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Rev. Jacob George Wrench, S. C. L.

Stouting R. Kent.
Nou. 1. Jean de Paris ; a Comic Drama, Rev. Thomas Spencer, Minor Canon of
translated from the French.

Canterbury, Halstow V. Kent.

Rev. Wm. Gorsuch Rowland, M. A. to
Nov. 12. John of Paris ; an Opera. The a Prebend in Lichfield Cathedral, vice
story is the same as that of “Jean de Carver, deceased.
Paris," performed at the sister-theatre. Rev. A. Kirsteman, A. M. Bermondsey
Both are taken from an Operatic petite R. vice Payler, deceased.
piece performing at one of the minor Pa- Rev. George Ion, M. A. Thorndon R.
risian Theatres; one of those light and Suffolk.
not unpleasing trifles with which the French Rev. Warre Bradley,+9icar of Chard, to
Stage abounds.

the Prebend of Ashill in Wells Cathedral,

vice Sumner, deceased. GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

Rev. John Samuel Baron, B. A. Brill Foreign-office, Oct. 25. Right hon. George and Boarstall Perpetual Curacies, Bucks. Canning, Ambassador Extraordinary and Rev. W. Allen, M. A. Head-master of Plenipotentiary to the Prince Regent of Bolton School, living of Peel, Lancashire, Portugal.-Louis Duncan Casamajor, esq. Rev. Wm. Wilkinson, rector of South Secretary to the said Embassy.

Croxton, Loseby R. co. Leic.
Foreign-office, Nov. 1. John Parkinson, Rev. Evan Holliday, vicar of Llavarth-
esq. Consul at Konigsberg, Memel, Pillau, ney, Carmarthenshire, Chaplain of Sheer-
and all other ports and places in East ness Dockyard.

Rev. Townley Clarkson, M. A. St. An.
Whitehall, Nov. 8. William Adam, esq. drew's V. Cambridge.
King's Counsel, one of the Barons of the Rev. R. Webb, Minor Canon of St.
Exchequer in Scotland, vice Hepburn, re- Paul's Cathedral, and Vicar of Keusworth,

Herts, St. Mary Magdalen and St. Gregory
Downing-street, Nov. 11. Lieut. col. H. United Parishes, London, vice Clarke, dec.
King, Lieut.-governor of Heligoland. Rev. James Meakin, St. John's R. Bed-

Foreign-office, Nov. 15. Richard Bel- wardine, Worcester. grave Hoppner, esq. Consul-general at Rev. Thomas Penrose, LL. B. Writtle Venice, and in the Austrian territories in V. cum Roxwell, Essex, vice Berkeley, dec. the Adriatic.

Rev. Wm. Everett, B. D. Rumford Cua P. 391. a. 1. 47, read P. C. Tupper, esq.

racy, Essex,

Rev. Charles Phillips, vicar of Pem-

broke, to a Prebend in St. David's Cathed. Rev. Edward Ellis, Second Master of Rev. Robert Fisk, B. D. Winden Lofts Westminster School, vice Page.

R. with Elmdon annexed, Esser.
Rev. Wilson Banks, B. A. Master of Rev. C. Watson, Melton R. Suffolk.
Butterwick Free Sehool, Lincolnshire, vice Rev. Peter Schrimshire Wood, M. A. to

the Deanery of Middleham, Yorkshire. Rev. John Waite, Head-master of Louth Rer. Robert Ralph-Smith, M. A. CoFree Grammar-school.

lerne V. Wilts, vice Wells, resigneu. Oct. 6. Rev, John Burnet Wittenoom, Rav. J. Poore; M. A. late curate of M. A. Master of Newark School, Notts. South Stoneham, Hants, Marston R. Kent.

Nov. 4. Rev. Dr. Thackeray, provost of -Previous to this genreman's departure King's College, Vice-chancellor of Cam- from Stoneham, the rarishioners presented bridge for the ensuing year.

him with an elegant piece of plate, value

1001. in testimony of their approbation of ECCLESIASTICAL PreferMENTE. his service Rev. J. Jackson, M.A. Vicar of Os

Rev. . F. Nott, D. D. prebendary of pringe, Kent, Offord Darcy R. Hunts, Wing: Ster, to the Prebend of Torleton,

Griesdale, deceased. vice Greene deceased.

vikev. R. B. Francis, Roughton V. Norf. Rev. Isaac Crouch, M. A. Narborough

Rev. Walker Gray, Cullumpton V. R. Leicestershire.

