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Could they who shared his lasting love behold countrywomen. The following description of they are kept at a distance. The last English The drooping pall and velvet's waving fold, English travellers in Italy is amusing enough. ambassador at Florence found his saloon inNor feel a thrilling pang unnerve the breast ? It contains some falsehood, and much exaggera- vaded by travellers of this description, and freWas every touch of inward grief represt, tion; though a large portion of it, we fear, is quently complained of them. But, whether Ere sank the mild and generous prince to rest, but too true.

travellers from economy, from duty, from lux. Beside his honoured sire ?

The English, as is well known, form more ury, or from vanity, they are all alike in one No! there are hearts in yon bright retinue

than seven-eighths of the travellers in Italy: point-they have the most perfect indifference Whom cold indifference dares not yet subdue, In many places, indeed, an Englishman and for every thing which they suppose they come They will not blush to shed

a traveller have become synonymous terms. to see. Nevertheless, wherever there are staOne loyal tear of gratitude, nor fear

Their flight also, like that of quails, is always tnes or pictures, you meet with them ;-but Respectful sighs may wound the monarch's regular and simultaneous. “In one month," how? With a bewildered air, a stiff neck, an

ear, Who mourns a brother dead !

say the people on the road from Rome to imperturbable countenance, and their hands in

Naples, "the English will be coming ;" and in their pockets. At a single glance they have Statesmen may feel, and courtiers own, one month they never fail to come. They all seen forty pictures and fifty statues. I remem. Regret for him who graced the throne, hurry from Rome, on a certain day, to remain ber that, at Florence, I was one day visiting When kindred princes weep ;

at Naples for a certain time, and to return to the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts — In signs of faith like these were seen, To William and his gentle queen

Rome by a certain period. Nothing can in- a gallery in which select pictures are arranged

duce the great majority of them to alter this according to their epochs, thus throwing a Allegiance pure and deep :

arrangement. The last year that I was in great light on the history of painting. Ac. And who with iron heart can smile

Italy, their five weeks in Naples were dismal. companied by the keeper, 'I had finished exaWhen sweeps along the sacred aisle There was constant rain, wind, and even snow. mining one of the walls of the gallery, when The organ's pealing sound ;

Vesuvius was veiled during the whole period; the bell was violently rung. Three English. And wafted thence to cloister dim

and the finest roads, that of Pæstum for ex- men entered ; and, like people accustomed to Is faintly heard the choral hymn,

ample, were impassable. The English, never- the thing, went immediately and placed them. Reverberating round ?

theless, all went away on the fixed day. They selves before the earliest pictures those by Contendent notes in union meet,

had passed their prescribed time at Naples ! Cimabue and Giotto. As the keeper was lear. The minute-gun, the anthem sweet,

In fact, it is not to amuse themselves that the ing me for them, I complained. The bell's sepulchral toll;

English visit Italy. They may be divided into self easy,” said he, with an Italian look-"they Oh, let not nobler man disdain

two great classes ; – those who, for the sake of are English ; they will overtake you before you To breathe with them the hallowed strain economy, leave London with their families; and have seen this picture.” They required, in. “ Peace to King George's soul!".

the young men who travel on quitting Oxford deed, only time to measure the gallery with

H. E. B." July, 1830.

About or Cambridge. The first have, in general, two great strides and with much noise. or three carriages, a cook, and five or six ser- the middle, one of them discovered on a table

vants. They hire a house, open their drawing- one of those large pasteboard tubes, blackened BIOGRAPHY.

room, live among themselves, if they are within, which serve to concentrate the light. RIGHT HON. W. HUSKISSON.

