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Normanton in Rutland, and of Coningsby and Polkingham, Lincolnshire, for a great many years. These valuable preferments are all in the gift of Sir Gilbert Heathcote, bart. The Doctor also held the perpetual curacy of Fotheringhay,Northamptonshire. Sept.... Aged 71, Rebecca, widow of Sir Richard Wheeler Cuffe, knt. of Leyrath, co. Kilkenny, and mother of Sir Wheeler Cuffe, bart. She was the eldest daughter of Eland Mossom, of Eland, co. Kilkenny, and married Dec, 8, 1768, Richard Wheeler, esq. who assumed the name and arms of Cuffe, on inheriting the estate of his maternal ancestors, and was knighted by the Duke of Portland, lord lieutenant of Ireland: their son, Sir Jonah Wheeler Denny Cuffe, was created a baronet of Ireland in 1799, aud is the present Sir Wheeler Cuffe, bart. of Leyrath, co. Kilkenny. He is a lineal descendant of Jonah Wheeler, lord bishop of Ossory, in 1613, in the reign of James 1. of which See he was the seventh Protestant Bishop. Sir Wheeler is maternally descended from Denny Cuffe, of Sandhill, co. Carlow, younger brother of the first Lord Desart, by the marriage of his grandfather, Jonah Wheeler, esq. Dec. 22, 1743, with Elizabeth Cuffe, eldest daughter of Denny Cuffe, and sister of Joseph Cuffe, of Sandhill, esq. whose estate devolved to his nephew, Richard Wheeler, afterwards Sir Richard Wheeler Cuffe, knt.

Oct. 1. Whilst on a shooting excursion with his wife's brother Sir Charles Flint, Stephen Saunders, esq. M. D. of Blundeston, Suffolk. Being much pleased with the conduct of a favourite dog, he placed his gun upon the ground, resting it agaiust his left arm, to caress him, when the dog, jumping to receive his attention, touched the trigger, and his arm was shattered to pieces. He was taken to his residence, about a mile distant, and died in the evening, after suffering amputation.

At Malvern Wells, co. Worcester, Mrs. Barry, relict of J. B. esq. of Ballyctough, Cork, mother of Major-gen. H. G. B.

Of consumption, Emma, third daughter of Mr. T. Swansborough, Wisbeach; the third also who has, by progressive seniority, fallen a victim to the same disorder within 13 months.

At Islington, Capt. Thos. Brown, one of the Elder Brethren of the Trinity House. The wife of John Philips, esq. deputy of Langbourn Ward.

At St. George's Cottage, co. Gloucester, aged 38, Susannah, wife of Capt. John Griffith, R. N.

Oct.2. Mrs. Geo. Bedford, of Bedford-row. At Retiero, near Black Rock, Dublin, aged 84, Sir Edw. Newnham, many years M. P. for the county of Dublin.

Oct. 3. In his 73d year, Mr. Clifford Elisha, upwards of 52 years writing-master and accountant to the Royal Foundationschool of Queen Elizabeth, St. Olave, Southwark, Upon a moderate computation upwards of 10,000 boys have received education under him.

At Deptford, aged 20, Elizabeth third daughter of A. Bell, esq.

Richard Baily, esq. banker, Newbury, Berks.

In her 35th year, Jane, wife of Rev. John Allen, of Crewkerne, Somerset, second daughter of Mr. Butler, of Oxford.

At Bath, in her 86th year, Granada, wife of J. S. Lawton, esq.

Herbert Lloyd, esq. solicitor, Carmarthen, a gentleman of great professional talents and private worth.

Oct. 4. At Watford, aged 49, Denham Barons, esq.

At the seat of Hill Dawe, esq. Ditcheat, Somerset, in his 47th year, Mr. John Cade, of Leadenhall-street.

At Bath, Col. Nash.

John Anthony Simons, esq. of Swansea, in whom were blended the most amiable disposition and most generous heart.

Oct. 5. At Edmonton, Mrs. Snell, relict of Wm. S. esq, West India merchant. In Argyle-street, in his 65th year, Sam. Thorley, esq.

At Newington Butts, aged 78, Mrs. Mary Dennis.

At Lydd, in consequence of being burnt in a most shocking manner on the 2d inst. whilst employed in her domestic avocations, aged 73, Mrs. Henley.

