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Wm. Wedd, esq. of Foulmire, Cam- val. She was in her 90th year, and the bridgeshire. He was thrown from his

oldest surviving native of Newark. chaise a few days previous, which occa- Dec. 22. Io Charlotte-street, Bedfordsioned his death.

square, Charlotte, widow of the late R. William, son of Capt. Foster, of the Ollebar, esq. of Hinwick House, BedfordHelen, of Hull, and Mate of that vessel. shire.

-He went out shooting on the Thursday Suddenly, Mr. Cæsar Peacock, printer preceding, near Marfleet ; when his gun of " The York Courant." burst, and part of the breech, near three At Chelsea, Mrs. Jean Stewart, late of inches loug, went in at his eye, and pene- St. Martin's Lane, in her 87th year, and trated nearly to the roof of his mouth, 41st of her widowhood, much respected by where it remained a day or two before it all her friends. could be extracted. Hopes were enter. Dec. 23. The wife of Wm. Porden, tained of his life until the day of his death, esq. of Berners-street. when he fell into convulsions.

At Pentonville, aged 24, Mr. Thos. Wila Dec. 17. Jane Stewart, wife of John lan, of the Colonial Audit Office, youngest Williams, esq. of Kensingtoo Gore, and son of the late Rev. Rob. Willan, of Cardsister of the late Geo. Elliot, esq.

ington, Bedfordshire. Dec. 18. At Major House, Suffolk, At Buckland, Herts, in his 14th year, aged 64, Emily, wife of the Right Hon. Wm. Anthony, only son of the Rev. J. H. Lord Henoiker. She was the last sur- Michell, Rector of Buckland. viving daughter of Rob. Jones, esq. for- In York-place, City-road, Jemima, wife merly of Duffryn, Glamorganshire. of Thomas Yallop, esq.'.

Al Above Hill, aged 49, W. H. Robin- At Richmond, Surrey, in her 821 year, son, esq. solicitor, of Lincoln, second son Mrs. Cock. of G. Robiuson, esq. formerly of Han. Iu Canonbury-place, Capt. Ray Tay. thorpe, near Bourn, Lincolnshire.

lor, late of the Hon. East India Company's At Chester, at an advanced age, Wm. Bombay Marine. Bowey, esq.

Aged 75, Mr. Matthew Talbot, for upAt Paddington-green, aged 63, James wards of 30 years Secretary of the GeneCrompton, esq.

ral Infirmary, Leeds.-His mind was richDec. 19. At Pixton House, East Grin. ly stored with biblical knowledge; he had stead, Sussex, in bis 75th year, S. Jeffries, made several translations of the Holy esq. many years an inhabitant of the pa. Scriptures from the original Hebrew and rish of Westmorland, island of Jamaica. Greek languages; and was the author of

At Homerton, aged 84, Mrs. Otte. a work of vast labour and of great utility,

lo Wimpole-street, in his 15th year, entitled “ An Analysis of the Holy Bible," Jacob Wm, the second son of John Archer as well as of some unpublished works. Houblon, esq. M. P. for the county of Dec. 24. At Bath, of a rapid decline, Essex.

Mr. Ralph Dowson, of Warnford.court, In the Crescent, Manchester, aged 76, Throgmorton-street. Elizabeth, widow of the late Uriah Bris- At Putney, in her 89th year, Mrs. Eliz. tow, esq. apothecary, of St. John's-square, Athawes. Clerkenwell.

In Lower Connauglit-place, Mr. Henry In New Bond-street, Mr. Rob. Birchall. Bond, of New Bond-street; having been

In Globe-road, Mile End, in his 55th inarried only four months. year, David Jones, esq.

At Stoke Newington, aged 68, Jasper Dec. 20. Wm. Brock, esq. of Hackney. Capper, a member of the Society of

lo Palace.yard, aged 74, Mr. Beaid, Friends. upwards of half a century at Messrs. Aged 31, George Bagster, esq. of St. Drummonds, bankers, Charing Cross. Pancras.

In his 80th year, W. Partridge, esq. of At l'unbridge Wells, aged 45, Charlotte Monmouth.

Catharine, wife of Capt. Jas. Walker, G.B. John, eldest son of John Disney, esq. of of the Royal Navy, and daughter of the the Hyde, Essex.

late Right Hon. Gen. Sir J. Irvine, K.B. Dec. 21. At Castle Upton, near Bel. Harriet Anoe, daughter of the late Jas. fast, in her 81st year, Grace Mary, wife Willett, esq. of Brighthelmstone, Sussex. of F. Wbittle, esq.

