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Abstract of Foreign Occurrences.

451 entire city of Bhooj, the capital has be- livers, who now subsist on such victuals come a heap of ruins, and 2,000 of the as two years ago they would not have inhabitants buried beneath them. Its given to their servants in the kitchen. walls being composed of a stone of a Here are 50,000 persons in three cities sandy nature, the whole, from the effect wholly or partially idle.” of the severe concussion of the earth, The fever has become considerably less crumbled in a mass, obliterating and violent at Baltimore, and appears to be confounding the site of several of the nar. at an end at New York. Ai Charleston, row streets ; so that the wretched survivors for the week ending the 16th ult, there knew pot where to dig, in order to search were twenty-three deaths, twelve of which for the bodies of their buried friends and were by the yellow fever. relatives. This overwhelming calamity Extract of a letter from Mr. W. P. happened on the 16th of June last. The Cook, Missionary at Otaheite:-" The British troops, under the command of Sir whole of this group of islands is now perW. Keir, were encamped in the midst of fectly Christian; and if we are to judge of this terrible convulsion of nature, and saw their conduct by that of pominal Christians the city of Bhooj on one side of them, and in general, they have vastly the advanthe fortress of Boojia on the other, wholly tage. Theft is unknown among them; destroyed, but escaped, fortunately, with family prayer is set up in every house. out material injury. Among the towns The missionaries, 16 in number, have held that have suffered, Mandavie, Moondar, their annual meeting. A missionary soAnjar, and Baroda, are more particularly ciety has been established, of which the mentioned. The earthquake extended to King is President. Three thousand copies the Northward as far as the city of Arme. of Luke have been published ; and ten dabad, where its ravages were considerable: gallons of cocoa-nut oil is given as the price two large miparets, one of the gates, and of each. 300 of its houses, were thrown down. It Accounts from Panama state, that Cowas slightly felt at Poonah, which is nearly lonel Rafter, and twelve of the officers 400 miles from Armedabad, the devasta. taken prisoners at Porto-Bello, have been tion extending widely on each side of the shot there by orders from the Viceroy of' direct line between those cities. The Santa Fe. shocks occurred for several days in suc. A document of some singularity, and of cession. The first shock, which took place considerable interest at the present moat Baroda, lasted between two and three ment, is in the Orinoco Gazelle. It is a minutes without intermission: one more proposition from the natives of Ireland, in happened on the following day, the 17th behalf of themselves and others, and se. of June; two on the 18th, and two on the conded by Colonel English, whose name 20tb.

is affixed, to form a colony in the inte. According to advices lately received rior of Venezuela, to be called New Erin, from China, through Mr. Milne, of the and its capital New Dublin. The bounda. London Missionary Society, a general ries of the settlement are stated in the agitation throughout that vast empire following terms :threatens to destroy the most antient Go- The boundary on the Western bank of vernment in the world. Secret societies the Orinoco will be the river Manamo, are said to be established throughout Chi- from its junction with the Orinoco to the na, which a formidable severity has been junction of the river Caroni with the Ori. unable to suppress. In the single province noco, including all the island on the Oriof Canton, 130 persons per month have uoco between the rivers Manamo and Ca. for some time past perished under the roni, and be from the most Westerly hands of the executioner. Some of the branch of the same river to the most South. societies bear extraordioary designations; erly point of the Sound of Barceloneta, as the White Jackets, Red Beards, and and thence running from the said point Short Swords.

due West until it meets the Portuguese AMERICA, &c.

Guyana, which will form a Southern bounWe copy the following from an Ame. dary. The French, Dutch, and English rican Paper lately received." It is esti. Guayna and the ocean, between the Eng. mated that there are 20,000 persons daily lish Guyana and the mouth of Manamo seeking employment in Philadelphia. In river, or Western branch of the Orinoco, New York 10,000 able-bodied men are said will be the Norib-east boundary. to be wandering the streets daily looking It appears that this proposal has been for it; and if we add to them the women laid before the Legislature of Vegezuela; who desire something to do, the amount but with the determination of that body cannot be less than 20,000. In Baltimore respecting it we are not yet informed. there may be about 10,000 persons in un. Advices have been received from Vera steady employment, or actually suffer. Cruz, of the 7th of August, at which time ing because they cannot get into business. it appears that the whole of the nine mil. We kpow several decent men, lately 'good lions of specie contracted by Spain to be


