemaids; to T... $ M.,.-e, all ages, while the collector of Englišli books will find the mind of the reader a suspicion that the author has Esqi a fashionable Poet. A Letter to Mr. Cobbeti, by f in the succeeding class numerous works, both of un

been more anxious to say a good thing than a true one." one of the first Political Writers of the day. Carmen common occurrence and general utility. The remain

Eclectic Review, Æstuale: a Song for the Summer, to the tune of ing parts of the Catalogue of this' yast collection will Printed for Henry Colburn and Co. Conduit Street. “ Where ha' ye been a day, iny boy Tammys To be speedily appear.

Completion of the Franklin MSS.--Price 28s. bls. sung to John Cam Hobhouse, Esq. now a prisoner in his Majesty's Jail of Newgate; and one or two of his

* Hoyle's Games Improved.

FRANKLIN'S MEMOIRS, the 5th and 6th pithy Replies thereto, with Notes and Illustrations:

vols. in octavo, comprising his Posthumous WritPrice 6s. bound, in red sheep, a new Edition, considethe acted Drama; of New Publications ;

rably enlarged, of

ingy, published from the Originals, by his Grandson,


of ginal Poetry ; Observations on Men and Manners, &c.

or in 6 vols. Bro. price 31. 123. Each Part is sold sepi. Printed for Jolin Miller, Burlington Arcade.

quel, Quinze, Vingt-un, Lansquénec, Faro or Pharo,
Rouge et Noir, Cribbage, Matrimony, Cassino, Con-

rately ; and the public are advised to complete their Clare's Poems.

sets without delay. London ; priuted for Henry Coinexions, Reversis, Put, All-fours,' Speculation, Loo or In foolscap 8vo. price 5s. 6d. boards.

burn and Co. Conduit Street. Lue, Lottery, Commerce, Pope, Brag, Dóminn, Loto, POEMS descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery. Boston, Chess, Backgammon, Draughts, Cricket, Ten

In 1 vols. 21. ditto French, 3 vols. 188. By JOHN CLARE, a Northamptonshire Peasant.

nis, Hazard, Billiards, Goff or Golf, Skittles, Dutch Pins, JULIEN DELMOUR, or the NEW ÆRA; "The summer's flower is to the summer sweet; E O, and Raffle. With añ Essay on Game Cocks, and a Novel, actually founded on the Events that have Though to itself it only live and die.",

the Rules, &c. at Horse Racés, 'wherein are comprised, occurred in France during the last 30 years, and con

Shakspeare. Calculations for Betting upon equal or advantageous taining many curious and original anecdotes, connected London: Printed for Taylor and Hessey, Fleet-street; terms." Reviset and Corrected. - By CHARLES with the French Revolution. By MADAME DE GEN. and E. Drury, Stainford.

JONES, Esq. Printed for Wi Lowndes, Longman, LIS. Printed for Henry Colburn and Co. Conduit

and Co. ; Baldwin and Co. G. and W.-B. Whittaker; street. Of whom may be had, by the same author, · Portraits of celebrated Musical Composers.

Scatchers and Letterman ; Lackington'ands Co.; J. Ri. 1. Petrarch and Laura, 2 vols. 10s. Och. On the First of March will be published, by T. BOO.

chardson; J. Mawman; J. Asperne'; W: Stewart ; T. 2. Jane of France, 2 vols. 12s. SEY, and Co. 28, Holles-street, Oxford-strect, hand

Hamilton; E. Edwards; T. and J. Allman,w-and T. 3. Zuma, and other Talcs, 2 vols. 6s. eomely printed on fine paper, music size, and con.

Hughes. Of whomn may be had separately, Hoyle's 4. Henri le Grand, 3 vols. 123. taining a finely engraved Portrait of Beethoven, No.

Games improved and selected, as a Companion to'the 1. of a Series of

Specdily will be publislied, in 2 vols. 8vo.
Card Table, price 3s. 6d. boards, or 4s. Od. in paper case,
PORTRAITS of the most eminent Poreign with gilt edges. Also Hoyle's Games of Whist and

GEORGE the THIRD: his COURT and FAComposers. A Number of this work will be pub- Quadrille, price 2s. boards.

: Printed for Henry Colburn and Co. lished regularly on the first of every Month, containing

Conduit-street. a highly finished portmit, accompanied by a short Bio Handsomely printed in 8vo. price 78. 6d. sewed, No. 3,of

In 12mo. price 4s. 6d. graphy consequently it may either be use it for the pur. THE EDINBURGH PHILOSOPHICAL THE MOTHER'S MEDICAL ASSISTANT;

conducted by

containing Instructions for the Prevention and option of the purchaser. The price of each Number to Professor JAMESON, Contents:---Mr. Welch on his

Treatment of the Diseases of Infants and Children. By subscribers will be 78. A few copies will be printed | Improvements of the Steam-engine; Vega, on Curious Sir ARTHUR CLARKE, M. D. &c. &c. author of an with proof impressions of the plates, price 9. each. Ripples near Malacca ; Mr. Scoresby on the Colour of Essay on Bathing. Printed for Henry Colburn and Co., 'Those ladies and gentlemen who are desirous of sub. the Greenland Sea ; Mr. Young on Puppy Oil; Mr. Conduit-street. scribing to the work, are requested to send their names Lizars on a new style of Engraving; Mr. Herschell on a as early as possible, as the price will be raised after its new mode of Analysis ; Mr. Why tock on Oars for

