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most frightful manner. He was immediately conveyed to bed, and a surgeon sent for, who, upon examining the wound, found the skull very much fractured: the unfortunate man died about 10 o'clock on Wednesday night, having endured the greatest agony during the day.

Oct. 18. This night a dreadful fire broke out in North-street, York, by which the corn-mill of Messrs. L. and J. Simpson, in which it originated, was consumed, aud property to the amount of 70001. or 80007. was destroyed. To aggravate this calamity, the gable end of the building, which had been suffered to stand when the mill was reduced to ruins, fell with a dreadful crash about noon, on Thursday, and buried a number of persons in the ruins. A youth, the son of Mr. Walker, plumber and glazier, was killed upon the spot; and a fine girl, the daughter of Mr. Dalton, butcher, had her skull so dreadfully fractured, that she died soon after. A number of other persons, to the amount of from fifteen to twenty, have been hurt, some of them dangerously.



Friday, Sept. 22.


A Court of Common Council was held; when a letter was read from Alderman Wood, conveying her Majesty's request to the Corporation, that they would accept her Portrait, as a token of gratitude to the Citizens for the loyalty they have manifested in her Majesty's cause. a debate, which turned on the awkwardness of having her Majesty's picture hung up in the Council-room should the Bill for her degradation be carried elsewhere, it was resolved to accept and acknowledge the gracious offer, but (by a majority of 44 to 40) to leave for the present undetermined the point where the picture shall be hung.

Friday, Sept. 29.

This being Michaelmas-day, the Livery of London assembled in Guildhall, for the purpose of electing a Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. The usual proclamation being made, the names of Aldermen Sir M. Bloxam, knt. C. Magnay, W. Hey. gate, R. A. Cox, J. T. Thorp, and R. Rothwell, were put in nomination: a cry of "Alderman Wood" then resounded through the Hall, and he was also proposed and seconded by two Liverymen. On the show of hands being called, the Sheriffs declared the choice of the Livery to have fallen on Aldermen Wood and Thorp. The Law Officers and Sheriffs then retired to the Court of Aldermen ; and, on returning, the Common Serjeant announced, that the election fell on Alder

man Thorp, who was thereupon declared Lord Mayor for the year ensuing, and invested with the civic chain. The worthy Aldérman, in a modest address, then thanked the Livery for the honour done him.

By a return presented to the House of Commons it appears, that there are at present no less than 32 persons in the custody of the Warden of the Fleet prison for contempts, upon processes issuing out of the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer. The first name on this list is Hannah Barber, who, it appears, was committed to prison on the 30th of July, 1789, upon a writ of rebellion, in which it is stated that her rebellion (as it is technically called) consisted in not paying a sum of 4067. 17s. 7d. into the Bank, in pursuance of a decree of the Court of Chancery. The other prisoners have remained in custody for various lengths of time; one 21 years, another 19 years, and so on. this account is added, a list of persons who died in custody since the year 1812, the number amounting to 20. Of these, one unfortunate man had passed 31 years, ten months, and 14 days, under personal restraint; two had suffered imprisonment for 14 years; and others for periods of eleven, nine, and eight years.


A Court-martial has been sitting at the Horse Guards, on Lieut.-col. St. George French, of the 6th Dragoon Guards, on serious charges preferred by his Colonel, the Earl of Carhampton ;-viz. of keeping a woman in the barracks by the name of Mrs. French, though not his wife-publicly dealing in horses, and making profit thereby-fraudulent conduct in selling a mare-defacing and cutting out leaves from the Troop Register, to avoid discovery of improper practices, &c. On the sentence being returned, the Court fully and honourably acquitted him of the 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th charges. It found him guilty of only so much of the 1st charge, as related to his keeping a woman in barracks, whom he called Mrs. French; and of the 2d, in inflicting a greater punishment on three Serjeants than was awarded by the sentence of a regimental Court Martial. But the Court fully expressed its opinion, that Lieut.-col. French never forfeited his claim to the good opinion and confidence of his Colonel; but merited, by the discharge of his duties as Commanding Officer of the 6th Dragoon Guards, during a long series of years, the honourable testimonials which he produced to the Court.

