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life and death.


during the past week. The houses have been

coachmen seeing an undertaker, the other day, good to these old comedies, and the managers Tuis merry fittle place goes on, to use a com- out to a brother whip,—" I say, Jim! 'there's

carrying an oaken coffin on his shoulders, called might as well, therefore, not have produced a trifling dance by a mediocre corps de ballet, mon saying, like a house on fire. We do not

your new box-coat going home?” which is dignified by the title of a divertise- mean that it has been burnt down, and we should

Prepared Ox-Gall for taking out Spots. ment, and is calculated only to lengthen an be sorry for our amusement if it should be, but Boil together one quart of ox-gall

, and four evening's bill of fare, already too long. Last that it fills every night to witness the varie- ounces of pulverised alum. After several boilThursday, for instance, we had the Wonder, ties provided for the public entertainment. ings, add four ounces of common

salt. Let a five-act comedy, this said divertisement, the Scheming and Seeming, a laughable burletta by the liquor settle, and then decant and preserve interlude of Intrigue, under the title of the Mr. Lunn, was produced on Thursday, and it in well-stopped bottles. It may be rendered Bath Road (an unfair ruse, by the way, well afforded Yates a free opportunity for displaying aromatic, by adding a little of the distilled enough at Sadler's Wells or Tottenham Street

, his mimic and histrionic talents, of which he essence of lemon, which also augments the but infra dig. at old Drury), and the Brigand, a made the most advantageous use, and kept the

properties of the preparation. two-act drama, besides the two grand overtures audience in high humour during the whole to Die Zauberflötte and Tancredi ! This is performance. His first personating Mathews only wearing out performers, pieces, and audi- to perfection, and then as Mathews imitating LITERARY NOVELTIES. ences ; and while we can wield a pen, we will other actors, Young, Macready, &c. is one of (Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XLII. Oct. 16.) anathematise the practice. The effects, as at the most singular pieces of double mimicry we but misguided individual during his residence in Italy,

The Poet Shelley.-A memoir of the life of this gifted the Haymarket, are only observable in the lob- ever saw, and made us laugh very heartily. with several hitherto unpublished poems, is to be inbies during the latest hour, or hour and a half, This piece was, we think, played for a benext cluded in Captain Trelawney's Autobiography, now

prewhen nearly every respectable person is gone,

at Covent Garden; but it is now better than paring for the press. If Trelawney write as well as he and only and remain to degrade the new.-George and Adelaide, a loyal dramatic Byron and Shelley, a curious performance may be ex: theatre.

tribute, has a capital scene between Mrs. Fitz- pected. His own adventures are quite Anastasian. It is william and Wilkinson.

not generally known that the captain has reserved to himself a grave next to that of Shelley, in the Protestant

Campo Santo at Rome. This looks like friendship in A New Romeo, in the person of a Mr. Keppel,

VARIETIES. was suddenly announced on Monday. The

Captain Medwin, the Editor of “ Byron's Conversadébutant appeared to be nearly overwhelmed

Fine Arts.--Mr. William Wyon, the chief which he has been engaged for the last two years. We

tions," has just finished a Translation of Æschylus, on by anxiety and agitation ; but in characters of engraver of the Mint, has been for some time have reason to think that it will,

on its appearance, raise less importance Mr. Keppel may probably be past closely occupied in the preparation of dies his character very high as a Grecian. He is at present

residing at Genoa. more successful. Romeo on the boards of Co. for the new coinage.

A new edition of Colonel Montagu's Ornithological vent Garden requires more personal appearance

Light Varnish to preserve Insects.-- Take a Dictionary, with Additions, &c.- The History of the and physical power than nature seems to have pint of spirits of wine, and a little light amber, translated from the German of Neander, by the Rev. bestowed upon him; though our judgment being which should be allowed to dissolve in a sauce H. 9. Nose, M.A. formed upon a first attempt ought to leave pan for forty-eight hours: to this add a little

LIST OF NEW BOOKS. room for higher hopes.

mastic, as much red arsenic, and an equal Burns's Principles of Surgery, Vol. I. Avo. 148. bds. quantity of turpentine; and let it dissolve in a Mackenzie on the Eye, 8vo. 218. bds.-Medico-Chirur

vessel for four and twenty hours. This done, I gical Transactions, Vol. XVI. Part I. 8vo. 98. bds. The Haymarket Theatre closed last night. take the insect you wish to preserve, extract Law, royal Nvo. 218. bds.-Albert, or the Lord's Prayer Kean at the commencement of the season, and its entrails, and let it be well bathed for Exemplified, 18mo. Is. 6d. sewed. - The Sonnets of ShakMiss Paton at its terinination, have probably several days in spirits of wine, into which some scriptive Geography, fcp. 2s. 6d. cloth.--Second Report

speare and Milton, fcp. 48. bds.-Davis's Outlines of Deproved, from peculiar circumstances, suffi- sugar-candy has been put. In this state, rub of Commissioners respecting Real Property, 8vo. 68. bds. ciently attractive to prevent its being a losing it over with the varnish at intervals until it Doddridge's Life and Correspondence, Vol. IV. 8vo. 158. one in a pecuniary point of view: but its re- shines : it may thus be preserved for a long 6s. sewed. The Lyre and the Laurel, 2 vols. 88. bds. putation as a theatre, which has been gra- time. dually declining for some time past, has this Counterfeit Gold.A German, Dr. Herm- METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1830. summer met with a yet heavier fall. We do stad, has discovered a mixture of metals, which advise the proprietor, in the most friendly is not only of the colour of real gold, but also Thursday.. 7 spirit, to make such radical changes before possesses its hardness, all its ductility, and the Friday, he again opens the Haymarket as will restore same specific weight. The inventor, however, Sunday... 10 this still favourite place of amusement to the does not assert that it is as unchangeable as gold; Monday high situation it was wont to occupy in public and there can be no doubt that if he had met Wednesday 13

30.26 Stationary regard. Let him get together a company some- with that quality in it, he would not have

Winds, N.W. and N.E. thing better than a second-rate provincial failed to mention it; for in that case he would Except the 7th and 13th, generally cloudy; a little troop, and play old Haymarket comedies, have found the secret which has been so long rain fell on the evening of the 12th, but not sufficient to

be measurable. rather than such Coburgish melo-dramas as and so vainly sought by the alchemists. This

Occultation of Venus: Friday Morning.-Every indivi. the Force of Nature, the Goldsmith, and Clari, material is thus composed :-- out of twenty- dual who witnessed the occultation of Venus by the moon or the operas of Mozart and Rossini, for the four parts, equal in weight, there are sixteen this morning, must have felt much indebted to your decent representation of which his theatro has of platina, seven of pure copper, and one of defatigable exertions in warning us of so interesting a not the slightest capabilities. Let him dis- pure zinc; this is to be covered with powdered phenomenon. It is hardly to be expected in a climate charge his band, and smother his scene- charcoal, and placed in a crucible, on a strong was the moon at the period of the immersion, that a very painter-ring down his curtain at midnight, fire, until the fusion has reduced the three favourable observation could be made: independent of and owe his success to the deserved patronage into one mass, which will be the said counter. this, a cloud intercepted the southern limb of the moon of the respectable classes of society, instead of feit gold.- Journal des Connaissances Usuelles. had taken place; the emersion, however, was seen under

from our view till about 3' before 5, when the immersion pandering to its dregs and disgraces, by keep

The Schoo master all Abroad.

almost as favourable circumstances as could be wished, ing his doors open till half-past one in the

and occurred at 24' 6" after 5. No particular distortion SIR, I'm a plain pains-taking man,

of the shape of the planet during its emersion was per. morning, to catch the dissolute few who have Inflict, too, pains reciprocal with vigour;

ceptible; but when quite visible, it seemed as if attached scarcely a home to go to, and enter his house For, oh, my boys arithmetic won't learn,

to the dark part of the moon for the space of more than

But always do their best to cut a figure. but to turn it into a bagnio. Of the seven

7';-an appearance precisely similar to that which I reMultiplication wins them not;

member to have witnessed in an occultation of the planet pieces produced this season, Morton's Separa. Addition, thoughtless, is forgot ;

Jupiter. tion and Reparation is the only one likely to

Yet the young scamps will by and by

'T'he situation of Jupiter amongst the several small stars Too fast increase and multiply.

in and near the right arm of Sagittarius, renders the keep possession of the boards.' The list is as

Now, for subtraction, they subtract

planet, as a telescopic observation, peculiarly interesting. follows :

The finest fruit from off my trees;
And for division, they divide

Latitude...... 31° 37' 32" N.
June 15th. Conjectures, or the Man in the Camlet

The spoil, though no spoiled children these : Cloak, an Interlude, 1 act: Poole.

