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of the disposable Royal Treasure was which has resulted from the 'arbitrary
early bestowed upon this object; and it power of the King of Denmark.
was subsequently found necessary to re-

sort to a mortgage of the Royal quicksilver The Emperor of Russia has caught the
mines, and an almost compulsory loan Jaudable inpulse of scientific enterprize
from the Nobility and Clergy. The peo- from this country, and has ordered four
ple were already taxed to the utmost. frigates to be fitted out for the purpose of

Don Ouis, the negociator of the Florida exploring the Polar Regions. It is extreaty, is under arrest in Spain.

pected that they will arrive in England, GERMANY.

and remain here till the proper period for The heat at Vienna and its neighbour. proceeding on their expedition. hood was greater between the 5th' and 8th

AFRICA. of June, than there has been experienced Advices from the Cape of Good Hope, there since 1748: the thermometer of dated May 10, communicate informations Reaumur was at 224 in the shade. Se. of another eruptiou of the Caffrees, who, veral men and horses at work in the fields by the last accounts, were supposed to be feil dead.

completely repulsed, to the number of We have news from Frankfort of out- 30,000 men. They had crossed the river rages committed on the Jews in that and which divides their territory from that of several other places their supposed of. the Cape, and were committing the most fence was, attempting the reinoval of cer- extensive depredations. Orders had been tain humiliating distinctions, by which issued to compel the military service of their race is oppressed in that quarter. the inhabitants of the adjoining district ;

A Lancasterian school is now establish. and all the horses had been put into reed at Hamburgh, where the children are quisition, in order to equip a portion of instructed by an English and German them as cavalry, the species of force best inaster, at a penny an hour.

calculated to repel the attacks of these The Prussian Government is actively dastardly but mischievous invaders. employed in pursuing the traces of “the The Bey of Tunis has succeeded in regreat conspiracy;" the existence of which ducing to submission the revolted Arabs, is as boldly affirmed, as positively denied. who have engaged to pay a contribution The Academical Senate of Berlin has com- of 1500 camels, 500 horses, and 20,000 inanded the students to attend a Court of sheep.-- after having carried off more than Inquiry, precisely on the model of the 30,000 persons, within the limits of the Holy Inquisition.” But, it seems, the Tunisian Government, the plague has students have suddenly decamped. The somewhat mitigated its ravages. accounts state, that all Germany is in The Emperor of Morocco, Muley Solia ferment, in consequence of the man, gave out, in the beginning of June, rests at Jena, Berlin, Weimar, Heidelberg, that he should visit Tangiers. But, inBonn, Cologne, the territory of Nassau, stead of repairing thither, he assembled a and other places. The papers of a Ber- force behind the river Sebon, with the inta lin bookseller, named Reimer, have been tention of imposing a tribute on the iuba. seized. He was himself absent in Switzer- bitants of the mountains of Tedla, who land.

had revolted against his authority. His An association is said to have been troops were scarcely collected, when those found to exist, having for its object to Mountaineers, generally denominated Berdestroy the present confederation, and beres, surprized the Emperor's camp unform the whole of Germany into one great der cloud of night. His Negro Guards republic, to be governed by a Senate and were almost to a man cut to pieces; bis an elective Prince. In Wirtemberg, the treasure, estimated at 400 quintals of sitpopular opposition to the Government is ver, 12 of his wives, bis owu tent, and his Very open and strong; whilst in Bavaria baggage, fell into the hands of the rebels. the designs of the King are directly --The Governor of Tangier died of his thwarted by the Deputies. He wished to wounds, and Muley Ibrahim, the Em. inaintain a certain military establishment; peror's eldest son, was wounded in the but the Deputies cut it down to a small head. This young Prince, it was reported, amount, and persist in that determination. had arrived at Fez, under the protection

The King of Prussia has repealed all of some Moors. A rumour had been curThe legislative provisions which probibited rent for ten days, that Muley Soliman Catholics from holding public offices in himself had been killed : but it appears his dominions.

that he had been able to reach Mequinez DENMARK

in disguise, escorted by a single Moor, VACCINATION. For the last eight years one of the rebels; who, having entered not a single case of Small Pox has oc- the Emperor's ient durivg the action, apcurred in the dominions of the King of prized him of his danger, and succeeded Denmark. The whole inhabitants base in conveying him to bis capital amid the been vaccinated. Here is one good effect greatest perils.




