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At Footscray, aged 85, Charlotte, daugh-, i minds of females in the higher ranks of ter of Major-gen, Mackay, of the East Ian Society. The following is a correct state.. dia Company's Madras: Establishment. ment relative to the issue of her highly -- Mr. Waters, attorney, of Burford, Oxon. respected father by both his marriages.

Sept 10. In Dover-st. Thos. Lee, esq. Among the sons, were Stephen, Joseph, In ker 720 year, Mrs. Charlotte D. and Joha; among the daughters were,'}. Baber, 2d daughter of the late Thos, Dra. Mrs. Cooke, born about 1727, relict of per Baber, esq. of Supping-bill, Berks, J. Cooke, egg (cousin-germain to the latt

Sept. 1:1. At her mother's, aged 39, ViscountessKenmare)who died Feb. 1,1812, Mary, wife of Mr. J. Horder, Haydon-sq. aged &5.2. Mrs. Seymour, the subject Minories.

of this article, born 1731, died Jan. 25, Found dead in his bed, Mr. Jasper De- 1812, aged. 81, having had issue bye ber Vousmith, many years gentlemau-steward husband (a junior branch of the noble to the Portuguese Ambassador, South house of Hertford) Matthew Seymour, esq. Audley-street.

the present possessor of Seymour Lodge, Ralph Knight Allem, esq. of New-house Drogheda, Queen's County, Aaron Cros near Sawbridgeworth, Essex, and a magis bie, in the Hum East Judia Company's tate of that county.

civil service, Registrar to the Secretary of Sept. A. At Baldock, Herts, aged 33, the Revenue and Judicial departments at Rev. Thomas Theoph. Humphries, A.M. Bengal; Stephen, captain of the Pegasas Hector of that Parish, of Queen's colleger frigate, RN. who signaliz ech himself on the Cambridge, and formerly. Secretary of Le- Ist June, 1794, under Lord Howe, and was gation at the Court of Lisbon. A lost at sea a few years after, aged about

Sopl. 25. At Lavender-hill, iu bør 74th 30.-3. Mrs. Moore, relict of Moore, year, sincerely and deservedly reguetted, esq. descended from the Eanks of Drog. Mrs. Haves, widow of the late Dr. Hawenheda, deceased, leaving Hugh Moore, esq. of Spital-square

formerly in the Hon. East India Company's ADDITIONS.

service, now of. Carlingford, &c. Mrs: P. 194. b. Sir Erw. May, bart. M. P. for Price, of Castleton, Mountrath, Queen's Belfast, was the representative of a very County. Of the sons of Matthew Cassan, antient family, originally seated at May- viz. Stephen, Joseph, and John, above. fjeld in Sussex; and afterwards at Maye. named; Stephen succeeded to the herefield, co, Waterford, Ireland. Sir Edward ditary estate of Sheffield, brought into the was the 2d Baronet, which titie devolved family of Cassan in the beginning of the to him on the death of bis father, Sir James reign of William III. by an heiress of the May, baft. some time knight of the shire, noble family of Sheffield Earls of. Mulfor Waterford; married the day. of Mr. grave and Dukes of Buckingham, now ex

Lumley, by, whoin he had issue (prior tinct in the neale line. Joseph, A. M. of to the marriage) Anna, Marchioness of Trinity college, Dublin; in Holy Orders, Donegall, and other issue. The title de- chaplain to the Earl of Roden, &c. John, volves to his brother, now Sir Humphry a captain in the 56th reg: ; died Aug. 15, May, bart.

1804, having had issue by his wife one Vol. LXXXIII. Part I. p. 488.b. Mrs. surviving daughter, uomarried, and four Seymour, whose death, at the advanced age sons, viz. 1. Matthew, some time an ensign of 81, we recorded as above, was eminent in the Queen's County militia ; and, subas well for her virtues and unaffected sequently, a lieutenant in the 85th reg. ;. Christian character, as for antient descent died 1804. 2. Thomas, a captain in the and nobl alliance. She was pious with

