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FABLES AMUSANTES, suivies d'une



TALES of the CLASSICS. A new Delinea

Valpy's Classical Library.

In small 8vo. neatly bound, price 4s. 6d.
Connected with Literature and the Arts.

In 2 vols. royal 8vo. price ll. lls. Gd. boards,

or, English Translations of the most valuable Greek and R. BUCKINGHAM'S LECTURES on INDU LAW, principally with reference Latin Historians, Orators, Poets, &c. to such Portions of it as concern the Administration of

Edited by A. J. VALPY, A.M. the ORIENTAL WORLD will be given, during the

Vol. I. containing Leland's Translation of the Orations present Month, at the following places, on the Evenings named, Justice in the King's Courts in India.


of Demosthenes, with Notes and Improvements. each to commence at Half past Eight, and conclude about Ten.

Late Chief Justice of Madras.

Vol. II. containing the Conclusion of De. Tuesdays-Theatre of the Mechanics' Institution, Chancery

Published by Parbury, Allen, and Co. Leadenhall Street; Payne mosthenes and the whole of Sallust, will appear on the 1st of Feb. Lane.

and Foss, Pall Mall; and H. Butterworth, Fleet Street. Fridays, Theatre of the City Institution, 165, Aldersgate Street,

embellished with two finely engraved Steel Plates of Demosthenes Saturdays-Theatre of the Western Institution, 4., Leicester .*. Any Gentleman possessing a copy of the original edition, and Sallust. Squar

published in 1825, on sending it to Parburg, Allen, and Co. will Admission Half-a-Crown.

Vol. III. Virgil's Eclogues, by Archdeacon 'The History of the Public Proceedings on the Question of the receive in exchange a revised Copy.

East India Monopoly (price 28.) is now published, and may be
had of all Booksellers; and

Georgics, by Mr. Sotheby,

REVIEW, The Oriental Quarterly Review will appear No. LXXXIII. was published on Thursday.

Æneid, by Dryden. on the 25th inst.

Vol. IV. Pindar, a new Translation, by the
Dunlop'r History of Roman Literature,
In 3 vols. 8vo. price 21.78.6d.

Rev. Mr. Wheelwright, Prebendary of Lincoln.
SCIENTIFIC INSTRUCTION. The usual Business "HE HISTORY of ROMAN LITERA. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street,
of Woodford House School will be resumed on the 25th inst.
The Rev. Dr. Okes has been engaged in the tuition of Young Age.


In 1 vol. 8vo. price 12s. boards, Gentlemen above Thirty Years, and can produce numerous tes.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

HE SCHEME of timonials of the success of his system of Education, and of the

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, attention which is paid to the comfort of his Pupils, and to their

The History of Fiction. 3 vols. post 8vo. its Sense and Application, as the grand Fundamental Proof of religious and moral improvement. 21. 23.

Religion, specially adapted to all Periods of the World, and all Terms to Young Gentlemen under Fourteen Years of Age,

Stages of the Church, are considered and explained; together Sixty Guineas per Annum.

with an Inquiry into the Shekinah and the Cherubim in the Holy Woodford, Esser, 18th Jan. 1830. Atlas 4to. price 128.; Proofs 16s. Part II. of P.EDIA. Lately published, small 8vo. price 6s. with

By the Rev. JOHN WHITLEY, D.D. T.C.D. SERIES of SUBJECTS from the Vignettes by Finden.

Master of the School of Galway. WORKS of the late R. P. BOXINGTON, Drawn on 1. History of Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by W. F. Wakeman,

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, Stone by J. D. HARDING. 2 vols. Vol. I.

Printed for James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond Street,

2. History of Maritime and Inland Disco-
Where may be had, price 31. 38.
very, 2 vols. Vol. I.

New editions of the following French Books, by J. PERRIN, Burnet's Practical Hints on Painting, 4to.

To be published,

revised by C. GROS. 3d edition, illustrated by nearly 100 Etchings from Pictures of the Jan. 30.-Domestic Economy, Vol. 1.--Brewing, Distilling,

Wine-making, Baking, &c. by M. Donovan, Esq. M.R.I.A. Prof. Italian, Flemish, and English Schools. of Chemistry to the Company of Apothecaries in Ireland.

Table générale et particulière des Mots, et de leur Sig.
Feb. 27. History of Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott. Vol. II. nification en Anglais. 28. 6.

March 31.--History of Maritime and Inland Discovery, Vol. II. 2. The Elements of French Conversation,
April 30.-A Treatise on Mechanics, 1 vol. by Dr. Lardner.

with a Vocabulary, in French and English, 18. 6d. are respectfully informed, that some valuable additions have been

May 31.-History of England, 3 vols. by Sir J. Mackintosh. made to the Library in general, but more particularly in German Vol. 1.

3. A Grammar of the French Tongue, 4s. and French Literature. Terms of the four Classes of Subscrip.

The most eminent men of the Age are engaged in this 4. Exercises, entertaining and instructive, tion--21. 2s. to 51. 58. per Annum; Half-Yearly and Quarterly Subscriptions on the usual proportionale Scale.

Cyclopaedia. See the Prospectus.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orine, Brown, and Green,

with the Rules of Syntax, 35, 6d. Further Particulars and Catalogues inay be had as above, and

Paternoster Row; and J. Taylor, Upper Gower Street.

5. A key to the Exercises, 3s. at T. Boosey and Co.'s, 28, Molles Street, Oxford Street. A Supplement of New Books is in the press.

6. French Verbs, Regular and Irregular, Useful and elegant Present. In 3 vols. post 8vo. price 24s, neatly bound,

alphabetically conjugated. 18. 6d. on a Sheet.

7. Particular and Common Terminations of M U S I C. tion of the most popular Fables, Legends, and Allegories, all the French Verbs, engraved on an &ro. page. 6d.

8. La Bonne Mere. 18mo. 38. 6d. selected and written by a Lady, for the Amusement and Instruc London: Printed for Whittaker and Co.; Longman and Co.; CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 55, St. James's Street, tion of her own Daughters.

T. Cadell; Baldvin and Co.; Booseys; Dulau and Co.; E. Wile London, and 7, Westmoreland Street, Dublin.

« This work is admirably adapted to the drawing-room, and liams; Harvey and Co.; Hamilton and Co.; J. Harris; J. SouWILLIS and Co. respectfully inform their Friends and the to the higher classes of every seminary." --Court Journal. ter; Simpkin and Co.; Poole and Co.; Holdsworth and Co.; Public, they have constantly on sale a splendid Variety of Piano “ Parents and teachers are largely indebted to the lady who has Westley and Co.; and Houlstons. Fortes, Harps, &c. by the most eminent Makers, at the lowest produced this work, weeded of all pruriencies, and admirably Manufacturers' Prices.

calculated to engage the attention, while it unfolds the beauties An extensive Library for the Circulation of Music in Town or of early literature and original imaginings." --Literary Gazette.