Aged 61, Hon. Mary Lyons, of Binchester, co. Durham.

At Bala, aged 59, Rev. Thos. Charles, B. A. whose extensive and gratuitous ministerial labours, in both North and South Wales, during the last 30 years, had justly endeared him to the religious publick. He was the reviver of the Circulating Charity-schools, and the most active promoter of Sunday-schools, both for children and adults; the happy effects of which he had lived to witness in their moral benefits to society at large, and the promotion of vital religion throughout the principality.

In his 71st year, John Hamilton, esq. of Greenhills, co. Donegall, one of the oldest magistrates, and deputy-governor for the county of Tyrone.

At sea, on board H. M. frigate Acbar, returning to England, of a fever, produced by excessive fatigue in the zealous discharge of his duty as a volunteer in the expedition, under Sir John Sherbrooke, against Penobscot, which terminated his short but honourable career, aged 27, Jas. Lindsay Carnagie, esq. R, N. of Kimblethmont, co. Angus.




Oct. 6. In his 82d year, A. Douglas, esq. of Eltham, Kent.

In his 76th year, Wm. Skrimshire, esq. of Wisbech.

At Rose Cottage, Sidmouth, aged 22, Susanna, last remaining daughter of the late Samuel Wellfitt, esq. Manby Hall, co. Lincoln.

After an illness of nearly 5 years, Harriet, eldest daughter of Mr. Glascodine, of Bristol.

Aged 76, Watkin Thelwall, esq. of Chester, formerly a major of artillery in the East India Company's service, Bengal.

At Clifton, Elizabeth, wife of J. Goodeve, esq. banker, Gosport.

Oct. 7. In New Norfolk-street, Lady Cunliffe, relict of Sir Ellis C.

The wife of Rev. Edw. Robson, of Goodman's-fields.

At Cambeltown, Capt. G. Morris, R. N. At Clifton, the wife of W. Y. Mills, esq. of Wadley House, Berks.

At Soire-sur-Sambre, aged 104, the widow Scobin, who held a farm there, and continued actively employed in her occupations till within a few days of her death, and walked every Sunday to her parish-church, a distance of nearly two miles. She had recently suffered an imprisonment of two years, because one of her younger sons had been refractory with respect to the Conscription!

Oct. 8. At Addiscombe Cottage, the wife of Alex, Adair, esq. of Flixton Hall, Suffolk.

At Woburn-place, Bloomsbury, found dead in his bed, to which he had retired apparently in health, Mr. Jos. Raine, of Little Missenden, Bucks, eminent as a land-surveyor and auctioneer.

In Grosvenor-square, aged 91, Jane, widow of Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Heron, bart. At Congleton, aged 74, Mrs. Cumberbatch, widow of Roger C, of Chester, esq.

At Fulda, of an apoplexy, aged 78, the Prince Bishop of Fulda.

Oct. 9. At Mr. Moulsdale's, Frodsham, without any previous illness, of a sanguine apoplexy, Mary Anne, daughter of Mr. Holroyd, a respectable clothier in Yorkshire; au awful lesson to those in the vigour of youth.

In the Close of Salisbury, suddenly, after attending Divine service twice, F. Webb, esq. land-agent.

The wife of Rev. Edw. Chave, M. A. Exeter.

Aged 77, Mrs. Anne Harris, widow of the late Mr. Wm. H. formerly of Leicester. Oct. 10. At Mitcham, Surrey, Wm. Tate, esq. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

In his 71st year, Rev. Wm. H. Roberts, D. D. rector of Broadwas, co. Worcester, and magistrate for the county, formerly

master of Loughborough-house-school, Surrey.

At East Hendred, Berks, Mrs. Henrietta Price, second daughter of Wm. P. esq. Charlton-house.

Oct. 11. Mr. Thorpe, Southamptonstreet, Bloomsbury.

At Chelsea, Mrs. Susannah Nicholls, relict of the late Thomas Nicholls, esq. of Watford.

Suddenly, Simon Pierce Creagh, esq. of Ennis.

Oct. 12. In Finsbury-terrace, in his 81st year, Mr. Thomas Payne.

Wm. Cook, esq. surgeon, of Fieldgatestreet, Whitechapel.

Mary, wife of Sam. Sandell, esq. of Oxford-street.

At his father's, Camberwell, in his 29th year, George, third son of Henry Blax land, esq. of Broad-street.