At his house in the Commercial-road, In Troy-town, Rochester, aged 64, J. aged 63 years, George Faith, esq. Donald, esq. late Collector of Excise for Dec. 25. At Hertford, in her 71st year, the county of Kent.

the relict of the lale John Dimsdale, esq. At Paris, Marshal Serrurier,

At Great Ealing, Middlesex, George In Eastgate, Lincoln, Bridget, relict of Hopewell Stephens, esq. Rear Admiral of the Rev. R. P. Hutton, B. D. forinerly the Red. Rector of Doddington, near Lincoln, and Aged 22, James, eldest son of Thos. Domestic Chaplain to the late Lord Dela. Borradaile, esq. of Streathain Common.



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At Edgeworth, Gloucestershire, in his Suddenly, the wife of Richard Waring,
63d year, the Rev. Anthony Freston, Rec- esq. of Lewisham.
tor of that place.

Dec. 28. Mr. Wm. Norman, many
In the Abbey, Abingdon, aged 35, Sam. years Registrar of Lottery Tickets in the
Sellwood, esq. Fellow of Magdalen Col- Stamp Office Department.
lege, Oxford.

Aged 72, Alexander Sutherland, esq. Dec. 26. Mr. Jobn Hargrave, of North- an eminent apothecary of Great Queenumberland-street, King's Messenger. street, Westminster; and father of Dr.

In Southampton-row, Bloomsbury, John Sutherland of Great George-street.-His Haig, esq.

death was awfully sudden, being found At Worcester, aged 88, Mrs. Lavie, mo- dead in bis bed without the least previous ther of Mr. Lavie, of Frederick’s place, indisposition. and of Capt. Sir T. Lavie, K,C.B.

At her father's at Haroden, in Kent, In Portugal-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, aged 16, Margaret, fourth daughter of in his 75th year, wuch respected, Mr. Henry Wise Harvey, esq. His eldest William Clarke, an eminent law-book- daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. George seller, having resided on the same spot Hilton, Royal Navy, died aged 26, at

Canterbury, February 25th Jast, leaving
Frances, fourth daughter of Hen. Rich- one infant daughter.
mond, esq. Cominissioner of the Customs. Dec. 31. Mr. Henry Widnell, aged
In Nottingham-street, aged 62, Wm. 87, many years carpet manufacturer,

No. 12, Holborn.
At Hackney, in his 81st year, the Rev. Lately. In Sloane-street, Mrs. Isabella
J. Creighton.

Elmsly, relict of Peter Elmsly, esq. the Dec. 27. Aged 16, Francis, second son well-known and justly-respected bookof Francis William Sanders, esq. of Lin- seller in the Strand, whose death is recoln's lun.

corded in vol. LXXII. p. 477.

52 years.

Hicks, esq.

Females 11928} 24,500 | Buried { Memales 9851} 19,228

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FROM DECEMBER 15, 1918, TO DECEMBER 14, 1819.

In all

Males... 9671 ? In all
Whereof have died, 5 and 10 826 | 40 and 50 2095 | 80 and 90 666
under 2 years 4779

10 and 20 631 50 and 60 1918 90 and 100 144

20 and 30 1577 60 and 70 Between 2 and


100 0 102 0 1771 30 and 40 1990


70 and 80 5 years

101 0


Decreased in the Burials this Year 477.
.57 Teething

.82 Hooping Cough ...750 Thrush

118 Apoplexy and Suddenly 173 Hydrophobia.........

2 Worms Asthma .799 Inflammation

1243 CASUALTIES. Bedridden ...1 inflammation of the Li- Broken Limbs

..1 Cancer.......

1.71 Burnt

.229 Insanity.
.240 Drowned

..97 Consumption .3839 Jaundice

Excessive Drinking ........4 Convulsions.... .3076 Measles ................ .695 Executed*

..10 Croup .91 Miscarriage

.3 Found Dead

.10 Diarrhea .2 Mortification.. .399 Fractured


..4 Dropsy

.684 Old Age and Debility... 1850 Frighteoed............ Dropsy in the Brain ..417 Palsy

.202 Killed by Palls and seve

141 Dropsy in the Chest ......143 Venereal

ral other Accidents.....,65 Dysentery .2 Rheumatism

.10 Killed by Fighting ......... Epilepsy 1 Rupture

.44 Killed by Lightning Eruptive Diseases....... .4/Scrophula

28 Murdered

..2 Small Pox

712 Poisoned Erysipelas, or St. Antho. ny's Fire .......

.8 Sore Throat and Quinsey..19 Scalded Fever....... ..1093 Spasm

.42 Strangled ..57 Stillborn.......... Fever, (Typhus).

.673 Suffocated

,2 Fistula

24 Suicides

.35 Flux...