Longitude ....

I flog them oft, they heed not me,
July 1st. Separation and Reparation, a Comedy, 2 acts: Learn three holes for the rule of three;

Till, wearied out with such distractions,
July 16th. Force of Nature, a Drama, 2 acts: Shannon.
I break their heads to teach them fractions.

July 29th. Honest Frauds, a Farce, 2 acts: Lunn.

I know not, sir, what more to do,

We are obliged to postpone our Review of the Winter's Aug 13th. Husband at Sight, a Farce, 2 acts : Buxton.

So, in despuir, apply to you.

Wreath, being, indeed, this week, even without it, almost Aug. 31st. First of April, a Farce, 2 acts : Miss Boaden. Sept. 13th. Marie Mignot, a Drama, 3 acts: Mayhew

ERRATUM.-In our last No., page 659, col. 1, line 7, for and T. Arnold.

A Jarvey's Joke. One of the Paddington “ Corporal," read " Caporal."



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Stirling's Horace, by Dr. Nuttall.
is expected that the Proceedings in Parliament, in the

HORATII FLACCI OPERA; with approaching Session, will be of surpassing interest. In recording

an Ordo and Verbal Translation. Connected with Literature and the Arts. those proceedings, the SPECTATOR, Weekly Newspaper, will

By JOHN STIRLING, D.D. continue, with the improvement derived from experience, the

Vicar of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire. THE LONDON UNIVERSITY method of Historical Analysis (rather than of unsatisfactory and a new edition, critically revised, with the Ordo and Translation

interlineally arranged, SCHOOL, 16, Lower Gower Street, Bedford Square, (Head ing the last two Sessions, as being at once the most concise, the

By P. A. NUITALL, LL.D Master, the Rer. HENRY BROWNE, M.A. of Corpus Christi cearest,

and the fairest to all parties. In addition to this, the With Preliminary Dissertations illustrative of the Life, Writing, College, Cambridge), will open on the 1st November. Spectator will adopt new and peculiar methods of illustrating

and Versification of Horace. This Institution is a Classical Day School, including those every Question brought before the Legislature for discussion, and Complete in 4 vols. 18mo. price 16s, bound in cloth. Branches of a liberal Education usually taught to Boys from of testing the value of every Representative of the People. While « Stirling's is the most accurate and useful translation which about Eight to Fifteen Years of Age.

a prominence correspondent to its real importance is given to has ever been laid before the public." - Alass': Classical Bible The Subjects of Instruction are

this branch of Politics, no departinent, whether of amusement or graphy. 1. The Latin and Greek Languages.

instruction, comprised in the original plan of the Spectator, shall " It will enable the uninstructed in classical literature ta forn II. The English, French, and German Languages.

be neglected. On the contrary, the recent enlargement of the an idea of Horace; and is well calculated to be useful to boy III. Outlines of History and Geography

Paper (from 16 pages to 24) has given great additional scope for lars, and even to idle and forgetful scholars at a later period of IV. Writing, Ciphering, and (it desired) Pencil Drawing and the development of every part of the scheme, as occasion may life." --Literary Gazette. the Principles of Perspective.

require ; and the Proprietors feel considerable confidence in as. “To persons endeavouring to acquire a knowledge of Latis Terms, 151. per annum, payable by Instalments, and no extra and of Dramatic, Musical, and Pictorial Criticisin-the Specta humble retired students of this clase), the publication we are

serting, that-apart from its claims as a Journal of Literature, without the help of a master (and we believe there are many Charges, the Pupils providing Books. Hours of attendance in the winter season, nine to twelve in the Events and their consequences, that is, it contains more News of tor, as a Newspaper, bestows more space and elaboration on noticing will form a very acceptable offering." -- Ahrarunt.

London : Printed for Thomas Ward, 34, High Heibers. morning, two to four in the afternoon. For Pupils residing at a

a readable kind, than any other Paper whatever. The Propriedistance, in whose case a different arrangement may he desirable,

tors invite coinparison. the attendance will be from nine to three, including one hour for

There are two editions of the Spectator--one for the Country, EW MONTHLY ISSUE of the recreation.

WAVERLEY NOVELS. Copies of the Prospectus may be had at the School, at the Office published on Saturday, in time to be sent by the post of that

evening; another for Town, published very early on Sunday of the London University, and of the following Booksellers :

In order to meet the wishes of many who desire to possess the morning, and bringing down all public news to the latest hour. Waverley Novels, if they can procure the Work in Month Taylor, Upper Gower Street Treuttel and Co. Soho Square The early edition reaches every post-town within 200 miles of Volumes, the Proprietors have resolved to commence a re-se Nimmo, ditto

Alexander, Great Russell Street London in the course of Sunday; the latest edition may be had Lloyd, Harley Street Crew and Spencer, Lamb's Con- through the proper Newsmen, at every place within ten or twelve continued regularly on the first day of each month, till the shelt

on the ist of January nest, beginning with Volume First, to be Gardener, Regent Street

duit Street
miles of London before breakfast,

is coinpleted, Murray, Albemarle Street Fellowes, Ludgate Street

Those who intend to become Subscribers to the Spectator, at

The Embellishments of the work are from Designs executed by Knight, Pall Mall East Jennings and Chaplin, Cheap. the Meeting of Parliament, should give their orders to the News. the most eminent Artists. Among these may be named, Dar Wyıd, Charing Cross


men, Postmasters, or Booksellers, before the 26th of October, as Smith, Strand

Wilkie, R.A. and principal Painter in Ordinary to his Majesty: Richardson, Cornhill

few opies beyond the ordinary supply for regular Subscribers are Edwin Landseer, A.R.A.; C. R. Leslie, R.A.; Abraham Cooper, Underwood, Fleet Street Parbury and Co. Leadenhall printed.

R.A.; A. E. Chalon, R.A.;'G. 8. Newton, S.R.A.; F. P. Templeman, Percy Street

4, Wellington Street, Strand, Sept. 27.

phanoff; William Kidd; J. Stanfield, John Burnet; R. P. BoThe Head Master may be spoken with at the School daily,

nington; R. Farrier; J. Martin; A. Fraser; and W. Bosil (except Sundays), between the hours of 11 and 4.

The Engravings are by Heath, Finden, Burnet, Rolls, Mitchell, Such Pupils as are already entered, are requested to take an

Englehearts, Warren, Graves, and others not less eminest.

BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. earls opportunity of calling upon the Head Master, that they may

As the Embellishments are throughout printed from a deuse be examined and classed accordingly.

set of Steel Plates, which can yield 49,000 first-rate imprese HENRY BROWNE, Head Master.

