Poésies militaires de l'antiquité, ou Callinus et Tyrtée: texte grec, traduction polyglotte, prolégomènes et commentaires

J. P. Meline, 1835 - 338 páginas

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Página 242 - le Dante * : Tu lascerai ogni cosa diletta Più caramente ; e questo è quello strale Che l'arco dell' esilio pria saetta. Tu proverai siccome sa di sale Lo pane altrui, e
Página 198 - Alas ! no traits of beauty or of birth— No blush now lingers in his sunken face ! Dies every feeling ( as he roams o'er earth ) Of shame transmitted to a wandering race. But be it ours to guard this hallow'd spot, To shield the tender offspring and the wife ; Here steadily await our
Página 242 - dell' esilio pria saetta. Tu proverai siccome sa di sale Lo pane altrui, e com'è duro calle Lo scendere e'1 salir per
Página 222 - be free. Lay the proud usurpers low ! Tyrants fall in every foe ! Liberty's in every blow
Página 192 - youth, the chain of torpor break ! Spurn idle rest, and couch the glitt'ring lance ! What ! does not shame with blushes stain your cheek Quick mantling, as ye catch the warrior's glance ? Ignoble youths ! say when shall valour's flame Burn in each breast ? here, here, while hosts invade, And war's wild clangors all your courage claim, Ye sit, as if
Página 204 - Foot to the foeman's foot, and shield to shield , Crest ev'n to crest, and helm to helm , advance. But ye , light arm'd, who , trembling in the rear, Bear smaller targets , at a distance throw The hissing stone, or hurl the polish'd spear, ( Plac'd nigh your panoply ) to mar the foe.
Página 192 - peace embower'd the shade. But, sure, fair honour crowns th' auspicious deed, When patriot love impels us to the field ; When to defend a trembling wife we bleed, And when our shelter'd offspring bless the shield. What time the fates ordain, pale death appears
Página 196 - shrunk sire Join the sad group, see many a bitter ill Against the houseless family conspire, And all the measure of the wretched fill. Pale shivering want companion of his way, He meets the lustre of no pitying eye ; To hunger and dire infamy a prey—
Página 202 - with timid care the distant ground. But, for close combat with the fronting foe, Elate in valorous attitude draw near ; And aiming , hand to hand , the fateful blow ', Brandish thy temper'd blade or massy spear. Yes ! for the rage of stubborn grapple steel'd
Página 238 - poète a déployé toutes les ressources de son génie. A la fois pathétique et élevé, son vers gémit avec la patrie ou brûle de tous les feux de la guerre. Pour exciter le jeune héros à la défense de son pays, il appelle toutes les passions, touche toutes les cordes du cœur.

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