amateurs of the arts, get up a private theatre. It appeared strange to him, and he stopped to With foelings of sincere sorrow we have to As for the second, a trip to Italy is never with examine with it the picture to which he was announce the sudden and melancholy death of them a pleasure. They take a course of opposite. But his companions hastened him; the Right Hon. W. Huskisson, who was acci- France and Italy as they would take a course and, as the keeper had predicted, in one minute dentally killed at the grand ceremony of open- of law and philosophy. But do not fancy that all three were by my side ; in two minutes ing the Rail - Road between Liverpool and their object is instruction. What can be learnt more they had turned on their heels and reManchester. The unfortunate gentleman had out of old England ? But it is necessary they crossed the threshold of the door. Ebbene, alighted to converse with some of the parties should distinguish themselves from the miser- signor !” said the keeper to me, returning, and interested in this great concern, when one of able devils who are not rich enough to quit putting in his pocket the two precise pauls. the steam-impelled carriages threw him down, their natal soil : it is necessary they should As for antiquities, that is another affair, and and crushed his leg in so dreadful a manner, assume a certain rank in London among the the travelling English are very fond of them. that he expired on the same day (Wednesday) fashionables in the west end of the town. It is not that they look at them much more, at Eccles, whither he had been conveyed. This While they are undergoing this probation, but they seldom fail to carry something away fearful calamity occurred within a few yards of therefore, they are generally as wearied as they for their collections. It is for that purpose, the carriage in which were the Duke of Wel. are wearying. They come full of prejudices, especially, that antiquities are valuable, accord. lington and Mr. Peel; and, still more to be and they return as they came. Nothing pleases ing to them. All the keepers declare, that lamented, within sight of Mrs. Huskisson, them; they are disgusted with every thing ; they have contributed more than time to the whose horror and distress admit of no descrip- irritated at every thing, even at the most in- destruction of Pompeia ; and at the Villa Adrition. Indeed, the effect of so shocking a scene, different customs. Even the climate and the ana I saw one of them throw a stone at a ceil. in the midst of triumph and festivity, cast á sky do not always find favour in their sight. I ing painted in fresco, in order to knock off a heavy gloom upon every heart; and, but from once travelled with a young Scotchman, who little piece of red or blue stucco. What did the strange dread of commotions at Manches- had determined to be colder at Rome than at the Villa Adriana signify? That little bit of ter, (what a picture of the state of its popu- Edinburgh. He was enchanted when he felt stucco would figure on a mantel, at his country lation, and of the country!!!) the procession a fresh north-easter ; a chill rain delighted house, and shew his love of the arts. would have stopped at once. As it was, it pro- him; a thick fog rendered him triumphant. Of all civilised beings, the Englishman is, I ceeded to its destination in a mutilated shape; Nothing in the world could tempt him to re- believe, the least sensible to the arts, the the ministers left it as soon as they decently nounce one of his habits. At the beginning of greatest slave of habit, the least accessible to could; and the whole concluded in sadness and a long day's journey it was necessary that he external impressions. In Italy, especially, he mourning, instead of the anticipated rejoicing should stop an hour to take some tea; and the is good for nothing. View him on a promeand merriment.

only time that I ever saw him angry was, nade, or in a theatre, in a drawing-room, or in when I proposed to him to breakfast in the the midst of ruins, he has always the same air carriage.

of sadness, dissatisfaction, and ennui. Ennui SKETCHES OF SOCIETY.

To these two classes of travellers others may is the principal feature of his character; it is ENGLISH TRAVELLERS IN ITALY. no doubt be added. Thus, one of the richest by this that absurdities otherwise incompreWe recently extracted from Le Globe a con- dukes in England announced last year in the hensible are explained. You have heard it trast between England and Italy—the English papers that he was setting off for Italy, with said, for instance, that the English in Italy and the Italians. That paper continues its six berlins ; and that any of his friends who pay very dearly for every thing. Nothing can amiable efforts to improve our countrymen and wished to make the journey at his expense, more false ; at least in Switzerland and

had only to give their names to his porter. Thus Italy. In those cwo countries you meet at • In acknowledging our obligation to the young and also, annoyed by not being able to penetrate at every step with very rich Englishmen who fair writer of this feeling composition, we are induced to London into the fashionable world, that world so will dispute for an hour about a single franco mass of poetry with which our table is crowded, suffered strict and well barricadoed, a great many En. They are frequently not satisfied with that; a very pretty little volume from her pen, and entitled glish come to the continent, in order, at least but, having vented their fury in speech, go and may now take the opportunity of saying it is a sweet and at their ambassador's house, to approach those inscribe pathetic imprecations in the registers graceful female work. -Ed. Li G.

privileged mortals, by whom, when at home, in which travellers enter their names. I have

accounts to me.



seen the heir of one of the greatest families in mained several months in Sicily, had, before The spring of the desert in darkness flows on,

When the hand that has sealed its pure waters is gone; England curse through twenty eloquent lines his departure from London, confided their jour.