(otherwise Upton Weave), Devon. Rev. H. Sissmore, LL. D. Wedleyec.

with Wimering, Hants, vice Oglandelfe, Lincola Cathedral.

Rev. Robert Stevens, to a Prebend in
Rev. E. John Bury, A. B. Lesigned.
alias Litchfield, R. vice William. Hants.
Rev. Mr. Haygarth, Uphigbay Perpe-

Rev. R. Linton, Fotkshire, vice Tait, Frocester V. with Nympsfield R. Glouc.

Rev. George Hayward, M. A. to hold tùal Curacy, Northam

Rev. N. Ruddock, Stockland V, Bristol, deceased.

y, M. A. Normanton with Westbury-cum-Priddy. Rev. T. K. Boʻoningsby R. co. Linc, R. Rutland, ared,

Rev. C. M. Mount, to hold Hanniagton

V, with Helmedon R, both co, Lincoln, vice Tait, dec


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Oct. 6. Lieut. W. H. Bent, Royal Horse March 28. In New South Wales, the Artillery, to Charlotte, second daughter wife of his Excellency Governor M'Quar. of Major-gen. Rimington, R. A. rie, a son and heir.

10. W. E. Taunton, esq. of ChanceryAug. 28. At Dromoland, co. Clare, the lane, to Maria, youngest daughter of H. lady of Sir Edw.O'Brien, bart. M. P. a son. W. Atkinson, esq. of the Royal Mint.

Oct. 21. In Piccadilly, the wife of Geo. 11. At Salcomb, Devon, Capt. Burn, Baker, esq. a daughter.- -22. In Half- 3d, or King's Own Drag. to Eliza, eldest moon-street, the wife of Sarnuel Merri. daughter of the late W. K. Hewitt, esq. of mau, M.D. a son. -24. In Great George- Cashoo Estate, St. Elizabeth's, Jamaica. street, the wife of Jos. Marryat, esq. M. P. 13. Capt. W. H. Mulcaster, R. N. to a dau.At St. Petersburg, the lady of Sophia, youngest daughter of the late Col. his Excellency Sir Gore Ouseley, bart. Van Cortlandt. (Ambassador Extraordinary to the Court At Otterden, Kent, Rev. John Baker, of Persia), a da.--25. Al Paris, the son of John B. esq. M. P. to Miss TatDuchess of Orleans, a son, who will bear tersall, of Hall's place, Kent. the name of the Duke of Nemours.

14. Barlow, eldest son of J. Trecothick, 26. Mrs. Paulet St. John Mildmay, a son. esq. to Eliza, second daughter of Rev.

-27. At Glin-house, co. Limerick, the Dr. Strachey, archdeacon of Suffolk.
lady of the Knight of Glin, a daughter. 15. Capt. H. Morton, 14th Foot, to

Lately. In Arlington-street, Countess of Martha, eldest daughter of Lieuti-gen.
Pembroke, a dau... Lady Thurlow, a son. Gainmell, Southampton-place, New-road.
--In Gloucester-place, the wife of Col. At St. Martin's in the Fields, Capt.
Hughes, M. P. a dau. In Wimpole. Fred. Hunn, R. N. to Emma, only daugh.
street, the wife of J. Archer Houblon, esq. ter of Vice-adm. Pickmore.
M. P. a son.- Lady Frances Osborn, of At Blechington, Oxon, T. Tyrwhitt
Brompton, a son.-The lady of Sir C. M. Drake, esq. M. P. to Barbara Caroline,
Burrell, West Grinstead Park, a son. At second dau, of A. Annesley, esq.
Stoke-hall, Newark, the lady of Sir R. H. 17. Fred. Bozon, esq. of Plymouth
Bromley, bart. R. N. a dau..At Mélton Nock, to Amelia, eldest daughter of Rev.
Mowbray, Lady Eliz. Norman, a son. Dr. Price, dean of Salisbury, &c.
At Grundisburgh, Suffolk, the wife of Mr. At Kilmarnock, J. Reed, M. D. to Jean,
Serj. Frere, a dau. --At Bath, the wife of eldest daughter of the late Dr. Torrance,
Lieut.-col. Tuffaell, a son.At Mon- of Kilmarnock.
mouth, the wife of R. G. Keogh, esq. a 20. Robert Warden, esq. .of Park-hill,
son and heir...At Newcastle, the wife of co. Stirling, to Helen, eldest daughter of
Dr. Trotter, a son. In Dublin, the wife Sir Archibald Dunbar, bart, of Northfield,
of Prancis Savage, esq. a son and heir.- 22. At Tottenham, Major-gen. Dillon,
In Dublin, the wife of Rt. hon. Maurice to Letitia Elizabeth, second daughter of
Fitzgerald, knight of Kerry, a dau. At the late Wm. Knox, esq.
Madrid, the wife of W. Duff Gordon, esq. 25. Rev. Edward Warren, sixth son of the
M. P, a son.

