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At Penrith, George, only son of Mr. J. Kirkbride, and a draughtsman of uncommon abilities.

At Brougham vicarage, Rev. R. Frankland, late curate of that parish.

Near Dalston, by a fall from his horse, Dr. Watson.

At Beckside, Wicham, aged 22, the Becond son of W. Kirkbank, esq.

At Frankland How, near Keswick, the wife of Ambrose Turner, esq.

Derbyshire-At Derby, Mrs. Frances Taylor, daughter of the late Rev. Mr. T. of St. Oswald's Chapel, near Worcester.

At Cliff-house, Matlock, aged 72, Thos. Learcott, esq..

At Chesterfield, aged 68, Mr. Daniel Hill, senior member of that corporation.

Devon. At Exeter, on his way from Woolwich to the Continent, Jas. Davis, esq. surgeon of Artillery, many years in charge of the General Hospital of the Ordnance, at Island Bridge, Dublin, and lately at the head of the Ordnance Medical Department in Portugal.

Dr. Prynn, an eminent physician, of Plymouth-dock.

At Sandwell, near Totness, aged 60, Thos. Lear, esq.

Aged 84, Wm. Harris, esq. of Park, Creditou.

Mrs. Pidsley, widow of John P. esq. of Rydon-house, Kingsteinton.

At Stonehouse, John, only son of Nich. Millett, esq. R. M.

At Moor-town, near Tavistock, John Ridout, esq.

Dorset.-At Weymouth, Mary, wife of Rich. Ring, esq. of Wincanton.

The wife of Rev. Thos. Fox, rector of South Maperton.

Durham.-At Darlington, aged 62, the wife of Mr. Bristowe Pease, aunt to Geo. Allan, esq. M. P.

At Easington, aged 71, Jonathan Smith, esq. who had devoted a long and very active life to agricultural pursuits, by which he had acquired a large property.

At Monkwearmouth, Mr. Jas. Myers, an eminent merchant.

At Ryhope, Thos. Head, esq. formerly a ruff-merchant of Newcastle, universally respected for his upright and liberal conduct.

At Willington, aged 69, J. Greenwell, esq. At Falstone, aged 68, Rev. John Stubbs, eminent for his attainments in literature, and particularly distinguished for the facility with which he communicated his knowledge to young men entrusted to his Care; of a cheerful disposition, social manners, and a charitable heart.

Essex. At Malden, aged 64, Vero Kemball, esq. formerly in extensive practice as a surgeon and apothecary at Bilsden, Suffolk.

At Colchester, aged 75, Mrs. Susanna Pilleau, the founder of the Lying-in ChaGENT. MAG. November, 1814.


rity, from which excellent institution great numbers have derived material comfort and support.

Gloucestershire.At Gloucester, in his 85th year, Thos. Apperley, esq.

At Gloucester, Mr. Jos. Mill, apothecary, a man of superior abilities and worth.

At Cheltenham, aged 59, Anne, wife of Admiral Douglas.

At Cirencester, aged 41, Mr. Thomas Masters, coach proprietor and brewer.

At Painswick, aged 70, Thomas Trye,, gent.

At Painswick, Mr. Chappel Davis, who has left 50%. to the Gloucester Infirmary.

At Frenchay, Mr. E. C. They, who was engaged in the study of medicine, and combined distinguished talent with the greatest humility, genuine piety, and an ardent benevolence..

At Randwick, Miles Mitchell, esq.
The wife of T. Sandilands, esq. of

Hants. At Winchester, Capt. T. Moyle, 67th reg.

Mrs. Parry, of Fareham, widow of Viceadm. P. of Hythe, Hants.

At Broughton, John Foote, esq. At Newport, Capt. E. Northmore, for merly of the 16th.

At Canal-place, near Southampton, C. Longcroft, esq.

At Portsmouth, aged 85, Rich.. White, esq. chamberlain and father of that corporation.

Herefordshire.-At Hereford, aged 17, Mary Anne, daughter of Mr. Parker, bookseller.

Nearly 50, Mr. Rock, of the Hay, who dropped down dead on the turnpike road whilst following, the remains of a friend to whom he was much attached.

At Ross, Mr. John Rudge, who to a strong mechanical genius, united the purest and most dignified sentiments of liberality.

