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Cottesbrook, and daughter of the late N. man of Shaftesbury, brother of Rev. Mr. Poyntz, esq. of Hitcbien-house, Herts. D: of Whitechurch, Dorset.

At Teeton-house, John Langtod, esą. Worcestershire Christopher Hunt, esq.

Northumberland-At Newcastle, by a of Peckenham. ft fall from his horse, aged 37, Mr. R. Spen- At Pershore, in her 29th year, Clarinda, eer, surgeon.

youngest daughter of the late Rer. John At Bywell, Julia, daughter of Rev. H. Mogridge, vicar of Pershore.split; . Johnson. For a

Yorkshire-Aged 62, Wm. Gill, of SkipNotts--- At Crowle, Tņos. Johnson, esq. ton, who was only 33 inches in stature.

aged 95, John Miller, the oldest bur-'. At Hull, Capt. Robert Drury: gess in Nottingham, having been made in At York, W. Stavely, esq. who was sbe. 1741.

enab RE riff in 1800. at Newark, aged 76, P. Cunningham, Mr. John Blanchard, of York, printer, a pensioner from the Scots? Greys.? He son of Mr. B. printer of the York Chrobad served under the Marquis of Granby nicle. on the Contineat, was in 11 general en. At Halifax, Rev. Joshua Wilkinson, of gagements, and never received a wound! Hough-bouse. He was discharged for a hurt in his back. At Wheatley, the lady of Sir G. Cooke. At Stableford; aged 91, Mr. Stephen At Redshaw-hall, Wm.

Hardisty, esq. Elston, who was in the battle of Colloden, At Whitby, Mr. Rich, Winter, author and used to boast that he had killed one of “The Harp of St. Hilda," and several of the unfortunate adherents of the Royal scientific and interesting papers in Nichol. House of Stewart, who had performed pro- son's Journal. digies of valour with his brnails-word.

At Horton, aged 74, Mrs. Hodson, re. Ozon-Aged 82, Rev. Dr. 'T. Brookes, lict of Rich. H. esq. a lineal descendant many years vicar of Shipton-under Which of Abp. Sterne, and cousin to the celewood, and of the Churches of Fifield and brated author of Tristram Shandy: Idbury, Oxon, and rector of Westcote, Aged 54, Rev. Isaac Fearon, rector of co. Gloucester. He was the oldest iade. Crofton, near Wakefield. *** pendent member of Oxford university. At Scarborough, aged 37, Mr. John

At Woodstock, Charles, son of the late Axe, organist of Whiston, near Rotheram. Res. Wm. Bradley, of Lower. Heyford. Although without sight from his birth, this

At Woodstock, aged 82, Mrs. Hester abilities were of a very superior kiud, Truss, who had lived in the service of his having had a correct and very general Grace the Duke of Marlborough nearly knowledge, particularly of mechanics, mubaif a century.

: sic, &c. of which his works will remain a Rutland-At the Crown inn, Oakham, lasting memorial; such as the chimes in Mr. Geo. Girton, remarkable for his be the borough-church of Hedon, in Holdera nevolence, honesty, and simplicity of ness, and his improvements on a great manners.

number of organs and other musical inSutop— At Pym's Farm, near Wem, aged struments. 9, Miss Betty, only sister of the well- Wales-Thos. Price, of the Royal Ma. known actor.

rines, second son of the late Daniel P.

esq. Somerset-At Taunton, the daughter of of Abergweolace, 80. Carmartheo.sci. James Bryant, esq.

In consequence of a fall from his horse StaffordAt the Parsonage, Stone, Anne, the preceding day, Robert Walters, esq. wife of Rev. J. Smith, B.D.

of Pentoven, co, Carmarthen. At Rugely, Elizabeth, youngest daugh- SCOTLAND. At Edinburgh, aged 25, ter of Rev. John Lander.