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furnished to Great Britain, had been re. on the 7th of August, at Venta Guameda, moved from thence in various ships of war about 25 leagues from Santa Fe; in wbich belonging to this country. A small part the President totally annihilated the Spaof it, it is known, has reached London, nish army under General Barasino. The and has been deposited in the Bank of Viceroy Aed from Santa Fe on the 9th, England; while the remainder has been leaving all the magazines and the treacarried to various West India Islands, but sury behind him, and Bolivar entered soon principally to Jamaica, where it is placed after, and dispatched a division to Pamin situations of safety. We do not find peluna. that it is ultimately settled, that the of. DREADFUL HURRICANE IN THE WEST INDIES. fer of the British Government, to take We greatly regret to learn, by the Da. 10,000,000 more on the same terms, has nish vessel Harriett, from St. Thomas's, in been accepted; but the general impres. 42 days, destined to Hamburgh, with tosion is, that the Cabinet of Madrid will bacco, the melancholy intelligence, that acquiesce at a future time, provided the the town of St. Thomas's has been totally delivery of the specie be pot required un- destroyed by a hurricane ; numbers of til the end of 1820. A great many dollars, the inhabitants killed and wounded by the to the amount, perhaps, of more than a falling of the houses ; and 72 ships, jomillion, were collected at Vera Cruz at cluding two Danish men of war, driven the time when these advices came away; ashore, or foundered. The violence of they were to be shipped for Spain, on the storm surpassed any thing ever known board a Spanish man of war, which was in that quarter, and extended to Tortola, daily expected to arrive.

where also it did considerable damage. SANTA FE TAKEN BY THE INDEPENDENTS. A private letter from St. Thomas's, of

The St. Thomas's Times of September the 28th of September, says:-Accounts 28, which has come to hand, brings a from the Windward state, that the town confirmation of the capture of Santa Fe of Gustavia, in St. Bartholomew's, bas and its Spanish treasury, containing half been almost completely destroyed by the a million of money, by the Venezuelian late hurricane. St. Martin's and St. Eas. Army under the command of the President latia have also suffered severely. At MarBolivar. Previous to this important event, tinique, we understand, the sea was very three desperate halles were fought: the high, and in consequence several vessels first on the 1st of July, at Gumza, in the were driven on shore ; but the wind being province of 'Tunja; the second on the 25th moderate, the Island did not suffer any of July, at Patano de Barg, near the capie material injury." tal of the same province; and the third

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INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS secured. It proved to be a large sparrow

PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. hawk, and is now alive and well, in a garOct. 23. As three of the young gentle- den io Sion Hill. men from the Grammar school, in Broad. Oct. 24. REMARKABLE INSTANCE OF CAstreet, Bath, were amusing themselves on NINE SAGACITY.—The wind blowing strong the brow of Lansdown, with fiying a paper occasioned a beavy swell on Yarmouth kite, made in imitation of a huge bird, a Beach, by which a boat moored to the large hawk was perceived to approach it jetly, with one man on board, was upset ; gradually, with much apparent caution. at this instant a dog (belonging to Mr. W. After having made a few circles round it H. Smith) leaped into the sea, and, after at some distance, the bird suddenly ele- a considerable struggle, succeeded in drawvated itself to a considerable height, and ing the man from under the boat, and supwhen perpendicularly over the kite, ported him till a fortuitous wave actually pounced down upon it with great rapidity. threw him on its bottom,whence he was taken The flight of the paper kite was imme- by a rope from the jelty.—The dog then diately stopped, and falling to the ground swam after the oars and the man's hat, with the bird, it was perceived that the which be severally brought to the shore. latter bad entangled its claws in the string This is the third time of this dog performwhich crossed the body of the kite, and ing the same act; having before rescued not being able to disengage itself, they ran a child, six years old, from the river. to take it prisoner. This, however, was Oct. 27. At a General Meeting of the found to be more difficult than expected, Subscribers to the Deaf and Dumb Iostituas the bird defended itself with so much tion, Birmingham, Mr. Thos, Braidwood (see courage and resolution, that their hands our last Number, p. 377), i he Master of the were severely lacerated; and it was only A«ylum, having respectfully signified bis with the assistance of a labourer who was intention to retire, in order to superintend at work in an adjacent field, that it was his Sister's Establishment at Edgbaston,


