The American Journal of Science and Arts

S. Converse, 1853

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Página 287 - Illustrations | of the | Birds | of | California, Texas, Oregon, British and | Russian America. | Intended to contain descriptions and figures | of all | North American Birds | not given by former American authors, | and a | General Synopsis of North American Ornithology.
Página 38 - Modiolse with scales and teeth of fish, these being evidently deposits of brackish or salt water origin. The lecturer exhibited a joint of the stem of a fresh water reed (Arundinaria macrosperma) covered with barnacles, which he gathered at the extremity of the delta of the Mississippi or the Balize. He saw a cane-brake (as it is called in the country) of these tall reeds killed by salt water, and extending over several acres, the sea having advanced over a space where the discharge of fresh water...
Página 283 - Catalogue of the Cabinet of Natural History of the State of New York and of the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.
Página 450 - First American edition, with a Glossary and other Additions and Improvements; from the second English edition. Translated from the sixth German edition, by HENRY MEDLOCK, FCS, &c.
Página 39 - Coalfield, since at Calcutta at the depth of eight or ten feet from the surface buried trees and roots have been found in digging tanks, indicating an ancient soil now underground ; and in boring on the same site for an Artesian well to the depth of 481 feet, other signs of ancient forest-covered lands and peaty soils have been observed at several depths, even as far down as 300 feet and more below the level of the sea.
Página 121 - The enlargement of the Bayou Plaqueming, for the purpose of giving relief to that part of the coast which now suffers most from the floods, viz., to the borders of the Mississippi from above Baton Rouge to New Orleans. "Fifth: The enlargement of the channel of the Atchafalaya...
Página 34 - Logan, to be 14,570 feet. The middle part of this vast series of strata having a thickness of 1400 feet abounds in fossil forests of erect trees together with rootbeds, and thin seams of coal. These coal-bearing strata were examined in detail by Mr. JW Dawson of Pictou, and Sir C. Lyell in September last (1852), and...
Página 37 - Sigillariae or Calamites are often observed at different heights in the enveloping strata, attesting the growth of plants at several successive levels, while the process of envelopment was going on. In other cases there are proofs of the submergence of a forest under marine or brackish water, the base of the trunks of the submerged trees being covered with serpulae or a species of spirorbis. Not...
Página 395 - This germ-power may be extended by gemmation or by fission, but it can be formed only by the act of generation, and its play of extension and prolongation by budding or by division must always be within a certain cycle, and this cycle is recommenced by the new act of the conjugation again of the sexes.
Página 59 - ... them out by the agency of water alone, at least for the purpose of qualitative determination. Experiments directed to this object soon made it evident that the alkalies might be obtained from any silicate, without resorting to the use of acid as a solvent for the fusion. 54. The mass, as it comes from the crucible, is placed in a capsule with water, and then heated in a sand-bath or over a lamp for two or three hours, renewing the water from time to time as it evaporates. The mass disintegrates...

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