13 Stoppage in the Stomach 18 Gout

.41 Suddenly

Total 266 * There have been Executed in London and the County of Surrey 28; of which number 10 only have been reported to be Buried within the Bills of Mortality,




.6 Stone ......


grave, 558

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ABBEY HOUSE, Sherborne, describ- Bangor, school at 514 ed 202

Bonk Notes, amount of circulated 365. Accidents, by thunder storms 79. by a remarks on 532

horse taking fright 80. explosion of Baptista Porta, on rendering salt water à steam boat 81. in a mine 174. fresh 413 lightning 188. by stage coaches 189. Barbadoes, hurricane at 556 falling down stairs 633. falling out of Bardin, Thos. Marriott, death of 478,567 a window 558, 660. falling in of a Barlow's Columbiad, remarks on 125

Barnsley, parochial Chapel, inscription Addison, poetry of 584

319 Africa, intelligence from 170, 556 Barnwell, brass plate found near de* Aghavore, Maid of, ballad 214

scribed 33 Agriculture, salt for, duty-free 176. of Baronets, instituted by James I. 232

small farms .221. encouragement of, Bassett family, account of 2

364. recommended for the poor, 602 Bayeux Cathedral, description of 17 Aldborough, description of 343

Beaumaris School, visit to 514 Aldermen, meeting of at Guildhall 559 Beaumont and Fletcher, Illustrations of Alexander the Great, founds 70 cities 510 19. passage noticed 218 Alexandria, fever at 497

Bede's Chair, description of 577 Altham, Lord, issue of requested 194 Bedford Charity, children of Jews ex. Amboynä, punishment for ibefts in 396 cluded 176 America, intelligence from 78, 171, 266, Beer, poison in 81 363, 451, 556, 630. commercial dis. Bees, remarkable swarming of 80 tress of, 171

Beggars, inconveniences of 487 American Antiquities, discovery of 445 Bellumy's Translation of the Scriptures Ancient Anecdotes 199, 326

censured 197. defended 496 Ancient Relics,' value attached to 38 Belzoni's Researches in Egypt 63 Andrews, Mrs. M. of Lathbury, notice of Benefit of Clergy, origin of 305 2, 290

Benbow, Adm. life and exploits of 9 Angler, The, by T. Scott, pirated 407 Bengal Bay, new island formed 555 Anne, Queen, literary age of 583 Bengalore, effects of missions at 262 Antiquarian Tourist, portaiture of 393 Bentley, Dr. Richard, alteration of a pasAntiquities in Arabia Petræa 159

sage in Horace 17 Anthologia, Epigram from 502

Beresford, W. Abp. of Tuam, memoir of Apprentices, on the excess of 518

273 Arabia, Science and Literature of 252 Beverley Minster, account of 22 Arabia Petrea, antiquities in 159 Bhoj, destroyed by an earthquake 451 Arms, seizure of, debate on the bill, 621, Bible, Tyndal's Translation of, burnt 628

232. Translators of the anthorized Arms, Heráldic, curious coats of 30, Version 386. New Translation in 127, 137, 210, 211, 310. quartering of,

Sweden 619 325, 421, 422, 609

Bible Society, meeting of 366. Mr. Phil. Armstrong, Dr.Wm. death and character lips's speech at 422. of Russia 619 of 566

Bird, Edw. memoir and character of 470 Army, British, statement respecting 83. Birmingham, meetings at 268. aceouut sums voted for 628

of 523 List, whether published in time of Blackburn, Female Reform Society at 80 Charles 1.2

Blackwell Hall, drawing of suggested Asia, intelligence from 266, 363, 450, 482 555, 630

Blagdon, Mr. F. W. memoir of 88 Athens, customs at noticed 508

Blair, Dr. on Scoffing at Religion 495 Aulus Gellius, anecdote by 405

Blayney, Dr. Benjamin, original Letters Bacon, Lord, on rendering salt water of 212, 213 fresh 413

Blazoning of Arms, remarks on 200 Bagot, Bp. Letter to the Rev. W. Green Blucher, Prince, inemuir of, 286, 465

4. his services at Christ Church 486 Bombuy, state of Religion in 27 Bailey, New, Manchester, origin of the Bones, ground, recommended for manure Name of 224, 386

602 Balbeć, ruins of 232

Book Worm, discovery of 135 Gent. Mag. Suppl. LXXXIX. PAKT II.