Herts. At Shenley, a sacrifice to the fatal progress of a carbuncle in his neck, which appeared only a month previous, aged 68, Thos. Bartlett, esq. a man of the most amiable character, and beloved for his benignant manners, liberal spirit, and rigid integrity. For some years past, he had expended large sums in giving employment to the industrious artizans and labourers in his neighbourhood; and had just completed au elegant mansion on the brow of Shenley-hill, one of the loveliest localities in England. He married a few years since the youngest daughter of John Almon, esq. of Boxmoor.

At Royston, aged 67, the wife of Mr. H. Andrews, an eminent mathematician and auctioneer.

At Stevenage, Rev. Jas. Allott, youngest son of the late Rev. John A. vicar of South Kirkby, co. York,



Kent. At Bromley, aged 42, Mr. John Noonan, an eminent change-ringer, and well versed in the science of change composition, upwards of 20 years member of the society of London Cumberland youths junior, who, in remembrance of his worth, performed nine muffled mourning peals, at various churches.

At Boughton, Lieut. Bruce, E.K.L.M. At Dover, aged 94, Mr. Adams, one of the oldest inhabitants, and the oldest outpensioner of Greenwich Hospital.

At Beckenham, Mrs. Horsfall, relict of the late Lieut.-col. Horsfall.

At Deal, in his 83d year, Rev. Philip Brandon, M. A. 28 years perpetual curate of Deal chapel.

At Gillingham, Gen. Burn, R. M.

At Liverpool, aged 67, Mrs. Anne Moulton, spinster, upwards of 38 years forewoman to Mr. M. Gregson, and remarkable for integrity, industry, and a punctual attendance to business. She saved a decent income, and retired about two years ago to enjoy it. She has left the Blue-coat Hospital 19 guineas, the same to the Infirmary, and the Asylum for the Blind; to several of her shopmates a house each, and legacies to her tenants.

At Liverpool, aged 63, Mr. S. Whiteley, solicitor.

At Liverpool, aged 42, Elizabeth, wife of J. Oates, esq. of Heckmondwike, co. York.

At Liverpool, Thomas Charles, son of Rich, Golightly, esq.

At Liverpool, the wife of Wm. Marsden, esq. late of Manchester.

Aged 25, Francis B. Atkinson, esq. eldest son of Rich. A. esq. of Castle-park, Lancaster.

At Liverpool, Jos. Harris, Bac. Mus. many years organist of St. Martin's church, Birmingham, whose abilities as a composer were well known; the works of Handel were his model, and it may be truly said, that the compositions he has left behind him, would not be unworthy of the great original.

At Ashton, near Wigan, Eliza, second daughter of Wm. Talbot, esq. of Preston.

At Bolton, Rev. Wm. Hampson, clerk, minister of Street-gate chapel, and in the commission of the peace in the populous division of Great Bolton, where his exertions were well known as a zealous independent magistrate.

Leicestershire.At Ashby de la Zouch, the wife of Mr. Pidcocke, solicitor.

At Market Harborough, Penford Goodhall, gent. formerly of Ingersby.

At his sister's, Broughton Sulney, aged 76, Mr. T. Bonsar, of Barwell, late of Coates, breeder, whose integrity and pri vate judgment had made him greatly respected.

At Hinckley, Rev. A. Underhill, priest o the Catholic Chapel there.

Lincolnshire.-Aged 90, Rev. Mr. Shaw, curate of Boal and West Burton, and rector of Saundby, near Gainsborough.

Aged 77, Rev. J. H. Brown, of Braceborough, near Gretford.

Monmouthshire.-At Drybridge, at an advanced age, Rev. Wm. Roberts, formerly president of Magdalen college, Cambridge.

Norfolk.-At Yarmouth, whilst on a visit to his brother, Daniel Shea, esq. of Loudon.

At Norwich, aged 54, James Poole, esq. son of the late Alderman P.; a gentleman of superior accomplishments and information.

At Catton, Frances, wife of Walter Vavasour, esq.

Aged 75, Rev. Geo. Wright, of Brandon. Aged 74, Mr. Benj. Culley, surgeon at Blofield for nearly half a century.

The wife of Maurice Suckling, esq. of Woodton-hall.

