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expectation of the climax: at the same time | The part of Carlos is dull and insipid-thrust | Gibbs) was irresistibly ludicrous. Miss Cawse we must observe, the sudden and too frequent into the piece for the sake of its songs. The was delightful, Blanchard admirable, and Da. transitions from the high pitch of declamation author, however, has tried to infuse a little inte- ruset as sweet and pleasing as his part could to an almost inaudible whisper, may be stage- rest into the character by the touch of feeling admit. effective, but strike somewhat too abruptly contained in the sketch he gives of his history, When it was known that the managers of upon the tympanum, to be either pleasing or and the exquisitely tender verses, which are Covent Garden were anxious to have something advisable. Indeed, Macready does not seem usually discarded thus destroying the only new for T. P. Cooke, they were inundated sufficiently aware, that his acting needs not the hold which Carlos can have upon the sympathy with a sea of nauticals, all of the Black-Eyed foreign aid of professional artifice, and that he of the audience. As to the original music, Susan school, and “ all in the Downs," we cannot suffer adscititious display to obtain, composed by Linley, there is some prettiness may suppose, if the Blue Anchor, by Pocock, without proportionably diverging from nature. about it; but there is a stiffness in the melo- be the best of the budget. We are of the most The tragedy was ably supported. The decla- dies, and a poverty in the accompaniments, genuine admirers of T. P. Cooke. He is an mation of Icilius before the decemvir gave which, to those who have been accustomed to inimitable seaman, dances a hornpipe to perscope for the abilities of Wallack; and the dry the rich fare of Mozart, Rossini, and Weber, fection, swears sailor oaths unprofanely, and sarcasm of the veteran Siccius gained from the (or, in other words, to the whole English pub twitches up his inexpressibles with an air very delivery of Cooper—the diversity of this per- lic), render it very insipid. What used to be amusing to land-lubbers. But we cannot say former's talents is very great, and render his the heroine's crack song, “Adieu, thou dreary that we like him so well at Covent Garden utility invaluable. Miss Philips looked the pile !” is a mere school exercise, consisting of as in the meridian of that tight little craft, beautiful Roman maiden, and submitted to runs and divisions, as guiltless of meaning the Adelphi, where we have so often seen being killed with becoming decorum; the in- as any thing to be found in a book of sols him play Long Tom, in the Pilot, with unsipidity of Virginia was diminished as much feggios. In the part of Clara, Miss Romer mingled satisfaction, and allowed a little lati. as possible, and we regretted the little oppor- displayed powers which, with cultivation, will tude, which we are rather inclined to calculate tunity afforded by the character for the display enable her to take a high rank as a singer. more nicely in classic Covent Garden. The of the powers possessed by this actress. The Her voice is clear and flexible, particularly in chief defect of the Tar for all Weathers is, Roman rabble were some of the most extra- the higher part of the scale. She has, generally, that, being written for him, he has little ordinary representatives of the “ plebs” that a good articulation, and executes rapid pas- to do in it

. Farley's is a better part; and, can be well imagined. The people, under sages very neatly; but in the more difficult but that Tom prefers the open-handed jolly whose direction such things fall

, should not art of sustaining and dwelling upon a few sim- seaman to the plotting smuggler, we dare say suffer the attempted buffoonery of these under- ple notes, “in linked sweetness, long drawn he would have chosen Shark.

He appears lings to convert the parts of the tragedy in out,” she has yet (and, being a young singer, for the first time in the 2d act, and afterwhich they are concerned into a farce. must necessarily still have) much to learn : she wards only at intervals.

The grog song His Majesty has announced his intention of has evidently a musical soul, and frequently which he sung (indifferently enough) was lavisiting Drury Lane on Thursday next. This exhibited both taste and feeling ; she is very mentably poor, considering the copiousness of is good news for the drama ; Covent Garden, pleasing too, both in face and person, and spoke the subject; and the allusion to the queen, of course, will follow.

and acted with spirit and intelligence. Mr. as the “ Queen of good fellows," insufferable, Wilson, though new to the stage, is any thing and resented by the audience. The dialogue but a novice as a singer. His whole perform- was throughout excessively vulgar; and, in

ance exhibited great vocal skill and cultivation; the quarrel scene between the aforesaid Shark We had no fewer than three musical débuts last his voice is (that rarity) a true tenor, of rich and Tom Bluff, even the spirited acting of Saturday—two at Covent Garden, and one at quality and extensive compass ; and he exe- Farley and Cooke could not redeem the coarseDrury Lane. The piece at Covent Garden was cuted every thing he had to do with a facility ness of the language they were compelled to the Duenna—the part of Clara by a young which indicated that he had a great reserve of utter, and the piece was all but d-d, in lady, whose name has since been announced as power and execution when it should be re- consequence. There must be a certain degree Miss E. Romer: and Carlos by Mr. Wilson, quired. We do not remember ever to have of license allowed for a free sea sketch, and, from the Edinburgh Theatre. The Duenna is a been more pleased with the two national not being squeamish, we allow for a great deal; delightful little comedy, somewhat farcical in its ballads, “ Had I a heart," and " Ah ! but to pass over this uncensured would require incidents, but sparkling with wit and satire,

pair were


for Mr. more toleration than even our good nature can and exceedingly amusing : but its pretensions Wilson sung them in such a manner as boast. Tom Bluff will not, we think, prove a as an opera are exceedingly small. The best to leave the simplicity of the airs quite un- feather in the cap of Tom Cooke. Keeley, as part of the music consists of Scotch and Irish impaired, and yet with ornament enongh he always does, made the most of his part, ballads, the introduction of which is a gross to save them from insipidity. This golden He looked very funny as the undertaker, and absurdity. In a Spanish piece, to hear Spanish mean, difficult to find, we hope he his great card, as compared with his diminutive lovers and Spanish damsels breaking out into will study to preserve ; and thus rescue self, was infinitely ludicrous. Bartley's Tom “ Gramachree Molly,” and “ the Highland English singing from one of its greatest re- Bowline was a fine picture of an old fisherman; dity received as a matter of course by the unmeaning ornament. Laddie;” and to see that preposterous absur- proaches—a redundancy of common-place and and Blanchard, as the drunken landlord, Tom




He is a well-looking Tipple, (they are all Toms here,) highly diaudience, is a proof of the low state of music in young man, of a good figure, and a pleasing, verting: We must not omit mentioning clever England as an intellectual art. To be sure, lopen countenance. The part did not enable little Mrs. Keeley's Bessy Bowline ; but, in this opera was written many years ago, and us to form any idea of his powers as an actor; spite of the best acting and beautiful scenery, considerable changes in our musical notions but, in the little he had to say and do, he ac- the Blue Anchor was a failure; and we are have taken place in the interval. But it is quitted himself with great propriety.f Both sure its short life will prove the truth of our enough to see any one of our popular operas, these performers were received with great fa- opinion, and that it will soon be weighed. at this hour, and to hear the ditties lugged in by our favourite warblers, in utter defiance songs being encored.

vour, and warmly applauded most of their The Jew of Arragan, miscalled a tragedy,

The piece was very by Mr. Wade, was produced and finished here of congruity and discretion, to be convinced amusingly performed ; Keeley's “cunning lit-on Wednesday. The author has the reputation that, whatever other improvements-music may tle Isaac," though not the Jew we have been of being a clever man; of which he somehow have received, the alliance of sense with sound accustomed to see, was very grotesque; and contrived to exclude even the slightest proof is as far from being accomplished as ever. his courtship scene with the Duenna (Mrs. from this very miserable production. The play In this very opera, for example, we are quite

is founded, we believe, on a Spanish drama, by well accustomed to hear Mr. Braham, when tender theme ought to be, by all the drums, trumpets, Huerta ; or, perhaps, on one of the tales in Carlos should sing a song lamenting his un- and bassoons, in the orchestra!

