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Firft a SURGEON, and then a CAPTAIN

of several SHIPS.

The Fourth Edition, Corrected.

Printed for CHARLES BATHURST, at the

Cross-Keys in Fleet-Street,


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i . PART. I. .. - A Voyage to LILLIPUT. :

| C H A P. I. The Author gives fome Account of himself and Fami: ,

ly, his firf Inducements to travel. He is shipwrecked, and swims for his Life, gets safe an Shore in the Country of Lilliput, is made a Prio foner, and carried up the Country,


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The Emperor of Lilliput, attended by several of the

Nobility, comes to see the Author in his Confinement. The Emperor's Perfon and Habit described. Learned Men appointed to teach the Author their Language. He gains Favour by his mild Disposition. His Pockets are searched, and his Sword and Pistols taken from him.

p. 14 CH A P.

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CHA P. - III. ----- -Toe Author diverts the Emperor and his Nobility of borb Sexes in a very uncommon Manner. The Di. oerfions of the Court of Lilliput defcribed. The Autbor has bis Liberty granted bim upon certain Conditions.

p. 26

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Mildendo, the Metropolis of Lilliput, defcribed, to

gether with the Emperor's Palace. A Conversation between the Author and a principal Secretary concerning the Affairs of that Empire. The Author's Offen ia serve the Emperor in his Wars. p. 36.

C-H A P. v. The Author, by an extraordinary Stratagem, preo'

vents an Invasion. A bigh Title of Honour is conferred upon bin. .Ambassadors arrive from the Emperor of Blefuscu, andfue for Peace. The Emprefs's Apartment on Firé by an Accident; the Author inftrumental in faving the rest of the Palace. . . .


p. 42 | C H A P. VI. Of the Inhabitants of Lilliput ; their Learning, *Laws, and Customs, the Manner. of educating their Children. The Author's Way of Living in that Country. His Vindication of a great Lady.

p. 50

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CHA P. VII. The Author, being informed of a Defigni to accusé him?

of High-Treason, makes bis Escape to Blefuscu. His Reception there.

P. 63

CHA P. VIII. The Author, by a lucky Accident, finds Means to leave

Blefuscu; and, after fome Difficulties, returns safe to his native Country. À

p. 73


C H A P. I. . . . A great Storm defcribed, the Long-boat fent to fetch

Water, the Author goes with it to discover the Country. He is left on Shore, is seized by one of the Natives, and carried to a Farmer's House. His Reception there, with several Accidents that bappened there. A Defcription of the Inhabitants. ?

p. 81 CH A P. II. A Defcription of the Farmer's Daughter. The Author

carried to à Market-Town, and then to the Metropolis. The Particulars of his Journey. p. 97


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