late Sir Robert W. barti of Warren-court,
Nov. 1. In St. James's-square, Coun. co. Cork, to Eliza, youngest daughter of
tess of Bristol, a son.---3. The lady of James Badham Thornhill, esq.
Sir Wm. Vole, bart. a dau..At North Rev. Joseph R. Cotter, youngest son of
Hoiuse, Brighan, Hon. Mrs. Murray, a the Rev. George Sackville C. and nephew
dau. -4. At Dulwich, the lady of Sir of Sir James Laurence Cotter, bart. of
Robert Graham, bar, a dan. ----At Uf- Rockfc csus fo. Cork, to Anne Charlotte
fington-house, co. Linc. the Countess of Butler, wiece oi Ns. William Bennet, Lord
Lindsey, a son and heir.- 10. At Suf- Bishop of Cloyne.
folk-place, Cambridge-heath, the wife of 127. At Ballymagooty, co. Cork, Joho
Rev. J. S. Sergrove, LL. B. a

Wise, esq. of Cork, to Henrietta, second 13. At King Weston, the wife of Dic

dau. of Sir James Laureace Cotter, bart. of kioson, esq. M. P. a dau.--20. At krd

Rockforest. co. Cork. Le Despencer's, Hanover-square, Viscoui, Lately. Mr. E. Buler of Bruton-street, tess Jocelyn, a daughter.

Miss Jane Sandy's, daughter of the late

I. J. Sandys of lammersmith.

3. Rev. William Homer, of Ap-
Sepi. 7. At Fermoy, co. Cork, Capt. pleby, a. Leic. to Sarah, eldest daughter
Richard England, 12th Foot, eldest son of Edwa, Homer, esq. of West Town, So-
of the late Lieuto-gen. E, to Anna Maria, mersetshirt
second daughter of John Anderson, esq.

5. Mr. D: of Fermoy-house, and sister of sir James Liverpool

, Aere Gordon Hutchison, of

pt, to Sarah, youngest Caleb Anderson, bart.

dau. of the date Ah

dickinson, esq. Leeds. 28. Joshua Bacon, esq. of pover-place,

10. Tuomas Edhe

Dicey, esq. of to Mary, third daughter of". S. Aldersey, Claybrcok-hall, co. Lto Anne-Mary, esq. of St. Mary-le-bone.

youngest dau.of James

hen, esq.M.P.



JOHN BEAUMONT, ESQ. Nov. 8,1814, Died, in his 820 year, John and opposition. « Our first object and Beaumont, esq. Registrar of the Royal Hu- chief difficulty," says his late coadjutor mane Society. This venerable and wor- Dr. Hawes, “ were to remove the dethy man was descended from that ancient structive incredulity which prevailed. Our and respectable family the Beaumonts of attempts were treated, not only by the Whitley in Yorkshire, was bred to the pro- vulgar, but by some of the learned, even fession of his father, an eminent Apothe- by men of eminence as physicians and cary in Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, philosophers, as idle and visionary, and (where he was born Sept. 12, 1733,) and placed upon a level with professiv g to commenced business in 1758, in Villiers- raise. tbe dead. Such prejudices were street, in the Strand. In 1774. Mr. first to be removed by incontes:ibie facts Beaumont was one of the first members of our own.