Price 11. ls.

the Subscribers who begin with the new issue may therefore rely THE NOBLE GAME of BILLIARDS, er der det er bed from the presente en momentos

wherein are exhibited extraordinary and surprising Strokes, issue will be distinguished from the present bs a coloured label, UNIE CESTY 0 Nepolos representante del comerciantes enero de of LONDON which have excited the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of but

without differing from it in any other respect. Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Whittaker sad Co

Classes will meet on Monday, the 1st of November next:-Latin,

Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Oriental Lan Formerly Capitaine d'Infanterie in the Service of France.

or whoin may be had, guages, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Philosophy of the Dedicated, by permission, to the Most Noble the Marquess of The First Seventeen Volumes of the present Human Mind and Logic, General Jurisprudence, Medical Juris

Cleveland. prudence, English Law, on Monday the sth of November. The This work is elegantly got up, and comprises 43 well-executed issue of the Work, which comprise-Waverley, in ! vots; Gey Course of Chemistry commenced with the Medical Classes, on copper-plates, with directions for performing, with precision, the Mannering, in 2 vols.; the Antiquary, in 2 vols.; Rob Ros, is

9 most masterly strokes of all the celebrated proficients of the pre

, , O General View of the Science : and the Detailed Consideration of sert day, tuis, in this respect,

a great desideratum to all the mortality, the Heart of Mid-Lothian, the Bride of Latinet the 2d of October; but there is a Spring Course in April. The the English language which can be corapared with it, for the moor, the Legend of Montrose--and Ivanhoe, in 9 vols. forrir Course of Zoology commences on the 3d of January; and there beauty and precision of its rules and illustrations, and none this

time contain ten ne introductions by the Author, maling, is a Summer Course on Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. which comprise the great improvements and discoveries made in

with the Illustrative Notes, nearly Six Hundred pages of ** The Lectures on Political Economy commence in February. the game within the last twenty years.

London: Translated and published by John Thurston, Billiard There are to be an Evening Course of Mathematics, and Popular

matter. Courses of Natural Philosophy, commencing also on the ist of Table Manufacturer, 14, Catharine Street, Strand; and to be had pear on the 1st of November, containing an Introduction by the

Volume Eighteen, which coinmences the Monastery, sill as November. A Prospectus of the several Classes, containing an

of all Booksellers. Outline of the Mode of Instruction, with a statement of the

Author, and illustrated by G. S. Newton and A. Chisholm.

Volume Nineteen, which completes the Monastery, will appear Hours, the Fees, the Regulations for Admission to the Library, in small 8vo. containing 424 Pages, price 5s. cloth boards, illas- on the 1st of December, illustrated bs D. Wilkie and A. Frase? Museum, &c., may be had on application at the Office of the trated by a Chart, and 18 Engravings by Branston, No. 1. of Volumes Twenty and Twenty-First, which comprise the Adbo University, and at the following Booksellers' -Mr. Taylor, 30, THE EDINBURGH CABINET will be illustrated by J. Burnet, E. Landseer, and A. E. Chaca, Upper Gower Street; Mr. Murray, Albemarle Street; Messrs. Longman and Co., and Messrs. Baldwin and Cradock, l'aternoster Row: Mr. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street; Mr. Richardson, Esq. F.R.S. one of the Secretaries of the Admiralty; being á Book and Specimens of the Plates may be seen at the shape of 23, Cornhill; Mr. Callow, 16, Princes Street, Soho; Mr. Ridg: Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Reevery Bookseller in Great Britain. way, 169, Piccadilly; Mr. Bell, Cheinist, 333, Oxford Street; and gions, with Ilustrations of their Climate, Geology, and Natural

Mr. Cadell will also shortly publish,
Mr. Garden, Chemist, 372, Oxford Street.

History; and an account of the Whale Fishery.
The Medical Classes meet on the lot of October.

1. Tales of a Grandfather; being Stories

taken from the History of France. By Sir Walter Scott, Bari,

3 emall vols. uniform with Tales from Scottish History. On the 1st of December will be published, No. II.

2. The Sea Kings in England ; an Histori. ING'S COLLEGE, LONDON.

Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in

Council of this Institution do hereby give Notice, that tions of the Geology, Natural History, &c. In 1 vol.
Africa, from the earliest Ages to the present Time, with Ilustra- cal

Romance of the Time of Alfred. By the Author of the fai

of Nineveh, 3 vols. post 8vo. they have deemed it expedient to extend the period for receiving The ditferent Departments of this Work will be written and flowing; his descriptions magnificent; his banquets and

“ He is copious, melodious, and energetic; his style is gorgeous applications for the under-mentioned appointments until the 1st by distinguished Literary Individuals. It will also contain a revelries breathe the very air of splendid voluptuocsness, and is of November next:-Viz.

correct Map of Africa, and Plans of the Routes of Park, and of The Headmastership of the Lower Department. Denham and Clapperton; together with 15 elegant Engravings Edinburgh Review, No. 95.

scenes of battles and councils are full of solemnity

and ardosi."The Professorships of Classical Literature.

by Branston, illustrative of the Scenery, Natural History, Cos.
English Literature.

tume of the Inhabitants, &c.
Natural and Experimental Philosophy.
Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and

Under their Majesties' special Sanction and Patronage.
The Principles and Practice of Commerce.

Simpkin and Marshall, London.

Publishing in monthly Numbers, from Engravings on steel Natural History and Zoology.

Mr. T. Starling. No. VII. will appear Xov. l. prudence.

and improved, with numerous Plates, Woodcuts, Diagrams, &c. Information respecting these situations may be obtained on MANUAL of CHEMISTRY, Practical

Constructed upon an Original Plan.

The first Hall, now complete in Six Numbers, may be had, application at the Office of the College, between the hours of Twelve and Three.

and Theoretical, containing an Account of all recent

price 25. 6d. plain, or 38. 64. finely coloured. Investigations and Discoveries. By Order of the Council,

This Atlas has been pronounced by the literary critics in

By W. T. BRANDE, P.R.S. 9, Parliament Street, H. SMITH, Secretary.

parts of the kingdom, to be unrivalled for its originalsts, cop

Prosessor of Chemistry at the Royal lastitution, &c. &c. 13th July, 1830.

city, and utility, its convenient size and comprehensiveness, b John Murray, Albemarle Street.

exquisite beauty of engraving, and for its many important see Also, by the same Author,

features. A new edition, post 8vo. with Plan and illustrative

Published, for the Proprietors, by Mr. Bull, 26, Holles Street Woodcuts, 70. 61.

Cavendish Square; supplied also by every Bookseller in the will commence its Eighth Annual Session for the Dis. cussion of Legal and General Questions, on Tuesday, the 26th

Outlines of Geology, for Beginners ; being


Of whom may also be had, instant.

the Substance of a Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal ln. Furniral's Inn Hall, MICHAEL SARSON, Hon. Sec.

1. Bacon's Life of Francis First, King of stitution. 12th Oct. 1830.

France. New edition, with Additions, & vols. 8vo.

" A post full and animated account of Francis."- Lit. Gazette The 2d edition of

* It will not be found unworthy of being classed with the Lives RASER'S MAGAZINE for of Charles the Fifth and Henry the Eighth."-Times. of Bookseller, Stationer, and Printer, with a Circulating Death of Mr. Huskisson, and the approaching Parliament --- Medl. Neele. 3d edition, in 3 vols.