In 8vo. price 78.
Country, to which every new Work of merit is added as soon as Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street.
published. Terms (moderate) may be had as above.
They have lately received a fresh supply of the German Eolians,

GERMAN LITERATURE, in Lectures delivered to in various forins, including the newly invented Organ Eolians, Interesting Works just published by Edward Bull, New Public

the Students of the University of London. and have just published the following

Subscription Library, 26, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.
In 3 sols.

New Songs


Professor of the German and Northern Languages and Literature
$. d.

in the University. Tam O'shanter, and }c. Butler, Esq. ....J. Smith .....2 “Fathered he is, and yet is fatherless."--Macbeth.

Also, The Feather... T. H. Bagly, Esq...J. Willis ...... 0 2. Creation; a Poem. By William Ball. A Manual of German Literature, containing You say they never

Miss Melville ...... Miss Melville ... 0 " Write the things which thou hast seen, the things which are, Classical Specimens of German Prose and Poetry, systematically mention me....

.J. Bird, Esq. Ditto Would you know?

and the things which shall be hereafter."-Revelations. .2 0

arranged by Professor Von Mühlenfels, LL.D. 2 vols. fep. 168. O do not forget me! ....C. M. B. ..........Ditto ..... ..30 3. Charity Bazars; a Poem.

Printed for John Taylor, Bookseller and Publisher to the

28. 6d. Can I forget? (Waltz J. Bird, Esq. ...... Ditto

University of London, 30, Upper Gower Street. ..20 4. Bacon's Life of Francis the First, the Song) o fly from the Halls ....H. Pearson, Esq. ..Ditto Contemporary of Charles 5th, Henry 8th, Leo 10th, and Solyman

Lieut.-Colonel Batty's New Work. My Harp of Sighs, and ? T. H. Bayly, Esq...T. Cooke ...... 0 the Great. 9d edition, with Additions, 2 sols. 8vo.

Just published, Part I. (containing Oporto) of My Harp of Smiles.... S

5. The Romance of History, New Series, Take heed, whisper? J. Kenney, Esq.... Auber .......

3 vols. loud (Barcarole).... Strong and vivid pictures of the past."- Monthly Revier.

CITIES of EUROPE, from Original Paintings
My Sister dear...... .Ditto

« Valuable presents at this season."- Nen Monthly Magazine.

Awake thee, Rosalie ....B. King, Esq.. ....B. King

" A vast store of romantic deed and wild adventure."-Literary
Homes of England. . Mrs. Hemans......Her Sieler

To be published Quarterly. The Plates will be engraved by
He never smiled again ..Ditto ...
Ditto ...,

the first Artists, in the highest style. Six Plates in each Part, Le Refrain Tyrolien ? Count de la Garde.. Sola .....

6. The Art of Dancing. By C. Blasis, and also Six Outline Key Plates. Descriptions in French and (French and English)

with numerous Plates, and original Quadrilles arranged for the English. Twelve Parts to complete the volume. The Work How beautiful she looked, Lord Byron........Dr. Carnaby ..3 0 Piano-forte. I vol.

will range with all the principal Books of European Scenery. I have left my Home.... Miss E. Roberts... Montgomery ..20

Nearly ready,

Prices per Part-imperial 8vo. 158; royal 410. 168.; same, MyHeart's in the High:}

Hodson ....
..20 7. Tales of the Five Senses. Edited by the 1.000.000 Came: Proin Proofs, 14.155. imperial 4to. Proofs,

. 105; same, India Proofs, 21. .; same,
Author of the “Collegians."
My Love is a Horseman, W. Ball.
..J. Moscheles ..20

letters, with Etchings, 21. 125. 60. Switzer's Song of Home, Ditto

8. The Jew; a Novel. In 3 vols.

For full particulars see Prospectus, to be had of the Swiss Hunter



Publishers and all Booksellers.
Merry Mountain Boy ..Ditto


London: Published by Moon, Boys, and Graves, Printsellers
In 8vo. price is the 4th Number of

... Smith Not a Drum was heard.. Rev. C. Wolfe.

to the King, 6, Pall Mall; sold also by J. Rodwell, 46, New Bond Rosy Wine.... ...C. Butler, Esq. ....J. Ditchfield ..20 New Duets and Glees.

ENGLISH BOTANIST'S COMPANION; being an Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

Introduction to Gardening, on Philosophical Principles. To of the Matrimonial w. Ball............W. Ball ........3 0 which is added, a Catalogue of British Plants, in the Monthly

Compendious French Dictionary.

In 12mo. price 108. 6d. bound, the 6th edition, Duet

Order of their Flowering.

By a HORTICULTURAL CHEMIST. Pretty Maiden, why?

DICTIONARY of the FRENCH and wander alone? (new

...C.E. Horn.... 0
To be completed in Twelve Monthly Numbers.

ENGLISH LANGUAGES, in conformity with the edition) 3

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. French Academy, In Two Parts, French and English, and Think of me (duet)......A. Brooke, Esq..... A. Lee .... .2 0

English and French; in which are introduced many Thousand L'Echo et l'Hommage } Count de la Garde.. Sola ....

Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Difusion

useful Words, not to be found in any other French and English of Useful knowledge.

Dictionary. With a copious Introduction on the Pronunciation Fairy Vale Bells (duet).G. Darley, Esq.-...C. E. Horn ....36

Price 28.

of the French Language, and on the Varieties in the DeclinBacchus's Rubies (glee) T. H. Bayly, Esq...T. Cooke ......3 6

able Parts of Speech. Whither so fast, thou?

By M. DE LEVIZAC. Lady fair? (glee).... .......SirJ. Stevenson 4 0 under DIFFICULTIES, Part II. ; being the Eighth

Thoroughly Revised, greatly Improved, and the Two Parts The Bark before the Part of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge.

most carefully Collated; with the Indication of the Irregularities Gale, (glee) new ed. Sir Walter Scott J. Willis .......3 O

The following Volumes of the Library are complete, and are

of the French Pronunciation.

By C. GROS. ... The Patent Bar Folio, for holding Music, Prints, News

sold, neatly bound in cloth and lettered, price 4s. 64. each: papers, &c. may be had of all Sizes and Prices, at the Royal

London : Printed for Baldwin and Cradock; Longman, Rees, Vol. 1. The Menageries.

and Co.; Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; Dulau and Co.; E. Wil Musical Repository.

Vol. II. Timber Trees and Fruits.

liams; and Holdsworth and Ball. Just received, a Case of real Spanish Guitars, price

In the compilation and subsequent improvement of this from 30s. to 101. Vol. III. Insect Architecture.

Work, it has been the aim of both the Author and Editor te A Finger Organ, large enough for a Church or Chapel, with Eight Stops and Five Barrels, cost 550 Guineas, to be sold for

Vol. IV. The Pursuit of Knowledge.

adapt it for the purposes of tuition, by the exclusion or modifica

tion of all words which are unfit to be presented to the eye o 200 Guineas.

London: Charles, Knight, Pall Mall East.

youthful readers.




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Recueil des Meilleures Pièces du Théâtre A


hole in , from the

R. SOPHY; or, a Display of the Wonders of Nature. For CAPTAIN FRANKLIN'S PRIVATIONS and SUF.

Durerger's French School Books.
B.vercises to Translate into Latin.