3. Edward, some time an enout fana icism, devout without hypocrisy, sign in the 54th. 4. Arthur. -We now sad charitable without ostentation. En- return to Stephen Cassan, who carried on deared to the circle of sociavand domestic the line: he married Miss Alicia Mercer, life in no ordinary degree hy suavity and descended from an antient and nobly-allied equability of temper, by artlessness of family in Scotland, cousin of the late Vis. manners, and the most anxious solicitude countess Carleton, and co-heiress with for her kiodred in the several close con- her sister, Mrs. Fitz-Gerald, of St. James's Dexions of daughter, mother, wife, and square, Bath, {widow of the Right hon. sister, a deep and indelible sorrow for such Col. R. Fitz-Gerald, who was father of a loss will live in the recollection of her Caroline, Countess Dowager of Kingston, friends and acquaintance, when this tri. and grandfather of the present Earl; also bute of respect froin one who was rendered of Lord Viscount lorton (originally enhappy by the possession of her esteem nobled as Baron Erris), and of the Countess shall long have ceased to be reinembered. of Mount Cashel.] By this Lady he had Mrs. Seymour was one of the daughters of a numerous progeny, and died in 1773; Niatthew, Cassan, esq. of Sheffield Hall, Mrs. Cassan following bim in 1788, leave near Marynorn, Queen's Comity, and in ing a daughter, Alicia, and two sons, Mat. early life excelled in all those accomplish- thew and Stephen. Alicia married the ments which distiaguish and adora the Rev. George Howse, A. M. formerly of


56th reg.

Trinity college, Dublin ; of Rockingham- college, Dublin, a minister distinguished house, Wicklow, rector of Ince, brother- for exemplary piety, and profound erudi. in-law of Sir Joho-Thomas Foster, bart. tion in theology, &c. Dy his wife, who is and step-son of Mrs. Dicksou, relict of Dr. still living, he left issue Stephen Hyde Dickson, Dean of Downe, and mother of Cassan, born in Bengal, Oct. 27, 1789-90, Wm. Dickson, D. D. Lord Bishop of Downe Dow a gentleman-cominoner of Magdalene and Connor, so consecrated 1783 (descend. Hall, Oxford ; and entered in 1811 a stued from Richard Dixon, D. D. Bishop of dent of the Hon. Society of the Middle Cork and Cloyne 12th Eliz.] By Mr. Temple.—Matthew, the eldest, who sucHowse, who died 1801, she had among ceeded at Sheffield, boro about 1754, was other issue, Alicia, married 1801 the Rev. a gentleman.commoner of Exeter college, Peter Browne, A. M. the present Dean of Oxford; married Sarah, dau. of Col. Ford, Ferns; and Stephen, a lieutenant in his and niece of the late Matthew Ford, ésq. Majesty's ship the Bedford. Of the sons, co. Down, M. P. whose son married Cathe. 1. Maiihew Cassan, of whom hereafter. rine, eldest dan. of the Right hon. W. 2. Stepben, born about 1757, entered in Brownlow, sister of the Countess of Darn. 1773 of Trinity college, Dublin; called to ley, and the Viscountesses De Vesci and the Irish bar in Easter term 1781; and Powerscourt. He has been for many practised with the highest reputation at years major of the Queen's County militia, Calcutta, where he filled the office of High and has issue an only son and heir, Stephen Sheriff, &c. He died at the early age of Sheffield, born Oct. 1777, some time of 36, in the year 1794, having mar. March Trinity college, Dublin, and student of the 4, 1786, Sarah, the accomplished and Hon. Society of Gray's Inn, London, call lovely daughter of Chas. Mears, esq. for- ed to the Irish bar in 1802 ; and married merly of Coleraine, many years captain of in 1804, Miss Eliza-Anne Lawrenson, the the Egmont East Indiaman, and only son heiress of Capponellan, Durrow, co. Kilof the Rev. Joha Mears t, A.M. of Trinity kenny; by wbom he has issue.

t Of the family of Mears, Roger de Mears, or Meres, was one of the Puisne Judges of the Common Pleas 45 Edward III.; Beatson. And Sir Thomas Meres was, 30 Car. II. and following years, Lord High Admiral of England, an office now in commissiou; Ibid. The last male of this branch of the family was Charles-John Mears, captain of the 1st batt. 2d Bonibay Europ. reg. in the Hon. East India Company's service. He received the public thanks of Gen. Sir Robert Abercromby, at the time his forces were expected to form a junction with those of Lord Cornwallis, and fell under the command of Lieut. Gen. James Stuart of the 74d reg. in the arms of victory before Seringapatam, 1799. Lord Cornwallis, and the two distinguished generals - above samed, have respectively extolled, both publicly and in private, Captain Mears's uniform gallant conduct as an officer, and his accoinplished manners as a gentleman.--Asiat. Ann. Reg. Beatson's War in the Mysore, &c.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE for September, 1814. By W. CARY, Strand... Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OP MORTALITY, from August 24, to September 20, 1814.

2 and 5 136 50 and 60 122 Males 813 Males 712

5 and 10 56 60 and 70 103

1353 Females


10 and 20 43 70 and 80 69 Whereof have died under 2 years old 447

20 and 30 93 | 80 and 90 33 Peck Loaf 4s, 5d.

30 and 40' 111 90 and 100,7 Salt £1. per bushel; 41d. per pound.