A person named John Leigh has appealed to the Insolvent Debtors' Court for relief from no less than 56,000. The number of creditors are 112, of whom 27 are detaining creditors.

It is most confidently stated in a recent periodical publication, that Mrs. Scott, formerly Miss M'Cullock, the Lady of Thomas Scott, esq. Paymaster to the 70th Regiment, at present in Canada, and brother to Sir Walter Scott, the writer of the celebrated Novels attributed so universally to Sir Walter.

Near the two-mile stone on the Harrow road, the formation of a water-proof foundation, by means of burnt clay, on the patent principle, is now taking place.

Saturday, Oct. 7.

Wm. Adderfield, a country lad, was examined at Bow-street, charged with distributing among the crowd, in Parliamentstreet, some head-bills of the most inflammatory nature that could possibly be conceived, containing direct inoitements to the people to overthrow the King and his Government. After some investigation, it was traced to a Mr. Franklin, alias Fletcher, who was consequently apprehended on Sunday morning. He was set at liberty by Sir Robert Baker, on an understanding that he would appear at Bowstreet; but he failed to make his appearance. Application was made to the Secretary of State for the Home Department, that measures might be taken for preventing the escape of Mr. Franklin; when a reward of 2007. was offered for his apprehension.

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Thursday, Oct. 19.

The Lord Mayor held a Court of Common Council, which was numerously attended. His Lordship laid before them a copy of his Letter to her Majesty, with the Resolution of the last Court accepting her Portrait. The Court proceeded to consider the Report of the Committee respecting the conduct of Mr. Sheriff Parkins, which was introduced by Mr. S. Dixon. A Resolution of Censure was then passed upon Mr. Parkins, and an unanimous Vote of Thanks agreed to Mr. Alderman Rothwell, for his conduct while Sheriff.


This celebrated monument of antiquity has been presented to his Majesty George IV. by the Pasha of Egypt, and may be shortly expected to arrive from Alexandria. It is intended that it should be set up in Waterloo Place, opposite to Carlton Palace, where it will for ages serve to revive the recollection of the exploits of our naval and military heroes in that country. The weight of the column is about 200 tons. The diameter at the pedestal, 7 feet. It is understood that we are indebted to the influence of S. Briggs, Esq. British Resident at Grand Cairo, with the Pasha of Egypt, for this magnificent mo



The Monument voted by Parliament as a testimony of national gratitude for the eminent services of this truly-distinguished and gallant officer, has just been completed. It is erected on the North side of the great dome, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, and is near that of the brave Admiral Hood.. The Monument itself. is at once highly honourable to the national character, and justly descriptive of the merits of the illustrious deceased. On a pedestal of white marble is a finely-executed bust of the gallant General, which is admitted by all who knew him to be an admirable likeness. On the left is the figure of a veteran soldier, as large as life, exulting in the ever-memorable success of the British army on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June, 1815, while his countenance at the same time shows his anguish of heart for the loss of this brave officer. On the right, Britannia, holding a palm of victory in her right hand, points out the hero to the spectator as a proper object of imitation, while Fame is about to crown him with a wreath of laurel. The Monument is admirably executed, and does great credit to the talents of Mr. Gahagan, the sculptor.

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GAZETTE PROMOTIONS, &c. Sept. 23. The 9th Regiment of Foot permitted to bear, on its colours and appointments, the words "Roleia and Vimiera ;" and the word "Talavera" to be omitted.

Oct. 7. Sir D. Milne to accept and wear the insignia of the Order of St. Januarius, and the Royal Military Order of William of the Netherlands..

Oct. 10. Lieut.-col. Church to accept and wear the insignia of a Commander of the Royal Sicilian Military Order of St. Ferdinand and of Merit, and also the Grand Cross of the Royal Neapolitan Military Order of St. George of Re-union.

Oct. 14. On the 10th inst. Sir G. Ousely was sworn of the Privy Council.

Oct. 17. The King has been pleased to issue a Congé d'Elire to the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, empowering them to elect a Bishop, vice Pelham, translated to Lincoln, and recommending Dr. W. Carey to be by them elected.