Explanatory Spelling and First Books.
New editions of tbe following popular Works are just published: The 19th edition, thoroughly revised, price 3s. 6d. bound, New editions of the following approved Introductory Books are

just published by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria

Lane, London.
GUAGES compared in their Grammatical Constructions.
CISES; translated from the Writings of Cicero, for

MEANINGByttas of both Languages. cipal Rules in the Eton Syntax, with occasional References to

BOOK, on a Plan entirely new; containing-Ist, Words By W. DUVERGER. other Grammars.

of One Syllable, the Meanings of which are well explained by In 19mo. price 38. 6d. bound.


Words of One Syllable also; and 2d, Words of One Syllable, A Key to the above, 12mo. 3s. 6d.

London : Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; Longman, which are sufficiently explained by easy Words of Two Syllables.

Rees, and Co.; J. Richardson : Boosey and Sons; Baldwin and Price ls. The English and French Languages com- Cradock; Harvey and Darton; Hurst, Chance, and Co. W. Jos : Pinnock's Child's First Book ; consisting of pared in their Grammatical

Constructions. In iwo Parts. Part Sherwood and Co.: E. Williams; Whittaker and Co.; Hamil: Monosyllables only, arranged in such a way as to give the correct the second, containing a fall and accurate Investigation of the ton, Adams, and Co., Simpkin and Marshall, Cowle and Co.: Sound of the vowels in their various situations. Priced Derference of Syntar. By W. Durerger. Priee 3. 6d. bound.

CoJ. , Edwards; A Key to the above, price 4s. man and Co.; and Robinsons, Liverpool.

The Mentorian Primer; or, Pinnock's SeBy whom also is published,

cond Book for Children at an early Age. Price 6d. A Comparison between the Idioms, Genius, and Phraseslegs of the French and English Languages ise References to the Passages in Cicero.. 2d edition, price 38. A Key to the Second and Third Parts, with

Pinnock's Explanatory English SpellingBook; comprising Spelling and Reading Lessons, progressively

arranged and classed, and in which are introduced original LesAuthority of the most correct and elegant Writers; and shewing

sons on every Month of the Year, with Rules for pronouncing e Modes of Expression only which are received among Per Italian Pocket Dictionary, for Schools and Travellers. Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names; a Catechism on the soms of Rank and Fashion in both Countries. By W. Duverger. In 18mo. price 78. bound, the 15th edition, greatly improved, Arts and Sciences, and the Fundamental Principles of English 1ms price 3, 64. boards.

NEW POCKET DICTIONARY of Grammar; the Church Catechism, Dr. Watts's Catechism, &c. ČEdeestion de Madame de Genlis. Par W. Duverger. 1amo. Two Parts-1. Italian and English; 11. English and Italian.


Pinnock's First Spelling-Book for Children, price be bound.


containing a Selection of Spelling Lessons only, in natural and Recueil des plus belles Scènes de Molière, To which is prefixed a Compendious Italian Grammar.

appropriate gradation. Price ls. bound. arec les Retranchemens nécessaires pour rendre la Lecture de cet London: Printed for Messrs. Rivington; Boosey and Sons; The English Expositor ; or, a New ExplaAstrar convenable à la Jeunesse de deux Sexes. Par W. Duver. Longman and Co.; T. Cadell; J. Richardson; Hatchard and natory Spelling-Book, containing an Alphabetical Arrangement line prica be. baund.

Son; Baldwin and Cradock; Harvey and Darton; Hurst and of the most useful, proper, and appropriate Words in the English Fristed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Are Maria Lane; Co.; J. Booker: Dulau and Co.; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; Language, divided into Syllables, properly accented and explained. Longman and Co. Paternoster Row; and Simpkin and Marshall, Whittaker and Co.; J. Duncan; Treuttel and Co.; G. Cowie By the Rev. J. Duncan, A.M. 19th edition, considerably aug. Suacoters' Court.

and Co.; J. Souter; Simpkin and Marshall; Holdsworth and mented and improved. 12mo. price 18. 6d. bound.
Co.; Black and Co.; J. Collingwood; Smith, Elder, and Co. ;
Houlston and Son; Sterling and Co. Edinburgh; and Robinsons,

The Improved Syllabic Spelling-Book; or,
Systematic Education, &c. &c.

a summary Method of Teaching Children to Read, upon the

Without increasing the price, or the bulk of this edition, Principle originally discovered by the Sieur Berthaud. Adapted ENCE in EARNEST; being an Attempt to illustrate many hundred useful words have been added; the open and close to the English Language by Mrs. Williams. With Plates, 88. de irst Principles of Natural Philosophy, by the Aid of popular pronunciation of the E and O have been distinctly marked, as

By the same Author, Tags and Sports. In 3 vols. 12mo. with 'Engravings on Wood, well as the sound of the Z and Zz, whether like Ts or Ds. It is fra Designs by George Cruikshank, price 17. 18. boards.

Conversations on English Grammar, in a hoped that these improvements will tend greatly to the conveni-Series of Familiar and Entertaining Dialogues between a Mother

ence of the Student. Lectures on Astronomy; illustrated by the

and her Daughter, in which the various Rules of Grammar are strenomica, e a Series of Movable Diagrams, exhibiting a

introduced and explained, in a manner calculated to excite the heliu and natural elucidation of the real and apparent Motions

A New School Book, suitable to all Classes.

Attention of Children, and at the same time to convey to their the Heavenly Bodies. By W. H. Prior. Price of the Astrono.

In a clear bold type, on fine paper, and handsomely printed, Minds clear and comprehensive Ideas of the general Principles of , 3. laa. 64.; Lectures, 108. 6d.

a new edition, 19mo. price 48. 64. neatly bound,

Language. Price 58.

Cooper's History of England. fraction in the various Departments of Literature and Science,

Price 28. 6d. the Twenty-first edition,
via Practical Rales for Studying each Branch of Useful Know Series, is followed by its appropriate Answer, not only in Ancient
Fot. Lant Carpenter,
LL.D. sd edition, in a thick vols. 8vo. logical order, but also in Biography Geography, rastrona in: mended by the Earl of Chesterfield.

earliest Period to the present Time, on a Plan recom. with Eughe Plates by Loury. &c. Il. 118. 60. boards.

By the Rev. Mr. COOPER. Rules for English Composition. By John teresting variety of miscellaneous subjects: the whole tending to enlarge the boundaries of Juvenile Knowledge, by increasing its

Considerably improved, and brought down to the Year 1829. Layangkan. 13mo. 4. boards. stores; and thus, by blending such a course of general informa

18mo. half-bound, with a Frontispiece. The Art of Extempore Public Speaking. By Lion with sound classical or liberal learning, to raise a better Printed for John Harris; Rivington and Co.; Longman and

Co.; Baldwin and Co.; Harvey and Darton ; Hamilton and Jela Rigpingham. Sed edition, 12mo. 6s. boards.


Adams; Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin and Marshall; John The Student's Manual; being an Etymolo

Formerly of the Royal Military College, and Author of a Chart Souter; Poole and Edwards; Wightman and Co.; and W. Joy. Teal and Explanatory Vocabulary of Words derived from the of General History, Pocket Cyclopædia, School Geography, EleGerek B R Harrison Black, LLD. 4th edition, 28. 6d. ments of Astronomy, British Spelling Book, &c. &c.