Mr. Trueba's Romances of Spanish History. happy love, and expressing his resolution never singer, and especially in expressing our admiration of his To give a serious detailed account of it, is to love again, breaking out with “ Let us haste style, we cannot help referring to the source of his excel impossible ; for, from the first scene to the last, to Kelvin Grove, bonny lassie, O!” and the pub- lence; viz. the instructions of Crevelli, to whom we have it is a tissue of the ridiculous. In the first, lic is generally so much delighted with the ex- order, and a teacher whose school cannot be too highly the Jew behaves with extreme rudeness to the quisite good taste and propriety of this proceed- prized, or too generally cultivated.—Ed. L. G. ing, as to make him sing the song three times !* the pare did not afford the means of judging: we have sovereign; and in the last, all the dead bodies

+ There are also various musical requisites of which Princess of Castile, about to be united to his

still, for instance, to discover, by some other part, whe- dispose themselves on a flight of steps, so • The song introduced by Mr. Wilson deserves the ther Mr. Wilson possesses fire and passion; for the music entirely in the Tom Thumb style, that we

What has Carlos to do with singing he has sung, thougto not without tenderness, is wholly regretted much they did not complete the about Love, love, love, and accompanied too, as such a uniinpassioned.

same censure.




resemblance, by rising up again, and singing | the galleries. But as we heard from that high New Club. The Marquess of Hertford's their own dead march. The plot was a mix. circle, when Xavier entered, “ That is the noble mansion in Piccadilly is being fitted up ture of the improbable and absurd - the lan- man vot vopps editors,” we are not inclined to for a new club, to be called The English and guage, as ludicrous in its common-place, as it make any remark upon his acting which might Foreign Union. The house, from what we was turgid in its bombast. As a whole, we be construed into offence ; and so we wish the have seen of it, will be superb. From the could only wonder at that want of drama- Jew of Arragon good night. By the by, we prospectus which has been issued, we observe tic judgment evinced by the production of should have liked to see his regiment of ould that the object of this establishment is to prosuch an effete piece. It is a curious fact, cloash, with their nightcaps, &c., march to the mote and keep up the friendly intercourse of but a fact nevertheless, that those who have camps. It would have been worth the whole persons of rank and distinction, military, for years been accustomed to study the public tragedy.

naval, literary, and scientific, of foreign nataste, are those who understand it the least.

tions, with those of our own country. The actor is seldom a prophet as regards the A new naval piece was brought out on

Italy. A son of the celebrated Goethe has fate of a drama. Perhaps this may arise from his only considering it with reference to him. Thursday with great éclat: it is too late for lately been travelling in Italy, of which tour,

we learn, he has kept a journal, from which self. In the case before us, Mr. Kemble seems us to say more.

his father is preparing a work upon that to have been led away by two or three, theatri

Mr. Jones, late of Drury Lane, is said to country. cally speaking, good hits for himself and have declined all theatrical engagements, for the

Madame Catalani.-This admired songs. daughter, without considering the dreary, space purpose of attending his pupils in parliamentary tress, we are informed, in a letter from Italy, between. Those little absurdities whch ex- and clerical elocution. From some connexions has finally set up her jest at Florence, with tho cite that destruction to tragedy, laughter, of our own we have heard Mr. Jones's peculiar declared intention of remaining there during were strangely frequent. For example, no- method of teaching highly commended; and life. thing could be more ridiculous than Miss Ellen while we regret the loss of his amusing talents New German Singer.-At Turin, another Tree's jumping through the window down in public, we wish him every success in the Sontag has appeared, in the person of a Mle. into the river ; it was so completely enacting employment of his more useful talents in pri- Henrietta Charles (Karl), who completed her the old song,

One of the chief recommendations of vocal studies at Milan, and has made her début “I'll gather my petticoats up to my knee, his system to us, and one to which we attach at Turin, in Coccia’s Orfana della Selva, with

And over the water to Charley." But “ we'll draw a decent curtain round the power of reading without fatigue to pupils of great importance, is that of imparting the the utmost éclat. She is a native of Berlin.

Cheap Beer.---Placards are seen about town dead,” and only speak as regards the first the weakest constitutions.

at many public-houses thus inscribed : “ Fine original character in which Miss Fanny Kemble

porter sold here at threepence per pot: every has appeared, and which, we are sorry to say,


man must bring his own mug." was a failure. There was an utter want of original conception about it. . In the first scene, though manners change, human nature does Thr world gets older, not much wiser; and

LITERARY NOVELTIES. where her father unfolds his ambitious hopes,

What wars and revolutions were effected

(Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XLII. Oct. 23.) there was a coldness, a want of energy, illfive hundred years ago by free-lancers, knights-Advice

to the Mariner Monarch, preparatory to the open

A poetical jeu d'esprit entitled the Political Devil, or suited to the ambitious Jewess. In the two different scenes, where she triumphs over and erratic, and mercenary soldiers, are now car- ing of Parliament, illustrated by four cuts. The Errors taunts the nobles, she wanted dignity: her liberals, and plunderers. Belgium is over-run Tragedy, by Henry Rich, Esq.-A Catechism of Phreno

ried on by foreign volunteers in every squabble, of Romanism, traced to their origin in Human Nature, sneering was spiteful and petulant,

not haughty by such, and Spain is threatened :--never logy, illustrative of the Principles of that and cutting.

In Paris the sometimes degenerated into a drawl,-a fault to mind, we are all patriots. which she cannot too soon direct her attention; government seems resolved to put an end to Part 1., by Dr. Adam Clarke. Mr. Keightley, the Author

mob legislation; and

every monotony and mannerism are the Scylla and

friend of humanity of the Fairy Mythology," is about to publish a work on

the Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy. It is, we Charybdis of an actor's delivery. Her peculiar hopes it will succeed.

understand, designed for the use of schools and the uni. pronunciation has often a wretched effect; as

versities, and to supply in an adequate manner the ac

knowledged want of such a work in our literature. The when she asks the nobles, “ If they are not


familiarity with the writings of the learned Germans, and stoned," for stunned. Now, each of these de Captain King's Expedition. - His majesty's the aversion to mysticism shewn by Mr. Keightley in fects is slight, and in her own power to remedy. ships Adventure and Beagle, which have been considerable accession to our classical knowledge, conShe has a most exquisite voice, its silver tones employed, for the last three years, in surveying veyed in an easy and intelligible form. only require occasional variety. Her face has the coast of South America, and particularly all the beauty of intellect and expression; her about Cape Horn, under the orders of Captain Swan's Demonstrations of the Nerves, Part I. folio, large dark eyes, and finely marked brow, are King, have arrived in England.