At Brighton, James Henry Houstoun, esq. of Old Broad-street.

At Bandon, Jos. Ormsby, esq. surveyor of Excise.

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Oct. 13. At Doncaster, Lady Munro, widow of Sir Alex. M. formerly consulgeneral at Madrid, and a commissioner of the Customs.

At Athlone, in his 46th year, John Aldrich, esq. paymaster of the Athlone district upwards of 10 years.

In his 49th year, Rev. G. Hodgkins, many years minister of the Dissenting congregation, Stoke Newington.

Oct. 14. In Upper Cadogan-place, aged 65, Rev. Richard Ward, M. A. F. A. S. rector of Somerby, near Brigg, in Lincolnshire, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He proceeded B. A. in that University, 1769, gained the first Chancellor's Medal for that year, M. A. 1772, and enjoyed considerable reputation for classical learning. His studies formed through life his chief pleasure and employment; especially those of a religious tendency his truly Christian life corresponded with them; and his meek disposition and mildness of manner, endeared him to all who had aay acquaintance with him.

At Camelford, expired whilst at tea with his family, Mr. Wm. King, surgeon.

At Rushwick, co. Worcester, aged 57, Mr. Wm. Farlow, of Mitre-court, Fleetstreet.

Oct. 15. In Weymouth-street, Mrs. Mathew, relict of the late Daniel M. esq.

Oct. 16. At Islington, in his 67th year, Rev. Nathaniel Jennings, 46 years Minister of the congregation of Protestant Dissenters in Lower-street, Islington.

In Basing-lane, in a fit of apoplexy, aged 65, Mr. Robert Combes, upwards of 60 years a resident there.

Mr. L. Harrison, nearly 30 years clerk in the Bank of England.

In Hans-place, Sloane-street, aged 13, Jemima, eldest daughter of Major-gen. R. Bell, of the Madras artillery.

In his 22d year, Thomas, son of the late Mr. Davis, of Oakham-house, co. Gloucest.

At Sunning-hill, Berks, J. Hamilton, 8q. of Bangour, N. Britain, and of Chesterfield-street, May-fair.

In Dublin, in his 85th year, Sir Wm. Worthington.

At Kilkenny, Dennis Cassin, esq. Oct. 17. At his father's, Clapton, Wm. White Bowman, esq. of Lombard-street, banker.

At Dedham-house, Essex, Mrs. Young, widow of the late adm. James Y.

At his son's, Charing-cross, aged 76, Mr. J. Lee, of Woolhampton, Berks, nearly 59 years a respectable inhabitant of the parish of St. Martin's-in-the-fields.

At Bath, Lady Eliz. Napier, who was married in 1762 to Sir Gerard N. bart. of More Critchell, Dorset, who died in 1765. Her ladyship was again married in 1779 to Jas. Webb, esq. who died in 1786. She was the daughter of Sir John Oglander, bart. of Nunwell, Isle of Wight, and Parnham, Dorset.

At Glencorse, near Edinburgh, in her 29th year, Justine Camilla Wynne, wife of A. Finlay, esq.

Oct. 18. At Hampstead, aged 17, Miss Isabella Balfour.

At Wingham house, Kent, Mrs. Hey, relict of the late Rev. T. Hey, D. D. rector of Wickham Breaux and Eastcourt, and prebendary of Rochester.

At Ballinkrokig, Upper Glanmire, Cork, at an advanced age, Garret R. Barry, esq. At Gibraltar, of the fever, T. G. Ryland, esq. deputy commissary-general.

Oct. 19. In Charles-street, Coventgarden, John Gale, esq.

In his 35th year, Mr. David Johnston, wine-merchant, of St. Dunstan's-hill.

At Hadley, of a cancer in her breast, the wife of Col. Thomas Steel.

At Leicester, in his 35th year, Wm. Stevens, esq. captain in the 3d reg. or Royal Buffs, second son of the late Rev. Dr. S. of Panfield, Essex. In the service of his king and country no man was more zealous. He particularly signalized himself at the battle of Albuera, where he received five severe wounds, one of which, by a ball in bis left-arm, that baffled the efforts of all medical skill to extract, he has carried to the grave. He has left a widow and one son.