In the press, and speedily will be published, primed publication. Also just published, by T. Boosey and Co. Steam Boats ; Dr. Mac Culloch on Peat; Dr. Gillies on

uniformly with Park's Travels, in 4lo, and illustrated The Life of John Sebastian Bach, translate from the peculiar Case of Vision; Mr. Anderson's new Auno

with a Map, and numerous Plates, German of Dr. Forkel, with Musical Examples, price meter;. Dr. Hibberton on the Rocks, of Shetland ; Ac- TRAVELS in the INTERIOR of AFRICA to 6s, in boards. count of a Subterranean Glacier; Dr. Fleming on the

the SOURCES of the SENEGAL and GAMBIA, For Schools.

Sertularia Gelatinosa ; Dr. Hamilton on a Map of Ara; undertaken by order of the French Government, and EXERCISES in LATIN PROSODY and Brewster on Tabasheer; Mr. Neill on the Ayrshire BOWDICH, Esq. Conductor of a Mission to Ashantee.

Vega on a Table of Proportional Logarithms; Dr. performed in 1918, by M. 6. Mollien. Edited by T. E. VERSIFICATION, with Exercises and QuesRose ; Mr. De la Beeche, on the depth, &c of the

Printed for Henry Colburn and Co. Conduit-street. tions, designed as an Introduction to the scanning and

Lake of Geneva ; Account of the Slide of Alpnachi | In foolscap 8vo. with an elegant Frontispiece, repremaking Latin Verses. The third edition. By the Rev.

Mr. Herschell on Mother of Pearl; Mr. Watt on the. C. BRADLEY. Price 4s. bound.

senting Lord and Lady Russell in the Tower, price Micrometer; Mr. Morton's Patept..Slipi Mr. Stephen

56 6d, extra boards, “The perasal of this book has afforded us much satisfaction; and" we can confidently say, that, of its

son on the Scottish Fisheries, in 1819; Rev. Mirage LETTERS on HISTORY, addressed to a be

son on a Method of uniting Bee Hives; Amici's Ren loved God-child. Part 2. Profane. By the nu. kind, it is of a very superior description. With the ar

flecting Microscope ; Dr. Hibbert on the New Cockthor of " Affection's Gift," &c. &c. Printed for Bald. rangemeütwe are particularly pleased ; the rules are developed with all possible perspicuity, and the Exam-ing Inflection of Light; Mr. Herschell on the Hyposud Walich, Colchester. Bank of Shetland ; Mr. Fresnell's - Discoveries respeel win, Cradock, and Joy, London ; and Swinborne and

of whom may be had, price 5s. ples are highly appropriate. We recommend these Exercises to the patronage of all persons engaged in

pturous Acid; Menge's Account of hiş Tyus in Icelarde' boutus, Leifers on History. Part I. Sacred. Also, Sea

1819 ; Dr. Brewster's History of. Polarisations Ditto on man's sėholar's Remembrancer, price Is. Classical education... Crit. Rev. Aug. 1813. *** Key may be had, price 25. 6d.

a Singular Case of phosphorescanej Amicin operator met ÖN the CAUSES of the PRESENT DISCONA. J. Valpy, and sold by Longinan and Co.; Whitta specting Elba ; Colonel Beaufoy on the Diurnal Variakers; and all other booksellers, Of whom" may also be tion of the Needle; Proceedings of Public Societies ;

Edinburgh Review. Price Is. 6d. had, by the same author.

Scientific Intelligence, &c. Printed for Archibald Comelii Nepotis Vitæ; with English Notes, and Ques- Constable and Co. Edinburgh; and Longman, Hurst: 1 (Blackwood's Edinburgh the suggestion

These reflections were first published in a late

Number of a well known and very popular miscellany, tions for Examination, price 3s. 6d. bound. 24. edition. Rees, Orme, and Brown, London. of whom may be Eutropii Historia, with English Notes and Questions, bad, the preceding numbers of this Journal, price

of some friends, for whom the author feels great re 28. 6d. bound. Second edition. 73. 6d. each.

speet; they are now presented in a separate form. Ovidii Metamorphoses Selecta. With Engligli Notes

Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, Strand ; and W. and Questions. Second edition, 4s: 6d!

Francis Lathon's New Work, In 3 vls. Blackwood, Edinburgh It has been the design of the Editor to expunge | ITALIAN

MYSTERIES; or More Secrets than

London: Printed for the Proprietors, by W. POPLE, and to add to a correctly printed text: Questions for of The Mysterious Preebooter, London, the Unknown 67, Chancery Lane: Published every Saturday, by the' examination of the pupil

, and short Notes in Eng Romance of the "Hebrides, Midalghe Bell, Fatal Vox, W. A. SCRIPPS, at the Literary Gazette Office, 312, Lied, explanatory of the Geography, Mythology, His Men and Manners, Impenetrable 'Secret, Mystery, &c. (Exeter Change) Strand, where Communications, (post tury, and Customs of the Ancienta:

&u Printed for A.K, Newman and Co. Leadenhall-street. paid, are requested to be addressed to the Editor,

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