Rev. Chas. Wilkie Hardy, minister of Dun. At Aston, Rey. Robt. James Spencer, mi. ving. pister of Smethwick, avd fellow of Wad. At Edinburgh, Col. Alexander Baillie, ham College, Oxford.

of Luthrie. SufToli-Al Ip wich, aged 36, Mr. L.R. At Huntingdon House, Ann, second Halley, merchant, of Lyno.

daughter of Adm. Deans. st Bury, Mrs. Allen, relict of the Rev. At Glasgow, aged 48, Mr. R. M. Lowry, L. Aileo.

brother to Rev. Mr. L. Mayor of Carlisle. J. Sparke, esq. solicitor, of Wallham-le- At Edinburgh, Wm. Guthrie, esq. forWillows.

merly of Jamaica. At Sudbury, suddenly, aged 78, Rev. At Lochmaben, in his 116th year,

Wm. W. Newman, M.A. many years rector of Ruthven, who was born at Whiteshawgate, Liule Cornard, in that county, and who in the parish of Avendale, in May 1698. had done the duty there till within the last iss there was then no register of births three or four mouths.

kept in that parish, his name does not Warwickshire-At Edgbaston-hall, Bir- stand on record ; bit from the period of mingham, Elizabeth, youngest daughter his birth having been written on a blank of Erw. Johnstone, M. D).

leaf of his mother's Bible, ani from the Wikto-M. Thos. Doslaod, an alder. linos he was in the army, and other cir


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with Anecdates of remarkable Persons. (

cumstances, he satisfied the people of that At Lower Glanmire, in his 76tb year, parish that he was in or about that age.. Rev. John Chetwood, 30 years rector of He was long, a cooper at the bridge end the Union of Rathcooney. of Dumfries; and, for many years before In Ireland, S. Madden, esq. formerly his death, he travelled the country, in of Snareston Lodge, co. Leicester. summer, with his relations, who are tink- At Oakfield, near Carrickfergus, W. ers. When he last visited his native place, R. Dobbs, esq. third son of the late Rov. in April 1813, he was in his ordinary good Rich, D. Dean of Connor. health, and sound in his judgment, though At Kinsale, 'Joseph White, esq. R. N. he had been long blind and a little para- who ihad' served with Earl St. Vincent, lytic.

and Nelson, with great credit, aod had At Inverness, Rev. James Fowler, mi- much distinguished himself in the West mister of Urquhart.

Indies, nie At Aberdeen, Lady Marriet. Gordon, At Cork, Jobu Latham, esq. M. D. daughter of the late Earl of Aberdeen, At Ballinanty, Chas. Creed, esq.*** and widow.o

of Robert G. esq. of Halfhead. ABROAD.-At Paris, aged 70, the Abbé At Glasgow, aged 39, Rev. James Boyd. Geoffroy, one of the editors of the JourSir Walter Montgomerie Cunningham, nal de l'Empire. He was considered the bart. of Corsebill.

best theatrical critic in France'; he was At Old Deer, in his 69th year, and 45th eyen supposed to be superior in that of his ministry, Rev. Alexander Allardice, branch of literature to Preron, the antaminister of the English Episcopal Chapel gonist of Voltaire. Geoffroy, like Freron, there.

combated the modern philosophy: in all At Swinton, aged 51, Rev. Jas, Baird, his criticisms Geoffroy constantly attackminister of that place.

ed the Revolution, which occasioned the At Stranraer, aged 83, Rev. John Coul. Journal de l'Empire to have a greater ter, D. D. 40 years minister of that parish sale than any other French Journal. Its

At Cloşeburn Manse, Rev. And. Yorse sale was 22,000 daily, but the prise of town, 37 years minister of that parish. a French newspaper is only three halfAt Arbigland, the wife of Rev. Dr. Wm.

pence sterling. He was a very excellent Babington, of the Episcopal Chapel, Greek and Latin scholar, and was well Dumfries.

read in the Belles Lettres ; yet, with all At Tinwald Downs, Dumfriesshire, aged his knowledge, he was very intolerant. 101, Mr. R. Wilson, who had never been At Paris, aged 34, Mad. Robertson, the out of the parish.

female aëronaut, wife to a physiciar of At Stratherick, aged 81, Capt. Alex. that name. Fraser, served in North America us- At Paris, the rench General Regnier der Wolfe.

who had served with Buonaparte in Egypt At Whitevale, near Glasgow, Anne Al. commanded at the battle of Maida, and lan, wife of Rev. Dr. Duncan Macfarlan, was taken prisoner at Leipsic. minister of Doymen.