And the eye of the stranger in vain seeks to know, the infirm cowkeeper of La Sheideck, “ for nal to him. “ This journal is very instruc When the Arab's bright fountain is sparkling below. having charged him exorbitantly for some tive,” said he, “ and may be useful to us. So this fond heart has closed o'er the source of its tears, cheese and milk.” At Lauterbrounn, I have Will you look over it ?”. I cheerfully con. O'er the love it has lived on, yet hidden for years; seen rich Englishmen refuse to pay four francs sented; and two hours afterwards opened the

Thou art gone, and another's rude hand shall in vain

Seek to bring that choked fountain to day-light again." a head at a table d'hôte. At the end of an precious volume. The following is an extract : hour and a half, when I returned from the fall, “First day. From Palermo to Alicata. The Fairy Bells” is another particular fathey were still refusing. At Venice, I saw We stopped to breakfast at - They gave

vourite with us; and the “ Land I love," and four Scotchmen, the porest of whom was us six eggs, two pounds of bread, and a dozen

To-morrow," are also so pleasing, that we worth £4000 a year, on arriving at ten o'clock oranges, and charged us a shilling. At Ali-wish we could do the volume justice by transat night, after a most fatiguing day's travelling, cata ; for dinner, a little beef badly boiled, a

ferring them entire to our literary page. But run about to all the inns to obtain a reduction salad, and some tough chickens : price three as this may not be, we can only heartily of twenty sous in the price of their beds. In shillings. Beds a shilling each. Second day :

recommend the whole. all these places, however, the prices were regu. To Trapani. They coul, furnish us only with A Set of Six Ancient Spanish Ballads, Histolar, and were the same which every body paid. some eggs and a little badeold meat ; we nover

rical and Romantic. The Words by T. When I set off from Milan for Venice and theless paid, as yesterday, three shillings. It Rome, I had for my companion a young En- is too dear.' The whole was in this tone ; a

Lockhart, Esq. The Music by Mrs. Robert glishman, who was also very rich.

Arkwright. J. Power. As my detail of every meal, with its price, and ob- No writer has done more justice to the spirit Italian was not so bad as his, he entrusted our servations. I took up the second volume ;—it of Spanish literature and story than Mr. LockThe same evening, when was an echo of the first.

hart; and the charm of his compositions is they brought in the bill, it was reasonable, and I should never conclude, if I were to attempt here enhanced by their being associated with I paid it. As soon as we were alone, " you to collect every thing on this subject. That fine and appropriate music. The “ Bridal of do not consider,” he observed, “ that we ought among the English travellers there are men of Andalla" is an exquisite piece; and the to have obtained a reduction of two francs.” a different stamp, I believe ; but they are lost

'Avenging Childe,"and" Lady Alda's Dream," I then told him that was by no means my in the crowd. Such as I have described are

no less striking and original. We cannot system. “I know," said I, " that your coun, the wandering hordes who every year pour wish our fair musical friends a more captivattrymen have that habit ; but the calculation I forth in masses from the banks of the Thames, make is this: I travel in Italy for my pleasure; to settle on the banks of the Tiber and the ing companion than these Six Ancient Ballads. now nothing annoys me more than a dispute Arno. They see nothing--they learn nothing

DRAMA. every day. It is, if you will, two francs a-day, they are amused with nothing. or sixty francs a-month, which I sacrifice to my tranquillity.” By degrees he appeared to

On Monday, Marie Mignot, a drama in three become of my opinion ; but at Venice he met


acts, which enjoyed so extraordinary a run in some of his countrymen, and whenever the

Paris, was produced here with complete sucEnglish meet in travelling, their first ques.

cess; well merited by the excellent acting of tions are, “ Where do you live? What do you The First Rudiments of Harmony, with a short Farren, Cooper, Vining, Williams, Miss F. pay ?” Unfortunately he found that we were Account of all Instruments employed in an H. Kelly, and Mrs. Glover. The gist of the paying twenty sous a-piece'more than these gen.