40 and 50 132 102





d. d. s.

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending September 17.

Wheat, Rye Barly Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans. s. d. s.

d. s. d.

s. d., s. dos. d., s. d. Middlesex 78 2100 034 11/27 546 41 Essex 74 0 44 617 6/28 0 44 6 Surrey 80 8/48 088

2 49 6|Kent 75 800 037 0130 842 0 Hertford 71 6/35 066 028 456 3 Sussex 74.000 000 129 000 0 Bedford

0106 6129 645 2| Suffolk 73 000 035

8127 G/39 8 Huntingdon 75 3100 0 36 022 4 38 7|Camb. 71 5100 000 0123 947 4 Northamp. 81 000 037 8]27 047 0 Norfolk 67 5 34 732 1/24 600 0 Rutland 75 6100 034 0126 044 0||Lincoln 75 738 631 621

0143 1 Leicester 85 8100 039 032 847 Cl] York 710146 8/32 11/23 10 49 9 Nottingham 82 4148 039 027 4147 41 Durbam 74 100 000 01:32 11000 Derby 81 400 000 0 29 6 55 0 Northum. 69 8 49 032 8130 300 0 Stafford 78 400 039 525 350 3)Cumberl. 77 744 4135


0100 Salop 778 858 101000134 500 0 Westmor. 85 752 0138 4/29 11100 Hereford 72 240 0131 3/32 2 40 9|Lancaster 83 6100 0100 028 2100 Worcester 82 9 51 840. 136 254. 101|Chester 75 000 0100 -030 500 Warwick 83 400 044 033 855 4||Flint 86 6100 000 000 000 Wilts 73 0100 035 2128 8 51 4|| Denbigh 86 3100 045 10 33 700 Berks 77 748 033 29 948 6|Anglesea 00 000 000 020 000 Oxford 82 000 0/36 3128 348 01 Carnarvon 77 400 040 0 24 000 Bucks 85 400 039 127 3 45 4Merioneth 81 100 0147 637 6100 0 Brecon 79 656 036 624 000 O Cardigan 76 000 0 40 0126 000 0 Montgom. 74 136 9 43 236 300 0||Pembroke 61 700 041 8100 000 0 Radnor 76 10100 0136 030 400 0l|Carmart. 74" 8 00035 6.00 ooo 0

Glamorg. 77 200 0136 0126 8000 Average of England and Wales, per quarter: Gloucest. 82 900 0 30 4/28 146 %

77 7145 8136 928 3147 6 Somerset 82 200 038 025 8 490 Average of Scotland, per quarter :

Monmouth87 000 041 8100 000 00- 0100 0400 000 000 0f|Devon 76 6100 029.11 25.600 Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma-Cornwall 74 500 0/29 1/25 4.00 0 ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 79 1100 0134 0 26 1053 6 which Exportation and Bounty are to bell Hants.

73. 200 134 3123 146 0 regulated in Great Britain.......

76 044 0 35 1126 646 10 PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, September 26: 70s, to 75%. RETURN OF WHEAT, in Mark-Lane, including only from Sept. 10 to Sept. 17: Total 16,530 Quarters. Average 72s. 5%d.-3s. 13. lower than last Return.: OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, September 17, 32s., 1d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, September 21, 73s. 34d.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, September 20 : Kent Bags 51. Us. to 81. Os. Kent Pockets

71. Os. to 91. 93. Sussex Dirto

51. Os. to 71. 75. Sussex Ditto ..., 61. 10s. to 81, 10s. Essex Ditto 6. Os. to 81. Os. i Parnham Ditto .......101. Os. to 121. Os.

AVERAGE. PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, September 26 : St. James's, Hay 41.11s. 6d. Straw 21. Os. 6d. Whitechapel, Hay 41. 178. Straw 11.19s.

Clover 71. 2s. 6d. --Smithfield, Old Hay 41. 12s. Straw 11. 19s. Clover. 61. 13s.

SMITHFIELD, September 26. To sink the Offal—per Stone of 8lbs. Beef

...45. 6d. to 5s. 81. Veal..... ............5s. 40. to 7s. Od. Mutton ...58. Od. to 6s. 41. Pork.....

..6s. Od, to 8s; Od. Lamb ........

58. 4d. to-75 COALS, September 26: Newcastle 50s. to 60s.'. Sunderland 54 s. 9d. to 575. SOAP, Yellow, 98s. Mottled 110s. Curd 114s. CANDLES, 14s. per Doz. Moulds 15s. 62.

TALLOW, per Stone, Blb. St. James's 4s. 9d. Clare 06, Nd. Whitechapel 4s. 104.

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OCTOBER, 1814.