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 108. Aa Etymological and Explanatory Dictionary

London : Printed for Baldvin and Cradock.

TREATISE on POISONS, in relation to Warta derived from the Latin. By R. Harrison Black, LL.D. usual care and attention to the wants of Teachers. His long and the PRACTICE of PHYSIC, This Work has been compiled by the author with un.

MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE, PHYSIOLOGY, and #edition, Sara de. 6. boards.

successful practice in the education of youth must always give Principles of Education, Intellectual, Moral, his books a decided preference over the generality of School

By R. CHRISTISON, M.D. and Physical. By Lant Carpenter, LL.D. Svo. 128. boards. Treatises, had they no other merit; but Mr. Guy's school books

Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Police in the A Familiar Introduction to the Arts and more choice in selection, and more classical in style, than any of

University of Edinburgh. possess higher claims; they are more perfect in arrangement,

Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman and Co. Sciences. By the Rer. J. Joyce, Author of Scientitic Dialogues, the elementary works that have preceded them. Their exten.

London 12. 5th edition, with Plates, 6s. boards.

sive sale is proof enough of their value perhaps; but, large as it School-Book from the Transactions of the Royal Society. The Elements of Astronomy. By S. Treeby. is the publishers doubt not but every year will add greatly to Second edition, price 103. 64. bound, with numerous Engravings, ses with Plates, 36. 6d. bound. their circulation; at present the annual sale of the whole is not

in 1 large vol. 12mo. Conversations on Algebra. 12mo. 78. boards. tion Book" has taken its station (where it soon will be) in every

EADINGS in NATURAL PHILO. A Concise System of Commercial Arithmetic. School Bookshmusich bieg

creative increased. aleachers will

be in the use of Schools.

Extracted exclusively from the Transac James Morrisca Ime. 1s. 6d. bound. A key to the same, in which are given the knowledge of the wants of schools; and, in the arrangement, the of popular Interest and general Instruction,

published by ihe Lade af Arrangement and Solation of every Question and Exer power he possesses of abridging the anxious labours of school Royal Society, from its commencement in 1665, to the present de proposed in that Work. 19mo. 6s. boards. business.

time. Dedicated to the President, Council, and Fellows, and to

the Schoolmasters and Governesses of the United Kingdom. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

By the Rev. C. C. CLARKE,
Popular Books for Schools and Private Tuition.

Author of the « Wonders of the World," and the “Wonders Ta Portraits and Sixteen Views, engraved on Steel by Finden, Just published, by John Harris, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard,

of the Heavens." (in all 94 Plates), price only 20s.

new editions of

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane,

London; and sold by all Booksellers.

Works by the late Mrs. Trimmer.
TERINGS during his VOYAGES to the POLAR SEA. Beau-Games; embracing Simple Geography, a concise Treatise on the

Just published, by John Harris, St. Paul's Churchyard; and delle printed in your pocket Volames, similar to those of Capt. Artificial Sphere, and a Geographical Game, illustrative of An

J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly. cient and Modern History. One vol. folio, with 15 Maps for

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Exercises and Reference at the End, price 11. ls. Also a Set of
Counters to the same, price 10s. Gd.

following POPULAR WORKS. Under the Asthority and Patronage of His Majesty's 2. Familiar Geography, by the Abbé Gaul 1. English History, brought down to the Goverament, ito. 11. Ils.6d.

tier. Square 16mo. bound in cloth, with coloured Maps, 35. 2d present time, with Forty-eight Engravings on Wood. In 2 vols. BOREALIS; edition. That portion of the larger work which is necessary to

ismo. 98. neatly bound in red sheep. , the Zoology of North America, Part I. containing accommodated to the use of the youngest Pupil.

be committed to memory, is here printed in a smaller form, and 2. Ancient History, with Forty Engravings, the grandrupeds

I vol. price 4s. 6d. bound.

3. Ancient Geography, divided into Short 3. Roman History, with Forty Engravings,
Serges of the late Expedition under Captain Franklin. Lessons, in the Form of Question and Answer, intended as a Se- r vol. price 48. 6d. bound.
Lihastrated by Twenty-Eight spirited Etchings, by quel to the " Geography for Children." By the Abbé Langlet du
Thomas Landseer.
Fresnoy. 2d edition, improved, square 16mo. bound in cloth,

4. Lessons from the Old Testament, with Parts II. and III. being the Remainder of with a coloured Map, price 21. 6.

Forty Engravings. 1 vol. 18mo. price 3s. bound. de War, and containing the Birds, principally by William 4. Infantine Knowledge; a Spelling-Book 5. Lessons from the New Testament, with Seek F.RS. F.LS. &c.; the Insects by the Rev. on an improved Plan. By Mrs. Lovechild, Author of the Child's Forty Engravings. I vol. 18mo. price 3s. bound.

haa kiatrs, M.A.F.R.S.F.LS. &c.; and the Fishes by Dr. Grammar," &c. 2d edition, considerably enlarged and improved, Bidangan, are to preparation.

with 150 Plates, bound in cloth, price 38. plain, or 38. 61. coloured, 2 vols. 16s. printed uniformly with Mrs. Markham's Histories of Pre uniformly with the Narratives of Captain Frank-half-bound. This book contains a larger portion of Progressive

England and France, a seditions, to which, with the forthcoming Flora of those Lessons than is usually to be met with in Publications of the

same es by Dr. Hooket, it may be considered to be an Appendix. nature-Sketches of English History in Rhyme, the Multiplica. Jelas Murray, Albernarle Street, tion Table in Rhyme, the Church Catechism, Select Poetry, &c.

and every Subject of early Information suited to the Capacities of

With Wood Engravings.
Sro- price 21. 62. seved,
a Child.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
5. The Child's Grammar, by the late Lady

3 vols. small 8vo. 108. 6d. TLANITY and the CHURCH. A Charge delivered to

Fenn, under the assumed Name of Mrs. Lovechild, Author of the Serbacee of Salisbury, in the Summer of 1829, at price 9d. sewed, or 16. bound. The extensive circulation, to the “Mother's Grammar," " Infantine Knowledge," &c. 34th edit.

her Uncle in England. Dhe se Bes. THOMAS BURGESS, D.D. F.R.S. amount of above 200,000 Copies since the first appearance of this

" of all the Christmas presents for young people which this TAS.P.RS.L. Lord Bishop of Salisbury. Little Book, is a flattering proof of its excellence.

prolific season has produced, if we have seen others more elegant, 3. Haachand and Son, 187, Piccadilly; and sold by 6. The Mother's Grammar, a Sequel to the utility - a real Encyclopædia for youth, without its revolting

we have not met with one so well adapted for its purpose by its STR1. Birisgten, St. Paul's Churchyard, and water Child's

, by the

same Author. 17th edition, price is sewed, or form."-Atheneum. 1s. 34. bound.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.


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LETTERS from BERTHA, on a Visit to

tane AdW.B. Bradle and Co. Salisbury.