went to ascertain the cause ; when he The American papers continue to speak butchered them in a like manner, and af. of the great extent of commercial distress terwards two servants; to escape, as he and numerous failures in the United States. thought, detection. This horrid scene he One house is stated to have failed in New closed by burning the bodies in the kitchen. York for 12 millions of dollars; and every The Carthage Bridge, over the Ge. thing like commercial confidence is almost nessee river (New York), is of one entire apuihilated throughout the United States. arch, 713 feet long, 30 wide, and 196 feet

It is stated in The National Intelli. above the surface of the water! Loaded gencer, that between 30. and 40 News. teams of more than 13 tons have passed paper establishments had lately been over it. formed in different parts of the United Montezuma Bridge, between the vil. States within eight months.

lage of that name, and the town of Meoz, It is reported in the Canada papers, over the Seneca river and marshes, Onouthat the Missisagua Indians have ceded to dago county, New York, extends about the British Govervinenta tractof 2,748,000 three miles. It is said 'to be the longest acres of land, equal in extent tu fortysix bridge in the world. townships. It is said that “this track em- Newfoundland has been again visited braces that elegant river the Mississippi, by a dreadful conflagration. On the 18th from its source to its entrance into the of July, a fire broke out in a house in the Lake Chandiere, or Ottawa river."

upper pari of the town of St. John's, which in the American papers appears the raged with unabaied fury for three hours, almost incredible confession of a male- and deprived 170 families of shelter. factor, uamed Willherbarne, executed at Tutelligence from Rio de Janeiro, anBuffaloe, New York, on the 4th of April. nounces the haptism of the Infant Princess, This horrible monster, returning home, daughter of the Prince and Princess Royal after spending the day in gaming and of Portugal and the Brazils, who is to drunkenness, was met at the door by his take the title of Princess of Beira, and who wife who truck him a blow ; which so received at the font the following long list enraged i im, that he afterwards went to of names-Maria da Gloria Joanna Carher bedside, and with a wood axe mur- lotta Leopoldina Isidora da Cruz Fratdered her and three of her children; his cisca Xavier de Paula Michaela Gabriella Oiher three children, hearing their cries, Raphaela Louisa Goozaga.

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS lected within it. About half-past 11, the PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. first body of radical Reformers arrived on

the ground, bearing two banners, each of MANCHESTER MEETING. which was surmounted by a cap of Liberty. On Monday, the 16th of August, a The first bore, upon a white ground, the Meeting, pursuant to public notice, took inscription of "Annual Parliaments and place at Manchester, for the ostensible ob- Universal Suffrage;" on the reverse side, ject of Parliamentary Reform. For some “ No Corn Laws." The other bore, upon time previous, considerable auxiely had a blue ground, the same inscription, with been excited in the public mind as to the the addition of "Vote by Ballut."-After result. To prevent the alarming conse- these Bags had beer: paraded over the field quences that were generally apprehended, for some time, it was thought tit, by the the local authorities had taken every pre- leaders of the party which had brought caution that human foresight could devise. them, that they should remain stationary. Notwithstanding, we lament to stale, that A post was accordingly assigned to the some lives were lost in the affray that sub- bearers of them; to which, shortly aftersequently ensued ; and we cannot reflect wards, a cart was brought, upon which the on the lamentablecircumstance without ex- standard-bearers were ordered to mount, pressing our strongest disapprobation of and from which all the standards arriving The conduct of those unprincipled indi- afterwards were displayed. Namerous viduals, whose only object, under the large bodies of Reformers continued to specious name of patriotism, is to effect a arrive, from this time to 1 o'clock, from Revolution, and aggrandize themselves the different towns in the neighhourhood on the ruins of their Country.

