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cheated to the Lord of the Manor, and he tne Barony of Bopnin rests. 6. The Hon. freeholds to bis Majesty.

Are the num- Thomas Nugent, lord chief justice, creato' bers born on ship board during this very ed Baron Riverston; which title has des long warfare still witbout the confort (cold scended to his great grandson William as it generally is) of even a parish for Thomas Nugent, Lord Riverston.-N: B. a final resort?"

Hales, Earl of Tenterden, in Kent; is an Sept. 29. In St.Giles's, Norwich, aged 84, English peerage; and Debrett is incorrect the Rev. Thos. Howes, rector of Mourning- in placing it in the list of peerages conthorpe, co. Norfolk, 1756, and of Thorndon, ferred in Iceland by James Bl.Perrar in co. Suffolk, 1773.--H: was a profound scho. his History of Limerick states, that Do-, lar, and the forinidable antagonist (with minick Roche, of the house of Fermoy, Bp.Horsley) of the late Dr. Priestley, in the was created Baron Tarbert and Viscount Trinitarian controversy in 1781. In 1784, Cabiravolla by James II.; but this seems he published a Sermon preached at Nor- questionable. It has been said that the wich, at the primary visitation of Bishop title of Riverstop was offered to be conferBagót; and was the Auihor of “ Critical red by a new patent, in 1800, to the late Observations on Books ancient and mo- Lord (as in the case of Lord Kenmare); dern,” and several theological works. but the offer being accompanied by a conwas of Clare Hall, Cambridge, A. B. 1746. dition to wbich his Lordship could not con

Sept. At Flower-hill, co. Galway, the scientiously accede, he thought proper to Right Hon. Anthony Nugent, Lord River- decline the proffered honour. ston, Baron Nugent of Riverston, co. Lately, At her mother's, Hon. Mrs. Gage, Galway His Lordship married, June 25, Great Cumberland-street, the wife of Capt. 1772, Olivia, daughter of Artbur French, Ogle, R. N. esq. of Tyrone, co. Galway, by whom he In consequence of tåking opium whilst had issue, William-Thomas, Arthur-An- in a state of junacy, J. Hogarth Johnstone, thouy, and Olivia Emilia. The title de. esq. of Great Marylebone-street. volves to his eldest son, the Hon. William- At Knightsbridge, in consequence of an Thomas Nugejit, of Paiace, now Lord accidental puncture in her arm with a pair Riverston.---The Peerage of Riverston was of scissars, which from negleet became conferred by King James ll. by patent inflamed, and brought on a fatal "fever, dated at Dublin, April 3, 1689. on the aged 22, Mary, daughter of J. Knott, esq. Hon. Thomas Nugent, Lord Chief Justice At Brook-house, Clapton, Rev. Sir Caof Ireland, lineal ancestor of the late Peer. rew Vyvyan, bart. of Trelowarren, CornLord Chief Justice Nugent, the first Ba. wall. Having left no issue, the title des ron Riverston, was the second son of volves on Vyel Vyvyan, esq. of TreloRichard Nugent, second Earl of West- warren, meath, aud eleventh Barou Deivin. Of At Stoke Newington, Joseph Gurney the titles conferred by King James II. in Bevan, a teacher among the society of Ireland after the abdication, the titles of Friends, and a man held in deserved estiKenmare, De Burgh of Bophip, and Ri- mation by that community. verston, alone exist. Of these tities the At Bradford, Yorkshire, much respected, following is a correct list : Ist, Richard aged 80, Mr. Cowling Ackroyd, ironmooger. Talbot, Earl of Tyrconnel, iord deputy of Oct. 2. At Brighton, in her 74th yert, Ireland, created Duke of Tyrconnel, ex- Sarab Countess of Denbign, widow of the tinct. 2. General Patrick Sarsfield, creata late Basil 6th Earl of Denbigh and Desed Earl of Lucan, extinct. 3. Sir Valentine mond, grandfather of the present Earl, a Browne, bart, created Visc. Kenmare and minor. Her ladyship as youngest daughBaron of Castlerosse; his descendant Va- ter of Edward Farnhamn, esq. of QuornJentine, the fifth Viscount (under this don, co. Leicester. She was born Oct. palent), was created in 1798, Viscount 25, 1741; apd married May 3, 1769, to Kenmare : in the patent he is styled Sir Sir Charles Halford, bart. (who died .. Valentine Browne, bart. (the title granted 1780). She was married, secondly, July by King James not heing allowed), and 21, 1783, to Basil Fieiding, the late Earl of in 1800 he was further advanced to the Denbigh and Desmond; and by his lord. dignity of Earl of Kenmaie. 4. Sir Alex. ship's death, July 14, 1800, was again left der Fitton, knt. Lord Chancellor of Ire- a widow. Her remains were deposited at Jand, created Baron Gauswarth, extinct. Wistow, with those of her first husband; 5. The Hon. Colonel John Bourke, created under whose will, the lordship of Wiston Baron De Burgh of Bophin ; this noble- with its appurtenances (now worth between man afterwards succeeded to the Earldom three and four thousand pounds a year) of Cianricarde on the decease of his elder devolves to Sir Henry Halford, bart. the brother, Richard, eighth Earl ; he was deservedly eminent physician. Lady Dengreat grandfather of the late Marquis of bigh's personal property is principally de. Clanricarde, and great great grandfather vised to Edw. Farnham, esq. her youngest of the present and thirteenth Earl of and only surviving brother, who has a nų. Clanricarde, in whom the pretension to merous young family.