At Aylsham, Mr. Atkyns, master of the Grammar school there, formerly master of the Free school at Holt.

At Hoveton-house, in his 85th year, Anthony Aufrère, esq. upwards of 50 years an acting magistrate for this county.

Mr. Wm. Curtis, brewer, of Lynn; a gentleman of considerable literary attain


At Thorpe, drowned while fishing, John Morphew, esq.

Northamptonshire. At Northampton, Chas. Pinks, esq. formerly of the Inniskillen dragoons.

At her brother-in-law's, Rev. R. Ja comb, Wellingborough, the second daughter of Mrs. Hilhouse, lately deceased..

Northumberland. - At Newcastle, aged 46, Rev. W. M'Connell, 20 years pastor of the Presbyterian congregation, Gateshead, whose esteem and respect he gained by the amiableness of his character, and the excellence of his public instructions.. He was an erudite and experienced Chris tian, possessing in an eminent degree those qualifications which give dignity and influence to the ministerial character. His judgment was solid and clear, and his sermons were delivered in a strain of fervent and truly Christian piety.

At Newcastle, aged 16, W. A. son of Dr. Wood.

Whilst walking from Penkhull to his house, Hart's-hill Cot, near Newcastle, supposed in a fit, and no help at hand, at an advanced age, Rev. Wm. Fernyhough, B. A. vicar of Aspatria, Cumberland.

Notts. At Kirkby, Thos. Hodgkinson,


At Southwell, Mrs. Edwards, relict of Rev, John E. of Rolleston.


Oxfordshire.-At Headington, near Oxford, Mrs. H. White, sister of the late ev. Dr. W. the learned Arabic professor. At Woodstock, aged 82, Mr. Coles, surgeon and apothecary, and an alderman of that borough, highly respected for his professional abilities, and for his general deportment through life.

Suddenly, Mr. Rich. Kench, a respectable farmer of Charlbury: his brother Mr. Wm. Kench attended his funeral in good health, and on the following day was seized with an apopletic fit, and expired.

Rutland. At Oakham, aged 71, John Gibson, gent. who had been for nearly half a century an eminent grocer at Bourn, co. Lincoln.

Salop. The wife of Geo. Baylis, esq. of Donnington-house.

At Ascott-house, aged 56, Mr. Wm. Urwick, who formerly occupied the Folkhampton estate, which his family held under the Cressett family of Cound near 500 year.

At Wenlock, Harry, only son of R. Collins, esq. town-clerk of that borough.

Somerset. At Bath, six days after his marriage with a young lady formerly his ward, J. J. Foothead, esq. late of Hampstead.

At Bath, Philip Nunan, esq. of Moyge, co. Cork.

At Bath, Rev. Edw. Thelwall, late of Burlington-street.

At Bath, A. Phillips, esq. Vice-admiral of the Red, and first governor of Botany Bay.

At Bath, aged 80, J. Morris, esq. of Box, a barrister of note on the Western circuit.

At Shockerwick, near Bath, Maria, sister of John Wiltshire, esq.

At the Bishop's palace, Wells, Charles Edward, youngest son of Rich. Beacon, esq. At Wells, Mrs. Brock, relict of J. B. esq. of Bristol.

At Bristol, aged 89, Mrs. Cowper, relict of Lancelot C. esq. formerly a respecable merchant there.

At Chard, in his 80th year, Rev. B. Pitts, many years pastor of the first Baptist church there.

At Wincanton, aged 52, Rev. Henry Hopkins, youngest son of the late Rev. H. H. vicar of Pilton and Compton Duadon.

At Taunton, Mr. Emanuel Philpot, attorney-at-law. Staffordshire. Phillips, esq.

At Leek, aged 65, T.

At F. Brooks, esq. Stafford, aged 59, Rich, Downward, esq. of Bath.

At Newcastle-under-Lyme, aged 46, Jos. Tilstone, esq. alderman of that borough. He had been out shooting, and retired to rest in his usual good health, but was seized with an apoplectic fit, and expired before surgical aid arrived,

At Lichfield, Mrs. Barlow, relict of the late Abraham B. gent. of Gratewood Lodge, near Eccleshall.

In his 18th year, Robert, third son of T. L. Fowler, esq. of Pendiford-hall, near Wolverhampton.