The King has granted to the Rev. R. Stevens, M.A. the dignity of Dean of the Cathedral Church of Rochester, vice Busby, deceased.

Oxford, Oct. 7. Vice-Chancellor for the ensuing year, Rev. George William Hall, D.D. Master of Pembroke College. -Pro-Vice-Chancellors: The Rev. Thomas Lee, D.D. President of Trinity College; the Rev. F. Hodson, D. D. Principal of Brazenose College; the Rev. Richard Jenkyns, D. D. Master of Baliol College; and the Rev. J. Collier Jones, D.D. Rector of Exeter College.

Cambridge, Sept. 28. A Convocation of the Senate was held, to confer on the Earl of Guildford, Chancellor of the Ionian University, the degree of Doctor of Laws. The grace having passed the Caput, his Lordship was presented to his degree by the Rev. Dr. E. D. Clarke, acting as Deputy Public Orator; who addressed the Senate in a Latin Speech upon the occasion.

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Rev. T. Elrington, D. D. promoted to the Bishoprics of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe, vice Warburton, translated to Cloyne.

Rev. Dr. Kyle, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, vice Elrington.

Rev. Henry Phillpotts, Prebendary of Durham, to the valuable rectory of Stanhope in Weardale in that diocese; vice Hardinge dec. (see p. 376). The Bishop of St. David's to the First Prebendal Stall, vice Philpotts, resigned; and the Rev. John Bird Sumner, M. A. of Eton, and formerly Fellow of King's College, to the vacant Prebend.

Rev. Henry Wilson, Flixton St. Mary V. Suffolk.

Rev. E. Evans, Hirnan R. Montgomeryshire.

Rev. Robt. Ferrier Blake, Bradfield R. Norfolk.

Rev. F. D. Perkins, B.A. (Vicar of Stoke cum Stowe, Warwickshire), Swayfield R. Lincolnshire.

Rev. Charles Shrubsole Bonnett, Avington R. Hants.

Rev. James Gisborne, Barton-underNeedwood Perpet. Curacy, Staffordshire. Rev. George Ingram Fisher, B.A. son of Dr. Fisher, of Bath, Winfrith R. Dorset. Rev. A. Atherley, Heavitree V. Devonshire, vice Barns, dec.

Rev. James Johnson, M. A. Byford R. and Bridge Sollers V. Herefordshire.

Rev. Frederick Leathes, B. A. Great and Little Livermere RR. Cambridgeshire.

Rev. James Bullock, M. A. Grendon Bishop's Perpetual Curacy, Herefordshire.


Aug. 10. At the Rectory of Wesber, the wife of the Rev. Wm. Williamson, a son.-16. At Birthington, Thanet, the wife of Lieut. Bolton, R.N. a son and heir. GENT. MAG. October, 1820.

Sept. 22. At Bourn Hall, Cambridgeshire, the Countess De La Warr, a son.— 23. At Yester, the Marchioness of Tweedale, a daughter.-25. At the Vicarage,


Dudley, the wife of the Rev. Dr. Booker, a daughter.-26. The wife of Ralph Bernal, esq. M. P. a daughter.-27. At Bedale, Yorkshire, the Lady of Rear Admiral Sir J. P. Beresford, bart. a son.-28. In Luton Park, the Lady Jas. Stuart, a daughter.

Oct. 5. The Lady of Sir George Sitwell, bart. of Renishaw Hall, Derbyshire, a son and heir.-7. In Chesterfield-street, May Fair, the wife of Capt. John Bastard, R.N. M.P. a son.-The Lady of Sir Rich. M'Pherson, bart. a daughter.-8. In Grafton-street, Lady Ridley, a daughter.-11.

At Scotter, the wife of the Rev. Henry John Wollaston, a son.-12. At Waresly Park, Hunts, the Lady of the Hon. Orlando Bridgeman, a son-15. At Clumber, the Duchess of Newcastle, a son.— 21. At Chelsea, the wife of Rev. Weeden Butler, M.A. a dau.; being their seventh child living.

