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Page Art. 9. Poetry.


Art. 1. Original Communications, viz.- Art. 10. Monthly Summary of Political
J.G. on an inaccurate Mode of Expres Intelligence.

sion in common Use.--An Historical Art. 11. Domestic Occurrences.
Essay on the Rise and. Progress of Art. 12. Reports of Diseases.


Civil Liberty in Asia.—Biographic Art. 13. Cabinet of Varieties, viz.-Ma-

cal Sketch of the late Geographer, dame Deshoulitres, the French Po.

John H. Eddy, of New-York.--Three etess.-Anecdotes of the Court of

cases of Gun-shot Wounds, commu Portugal.-Instance of Female Intre-

nicated by Dr. W. Thomas.-Se pidity.-Extraordinary perseverance. 76

cond Memoir on the Genus Aphis, by

C. S. Rafinesque.- Memoir on the

Crystallization of snow, by Dr. P. S.



Art. 2. Review of Forsyth's Remarks

No. II.

on the Antiquities, Arts, and Letters

of Italy

21 Art. 1. Original Communications viz.-

Art. 3. Review of Maclure's Geology of

Garden, on the Fascinating Power of

the United States.


Serpents.-Description of the Hot

Art. 4. Review of Caudus, and of How-

Springs of the Washitaw, by S. H.
ard, oo the Abolition of Imprison Long.


ment for Debt.

43 Art: 2. Revicw of the Corsair, a Melo.

Art. 5. Review of Curier's Theory of Drama.


the Earth, with the Notes of Profes Art. 3. Review of Elliott's Sketch of the

sors Jameson and Mitchill.

51 Botany of South-Carolina and Geor-

Art. 6. Original Communications, viz.-

Letter of Dr. John Stranger on a Art. 4. Review of Bristed's Resources of
Fossil Elephant, lately discovered in the United States.

Virginia.-D. D. on the Causes of Art. 5. Review of Purity of Heart, or
the Salivation of grazing Horses and Woman as she should be.

Neat Cattle.-P.H. on a singular Nu Art. 6. Review of Blake's Treatise on
merical Coincidence.-K. on some the Practice of the Court of Chancery
Statements in the Review of Ellis's of the State of New York.


“ Embassy to China.”—M. Nash, on Art. 7. Cabinet of Varieties, viz.-Let-

the Mude of determining the Lati ters from the Hon. Horace Walpole


60 to George Montagu, Esq.-Remarks

Art. 7. Literary and Philosophical In on Mexico and the Mexican Lan-


63 guage.-Tiflis.-On the Identity of

Art. 8. Religious Intelligence.

65 Water-spouts and Whirlwinds.-Nar-

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