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Combining, in the various Subjects of the Engravings, all that is Illustrious by Rank, and Eminent for Talent, of the

N announcing the Works of the late lamented President of the Royal Academy, it will be needless to insist upon their high claim to admira-

tion as Works of Art, or to descant upon their yet greater importance to History, as commemorating and conveying to Posterity the Portraits of the Illustrious and Eminent Persons of the Court and

Reign of George the Fourth, by whom the commencement of the Nineteenth Century has been so signally adorned.
The transcendent talents of the late President were alone limited in their practice within the bounds of all that was illustrious or eminent; and the momentous events in the

History of Europe during the period in which he flourished, combined to draw within the circle of tbe Court of St. James's nearly all the Illustrious Characters who have distinguished themselves on the page of History during the Reign of His present Majesty. That Constellation of Illustrious Foreigners whom the Peace of 1814 brought to the Capital of England, also led to the Royal command for the execution of their Portraits by the band of Sir Thomas Lawrence; and those eminent persons who did not visit England at the period alluded to, became subjects for the exercise of his talent at their respective courts. In prosecuting, therefore, the objects of this work, it will not be limited to the commemoration of the Illusirious Persons of the British Court, but, by a rare union of circumstances, combined with the eminence of the Master, it will become the Portrait Gallery of all the Courts of Europe, during the most eventful period which has agitated and convulsed the History of the World.

Biographical Memoranda will accompany the Engravings, limited to a statement of the family connexion and services of the persons represented, with particulars of the size, custody, and other notices of the Pictures.

A more detailed Prospectus will be ready in a few days, with a List of Pictures, which have been already granted by the Proprietors for the service of this Work; and in the mean time Communi. cations are requested to be addressed to the Publishers, by whom also the Names of Subscribers will be received, and registered for delivery according to the exact rotation in which Orders are communicated to

Colnaghi, Son, and Co.; and Harding and Lepard, Pall Mall East, London.
In folio, with Maps and Plates, price 11. 105. boards,

In the press, and will be ready in a few days,
LYSSE-HOMERE; ou, du Véritable

LAWS in IRELAND, considered among other highly interesting matter, an Original Report on

Auteur de l'Iliade et de l'Odyssée.

in their probable Effects upon the Capital, the Prosperity, the various Scientific Expeditions in Russia during the Reigns


and the progressive Improvement of that Country. of Alexander and Nicholas-Petticoat Government, Heresy, &c.

Professeur dans l'Université lonienne.

By SiR JOHN WALSH, Bart. in Turkey-An important Essay on the Mountains of Europe, Paris, chez De Bure, Freres; Londres, chez Payue et Foss, James Ridgway, Piccadilly; Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; their Productions, &c.—The extraordinary Life of a Nun turned

Pall Mall.

and Milliken, Dublin. Soldier-Interesting Intelligence of Discoveries of Etruscan Antiquities -Whimsical Anecdotes-Reviews of Foreign Books Notices in the Fine Arts, Sciences, &c.-Poetry and Ana-En

BOOKS IN THE PRESS. glish Literary, Scientific, and General Report for the Week

(Session 1830.) Works in the Continental Press, &c.

Early in the Spring will be published,

The Peers and Members of Parliament, and the Public in Published, every Wednesday, by w 24. Scripps, 7 Wellington THE TRAVELLER'S LAY; a Poem. reportlanar wespectful informed that the Third Series of this &c.; price Tenpence, or One Shilling stamped.

Written during a Tour on the Continent.

will be continued, in Parts, on every subsequent Monday, during By THOMAS MAUDE, Esq. A.M. Oxon.

the Session ; each Part containing, without omissions of any Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopeia, including the new Printing for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. kind, and in an authentic form, the whole of the Proceedings. French Remedies.

In a few days, a new edition, in 2 vols. 18mo. 165. with numerous Speeches, and Debates of the preceding Week, in the Houses of 4th edition, improved and greatly enlarged, in 8vo. price 146. Wood Engravings, printed uniformly with Mrs. Markham's Lords and Commons, on private as well as public business, re

History of England. SUPPLEMENT to the PHARMACO.

'ported with the utmost attainable accuracy, and the strictes! A

Abstract, and an elaborate Index; the former setting forth the including the Drugs and Compounds which are used by Practi

tions at the end of each Chapter. For the Use of Young Litles of all the Parliamentary Papers (Reports, Returns, & tioners of Medicine; with a Collection of the most useful Medical Persons.


presented during the current Session-the financial results of Formula; and an Explanation of the Contractions used by Phy

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

some, the principal features of others, and the heads of the Esti. sicians and Druggists,


mates for various public services, &c.; the latter shewing the Printed for T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

A new edition of Mrs. Markham's History spoken during the session; the various subjects of debate; and The prouent edition containis a large Collection of the most of England, with numerous Engravings, 9 vols. 163.

supplying immediate references to every Return and Account approved Horse and Cattle Medicines, and Perfumery.

In a few days will be published, in 1 vol. rayal 18mo.

moved for each stage of every BII, pablic and private, &

Authenticated Lists of Divisions in both Houses, are subjoined to

price 58. extra boards, Works of Washington Irving.

the Appendix.

N.B. Book Advertisements should be sent to the Office on In 2 vols. post 8vo. 16s. English Lady's Costume, containing general Instructions

or before Thursday, in every Week. for combining Elegance, Simplicity, and Economy, with Fashion « Mirror of Parliament" office, 50, Parliament Streef. 2. Bracebridge Hall; or, the Humourists. in Dress : Hints on Female Accomplishments and’Alanners, and 2 vols. 8vo. 248.; 2 vols. post 8vo. 166.


In the press, in 3 vols. post Svo.

By a LADY of DISTINCTION. 3. Tales of a Traveller. 2 vols. 8vo. 24s. ; " If Beauty be Woman's weapon, It must be feathered by the

0 RR E S T E R. 2 vols. post 8vo. 168.

Graces, pointed by the eye of Discretion, and shot by the hand of
4: Knickerbocker's Humorous Account of Virtue."
New York, from the beginning of the World to the end of the
Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman and Co. London.

Completion of the Modern Traveller.
Dutch Dynasty. 8vo. 191.

New Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

On the 1st of February will be published, Part LX. price Rs. 62.

which concludes the Series, in 30 Volumes, with numerou 5. A History of the Life and Voyages of On the 31st of March, 1830, will be published, Part First, price 6s.

Maps and Engravings,

price 81. 53. boards, Christopher Columbus. 4 vols. 8vá. 21. 2s.

being the Seventh, including the recent Supplement to

Description, Geographical, Historical, and Topograph from the

that Work : with Preliminary Dissertations on the History of the cal, of the various Countries of the Globe.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

By the late Professors STEWART and PLAYFAIR,

The various Countries may be had separate, price 5s. Gal.
In royal 18mo. price 6s. 6d. boards,
and by the Right Hon. Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH,

per vol. neatly done up in boards. CLERGYMAN'S OBLIGATIONS

and Professor LESLIE.