Orchestra. By G. Herbert Rodwell, Pro- piece is to shew, that ambition is not the road tlemen. In the evening I found him pensive.

fessor of Harmony at the Royal Academy of to happiness ; and it is exemplified in the per

Music. It is impossible,” he remarked, " to conti

12mo. pp. 147. London, 1830.

son of Marie Mignot (Miss F. H. Kelly), a nue thus to be dupes.” “As you please; but Goulding and D’Almaine.

beautiful laundress, and the niece of Mignot I abdicate my functions." “ Well; from Ve- To Mr. Rodwell, to whom we are not only (Farren), a Ude of a cook, who is raised from nice, then, I take them upon myself.” Three indebted for so many beautiful and popular her humble station, first, to be the wife and days afterwards, at Bassano, the bill was brought melodies, but for several fine overtures and widow of Modeau (Williams), a rich lawyer; in. I referred it to my Englishman. “ Quan. other more elaborate compositions, we now owe then the wife and widow of Dinot (Thompson), to?” exclaimed he, dwelling strongly on the last an elementary work of great brevity, simplicity, a marshal of France; and, lastly, the favourite syllable.

Signor, dicci lire." E troppo." and value. He has stripped musical science of a and almost the wife of Casimir, king of Poland Troppo, signor !And then the Italian ex- multitude of those old technicalities, which made (Cooper). The progress of these events ocplained to him how it was impossible to keep it worse than “ Hebrew.Greek” to the student ; cupies three acts :-in the first Marie is young, an inn at less. Houses are very dear at and has in fact accomplished the somewhat and is false to her young and suitable lover Bassano, and taxes very high. Meat, which difficult task of making thorough bass intelli. Lagardie (Vining), that she may wed the wealth formerly cost only eight sous, now costs twelve. gible. His preface fully explains the object he of Modeau ; – in the second 'she is ten years Fruit is out of all price. Vegetables are not to had in view ; and the learner is exercised on older, and again sacrifices Lagardie (who has be had.” While the host was talking with the principles developed in plainer terms, with by bis talents become an eminent lawyer, and incredible volubility, and offering to shew his examples, by a series of questions at the bot- still retains his affection for her), in order to books, the honest Englishman was endeavour tom of each page. We cannot commend the attain the rank of a marshal's lady ; - and in ing to reply; but he knew scarcely ten words volume, which is very neatly got up in its the third intriguing for the Polish diadem, with of Italian, and inarticulate sounds alone testified musical points, more than it deserves for the use similar duplicity and want of feeling, she is his dissatisfaction. * At length, unable to make and instruction of pupils in the science of scornfully rejected by Lagardie, now Viceroy himself understood, “ Bene, bene," he cried harmony.

of Livonia, and pitifully given up by Casimir, out, and put an end to the matter. It

who resigns the crown and retires to the might be supposed that this commencement A Set of Ten Songs and Two Duets. The Abbey of St. Germaine ; while the ambitious would disgust him. Not at all.

The same

Words and Music by Two Sisters. London, Marie seeks refuge for her wounded pride in a scene was repeated every evening. It con J. Power.

convent of the Carmelites. A sort of corollary sisted, on the part of the host, of a flow of Both the words and the music are extremely

runs along throughout the whole, in the shape arguments and lamentations; and, on the part sweet ; and there can be no question of this of a Harriet de Lorme (Mrs. Glover), who of the Englishman, of the three little phrases book's being a favourite wherever it is seen.

gives to pleasure what Marie gives to ambi. quanto ?" e troppo,” and “

bene," always The first song is so fair a specimen of the tion, and is finally reduced to poverty in her uttered in the same order, and at the same feeling and talent which pervade the whole,

age. intervals. To spend little has become to the young who will admire it

, even without its appropriate life ; and though the developement of the pas

Though there is a sameness in the repetition that we quote it for the gratification of readers, of the same action at three different periods of English who travel, a sort of occupation, and a and beautiful music. point of honour. To get good dinners at a

sion and principle, the consequences of which “ They bid me forget thee, they tell me that now cheap rate seems to be their principal object.

The grave damp is staining that beautiful brow;

it is the aim of the author to exhibit, leads to At the moment of quitting Palermo, to ramble They say that the sound of thy gay laugh is o'er : situations more forced than natural, and to over Sicily, an Englishman, a man of good

Alas! shall I hear its sweet music no more?

exaggerated conduct in the chief characters; sense, requested to join my companions and I cannot forget thee, thy smile haunts me yet, yet the stage effect of Marie Mignot is kept He came to see me, and told me that two

And thy deep earnest eyes, bright as when we first met; up with far greater interest than could have been of his friends, who the year before had re And I start from my slumbers to listen and weep! anticipated, where the end is foreseen. The



Barometer. 29.83 to 29.63 20.59


From 39. to 58.