2. 28. sewed.---Loudon's Illustrations of Landscape Gar

dening, Part I. folio, 78. 6d. sewed.- Illustrations of the full of the poetry of passion. Her attitudes Scientific Expedition. The Etna, Captain Literary Souvenir, 1831, proofs, imperial 4to. in portfolio, are generally perfect in grace: through the Belcher, has sailed upon her voyage

to survey Witch, by the Author of to the Borderers

, "3 vols. post &vo. whole of the performance there were but two we the western coast of Africa, from lat, 10° to 11. 118.6.1. bds. --Burke's Official Calendar corrected, with thought unpleasing. The first is where she 30° N., as we mentioned in a late Literary Supplement, to the Present Time, post Avo. 10s. Gl. bds. stands with the king,- she seemed as if she Gazette.

- Hope Leslie, or Early Times in Massachusetts, by the balanced herself upon his hand, and the air was Eastern Archipelago. - Captain Fitz-Cla- ship on Spasmodic Stricture in the Colon, 8vo. 48. bds.

Author of “ Clarence,” 3 vols. post 8vo. 218. bds.-Howone of disagreeable personal exhibition: the rence, it is stated, will sail early in the ensuing Rennie on Asthma, Consumption, and Disorders of the other, in the scene with the nobles, she year on a voyage to survey the Eastern Archi. Lungs, 8vo. 58, bds.-Westall's Great Britain Illustrated,

4to. prints, hf.-bd. morocco, 11. 14s.; India proofs, 3.38.; threw herself back till the effect was as awk- pelago ; proceeding in the first place to New imperial 4to. 51. 58.--Classic Cullings and Fugitive Gaward as the position was unfeminine. Now it South Wales.

therings, post 8vo. 98. bds.-Prowse's Poems, 12mo. Gs. is evident that each of these attitudes originates Royal Anecdote. — The ex-king of Saxony, bds.-old Booty, or the Devil and the Baker, illustrated

bds.- The Arrow and the Rose, by W. Kennedy, 8vo. 6s. in the same fault, viz. throwing her person too when his late brother was on his death-bed, by Cruikshank, 18mo. 18. sewed. --Bradfield's Tales of the much from the perpendicular. But, amid all was told by his confessor that, if he would vow Cyclades fcp. 8vo. 55. tid. sewed. --Grant's Advice to

Trustees, 8vo. 68. bds. the drawbacks of an ineffective character to sup-to make a pilgrimage to the holy sepulchre, his port, and the weariness of an unsuccessful play, brother should die, and he should ascend the

TO CORRESPONDENTS. there was enough of grace and talent evinced throne. He made the vow, his brother died,

In the notice of the Gem, the name of the author who to shew how justly is popularity awarded to and he reigned. But when the time arrived wrote the first poem quoted was omitted: this was doing this interesting young actress. One word on for fulfilling his pledge, he found that his duties but scant justice to one of its pleasantest contributors, a matter of a private feeling. We were sorry and infirmities rendered it impossible. After Mr. Edward Fitzgerald.

1. P. is very well for the domestic circle, but does not to hear Mr. Kemble (in the text, it is true) much discussion amongst his ghostly fathers, require publication. point an allusion in the play so as to make it he compromised the matter by agreeing to An "English Reader" should be aware, that however a personality. His daughter's station, her scramble, on his bare knees, up and down the French or other foreign phraseology, we cannot alter

much we dislike the interlarding of our language with youth, her universally acknowledged amia- great gallery in his palace, for a certain time quotations from works disfigured by that folly: bility in domestic life, not only place her above every day, until he should have gone over a

The extract, the only one by which we could satisfacany passing scurrility, but give her claim to space equal to the distance between Dresden cannot find room for it in this No: a second apology is the possession of that

delicacy of feeling, which and Jerusalem. His majesty had performed a therefore due to the Editor of that. Annual, all others was, we think, rather outraged than sup- great part of his feat when interrupted by his appearing in the succession in which they reach us.

The dramatic novelties have also pressed on our space ported by being made matter of applause from Irebellious subjects.

this week.






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Tntical Directory; containing a complete Register of the

Elegant Works for the Drawing-Room Table.

Abernethy': Surgical and Pkysiological Works. ADVERTISEMENTS,

Just published,

In 4 vols. 3ro. price 21. 53, 6d. boards, PANORAMA of SWITZERLAND, as SURGICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL Connected with Literature and the Arts.

viewed from the Summit of Mont Righi. 128. plain, or 11. 48. beautifully coloured, in a neat Case.

consisting of the following Treatises and Lectures, which may be HE LONDON UNIVERSITY 2. Panorama of the Rhine, from Cologne to had separately :-SCHOOL, 16, Lower Gower Street, Bedford Square, (Head Mayence. 105.6d. plain, or 17. 18. beautifully coloured, in a neat

1. On the Constitutional Origin and Treat. Master, the Rev. HENRY BROWNE, M.A. of Corpus Christi Case.

ment of Local Diseases, and on Aneurisms,

88. College, Cambridge), will open on the 1st Noveinber.

3. Panorama of the Mayne, from Mayence 2. On Diseases resembling Syphilis, and on
Visiters for the present year: -
to Frankfort, 6s, plain, or 128. coloured, in a neat Case.

Diseases of the Urethra, 6s.
The Right Hon. Lord Auckland | Leonard Horner, Esq. F.R.S. 4. Panorama of the Thames, from London 3. On Injuries of the Head, &c. 78.
WA Bingham Baring, Esq.

Henry Waymouth, Esq.

to Richmond, exhibiting every Object on both Banks of the 4. On Lumbar Abscesses and Tumours, 6s. Henry Hallam, Esq. F.R.S. &c.

River. This work is upwards of 60 Feet in Length, folded up

in a portable Form, price ll. 89. plain, or 2. 16s. beautifully 5. Lectures on Surgery, 8s. A more detailed Prospectus than has hitherto appeared may coloured. be had at the School, at the Office of the University, and at N.B. The View of London, which accompanies the Panorama

6. Physiological Lectures, 10s. 6d. the following Booksellers :- Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street, of the Thames, 5 feet 6 inches long, may be had separately, 6s. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Longman and Co. 29, Paternoster Row; Baldwin and Co. 47, plain, 123. coloured. Paternoster Row; Parbury and Co. 7, Leadenhall Street; Jen London: Published by Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand, of whom nings and Chaplin, Cheapside; Richardson, 28, Cornhill: Fel. may be obtained, various useful Guides for Travellers on the

In 8vo. price 34. Gid. lowes, 39, Ludgate Street; Hunter, 72, St. Paul's Churchyard; Continent, &c.

THE SECRET REVEALED of the Underwood, 39, Fleet Street; Black, Young, and Young, -, Ta

AUTHORSHIP of JUNIUS'S LETTERS. vistock Street: Smith, 172, Strand; Wyld, 7, Charing Cross;

By JAMES FALCONAR, Esq. Jan. Knight, 13, Pall Mall East; Treuttel and Co. 30, Soho Square;

« L'âme n'a point de secret que la conduite ne rêrele." Murray, 50, Albemarle Street; Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly; Gar


French Pre. dener, 143, Regent Street; Balliere, Regent Street; Templeman,

London: Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard. 18, Percy Street; Alexander, 37, Great Russell Street; Callow,

Hummel's Modern Piano-Forte Tutor, 16, Princes Street, Soho.

This day is published, price 158. The Head Master may be spoke with at the School daily,

Burke's Works complete, with General Indea.
(except Sundays), between the hours of l1 and 3.

In 16 vols. 8vo. price 61. 175. boards,
HENRY BROWNE, Head Master.