Happily, the animated exwho associated with Dr. Hawes and Dr. ertions of a few individuals enabled us to Cogan, in the formation of the Humane produce them."-]n 1794 Mr. Beaumont Society. The former (Dr. H.) is gone to in. was appointed Registrar and Secretary of herit the reward of a life most disinterest- the Royal Humane Society, in the room edly and assiduously devoted to the pre- of Dr. Hawes, wlio was chosen Treasurer ; servation of the lives of his fellow-crea- and after the death of that lamented friend, tures *; while the latter (Dr. C.) survives, in 1808, paid the rewards adjudged by an honour to bis country, and highly en- the Managers to the several claimants who titled to our warmest respect, not only as

had been active and useful in the preserthe joint Founder of the Royal Humane ration of life.--In 1802, it may be added, Society, but for his brilliant mental ac- Mr. Beaumont was elected a Member of complishments.- Mr. Beaumont accepted the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, the important but gratuitous office of a Manufactures, and Commerce; and was Medical Assistant; and shortly afterwards an useful attendant at their public meetwas twice honourably gratified, by being ings and Committees; as he was also on presented with the Medal of the Society, the Committee of the Society for the Re. for two remarkable cases of accident in ljef of Widows and Orphans of Medical the River Thames, near Hungerford-stairs, men.-Modest and unassuming in his ges in which the lives of two valuable mem- neral habits of life, Mr. Beaumont never bers of society were happily restored. The was ambitious or anxious to become a particulars of both these cases are very - popular character. Being of a domestic fully and correctly stated in the Annual turn, he confined himself to the practice Report of the Humane Society for 1776. of his profession; which he pursued, forMr. Beaumont, subsequently, attended the very long period of 56 years, with the more than foUR HUNDRED CASES, either strictest punctuality and integrity; and alone, or with other Medical Assistants, which enabled him to bring up a large carefully employing the usual means for family, with comfort to himself, and the recovery, and generally with success. approbation of his relatives and friends These great exertious were the more praise. by, a large circle of whom, as he lived worthy, as, in the infancy of the Humane respected, so has he died lamented: but Society, the bare atteinpt at resuscita- they have the consolation io reflect, tion was encountered both with ridicule that, he has come to his grave in a full

age, like as a shock of corn cometh in, * See a tribute to his memory in vol. in his season." LXXVIII. p. 1121; and the inscription on A good Portrait of Mr. Beaumont is his monument in Islington church, in vol. prefixed to the “ Annual Report of the LXXXI. p. 307.

Royal Humane Society for the year 1813."

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DEATHS. 1813. WM. Duff Lindsay, fourth son years he was most zealously and disinterestDec.... of Hon. Robt. L. of Balcar- edly devoted hiinself to the Christian minis. ras, midshipman of H. M. ship the Loire, try in the connexion of the late Mr. John who was sent prize-master in the Americ Wesley ; by whom, at the termination of can brig Renown, prize to the Loire, sup- the Revolutionary war, he was appointed posed to have foundered at sea on the a superiutendant of the Methodist Epis, passage from Halifax to Bermuda.

copal Church in America. For the last 1814, May 3. On his voyage to India 28.years he discharged, with unremitting with six Missionaries intended for Ceylon diligence, the extensive duties of Geneand Java, Rev. Thos. Coke, LL. D. a very ral Superintendant of the Methodist Miszealous and able divine, and most ex- sions; which so warmly engaged his ac. cellent man. Dr. Coke was born at Bre. tive and incessant energies, that he many éon in Wales, educated at Jesus College, times crossed the Atlantic, visiting the Oxford, and eptered into orders in the West India Islands, and travelling tough Established Church. During the last 40 the United States. GENT. MAG. November, 1814.


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July 7. In the Island of Cyprus, Lieụt.- public loss,ếhe carried through his illeol. Rooke, formerly Major of the 100th ness a superior mind, and, indeed, none foot, with the brevet rank of Lieut.-colonel. but a good man could have left the world For his services at the siege of Ancona in as he did,

-on his own account there is no 1799, as a volunteer acting with the Rus- cause of regret, for 1 verily believe he is sian Army, he had the Order of St. Anne, translated to a betier world.” -- Another of the Second Class, conferred upon him says, Infinitely more admirable has his by the late Emperor of Russia.