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Oct. 11. At Bromley, Middlesex, aged and advocate; and all the poor with whom 79, Mr. Thomas Browne.

he was in the reinotest degree connected At his rectory-house, Stoney-Stanton, have sustained a severe loss. Leicestershire, iu bis 720 year, the Rev. Oct. 13. At Edinburgh, in an advanced Robert Boucher Nickolls, LL.D. This gen- age, Mrs. Mackenzie, relict of Lieut. Rotleman, a native of the West Indies, was derick M., formerly of Linessie, near Beuly, presented, in 1779, to the rectory of Stoney Ross-shire, N. B. The many excellent quaStanton, by the Earl of Huntingdon; and, lities which this lady possessed, rendered in 1786, to the collegiate deanery of Mid- her universally beloved and respected : an dlebam in Yorkshire, by the duke of North- unaffected piely to her Maker, a generous umberland, for his servies as chaplain to benevolence to her fellow-creatures, toge. the fifth regiment of foot in America, and ther with an uninterrupted sweetness of for his loyalty in that war. He published, disposition and cheerfulness of mind, were in 1782, a Discourse preached at Leicester, the Christian graces that shone in every May 6, at the visitation of the Archdeacon, part of her character, producing in her a from 1 Tim. iv. 15, under the title of “ The striking instance of the blessed effects of general Objects of Clerical Attention con- Religion without austerity, full of hope and sidered, with particular Reference to the full of good fruits. According to her depresent Times ;” in which the peculiar sire, her remains were interred in the Grey doctrines of Christianity are inculcated Friars churchyard, in the tomb of the ce-, with great energy, in opposition to the lebrated Sir George Mackenzie, who was principles of Hobbism; and he distin- the head of the Lochslin family, and to guished himself honourably, in 1788, by a whom, by the mother's side, she was nearly very humane pamphlet on the Slave Trade, related. under the title of " A Letter to the Trea- Oct. 15. Aged 20, James Roper Chamsurer of the Society instituted for the pur. bers, esq. who shall be more fully noticed pose of effecting the Abolitiou of the Slave in our next. Trade;" (see our vol. LVIII. p. 54.). In Oct. 18. At Wingham-house, Kent, at answer to a request of Mr. Nichols, to be a very advanced age, universally beloved furnished with a list of his publications for and lamented, Mrs. Hey, relict of the his “ History of Leicestershire,” the good Rev. Thomas Hey, D. D. late rector of Dean said, “ I have done nothing of im- Wickam-Breaux and Eastchurch in the portance enough to merit notice; and the said County, and prebendary of Rochester. things I have published, about half a do- Oct. 21. Aged 53, Mary, wife of the zen Sermons, and nearly twenty anony- Rev. Jobn Oldershaw, rector of Tarvin, mous Tracts, I have set so little value near Chester Unaffectedness and sinceupon, that I have not even kept copies by rity accompanied the constant practice me, except of a very few of the printed both of her religious and moral duties. ones. The MSS. were left in the hands of She was the eldest daughter of Nathaniel the different printers; and I have not even Lister, esq. of the city of Lichfield. a list of the titles. Some of the last things, small pieces, were published in the John Ord, esq. whose death was anAnti-Jacobin; ove upon the Dissolution of nounced in Part I. p. 699, was the only sqa Parliament-Cowsiderations on the Rejec- of the Right-hon. Robert Ord, many years tion of the Catholic Bill; printed at Hinck- Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer ley, and inserted by the Anti-Jacobin (not in Scotland, by Mary, eldest daughter of by my desire) for April, or May, or June, Sir John Darnell, knt.—Mr Ord was edu1807; another, on the Curates' proposed cated under the Rev. Dr. Newcombe, at Bill, in the same Review, in one of those Hackney, from whence he was transferred months in the next year, 1808 ; another, in 1746 to Trinity College, Cambridge. on the Authenticity of St. Matthew's Gos- In 1750, he took the degree of B. A. with pel, in Answer to Evanson, December 1808; considerable reputation, and was chosen the last, signed Eusebius, in the same Re. fellow of that Society. ; He afterwards view for May 1809, on the Growth of obtained the Lay fellowship ; which he vaSchism in the Church among the Métho- cated in 1762, by marrying Eleanor, sedistic Clergy, and the means of check- cond daughter of John Simpson, esq. of ing it.”—Mr. Nichols was indebted to this Bradley in the gounty of Durham, who gentleman for some interesting Memoirs survives him. Mr. Ord was early entered of the Rev. John Bold, formerly curate of of Lincoln's Inn ; and upon being called

