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[* This character following a title indicates that the compiler has seen no copy of the work referred to.)

(A B C card in the Greenland language.] Adam (Lucien). En quoi la langue es-

1 p. 16o. No title or caption ; begins: a e quimaudo diffère-t-elle grammaticale-
ion, and ends: tau mau lan.

ment des autres langues de l'Amérique
Copies seen : Pilling, Powell.

du Nord ?
My copy, procured of the Unitäts-Buch.
laodlung, Gnadau, Saxony, cost 10 pf.

In Congrés International des Américanistes,

Compto-Rendu, fisth session, pp. 337-355, Co-
[Abécédaire ou Premier Livre de lecturo. penhagne, 1884, 8o.
Hauniaine, 1819.]

The subject is treated under the following

heads: Gender, Number, Pronominal suflixes,
20 Pp. sm. 89. In the Eskimo language.
Title from the Pinart sale catalogue, No. 352,

Declension of nouns and of separate personal
where it brougåt, with eight other works in Eg.

pronouns, Declension of adverbs of place and

of demonstrative pronouns, Postpositions,
kimo, 16 fr.

Verb), Incorporation, and Polysynthesis.
A becedarium:

The communication to the Congress was
See Aleutian.

only an analysis of a memoir on the subject.


I am informed by the author that the article

A B C card,

was also issued separately; whether with title-

page or not I do not know.

Adelung (Johann Christoph) and Vater

(Dr. Johann Severin). Mithridates |
[Abecedarium in the Greenland lan oder | allgemeine | Sprachenkunde |

mit | dem Vater Unser als Sprach-
Colophon: Budissime, Nakkitarsima-

probe | in bey nabe | fünf hundert
put E. M. Monsemit. [1861.]

Sprachen und Mundarten, / von | Jo-
Pp. 1-8, 16o. No title-page or caption; the hann Christoph Adelung, | Churfürstl.
page begins : a ciou, and ends: tau mau lau

Sächsischem Hofrath und Ober-Biblio-
Copies seen : Pilling, Powell.

thekar. [[Two lines quotation.] | Er-
My copy, bought of the Unitäts-Buchhand. ster[-Vierter] Theil. |
lung, Gnadaa, Saxony, cost 20 pf.

Berlin, l in der Vossischen Buchhand-

lung, | 1806[-1817].
Abel (Iwarus ). Schediasma hocce

4 vols. (vol. 3 in 3 parts), 80.
etymologico-philologicun prodromum

Aleut numerals, vol. 4, p. 253.-Vocabularies,
Americano-Grönlandicum in patronis vol. 3, pt. 2, pp. 340-341; vol. 4, pp. 251-252.
appropriatum insinuat I. A.

Andreanowski Island vocabulary, vol. 3, pt.
Havniæ, 1783.

3, p. 459.
120. Titlo from the British Museum Cata-

Eskimo grammatic comments, vol. 3, pt. 3,
logue of Printed Books, London, 1882.

pp. 425-418.-Numerals, vol. 4, p. 253.-Vocabu.

laries, vol. 3, pt. 2, pp. 340-311; pt. 3, pp. 238, 434-
(Acts of the Apostles, translated into the 455 (from Dobbs and Long), 461 (from Cook);
Language of the Esquimaux Indians on

vol. 4, pp. 251-252.

Greenland grammatic comments, vol. 3, pt. 3,
the Coast of Labrador, by the Mission

pp. 435-448, 452-451.-Lord's Prayer (six rer-
aries of the United Brethren,

sions), vol. 3, pt. 3, pp. 448-452 (from Anderson,
London, 1816.)

Egede, and others).--Numerals, vol. 4, p. 253.-
160 pp. 12o. Title from Trübner's catalogue, Vocabularies, vol. 3, pt. 2, pp. 340–341; pt. 3,
August, 1874, p. 115, where it is priced 78. 6d. pp. 454-435 (from Egede and Anderson), 461;
See Apostelit.

vol. 4, W.231-252.

Adelung (J.C.) — Continued.

Ajokærsutit-Continned. Kadjak numerals, vol. 4, p. 253.- Vocabu' title : II. Kalkkorsun, &c. verso blank. The laries, vol. 3, pt. 2, pp. 340-341; pt. 3, pp. 458– questions and answers are numbered in Part I, 459 (from Rosanoff), 466-168 (from Robek and 1-393; in Part II, 1-222. Catechism in the Es. Sauer); and vol. 4, pp. 231-252, 254.

kimo language of Greenland. Konwegen grammatic comments, vol. 3, pt. 3, Copies seen : Maisonneuve. PP. 456-4 65.