1819.] Intelligence

from various Parts of the Country. 453 and to devote his whole time to private be appropriated to charitable purposes, pupils ; but having at the same time (with amount to full thirteen thousand pounds. a liberality which reflected on him the high- A Whale in the river Severn.- The Glou. est honour) professed his readiness to re

cester paper says-" This extraordinary main until he should have imparted to his phenomenon was witnessed on Monday successor a knowledge of the mode of in- morning last (Nov. 8) in our river, where struction sufficient to enable the latter to a whale was left by the ebb-tide, on the undertake the arduous office :-in testi- sands between Awre and Frampton. It mony of their full approbation of Mr. Braid. was first discovered by some men, whose wood's scientious and zealous services, notice was attracted by the force and vethe Governors unanimously voted to that locity with which it was lashing and throwgentleman a piece of plate of the value of ing up the water with its tail, on finding

201. to be adorned with a suitable inscrip- itself hampered by the receding of the tide. I tion.

So singular an object attracted a great Oct. 28. This evening his Royal High- concourse of people; and as soon as it ness Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg, could be approached with safety, a genewith his attendants, arrived at the Star ral scramble took place; and this imInn, in Oxford, where bis Royal Highness mense carcase was severed into such porchanged horses, and then proceeded to tions as could be effected by the use of Nuneham, the seat of Earl Harcourt. In those implements most readily obtained, consequence of his Royal Highness having, and carried away ; by the next morning some days since, signified his intention of parts of the Aesh of this hapless animal visiting the University, a Convocation was were distributed all over the country. holden on this day, at which it was de- This fish had proceeded about twenty-five termined to confer on him the degree of miles from the mouth of the river in one Doctor of Civil Law, by diploma, which tide, and we believe, is the first that has was accordingly done the following day, been found so far from its native element. with great ceremony.

Its dimensions were in length 60 feet, Oct. 30. This morning, a melancholy breadth 10 feet, width of the tail 12 feet, accident happened in Kell's-pit, near the upper jaw 9 feet, and the lower 10 feet Whitehaven, by an explosion of fire-damp, long, and the carcase supposed to be in which iwenty persons were unfortunately nearly 50 tons weight. C. Clifford, esq. killed. - This dreadful occurrence was of Frampton, the Lord of the Manor, has owing to neglecting to use the Davy lamp. secured the jaw-bones for the purpose of

The Kentish Gazette observes, that much forming a gateway on his estate." damage has been done by the late high Waterford, Nov. 6. On Sunday eventides at the antient station of Reculver. ing, the 31st ult. Henry St. George, esq. The stone pavement has, in many inter- brother of Sir Richard St. George, was rals along the whole extent, been displaced, most inhumanly murdered and cut to and has sunk into large holes in the sand; pieces by a banditti, near his own house, so that this venerable work of defence is in within a few miles of Athlone. He had great danger. Considerable portions of been lately active in putting down riband the ground on the edge of the cliffs, along

His cousin, Mansergh St. George, the coast in that vicinity, have also given was murdered in 1798. way, from the high tides having penetrated IRELAND, Nov. 10. The Clerkship of the into their bases; and should the spring Pleas, &c. which has long engaged general tides of the approaching winter be attended attention, was finally disposed of; letters with strong northerly winds, it is feared patent having passed the Great Seal, no. much land will be lost on that part of the minating Joseph Farran, esq. to the situKentish coast. (See views of Reculver in ation, who for many years filled the office vol. LXXIX. 1009.)

of Deputy. The Judges lately decided that Margate A proclamation has been issued by the Pier ought to be raied to the poor.

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, declaring the There have been lately found, by some County of Roscommon to be in a state of workmen employed in lowering and repair. disturbance, and requiring an extraordiing an elevated part of the Roman Watling. nary establishment of police. street Road, within a mile of 'Wibtoft, co. Leic. nearthe surface of a bed of clay, about 50 human skeletons, one of them of an ex

OCCURRENCES IN LONDON traordinary size, together with several wea. pous, nearly half a yard long, double.

AND ITS VICINITY. edged, and terminating in a point, which Windsor Castle, Nov. 6, 1819. appear to have been fastened to stakes : Majesty has passed the last month in also some gauntlets, and a woman's ear- great tranquillity, but without any diminurings.

tion of his disorder. His Majesty's bodily The net receipts of the late grand musi. health continues to be good, wider the circal festival at Edinburgh, which are to cumstances of his advanced age.”