Suffolk.-At Ipswich, John Vernon, esq. third son of Rev. Henry V. of Great Brom ley, Essex.

At Woodhall, Sutton, the wife of John Kingsbury, esq. of Wormingford, Essex. At Hotton, aged 74, Anne Chandler, -a Suffolk cottager. She wrote a small paraphrase on the 5th chapter of the 2d book of Kings; the history of Joseph; the life of Elijah the prophet; and several other poetical pieces.

At Halesworth, Lieut. Wm. Poor, of the 70th regiment.

At his brother's, Framlingham, in his 70th year, Rev. Wm. Clubbe, LL. B. many years rector of Flowton, and vicar of Brandeston, Suffolk. He was son of the Rev. John Clubbe, formerly rector of Whatfield, Suffolk, (author of "The History and Antiquities of Wheatfield," an admirable piece of irony levelled against Modern Antiquaries; a judicious and sensible "Letter of Free Advice to a Young Clergyman," &c. &c.) to whose memory he affectionately inscribed a tab let in the church of Whatfield, and of whom a biographical memoir may be seen in "Literary Anecdotes," vol. ii. p. 378.

At Ipswich, Lieut. Holmes, R. N. formerly of the signal station, Harwich.

Aged 67, Mr. Norman, of Stowmarket, a steady friend to civil and religious liberty.

Surrey. At Richmond, aged 52, Rich. Smith, esq. late of Woburn-place, Rus sell-square.

At Ripley, H. Church, esq. late an eminent surgeon.

Sussex. Suddenly, Thos. Monypenny, esq. of Rye.

At Arundel, James Lahy, esq.

Rev. Mr. Groom, vicar of Lyminster and Sompting.

At Oat-hall, Rev. Thos. Jones. At Hastings, in his 77th year, Fran. Delapierre, esq. Warwickshire.

At Kenilworth, aged 80, Thos. Wright, esq.

At Packwood-house, aged 54, Thos. Fetherstone, esq.

At Birmingham, aged 35, Rev. Joseph Webb, second son of the late Mr. Thos. Webb of Amport farm, near Andover, beloved for his unaffected piety, and admired for his extraordinary literary acquirements.

In his 60th year, John Warden, M. D. of Warwick.

At Edgewick-house, Caroline, youngest daughter of Dr. Marsh, of Coventry.

Westmoreland.At Appleby, aged 75, W. Wilkin, esq. several years head distributor

tributor of stamps for this county and Cumberland, which office he resigned some time since.

At Crackenthorp, Mrs. Hill, relict of John H. esq.

At Kirkby Stephen, aged 54, Rev. John Tebay, curate, and master of the FreeGrammar-school there.

At Lawrence-house, near Kendal, aged 42, Geo. Dudgeon, esq. an eminent agriculturist.

Wilts. At Marlborough, Mrs. Kerby, relict of Rev. L. K. rector of Castle Eaton, Wilts.

Mr. J. Yearsley, clothier, Trowbridge, only surviving son of Mrs. Y. authoress, Melksham.

Worcestershire.-At Worcester, aged 72, Mrs. Humphrys, relict of Wm. H. esq. of Fair-hill, near Birmingham.

Aged 67, Wm. Perrin, esq. of Pershore. At Whittington-house, near Worcester, aged 23, Annette, wife of Rich. Pulston, esq. of Emrat, co. Flint, eldest daughter of the late Lieut.-gen. England.

Yorkshire. Rev. W. Crofts, B. D. vicar of North Grinston, and curate of Langton in the East Riding.

At York, aged 79, Mr. R. Beeforth, patten-maker, and an eminent teacher (of the old school) of change composition, and of change ringing on the grandsire methods, in the North of England, upwards of 50 years.

At York, aged 88, Mr. James Croft, sheriff in 1794.

At York, aged 74, Mary, wife of Thos. Pierson, esq.

At Leeds, in the bloom of life, the wife of Lepton Dobson, esq.

At Halifax, aged 93, Mr. Jeremiah Marshman, who served in the British army in the reigns of Geo. I. II. and III.

At New Malton, aged 38, Mr. W. Wray, attorney.