Lately. At Birchington House, Thanet, the wife of Francis Neame, esq. a dau.At the Rectory House of Hawarden, Flintshire, Lady Charlotte Neville, a daughter. -The wife of Edward Wigan, esq. of Highbury Place, a dau. since dead.


Feb. 2. At Bengal, Lieut.-gen. Hogg, to Mary Anne, widow of Major Burton, and dau. of Dr. J. Borthwick Gilchrist, Professor of Oriental Languages in the College of Fort William.

28. At Calcutta, Benjamin Turner, esq. Solicitor, son of the late B. Turner, esq. of Calcutta, to Mary, dau. of W.N.W. Hewett, esq. of Weston Green, Surrey.

Aug. 18. Capt. Purchas, R. N. to Jane, daughter of the late W. Hills, esq. of Chancery-lane.

19. Rev. J. Drake, of Northchurch, to Lucy Anne, dau. of Rev. Thos. Fawcett, Rector of Aynhoe and Green's Norton, Northamptonshire.

21. Rev. Johnson Atkinson Busfield, D. D. to Miss Charlotte Mary Irwin, of Park Place, Upper Baker-street.

22. Lieut. col. Jas. Boggis, of the West Essex Militia, to Sophia, 2d. dau. of Wm. Packer, esq. of Great Baddow.

23. Lieut.-col. Raikes, of the Coldstream Guards, to Louisa, dau. of Henry Boutton, esq. of Givons Grove, near Leatherhead, Surrey.

24. By Special Licence, at Fort Etna, co. Limerick, Edw. Wilson, esq. only son of Capt. Wilson of Brasfort, co. Tipperary, and Chief Magistrate of Police in that county, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Thos. Goodricke Peacocke, esq. of the former place.

Sept. 15. The Hon. Lionel Charles Dawson, to Lady Elizabeth Emily Nugent, dau. of late Earl of Westmeath.

17. At Hamburgh, John Fred. Hagenau,

esq. Deputy Commissary General of his Britannic Majesty's forces, to Henrietta, daughter of Mr. J. P. Heymanu, late of that place, merchant.

19. Rev. Dr. Routh, President of Magdalen College, to. Eliza Agnes, daughter of John Blagrave, esq. of Calcot Park, Berks.

28. The Right Hon. Hans Francis, eleventh Earl of Huntingdon *, to Eliza beth Mary, widow of the late Alexander Thistlewayte, esq. of Hampshire, and eldest daughter of the late Joseph Bettesworth, esq. of the Isle of Wight.

Lately. Joseph Henry S. Carrard, esq. of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, to Miss Louisa Disbrow, daughter of the late Lord Bishop of Down and Connor.

At Lyons, his Excellency Baron Rolich, to Mary Margaret (aged 16), daughter of Lord Cloncurry.

Oct. 9. The Rev. R. W. Tunney, Chaplain to his Majesty's Forces, to the dau. of Capt. B. Spicer, of Southwold.

Jas. Beckford Wildmau, esq. M. P. of Chilham Castle, to Mary Anne, dau, of S. R. Lushington, esq. M.P. for Canterbury, and grand-daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Harris.

12. Jeremiah Gladwin Cloves, M.D. of Brazenose College, Oxford, Physician Extraordinary to his Royal Highness the Duke of York, to Caroline, dau. of late Rich. Singer, esq. of Round Hill, Chippenham, Wilts.

17. T. Du Gard, M.D. of Shrewsbury, to Marianne, dau. of Dr. Whitfeld, Hereford.

* Hans Francis, present Earl of Huntingdon, is lineally descended from Sir Edward Hastings, fourth son of Fraucis, second Earl of Huntingdon, by Catharine, granddaughter of George Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward IV. who was drowned in a butt of malmsey, in the Tower of London, aged 27, A. D. 1477.-The present Earl had his claims allowed to the third Earldom in the British Peerage, and took his seat in the Upper House of Parliament, in January 1819. His first consort was Frances, eldest daughter of the Rev. Richard Challoner Cobbe, Rector of Bradenham, in the County of Buckingham; which lady survived the birth of her tenth child but a short time, and died in the month of March last. (See Part i. pp. 368. 378.)