Town and Country, price 2s. 6d. for October, containing 2. England's Romantic Annals, by Henry Library-a compact concern,

with a genteel connexion, in a popu- cal Quackery and Mr. John St. John Long, No. 11.-Gallery of lous Neighbourhood: it may be conducted at a moderate expense, Illustrious Literary Characters, No. V.; Thomas Moore, Esq.,

3. Spain's Romantic Annals, by Don T. and the returns may be materially increased. Letters (post-paid) or applications to Mr. Starling, 40, Leicester other Misfortunes of a šian of Genius-Sluviber-Placemen, Par

Author of Lalla Rookh, (Portrait)- The Uopublished Poems and de Trueba. 2d edition, in 3 vols.
Square, will be attended to.

4. Romantic Annals of France, by Leitch Tiament-men, l'enny-a-liners, and Parliamentary Reporters

Slanzas for Music- The Wheel Overboard; by the Mano.War's Ritchie. In 3 vols. (In the press.) NCYCLOPÆDIA LONDINENSIS.--In Whisky Punch-Corinna and her Pupil-american Traditions,

Man- A Word or Two about an Irish Book, over our Glass of consequence of the destruction by the fire at Messrs. by John Galt, Esq.-Wilkinson on Hieroglyphics (Plate)- Mental

Price 4s. 6d. dedicated, by express permission, to the

Princess Esterhazy, Adlards' Printing Office, of the greater part of the Stock of this Nagic-The Colonists versus the Anti-Slavery Society : by a late Work, nearly all the Sets have been rendered imperfect. The Resident-Sonnet to Urania-Dillon's Sermon on Bartholomew NHELTENHAM LYRICS, LAYS of a Proprietors, however, are enabled to complete Sets, by a number Fair-lialt's Life of Byron - Letter to the Editor trom an X. M.P.,

MODERN TROUBADOUR, and other Poems. of Odd Volumes which still remain unsold, and which they in with Reply by Oliver Vorke.

By HAL HARDYNGE. tend disposing of at the reduced price of 21. per volume.

James Fraser, 215, Regen* Street, London; John Boyd, London : Published by Jones and Son, 17, Ave Maria Lane.

London, Baldvin and Cradock; and Cheltenhamn, H. Davien Edinburgh; aod Grant and Co. Dublina

and G. A. WWiams.





0 BE SOLD_An Established Business FR





TALES. of the CYCLADES, and other



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VERIES, No. II.; being the Works of PHILIP MAS.


Just published by Messrs. Colburn and Bentley,
In one large vol. 8vo. price 18s, boards, a new edition, much

A new and enlarged edition of
New Burlington Street.

improved and enlarged, of IFE of LORD BURGHLEY, Lord High

Morning and Evening Prayers.
Treasurer of England during the Reign of Queen Eliza-

beth, with Extracts from his Private Correspondence and Jour-


« The spirit which pervades these solenın addresses to the By the Rev. Dr. NARES. Professor of Materia Medica in the University of Edinburgh,

Almighty, bespeaks such a sense and feeling of the blessed hopes Volume the Second.


and prospects of pure Christianity, as do great credit to the heart 2. The Life and Correspondence of John Printed for Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh ; Longman and Co., and understanding of the noble author."- Quarterly Theological Locke, by Lord King. 2d edition, in vols. 8vo. with consider. J. Duncan, Whittaker and Co., and Simpkin and Marshall, Lon Revier.

Saunders and Otley, Conduit Street. able Additions, among which is a Diary of Lord Chancellor King. don; and Hodges and Smith, Dublin. “A work which must ever remain a standard book in English

Of whom may be had, libraries." -Literary Gazette. 3. Dr. Dodăridge's Private Correspondence, tions of the Dispensatory. In 8vo. price 88. boards.

Dr. Duncan's Supplement to the former edi

In vol. foolscap 8vo. price 54. 6d. dedicated, by permission,

to Prince Leopold, the Third and Fourth Volumes. “ We know not when, if ever, we have perused volumes of

Poems. the description of these now before us, with more intense curio OURIENNE'S MEMOIRS of NAPO.

By H. J. BRADFIELD. sity, amusement, and instruction."--Literary Gazette.

LEON.-This day is pablished, in “ Constabl's Mis

London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street. 4. Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe, written by cellany," a new edition of Memoirs of Napoleon Buonaparte.

of whom may also be had, by the same Author, Herself, with Extracts from the Correspondence of Sir Rich.

From the French ot M. FAUVELET BOURIENNE,
Private Secretary to the Emperor.

The Athenaid ; or, Modern Grecians. 2d ard Fanshawe. 2d edition, in small 8r0, with beautiful Portrait, price 9s.


By JOHN S. ŘEMES, LL.D. " A very delightful volume."--Literary Gazette.

In 3 vols. price 10s. 6d.; on fine paper, 154., or in 3 vols.

foolscap, as a distinct work, price 188, 5. Musical Memoirs, comprising an Account " We know, from the best political authority now living in

In 8vo. price 3s. of the General State of Music in England, from the first Comme-England, that the writer's accounts are perfectly corroborated by

OS A MOND; a Tragedy. moration of Handel, in 1814, to the Year 1830. Interspersed with facts."-Literary Gazette.

By THEODORE KORNER. numerous Anecdotes, Musical, Histrionic, &c. By W. T. Parke, London: Hurst, Chance, and Co.; and Constable and Co.

Translated from the German. Forly Years Principal Oboíst to the Theatre Royal Covent


London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street; and sold Garden. In 3 vols. post 8vo. 18s.

by all Booksellers. 6. Mr. Crawfurd's Narrative of a Residence

Price ls. sheep, or 1s. 6d, black roan,



Language, for every Day in the Week 7. Personal Sketches of his own Times, by

No. LXXXVI. Contents

By the Rev. J. TOPHÁM, M.A.F.R.S.L. Sir Jonah Barrington; being his own Individual Recollections of

Rector of St. Andrew and St. Mary Witten, Droitwich. 1. Science in England, and 4. Lyell's Geology Distinguished Personages, Remarkable Events, Nigh Life, and London : Published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers' the Royal Society

5. Southey's Life of Bunyan Hall Court; and B. Maund, Bromsgrove.

2. Bank of England Irish Manners, for the last Fifty Years. New edition, with consi

6. Greece and Navarin derable Additions, in 9 rols. 8vo. 245.

3. Life of Heber

7. Negro Testament 8. Mr. Buckingham's Travels in Persia, 8vo.

In 1 vol. foolscap 8vo.

8. Present State of France. edition, uniform with his Travels in Palestine and Mesopotamia.

John Marray, Albemarle Street.
In 2 vols. with numerous Engravings, 315.6d.

9. Letters from the East, written during a Author of “the Anatomy of Drunkenness," and Member of
the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

By a recent Tour through the Holy Land. By John Carne, Esq. 3d Contents: 1. Introduction--2. The Sensorial Power-3. Sleep

DOCTOR of DIVINITY. edition, in 9 vols. post 8vo. 183. in general-4. Use of Sleep-5. Sleep of Plants-6. Dreaming

The Fifth Part is now ready for delivery. The whole will be 7. Management of Dreaming --B. Prophetic Power of Dreams comprised in Fifteen Parts, each Part containing Four Sermons. Important Medical Works just published by Longman, Rees, 9. Night-Mare -10. Day-Marell, Sleep-Walking-12. Sleep

T. Cadell, 141, Strand.
Orme, Brown, and Green.

Talking-13. Sleeplessness – 14. Sleep from Cold-15. Waking
COMPLETE PRACTICAL TREA- Dreams-16. Reverie-17. Abstraction--18. Drowsiness-19. Pro.