Leclerc, 1878, No. 2220, prices this work at 40 Labrador grammatic comments, vol. 3, pt. 3, francs; he attributes tho authorship to Fabripp. 430-433.

cius. Norton Sound grammatic commonts, vol. 3,

Ajokærsutit | illuartut Gudimik | Pekpt. 3, pp. 456-463.- Vocabularies, vol. 3, pt. 3,

korsejniglo Ionungnut;| Koïsimarsudlo pp. 461, 466 (from Cook). Tschugazzen grammatic comments, vol. 3,

Koïsituksædlo | lliniægeksèjt Nalenpt. 3, pp. 456-465.— Yumerals, vol. 4, p. 253. gnirgeksejdlo, PidluarsippaungorkudVocabularies, vol. 3, pt. 2, pp. 310-341; pt. 3, pp. lugit. 458-459, 466 (from Resanoff), vol. 4, pp. 251-252.

Kiöbenhavnime, | Pingajueksávik Ugaljachmutzi grammatic comments, vol. 3, pt, 3, pp. 232-235.–Vocabularies, vol. 3, pt. 3,

nakkittarsimarsut | 1818. | Illiarsuïn pp. 212-213, 230-231, 235, 237, 238 (from Resanoff). igloanne C. F. Skubartimit. Unalaschka vocabularies, vol. 3, pt. 3, pp. 458–

Literal translation of imprint: At Copen. 459 (from Resanott); vol. 4, p. 255.

hagen, I a third time pressed, | 1818. | At the Copies seen : Astor, Bancroft, British Mu. orphans their houses ("Wausenhaus") from seum, Burean of Ethnology, Congress, Eamies,

C. F. Schubart. Trumbull, Watkinson.

Pp. 1-158, 160, Sold at the Fischer sale, No. 17, for £1; Copies seen: Congress. another copy, No. 2042, for 16 shillings. At A later edition as follows: the Field sale, No. 16, it brought $11 88; at the

Ajokærsutit | illuartut Gudimik | PekSquier sale, No. 9, $5. Leclerc (1878) prices it,

korsejniglo Innungnut;| Kossimarsudlo No. 2042, at 50 francs. At the Pinart sale, No. 1322, it sold for 25 france; and at the Murphy

Koisitukstdlo | liniægeksèjt Nalensale, No. 24, a half-calf, marble-edged copy

guiageksèjdlo, Pidluarsinnäungorkndbrought $4.

lugit. | Aglegmut:

Kiøbenbavnime, I Sissameksámik Texts. Seo Pinart (A. L.).

pakkittarsimarsut | 1833. | P.T. BrownVocabulary Balbi (A.),

ikimit. | Pinart (A. L.),

Pp. 1-158, 16o. "A fourth time pressed." Wowodsky (-). Words. Schomburgk (R. H.).

Copics seen : British Museun. Ajokærsoutit oppersartuit Gudimik pek

Ajokertutsit pijarialiksuit. See Erd

mann (F.). kosszenigdlo, tamæssa Luterij katekismusing vätta ok’āuse.

Ajokoersoirsun Atuagekseit. See Egede Havniame, 1819.

(Paul). Literal translation: Teachings by God, such

Akudnirmiut Songs, Tales. Seo Boas (F.). are Luther's his Catechism, its words. At Copenhagen, 1819.

Aleut. Russkie Aleutskie slovar. 125 pp. 80, in Greenland Eskimo. Title from Manuscript, 2 vols. 40. Russian-Aleut vo. Dr. H. J. Rink, Christiania, Norway.

cabulary. In possession of Mr. A. L. Pinart, Ajokærsutit | illuartut Gudimik | Pek

who says it is a very important work, written

about the year 1850. korsejniglo Innungnut; Koïsimarsudlo Koïsituksædlo | Ilinirgeksejt Nalen- Aleut. Russkie Aleutskie slovar. gniageksejdlo, Pidluarsinuãungorkud

Manuscript, 36 pp. folio. Russian-Aleut vo. lugit.

cabulary, dialect of Atkba. In possession of

Mr. A. L. Pinart.
Kiöbeubavnime, | Aipeksinik nak-
kittarsimarsut | 1797. | J. R. Thielmit. Aleut. Russkio Aleutskio slovar.
Literal translation : Instructions | holy by

Manuscript, 62 pp. folio. Russian-Aleut voGod / and according to his will, to men; 1

cabulary. In possession of Mr. A. L. Pinart, that the baptized and candidates for baptism |

who says it is a very important document, and scholars and all sorts-of-people | may now bo

has on it mauy pencil notes by Radloff. blessed. | At Copenhagen, | a second time Aleut: pressell | 1797. | By J. R. Thiel.

Abecedarium. See Aleutian. Title verso blank 1 l. half-title: I. Katekis. Bible, Matthew, Tishnoff (E.), musim, &c. (a 2) verso blank 1 l, text, entirely

Veniaminoff (J.) and in Greenland, pp. 3-159, 169, At p. 131 is a half. I

Netzvietoti (J.).