Aged 73, Rev. H. Harris, rector of Whitwell, near Stamford, and vicar of Campdon, co. Gloucester, formerly of Emanuel College, Cambridge, A. B. 1765; M. A. 1768.

At Nice, in his 28th year, Mr. Jos. Newsome, son of James N. esq. of Wands. worth-lodge, Surrey.

Oct. 20. At Stepney, aged 62, James M'Whinter, esq. purveyor to the Forces. He had been 20 years in the service; which he joined in Flanders, when obliged to seek protection from the French Revolution in 1794. In consideration of his services, sufferings, and meritorious conduct, Government had allowed him to retire on full pay for life, which he enjoyed only five months, leaving a widow and family.

At Richmond, of a decline, aged 18, Jane Maria, second daughter of Dr. Smith. At Lympston, Devon, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Jos. Bissett, esq. of Barrowcourt, Somerset.

At Louth, in his 70th year, Rev. T. Orme, D. D. F. A. S.; formerly of St. John's college, Cambridge, B. A. 1767, M.A. 1770, D. D. 1793; prebendary of Louth in the church of Lincoln, Head-master of the Free Grammar-school founded by King Edw. VI. in Louth, and vicar of Barham, in that county. He was formerly headmaster of Oakham-school, co. Rutland; and highly respected.

At Paris, of gout in the stomach, in his 75th year, Mr. Philip Astley, sen. of the Royal Amphitheatre, Westminster-road. He was early in life a private in Elliott's Light Horse, and was distinguished for gallantry and knowledge of his profession. He attracted public notice by the entertainment of horsemanship in St. George's Fields. By talents, enterprize, and prudence, he gradually acquired considerable property, erected several theatres in this country, Ireland, and France, as well as many houses in Lambeth, and a few years ago resigned all his public concerns to his Son.

Oct. 21. Aged 63, Samuel Towle, esq. of Bridgewater-square.

In Montague-street, Portman-square, Col. Robert Moncton Grant, of the EastIndia Company's service.

Wm. Wrather, esq. of Gray's-inn-squ. At God's-house, Southampton, John Porteus, esq. brother to the late Bishop of London.

In his 77th year, Cornelius Stovin, esq. of Hirst Priory, co. Lincoln.

At Stoney Stanton, co. Leic. Mrs. Jervis, relict of the late Rev. W. J. of Lutterworth; and mother of Charles Jervis, esq. of the former place, and of Hinchley.

Oct. 22. Aged 41, Edw. Hawes, esq. of Mansell-street.

Jas. Johnson, esq. surgeon of the 1st batt. 9th foot.

At Cathkin, co. Lanark, in his 70th year, Walter Erving Maclac, esq.

Aged 77, A. Gibbes, esq. R. N. of Keynsham, many years regulating officer of Swansea.

Oct. 23. In Sun court, Threadneedlestreet, G. Brown, esq. of Stockton-on-Tees.



At his brother's, Chapel-street, Bedfordrow, aged 45, Benj. Richardson, esq.

In Judd-street, Brunswick-square, Mari anna, eldest daughter of Henry Edgeworth Bicknell, esq.

At Lewes, aged 85, John Whimble, gent. Isaac Harris Wrentmore, esq. of Boverton-farm, co. Glamorgan.

Oct. 24. Aged 75, Robert Manning, esq. of Hackney.

At Brighton, in his 67th year, Wm. Allen, esq. of Lewisham, and principal of the Hon. Society of Clifford's-inn.

Suddenly, Rev. H. Jenkins, of Leicester. Oct. 25. Aged 16, Miss Sophia Mason, of Crescent-place, New Bridge-street.

At Islington, aged 16, James, youngest son of H. W. Mortimer, esq.

At Hammersmith, Anne, daughter of Thos. Walmesley, esq. of Sholey, Lancash. At the parsonage, King's Langley, Herts, suddenly, Augusta, wife of Rev. Dr. Morgan.

At Cheltenham, in his 69th year, T. S. Turquand, esq. late of Exmouth, Devon. Aged 35, Anne, wife of C. Lawton, esq. of Lawton-hall, Cheshire.

Oct. 26. At Bristol, Geo. Cooksley, esq. many years steward to the late and present Earls of Dartmouth, &c.

In her 39th year, Mrs. Hunter, relict of Dr. H. and daughter of the late Alderman Bell, of Hull.

At Penrith, at an advanced age, Michael Remington, esq. banker, one of the society of Friends.