REV. CHAS. EDW. DE COETLOGON, M.A. Sept. 16. In Stamford-street, Blackfriars, the Rev. Charles Edward de Coetlogon, M.A. Rector of Godstone, and a Magistrate for the County of Surrey.

He was son of the Chevalier Dennis De Coetlogon, Knight of St. Lazare, Member of the Academy of Angers, and Author of a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, published in 1740. The son imbibed the first principles of an excellent education in Christ's Hospital; whence he proceeded, with indications of subsequent worth, to Pembroke Hall, Cambridge; B. A. 1770; M. A. 1773. Coming into public life, Mr. De Coetlogon acquired and attached the particular patronage of the late Earl of Dartmouth, and Sir Sidney Stafford Smythe. Being appointed Assistant Chaplain to the celebrated Martyn Madan at the Lock Hospital, he soon became eminent as a popular Preacher, and published several single Sermons; "The Divine Message; or, the most important Truths of Revelation represented, in a Sermon upon Judges iii. 20; designed as an Antidote to the dangerous and spreading Evils of Infidelity, Arianism, and Immorality, 1773," 8vo. "National Prosperity and National Religion inseparably connected, 1777,” 8vo. "The Nature, Necessity, and Advantage, of the Religious Observance of the Sabbath, illustrated, &c.; for the Encouragement of a Society for suppressing the Profanation of the Lord's Day, 1777," 8vo. "Youth's Monitor; or the Death of Mr. John Parsons; preached Aug. 17, 1777, at St. Sepulchre's," 8vo. "The Death of the Righteous a public Loss; a Token of Respect to the Memory of the Right Hon. Sir Sidney Stafford Smythe, late Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and one of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, 1778," 8vo. "A Seasonable Caution against the Abominations of the Church of Rome, 1779," 12mo. "The Scripture Doctrine of Grace explained, in a Commemoration Sermon upon the Conversion of St. Paul, 1780," 8vo. "Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Jesus illustrated; before the Sheriffs of London, to about 300 Prisoners, of whom 23 were under Sentence of Death, 1784," 8vo. In 1789 Mr. Alderman Pickett, on being elected Lord Mayor of London, appointed Mr. De Coetlogon his Chaplain; and, in that capacity, he preached the ten following Sermons: "The Test of Truth, Piety,

and Allegiance: a Sermon delivered on the Day of Sacramental Qualification for the Chief Magistracy of the City of London, before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, the Aldermen, and Sheriffs; containing a Defence of the Test Act."" Religion and Loyalty, the grand Support of the British Empire: a Sermon delivered in the Cathedral of St. Paul, January 30, 1790; before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, &c. &c. being the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles I." "The Essential Deity of the Messiah ; and the great Importance of that Article of the Christian Faith to every conscientious Member of the Church of England considered; in a Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Jan. 24, 1790, being the first Sunday in Hilary Term." "Scriptural Views of the National Establishment, considered as the Church of the Living God, and as the Pillar and Ground of the Truth; a Charity Sermon, preached before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, &c. &c. at the Opening of St. Michael's Church, on Sunday the 28th of March, 1790, being Palm Sunday; containing a liberal Defence of the Doctrines, Liturgy, and Ceremonies of the Church of England." "The Harmony between Religion and Policy, or Divine and Human Legislation: a Sermon delivered before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, Judges, &c. at St. Paul's Cathedral, on Sunday the 25th of April, 1790, being the first Sunday in Easter Term." The Surprize

of Death: a Commemorative Sermon on the Character, Sufferings, and Crucifixion of the Son of God, delivered in St. Paul's Cathedral, before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, &c. &c. April 2, 1790, being Good Friday." "National Gratitude for Providential Goodness recommended, in a Sermon preached before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, &c. &c. May 29, 1790, being the Anniversary of the Restoration of King Charles II.; containing Strictures on the Reformation, Restoration, and Revolution." "The True Citizen characterized: a Sermon delivered before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, &c. and the Liveries of the several Companies of the City, at the Parish Church of St. Maryle-Bow, Cheapside, September 29, 1790, being the day of Election of the Chief Magistrates of the City of London." "God and the King: a Sermon delivered in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor,


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