At Paris, aged 84, M. Mercier, author IRELAND.Io the county of Galway, J. of several popular works, and a member Ouseley, esq. of Dunmore. Having seen of the Institute. the name of his son Lieut. Col. 0. in the Of the wound received before Bayonne Gazette among the severely wounded in on the 14th of April, in bis 19th year, one of the battles near the Pyrenees, tha Capt. Walter Vane, 1st Guards. For shock was so great, that, after lingering At the battle of Toulouse, aged 33, some time, he at length fell a martyr to Capt. Francis Bignell, 27th reg. youngest bis paternal feelings.

son of R. B. esq, late of Banbury. At Belvue, Wexford, aged 75, Rt. Hon. Near Bayonne, Capt. Chas, W. Thompo G. Ogle, Governor of the county of Wex- son, 1st Foot Guards, M. A. and one of ford, which he long represented. ) the travelling fellows of the University of In Dublin, Philip Long, esqa

Cambridge, son of T. T. esq. M. P. for At Drumcondra, vear Dublin, aged 112, Midhurst. James Beaty, zfarmer, a native of Noy. Of wounds received before Bayonne, nalty, co. Mealh.

Capt. W. Burroughs, Coldstream Guards, At Fort William, Tipperary,) Mrs. only son of Sir W. B. Quinn,

, relict of the late T. 2. esg. and Near Bayonne, of his wounds, Ensign mother of the late High Sheriff pf that Vachell, of the Coldstream Regiment of county.

Guards, eldest son of Rich. V. esq. of In Caher; co. Tipperary, Dowager Lady Coptfoldhall, co. Essex. Caber,' mother of Rt. Hop. Lord Caher. At Narbonne, of a wound received at

At Carlow, Walter Bagenal, esq. for Bayonne, Maj. Gen. Douglas of the Ist some time M. P. for that county.

batt. 52d reg. and son of W. D. esq. of Ai bis Glebe-house, Rev. E. Herhert, Brigton, Scotland. Chancellor of the Cathedral of Christ of wounds received in action, in the Church, Dublia.

South of France, Lieut, Henry Stapylton,


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68th foot; second son of I. Si esq. of In Jamaica, Lieut. J. O'Halloran, 101st Norton, Durham.

reg. eldest son of M. O'H. esq. of Clover At Aire, South of France, in conse- Hill, co Clare, Ireland, and nephew of quence of wounds received on the 18th Rt. Hon. Col. M‘Máhonums of March, Capt. J. Carrol; 28th foot. Robert Hamilton, esq. of Vineyard • At Tarbes, South of France, from driuk. Pen, Jamaicaz. Iate colonel of the Kingo ipg freely of cold water when much heated, ston militia, and acting magistrate of the aged 28, Joseph Venables, esq. Captain parish of St. Andrew in that Island. 43d foot

At St. Lucia, Jamaica, Nathaniel, son Before St. Jean de Luz, Capt. C. Tbomp- of Rev. T. Thorn, of Gloucesters son, son of T. T. esq. banker, Hull.--And At Torgau, by a fall from his horse, Capt. Yates, Jokoson, of Holkian? aged 61, the celebrated statesman, Count:

After an imprisonment of tree years, de Narbonne, godson of Louis XV. whom and on the very eve of liberation, on his he much resembled During the reign of route from Verdun, Henry, youngest son Louis. XVI. he rose to the rank of Lieut.of Mr. Thomas Ker, of the Strand, one general in the royal army, and chiefy reof the British prisoners ; a youth, who by sided at the Court of Mesdames (the the suavity of his manners and strict pro- daughters of Louis XV:) by whom he was bity of his disposition had endeared him. held in high consideration 2 After the self to his fellow prisoners in France, and breaking out of the Revolution, he acto all who knew him.

cepted, in 1791, the post of Minister at At Gibraltar, aged 23, the wife of Man War, with view to save the King This jor Smith, R. A. eldest danghter of Brig.- object was clearly evinced; by a proposal ged. Sir Charles Holloway.--Also her bro. which he made verbally, in the most se. ther, Lieut. Holloway.

rious manner, to the National Assembly, At Gibraltar, Mr Sheppard, Assist. and at the same time in writing to the Duke Commissary ;—Capt. Douse, R. A. lately of Brunswick. On the 9th Jan. 1792, he married ;--and Mr. Bower, merchant. résigned bis office, and retired into private

At Gibraltar, a victira to the fever in life. Napoleon drew him from obscurity, that garrison, James, eldest son of Rev. J. as a branch of the ancient noblesse, to Barton, rector of Aldingham, Lancashire. give splendour to his court, and Narbonne