Aleut-- Continued.

See Jean (Père),

Tishnoff (E.),
Veniaminoff (J.) and

Netzvietoff (J.).
Christian guide book. Tishnoff (E.).
Christian creed. Veniaminoff (J.) and

Netzvietoff (J.).

Pipart (A. L.).

Henry (V.),

Veniaminoff (J.).
Grammatic comments. Buynitzky (S. N.),

Furuhelm (H.),
Pipart (A. L.),

Veniaminoff (J.).
Grammatic treatiso. Henry (V.),

Pfizmaier (A.).
Guide to the Heavenly Veniaminoff (J.).

Notes on the Unalas. Veniaminoff (J.).

kan Islands.

Adelung (J. C.) and

Vater (J. S.),
Buynitzky (S. N.),
Coxe (W.),
Erman (G. A.),
Latham (R. G.),

Pott (A. F.),


Tishnoff (E.).

Oppert (G.).

Lowo (F.).
Sacred history.

Veniaminoff (J.) and

Netzvietoff (J.).

Pinart (A. L.),

Veniaminoff (J.).

Pinart (A. L.).

Baer (K. E. von),
Balbi (A.),
Balitz (A.),
Bancroft (H. H.),
Buynitzky (S. N.),
Drake (S. G.),
Everette (W. E.),
Gallatin (A.),
Herzog (W.),
Lowe (F.),
Müller (F.),
Robeck (-),

Saner (M.).

Campbell (J.),
Coxe (W.),
Pinart (A. L.),

Umery (J.). [Aleutian Abecedarium.

St. Petersburg, 1839 or 1840. ]

80. Without place or date. Title from Ludewig, p. 4, who copies from Vater's Lit

teratur der Grammatiken, p. 454. Aleutian. Алеутскiii | Букварь. |

Москва. Твъ Су нодальной Типографія. | 1846.

Translation: Aleutian | Abecedarium. 1 Moscow. I Synod Press. I 1846.

Aleutian - Continued.

Title 1 1. pp. 1-30, 89. Partly in Cyrillic type, partly in Russian.

Copies seen: British Museum, Pilling, Powell. American Bible Society: These words following

title indicate that a copy of the work referred to was seen by the compiler in the library of

that institution, New York City. American Bible Society. Specimen

verses | from versions in different , languages and dialects | in which the

| Holy Scriptures have been printed and circulated by the American Biblo Society | and the British and Foreign Bible Society. | [Picture, and one line quotation.) |

New York: | American Bible Society, | Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI. | 1876.

Pp. 1-48, 16o.- John iii, 16, in the language of Greenlaud, and in the Esquimaux (of Lab. rador), p. 36.

Copics seen: American Bible Society, Eames, Powell, Trumbull.

An edition, similar except in date, appeared in 1879 (l'owell); and another, "Second edition,

enlarged," in 1885. (Powell.) American

act Society: These words following a title indicate that a copy of the work referred to was seen by the compiler in the library of

that institution, New York City. Anderson (Jobann). Herrn Johann

Anderson, | I. V. D. | und weyland ersten Bürgermeisters der freyen Kayserlichen | Reichstadt Hamburg, 1 Nachrichten | von Island, | Grönland und der Strasse Davis, | zun wahren Nutzen der Wissenschaften | und der Handlung. | Mit Kupfern, und einer nach den neuesten und in diesem Werke ange- / gebenen Entdeckungen, genau eingerichteten Landcharte. | Nebst einem Vorberichte | von den Lebensumständen des Herrn Verfassers. /

Hamburg, | verlegts Georg Christian Grund, Buchdr. 1746.

Title verso blank 1 l. 14 other p. 11. text pp. 1-328, register 3 II. map, 89.-Dictionariolum, pp. 285–299.-Formularum loquendi usitatis. simarum, pp. 300-303. -- Formvla conivgandi verbum, pp. 304–314. — Ten Commandments, Prayers, &c. pp. 314-325. All in Greenland.

Copies scen: Astor, British Museum, Brown,
Priced by Leclerc, 1878, No. 619, at 25 fr.

Herrn Johann Anderson, | I. V.D. | und wieland ersten Biirgermeisters der freyen Kayserl. | Reichstadt Hamburg, | Nachrichten / von Island, Grönland

[ocr errors]


Anderson (J.)— Continued.

| und der | Strasse Davis, | zum wahren Nützen der Wissenschaften und der Handlung. | Mit Kupfern, und einer nach den neuesten und in diesem Werke

| angegebenen Entdeckungen, genau eingerichteten Landcharte. | Nebst einem Vorberichte / von den | Lebensumständen des Herrn Verfassers. |

Frankfurt und Leipzig 1747.