" His

It will doubtless be noticed, that the

Saturday, Nov. 6. preceding bulletin differs materially from A Court of Aldermen resolved to prothe series of medical reports for a con- secute Alderman Waithman, Sheriff Par. siderable time past. We see now, with kins, and Messrs. Thompson, Bumstead, all the regret that the memory of the Hunt, and others, for a conspiracy to obvirtues and goodness of our venerable struct the election of a Lord Mayor, at King must excite in every beart aud mind, Guildhall, on Michaelmas-day last. that his constitution at length begins to

Tuesday, Nov. 9. yield to the pressure of age. His Majesty Being Lord Mayor's day, the pageant is in the 82nd year of his age, and has en- of the civic procession to Westminstertered upon the sixtieth year of his reign- hall, to swear in the new Lord Mayor, a reign, now longer in its duration, by was observed with all its customary grannearly four years, than that of any for- deur. At a quarter before twelve o'clock, mer Sovereign on the English throne; that his Lordship set out from the Mansionof Heory III. being barely 56 years. house in his state coach, drawn by six Monday, Nov. 1.

horses, splendidly caparisoned; the liveThis morning, between one and two ries of the postilions and footmen richly o'clock, as a patrole was going the rounds embroidered with gold lace. The Lord in Whitechapel, he saw smoke issuing Mayor's coach was preceded by a troop from the windows of the house of a Mr. of the Horse Guards in full upiform, and Aaron Oram, linendraper ; opposite the by bearers carrying the richly-ornamented London Hospital. He sprung his ratile flags of the barges of the several Civic for assistance; but before any one ar- companies. The first coach in order after rived, the lower part of the house was the new Lord Mayor's, was that of the enveloped in flames. Mr. Oram, Mrs. late Chief Magistrate, Mr. Alderman Oram, and their son (a youth of 17 years Atkins. We are concerned to notice of age,) threw themselves out of a two pair the upcourteous reception which the late of stairs window. Mrs. Oram was caught Lord Mayor received from the popuby the watchman, and received but trifling lace. Hisses and cries resounded on all injury ; Mr. Qram escaped most miracu- sides, and some miscreant threw a bricklously, without any fracture of his limbs; bat into bis coach as he passed along the son unfortunately had bis leg broken. Bridge-street. The worthy Alderman, we The servants and seven of the children are happy to state, received no injury.were taken out of the windows of the upper The party, having taken water at Blackstories. When the seventh child was friars-bridge, proceeded in the barges to taken from the window, the flame and Westminster. The usual ceremonies being smoke rushed in volumes from the upper gone through, the procession returned to part of the premises; and the servant Guildhall, where the dinner was in the man, who was on the ladder for the pur- most sumptuous style. The tables were pose of assisting the three remaining chil- laid in the usual way. The cross table eledren from the burning pile, was compelled, vated at the eastern end of the Hall, to save his own life, to slide down the lad. made a brilliant display of Royal and der, leaving the little unfortunate creatures Ministerial grandeur, including his Royal at the window crying for relief, which no bu. Highness the Duke of York, the Cabinet man power could render them. One boy, Ministers, viz. the Duke of Wellington, six years, another seven years, and a third, Lords Sidmouth, Harrowby, Westmore. nine years of age, perished in the flames. land, Castlereagh, Bathurst, Mr. W. The house of Mrs. Ross was also destroyed, Pole, &c.; the French and Spanish Amand no property saved. The body of one bassadors; the Judges Abbott, Richards, of Mrs. Oram's children was dug out of Best, &c. The ball was opened with a mithe ruins on Monday morning, burnt to a nuet, by the Spanish Ambassador and Miss cinder.--A singular circumstance Atkins, daughter of the late Lord Mayor. curred during the above fire. A young The Hall was crowded to excess. Tables Essex farmer who had a peculiar dread of · were laid for the surplus guests in the ada London fire, arrived the preceding day joining apartments. Upwards of 1000 sat at a friend's house opposite (being his first down to dinner; and the supply of Cham. visit to London), awakened from a sound paign, Claret, and Madeira, was unli. sleep by the cry of “ Fire, fire! Save the mited. children !” He, ju his alarm, supposing

Wednesday, Nov. 10. the house he was in to be on fire, rushed This morning, about four o'clock, a fire into the adjoining room, where he fancied was discovered to have broken out on the his friend's children might be, seized on premises of Messrs. Severn, King, and the first person he met, which happened to Co. sugar-brokers, Church.lane. Whitebe the maid-servant, and actually buried chapel. It broke out in the Sugar-reher into the street before he came to his finery ; the amount of injury sustained is, recollection.