Booksellers, meeting on the Libel Bill 559 Charlotte, Princess, monument to 176
Boss, B. death of 478

Qu. Memoirs of noticed 429, 488
Boston ile Bury, MS, of, inquiry for 422 Chemistry, remarks on 56, 615
Boteler, William, memoir of 180

Cherry Trees, when first planted 23%
Boules, John, memoir of 565

Cheshire, presentation of a living dis.
Rev. William Lisle, Poetry of 399 puted 558
Braidwood, Mr. T. plate yoted 10 452 Chesterfield, co. Derby, account of 497
Brain, A'110ny and Physiology of 608 Chichester, visit to 112
Breres, Lowrence, any issue? 386 Child Stealing, trial for 270
Bridgeman, Sir J. lines on ?

China, intelligence from 451
Bridges, Ald. elected Lord Mayor 366 Chinese, letters and sounds of the 395
Broadhurst, N. charged with high trea. Chinese Embassy, Emperor's Leller re-
son 558

specting 264
Broadwater Church, described 11, Chinon, town of, described 114
marks on 216

Chios, libraries, &c. in 444
Brougham,Henry, on public charities 601 Christening's and Burials, general bill of
Browne, Sir T. notice of 594,

Brussells, Royal Academy of 253 Christianity, doctrines of 235. superio-
Bullion Wealth, nature of 388

rity of 502,589
Burgh, ou Happiness 230

Christianity and Deism contrasted 293
Bury St. Edmund's, Dr. Yates's History Church Missionary Society, Report of 117

of 194. Monastic History of noticed 386 Church Preferments, methods of obtain-
Burying in Churches condemned 406

ing 421
Byron, Lord, account of 77. poetry of 316 Church Union Society, prizes 251. pre-
Carey, Dr. Larin Prosody of 323. on miums 348
Lacin Prosody 419

Churches, burying in, condemned 406.
Cadiz Erpedition, expence of 169

preservation of 578. on removing
Caftrees, irruption of, at the Cape 170 earth from 600. new, arcbitecture of 580
Cahets, or Cagots, in France, on the ex. Circassian, fair, leaves England 268
istence of 8. account of 129, 225, Circulation of Money, advantages of, 227

Cirencester, visit to 26
Ealbo's Lectures on Greek Language 60 Civilization, on the promotion of 603
Calcutta, Mission College at 84. Mis- Clare Family, account of 410. pedigree
sionary School at 262

Cambrian Society, defended 328. in Clarke, Dr. A. critique on a remark of
Dyfed's premiums 343

7. nets noticed by 136
Cambridge, loyal address 539. Philoso-

Dr. E. D. remarks on Travels of 6
phical Society instituted ib.

Cleaver, Dr. Euseby, death of 564
Cambridge University, privileges of 29, Clennell, Luke, discreasing case of 114

59, 619. royal visit to 81. commence- Ciergy, non-graduated 313. defence of
ment day 82. visited by Mrs. Siddons 420. methods for obtaining church
174. proceedings of 443

preferments 421, animadversions on
Cameron, Sir Evan, anecdote of 396 596
Campbell, Major Alexander, memoir of 88 Clergymen to preside at vestry meetings
Thomas, poetry of 399

Cape of Good Hope, English Laws recom. Clerical Dress, remarks on 21,30, 223,313

menced 484. colonization to 185 Coaches propelled by steam 254. when
Carfax Church, Oxford, described 201, first used in England 304
223, 590

Cobourg, Prince, receives degree of LL.D.
Carlile, Richard, trials of 366.
tence upon 455

Coffee, new duty upon 74
Carnarvonshire Agriculture Meeting 363 Coffee houses, first opened in London 304
Carriage, four-wheel, newlyinvented 447 Coinage, national hints on 513
Cathedral of Bayeur described 17 Coins, Roman, discovered 63. historical
Cathedral Schools, Ely 23

remarks on 232
Cavenagh, Lieut, death of 637

Coleridge, S. 7. poetry of 398
Cawood's “ Slyp of Folys," copy of 507 College Ļife described 41
Çaxton, J. Mirror of the Worlde 619 Collegiate Churches, remarks on 29
Cedar, observation on 600

Collett, Lieut. contest with a tiger 483
Cerebral Organs, arrangement of 609 Colonization recommended 484
Chandler, Anne. case of 229

Comet, appearance of a 64
Chankbury Hill, remarks ou 215

Comets, account of 542
Chardin, Sir John, who ? 386. anec- Commercial Wealth, remarks on 388
dutes of 512

Common Council, meeting respecting the
Charities, public, investigation of 601 Manchester disturbances 268. address
Charles I. original letter of 217

to the Prince Regent 269,




Compass, first exhibited at Venice 304 Edinburgh Review censured 314, 502
Congreve, poetry of 584