At Wakefield, Mr. Rich. Eastwood. He lost his sight when a child; but, having, by the kind interference of friends, been admitted into the Liverpool Institution, was enabled by his musical talents, and by his ingenuity and labour in basket-making, to procure a comfortable livelihood for his family, a wife and five small children, who are now left destitute. for several years creditably filled the office of organist at Horbury church.

He had

At High Hazles, Handsworth, aged 49, Mr. John Jeffcock, one of the proprietors of the Sheffield, Dornal, and Woodthorpe collieries, and captain in the Sheffield troop of West Riding cavalry.

At Hopton, near Huddersfield, Mr. J. Stancliffe, an eminent clothier, and a rustee of the Leeds White Cloth Hall. Mrs. Bethel, relict of Wm. B. esq. of Rise, in Holderness, once well-known on the field and turf.

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At Hebden-bridge, near Halifax, aged 38, Jos. Dyneley, M. D. only surviving son of Mr. Thos. D. surgeon there. a physician he was eminently distinguished for skill, and as a classical scholar, equalled by few. WALES. At Haverfordwest, co. Pembroke, where she had been on a visit, the wife of Dr. Batham, near Worcester. At Plasgwyn, Hugh Meredith, esq. At Capel Scion, Rev. W. Gibbon. IRELAND. At Cork, the wife of Thos. Howard, esq. attorney.

At Barmeath (Louth) the seat of Sir E. Bellew, bart. aged 74, the wife of R. Strange, esq. of Limerick.

At Ralpa, Morgan Clifford, esq. of Penystone, co. Hereford, formerly of the 12th Lt. Drag.

At the Cove of Cork, a few days after he had disembarked with the last division of the British army from France, in his 21st year, Ensign H. W. Austin, 77th reg. formerly of the Gloucester militia.

At Carlow, Rev. H. Stanton, president of the college, catholic dean of Leighlin, and parish priest of Carlow.

At Brooke Lawn, T. Denis O'Brien, esq. Sir Francis Hopkins, bart. of Athboy lodge, co. Meath.

At Newry, Mrs. Aikin, wife of Andrew A. esq. and youngest daughter of Rev. Edm. Dana, Wroxeter, Salop.

ABROAD. At Paris, suddenly, aged 60, Baron Munchausen, the traveller so celebrated for the accuracy and probability of his narrations, and hitherto considered as a fictitious character. The Journal de Paris of the 23 Aug. gives an account of his death, and laments the loss which the Republic of letters has suffered. Baron Augustus de Munchausen was chamberlain to the King of Prussia, great cordon of the order of Dannebroc, and designated successor to the commander of the order of St. John of Jerusalem. He was born at Bouverie, of an illustrious family.

At St. Germain's, France, aged 28, Lady Viscountess Mountjoy. Her remains passed through Oxford Oct. 3, in their way from France, to Mountjoy, co.Tyrone, Ireland, for interment.

Near Toulouse, from a wound, aged 30, Lieut. P. J. Bone, of Berners-street.

Drowned at sea, Mr. Allan James Bogle, of the house of Bogle and Co. Jamaica.

On his passage to England for the recovery of his health, Mr. Thos. Edw. Smyth, midshipman R. N. second son of Rev. Joseph S. vicar of Kirkby Moorside, Yorkshire.

At the Naval Hospital, Port Royal, Jamaica, in the prime of life, Hon. F. Na pier, second Leutenant of the Argo frigate, 44 guns, son of Lord Napier, and brother of Hon. Wm. J. N. captain of the Erne Post sloop, 20 guns.


At Jamaica, Lieut.-col. Haffey, 18th or
Irish foot.

A few hours after the retreat of our forces from Washington, Major Brown, 85th reg. who was severely wounded at Bladensburgh, eldest son of Provost Brown of Linkwood.

Capt. Jas. B. Irwin, of 103d reg. son of Eyles I. esq. of Cheltenham: he fell in the sanguinary assault on the works of Fort Erie in him were blended all the hardihood of his profession with the milder duties of social life: he has left an amiable widow and two children.

At New Orleans, the French Gen. Humbert, who was engaged in the Invasion of Ireland in 1798. He was on his way to join the insurgent army of Gen. Toledo, in Mexico.