At Paris, the Chevalier Couchery, one of the members of the Legislative Body proscribed on the 18th Fructidor, and master of Requests attached to the Cabinet of the King.

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Oct. 27. In the Strand, aged 72, Robert Thatcher, esq.

At Battersea-rise, Clapham-common, in his 77th year, Francis Wilson, esq. a man of universal philanthropy and benevolence.

At Wootton-under-edge, co. Gloucester, aged 55, Daniel Lloyd, esq. late of Ashcroft-house, co. Gloucester. And on the 3d Nov. at Ulley, aged 58, Mrs. James Harris, his sister.

At Keynsham, in his 67th year, Rev. Isaac Scottridge, late of Paulton.

At Paris, whither he went for the recovery of his health, Henry Vernon, esq. of Wentworth-castle.

Oct. 28. James Ferguson, esq. of Southwark.

At Knightsbridge, aged 38, John Bourke, esq. late of Kingston, Jamaica.

At Walworth, Surrey, in her 52d year, the wife of Thos. Burne, esq.

Clara, youngest daughter of Geo. Green, esq. Blackwall.

Mr. Thos. Swithin, of the Bridge-yard, Tooley-street, surveyor.

At the parsonage, Chewton Mendip, Rev. John Kingsmill, vicar of that parish, and an acting magistrate for the county of Somerset.

Oct. 29. At his son-in-law's, the corner of Albany, Piccadilly, in his 61st year, Thos. Ovey, esq. of Mount Pleasant, near Reading, Berks.

At Charing-cross, G. Boulton, esq. of Leatherhead, formerly proprietor of the Golden-cross, Charing-cross; a man of a powerful understanding and considerable acquirements, and of a very friendly hospitable disposition.

At Bristol, aged 81, Mrs. Marshall, a pious and amiable lady.

At Beacon-hill, near Bath, Rev. T. Bere, M. A. rector of Butcombe, and in the commission of the peace for the county of Somerset, whose orthodox principles as a member of the Established Church, and upright conduct as a magistrate, added to a cheerful and affectionate disposition, will long endear his memory.

At St. Peter's hospital, Bristol, Mr. Alex. Duncan, many years the faithful and upright master of that establishment, in whom the publick have lost a valuable servant, the poor a kind indulgent master, and his friends a cheerful intelligent companion. He was a classical scholar of some eminence, a good herald, and well read in antient and modern history.


At Dodford, near Daventry, aged 61, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. J. Slade (vicar of Winsford in Somersetshire.) She was a woman of uncommon worth. conjugal and parental affection was of the purest kind, and has left an impression on the hearts of her surviving family, which time itself can never efface. With a clear and sound judgment, a most amiable temper, and a warm and affectionate heart, it is not surprising that she gained the esteem and admiration of all her friends and acquaintance. But there was no part of her character so remarkable as the excellence of her religious principle, which was her constant guide through life, en-, abling her to discharge her various duties with unremitting zeal and fidelity, and to bear a very long and painful illness with a patience that was seldom wearied, and a resignation that never complained. She died, as she lived, a sincere Christian.

At Wisham-house, Scotland, Rt. Hon. William Hamilton, Lord Belhaven and Stenton. He was born in 1765; and his claim to the Peerage was allowed by the House of Peers April 18, 1799. He married Penelope, daughter of Ronald Macdonald, of Clanronald, esq. by whom be has left issue, two sons, Robert and William, and five daughters.

Oct. 30. At the Duchess Dowager of Leeds, Lower Grosvenor-street, Maria, daughter of T. Anguish, esq. late account


ant-general of the High Court of Chaneery.

Peter Ainsley, esq. of Leman-street.

Aged 80, Martin Von Butchell, who has for many years attracted public notice by the peculiarities of his long beard and dress, his singular hand-bills, advertisements, &c. Among his other oddities, he kept the body of his first wife embalmed in a glass-case. Though his surgery was more specious than scientific, he is said to have been originally an excellent surgeons' instrument-maker. He was an almost constant frequenter of Hyde Park on Sundays, on his little horse.

At West-End, Hampstead, Sophia, wife of John Cary, esq.

At Cambridge, in consequence of being crushed whilst entering the gateway of the Blue Boar inn, on the roof of the Ipswich coach, which caused his death in a few hours, the Rev. Gawen Brathwaite, B. D. Fellow of St. John's college.