Price 5s.
TISE on the DISEASES of the EYE.

tracted Sleep-20. Trance-21. Death
Published by W. R. M Phun, Glasgow; and Simpkin and

FAMILY LIBRARY, DRAMATIC Lecturer on the Eye in the University of Glasgow, and one of

Marshall, London; and sold by all Booksellers. the Surgeons to the Glasgow Eye Infirmary.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, in 1 vol. foolscap 8vo. SINGER, Vol. lí. Illustrated with Explanatory Notes, and In 1 large vol. 8vo. of 878 pages, 218.

the 3d edition of

adapted to Family Reading and the use of Young Persons, by the The Index to this work is so full as to answer every purpose The Anatomy of Drunkenness.

omission of exceptionable Passages. of an Ophthalmological Dictionary.

" The lovers of poetry and the drama may now, for the first

time, possess the works of all the distinguished writers of the The Principles of Surgery, Vol. I. containing

Diseases of Females.-Price 58.

renowned Elizabethan age, at a cost which most pockets can the Doctrine and Practice relating to Inflammation and its various RACTICAL OBSERVATIONS on

bear even in this day of taxation; in a form and style, too, which Consequences, Tumours, Aneurisms, Wounds, and the States con

would recommend them to the most tasteful book-collector." nected with them. By John Burns, M.D. Regius Professor of with Cases illustrative of a new Mode of Treatment.


Eraminer. Surgery in the University of Glasgow, &c. In 8vo. 148. boards.

The Works of Ford are in preparation, carefully edited, in 2 vols.

By the same Author,

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, one of the Accou- In a few days will be published, 2d edition, with Frontispiece, 56.
The Principles of Midwifery, including the cheurs to the St. George's and St. James's Dispensary, Lecturer No. XVI. Letters on Demonology and
Diseases of Women and Children. 7th edition, enlarged, 8vo. 168.
A Demonstration of the Nerves of the Human excellent little work. It will do more to alleviate human suffer-
“We now beg to offer Mr. Jewel our unfeigned thanks for his Witchcraft. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

John Murray, Albemarle Strect. Body, founded on the Subjects of the Collegial Prizes for 1825 and ing, and to secure happiness, than many brilliant discoveries--no 1823, adiudged by the Royal College of Surgeons. By Joseph mean praise - Medical Gazette, Sept. 18.

In I vol. 4to. with Forty Plates, many of them coloured, Swan. Part I. in folio, with Engravings, price 21. 24. Published by Wilson, 16, Princes Street, Soho; and to be had

price 21. 95 The Second Part will be published early in 1831.

of all Booksellers.

*ECTIONS and VIEWS, illustrative of Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Vol. XVI. Part 1. in 8vo. with Plates, price

Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Chemistry, 4th edition.

By H. T. DELABECHE, Esq. P.R.S. F.G.S. 9s, boards. In 1 very large vol. printed in double columns, price 11. ds.

Published by Treuttel and Co. 30, Soho Square; and • Bs an arrangement made with the Council, the Publish. DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRY and

Gardner, Regent Street. ers will supply such Members of the Society as may be desirous

MINERALOGY. of completing their Sets of the Society's Transactions, at a Scale of Prices which may be had of Longman and Co. or any of their


Lady Morgan's New Work.
The 4th edition, considerably improved and enlarged.

In 9 vols. 8ro. with Portrait,
A Treatise on the Means of Preserving and Co. Glasgow ; J. Cumming, Dublin; and sold by all Booksel.
London : Printed for Thomas Tegg, 73, Cheapside; R. Griffin

in 1829-30. Health, and particularly the Prevention of Organic Diseases. By lers in the Kingdom.

By LADY MORGAN. A. P. W. Philip, M.D. F.R.S.L. and E. &c. Sro. 125. boards.

Contents.--Original Letter from General Lafayette to Lady MorA Short Tract on the Formation of Tumours,

The 6th edition, 12mo. price 10. 6d. boards,

gan, on the Revolution of 1830--Our First Days in Paris-Old

Friends and Nev-General Lafayette--Count de Tracy-Count and the Peculiarities that are met with in the Structure of those that have become Cancerous, with their Mode of Treatment. By


mania-Public Opinion-Tortoni's--Royalism--the Rue RivoliSir Everard Home. Bart. V.P.R.S. F.S.A. F.L.S. Sergeant-Sur.

By GEORGE HENRY NOEHDEN, Ph.D. LL.D. Hotel de la Terrasse-Beranger-Visit to La Force-the Orleans geon to the King, &c. &c. In 8vo. price 58. boards.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; T. Gallery-Morning Drives-Meudon Sévres-Public Gardens-the University of London.

Cadeil; T. and T. Boosey; J. Booth; Baldwin and Cradock; Toilette - Readers and Authors-Archives of France-PrimogeDr. Turner's Chemistry, New Edition.

J. Booker; Dulau and Co.; Treuttel, Würtz, and Co.; Simp: niture-Curiosity Shops-Napoleon--the Theatres-a Dinner in

kin and Marshall; Black, Young, and Co.; and W. J. and J. the Faubourg--New Novels-Music-Soirée at the Prince and 'LEMENTS of CHEMISTRY, including Maynard,

Princess de Salm's Ball at the English Embassy-Féte Dieu the recent Discoveries and Doctrines of the Science.

Romanticists and Classicists-Gerard-le Sacre du Roi Charles X.

of whom may also be had, by Dr. Noehden, By PROFESSOR E. TURNER, M.D.

-Public Journals-Revolution of 1830, &c. &c. &e. ad edition, corrected and enlarged, I thick vol. 8vo. II. ls. boards.

Exercises for Writing German, according to Saunders and Ouley, Public Library, Conduit Street. The present work is decidedly the best Elements of Che. the Rules of Grammar. 5th edition, 12mo. price 8s, boards. mistry now existing." Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Rabenhorst's Pocket Dictionary of the Ger.

Price od.
No. 98.
Dr. Conolly on Insanity.

man and English Languages. By G. H. Noenden, LL.D. Ph.D.

3d edition, price 135. bound. An Inquiry concerning the Indications of

M. Russell, LL.D.
Insanity, with Suggestions for the better Protection and Care of
the Insane. By John Conolly, M.D. Professor of Medicine in the
Poolscap 8vo. dedicated, by permission, to Her Majesty

Queen Adelaide,

Minister of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh. University. I vol. 850. 12s. “ We have no hesitation in declaring this to be one of the most TALES of the DEAD, and other Poems.

Printed for John Wardlaw, Edinburgh; and Whittaker,

Treacher, and Co. London. able and satisfactory works on the philosophy, or rather the phy.

By JOHN HENEAGE JESSE, siology, of the human understanding, which has been hitherto

Author of Siary, Queen of Scots, &c. &c. produced. Dr. Conolly has done for this branch of science what

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

The National Library, No. II. Dr. Arnott has done for physics. He has produced a work which

Reautifully printed in small 8vo. with Map, price 56. will bave an honourable place in the annals of medicine, while it Teflects great lustre on the splendid institution to which he be

Works by Mr. Hazhtt.

HE HISTORY of the BIBLE. longs."--Medical and Surgical Journal, Aug. 1, 1830.

la I vol. post 8vo. with a tine Portrait of Mr. Northcote,

104. 6d. Chemical and Medical Tables.

Forming the Second Volume of the National Library. A Set of Chemical and Medical Tables,

NVERSATIONS of JAMES NORTH. No. I. contains the Life of Byron, by John

Galt, Esq. with Plates, complete in a single volume, price 58. respectively presenting at one View a complete Synopsis of Che.

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. mistry, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Classification of Diseases.