end been than his day of life.--I never July 19. On his journey to the East witnessed' a scene so truly great as this Indies by land, aged 29, William Cba- our friend's separation from his wife and Vasse, esq. an officer in the Company's children; it raises my esteem and respect service. He came to England to impart to veneration for this noble-minded man." to the Board of Admiralty au Invention of Another, “ I firmly believe that a more his on the Longitude ; returned in the poble "and generous spirit never parted Spring for India, and was joined by Capt. from a human frame.” The last collected Macdonald, the bearer of public dispatches, words he spoke, contained a message to at Constantinople. They too fainily re- a friend in Europe, who he knew dearly solved, instead of performing their jour- loved him, is assure him of his belief in, ney to India by the accustomed route, to and reliance on, the grand doctrines of the explore, from iheir over-sanguine ardour, "Gospel. the tract described hy Xenophon on his Aug. 14. On his passage from the West return with bis retreating army. By this Indies, of the yellow fever, Lieut. Wm. they experienced many hardships on their Way, of H. M. ship Sapphire. way, were imprisoned in a dungeon by Aug. 23. In Spanish town, Jamaica, a Kurdish Chief, at a place called Ingra, Lewis Lamotte, esq. barrister-at-law. not far from Bagdad, and ransomed them- Sept. 5. On board the Batavia, just selves by paying 800 piastres. The un- arrived from Bombay, Gen Waddington. fortunate Chavasse was seized with a Sept. 8. At Middleham, Yorkshire, Mrs. brain fever on their liberation. His friend Spence, wife of Simon Si esq. and daughand fellow-traveller put him on a raft on ter of the late Mr. Christopher Jackson. the River Tigris, to reach Bagdad the Sept. 9. At Hoddesdon, in his 82d year, sooner, for medical assistance; but he H. Grimes, esq. late captain in the 15th Lt. died on the raft, almost in sight of that Drag. and last surviving officer that was city, and was buried by him in a retired at the battle of Emsdorf in 1760. spot on the banks of the River Tigris. Sept. 11. At Paisley, in his 89th year, Thus, in the very prime of youth, has Mr. John Love, late Collector of the Cus. fallen a gallant officer of the most pro- toms at Tobermory. mising enterprize, of the gentlest man

Sept. 12.

Whilst leading on the ad. ners, and of the mildest affections, the vance of the British troops against the loss of whose public and private virtues American lines before Baltimore, Lieut. has left the deepest impression of sorrow

James Gracie, of the light company 21st on the minds of the Indian army, his fusileers, son of the late James G. esq. many friends, and most disconsolate re- of Dumfries. Lieut. G. with 20 picked lations. The enthusiasm which he dis- men, led the attack on the memorable played in all his pursuits, determined battle of Bladensburgh, and was wounded him to keep a Journal of this new route in the under-lip. to India ; and from bis high capabilities, Sept. 15. At his father's house, Upper from the earnest he had already given of Seymour-street, Portman-square, in his suitable talents in former minor produc- 20th year, James Roper Chambers, esg. of tions, this Journal offered hopes, that Triniiy College, Cambridge, eldest son of from such a zealous frame of mind, a Sir Samuel Chambers, of Bredgar House, work of rare occurrences might have been Kent. Youth has lost an exemplary moproduced, replete with those attractions del of every amiable quality in the prewhich gratify taste, and enlarge the pub- mature death of this superior young man. lic stock of information.

Endowed with a fine natural understand. July 24. At his estate, Rome, in the ing, he never ceased to acquire knowledge colony of Demarary, of an infiammatory and information from constant applica, fever, Hon. Robert Augustus Hyndman, tion both at school and at the universidagi one of the Members of his Majesty's and such was bis success, that it drew Council for the Island of Dominica; a forth the highest encomiums from all his man of the most enlarged and enlightened tutors. With a mind thus cultivated, he mind, 'whose character may be in some de- possessed manners the most refined and gree appreciated by the following extracts elegant, extending the influence of the most of letters from the scene of his last mo- benevolent of hearts towards all within ments.-" The last packet carried you an his kuowledge, by a polite attention even account of the death of our much respect- to his inferiors; thus did he appear to the ed friend, Mr. Hyodman. I consider it a world, aided by the most graceful form