Eglington, Earl of, memoir of 564
Contagion, remarks on 496

Egypt, Antiquarian Researches in 62.
Convocation, remarks on 599

Travels in 349
Cojryright Acts, injurious tendency of 2

Egyptian Mummy presented to the
Corfu, University established at 445 University Museum of Edinburgh 63
Cornwall, gold found in 254. holy wells

Antiquities 541
in 132

Ely Cathedral School 23
Cotman's Antiquities of Normandy 409

Enclosures, injurious effects of 220
Cottage Agriculture, benefits of 222 England, state of society in 291
County History, Compendium of 12, 105 Epic Poems, on the subjects of 33, 124.
Crabbe, Rev. George, on the poetry of 391

propriety of rhimes in 499. „superiority
Crests, curious coats of arms, &c. 30,

of blank verse in 501
127, 130, 210, 211,310

Epigrami from the Greek Anthologia
Criminal Laws, discussion on 354

Cromwell, Oliver, query respecting a de- Equitable Assurance Society, noticed 218
felice of 2. portrait of 422

Euclid, Elements of 594
Crystal Mine found in France 253 Evelyn's Anecdotes of Sir J. Chardin 512
Crusaders, benefits of 510

Evening Lectures on Sundays commend.
Curate deprived of bis curacy 174

ed 492
Currant Shrub, when first imported 232 Executioners, hints to 219
Curry, Dr James, mémoir of 566 Eyes, best artificial ligliis for? 482
Custom House Oaths, memorials against 81 Fáirfold, visit to 26
Dacre, Baroness, memoir of 37 1

Farms, benefit of small ones 221
Dandipart, or Dandyprat, definition of y Ferguson, ou bappiness 230
Dandy, definition of 7. remark on 599 Ferries, on converting, into bridges 400
Dartmoor Forest, plan for cultivating 632 Fife, Earl, agriculturalimprovements 223
Daun cey, Philip, memoir of 372

Fire-damp, explosion of 453
Deafness, new instrument for 159

Fires : in the Talbot steam vessel 79.
Dean, Forest of, new church in 134 at Henley upon Arden 81. in New-
Decies, title of noticed 386, 482

foundland 171. in Whitechapel 175.
Deism and Christianity contrasted 293

St. Mary Axe ib. Old Cbange ib. at
Delafosse, Rev. R. M. death of 181

Newtown Butler 268. in Whitechapel
Denmark, intelligence from 78,170,266

454. at Hounslow 558
Derbyshire, Compendium of County His- Fitz Clarence, Major, Researches in
tory 12, 105

Egypt 62
Devises, visit to 26

Flowers, on the variation of 8
Devon, Wortbies of 326

Fontevrault, town of, described 115
Dibdin's Greek and Latin Classics no- Forbes, James, memoir of 179
ticed 194

Fordyce, on Happiness 230
Dinmore, Mr. on Contagion 496

Foster family, notice of 98
Diodorus Siculus, veracity of 403

Four Crosses, origin of the sign 408
Direction Posts, utility of 324

France, intelligence from 76, 169, 265,
Dissenters, on the cause of tbe increase of 361, 450, 553, 629. Royal Institute

of 156. crystal mine found in 253.
Divining Rod, remarks on 132, 215. changes of ministry 450. opening of
experiments of 215

Parliament 553. Budget 629
Divorce, first instance of, in Rome 404 Funded Property, remarks on 388
Doneraille, Visc. memoir of 469

Galbraith, Arthur, killed by lightning 188
Douglas, Hon. Frederick Sylvester North, Garrick, talents of 140, 490
account of 468

Gas, Oxygen, remedy for consumption 159
Rev. James, memoir of 565

Gas Lights, portable patent for 350
Dramatic Writers illustrated 120

Guy's Chair, representation of 294
Dryden, poetry of 121, 399, 499, 500 George III. King, state of health H3, 175,
Dudley, Catherine, any issue? 386

208, 365, 453, 558
Duelling, on the suppression of 134. George, Henry St. murder of 453
essay on 194, 296

Germany, intelligence from 77, 170,
Dumaresq, Capt. Philip, memoir of 88 266, 362, 450, 554, 630
Dyer's Privileges of Cambridge Uni. Gifford, remarks on Shakspeare 18, 19
versity 29

Gilpin, Rev. Wm. letters of 503, 606
East Meon Church, Hants, described Gladiators, first exhibited at Rome 508
297, 298

Glasgow, reforın meetings at 267
Eaton House, Cheshire, description of

Weavers, mode of living 638

Glass, when first used for mirrors 305.
Eau Brink Drainage cut 363

method of tempering 447
Edinburgh, resolution of bankers at 81 Glass-making, imported from France 305


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