THE WORKS of the Right Honourable
able Examples, and Sixty Practical Pieces; being Part the First
of Hummel's Complete School for the Piano-Forte. The latter

EDMUND BURKE, complete with General Index and SCIEN. Work, forming a thick Volume of 690 Pages, and containing every

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,
TIFIC INSTITUTION, 47, Leicester Square.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.
requisite Instruction and Example necessary to forin a finished
Player on the Piano-Forte, may be had, price 31. 88.

A few Copies may be had on royal paper, price 91. 12. in
Patron, TIIE KING.

boards. Also, This Institution, founded in 1896, for the Diffusion of Useful Published by T. Boosey and Co. 23, Hoiles Street, Oxford Street,

Vols. 1v. to VIII. in 4to. with General Knowledge, offers the following advantages:-An extensive Library, for the circulation of New Publications

Index to complete that edition, price 21. 28. each, in boards. and Works of Interest. A Reading-Room, supplied also with the Periodicals and Daily BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY.

8vo. 68, 6d. Papers. Classes for the attainment of the Sciences and Languages, and

Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Chernistry, 4th edition. for the Disenssion of Literary and Scientific Subjects. In 1 very large vol. printed in double columns, price ll. is.

FRANCIS D'AGUESSEAU, Chancellor of France; Interesting and Instructive Lictures, by eminent Professors. DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY and portions of the French Law. And an Historical and Literary

and of his Ordonnances for Consolidating and Amending certain Convenient Rooms for Conversations, for Chess, and for Ama

MINERALOGY. teur Concerts.

Account of the Roman and Canon Law. Admission Fee, 108. 6.-Subscription, 21. 24. per annum, pay.


BY CHARLES BUTLER, Esq. The 4th edition, considerably improved and enlarged. able half-yearly.

John Murray, Albemarle Street, A Prospectus and Form of Admission may be procured gratis, and Co. Glasgow : J. Cumming, Dublin; and sold by all Booksel.

London : Printed for Thomas Tegg, 73, Cheapside; R. Griffin at the Institution : at Messrs. Grays and Pell, 6); Piccadilly; lers in the Kingdom.

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 188. boards, Roake and Varty, 31, Strand; and Tilt, 86, Fleet Street.


CHURCH, from its Erection at Jerusalem dors to the and

Present Time. Designed for the Use of Schools, Families, &c. No. LXXXVI, Contents

By the Rev. JOHN FRY, B.A. PRINTING BUSINESS to be DISPOSED OF.-An advantageous Opportunity now offers for succeeding to a Business 1. Science in England, and 4. Lyell's Geology

Rector of Desford, in Leicestershire. in the above Line, in a respectable and populous Town in the

the Royal Society

5. Southey's Life of Bungan " His matter is unquestionably selected with judgment, and 2. Bank of England 6. Greece and Navarin

luminously arranged; his language is clear and concise, and rot North of England. The Stock is moderate, and in excellent con

7. Negro Testament

deficient in elegance; and we rise from the perasal of bis work dition, being of modern date; and the Situation of the Shop and 3. Life of Heber

8. Present State of France. with rery favourable impressions of his character, with which Residence, the best that can be chosen. The Trade will be

otherwise we are unacquainted."-Theological Reriere. proved to the Satisfaction of any person treating, to be a very

John Murray, Albemarle Street. profitable one, and is capable of much extension. The Adver.

Also may be had, by the same Author, tisers can confidently recommend the Concern as a desirable

1. A New Translation and Exposition of Investment. In I vol. 8vo. price 18r. boards,

In I vol. 8vo. pricz 19. Terms of payment may be rendered easy, and every further In. HISTORY of BRITISH ANIMALS, the rery Ancient Book of Job, &c. formation can be obtained by application (post-paid) 10 Messrs.

exhibiting the descriptive Characters and systematical Harris Brothers, Liverpool.

2. Lectures, Explanatory and Practical, on Arrangement of the Genera and Species of Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Mollusca, and Radiata, of the United King: the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans. In 1 vol. 8roprice lta. dom; including the indigenous, extirpated, and extinct kinds: boards.

3. The Second Advent; or, the Glorious RONALDS'S Patent Perspective Tracing Instruments

By JOHN FLEMING, D.D.F.R.S.E. M.W.$. &c. are now on Sale and View, at Mr. Cary's, Optician, No. 181,

and Author of the Philosophy of Zoology,

Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ, &c. la 3 vols. Sve price

988. boards. Strand.

« This very important work, which has just appeared, we This Perspectograph is wholly devoid of the Inconveniences and consider as intinite'y superior to any Natural History of British 4. Lyra Davidis; or, a New Translation Difficulties attendant on the Use of the Optical and Mechanical Animals hitherto published. It will become the standard book and Exposition of the Psalms. In'l vol. 8vo. price 155. boards. Instruments which have been hitherto invented, and will enable on British Animals." Jameson's Journal of Science.

5. Canticles; or, Song of Solomon, &c. In any person unacquainted with the Laws of Perspective, to Sketch

London: Printed for James Duncan, Paternoster Row; with great facility and accuracy from Nature. It constitutes, in

and Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh.

I vol. 8vo. price 6s. boards. fact, a species of natural Pantograpi, which, with a little habit,

6. A Present to the Convalescent, &c. will furnish the Operator with the means of copying with great VOTHA ALMANACH for 1831, is just 1 vol. 13 mo. price 4:, boards. delicacy, every Line and feature of an Object, or Assemblage of Objects, however complicated.

imported, by

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Rov. Also his new and remarkably firm, yet light and portable

Black, Young, and Young, Foreign Booksellers, Tripod Staff, for the support of Drawing-Boards, Plane-Tables,

9, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

In royal 890. price 11. 25. in cloth boards, the 3d edition, Theodolites, Telescopes, &c. &c.

Price 6s, stamped.

corrected and materially improved, of

CLERICAL GUIDE; or, Ecclesi.

Just published,
Dedicated, by permission, to his Majesty

Dignities and Benefices of the Church of England, with the Man LLUSTRATIONS to the KEEPSAKE, In als with mar and platea; Prenos boards, or Jl. 45. of their present Possessors, Patrons, &c. and an Alphabetical List

1831; consisting of Eighteen Engravings, executed under he superintendence of Mr. C. Heath, from Drawings by the fol

GEOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, taining the Ecclesiastical Patronage at the disposal of tbe Kids lowing eminent Artists:- Turner, Stephanoff, Corbould, Born. and TOPOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION of INDIA. the Lord Chancellor, Archbjshops and Bishops, Deans and Chasington, Smirke, Prout, Westall, Sharpe, Cristall, Eastlake, Ho


ters, Colleges at the Universities, &c. ward, and Chalon. The matter contained in these volumes will be found equal in

By RICHARD GILBERT, Proofs, delivered in a Portfolio ..........

Compiler of the "Clergyman's Almanac," and the quantity to six large octavo volumes.

2 2 India Proofs ...

" Liber Scholasticus." “ This portion of the Modern 'Traveller (India) is of peculiar India Proofs, before the Letter

importance. It contains (besides a full description of the coun. Printed for Cu, J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paui's Churchyard, A few Sets of Illustrations for 1829, 1829, and 1830, are try) a very ininute and comprehensive history of India, which is

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
to be found complete in no other work. The several histories
left for sale.

which have hitherto appeared limit themselves to separate parts London: Jennings and Chaplin, 62, Cheapside.