No. III. comprising the History of Che. By John Hogg, Surgeon and Graduate in Medicine of Edinburgh,

of whom may be had, by the same Author,

mistry, by Thomas Thomson, M.D. F.R.S.E. Professor of CheHouse Surgeon and Apothecary to the Dispensary of the Univer. 2. Table Talk. 2 rols. 8vo. 168.

mistry in the University of Glasgow. Embellished with a Porsity of London. In Eight folio Sheets, price 4s. 64. sewed.

trait of Dr. Black, will be published on the 1st of November. Pharmacopoeia, in usum Nosocomii Acade.

3. The Plain Speaker; Opinions of Books, Men, and Things. 8 vols: 8vo. 165.

No. IV. containing the History of Chivalry, miæ Londinensis. 12mo. 13. 6d. cloth.

by G. P. R. James, Esq. Author of De L'Orme," " Darnley, Printed for John Taylor, Bookseller and Publisher to the 4. Spirit of the Age; or, Contemporary «i' Richelieu," &c. With Plates, will appear on the 1st of Dec. University, ao, Upper Gower Street Portrait. lal vol. post 8ro. Beda

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.




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tory, &c.




} Fox

THER IS; a Religious

Chich is registered in the Records at Western 680 New Journal of Science and Natural History. On the 30th instanţ, in royal 18mo. elegantly bound

Author of De Lisle's New Novel.--Nearly ready, In 8vo. with Plates and Woodcuts, price 6s, 6d. No. I.

in crimson silk,

THE WA Y of the WORL D. to be continued Quarterly, of the

By the Author of " De Lisle," &c. JOU

illustrated with the following Engravings :

"The author of De Lisle' possesses profound powers of of GREAT BRITAIN.

thought, with a closeness and accuracy of observation of a very

Engravers. Painters. Contents: On certain Phenomena resulting from the Action of An English Flower

H. Robinson T. Hargreaves

extraordinary kind."-Times. Mercurs upon diferent Metals. BysF. Daniell, E. Rimand The Three Maries at the Tomb} E. Smith .... B. West, P.R.A.

And, just published,

2. Chartley the Fatalist ; a Novel, in 3 vok. and particularly the Grub of the Glow-worm. By J. Rennie,

Delos ..
W. Miller.... W. Linton

By a Contributor to Blackwood's Magazine.
A.M. and F.L.S.-Description and Application of a Torsion Gal. Interior of Antwerp Cathedral.. W. Radclyfte C. Wild
vanometer. By William Ritchie, A.M. and F.R.S.--Practical Cologne on the Rhine

E. Goodall.... S. Austin

3. Tales of the Five Senses, illustrative of and Philosophical Observations on Natural Waters. By William A Cottage Farm-Yard

E. Sinith..... T. Barker

their Mechanism, Uses, and Government. Edited by the Autber West, Esq.-General Remarks on the Weather in Madagascar, La Huertana de Leon

T. L. Grundy H. Liversege of the Collegians," &c. I sol. with a Meteorological Journal. By Robert Lyall, Esq. Brit. The Deluge

R. Brandard A. Moses

“ This valuable and entertaining volume well deserves a place Res. Agent-On the Elucidation of some Portions of the Fabu. St. Cecilia.....

H. Robinson Andrea Celesti

among our standard works."-Unirersity Magazine. Jous History of Greece. By William Sankey, A.M. &c.-On the A Pass of the Abruzzi

W. Miller.... J. V. Barber

4. The Game of Life; a Novel, in 2 rols. Limits of Vaporisation. By M. Faraday, F.R.S. - On the The Mother ..

E. Finden.... R. W estall, R.A. Effects of Electricity upon Minerals which are phosphorescent Dove-Dale ...

randard C. Barker.

“ Strong and vivid pictures of actual life. We recommend the by Heat. By Thomas J. Pearsall-On the Developement of the Inscription Plate

E. Smith,

Game of Life to all who are interested, playing or studying it.several Organic Systems of Vegetables. By Gilbert T. Burnett,

Literary Gazette.

"This is, in our opinion, decidedly the best set of plates by Es.-Contributions to the Physiology of Vision, No. I. On the

This novel is a practical exposition of Providence--a chroai. Horns of the Prussian Elk. By William Wittich, Esq.-On Gun- which the Winter's Wreath' has been embellished."- Literary cle of moral and social illustrations."--Edin. Literary Gazeite. powders and Detonating Matches. By Andrew L're, D. F.R.S. Gazette, Oct. 9.

Among the Contributors are

5. The Lost Heir; a Novel, in 3 vols. &c,-- Analysis of New Books--Foreign and Miscellancous Inte). ligence in Mechanical Science, Chemical Science, Natural 11.3- Mrs. Hemans Ven. Archd. Butler Thomas Roscoe

" This story is an excellent one."--Literary Garette. Mary Howitt

Printed for Edward Bull, New Public Subscription Library,

W. H. Harrison W. B. Chorley
London: John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Miss M. H. Browne Derwent Conway Author of Selwyn"

26, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.
Miss Jewsbury H.C. Deaken

" Recollections Miss Emily Taylor J. H. Within

in the Peninsula" Early in November will be published, price 19. in nch William Roscoe Hartley Coleridge « Delta," of Black.

crimson silk, BOOKS IN THE PRESS.

Dr. Bowring

Robert Millhouse wood's Mag. &c. HE LITERARY SOUVENIR Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane,

for 1831. On the 1st of November will be published, price 12s.

London; and G. Smith, Liverpool.

Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS. HE CAMEO; a Mélange of Literature

With Twelve splendid Line Engravings, by E. Finden, J. L. and the Arts, principally selected from the Bijou.

Early in November, price One Guinea, in post 8vo. embellished Watt, J. C. Edwards, F. Englebeart, E. Goodall, W. H 2: This volume will contain Fifteen highly tinished Engravings, with Eighteen highly finished Line Engravings, by the most c. Rolls, E. Portbury, J. Mitchell, W. Greatbatch, F. Jeases Nine of which are from the most celebrated Pictures of the late

celebrated Artists,

-after Designs by Sir Thomas Lawrence, Stothard, Jones, Hot Sir Thomas Lawrence--a greater number of that Artist's pro

E KEEPSAKE FRANCAIS for 1831.- Holmes.

on, Correggio, Boxall, Slous, Nash, Edmoastose, ad ductions than were ever before brought together in any Annual.

In adding another to the numerous illustrated volumes A limited number of Copies in post ero. with Proots on After Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Engravers. I. Young Napoleon, from a Drawing made

which are annually published in this country, the Projectors of India paper, price 245.; and imperial folio, in a Portfolio, J.;

“Le Keepsake Français" venture to anticipate a portion of the colombier Proofs before writing, 31, 3s, at Vienna... II. Miss Murray; Child and Flowers... Humphreys

patronage which is so liberally bestowed upon works of the same London : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brozn, and Green.

class. The cordial sympathy which has, for some time past, sub. III. Master Lambton Ensom

Of whom may be had, price 8s. elegantly half-boand ia IV. Miss Thayer

sisted between the two nations, and which has been so warmly

Turkey morocco,
manifested on a recent occasion, appears to render the present
V. Lady Walscourt..

The New Year's Gift for 1831. Edited by VI. King George the fourth

attempt to extend the same friendly relations to the Literature
and Arts of the Sister Countries, by no means ill-timed.

Mrs. Alaric Watts. Embellished with Wine highly 6m VII. Ada; Portrait of a Child

VIII. Master Lock; Boy and Dog..


Line Engravings, by C. Rolls, Greatbatch, Chevalier, L.;IX. Mrs. Arbuthnot..,

Mad. Allart

aster Designs by W. Westall, Edmonstone, Poole, R. Woo
V. Hugo
Mad. Valdor

Guet, Scheffer.
After T. Stothard, R.A.