At Gibraltar, Dr. and Mrs. Waters, very uuwillingly consented. He could not wbo were buried in one grave. si se

stoop to flatter. The most favourable ext In Spain, three days after suffering am- pression thatever escaped his lips respect. putation in consequence of a wound in the ing Napoleon was, Il est si heureux !--how ibigh, Major Seton, 92d. reg. son of Sir lucky he is! He often said of him, sa J. S. who had suffered from various and téle est un volcan-his head is a volcano ; severe wounds in the course of arduous and still more frequently, C'est un crane, service.

qui n'a point d'entrailles he is all 'head At Bilboa, in his 24th year, the wife of and no heart. With the emperor he was e Case, esq. of Liverpool.

however a great favourite. He is said to Killed by some Spaniards, bis pockets have gone with great reluctance to Rusrifled, his watch, horse, &c. taken, and sia, to Vienna, and lastly to forgau, his body left exposed on the Easterc beach, where he died. wbilst taking a ride by an unfrequented On-board H. M. S. Albacore, route to San Roque, about five miles from coast of Africa, Charles, second the

of Gibraltar, Lieut. Harlow Towers, of the Col. Steward, of Myton-house, near War27th.

wick. Ac Tauste, Spain, Capt. Geo. Hulton, On-board the Zodiac transport, in the Ist or Royal Dragoons.

Gulph of St. Lawrence, Lieut.-col. Noek. Of wounds received at the battle of Sa. M'Kenzie, 41st reg. lamanca, Capt. Wilde, 89th reg. son of On-board H. M. ship Clorinde, East the late J. W. esq. of Dublin.

Indies, Mr. St. Vincent Wells, fifth son Of a fever.caught in Holland, aged 27, of the late Vice-adm. W. T. H. Marshall, esq. a Lieutenaut in the At Boinbay, W. J. Bushby, esq. elRoyal Nasy.

dest son of W. B. of Great CumberlandAt Flushing, aged 65, Adonijah Schuy- place. esq.

Drowned, on his passage out to the Mes At Rantzam, in Holstein, whither he diterranean, Geo. Henry Gore, of the had emigrated, in his 84th year, Professor Navý, son of Mr. and Lady Morris G. of Reimarus, the father of the German Li- Baker-street. ierati in Hamburgh. He was father-in

service in the Scheldt, a viclaw to M. Reinhard, formerly French mi- tim to a romantic temerity, in attacking nister at Hamburgh.

five French brigs with four boats, an ineAt Malta, P. W. Burke, esq.

quality as to men of ten to one, in bis lo Sicily, of a decline, Miss E. M. 30th year, Wm. Bridges Champion, esą. Speacer, third daughter of Major-gen. S. first lieutenant in the Amphion.



While on

Aug. l. In Sackville-street, aged 74, At Brighton, in his 44th year, F.J. Rev. John Carver, B. C. L. archdeacon of Jackson, esq. late H. M. envoy extraordiSurrey, who has been long admired for his nary and minister plenipotentiary to the acute understanding, his clear intellects, United States of America. He had the and for deep and extensive learning. He honour of serving his Majesty and his had suffered for some weeks under a sem country from the age of 16. In the course vere iodisposition, which he bore with a of his professional life he was appointed fortitude and resignation, a piety and a ambassador to the Ottoman Porte, and acsubmission, which would have done honour credited minister to the Courts of Madrid either to an ancient philosopher, or a more and Berlin. At the latter place he marenlightened Christian. ki. A circumstance ried and resided, until the cessation of somewhat singular marked this gentle intercourse between the two kingdoms of man ;, he voluntarily resigned into the Great Britain and Prussia, in 1806. Ho hands of the donors, Lord Dudley and was also employed in various temporary Ward, and the Bishop of Winchester, two missions of great importance, to Vientia, livings, worth at least 20001, a-year, be- Paris, and Copenhagen. cause he was not on the spot to perform At the Manse of Skene, in her 105th the duty couscientiously to his parishioners. year, Mrs. Meason. She retained her fa To the last moments of his life he retained culties to the last. his understanding. Mr. Morton aud Ma. Aug. 6. Mary Anne, second daughter of jor Topham were amongst the last gentle Mr. James Dobie, solicitor, Crane-court, men that were admitted to his bed-side-i Fleet-street; whose pious disposition, chawith both of whom he conversed in the ritable exertions, and amiable mappers most philosophic manner of his approach had justly endeared her to her parents and ing dissolution.