Works by Dr. Rallt, of the country or its dynasties: thus we have histories of British

In I vol. post 8vo. with a fine Portrait of Mr. Northeatt, India, Mahometan India, Central India, &c. ; whereas the pre

10s. 6d. Just published, price 108.

sent work combines the facts of all, descending from the earliest

period of the ancient annals to the year 1822." --Literary Gusette. IX VIEWS of the COLUMBINE and

Preparing for publication,

COTE, Esq. R.A. with WILLIAM HAZLITT. Italy. By the Editor of the “ Modern Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. the Objects by Henry Moses. To be had of Arch, Cornhill; Jennings and Chaplin, Cheap. Traveller," and forming a continuation of that work. 3 vols.

of whom may be bad, by the same Author, Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

2. Table Talk. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. side; Ackermann, Strand; Fuller, Rathbone Place; and all the principal Booksellers in Portsmouth, Plyinouth, Isle of Wight;

Africa. and of the Publisher, 30, Weymouth Street, Portland Place.

3. The Plain Speaker ; Opinions of Books, In 3 vols. with maps and plates, price 16s. 6d. boards, forming a Men, and Things. S vols. 8vo. 168. part of the Modern Traveller,

4. Spirit of the Age; or, Contemporary An Uacful Anmal for Children.

DESCRIPTION of AFRICA ; com- Portraits. In i vol. post aro. 8s.


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prising an Historical Account of Discoveries in that BOOK; or, Easy and Progressive Steps in Drawing Continent, from the Earliest Times to the last Journey of Clap.

In 19mo. price 68. 6d. boards, Landscape, Animals, Flowers, Trees, Ships, the Human Figure, perton; also an Account of the Barbary Staws, and

of the lat &c. containing 50 Plates in Lithography.

British Expedition to Algiers; Sierra Leone, and of the Cape ERMONS on the HISTORY
By G. W. DAVIES, Esq.

The inatter contained in these volumes will be found equal in

By the Rev. WILLIAM NORRIS, M.A. In 8vo. half-bound, cape moroeco, price 68.; or may be had quantity to four large octavo volumes.

Rector of Waiblington, Hants, and Chaplain to His Grace the
separately, in 14 l'arts, at 6d. each.
Printed for James Duncan, 87, Paternoster Row.

Duke of Bedford.
Published by D. Carvalho, Chiswell Street; sold by Ackermann,
Strand; and every Bookseller in Town and Country,

Prospectuses of the Modern Traveller may be had of the Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyar.
Publisher, and all Booksellers,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.


of ROLL!




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A FULL ANALYTICAL, and HARMO: A TREATISE ant them bacarighe BE: Galt, Exy, with Plates, complete in a single volume, price com

Physiological Lectures and Discourses. By



translated from the Latin of the 4th edition of Professor

Kennedy's Arrow and Rose.
The New Court and Parliament.

In 3 vols. post 8vo.
In demy 8vo. price 68. boards,

THE WATER WITCH; or, the Skimmer
IE ARROW and the ROSE; with other THE: OFFICIAL KALENDAR Form1830;

By the Author of the “ Red Rover," the “ Borderers,"
Changes which have recently occurred in the Court of Se. James's,

the “ Prairie," &c.
Author of « Fitful Fancies," &c.

in the Army and Navy, in the Imperial Parliament, in the Go.
Smith, Elder, and Co. Cornhill.
vernment of France, &c.

2. Hope Leslie, a Tale. By the Author of By JOHN BURKE, Esq.

" Redwood," « Clarence," &c. 3 vols. small 8vo. 218. By means of this Supplement, Mr. Burke's work will present at 3. Six New Lectures on Painting, delivered

at the Royal Academy, by the late Henry Fuseli, P.P. Now first NISH, &c. CIRCULATING LIBRARY, exclusively James's under George the IV th and William the IVth-the Old published from the original Mss. Uniformly printed with his devoted to Foreign Literature, hy T. and T. BOOSEY, Foreign and the New Parliaments-the late and the present Governments former Lectures.

of France. and English Booksellers, Broad Street, Exchange.

" The new lectures are equally worthy with the former, of the Their Foreign Library Catalogue consists of many thousand

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. fame of Fuseli and of the study of the artist."-Spectator. Works of the most approved Authors. Terms of the Four Classes of Subscription, 21. 21. to 51. 58. per

In 8vo. price 3s.

4. The Heiress of Bruges, a Tale, by T. Col. Annum; Half-Yearly and Quarterly Subscriptions on the usual LFRED the GREAT.

ley Grattan, Esq. Author of “ Highways and Byways," « Traits

of Travel," &e. proportionate Scale. Further Particulars may be had as above, and at T. Boosey

By the Author of " Liberation of Joseph, and

"A story of the most absorbing interest."--Globe.

other Poems."
and Co. 98, Holles Street, Oxford Street.
"A work in every respect so creditable to the author's mind

5. Hughes's Travels in Greece and Albania, and beart, breathing, as it does, only a spirit of purity, gentleness, avo. edition, in 2 vols. with great Additions and Improvements, To be had of all Booksellers, price 6s. sewed, in 12mo.

charity, and peace."-Critical Notice of Liberation of Joseph," and 33 Illustrations, price 32.
of 400 closely printed pages,
New Monthly Magazine.

“ The most perfect and best digested book on Greece which has Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. yet been published.”_Courier. CARRATIVE of the FRENCH REVO.

6. A new and cheaper edition of the BorderLUTION in 1830; an Authentic Detail of the Events

The Child's Annual.

ers. By the Author of the " Red Rover," &c. 918. which took place on the 26th, 27th, 23th, and 29th of July, with With 140 Illustrations, the whole neatly coloured, entitled,

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Strect. the occurrences preceding and following those Memorable Days, HE INFANT'S OWN BOOK; being a accompanied with State Papers and Documents. Ne quid falsi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.

The National Library, No. II. Printed for Messrs. A. and W. Galignani, Paris; and to be which is added, Riddles, Conundrums, Poetry, Maxims, Selec

Beautifully printed in small 8vo. with Map, price 58. hal in London of R. J. Kennett, No. 59, Great Queen Street, tions from Cowper, Goldsmith, &c. &c. Half-bound, post 8vo. .

HE HISTORY of the BIBLE. London: Published by D. Carvalho, Chiswell Street ;

By the Rev. G. R. GLEIG, M... M.R.S.L. &c. and may be had of all Booksellers.

Forming the Second Volume of the National Library. In 1 vol. 12mo. price 7s. boards, a small Number on fine paper,

“ An able manual of scripture history."-Literary Gazette. 105. boards,

In 8vo. 128, boards,

No. I. contains the Life of Byron, by John NIOUS VIEW of the POU'R GOSPELS, containing

SERVING HEALTH, and particularly the PRE. the Sacred History of the New Testament Dispensation under VENTION of ORGANIC PISEASES.

No. III. comprising the History of Che" a better Covenant," from the Advent to the Åscension of our

By A. P. W. PHILIP, M.D. F.R.S.L. and E. &c. mistry, by Thomas Thomson, Esq. M.D. F.R.S.É. Professor of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; introduced by proving from

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Chemistry in the University of Glasgow. Embellished with a Scripture Testimony, that He" is over all, God blessed for ever."

Of whom may be had,

Portrait of Dr. Black, will be published on the 1st of November. Printed for T. Cadell, Strand, London; and W. Blackwood,

No. IV. containing the History of Chivalry,
John Abernethy, F.R.S. In 8vo. 104. 6d. boards.

by G. P. R. James, Esq. Author of De L'Orme," " Darley," Beck's Medical Jurisprudence, new edition.

