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“ I, by the union of all kinds of misfortunes, was to be an
example to whoever, inspired by the sole love of justice and
public good, dare, supported only by innocence, openly tell
mankind the truth, without the prop of Faction.

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On Earth's inclement shore was cast,
Propell'd by some nysterious blast,
A TENNIS BAll endued with powers
Of mind and matter like to ours 5–
Thrown high in air, and low in mire,
No force could stop its progress higher;
It flew to Earth's remotest bound,
Then took a circuit round and round,
Then stopp'd a while to pause and think,
Then stoop'd at Wisdom's well to drink,
And looking up with wondrous ken,
It saw the heads and hearts of men.
And now by virtue of its art,
It drew the face, the head, the heart,
The eyes, the brows, the tyrant's frown,
The coarser features of the clown,
And all the scenery within,
* The source of virtue and of sin;
The motley pictures, Reader see,
Some Portrait 'chance may answer thee.

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It is, with the utmost sincerity of regret, that the Author presents this volume to the Subscriber at so late a period—He is also concerned that it is not in his power to press into the present publication, his travels in the prosecution of this work up to Christmas 1811, which with the anecdotes and reflections connected, might have proved intereresting to some of his Readers: but as these (considering' that they occupy a space of between one and two hundred pages) could not be inserted here, without omitting subjects of a weightier character; he has adopted the resolution of publishing his travels with other mamuscripts in a second volume Those who approve of the first, will have the goodness to inte- rest themselves in promoting subscriptions for the publication of the second and for a second edition of the first, as there is not a single book of the present edition

undisposed of.
Any exertions of the Author's friends to promote this
work will be gratefully acknowledged ; and any letters
(post-paid) addressed to A. Atkinson, General Post-office
Dublin, on this subject, shall meet with respectful atten-
The Author thinks it necessary to apologize for request-
ing his Correspondents to post-pay their letters to Dublin
(the expence of which he wishes to be deducted from
the subscriptions in their hands)—it is for the pur-
pose of preventing or at least diminishing unnecessary
anonymous communications that he has adopted this
plan All therefore which are not post-paid after
this advertisement, may be justly considered by him as
of the latter description.
The second edition of this volume, will be printed on

the same conditions as the first—price half-a-guinea in boards—one half to be paid at the time of subscribing, and the other on delivery of the work It is expected also that the second edition, will have the advantage of being delivered to the Subscriber in a more perfect State The second volume (yet to be published) may possibly be comprized in about 300 pages octavo, in which case the price to Subscribers will be Seven British Shillings only—but should the manuscripts to be

published compose a volume of 400 pages or upwards, .

the price will be half-a-guinea—in either case the Subscriber paying Five Shillings in advance and the remainder on delivery. - - Such Ladies and Gentlemen as approve of the Author’s pieces, and feel engaged from principle to promote their circulation, but whom the Author may not have an opportunity of visiting in person, are respectfully solicited

to transmit as above, the names and residence of such

Subscribers as they may procure, together with the number of copies subscribed for by each—and whether of the first or second volume or both. *

When 500 copies of either volume are subscribed for, it is the Author's intention to put the edition of that volume to press. - * ; : ... : "

He shall conclude his address to the Subscriber, by noticing, that if he wishes to do justice to the Author and himself in the perusal of this work, he will begin by reading with attention, that portion of the Preface which belongs to him.




N. B. All the Streets, &c, noticed in this Catalogue, are in the
City of Dublin.

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LADY Ashtown
Lady Ash ... • *
Mrs. John Adamson, Moate.
Ts. Anderdon, 19th It. dragoons
Miss Lucinda Adamson, Moate
John Atkinson, esq. Ely-place
Joseph Atkinson, esq. Leeson-street
Wm. Alexander, esq. Richmond-pl.
Mr. T. D. Atkinson, Dame-street
S. Armstrong, esq. King's Co.
E. Armstrong, esq. do.
• B. Armstrong, esq. do.
Sapt. Armstrong, Banagher
rs. Armstrong, Co. Roscommon
#-Armstrong, esq. Belview, K's. Co.
Sol. Anketels, Portarlington, 2 cop.
Mr. Wally Archer, do.
Mr. R. Armstrong, Longford
Mr. Geo. Arbuckle, Sligo
Capt. Armstrong, Leitrim, Granard
T. Armstrong, esq. P. M. 21st foot
Mr. Josh. Armstrong
Mr. John Aston, Meath-street
Mr. J. Adamson, Incorp. S. house
Mr. Thos. Atkinson, Mark’s-alley
Mr. Richard Atkinson, do.
Mr. Robt. Atkinson, do.
Mr. Peter Atkinson, Bridge-street
Mr. Isaac Anderson, Capel-street
Mr. Wm. Atkinson, Werburgh-st.
P. Allen, late Captain R. C. C.
omas Acres, esq. Tullamore
Mr. R. Astle, Edenderry
Philip Askon, esq. Mullingar
Col. Aylmer, Kilcock
Rev. Nicholas Ashe, Maynooth
Mr. Josh, Atkinson, Co. Dublin
Revd. Gilbert Austin, do.
h9s, Armstrong, esq. Sackville-st.
Serjeant Armstrong, R.A.I. bridg.

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Col. Lord Brooke, Warwick militia
Earl of Belvidere, 2 cops.
Countess of Belvidere
Sir Simon Broadstreet, Bart.
Miss Bennet, Carrick-on-shannon
Henry Bruen, esq. Carlow, 4 cop.
§. Mohill
Mrs. Arthur Burdett, near Naas
Miss Birkett, Sackville-street
Mrs. Jane Burke, Portumna
Miss Burne, Co. Roscommon
Mrs. Berry, Co. Westmeath
Miss Battersby, do.
Mrs. Briscoe, do.
Mrs. Bowen,Portarlington
Mrs. Bland, Queen's Co. 2 cop.
T. Bernard esq. M. P. K’s. Co. 2 cop.
Lt. Col. Borough, Athlone -
Rev. Archdeacon Beatty, Co. Long
Capt. Berney, do.
Mr. Holt Barlow, Boyla
Mr.Harmond Bole, Co, Longford
Edward Beatty, esq. do.
Rev. James Bond, Granard
Mr. Samuel Buck, do.
Mr. Charles Beatty, Finnay
Andrew Bell, esq. Co. Longford
Thomas Burrows, esq., co, Cavals
Mr. Thomas Burrow s, do. -

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