; and

he pur

and beauteous countenance, which were history and manvers of Wales. He was the admiration of every stranger, though at the expence of publishing all the anto himself evidently not a moment of tient poetry, and various documents of thought, by the total absence of every history, in 3 vols. of the Archaiology of species of vanity or affectation. To view Wales; the entire works of David ap him in the domestic circle of his own fa- Gwilym; and other publications. He has mily, every social viriue shone conspi- has also caused transcripts (regularly arcuous, whether as the most dutiful of sons, ranged) to be made of all the unpub. or the most affectionate of brothers : the lished poetry down to the close of the 17th developement of bis character in this in- century, comprising about 60 quarto vostance could only be discovered by the lumes. In 1772, Mr. Jones and several intimates of the house (the happy pris others of congenial minds formed the vilege of the friend who feebly attempts Gwyneddigion (or Cambrian) Society; this sketch), since they were never made their object was, to patronize and encourpublic to gain applause; but numberless age the bards of Wales, and to stu<ly the were the instances of his affectionate con- antient British language, also to sing with sideration for his parents from the earliest the harp. They called several eisteddvods, period of bis infancy. His high noble or meetings of the bards, in different parts spirit could only be raised by indignation of Wales; and those who produced the at the corruption of the world; it was best poems on a given subject, were reever accompanied by a mildness of ter- warded with handsome silver medals, &c. per and sweetness of disposition which Mr. Jones has always been considered as made him deplore, rather than reproach, the father of the society, and he was the errors of his neighbours. The sensi- universally respected and beloved by the bility of his heart was not confined to members. Mr. Jones has left a widow a mere selfish affection for his own family; and three children. Such was this patriot's the friendships he formed were character- love of his native country, that ised by a warmth and sincerity congenial chased some land lately near the spot to the worth of those" on whom they were where he was born, and built an excellent bestowed. His memory will long be house on it, which he bequeathed to his cherished by his friends, as his example son, with a request that it may be always will be beld forth for ages in his own fa- kept in the family, mily, whose grief for his loss can only At his son-in-law's, John Butler, esq. be soothed by their resignation to the will Ramsbury, Wilts, Capt. Dobree, R. N. of the Alm ghty--(The date of Mr. Cham- At the Hot-Wells, Bristol, in his 20th bers's death has been mis-stated in p.405.] year, Frederick, youngest son of the late Sept. 24.

At Paris, on his way to the Edward Kemble, esq. of Watling-street. South of France, for the recovery of his At Jamaica, Mr. William Clowes, of health, Luke Foreman, esq. of Upper H. M. ship the North Star, a native of Harley-street,

Wingham, Kent.-At Amiens, on his return from Paris, in Sept. 28. The wife of C. Beazley, esq. his 23d year, Ralph, eldest son of Pitt of Whitehall. Hewitt, esų. of Bolton-le-Moor's, co. Lanc., At the High Willows, Turnford, Herts, Sept. 25.

At Guildford, the wife of aged 52, Evan Pritchard, esq. John James, esq.

At Benacre Hall, Suffolk, Anne Maria, At Stock, Essex, the wife of J. Harwood, wife of Sir Thos. Gooch, bart, and daughesg.

ter of Wm. Hayward, esq. of Surrey. At White Roothing, Essex, Rev. John Sept. 29. Susannah, wife of Wm.WatGrundy Thompson, M. A. late curate of son, esq. of Queen-square. that parish.

At her brother's, Col. Goldfinch, Hythe, At Lanarth, Wm. Digby Sandys, esq. of Mrs. Agnew, widow of Maj.-gen. A. MaTrinity college, Cambridge.

dras Establishment. Aged 58, Isaac Hartman, esq. of St. Suddenly, in his 78th year, W. Bratt, Croix.

esq. of Grove House, Handsworth. Sept. 26. Aged 69, Princess de Chi- At Portsmouth, suddenly, Major-gen. may, born Fitz-James, daughter of the Fisher, the Commanding Royal engineer late Marshal Fitz-James--She was of the in that division, brother of the Bishop of blood of the Stirarts, and grand-daughter 'Salisbury. of Marshal Berwick, who so powerfully Of a declive, Mary, daughter of Rev. contributed to the conquest of Spain for Joha Senior, of Iron Acton, co. Gloucester. Philip V.

Sept. 30. Sarah Jemima, wife of J. Bur. In Upper Thames-street, aged 74, Mr. chell, esq. Duchess-street, Portland-place. Owen Jones, furrier, through life a great At Snydall, near Ferrybridge, co. York, admirer and promoter of the Welsh lan- in his 48th year, James Torre, esq. juo. guage, and patron of such individuals as lieut.-colonel of the East York militia. exerted themselves in the various literary Sept. ... At Inverness, 3ged 70, Rev. pursuits tending to throw lustre on the Dr. Tait, who had enjoyed the rectories of


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