“ Richelieu," &c. With Plates, will appear on the 1st of Dec. In 8vo. price 188. the 3d edition of

Double Number, with a Portrait of His

present Majesty

Heary Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street,
HE UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL London; and may be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country.
ber, price 2s.6d. each Number, is a Double One, in order to give

Post 8vo. 88. 6d.

insertion to a variety of Papers of great interest, the following Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in the College of the Western among many others :- Memoir of the Naval Services of William District of New York, &c. &c.

IV.Narrative of the Campaign in Holland in 1914, with Details
Brought down to the present time by
of the Attack on Bergen op Zoom, by an Officer present-A Jour-


“ We have been led to talk of Robinson Crusoe by the narraney of Discovery in South Africa, by Licut. C. Brand, R.X.--Re. London : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and

tive of Mr. Hend, who is a sort of Robinson Crusoe in his way. miniscences of subaltern-Service Afloat during the late War Green ; S. Highley : Simpkin and Marshall ; Whittaker, -Patagonia and Terra del Fuego, extracted from a Journal of

We have perused his work with considerable pleasure."-WestTreacher, and Co.; and W. Blackwood, Edinburgh. the Surveying Expedition, composed of His Majesty's Ships Adminster Review.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Venture and Beagle-Military Delusions -- the recent Campaign
In 8vo. with a Map, 12s.

of Algiers, with a Description and Force of the French Squadron
State of Education in the British Navy-Burning of the Colours

In 8vo. 128.
HE LIFE of BELISARIUS. of the 9d Battalion, King's Regiment-Anecdotes of the Parisian
By the Right Hon. LORD MAHON.

Revolution--History of the 4th, or King's Own Regiment of Foot
---besides a great variety of Miscellaneous Intelligence of high short time previous to his Lordship’s Death.

LORD BYRON and others. • The work does considerable credit to his lordship's scholar.

Held in Cephalonia, a ship, and is altogether a valuable contribution to the history of a

interest to both Services. most interesting era." - London Magazine. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.

By the late JAMES KENNEDY, M.D.

Of H. M. Medical Staff. “His lordship's work is an able and valuable performance."

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Monthly Review

Foolscap 8vo. 58. 6d.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

the German; and original Poems.

For the Use of the Chemical Student and Manufacturer. In 8vo. 168. boards, the 4th edition, much enlarged, of


Compressed into 2 vols. 8vo. only 30%. Bd edition, considerably en. John Murray, Albemarle Street.

larged and improved, with numerous Plates, Woodcuts, Dia. HE ELEMENTS of PHYSIOLOGY,

grams, &c. Great Floods.--In 8vo. 2d edition, 14s.

MANUAL of CHEMISTRY, Practical BLUMEN BACH, and supplied with copious Notes.


and Theoretical, containing an Account of all recent By JOHN ELLIOTSON, M.D. F.R.S.

Investigations and Discoveries. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Physician to, Districts.

By W. T. BRANDE, P.R.S. and Lecturer on the Practice of Medicine in St. Thomas's Hose


Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution, &c. &c. pital.

Of Fountainhall, Bart. F.R.S.E.

By the same Author, 8vo. 88. 6d. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Interspersed with Geological Remarks, Traditional Anecdotes, 2. Tables in Illustration of the Theory of
&c. and illustrated by upwards of 50 Etchings of the Scenery on

Definite Proportionals.
In 12mo. price 58. boards,

the Rivers atfected by this unexampled Calamity.
Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown,

In a few days, a new edition, 8vo. 185.
and Green, London.

3. Chemical Manipulation ; being InstrucNATURE; or, Man Viewed in Relation to Immortality. By WILLIAM DAVIS MUNSTER,

tions to Students in Chemistry on the Methods of performing

In royal 18mo. 5:.
Of the Croft Chapel, Hastings.

Experiments of Demonstration or of Research with accuracy London: Holdsworth aud Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard.

English Lady's Costume. Containing general Instruc. 4. Lives of Eminent British Physicians, tions for combining Elegance, Simplicity, and Economy, with

with Portraits and Woodcuts, 53. The Latin Posts, complete in I vol.

Fashion in Dress; Hints on Female Accomplishment and ManIn I very large vol. medium 8vo. price 21. 2s. or in Six Parts, ners, and Directions for the Preservation of Health and Beauty. On the 1st of October was published, No. 1. price 6s. 6d. at 78. each,


5. The Journal of the Royal Institution,
“ If Beauty be woman's weapon, it must be feathered by the
Edited by W. S. WALKER, Esq.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees,
The Authors comprised in this volume constitute the whole of

Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

In 1 vol. 12mo. price 5s. 64. boards, the Classical Latin Poets, chronologically arranged, with brief

RAYERS for the USE of FAMILIES. notices of their Lives.

Domestic Medicine. The Texts of the Corpus Poetarum have not only been selected

By the Rev. CHARLES WATSON, In 1 thick vol. 8vo. double columns, 14$. cloth boards, by the Editor from the best oditions ; but the orthography and

Minister of Burntistand.

London: Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; punctuation have been by him reduced to an uniform standard. The greatest care has been taken to ensure correctness in the

for popular Use, containing an Account of Diseases and

and William Whyte and Co. Edinburgh. printing.

their Treatment, including those most frequent in Warın CliThe peculiar advantages of this edition are, its portability and mates, with Directions for administering Medicines, the Regula

In atlas 4to. price 12s.; proofs 16s. Part IV. and last of its cheapness. The whole body of Latin poetry may now lle for tion of Diet and Regimen; and the Management of the Diseases

SERIES of SUBJECTS from the reference on the table of the student, in a single volume, printed of Women and Children. in a type of great distinctness. The common Delphin editions





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CORPUS POETARUM LATINORUM. ele pointed by the use of Discretion, and sunset by the devoted to Sciengenang

Natur History





WORKS of the late R. P. BONINGTON. amount to eight guneas. The Corpus Poetaruin is two-thirds Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and

Drawn on Stone by J. D. HARDING. cheaper than any edition, even of the Text only, of the Latin

Physician Accoucheur to the Newtown Dispensary.

The Work may be had complete in boards, price 21. 104. Voets. “ Calculated to accomplish all that could be wished in a popu- London : Printed for James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond Street;

The Proofs, 31. Bs.
London : Printed for James Duncan, Paternoster Row; Parker, lar system of medicine." --Edinburgh Medical Journal.
Oxford; and Deighton and Son, Cambridge.
“ We have seen nothing of the kind better adapted for consult-

and Colnaghi, Son, and Co. Pall Mall East.
ation." - Literary Guzette.
" We know not a safer manual of medicine in our language."

In 8vo. 88.
In 12mo. price 38. 6d. cloth boards,

Scots Times.
ESSONS on ARITHMETIC; in Prin- offered to the public."-Csledonian Mercury.
“* Decidedly the most useful book of the kind that has yet been

HE BOOK of ; newly ciple and in Practice, for the Instruction of Youth of « Dr. Macaully's Dictionary may be safely recommended as a Notes. both Seren, and more especially for that of Young Merchants, most useful, comprehensive, and popular work, which may be By W. FRENCH, D.D. Master of Jesus College, Cambridge, Tradesmen, Seamen, Mechanics, and Firmers. safely and advantageously consulted in all cases where health is

aflected."-Edinburgh Cuarunt.