« We speak within the most cautious bounds wben we say

Illustrated with a new set of Engravings on Steel. To be that in any one volume of this work, the traveller will find mun Ministration of the Sacraments, Instruction of the Poor, Preach

tinct, matter-of-fact information, than in any ten voyages and ing, and other Official Duties; and as to his Personal Character

Edited by Professor NAPIER. quarto.

travels to the same region." -Literary Gazette. and Conduct, his Occupations, Amusements, and Intercourse

Mode and Terms of Publication.

" It deserves a place in the library of every inquiring person with others; with particular Reference to the Ordination Vow.

I. By augmenting the contents of the page, but without de- who desires to become acquainted with the latest state of nationi By RICHARD MANT, D.D. M.R.I.A.

easing the size of the type, the work, while much improved in without the trouble of turning over a multitude of royages ani Bishop of Down and Connor. Oxford: Printed for J. Parker ; ang C., G., J., and F. Rivington, Gion of its matter, in Twenty Quarto Volumes, handsome, print: statistical works, haturally imperfect and partial, and, of cours

sometimes contradictory and untrue."-Blackwood's Magazias. St. Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, London. ed on paper of a superior quality, twenty volumes of the present being nearly equal to twenty-four of the former Editions. Each vellers has been collected, compared, and condensed by the edi

“ The really valuable matter in the intelligence of these tri 3 vols. 8vo. ad edition, with 15 Plates, 36s.

volume will consist of 800 pages, containing a much greater tor, and is laid before the reader in a newly written narrativ THE TRAVELS and DISCOVERIES in quantity of an atter than any similar publications and the Phat distinguished by great labour of investigation, and by a singulari NORTHERN and CENTRAL AFRICA.

the Work shall not, on any account, exceed Twenty-one Volumes; By MAJOR DENHAM, CAPTAIN CLAPPERTON, their present confident belief, at the same time, being that it will indastry, learning, and intelligence. It is not the work it seem

“This is an excellent geographical work, compiled with muc and the late DOCTOR OLDNEY.

be completed in Twenty.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.
II. The publication will proceed in Monthly Parts, of which to be, but a better."-Westminster Review.

London: Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row,
Six will form a Volume; each Part thus averaging above 133
Small &vo. 54.

pages. The first Part will be published on the 31st of March, THE THIRD and concluding Volume of iso. As the Work is already far advanced nt press, and as the

In a few days will be published, in 8vo. price 8s. boards, the HISTORY of the JEWS, forming No. IX. of the of the period required for issuing the successive Monthly Parts,


COURSE of MILITARY SURGERY, delivered in a John Murray, Albemarle Street.

the Subscribers will have the option, as soon as the whole is University of Edinburgh.

printed, of completing at once their Copies of the Work, or of Lately published, new editions of

By GEORGE BALLINGALL, M.D. F.R.S.F. Nos. I. II. and III. of the Family Library, III. Each Part will be sold for Six Shillings, thus making the

Regius Professor of Military Surgery in the University of

Edinburgh. containing the Lives of Napoleon Buonaparte, 9 vols. and of Alex. price of a quarto volume, of 800 ample

pages, only

Thirty-six Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees, ander the Great, 1 vol. 65. each vol. Shillings-a price very considerably lower than that of any simi.

Orme, Brown, and Green, London.
lar publication of the day, and which, when the quantity of
n 8vo. with
a Map, 128.

matter in each volume, the quality of paper and printing, the
numerous Engravings, and the ability of the Articles, are taken

into account, must be allowed to place the Work in a highly ad-LONDON: Published every Saturday, by w. 4. SCRIPPS,
By the Right Hon. LORD MAHON.
vantageous point of view. Considering its execution and extent,

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Stre * The work does considerable credit to his lordship's scholar- it will, indeed, present the cheapest Digest of Human Knowledge

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, Oxre ship, and is altogether a valuable contribotion to the history of a that has yet appeared in Britain, in the convenient form of a

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Excharge. most interesting era."-London Magazine, Dictionary.

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill 4. Bias ." His lordsbip's work is an able and valuable performance." Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; Simpkin and Marshall, Edinburgh, Smil and Son, and Robertson and Alking Monthly Revien.

London; John Cumming, Dublin ; and to be had of all the Book Glasgow; and J. Cumming, Dublin,
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

J. MOYES, Toox's Court, Chancery Lane.


THE SKETCH.BOOX. 2 vols. 8vo. 24. THE MIRROR of the GRACES ; or, the




Journal of Belles lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.

This Journal is supplied Weekly, or Monthly, by the principal Booksellers and Newsmen, throughout the Kingdom; but to those who may

desire its immediate transmission, by post, we recommend the LITERARY GAZETTE, printed on stamped paper, price One Shilling.

No. 680.



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venny shurshay ;' and joyfully I sought my,“ Some troublous planet, I believe, was lord REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS,

home; but, alas! it had become a house of of the ascendant in my horoscope, and the Random Records. By George Colman the mourning. The window-shutters were closed, anagram of my name is No Calm." Founger. 2 vols. post 8vo. London, 1830. all was sad, and my father in the deepest As the mere details of the birth, parentage, Colburn and Bentley.

aMiction. My mother had died that morning; and education of a man who has distinguished Random Records deserve a random review; she had been for a short time ill, but not himself so much by his literary and dramatic and these volumes are not entitled to more dangerously so, till on the preceding night; productions, contributed so largely to the pub. than desultory notice. A cunning, and rather she had, as I was afterwards informed, swal- lic amusement, and filled so brilliant a place in bypocritical-looking portrait of their facetious lowed, by mistake, a wrong medicine. I never the social circle, as Mr. Colman has done, would sothor

, done in stone, faces the title-page; saw her more! The impressions of sorrow make the dullest critique we could elicit from and gives promise of that certain quantity of are seldom lasting upon a childish mind, but I his Records, we shall beg leave to dispense with queer story and moralising, quaint pun and shed many a tear in secret. I need not tell all his “ tediousness" on these heads, and simreligious precept, which chequer the page, and the reader, that my vow of Maunday Thursday ply illustrate the better portions of his perform. teppe the reader to pause on the question, night was broken ;-it dwells not, I confess, ance, by extracting what we find most likely to whether George Colman the younger is really upon my conscience: my poor dear mother's vary our own appearance. We select, to begin, a wag or a puritan? or, as extremes, they say, spirit has never risen to accuse me: nor do I his opinions on play-writing. Deet, whether he does not, as a memoir-writer, think that any spirit, but Hosier's ghost, would “Few avocations are, in my present opinion, carbine the two characters; and, like the ser- ever visit me for the perjury about my stock - less eligible than that of the drama ;- but it peut symbols of eternity, foretaste immortality ings.”

caught my fancy when I was a boy,—for I be. by putting pointed tales* and worshipped heads We wish Hosier's ghost could rise, dripping, gan not long after nineteen. At first, the very tagetber. Perhaps we expected too much from from its ocean repose, to punish this stocking* act of scribbling gave me pleasure; and I scribthe merry lieutenant of the beef-eaters; but pun; we cannot like it-and it is better to bled away, ignorant of the art to blot,' and pien se consider what he has refused to leave the subject for the author's whimsical thoughtless of any danger in submitting my cruhonse in others, we ought not to be surprised excuse for publishing.