we are assured from competent authority,


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1819.) Occurrences in London and its Vicinity. 455 The estimated at 80,0001., and the amount Christianity. Carlile's defence was all a ensured at the different fire-offices is falsehood. No man of common sense about 65,0001. There was a ten-horse could believe him to have had any point steam-engine on the premises ; but it has in view beyond the guilty profit of his been clearly ascertained that the mischief publications. The man was poor; he was not occasioned by it, as it remains knew that money was to be made by the in a perfect state.

sale of moral poison; he looked for his Thursday, Nov. 11.

gain to the ignorance and vice of the poIn the Court of Arches, Sir John Nichol pulace; and by administering what comgave judgment in a cause which involved mon experience would have told bim was the question of the right of parish cler. ruin to the peace, the honesty, and the gymen to preside at vestry meetings. The happiness of this life. Judge said, he was inclined to support

Wednesday, Nov. 17. such right of the Minister, and therefore Henry Swann, esq. was brought up to decided to that effect; but he wished the receive judgment; having been convicted question might be ultimately decided by at the last Spring Assizes for Corowall, the twelve Judges.

of corruptly bribing one Peter Jenkins, by Saturday, Nov. 13.

promising to give up, and giving him up, Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopez, Bart. a promissory note for 201. made by him who, it will be recollected, was convicted payable to defendant, and a bank note for at the last Spring Assizes for the counties il. in consideration of his voting as a free. of Cornwall and Deron, upon an in- man on defendant's behalf at the last Ge. dictment in each county, for corruptly neral Election for the borough of Penryo, bribing certaiu freemen of the borough of for which the latter was a candidate to Grampound, to vote on his behalf at the serve iu Parliament. The prosecution was last general election for members to serve at the instance of the House of Commons. in Parliament for that borough, this day Mr. Justice Bayley said, the defendant's received sentence in the Court of King's offence was aggravated by the station he Bench; which was, " That for Sir Ma- held in life, as a Magistrate, a Gentleman nasseh Massel Lopez's first offence, of of the Bar, and a person who had for a which he had been convicted in Cornwall, considerable period served his country in he should pay to the King a fine of 8,0001. Parliament. The sentence of the Court and be imprisoned in Exeter Gaol for 21 upon him was—That he be imprisoned in months : for his second offence in Devon- the custody of the Marshal of the Marshire, that he should pay to the King a shalsea of that Court for the space of fine of 2,0001. and be further imprisoned ONE YEAR. in the same gaol for three months.

During the long vacation, Lincoln's Inn Tuesday, Nov. 16.

Hall has been most elegantly and commoIn the Court of King's Bench, Rich. diously improved. The Hall is now ten ard Carlile was brought up to receive the feet longer than formerly, and the seats judgment of the Court for the two li. are covered with fine crimson cloth, inbels of which he was convicted at Guild. stead of the green baize which used to be hall. The Court ordered and adjudged formerly on them. Hogarth's celebrated That the defendant, for his first offence, painting of “ Paul before Felix,” which should pay to the King the fine of 10001. was at the upper end of the Hall, is and be imprisoned in Dorchester Gaol for cleaned, and the frame fresh gilt, which two years; and that for his second offence, gives it a fine appearance. In short, from he should pay a fine to the King of 5001. the alterations and splendid improvements and he imprisoned in the same gaol for which have been made, this Hall may one year, to be computed from the expira- now be considered one of the most elegant, tion of the first imprisonment; that at the commodious, and finest in the kingdoin. expiration of that period, he should enter Sir Francis Burdett has received notice, into securities for his good behaviour for that the Attorney-General has filed an the term of his patural life, himself in 10001. ex-officio information against him for the and two sureties in 1001, each ; that he “ Letter to the Electors of Westminster” should be further imprisoned until the fines on the subject of the Manchester business. were paid and the securities found.

In a Report of the Committee of the The late prosecutions for the sale of im. Refuge for the Destitute, Hackney Road pious books make one of the characteristics and Hoxton, it is stated, that from Jaof the times. That such works should have nuary 1, to July 1, 1819, they admitted been ever produced, is a melancholy evi- 32 males and 29 females ; and that in the dence of the blind iuveteracy of human same period they discharged to employnature. The judgment of the jury on Car. ment or otherwise, 30 males and 28 felile vindicates the country ; but there is males, there being in the establishments, more to be done, and the press will not on the latter of the above dates, 80 have done its duty unless it throws off the males and 76 females. The total num. infamy of his publications by renewed ef- ber admitted, since the opening of the forts in the cause of morals, wisdoin, and Institution in 1806, being 329 males


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