G. SKINNER, M.A. Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London; Adana Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees Orme, Brown,

Printed at the University Press. and sold by all Booksellers.

and Green, London.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Tu Eran betod Gorom the Hebres, and with speedy



TIERIS; a Religious and Literary New Hampang



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In 8vo. price 148. cloth boards,
Major Rennell's Geography of Herodotus.

On the 30th instant, in rosal 18mo. elegantly bound

in crimson silk,
printed from the Author's revised Copy, and containing the

original Maps and Portrait, of
Physician to the London Fever Hospital.

illustrated with the following Engravings: THE GEOGRAPHICAL SYSTEM of Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Engravers. Painters. « This Treatise on Fever stands, without competition, at the


An English Flower

H. Robinson T. Hargreaves head of all that has been written on this abstruse disease." - Comparison with those of other Ancient Authors, and with Mo- The Three Maries at the Tomb Westminster Rerien', Jan. dern Geography,

E. Smith .... B. West, PA

of Christ.. " There is no man in actual practice who should not possess By JAVES RENNELL, Esq. F.R.S. Lond. and Edin.

Delos ..

W. Miller..., W. Lintea himself of Dr. Swith's work."-Lond. Med. and Surg. Journal, Late Major of Engineers and Surveyor (eneral in Bengal.

Interior of Antwerp Cathedral.. W. Radclyfle C. Wild February Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, Cologne on the Rhine

E. Goodall.... S. Austin “ The general reader will find it perfectly intelligible, and of

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

A Cottage Farm. Yard

E. Smith..... T. Barker great practical utility."--Monthly Repository, March

La Huertana de Leon

T. L. Grundy H. Lirerege "With a mind so trained to accurate observation and logical HE FOREIGN QUARTERLY The Deluge

R. Brandard A. MONES deduction, Dr. Smith's delineations are peculiarly valuable."

St. Cecilia...

H. Robinson Andrei Celesti Medico-chirurgical Rerien, March. REVIEW, No. XII. will be pub ed on Friday, the A Pass of the Abruzzi

W. Miller.... J. V. Barber " of the morbid phenomena he has given a most masterly 29th instant.

The Mother

E. Finden.... K.Westall, R. description."--London Medical and Physical Journal, March.

30, Soho Square, October 20th.

Dove Dale..

R. Brandard C. Barker. « The author merits the reward of a double service, by arriv.

Inscription Plate

E. Smith. ing at important truth amid much popular error, and by laying

The Iris. this truth before the world in a diction, and with a demonstra. On the 1st of November will be published, price 128.; or, on a fine

“This is, in our opinion, decidedly the best sot of plates by tion, which most powerfully recommend it to the judgment." — demy paper, with India proof impressions of the Plates, price which the Winter's Wreath' has been embellished."-Lurrary Westminster Herien, April.

14.. the Second Volume of

Garette, Oct. 9. « The work just analysed is the best which we have ever pe.

Among the Contributors arerused on the subject of fever, and in our conscience we believe it

Ven. Archd. Butler Thomas Roscoe the best that ever flowed from the pen of physician in any age or


Mary Howitt

W. H. Harrison W. B. Chorley country."-Medico-Chirurgical Reriew, April.

Edited by the Rev. THOMAS DALE, M.A.

Miss M. H. Browne Derwent Conway Author of " Setyn The same pure morality and religious tendency which obtained Miss Jewsbury H.C. Deaken

" Recollect In 9 vols. 8vo. price 21s. boards, for the preceding Number of the Iris so large a share of popu Miss Emily Taylor J. H. Wiffin

in the Peninsula SECOND COURSE of SERMONS for to give more variety to the embellishments, religious subjects Dr. Bowring larity, will again be found in the present volume; and in order William Roscoe Hartley Coleridge «Delta," of Blact

Robert Millhouse wood's Mag. &c. the YEAR, containing Two for each Sunday, and One lave been selected and engraved in the first style of the art, from for each Holyday; abridged from the most eminent Divines of modem as well as ancient masters, among whom are Rembrandt,

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lase, the Established Church, and adapted to the Service of the Day: Titian, Carlo Dolci, Reynolds, West, Lawrence, &c.

London; and G. Smith, Liverpool. intended for the Use of Families and Schools. Dedicated, by London : l'ublished by S. Low, Lamb's Conduit Street; and permission, to the Lord Bishop of London.

Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard.

In November will be published,
By the Rev. J.R. PITMAN, A.M.
Alternate Morning Preacher of Belgrave and Berkeley Chapels,

New Comic Annual.

1831; or, Tourist in Italy, from Drawings by Sanur and alternate Evening Preacher of the Foundling and Magdalen In a few days will be published, price 12. elegantly bound in Trout, Esq. Painter in Water Colours to His Majesty ; the lite Hospitals.

morocco, and illustrated with nearly One Hundred beautiful

rary Department by T. Roscoe, Esq. Dedicated, by petst*:09, - There is no question which the clergy are inore frequently Engravings on Wood,

to Lady Grantham Price, elegantly bonpd in morocco, 14. * asked, and to which they tind it more difficult to give a satisfactory

MI E NEW COMIC ANNUAL royal8vo.; India l'roofs, 21. 12. 61. Just published, a few reply, than this-What sermons would they recommend for the usu of a private family? We really think that Mr. Pitman's

for 1931.

of the Plates on large paper, for illustrating the various Wertsc work bids fair to supply the deficiency which has been so much London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

Italy, &c. and for the Collectors of tine Engravings. regretted."-- Quarterly Theological Review.

Proofs on India paper, without writing ....14 4

do, with kriting ..............3 A Second Edition of the First Course is pub. In November will be published, dedicated, by express permission,


Proofs lished, same size and price as above. Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row..

Small paper Prints will not be sold separate from the Book

A few Copies for 1030 are left for Sale.
Edited by THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq.
Neatly bound, price only 4s. 6d.

London: Jennings and Chaplin, 62, Cheapside.

Author of the « Landscape Annual."
The Embellishments consist of a Portrait of the Queen, en-

On the 1st of November will be published, price 12s. WHEELWRIGHT, Prebendary of Lincoln; and Anacreon, by a Miniature, painted for Her Majesty, by Mrs. Green.

'HE CAMEO; a Mélange of literature Mr. THOMAS BOURNE.

Windsor Castle

and the Arts, principally selected from the Bijee. Cicero remarks, that not to know what has been transacted in The Orphans


This volume will contain Fifteen highls tinisbeil Engating former times, is to continue always a child; and the learned Dr. The Lady and her Bird

H. Corbould

Nine of which are froin the most celebrated Pictures on the 2 Parr says, " if you desire your son, though no great scholar, 10 The Forum Romanum

.J. M. W. Turner, R.A.

Sir Thomas Lawrence a greater number of that Artist's read and reflect, it is your duty to place in his hands the best Flower Girl...

W. Westall, R.A.

ductions than were ever before brought together in any Aussal. translations of the best classical authors."

Coliseum at Rome
S. Prout

After Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Iegreret To those, therefore, who are desirous of obtaining a knowledge Warwick Castle....


1. Young Napoleon, from a Drawing made} Fox of the most esteemed authors of Greece and Rome, but

possess Girl at the Brook

W. Westall, R.A. not the means or leisure for pursuing a regular course of study, John Gilpin...

.T. Stothard, R.A.