At Leicester, in her 69th year, Mrs. Mary Warner.

At Oxford, in her 56th year, Mrs. Martha Bliss, widow of the late Mr. R. B. bookseller.

Oct. 31. At her uncle's, Jas. Cobb, esq. Russell square, aged 13, Charlotte Miller Brown.

In Devonshire-street, Devonshire-place, Mrs. St. John Charlton, widow of the late St. John Charlton, esq. of Apley-castle, Salop.

At Ramsgate, in her 84th year, Right Hon. Elizabeth Baroness Conyngham, eldest daughter of the late Rt. Hon. N. Clements, Ranger of the Phoenix Park, Dublin, grandfather of the present Earl of Leitrim, for whom the Lodge in the Pho nix Park was built, and at his decease purchased by Government, as the country residence for the Vice-Royal representative. Her ladyship has left two sons, Earl Conyngham, and Hon. Franeis Nathaniel Burton, M.P. for the county of Clare, Ireland, who is twin-brother to the Earl; and two daughters, Mrs. Weldon, and Miss Burton.

At Letchlade, co. Gloucester, in her 774th year, Mrs. Catherine Bowles, relict of Rev. Rich. Bowles, B. D. formerly Fellow of Trinity college, Oxford, and rector of St. Nicholas, Abingdon. She was a woman of exemplary piety and extensive benevo lence; unwearied in the application of a liberal fortune to the noblest of purposes→→ the relief of every species of human calamity within her knowledge or influence. By her friends her loss will be long and severely felt:to her dependants, and the poor, it would be irreparable, were it not alleviated by the consolatory anticipation, "that a portion of her spirit will accompany the inheritance of her possessions;" and, "that the example she has bequeath→ ed with thear, will speak from the grave

and powerfully operate to their continued employment, in the same channels of humanity and beneficence."

LATELY. In her 61st year, Miss Gainsborough, of Sudbury, niece to the late eminent artist.

At Chelsea, Althamiah Jane, only dau. of Capt. Butterfield, R. N.

In Phillimore-place, Kensington, aged 73, Mrs. Susanna Langford, who for above. 20 years kept one of the most respectable preparatory seminaries for young gentlemen near the metropolis, from which she retired about two years since.

Mr. James Murray, who had recently come into possession of a considerable sum of money by the death of a relation in India; about 12,000%. of which he has bequeathed for the building a Lunatio Asylum there.

Bedfordshire.At Ampthill, Mrs. Pawsey, relict of Jos. P. esq.

Berks. At Reading, aged 68, Wm. Brough, gent. a kind affectionate husband, a good father, and a sincere ap right friend.

In his 58th year, John Stephens, esq. an alderman of Reading.

At Maidenhead, Mrs. Cassandra Shaw, eldest daughter of L. Norman, esq. chief magistrate of that borough.

Near Newbury, Miss Budd, an antient maiden lady, well known for her singular character, and for her numerous charities round her neighbourhood, over the dis tribution of which she was wont to attend, in a very singular kind of low taxed-cart, which was her constant vehicle.

At Binfield, very suddenly, J. Buckeridge, esq. lieut.-colonel in the army, and a magistrate for the county.

Bucks. At the parsonage-house, Stoke Pogeis, aged 84, Robert Waller, esq. Cambridgeshire. The wife of Thomas Page, esq. of Ely.

At Cambridge, Chas. Isola, M. A. one of the esquire bedels of the University..

Cheshire.At Chester, aged 80, Mrs. Fletcher, sister of the late Col. F. of Gweenhayled, co. Flint.

At Hartford, near Northwich, Thos. Bancroft, esq. of Liverpool.

Aged 78, Mrs. Brown, relict of Thos. Brown, esq. of Whitby-hall, near Eastham. Thos. Clifton, esq. of Newall, near Otley, barrister,

Rev. Wm. Evans, minister of the In dependent congregation at Stockport.

Cornwall.At Truro, aged 76, Mr. Jos. Ferris, one of the capital burgesses of that borough,

Aged 83, Mrs. Roe, relict of J. R. esq. alderman of Launceston.

At Crugsillick Veryan, aged 80, John Kempe, esq.

Cumberland At Alston, aged 43, Henry Walton, esq. mineralogist,


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