of Manchester; all with flags, and many The place appointed for the Meeting of them drawn up five deep, in regular was a large vacant piece of ground on the marching order. A ciub of female ReNorth side of St. Peter's Church, which is formers, amounting in number, according well known in Manchester by the name of to the calculation, to 156, came from OldSt. Peter' At balf-past 10 o'clock haw; and another, not quite so numerous, about 250 idle individuals might be col. fruin Roystou. The first buie a wbite silk banner, by far the most elegant dis. After the different persons who intended played during the day, inscribed, “Ma- to address the multitude had taken their jor Cartwright's Bill, Annual Parliaments, position upon them, and silence had been Universal Suffrage, and Vote by Ballot.” obtained, Henry Hunt was declared ChairIn one compartment of it was Justice, man, amid cheers of three times three. holding the scales in one hand, and a He commenced his address by calling the sword in the other; in another, a large assembly “ Gentlemen,” but afterwards eye, impiously intended to represent the cbanged the term to“ Fellow countrymen." eye of Providence. On the reverse of this At this stage of the business the Yeofag was another inscription ; there were manry Cavalry were seen advancing in a upon it two hands, both decorated in shirt- rapid trot to the area: their ranks were ruffles, clasped in each other, and under. in disorder; and on arriving within it, neath them an inscription, “Oldham they halted, to breathe their horses, and Vuion.” The latter (i.e. the females of to recover their ranks. A panick seemed Royston) bore two red flags, the one in- lo strike the persons at the outskirts of the scribed, • Let us (i. e. women) die like meeting, who immediately began to scammen, and not be sold like slaves ;" the per in every direction. After a moment's other, “ Annual Parliaments and Uni- pause, the Cavalry drew their swords; versal Suffrage.” The Radicals of Sad. upon which Hunt and Johnson desired the dleworth brought with them a black flag multitude to give three cheers. This they to the field; on one side of which was in did; upon which Mr. Hunt again proscribed, “ Taxation without Representa- ceeded : “ This was a mere trick, to intertion is unjust and tyrannical ; equal re- rupt the proceedings of the meeting ; but presentation or death ;" on the other side, he trusted that they all would stand firm." * Union is strength; Unite, and be free ; He had scarcely said these words, before Saddleworth and Moseley Union.”—The the Manchester Yeomanry Cavalry rode Reformers from Rochdale and Middleton into the mob, which gave way before them, marched to the sound of the bugle, and and directed their course to the cart from in very regular time, closing' and expand. which Hunt was speaking. A ing their ranks, and marching in ordinary went at their bead, then an officer, and and double-quick time, according as it then came the whole troop. They wheeled pleased the fancy of their leaders to dic round the waggons till they came in front rect them. They had two green banners; of them; the people drawing back in every between which they had hoisted, on a red direction on their approach. After they pole, a cap of liberty, crowned with leaves had surrounded them in such a manner as of laurel, and bearing the ioscriptio to prevent all escape, the officer who com• Hunt and Liberty." Another band manded the detachment went up to Mr. bore a banner, in which Britannia was re- Hunt, and said, “Sir, I have a warrant presented with her trident, leaning on a against you, and arrest you as my prishield, upon which was ioscribed the mot. soner.” Hunt, after exhorting the people to borne by Sir William Wallace, “God to tranquillity in a few words, turned round armeth the Patriot."-In this manner the to the officer, and said, “ I will willingly business of the day proceeded till one surrender myself to any civil officer who o'clock; by which time, about 80,000 will shew me his warrant.” Mr. Nadin, the people were assembled on the ground. chief police-officer at Manchester, then

Between one and two, the Orator (Hunt) came forward and said, “I will arrest you; passed by the Exchange to the place of I have informations upon oath against meeting ; the people cheering most loudly, you," or something to that effect. The and Hunt and Johnson joining in the cheers. military officer then proceeded to say, They were seated in an open landau, along that he had a warrant against Jobpson. with Carlile, Knight, and others, and had Johnson also asked for a civil officer; upon moved in grand procession from Smedley which a Mr. Andrew came forward, and Cottage, past New Cross, and Shude Hill, Hunt and Johnson then leaped from off preceded by a large body of male, and the waggon, and surrendered themselves followed by a scarcely less numerous body

to the civil power.

They were taken to of female, Manchester Reformers. Before a house close by, where the Magistrates them were carried two boards, on which were assembled ; shortly after this bad were inscribed, “Order, Order ;" these occurred, a Magistrate came into the were followed by two flags for Annual room, and bade the prisoners prepare to Parliaments and Universal Suffrage, and march off to the New Bailey. Hunt was also by Hunt's old flag and cap of Liberty, consigned to the custody of Colonel l’Esof Westminster notoriety, Hunt, and trange, of the 31st foot, and a detachUniversal Suffrage.” This latter was held ment of the 15th hussars; and under his by a female reformer, seated on the dickey care, he and all the other prisoners (who of the landau, which had the honour of were each placed between two copstacarrying the band of patriots whose names bles) reached tbe New Bailey in perfeetwe have just mentioned,

safety. The staffs of two of Hunt's ban


I am

ners were carried in mock procession be. Huni-" I presume I am not allowed to fore him.

say any thing?" John Tyas *, Geo. Swist, John Thacker The Bench"No." Saxton, Robert Wild, Thomas Taylor, Huni-“I beg to state one word. I am Mary Waterworth, Sarah Hargreaves, and perfecily innocent of the charge, and ready Eliza Grant, were also arrested, and lodg- to meet it.” ed in the New Bailey prison.