II. Miss Murray; Child and Flowers. Humphress the present undertaking must prove a valuable acquisition. Mont Biancy from the Piedmon-?

Ezt III, Master Lambton

W. Brockedon The precerling Numbers comprise Demosthenes, Sallust, tese Village of Salle, Val d'Aosta

IV. Miss Tlayer er

Xenophon, Herodotus, Virgil, &c. &c.

Presentation Plate
v. Lady Walscourt..

Ersom Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, e, New Burlington Street.

Ensom Among the Contributors to the Work will be found some of the VI. King George tbe Fourth

Dean names of the most distinguished living Writers, and particularly

VII. Ada; Portrait of a Child

Humphress of eminent Females.

VIII Master Lock; Boy and Dog..
IX. Mrs. Arbathnot..


The Volume will be bound in Arabesque morocco, of an appro. priate Desiga, price 10. 6d. A few Copies are taken of in crown

After T. Stothard, R.A. The following New Works will shortly be published by Evo, same size as the Keepsake and Landscape Annual, with In X. Sans Souci

Brandard Messrs. Colburn and Bentley. dia Proof Impressions of the Plates, neatly half-bound in morocco,

After Darid Willie, R.A. THE LIFE of SIR HUMPHRY DAVY, uncut edges, price 17. 18.

XI. Family of Sir Walter Scott, Bart... Worthington Bart. late President of the Royal Society, &c. &c.

Just published,
XII. The Bag Piper

By J. A. PARIS, M.D. Cantab. F.R.S.

Twelve Illustrations, on colombier 4to. delivered

CO 18

After Pickersgill, R.A. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, &c. &c.

in a Portfolio, Proofs..

XIII. The Oriental Love Letter..

E. Finden In I vol. with a beautiful Portrait.

Do. do. India l'roofs

......15 Do. do. India Proofs before the Letters

. 10

After Bonington. 2. Maxwell, a Story of the Middle Ranks,

Do. do. India Proofs with the Etchings.. .... 15

XIV. The African Daughter

Sangster by the Author of " Sayings and Doings.” In 3 vols.

These are very limited in Number.

After Sir Joshua Reynolds. 3. The Life of Titian, with Anecdotes of the London: Jennings and Chaplin, 62, Cheapside.

XV. Portrait of a Child

Hamphreys Distinguished Persons of his Time. By James Northcote, Esq.

The Literary Department will contain original and seleta R.A. In 2 vols. 8vo. with a fine Portrait of Titian.

Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopedia.

Articles, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart., Mr. Southey: Mr. Wond4. Narrative of a Journey through Greece in On the 180 of November will be published, price 6s. the

gomery; Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A.; Sir Egerton Pryde

First Volume of the 1830, with Remarks on the Actual State of the Naval and Mili.

Charles Lamb; Miss Milford; Mr. Coleridge; Miss Laden tary Power of the Ottoman Empire. By Captain T. Abercromby Trant. In l vol. 8vo. with Plates.

Times to the Deposition of Charles X. In 3 vols.

Rev. Jannes White; Rev. Lisle Bowles; Mr. Collier: M. 5. A New Voyage round the World, in the


Hood; Barry Comwall; Mr. Carrington ; Mr. Quillinan, MI:

Years 1823, 1824, 1825, and 1996, by Otto Von Kotzebue, Post.
Being Vol. XII. of “ Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia."

William Pickering, Chancery Lane, London. Captain in the Imperial Russian Navy. In 2 vols. post 8vo. with

The preceding Volumes of the Cabinet Cyclopædia are-
II. XI.History of Maritime Discovery. Vols. I and II.

Family Library. 6. The Literary Correspondence of John

X.-History of the Netherlands. By T.C. Grattan.
IX.-Outlines of History. 1 Vol.

In a few days will be published, with Portrait, Maps, and Pinkerton, Esq. F.R.S. "Edited by Dawson Turner, Esq. In VIII.-Sir James Mackintosh's History of England. Vol. I.

Woodcuts, 5s 2 vols. 8vo.

1. IV.-History of Scotland, 2 vols. By Sir Walter Scott. CO. XVII. of the FAMILY LIBRARY ;

III. Domestic Economy. By M. Donovan, Esq. Vol. I. Nemo Editions of Robert Montgomery's Poetical Works.

being the Life of Bruce, the African Traveller.
In the press,
V.--Mechanics. By Capt. H. Kater and Dr. Lardner.

By Major F. B. HEAD.
VI.- Lives of British Lawyers. By II, Roscoe, Esq.
VII.-Cities and Towns of the World, 9 vols. Vol. I.

In the press, and 2d edition, with Frontispiere, 5e.

To be published.

No. XVI. of the Family Labrary; being Bro. 3d edition, 10s, 6d.

Dec. 1.-A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft, by Sir Walter Sort Universal Prayer, Death, &c. &c. 4th edit.

Philosophy. By J. F. W. Herschel, Esq.

Printed for Longman and Co. ; and John Taylor.

Just published, 5t. 79.64.

The The Omnipresence of the Deity, 12th edit.

Family Dramatists, No. II., being On Monday, the 25th October, will be published,

Vol. II. of the Works of Philip Massinger, illustrated with 79. Gd,

THE EDINBURGH REVIEW; or, planatory Notes, and adapted to the Use of Families and loss
Or the whole complete in 3 vols. price II. 6s. 6d. with general
Critical Journal, No. 103.

Persons, by the omission of crceptionale Passages.
Samuel Maunder, Newgate Street.
Contents.-I. The late Revolution in France-II. The Earl of

Nearly ready, a new edition, 1 vel. 55.
Ashburnham's Defence of his Ancestor, John Ashburnham;
In a few days will be published,

The Court and Camp of Buonaparte, forts-
Visrepresentations of Lord Clarendon-III. Transactions of the
What the Duke of Wellington has to look to.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
IV. Burckhardt's Account of the Bedouins and Wahabys-V.
Printing for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Pater.

Colonel Tod's Annals of the Rajpoot States of India - VI. Dr.
noster Row; and J. Ridgway, Piccadilly.

Morehead's Dialogues on Natural and Revealed Religion -VII.

Novels and Tales of Military and Naval Life; Cyril Thornton, LONDON: Published every Saturday, by w. 4. SCRIPPS, In the press, a new edition, being the 10th, 12mo. 38. half-bd. of Chelsea Pensioners, Tales of Military Life, the King's Own, &c.

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellingtua Sret, VIII. Allen on the Rise and Growth of the Royal Prerogative TORIES from the HISTORY of in England--IX. Jouffroy's Editor: of Dr. Reid's Works; Drs.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 13, Soulk Nowlton Street, OENGLAND. Reid and Brown-X The Parliamentary Representation of Scot.

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Rrchen 19mo. price 28. hall-bound. land--XI. The National Library; Galt's Life of Lord Byron

Marlborough, Arc Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill; 4. D.

Edinburgh : Smith and Son, D. Robertsea, Aku XII. Lord Lereson Gower's Poems and TranslationsXIII. 2. Progressive Geography for Children. By The General Election and the Ministrs.

and Co. Glaskom: and J. Cumming, Dallis. - Agenda the Author of "Stories from the History of England." Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London ;

America, 0. Rich, 19, Red Lion Square, Losdos.
John Murray, Albemarle Street

and Adam Black, Edinburgh.

J. MOYES, Teok's Court, Chancery Lane



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