Mad. Delphine Gay De Lamartine

Mad. Valmore
X. Sans Souci

M. Ballanche
Mad. Tastu

The Iris.
De Beranger
Mad. Tercy

After David Wilkie, R.A.

Ralph Bernal, M.P. Jules Lefevre

J. B. A. Soulio

On the 1st of November will be published, price 125.; or, on a XI. Family of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.... Worthington

De Chateaubriand Mérimée


demy paper, with India proof impressions of the Plate', pri XII. The Bag Piper

Casimir Delavigne De Mancy

De sigoyer

24s. the Second Volume of
After Pickersgill, R.A.

De Latouche
Nodier (Charles) De Saint-Valry

and Literary XIII. The Oriental Love Letter..

E. Finden Al. Dumas

De Pons

Emile Deschamps
Polonius (Jean)

Alfred de Vigny
After Boningłon.

Edited by the Rev. THOMAS DALE, V.A.
XIV. The African Daughter

De Rességuier Jeannin, &c. &c.

The same pure morality and religious tendency which abraial
Afler Sir Joshua Reynolds.

In size and formi, “Le Keepsake Français" will resemble the for the preceding Number of the Iris so large a Juare of poes.

English " Keepsake." The Plates will, in several instances, be larity, will again be found in the present volume; and in order XV. Portrait of a Child


engraved by the Artists emplosed in the English " Keepsake," to give more variety to the embellishments, religioas sabe The Literary Department will contain original and selected and it is presumed the work will not be inferior in the character have been selected and engraved in the first style of the art, & Articles, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart.; Mr. Southey; Mr. Mont of its Embellishments to any similar publication.

inodem as well as ancient masters, among whom are Reming gomery, Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A.; Sir Egerton Bridges;

Titian, Carlo Dolci, Reynolds, West, Lawrence, etc.

Charles Lamb; Miss Mitford; Mr. Coleridge; Miss Landon;


London: Published by S. Low, Lamb's Conduit Street; and Mrs. Hemans; Jiss Cory; Mr. Thomson; Rev. Mr. Dyce;

1. Presentation
Chena vart ...... Mitan

Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard. Rev. James White; Rev. Lisle Bowles; Mr. Collier; Mr.

2. Portrait of the Queen of

of} Sir T. Lawrence Thompson

the French Hood; Barry Cornwall; Mr. Carrington; Mr. Quillinan; Mr.

Colin 3. Frontispiece.

Sangster Hervey.

The following Works are nearly ready for publicaties, by
4. Curiosity ...
Roqueplan .... Humphrys

Messrs. Colburn and Bentley.
William Pickering, Chancery Lane, London.
5. Cromwell and his Daugh.

HE WATER WITCH; or, the Skimms

E. Smith ter

of the Sea. Nerv Comic Annual.

6. The Young Widow

R. Graves

By the Author of the "Red Rover," the “Prairie," the Shortly will be published, price 125. elegantly bound in morocco, 7. Dieppe ...

W. R. Smith

" Borderers," &c. and illustrated with nearly One Hundred beautiful Engravings 8. The Benediction

A. Johannot E. Smith

In 3 vols. to be ready the 15th October. on Wood,

9. Italian View--Lake of Como C. Stanfield..... R. Wallis HE NEW COMIC ANNUAL for 1831. 10. Portrait of Miss Croker ... Sir T. Lawrence Thompson

2. The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. By FALSTAFF.

11. Don Quixote in his Library Bonington ...... Sangster Late President of the Royal Society, &c. &c. BYÅ J.P. 12. The Chevalier de Lauzuni

M.D. Cantab. F.R.S. Fellow of the Royal College of Physics “ You are merry, so am I;

and Madame de Mont.) E. Deveria

...... Bacon

&c. &c. In 1 vol. with a beautiful Portrait.
Ha! ha! then there's more sympathy."

3. The French Revolution of 1830, the Erens Shakspeare. 13. The Tuilleries, and the

he} T. Boys... J. W. Cooke which produced it, and the Scenes by wbich it was accompared London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 63, St. Paul's Churchyard.

Pont Royal.....
14. The Young Shepherd.

By D. Turnbull, Esq. Embellished with Portraits of Low

A. Jobannot

lippe and General Lafayette, and a Plan of the Scene of Acne 15. The Young Savoyard Decamps

Radclyfte On the 20th instant, in 1 vol. handsomely printed,

In l vol. 8vo. 16. The Ass and the Reliques.. Xavier le Prince G. Corbould CULLINGS, and FUGITIVE 17. Barnard Castle

J. M. W. Turner Willmore 4. A New Voyage round the World, in the GATHERINGS.

18. Swiss Girl
Colin .....H. Rolls.

Years 1823, 1824, 1125, and 1826, by Otto Von Kotzetae, P.

Simultaneously will appear, at the same price,

Captain in the Imperial Russian Nary. In 2 vols. pusi sa v

« From a child

The Talisman, comprising the Eighteen En.
I learned to reap a harvest of sweet thoughts

5. Narrative of a Journey through Greece in
gravings already enumerated, and accompanied by a Series of
For future years."

Specimens of British Literature, partly original and party select- 1830, with Remarks on the Actual State of the Naval asd N.Published by Arnold, 21, Tavistock Street; and to be had of ed. Edited by Mrs. Alaric Watts.

tary Power of the Ottoman Empire. By Captain T. Aber

Trant. In I vol. Bro. with Plates
all Booksellers.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane,
London; and Bovinet and Co. Paris.

6. The Literary Correspondence of Johc Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library.

Pinkerton, Esq. F.R.S. "Edited by Dawson Terner, E L

3 vols. 8vo. On the 1st of December will be published, in small 8vo.

In a few days will be published, in 8vo. price 12s. boards, price 5s, the First Volume of the

7. The Life of Titian, with Anecdotes of the testant Kempis: a Manual of Christian Faith and Prac. Distinguished Persons of his Time. By James Nerthouts, EcoBy CAPTAIN MOYLE SHERER.

Cudworth; with Corrections and occasional Notes. Being the Pirst Volume of Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library.


Nerv Work by Mr. Moncricfr, illustrated by Robert Crikshared. Bishop of Limerick, Ardiert, and Aghadoe.

On the 1st of November will be published, price lay the To be followed by

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; and The French Revolution in 1630. By T. B. Macauley, Esq.

extraordinary and well-known Tale, called John Cochran, 108, Strand.

BOOTY'S GHOST, an Account of M.P.

Life and Reign of George IV. 3 vols. Vol. I.
The Cabinet Library, wbich has been some time in prepara.

In a few days will be published, in 8vo.

The Poem by W. T. MONCRIEFF, Esq., the Illusrawie tion, is intended to embrace such subjects of powerful or imme.

SERMONS on the STUDY of the Robert Cruikshank, diate interest as do not fall within the regular plan of the “Cabi

London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street; and net Cyclopædia." It will be published in monthly volumes, sup.

sold by all Booksellers. and some of their most important Doctrines. Preachel before ported by the same class of Literary and Scientific Contributors the University of Cambridge in the Years 1827-8. To which are as the Cyclopædia, and will forin a Companion to that Work. annexed Two Dissertations--the first on the Reasonableness of Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London. the Orthodox Views of Christianity, as opposed to the Rational. ism of Germany: the Second, on the Interpretation of Prophe | LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. 4. SCRIPPS,

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington , George the Fourth, cies generally, with an original Exposition of the Book of Reve

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, Sonia Nowlton Street, Q2 In a few days will be published, in dro, with a fine Portrait lations; shewing that the whole of that remarkable Prophecy has from a Drawing by Wivell,

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exclsre 1. long ago been fulfilled. By the Rer, S. LEE, B.D.