Hunt thep bowed to the Bench, and went After these individuals had been com, down. mitted to the custody of the Governor, Joseph Johnson was brought up. He ap. they were turned into oue common yard, peared much agitated. where the events of the day formed the Mr. Norris addressed him in the same subject of conversation. Knight and words as to Hunt. --Jolyson said nothiug, Morehouse, who had been taken a short but bowed and retired. time after them, were added to their com- John Thacker Saxion was brought up, pany. About five o'clock the Magistrates He bowed slightly.- After Mr. Norris had directed the Governor of the prison to addressed him as he did the others, Sax, lock each of them up in a solitary cell, ton said, “Am I to consider myself com. and to see that they had po communica. mitted on that charge ?" Mr. Norris : tion with each other. This was accordiog, .: You are detained on that charge; not ly done.

finally committed.” In carrying the above measures into John Knight was the next. He said noeffect, we are concerned to state, that four thing, but was addressed as the others. persons were killed, and forty-four wound- James Moorhouse smiled very contemptued, one by a sabre of the Cavalry, and ously. After Mr. Norris had remanded others by the trampling of the borses. him on the charge of High Treason, MoorAt the moment of surrounding the bust. house took up his white hat *, which was ings, a shower of brick-bats and paving- close to him, and said, “I presude it's stones were hurled at the Yeomanry, se- my hat you mean, and not me. veral of whom were struck ; one (Mr. ready to meet the charge.” Hulme) so severely, that he dropped the Elizabeth Gaunt, a tall, thin, pale woreins, and his horse fell, by which he was man, about 45 ; Sarah Hargreaves, about pitched off, and his skull was fractured. 26, dressed in black; Rubert Jones, a ragHe was carried to the Infirmary.

dealer from Manchester, about 23 ; Ro. In the course of the afternoon, several bert Wilde, jun, about 23, from Stayley persons were taken into custody, in addi- Bridge; and George Swift, late of DoncasLion to those taken up in the field; and a ter, were all brought up separately, and great number of rioters, from various addressed by Mr. Norris as the others had parts of the town, were escorted in the -been, and then remanded on the same evening by the cavalry to the New Bailey. charge as all the others, that of High On Wednesday morning every symp

TREASON. tom of disorder had disappeared from Warrants bare been issued against Mauchester, and the town bore the ap- Healy and Harrison also, on a charge of pearance of perfect tranquillity.

High Treason; and it is believed that some On Thursday, Hunt and others were of their associates now in the Metropolis brought up for examination at the New are implicated in the saine weighty accuBailey Court House. Hunt was placed sation. at the bar: he looked boldly round. Mr. We have to regret that at Macclesfield, Norris addressed him to this effect : “Hen- Stockport, and Coventry, some efforts at ry Hunt, the prosecutors are perfectly disturbauce have been hazarded by the prepared to go into evidence in support of disaffected ; they were all, however, nipou the charges upon which you were appre- a very diminative scale, and were supbended; but other evidence has come be- pressed without difficulty. fore the Magistrates of the highest import. It oppears that great parties have as. ance; and they have deemed it their dury' sembled at Middleton, Royston, and all the to lay the whole body of it before the Law adjacent parts, committing the most outOfficers of the Crown, to advise upon it. rageous depredations on every well-dressed The Magistrates, whose organ I am, have individual that passes them.

A portion of therefore unanimously deemed it their the Cheshire cavalry have been sent to duty to remand you upon a charge of disperse them. High TREASON.”

As to the legality of the measures adopt

ed for the prerention of riot, there cau be * This gentleman was on the hustings little doubt. By the 1st Geo. I. c. 5, any menely as a Reporter, attached to The number of persons, exceeding 12, being Times Newspaper; and, on this explana- assembled, and neglecting to disperse tion being made the next morning, he was within one hour after they shall bave been discharged by the Magistrates, with a po. lite apology for the mistake.