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29.36 to 29.40

29.36 1 29.55

poetic justice of the moral reconciles us to its s albumen in the blood of cattle and sheep. The papers, which appeared in two recent Nos. of treble exhibition; and when the curtain drops globulin differs from the hematosin in these that publication. Among them is a copy of we feel satisfied that the drama has reflected respects ; namely, that it contains more iron, a play by M. Martigny, one of the ex-ministers, an essentially true and instructive picture, that it is soluble in the alkalis and the acids, said to have been represented at Bourdeaux, in though it has aggravated the means of impart- and that it is capable of forming with the April 1814, before the Duc d'Angoulême ; in ing the lesson. The performances, too, as we hydrochloric acid a mixture soluble in alcohol. which the bravery and magnanimity of the have noticed, contribute largely to the popular Cure for the Gout.-M. Aliés, a physician Duke of Wellington are extolled, and the En. reception of Marie Mignot. Niiss F. H. Kelly residing at Coulomiers in France, has just glish are represented as generous conquerors, plays the heroine with taste and energy; and discovered the following remedy for the gout, while the French people are depicted as ready Farren, in the devoted cook, is, as he always is, which he says may be considered as a specific. to black their shoes. most excellent. Mrs. Glover is not quite the Take from ten to sixteen ounces of grated Harriet of the early scenes ; but she improves guaiacum wood, which is to be boiled in three

LITERARY NOVELTIES. as she becomes older, in their course; though quarts of water until orly one quart remains ; (Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XXXVIII. Sept. 18. ] perhaps, on the whole, she points her sarcasms the decoction is to be strained, and then made

Tales of other Days, by J. Y. A.; with engravings with too much bitterness for the gay and into six equal doses, three of which are to be after Designs by George Cruikshank. -- Old Booty, or laughing Frenchwoman. The rest of the taken daily, one early in the morning, one at the Devil and the Baker, a Serio-Comic Sailor's Tale

, dramatis persone have not so much to do ; twelve o'clock, and the third in the evening. Robert Cruikshank-For the mercantile world we see and we have only to repeat, that all is done The Journal des Connaissances Usuelles, from announced the British Merchant's Assistant, by G. Green, well.

which we extract this account, states that guaia- containing Tables of Interest ; of Premium and Discount On Wednesday we witnessed the thirtieth cum may be also employed with very great advan- the Value of English and Foreign Stock; and other useful repetition of Separation and Reparation ; in tage in rheumatism and sciatica. The use of matter.--Sir William Jardine, author of " Illustrations which Farren's perfect Von Grotius, Mrs. guaiacum as a remedy for the gout has been of Ornithology;" has in the press an edition of Wilson's

American Oruithology, with the continuation by C. Lu. lover's almost, if not quite, as perfect Ma- frequently recommended in this country; but cien Bonaparte. dame Gilderland, Cooper's no less excellent we never understood that it was a specific. and spirited Baron Malamour, Miss Mor A Child with Four Legs !—M. Geoffroy St.

Lindley's Natural System of Botany, 8vo. 123. bdsdaunt's beautiful Angelique, and Webster's Hilaire lately exhibited to the Paris Academy Ellis's British Tariff, 1830-31, 12mo. 58. sewed.--Elliotson humorous Poppinoff, furnished forth just such of Sciences a child two months old, in perfect on the Heart, folio, 11. 18. sewed. Howitt's Poems, Anan entertainment as ought to be enjoyed at the health, which has four legs. Viewed from engraved vignettes, 810. 11. 16. bds. ; proofs, 8vo. 21. 2. Haymarket.

before, only two legs are seen, but on looking bds.—Brenan's Utility of Latin, 18mo. 2. bds.-Dicken

behind, there are two others of shorter length, som's Mamluk, a Poem, 8vo. 78. Gido bds---Hone's French ENGLISH OPERA, ADELPHI. so that they do not interfere with the moveThe Irish Girl justifies our expectations, and ments of the child; nevertheless they are per. fills this theatre nightly to witness the exquisite fectly formed. The right foot of the supple- METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1830.

September. performance of Miss Kelly, who in this simplementary leg is perfectly formed; but on the

Thursday.. 9 piece offers a study of all that is good in the art left there are only three toes. M. Geoffroy Friday .... 10 of acting,-truth, simplicity, nature, and power. St. Hilaire stated, that he has a fowl with Saturday

29.66 Stationary

Sunday.... 12 The other parts are also well sustained; and precisely the same peculiarity.