dities to the critics : the novelty of the thing at his having cut off much of his own wit,

“ It is plain” (he says) “ that there is no wore off ;-and soon, after my amusement bebozour, and drollery. We are inclined to excuse for me left;-a stale one will scarcely came my profession, 'I felt the irksomeness of bold, indeed, that it is unsvise and unin. be admitted. This reminde me of an obsolete every task, and contemplated probable vexation fructive for a man to pen his autobiography story of a parcel of schoolboys, who had a in the event of it. When you are labouring when he is much on the wrong side of sixty fashion-lately revived among dandy clerks for fame, or profit, or for both, and think, all years: when Falstaff “ began to babble o' and apprentices of smoking tobacco. It was the while you are at work, that instead of ob. kteen fields," all his recollections of Hal, the in the time of James the First, whose de taining either, you may be dd,-it is not tavern, Mother Quickly, Doll Tearsheet, Bar- testation of the babit, and of the noxious weed, pleasant ; nor is it agreeable to reflect, that a dolph's nose, and other matters of huge in- was manifested by his pedantic • Counter- handful of blockheads may, in half an hour, terest, could not have been worth one halfpen. blast' nst it; but it had no effect upon the consign first to disgrace, and then to oblivion, enth of bread. To execute such a work with boys :--they still whiffed away, like little your toil of half a year ;-nay, that your own credit to one's-self

, and advantage to the world, Whigs, to shew their independence of his ma-footman, who is one of what is call'd “The is must be done at a period of life when full jesty. In short, the young dogs smoked day Town,' can, by paying a shilling, hiss and hoot Hur of mind enables us to enforce the les- and night, like the kitchen-chimney of a tavern. at your new comedy, from beginning to end; Es of experience; not when experience itself This, of course, was concealed, as much as you and, having broken your night's rest, your judge bus dwindled into maudlin imbecility and the can conceal a smell, from the Dominie ;-till, in the upper gallery goes to sleep in your garret. TUOsness of old age-which tires on trifles, one luckless evening, when the imps were all But these considerations apart, I verily think, and is wonderfully unimportant upon the most huddled together round the fire of their dor- that the wear and tear upon the nerves, occaportant matters. But these are general re- mitory, involving each other in vapours of sioned by dramatic composition, may deduct artists, and have nothing to do with the their own creation,-]o! in burst the master, some years from a man's life. It has been my Licenser of our

theatres in his new capacity, and stood in awful dignity before them. How habit_I know not why, except, perhaps, that There he exhibits, nevertheless, a strange now! quoth dominie to the first lad,“ how the Muse is more propitious after dinner-to emgt mixture of the Broad Grins with the dare you be smoking tobacco ?' * Sir,' said write chiefly late at night; and, when I have zingown and Slippers the fun of the bon- the boy, “I'm subject to headaches, and a grown heated with my subject, it has so chill'd perant with the piety of the official. If from pipe takes off the pain. “And you ?-and my limbs, that I have gone to bed as if I had de sablime to the ridiculons be but a step, he you?—and you ?? 'inquired the pedagogue, been sitting up to my knees in ice. Some few as shewn as

that, from the melancholy to the questioning every boy in his turn. One had dramatists, however, have told me, that they BRATORS is not quite so far: with an instance a raging tooth'-another the cholic, – the have always written with such ease and rapid* which we will commence our quotations. It third a cough-the fourth-in short, they all ity, that I have been astonished ;-or, indeed,

bolyday pleasantry; and occurs on the had something. Now, sirrah,' bellowed the have scarcely believed them ;-but my wonder ther's leaving his school at Mary-le-bone, doctor to the last boy, what disorder do you and incredulity have generally ceased upon a we be imbibed his rudiments.

smoke for?' Alas! all the excuses were ex. perusal of these gentlemen's hasty productions. As it was Passion Week, most of my hausted !-when the interrogated urchin, put. After all, success may tickle an author's vanity, birlfellows had been taken home for the ting down his pipe, after a farewell whitf, and but failure sadly mortifies his pride ; particu

bort Laster holydays; I had been promised to looking gravely up in dominie's face, said in larly in writing for the stage, where success and be set for

, but no messenger came; alone, a whining hypocritical tone_• Sir, 1 smoke for failure are so immediate and so mark'd ;-and, disappointed, rexed, sobbing, and forlorn, 1 corns.' And so, indulgent reader, bereft as 1 to say the best of it, a dramatist's is a devil of tend to bed in my stockings ; and mentally am of all other plea, -anticipated in every a life! mured, with all the earnestness of childish excuse,--allow me (for want of a better) to Though lightly expressed, there are ideas here stestation, never to pull them off till I had aftirm that I write to cure my corns.which may provoke reflections, not only in dra. for my mother. Next day (Good Friday) Probably another reason may be found in matic writers, but in all other aspirants after larkshire Jolin announced to me the welcome the author's patronymic, of which he remarks : literary fame :--though on such a book as this, all

kinds of reflections are(like comparisons) odious; • Quære, tail --Editor's Irap.

Quære, shocking! Editor's Imp, encore, and we, scorning them, pass to a good story.

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-an un

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Among the players at Richmond some fifty tipathy to the march of intellect and spread of my father, who was beginning his toilette, years ago was Dodd; and Mr. Colman relates: knowledge, &c.

when it was announced to him that the doctor " There was a gossipping anecdote told of “ Alas! (he exclaims) there is much jar- had arrived. My sire being one of the tribu. Dodd, while he was acting here, for the truth gonising of late about the march of intellect' tary princes who did homage to this monarch, of which I will not be answerable. He sojourn- and the spread of knowledge.' Mechanics' was somewhat furried; and, having dressed ed, as the story goes, in lodgings near the thea- Institutions, and Universities for men - mil- himself hastily, took me with him into the tre with a chère amie belonging to the company. liners, hosiers, and grocers, certainly indicate drawing-room. On our entrance we found This, perhaps, he might have found to be a marching and spreading at a furious rate; it Johnson sitting in a fauteuil of rose-coloured snug arrangement in the summer months, if is to be wished that so quick a march may not satin, the arms and legs of which (of the the tranquillity of the tête-à-téte had not been turn into a full gallop, and run away with us; chair, remember, not of the doctor) were of daily disturbed by discussing frivolous points, and that the spread of knowledge may not burnished gold; and the contrast of the man upon which the fond pair very furiously dif- spread like the fire of London, which de. with the seat was very striking;fered ; insomuch, that the gentleman was wont stroyed every thing in its way. "A little washed coal-heaver in a vis-à-vis could not be to enforce his arguments more by missiles than learning is a dangerous thing ;'-and a great much more misplaced than Johnson thus de. by metaphors ;-in short, he threw chairs, deal cannot be hammered into the heads of posited. He was dressed in a rusty suit of tables, and chimney-piece crockery, all about vulgar men, whose attention is to be distracted brown cloth dittos, with black worsted stock. the room.