At St. Christopher's, West Indies, Major Gen. Elrington, of 115th foot.

At St. John's, Newfoundland, in his 29th year, Capt. Edward Wrottesley, of the Sabine sloop of war.

At the Havannah, Mr. Oddy, of St. James's-square, formerly merchant in London, and St. Petersburg, and who once stood candidate for the borough of Stamford. He was a gentleman of very extensive commercial knowledge, and wrote a valuable book on the subject of European Commerce.

At Calcutta, Henry Rashleigh, esq. 2d officer of the Tottenham East Indiaman, and son of Rev. P. R. of Southfleet.

At Calcutta, aged 78, J. Blythe, esq. leaving 16,000l. of his immense fortune to Greenwich Hospital.

At Samarang, Java, David Hopkins, esq. assistant-surgeon on the Bengal establishment, and superintendant-general of the Teak forests in the island of Java.

Nov. 1. On Croydon Common, aged 74, Geo. Lane, esq.

In St. Bartholomew-Close, of apoplexy, Abraham Crofton, esq.

Aged 70, Baron de Beaufort, many years Chargé d'Affaires to Frederick the Great at the British Court.

Nov. 2. At Clifton, Mrs. Hope Vere, relict of Wm. Hope V. esq. of Craigiehall and Blackwood.

Nov. 3. In Gower-strret, Mrs. Britannia

J. H. Goble, esq. of Burpham Lodge, Sussex, Lieut.-colonel of the West Local militia, and an active magistrate for the county during the last thirty-three years.

At Brighton, in his 76th year, Lieut.-col, Alex. Park, formerly of the East India Company's service.

In the Close, Sarum, Mrs. Portman, relict of H. W. Portman, esq. of Bryanstonhouse, co. Dorset.

At Glasgow, Professor William Richardson. Having in his early years acquired, in the parochial school of Aberfoyle, a considerable knowledge of the Latin Classics, together with the rudiments of the Greek language, he entered himself a student in the University of Glasgow, in 1758, where he soon distinguished himself by assiduous application to study, by the proficiency which he made in useful knowledge, and by the purity and elegance of his taste. After having finished his course of study, he was nominated as a proper person to discharge the office of Private Tutor to a young Nobleman of great promise, who, since, has proved eminently serviceable to the Country, and whom he accompanied to the capital of the Russian Empire. Having found, in this situation, opportunities the most favourable for enlarging his knowledge of mankind, as well as for promoting his literary improvement, he failed not to profit by them. On a vacancy, therefore, taking place in the Humanity Chair of that University in which he had been educated, Mr. Richardson was appointed, as a person well qualified to fill the important situation; and, for upwards of forty-one years, he performed the duties of his office with honour to himself, and with much advantage to society. On the 10th of October he, as usual, commenced the business of the Session; but death, preceded by violent sickness and excruciating pain, soon terminated his labours.

Nov. 4. Sir Richard Corbett, bart, many years reduced to an inferior station in the employ of the Hon. East India Company.

Nov, 15. At the Charter-house where he had only been six weeks, aged 11, John, fourth son of Rev. Ralph Churtón, arch

Dixon, youngest daugh. of the late Wm deacon of St. David's.

Hill, esq. Fore-street, Cripplegate.

Aged 81, H. Voysey, esq. of Hoddesdon, Herts.

At Newbury, in his 78th year, the Rev. Thomas Best, A. M. of Christ Church, Oxford, 1762; beloved, respected, and esteemed. He was, in manners, mild and unassuming; in disposition, friendly, cheerful, and contented; in conduct, most honourable. His death was as serene as the even tenour of his life, and in both he was most enviable.

In the Edgeware-road, aged 35, Mary, wife of James Rooke, esq. of Bigsware, co. Gloucester.

At Gloucester, Mrs. Rudge, relict of Thos. R. esq.

Nov. 16. At her brother's, Mrs. Webb, Ludgate-street, Julia, dau. of R. Webb, esq. Dublin.

Nov. 17. At Godmanstone, co. Dorset, aged 67, Rev. Edmund Smith, LL. D. rector of that parish, and of Melcomb Horsey, in the county of Dorset, and formerly fellow of Magdalen college, Cambridge. During At Little London, Chichester, aged 54, nearly 33 years that he resided at God


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