Monday the sweet little Harriet Cawse adds much to

Music.-Rossini has returned to Paris from Tuesday her reputation both as actress and singer. Here, Bologna, and is now engaged upon a new Wednesday 15

Wind variable, s.w. prevailing. too, (and in other dramas, such as, Wanted a opera for the Académie Royale de Musique.

Except the 13th and 14th, generally cloudy, with free Governess,) we have Bartley, a representative It is supposed, however, that he will not quent, and, at times, heavy rain. 1. of old men, than whom there is none superior complete it very soon,mas, among the reforms The sudden and tremendous peal of thunder which on the English stage; for, with all their cha- of the new government, it is proposed to re-noon, on the 15th, is deserving of particular remark: the

accompanied a shower of rain at forty-five minutes after racteristics ably copied, there is a chasteness in duce the expenditure of the Grand Opera. sound, which more reseinbled the breaking down of heavy his personations which demands our highest

Botany.--M. L. Riedel, who was attached waggons than thunder, appeared to proceed from the sur praise. Keeley, Mrs. Keeley, and Wrench, in quality of botanist to the scientific expedi- immediately preceded by a tlash of lightning. keep up the laughter and spirit of the night :tion of M. de Langsdorff in Brazil, has just Rain fallen, 6 of an inch. and we

are glad to see the season drawing brought to St. Petersburg, for the Imperial 510 374 32" N.
towards its close in a way as favourable as the Botanical Garden, a collection of more than a Longitude .... 0 3 61 W. of Greenwich.
circumstances of the theatre could admit.

thousand living Brazilian plants, amongst
which are several not to be found in any other
botanical garden of Europe.

Travelling in the Air. At a recent sitting could insert in one No. of Sir Walter Scott's new produc

In order to make room for as long a notice as se French Ministry:—The department of Let- of the Academy of Sciences in Paris, M. Na- tion, and the Correspondence of Sir T. Munro, we have ters and the Arts, in the administration of the vier read a paper in refutation of a work by postponed the conclusion of the Book of Scotland, beinterior, has just been confided to M. Lenor. M. Chabrier on aerial travelling. M. Navier When we wrote the notice adverted to by J. C., which mant. A refined taste, profound studies, and proves, by inquiries and experiments, as to the was a few days before its publication, we had previously extensive travels undertaken solely with scien- motion of birds in the air, that if a man were we did not know of its subsequent removal: por, inded tific views, are his titles to the appointment. able to put together at once all the physical do we now know of it, except from J. C.'s staterneat.

French Pantheon. By an ordonnance of the power which he has in eight hours, it would There can be no doubt that, on the removal of the picKing of the French, the Pantheon at Paris has not be sufficient to support him with any me- of the placards at the door: we cannot, however, be so been restored to its primitive destination; and chanical apparatus in the air for five minutes. uncharitable as to attribute the delay in that respat to the inscription, AUX GRANDS HOMMES LA He considers, therefore, all the ideas advanced any, cause but inadvertence.

It is a rule with us not to copy articles from other JourPATRIE RECONNOISSANTE," is to be re- on this subject as chimerical.

nals: the whole Literary Gacette is original matter. We established on the pediment. The busts of Population of North America.-The census cannot, therefore, insert the very able article on maFoy and Manuel have already been placed in now taking in the United States, which seems will be brought before us by other means.

chinery from the Times, but it is probable the subject it with great ceremony:

to go on as slowly as the population progresses The Fate of Adelaide, by L. E. L., has long been out of The Blood. — Experiments recently made on fastly, gives an increase on ten years of from print: we camot tell where a copy could be procured. the hematosin, or colouring matter of the blood, 4 to 27 per cent in the New England towns; either from erroneous information or by a mistake in seem to shew, that, as well as the albumen, it of 100 per cent in thirteen towns of New printing, as by Mr. Thomas Haynes Bayly, is disavowed is capable of assuming two different forms ; in York; of 40 per cent in thirty places of Penn. by that gentleman.