Marlborough, An Nuria Lane, Luigate Hill: 4.,

Edinburgh : Smith and Soa, D. Robertson, and allo
D.D. of the l'niversity of Halle, Honorary Member of the Asia-

and Co. Glasgow: and J. Comming, Dublin. - Arst
tic Society of Paris, Professor of Arabic in the University of Cam-
By the Rev. GEORGE CROLY, A.M.

America, 0. Rich, 12, Red Lion Square, Leadus.
bridge, &c. &c.
Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row
Printed for James Dancan, 37, Paternoster Rov.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane








Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.

No. 718.



their anticipation altogether opposed to the resistlessly, inflaming this feverish vividness of REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS, openness and manly self-respect, which it is the European mind. The story of the French

the first duty of those schools to create in the Revolution is still to be told; and the man by Memoir of His late Majesty, George the Fourth. young mind. Yet the moralist may well trem- whom that tale of grandeur and atrocity is

By the Rev. G. Croly. 8vo. pp. ciro. 500. ble at that contamination of morals which so told, will bequeath the most appalling lesson London, 1830. J. Duncan.

often defies the vigilance of the tutor; the ever given to the tardy wisdom of nations. ALTHOUGH produced as a Memoir of our late man of limited income is entitled to reprobate But the first working of the principle of ruin Sovereign, this volume contains views of society the habits of extravagance engendered in the in France was brilliant; it spread an universal in England and, occasionally, in France, from great schools; and the parent who values the animation through the frame of foreign sothe middle of last century; characters and affections of his children, may justly dread the ciety. All was a hectic flush of vivacity. Like biographical sketches of many of the most dis- reckless and unruly self-will, the young inso- the Sicilian landscape, the gathering fires of tinguished individuals who figured during that lence, and the sullen and heartless disdain of the volcano were first felt in the singular luxperiod ; anecdotes of leading public characters, parental authority, which spring up at a dis- uriance and fertility of the soil. Of all stimusuch as Pitt, Fox, Burke, Sherdian, &c. ; expo- tance from the paternal eye. But the question lants, political ambition lays the strongest hold sitions of the national policy at different im- is decided by the fact, that without public edu- on the sensibilities of man. The revolutionary portant epochs; and many other matters of cation a large portion of the youth of England doctrines, still covered with the graceful robes general attraction and interest. We have suc- would receive no education whatever; while of patriotism and philosophy, seemed to have cessive ministers characterised, and their mea- some of the more influential would receive, in led the whole population of France into ensures dissected; we have critical remarks on the feeble indulgences of opulent parentage and chanted ground. Every hour had its new acthe styles of public speakers ; we have bon- the adulation of domestics, an education worse cession of light; every, new step displayed its mots, recollections, party negotiations and in- than none. The advantages belong to the new wonder. Court formality-hereditary pritrigues; we have political and satirical poetry; system, and to no other ; while the disad-vilege-the solemnity of the altar- all that had we have Buonaparte and the Catholic question ; vantages are accidental, and require nothing for bitherto stood an obstacle to the full indulgence we have morals, wars, changes, &c. &c. &c.; their remedy beyond increased activity in the of natural impulses, all the rigid and stately all revived upon the canvass, and painted with governors, and a more vigorous vigilance in the barriers established by the wisdom of elder a vigorous hand by an author whose power of nation."

times against popular passion, were seen suddelineation is too highly appreciated to require We cannot agree with Mr. C., however, in denly to shrink and fade away before the apany eulogy from us.

thinking Eton or Westminster the place for proach of the new. regeneration, like mists The book is altogether such a work as might educating the heir to the throne. A coup d'æil before the sunbeams. "The listless life of the be expected from a man of strong sense and over Lord North's administration strikes us as man of rank was suddenly supplied with an practised literature, living so near the time very able, in this early part of the volume, excitement that kindled all the latent activities embraced in his descriptions, and aiming more which is also diversified by an episode about of his nature; the man of study found, with at a free and popular narrative than at the phi- Swift, and other retrospects ; but we pass to delight, his solitary speculation assuming a life losophy of more remote history: yet it abounds the commencement of the prince's chequered and substantial shape before his eye, and the with profound observations; and often in a career, 1783, when the Commons voted him loog arrears of fortune about to be paid in tone of sarcastic scorn lashes the follies and 50,000/. for income, and 100,0001. for the outfit public fame and power; the lower classes vices it is forced to depict. But a few extracts, of his household. Here the author says finely- listened with fierce avidity to the declaration, which we now proceed to give, will convey a “ There are no faults that we discover with that the time was at hand for enjoying their better idea of Mr. Croly's performance than more proverbial rapidity than the faults of share of that opulent and glittering world on any long commentary of our own; and as we others; and none that generate a more vin- which they had hitherto gazed, with as little always prefer making an author speak for him- dictive spirit of virtue, and are softened down hope of reaching it as the firmament above self, to exhibiting ourselves as his spokesmen, by fewer attempts at palliation, than the faults their heads. Thus was prepared the Revoluhere follow remarks on public and private of princes in the grave. Yet, without justice, tion. Thus was laid under the foundation of education, as brought into discussion on the history is but a more solemn libel; and no the throne a deadly compound of real and system adopted towards the Prince of Wales. justice can be done to the memory of any fantastic injury, of offended virtue and em

" The great schools were panegyrised, as public personage without considering the pe- bittered vice, of the honest zeal of general breeding a noble equality among the sons of culiar circumstances of his time. The close of good, and the desperate determination to put men of the various ranks of society; as inspir- the American war was the commencement of all to hazard for individual license, rapine, and ing those feelings of honour and independence, the most extraordinary period of modern Eu. revenge,-a mighty deposit and magazine of which in after-life make the man lift up his rope: all England, all France, the whole con- explosion, long visible to the eyes of Europe, fearless front in the presence of his superiors in tinent, were in a state of the most powerful invisible to the French government alone, and all but knowledge and virtue; and as pre-emi. excitement: England rejoicing at the cessation which only waited the first touch of the incennently training the youth of the land to that of hostilities, long unpopular and galling to diary, to scatter the monarchy in fragments personal resolution, mental resource, and intel. the pride of a country accustomed to conquer; round the world. · Philosophy' was the grand lectual dignity, which are essential to every yet with the stain of transatlantic defeat splen- leader in this progress of crime ; and it is a honourable career; and are congenial, above didly effaced by her triumph at Gibraltar, and striking coincidence, that at this period its title all, to the free spirit and high-minded habits of the proof given in that memorable siege, of the to national homage should have been, as if by England. All those advantages must be con- unimpaired energies of her naval and military an angry destiny, suffered to aid its popular ceded, though burlesqued and tarnished by the power, - France, vain of her fatal success, and ambition. fantastic and selfish tales of extraordinary faci. exulting in the twofold triumph of wresting “ The peace of 1782 threw open the conti. lities furnished to the man by the companions America from England, and raising up a new nent; and it was scarcely proclaimed, when of the boy; of the road to fortune smoothed, rival for the sovereignty of the seas, the con- France was crowded with the English nobility. the ladder of eminence miraculously placed in tinental states, habitually obeying the impulses Versailles was the centre of all that was sumphis grasp, the coronet, the mitre, the highest of the two great movers of the world, England tuous in Europe. The graces of the young and most sparkling honours of statesmanship, and France, and feeling the return of life in queen, then in the pride of youth and beauty held forth to the aspirant by the hand of early the new activity of all interests, public, per- the pomp of the royal family and the noblesse ; association.---Hopes, in their conception mean, sonal, and commercial. But a deeper and and the costliness of the fêtes and celebrations, in their nature infinitely fallacious, and in (fearful influence was at work, invisibly, but for which France has been always famous,

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