* Most of the Leaders wore white hats.


directed to do so by a Magistrate, in the July 22. Mrs. Siddons has, during this words provided by the Act, become each week, paid a visit to the University of of them guilty of a Felony, puoisliable Cambridge, in consequence of an invitation with death, Under the provisions of the from the Master of Downing College and above Act, extended as they have been by Mrs. Frere. Monday morning, viewing one of the last session but one, no pre. Trinity College, she was invited to the vious illegal act is necessary, the contu. Lodge of the Bishop of Bristol, where macious resistance of the authority of the a small party of friends had the grati. , law alone is enough to constitute the fe- fication of hearing her read the openlony.

ing of the fourth book of Milton's ParaAug. 28. The Magistrates came to their dise Lost, and a part of the tragedy of final decision this day; and committed Macbeth. On the following morning Mrs. Hunt, Saxton, Knight, Healey, Bamford, Siddons visited the Public Library, and Jones, Swift, and Wild, to Lancaster Cas- was conducted by the Librarian to the tle, on the charge of having conspired chief objects of curiosity in that collection. to alter the laws by force and threats.” July 27. This morning, owing, it is reJohnson and Moorhouse were bailed, to ported, to some neglect or mismanageanswer the same charge at the Assizes. ment regarding the safety-lamps in the The more serious charge of 'Treason is Sheriff-hill pit, at Gateshead, near Newthus abandoned.

castle-on-Tyne, a dreadful explosion took place; by which nearly 40 persons have

lost their lives. Had the accident hapFriday, July 23.

pened an hour later, it is said about 100 William Birch (who is assistant- deputy persons would have perished. constable of Stockport, and who has made July 29. Thursday, the Rev. Archdeabimself obnoxious to the Reformers by con Thomas held bis annual Visitation in having taken Sir Charles Wolseley into Bath, and was most respectably attended custody, and also for being the persou by the Clergy of that city and its neighsent to London with the Bench-warrant bourhood. A sermon, replete with sound against Parson. Harrison,) having brought orthodox principles, was preached io a most Harrison to Stockport, the circumstance impressive manner, by the Rev. Mr. Bed. soon became known, and a considerable ford, Rector of Bathford, from Phillip. C. crowd assembled round Birch's house, 1. v. 27, 28. After which the Archdea. where his prisoner was secured. Several con delivered a Charge to the Clergy. threats having been made by the mob that Aug. 11. Henry Swann, esq. was tried, they would pull Birch's house down, and and found guilty, at Bodmin assizes, of liberate Harrison, Birch felt it prudent to bribing Peter Jenkin, a venal elector of consult the Rev. Mr. Prescott, a magis. Penryn, at the late election for that botrate, what course he should adopt with rough. regard to his prisoner under the circum. Sir Massah Lopes, prosecuted by order stances. On his way to Mr. Prescott's, of the House of Commons at Exeter assizes and within a few yards from that gentle. for bribery and corruption at Barnstaple, man's house, Birch was accosted by a man bas been acquitted from defect of proof. who calls himself Joseph George Bruce. A Curate in the North of England has This man entered into conversation with

recently been deprived of his Curacy Birch, and two other persons in Bruce's (which he held above 40 years) by the company joined them. Bruce kept Birch Consistory Court of York, for his profiliengaged in conversation, and breasted him gate life and conversation, drunkenness, so as to prevent his going on, while the and neglect of his ministerial duties. other two were passing towards Birch's The Grand Jury of the county of Warrear, who then began to feel himself un- wick has returned a true bill of indictment safe, and meditated a retreat; particularly against Edmonds and Maddocks, of birso, as a considerable crowd were very mingham ; Major Cartwright; Mr. Woonear them: however, before he had time ler, proprietor of The Black Dwarf; and to decide on any step, one of the two men Lewis, of Coventry, for a misdemeanor fired a small pistol, the bullet from which committed on the 12th of July last, by passed into Birch's breast about the pit of electing Sir Charles Wolseley as a repre. the stomach, and took a slooping direc- sentative for Birmingham' in Parliament. tion towards the right side. Birch scream. A second bottle cast overboard by Caped and leaped over the garden wall of a tain Ross, in Baffin's Bay, has been Mr. Lloyd, and reached the house of Doc- thrown on the Irish shore. tor Killer before he fell; the three men In the peachery, at Lord Selsey's seat then Bed. He is now in a fair way of near Chichester, there is a peach-tree recovery. Government has conferred on which this season bore 840 peaches to perbim a pension of 1001. a year; and if he fection. His Lordship has also grapes of dies, to be continued to his wife.

the enormous weight of 71bs. the bunch.'


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