friends. In her 25th year, the wife of Jas. Mor- At Wortham, Suffolk, aged 59, Mary, rell, esq, brewer, Oxford.

wife of Rev. Geo. Betts. Aug. L. Sarah, youngest daughter of At Highgate, aged 68, William Bloxam, S. Grimsdell, esq. of Canonbury.

esq. the worthy and much regretted father At Bath, in her 86th year, Sarah, widow of a fine and very numerous young family. of Hen. John Pallmer, esq. of Jamaica. He was younger brother to Alderman Sir

Aug. 3. In Alfred-place, Bedford-square, Matthew Bloxam; and was for many the wife of J. Wilson Carmichael, esq. of years a wholesale stationer in the firm of the Island of St. Vincent.

Bloxam and Fourdrinier : but had long In his 75th year, G. Pearson, esq. of sioce given up that line of business; and, the Temple, many years an eminent soli. his mind, being too active to rust in idlecitor, in which profession, as well as in uess, he has been occupied in a variety of private life, he was highly esteemed and mercantile concerns. respected.

Aug. 7. At Windsor, the wife of Genie At Witney, aged 58, Mr. Slater, many Wm. Wynyard. years carrier between Oxford, Witney, and At Yarmouth, whither he had gone to Burford, an industrious and honest man. take up his residence, aged 25, Lieut. Jas.

Aug. 4. At Ilfracombe, Eliz. fourth dau. Thorndike, son of J. T. esq. of Ipswich. of the late H. Fisher, esq. of Westwood, He had been much indisposed ever since Wilis.

the Walcheren expedition; and bis illness Aug. 5. At Norwick, aged 51, G. Barber, had been increased by serving in Holland esq. of East Derebam; a gentleman of during the last severe winter ; but no apa greal agricultural knowledge, and the prehension was entertained of his disorder suggestor of several improvements in proving fatal. farming.

8. The wife of John Dekewer, esq. of At Thomas's hotel, Berkeley-square, Hackney. suddenly, on retiçing to her bed-room, At Ramsgate, aged 25, Miss Diana Foraster returning from the Earl of Westmor- rester, of Savage-gardens, London. land's, Grosvenor-square, where she had At Cheltenham, Hon. Mrs. Lawrence been dining with a select party, Lady Walpole, sister of the Earl of Powis. Manners.

Mrs. Benson, widow of Mr. B. formerly In Castle-street, at a very advanced of Drury-lane theatre, and sister of Mrs. age, Mrs. Hannah Irving, relict of Mr. G. S. Kemble. I. one of the guuners of the garrison of Aug. 9. In Upper Seymour-street, Mrs. Carlisle, She was present at the siege of Anne Heys, widow of the lace Dr. John H, Belleisle in 1761, and since that tiine of Preston, Lancashire. shared the fortunes of her husband in Aug. 10. At St. Albad's, Mrs. Hunter, almost every quarter of the globe ; yet, wife of Mr. H, late of Pilgrim-street, amidst the profligacy of a camp, it is no Blackfriars. small praise to say, that througboal life Mr. Wm. Cowdray, proprietor and edi. she kept herself. “ unspotted from the tor of " The Manchester Gazette," world."


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BILL OF MORTALITY, from July 26, to Aug. 23, 1814.


o ? and 5 109 | 60 and 70 99 Males

Males 1523

5 and 10 52 70 and 80 66 Females 726 Females

10 and 20

48 80 and 90 33 Whereof have died under 2 years old.


20 and 30 69 90 and 100 2 Peck Loaf 3s. 11d. '3s. 11d. 45. Od, 4s. 4d.

30 and 40 99 100 Salt o£ 1. per bushel; 41d. per pound,

40 and 50 100 50 and 60 87


360 1148



d. s.

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0 32

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending August 20.