In the heat of one of these do- between the courses of a college and the cares ings; his old yellow wig was of formidable mestic fracas, which happened at an early din- of a counter :-nay, we are told, so extensive dimensions; and the learned head which sus. ner upon a shoulder of mutton, while Dodd clat- is the philosophic plan of dispersing plebeian tained it rolled about in a seemingly paralytic tered and the chère amie screamed, the landlord darkness, that the humblest handicraftsmen motion ; but in the performance of its orbit it rushed upon the scene of action,- in hopes, are to be members of the London Alma Mater: inclined chiefly to one shoulder,--whether to if he could not prevent a further breach of the bricklayers and masons are to be matriculated, the right or left I cannot now remember ;peace, to hinder their breaking more of his scavengers to keep term, dustmen to take de- fault never to be forgiven by certain of the property. How dare you, mister,' ejaculated grees, yet carry on their trade and their twaddleri, who think these 'matters of the Dodd, who was brandishing the shoulder of labour. Try whatever we can, there is nothing utmost importance. He deigned not to rise mutton in his hand, .obtrude into our apart. new under the sun; and the present projects on our entrance ; and we stood before him ment while we are rehearsing ?? • Rehears for the diffusion of knowledge are but revivals while he and my father talked. There was ing!' cried the amazed landlord, while the of the old systems of Laputa ; where, as Mr. soon a pause in the colloquy; and my father, broken bits of sham china were crunching Lemuel Gulliver informs us, every thing was making his advantage of it, took me by the under his feet, I could have sworn you executed upon the profoundest principles of band, and said — Doctor Johnson, this is a were fighting.' No, sir,' said Dodd, "we erudition and science ; insomuch, that the little Colman.' The doctor bestowed a slight were rehearsing the supper scene in Catherine cooks cut beef and mutton into triangles and ungracious glance upon me, and, continuing and Petruchio, or the Taming of a Shrew.'* rhomboids; and even Mr. Gulliver's tailor the rotary motion of his head, renewed the --'Why, it does look,' observed the landlord, measured him for a suit of clothes mathe previous conversation. Again there was a giving a glance round the room, as if you matically. This operator,' he says-operative pause ; – again the anxious father, who had had been trying to tame a shrew, sure enough.' we now call him, which is only a slight failed in his first effort, seized the opportunity * Don't you know, fellow,' asked Dodd, that distinction without a difference,—took his cus- for pushing his progeny, with~ This is my we are advertised to act the parts this very tomer's altitude by a quadrant, and then the son, Doctor Johnson.' The great man's connight?' “Not I, truly,' returned the host. dimensions of his whole body with a rule and tempt for me was now roused to wrath ; and, ' Then go down stairs, sir,' cried the come compasses ;—but happening to mistake a figure knitting his brows, he exclaimed, in a voice of dian, sternly, and read the bill of the play ; in the calculation when he put it upon paper, thunder, “I see him, sir !'~he then fell back and read it every morning, sir, to prevent he brought home the clothes quite out of in his rose-coloured satin fauteuil, as if giving your repeating this impertinence. History shape; a circumstance as little regarded in the himself up to meditation; implying that he records not whether the landlord read the island of Laputa, as it will be, by and by, in would not be farther plagued, either with an playhouse bill ; but it sets forth that he did the island of Great Britain, when the spread old fool or a young one. The gigantic Johnnot forget his own ; - for, when he presented has arrived at perfection. Care, however, son could not be easily thrown out at window, it, at the end of the week, it contained an must be taken that some, among the lower -pa ularly my under-sized sire ;-but appaling longitude of charges for old tea-pots, classes, should be left uneducated ;—such per- he deserved to be quoited down stairs, like a chipped wedgewood vases, delf shepherdesses, sons will be indispensable, as they were in shove-groat shilling not exactly, perhaps, and other items of paltry earthenware, headed Laputa, to act as Happers, for the purpose of for his brutality to the boy, but for such an with ‘Mr. Dodd, debtor to John Wilson for rousing their more enlightened brethren from unprovoked insult to the father, of whose hoschoice articles of very rare and ornamental abstract meditations, that they may mind their pitalities he was partaking. This, however, is china, broken at the rehearsal of the Taming ordinary business : otherwise, when the early only one among the numerous traits of grossof the Shrew. It may be supposed that the sweep pops his head out through the chimney- ness already promulgated in which the Bolt expenses attending this rehearsal checked the pot, and contemplates the morning star, he Court philosopher completely falsified the princomedian's ardour for giving the piece a long will get absorbed in astronomy; and, if not ciples of the Roman poet :run; and that he took care it should not be reminded by his flapper, with a blow of the L'ingenuas didicisse fideliter artes repeated every day, till further notice. » bladder upon his face, he will never descend

Our next extract is a production attributed from his altitudes, and brush down the soot After this rude rebuff from the doctor, I had to a baker near Westminster School, where and bag it. Without such a remembrancer, the additional felicity to be placed next to him Colman advanced in letters. It runs thus: the butcher will be lost in anatomy, the green. at dinner:- he was silent over his meal; but • If I had a garden, a field, and a gate,

grocer in botany, the pot-boy in metallurgy; ! observed that he was, as Shylock says of

carpenters, deep in dialectics, will chop less Lancelot Gobbo," a huge feeder ;' and during That is, I wouldn't care for his grace's estate, If I had Covent-garden, Smith-field, and Billing's-gate.' leave the streets’in utter darkness, and post- of Bolt Court), the perspiration fell in copious

wood than logic, luminous lamplighters will the display of his voracity (which was worthy On which our authority remarks—“ The men will be too much men of letters to deliver drops from his visage upon the table-cloth :happiest feature in this tetrastic is, the unex. them in due course. pected conversion of country wishes into Lon. this subject I leave to grave men.”

Grave discussions upon the clumsiness of the bulky animal, his strange

costume, his uncouth gestures, yet the dudon desires ; it imparts a certain rus in urbe

At his father's, in early life, George the minion which he usurped withal, rendered his character to the whole poem, which is mighty (literally, then) Younger had opportunities of presence a phenomenon among gentlemen ;-it refreshing, agreeable, and ingenious. Should I be censured for editing this little posthumous and the following notices of several members barian, learned Attila, king of the Huns,

seeing some of the eminent men of that day ; was the incursion of a new species of bar. effusion of Mr. Jackson, of the Bowling Alley, of the famous Literary Club have interested come to subjugate polished society. Oliver I can only plead that I have done so in conformity with the reigning taste; of which the ments of after-life on the impressions of the boy presentation to Johnson, proved how doctors

us considerably, though evidently the judg- Goldsmith, several years before my luckless newspapers afford so many similar specimens,

Of Dr. Johnson he tells us : under the head of Original Poetry.""

differ.' I was only five years old when Gold.

“ On the day of my introduction, he was smith took me on his knee while he was Mr. Colman entertains a very judicious an- asked to dinner at my father's house in Soho drinking coffee one evening with my father

“Wherein Petruchio throws a shoulder of mutton Square ; and the erudite savage came a full and began to play with me :-- which amiabl about the stage, to the delight of the galleries.” hour before his time. I happened to be with lact I returned with the ingratitude of

Emollit mores, nec sinit esse feros.'

I wouldn't care for the Duke of Bedford's estate;

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