; Stoney Stanton (see “ History of Leicester- to the Bar practised in the Court of Chansbire,” vol. IV. p. 975, and our vol. cery. In 1776, he came into Parliament LXXXII. p. 426). These Memoirs have for Midhurst ; was made attorney-genebeen adopted by Mr.Chalmers in his “ Bioral for the Duchy of Lancaster, in 1777, graphical Dictionary.” By the death of by the Earl of Clarendon ; and in 1778 this worthy Divine, the cause of true Reli- appointed Maste: in Chancery. The next gion and of the Church of England has Session he was returned for Hastings, and been, deprived of a most valuable friend chosen Chairman of Ways and Means,

in which situation he gave general satis- claimed for bimself. He carried this canfaction. The following session he came dour into the most ordinary occurrences in for Wendover; and in 1790, took his of life; it was characteristic of his confinal leave of Parliament. In 1809, he versation ; and showed itself in his manresigned his office of Master in Chancery, ner of treating whatever was reported to and that of attorney general for Lancase the prejudice of others. His first object, ter, in 1810; aud shortly after retired to in such cases, was 10 counteract the ru. a small place at Purser's Cross, in the pa. mour by a kind construction; and wbep rish of Filham, where he had early in tha' failed, be dismissed the topick altolife amused himself in horticultural pur- gel hey.--As a professional and public man suits, and where there are several foreign he discharged his duties with great credit; trees of his own raising, remarkable both but it is in private life that the character for their beauty and size. He died on of an individual is, best ascertained ; and in the 6th of June, 1814, aged 85, fellow that department Mr. Ord appeared to peof the R. S. A. S. and of the Horticultural çaliar advantage, The domestic circle Society, &c. Mr. Ord was possessed of exhibited in an amiable light the best quagood abilities ; and, by a taste for read. lities both of bis mind and heart. Within ing, which he cultivated from an early that circle be seemed, as age advanced, to age, had acquired a considerable stock confine bis ambition to please and be of information on most subjects connected pleased. The forms of office and the with general literature.

His mind was cares of business were bere laid aside; active, and his disposition industrious; and the lawyer and the senator disappear. and hence he was enabled to maintain, in ed, in the affectionate husband, the gene. the midst of his professional and parlia- rous master, the munificent benefactor, meitary avocations, an attention to those and the sympathizing friend! studies, which conduce to the improve. The remains of Mr. Ord were deposited ment both of the understanding and the in a vault in the North-west angle of, Fut. heart. In politicks his principles were ham Church.yard; and on the monument those of the British Constitution, which which covers them is inscribed the followhe had carefully studied; and in religion, ing iribule to his memory :: those of the Established Church, to which « Here lies the body of Joby Ord, esq. he was conscientiously attached, and prac

late Master in Chancery, and 58 years an tically devoted. But, though decided in lohabitant of this Parish: uniting a liberal his sentiments, he was temperate in his and cultivated mind with a generous and jndgment, and candid. in his spirit. affectionate heart, and superadding to both persons have allowed themselves less lati- a conscientious regard for all the offices tude than he did, in canvassing the prin- and duties of religion, he adorned mis sta, ciples or the practice of others. He was tion, both as a man and a Christian, and slow to believe that any who differed from exhibited through life those amiable qua, him were influenced in their conduct by lities which conciliated attachment to his less honourable motives tban those which person and respect for his character; and governed his own ; and he could not re. rendered his decease, at the advanced age concile it to his notions of justice to re- of 85, a subject of sincere and general fuse to another that liberty which he regret.--Nat. Ob June 6, 1814."



METEOROLOGICAL TABLE for October, 1814. By W. CARY, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit’s Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, from September 20, to October 25, 1814.

2 and 5 239 | 50 and 60 137 Males - 1059 Males 1004

5 and 10 67 60 and 70 146 Females

Females 859

10 and 20 64 70 and 80 111 Whereof have died under 2 years old 622

20 and 30 124 80 and 90 49 Peck Loaf 4s. 5d. 45. 5d. 4s. 5d. 43. 4d. 4s. 5d.