Wheat, Rye , Barly, Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans,
s. d. s.
d.'s. d. s. d.

s. d., s. dos. d. s. d., s. d. Middlesex 78 034 4 37 228 1 45 8 Essex 76 829 0135 3 27 842 Surrey 82 8100 0 40 030 8 49 61Kent 13 1000 038 427 842 4 Hertford 75 435 0138

O Sussex

14 200 000 0 26 600 Bedford 76 1100 0136 6 7 340 0||Suffolk

67 534 033 524 8 41 Huntingdon 71 100

0 32 622 237 10 Camb. 68 200 000 021 4.40 0 Northamp. 74 848 0132 0125 0 45 6 Norfolk

63 8132 630 327 040 Rutland 72 600 0134 0124 0/42 - Cincoln 66 5 36 0132 1/19 11 39 Leicester

76 Õloo 031 0128 1047 10 York 67 1140 234 1123 144 9 Nottingham 79 044 639' 027 847 8||Durham 69 0100 0100 033 500 Derby

77 0.00 0.00 029 253 4Northum. 65 11 46 10 38 0 27 11.00 Stafford 78 600 0139 126 749 10|Cumberl. 74 041 4/32

800 Salop

78 8156 8100 035 600 0||Westmor. 78 2152 0135 227 700 Hereford 70 9 43 2/31 430 440 101 Lancaster 79 11100 0100 0 25 11 46 Worcester

76 149. 10/36 8134 251 7||Chester 77 0100 0100 0 51 500 Warwick 80 0100 0 41 8133 453 6| Flint 85 900 0/48 ,000,000 Wilts

79 200 0 34 0 28 6151 01 Denbigh 85 800 049 11|29 1900 Berks 82 200 033 629 148 9Anglesea 00 000 034 0100 000 Oxford

79. 0100 0134 027 045 6|Carnarvou 76 800 0139 421 Bucks

79 8100 041 0274146 101 Merioneth 76 8100 0145 935 2100 0 Brecon 70 049 7/36 624 000 0 Cardigan 75 300 034 000 000 0 Montgom. 71 943 235 800 Pembroke 57 900 035 814 000 0 Radnor 65 200 032 028 000 0Carmarth. 72 600 035 6100 0000

Glamorgan77 000 036 4 26 8100 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Gloucester 74 00

0131 227 548 0 74 8141 8135 9127 4146 1||Somerset 79 900


6 48 0 Average of Scotland, per quarter:

Monmo. 73

5100 0100 000 64 11145 5139 3125 9140 7|Devon 72 1000 0127 900 000

0100 Azzrégate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma-Cornwall 74

0129 2 25 900 0 ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 76 4 00 0129 000 000 0 which Exportation and Bounty are to be Hants 75 7100 0100 0 24 9 49 regulated in Great Britain........

........ 73 139 7 33 4125 745 1: PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, August 29: 60s. to 65s. RETURN OF WHEAT, in Mark-Lane, including only from Aug. 15 to Aug. 20: Total 18,302 Quarters. Average 72s. 1d.—55. 14d. higher than last Return.

OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, Aug. 20, 31. 10d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, Ang. 24, 64s. 8 d. per cwt.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, Aug. 29 : Kent Lags 71. Us. to 81. 15s. Kent Pockets

...... 51. Os. to

71. Os. Sussex Dillo 61. 10s. to 81. Os. Sussex Ditto.

41. 10s. to 61. 10s. Essex Ditto ........... 71. Os. to 91. Os. / Farnham Ditto

81. Os. to 111. Use AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, Aug. 29 : St. James's, Hay

41, 0s. 6d. Straw 21. Os. 6d.-Whitechapel, Hay 41. 175. Straw 21. 1s. Clover 71. 2s. 60,-Smithfield, Hay 41. 10s. Od. Straw 21. Os. 6d. Clover 61. 10s. Od.

SMITHFIELD, Aug. 29. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs. Beef. ...4s. 8d. to 6s. Gd. , Pork...

............. 6s. 8d. to 7s. 8d. Mutton ...35. 4d. to 6s. 4d. Lamb

.... Us. to 7s. 4d. Veal....

5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. COALS, Aug. 29: Newcastle 46s. Od.-56s. 6d. Sunderland 46s. 60.--52s. 9d. SOAP, Yellow, 98s. Mottled 110s. Curd 114s. CANDLES, 14s. Ed. per Doz. Moulds16s Od. ZALLOW,

. per Stone, 8lb. St. James's 4 s. 9d. Clare Market, As. Od. Wlriteohapel 4s. 11d.

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