Title verso blank and 14 other p. ll. text pp. 1-388, register 4 11. 120.-Linguistics as in 1746 edition, pp. 321-337, 337–341, 342-353, 353– 368.

Copies seen : Brown, Trumbull.

There is an edition: Kjöbenbavn, 1748, 120, which does not contain the linguistics. (British Museum, Brown.)

Beschryving | van Ysland, | Groenland | en do | Straat Davis. / Tot nut der wetenschappen en den | koophandel. Door den Heer | Johan Anderson,

| Doctor der beide Rechten, en in leven eerste Burgermeester der | vrye keizerlyke Rykstad Hamburg. | Verrykt met Platen en een nieuwe naauwkeurige Landkaart der ontdek- | kingen, waar van in dit werk gesproken word. | Benevens een voorbericht, bevattende de levensbyzonderheden | van den geleerden schryver. | Uit het hoogduitsch vertaalt. / Door | J. D. J. |

Te Amsterdam, \ By Steven van Eyveldt, Bockvorkoper | in de BeursSteeg, 1750.

9 p. II. pp. 1-289, map, sm. 4o.-Linguistics, pp. 244-258, 258–262, 262,273, 274–286. Copies seen : British Museum, Brown.

Histoire | Naturelle | de L'Islande, I du Groenland, | du Détroit de Davis, I Et d'autres Pays situés sous le Nord, I traduite de l'Allemand | de M. Anderson, de l'Académie | Impériale, Bourgmestre en Chef de la Ville de Hambourg. | Par M** [J. P. Rousselot de Surgy), de l'Académie Inpériale, & ! de la Société Royale de Londres. | Tome Premier [-Second]. [Design.) |

A Paris, , Chez Sebastien Jorry, Imprimeur. | Libraire, Quai des Augustins, près | le Pont S. Michel, aux Cigogies. / M. DCC. L (1750). | Avec Approbation & Priyilége du Roi.

2 vols.: pp. i-xl, 1-314; i-iv, 1-391, 16o.-Surplément contenant un petit Dictionnaire et quelques Principes do la Grammaire Groenlandoise, vol 2, pp. 295–386.

Anderson (J.)— Continued.

Copics seen : Brown, Congress.
Priced by Leclerc, 1878, No. 650, at 12 fr.

Sabin's Dictionary, No. 1408, mentions an
edition : Paris, Jorry, 1754.

Beschryving / van | Ysland, Groen-
land | en de | Straat Davis. | Bevat-
tende zo wel ene bestipte bepaling
van de ligging en grote van die Eilan-
den, als een volledige ontvouwing van
hunne / inwendige gesteltenis, vuur-
brakende Bergen, heete en war- | me
Bronnen enz. een omstandig Bericht van
de Vruchten / en Kruiden des Lands;
van de wilde en tamine Landdie- | ren,
Vogelen en Visschen, de Visvangst der
Yslanders en hunne onderscheide be-
handeling, toebereiding en drogen der
Visschen, voorts het getal der Inwoon-
| ders, hunnen Aart, Levenswyze en
Bezigheden, Woningen, Kledingen,
Handteering, Arbeid, / Veehoedery,
Koophandel, Maten en Ge- | wichten,
Huwelyks Plechtigheden, Opvoeding
hunner Kinderen, Godsdienst, Ker-1
ken Kerken bestuur, Burgerlyke
Rege- | ring, Wetten, Strafoeffeningen
en wat | wyders tot de kennis van een
Land | vereischt word. | Door den
Heer | Johan Arderson, | Doctor der
Beide Rechten, en in Loven eerste Bur-
germeester | der vrye Keizerlyke Ryks-
stad Hamburg. | Verrykt met Platen
en een nieuwe naauwkeurige Land-
kaart der | ontdekkinge, waar van in
dit Werk gesproken word. | Uit het
Hoogduits vertaalt. | Door | J. D. J. I
Waar by gevoegt zyn de Verbeteringen

| Door den Heer Niels Horrebow, | Op-
gemaakt in zyn tweejarig verblyf op
Ysland. | [ Design. ] |

Te Amsterdam, | By Jan van Dalen, Boekverkoper op de Colveniersburgwal i by de Staalstraat. 1756.

Engraved frontispiece 1 l. title verso blank
11. 7 other p. 11. pp. 1-286, index 3 ll. map, sm.
4o.-Linguistics, pp. 241-258, 258–262, 262–273,

Copies seen : Brown, Congress.
Anderson (William). Vocabulary of the
language of Prince William's Sound.

In Cook (J.) and King (J.), Voyages to the
Pacific Ocean, vol. 2, pp. 375-376, London, 1784,
3 vols. and atlas, 49.

Mr. Anderson died at sea, August, 1778, before the expedition returned to England.

This vocabulary is reprinted in the following editions of Cook and King's Voyages:

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