30 and 40 154 90 and 100 5 Salt £1. per bushel; 44d per pound.

10 and 50 144 101






AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending October 15.

Wheat, Rye,, Barly, Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

s. ds. d., s. d.lse d., s. d. Middlesex 72 947 9/35 827 0 47 31 Essex 73 144 0 36 0128. 1043 9 Surrey 70 848 0197 6131 0 48 6| Kent 74 415 036 4128 4 404 Hertford 71.435 0136 627 855 9 Sussex 70 8100 035 0127 000 Bedford 73 10 44 037 5/30 3 44 OlSuffolk 65 040 0133 6125 6+3 5

0138 022 Huntingdon 78 900 8 41 4|| Camb. 73 610 0138 220

2 44 4 Northamp. 81 1064 0138 026 4/46 0|| Norfolk 65 534 10.32 7/24 600 Rutland 83 900

0 35 926 744 0 Lincoln 73 3 40 0139 7121 6:38 Leicester 84 000 0 39 0/30 4146 0 York 70

이 48

038 1023 138 Nottingham 84 041 013 4:27 8 49.0 Durham 74 900 044 0130 1100 Derby 84 000 045 6/29 851 10 | Northum. 67 852 033 627 4100 Stafford 77 100. 0139 3124 10 51 lill Cumberl. 71 2 45 435 628 200 0 Salop

2 51 6138
8133 11 00 o Westmor, 78 1050 0135 2130

1100 Hereford 75 9 40 033 531 6141 2) Lancaster 77 800 ooo 028 900 Worcester 84 9 51 8141 736 2149 8|| Chester 70 10.400 000 000 000 Warwick 83 400 043 232 8 55 4 | Flint 76 10100 6124 000 0 Wilts 73 000 036 230 252

0 Denbigh. 80 5100

oto 2 27 9100 0 Berks 71 000 0135 0127 747 7|Anglesea 60.000 0136 0120 000 Oxford 80 000 0133 627

044 3 Carnarvon 71 8100 O +0 0124 0.00 Bucks 80 4100 038 627 443 O Merioneth 80 1000 0147 0134

6100 Breconi 89 564 0139 8 24 000 0 Cardigan 75 :9100 010 000 0100

9 36 941 733 71000 Pembroke 63 300 Montgom. 68

0135 800 000 Radnor 77 Olco 034 4129 7000| Carmart. 70 800 034 3119 700


73 HUO 033 022 000 Average of England and Wales, per quarter.||Gloucest. 85 8vo. 035 328 6 44

75 0145 10137 2127 2146 3|| Somerset 81 Ovo 0100 0125 4 45 Average of Scotland, per quarter:

Monmouth75 200 036 TUO 0 00 00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0|| Devon 66 81.00 (128 4/28 - 4100 Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma-Cornwall 67 10/10

0129 4/23 600 0 ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 74 5100 032 11 26 0 54 which Exportation and Bounty are to bell Hants 170 600

033 1125 10 46 0 regulated in Great Britain......

72 2144 654 11125 2145 7
PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, October 24 : 70s. to 75s.
RETURN OF WHEAT, in Mark-Lane, including only from Oct. 10 to Oct. 15:
Total 19,208 Quarters. Average 69s. 5d.--3s. 114d. lower than last Return.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, October 15, 32s. 2d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, October 19, 72s. 3d.
Kent Bags
61. 10s. to 81. 12s. Kent Pockets ..........

71. Os. to 91. 155, Sussex Ditto 61. Os. to 71. 7s. Sussex Ditto ............ 61.

81. 10s. Essex Ditto ........... 71. Os. to 91. Os. | Farnham Ditto

Os. to 131. Os. AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, October 24 : St. James's, Hay 41, 8s. 9d. Straw 11. 13s. 3d. --Whitechapel, Hay 41. 16s. Straw 11. 16s. Clover 61. 10s. Od. Smithfield, Old Hay 41. 14s. 6d. Straw 1l. 16s. Clover 61. 13s,

SMITHFIELD, October 24. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs. Beef.

.4s. 4d. to 5s. 8d. Veal....... ......58. 8il. to 7s. Od. Mutton ...58. Od. to 6s. 4d.


....6s. 8d. to 8s, Od. COALS, October 24: Newcastle 56s. to 63s. Sunderland 585, 6d. to 60s. SOAP, Yellow, 98s. Mottled 110s. Curd 114s. CANDLES, 14s. per Doz. Moulds 15s. 6d.

TALLOW, per Stone, elb. St. James's 5s, 4.5d. Clare Os. Od. Whitechapel 5s., 2d.


6s. to


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