Cornw.-Covent. 2 GENERAL EVENING

Cumb.2-Doncas!. M.Past M. Herald

Derb.Dorchest. Morning Chronic.

Durham Essex Times-M. Advert.

Exeter 2, Glouc.2 P.Ledger&-Oracle

Halifax Hants 2 Brit. Press-Day

Hereford, Hull 3 St. James's Chron.

Ipswich 1, Kent 4 Sun-Even. Mail

Lancast.-Leices.2 Star-Traveller

Leeds 2, Liverp. 6 Pilot-Statesman

Maidst. Manch. 4 Packet-Lond.Chr. 7

Newc.3.-Notts. 2 Albion--C. Chron.

Northampton Courier-Globe

Norfolk, Norwich Eng. Cbron.--Ing.

N.Wales Oxford ?

வ Cour d'Angleterre

Portsea-Pottery Cour. de Londres

Preston-Plym. 2 150therWeekly P.

He Reading-Salisb. 17 Sunday Papers

Salop-Sheffield2 Hue & Cry Police

Sherborne, Sussex Lit, Adv. monthly

Shrewsbury Bath 4-Bristol 5

Staff.--Stamf. 2 Berwick-Boston

Taunton-lyne Birmingham 4

Wakefi.Warw. Blackb. Brighton

Worc. 2-YORK 3 Bury St. Edmund's

IRELAND 37 Camb.-Chath.

SCOTLAND 24 Carli.2--Chester 2 CONTAINING

Sunday Advertiser Chelms, Cambria.

Jersey 2. Gueru. 2 Index Indicatorius.--MeteorologicalDiaries 306 Review of New Publications, viz.

Miscellaneous Torrespondence, &c. Pott's Sermou on the Restoration of Peace 345 Epitaph on the late John Price, M.D...... 307 Dibdin's Bibliotheca Spenceriana continued, ib. Cole's Notes on Beotham's History of Ely ib. Literary Anecdotes of the XVIIIth Century 351 History of Sussex.-CharitableBenefactions308 Mrs. Graham's “ Letters on India". 357 Sheriffs.- Paradoxes.--Priestley.--Belsham310 Southey's Odes to the Prince Regent, &c. 359 'Cathedral Antiquities'311.--Lit.Patchwork312 Letters from a Lady during a Tour to Paris 360 West Front of Peterborough Cathedral..... 313 Polehampton's Gallery of Nature and Art 361 Mr. Hawkins's Hist. of Gothic Architecture 314 Bp.St.David's on Repeal of Stat. 9 & 10W.111.362 Rights, Privileges, and Duties of Churches? 316 Aihanasian Creed explained.-Margate!.. 363 Remarks on a Visit to Barking in Essex... 317 The Son of a Genius.-Always Happy !... ibid. Middleham Castle-Deanery of Middlehain 318 Holiday Reward.-- Little Scholar's Mirror 364 Gregories, the seat of Edmund Burke, Esq. 319 Review of New Musical PUBLICATIONS..... ib. Bishop of Winchester's Palace, Southwark 320 Select Poetry for October 1814, 366-368 House in St.Jobp-street,onceCard.Wolsey's 321

Historical Chronicle. Mr.Greatrakes.-Dr.Glyn.-God save the King 323 Interesting Intell. from London Gazettes... 569 A Patriotic Claim for Remuneration 324 Abstract of principal Foreign Occurrences 381! Rev. Mr. Rolfe, a Nephew of Lord Nelson 326 Country News 387-Domestic Occurrences 389 Nature and Intention of the “Imitatio”... 327 Theat. Register.- Promotions.--Preferments391 Plan proposed for adding Safety to Boats 329 Births and Marriages of eminent Persons.. 392 Oo Biblical Restrictions by Church of Rome 332 Memoirs of the late Rt. hon. Lord Minto 393 Remarks respecting Stipendiary Curales’Bill 335 of Sir B. Thompson, Count Rumford 394 Crown Livings._"North Wales delineated"338 of Samuel Jackson Pratt, Esq.,.... 398 Dr. John Bull. -Fountains.-Craniology.. 340|Obituary,with Anec. of remarkable Persons 399 Description of the present state of Rouen 341 Bill of Mortality. - Prices of the Markets 407 LITERARY INTELLIGENCE.

344 Canal &c. Shares.-Prices of Stocks .. Embellished with a beautiful Perspective View of the West Front of PETERBOROUGH CATHEDRAL, drawn by John CARTER, F. S. A.; and of some curious

OLD Houses in St. John's-STREET, near Smithfield.



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...... 408


Printed by NICHOLS, Son, and Bentley, at Cicero's HeaD, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-str. London;

where all Letters to the Editor are to be addressed, POST-PAID.

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