Mr. Smith of Newry's letter on the subject of the the one of which it

solable, in the other sylvania ; and 43 per cent in several towns of eclipse is referred to our Astronomer Royal till next insoluble; a fact that will explain several dif- Virginia. It is not easy to found any calcu. Saturday. ferences of opinion on the part of chemists. It lation on such vague and partial returns;

We know nothing of the circumstance mentioned by

When we said something favourable of our con is further supposed, that the substance hitherto the aggregate increase must be very great. temporary, the Polar Star, it was on the view of a volumne known under the name of hematosin, is not an The French Literary Gazette.~The events sent to us, and we have not seen the Journal since; so immediate animal principle, but is a combina of the late revolution have thrown into the more than a third of the whole, the public has the revenge

that if the Editor wrongs the public of twelve pages, tion of albumen with another substance which hands of the editor of the Literary Gazette at in its own power. The moment a periodical cezses to has been called globulin; a substance found in Paris (one of the best reviews of literature, merit patronage and confidence, by any species of unfair a free state in human blood, but united with science, and the arts, in that city) somo curious just reward only of honourable conduct


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F. W.





traits, from original Paintings, in the possession of his Grace the ADVERTISEMENTS, BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Duke of Newcasue, 51. 58.

A few Coples are printed on large paper, uniform with the Connected with Literature and the Arts. The fullest, most accurate, and cheapest account, in large-sized

Author's preceding Works, 101. 10. boards. 8vo. handsomely printed on 128 pages in double columns, aimi. In this Work, which comprises the Political History of Great

LONDON. lar to the Every Day Book, with a Portrait on steel, of Louis Britain from the Years 1743 to 1754, will be found an interesting The Medical Classes will Open on Friday the 1st of

Philippe I. and Five other Engravings, price Half-a-Crown, account of the formation of the Regency at the Death of the Prince October. The Council have sanctioned a new division of the

of Wales, Father of George III.
instruction in Anatomy.

By the same Author,
Mr. Bell will still teach Physiology, illustrating that Science


Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, in by continual reference to the pieces of Anatomy, and thus com

bining the knowledge of Structure with that of the Properties of

This is a complete Journal of the Events, day hy day. 6 vols. 8vo. with an Atlas, bl. 58.
Life. At the suggestion of Mr. Pattison, Mr. Bennett has been

Contents in part: Illegal Ordinances of Charles X. rilitary The Private and Confidential Correspondence associated with him in the Chair of Anatomy. In order that this

Execution to enforce them --Resistance of the Presse Protests of of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, principal Minister to department may be most efficiently taught, but without needless the Deputies-- Battles and Victories repetition, Mr. Pattison will teach Descriptive and Surgical Ana: large-- Abdication and Flight of the King-Acts of the Duke of King William. 4to. with a Portrait, 31. ås. tomy: and Mr. Bennett General Anatoiny, comprising the De. Orleans as Lieutenant-General of the Kingdom, and of the Pro.

The History of the House of Austria, from velopment and Organisation of the several Tissues; and he will

visional Government-Debates in the Chambers on filling the the Foundation of the Monarchy in 1918 to 1799. In 5 vols. 8vo. likewise teach the Descriptive Anatomy of the Viscera.

vacant Throne-Speeches of Lafayette, and other eminent Depu- 31. 138. 6d.

ties-Eloquent Speech of M. Chateaubriand, at length-Declara-
The following are the Medical Classes.
tions of Rights of 1789 and 130-the New Charter, under which

Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House
Anatomy-Mr. G. S. Pattison and Mr. J. R. Bennett. Fee 71.;

the Duke of Orleans became Louis Philippe I. King of the of Bourbon. 6 vols. 8vo. 31. or for the First Division, 41.; and for the Second, 34.

French-Memoirs of his reinarkable Life from infancy--Procla. Memoirs of Horatio Lord Walpole, 2d edit. Physiology-Mr. Charles Bell. Fee 31.

mations, Decrees, and other important State Papers and Docu.2 vols. 8vo. 11. 6s, boards.
Anatomical Demonstrations- Mr. J. R. Bennett and Mr. R.

ments Interesting Narratives, and Original Sketches and Anec-
Quain. Pee fl.; or 31. for each division,
dotes-Origin of the Marseillais Hymn, &c. &c.

The History of the Rise of the Mahomedan
Vature and Treatment of Diseases-Dr. Conolly. Fee 61.; or

London : Printed for Thomas Tegs. 73, Cheapside; R. Griffin Power in India, till the Year A.D. 1612. Translated from the Per31. for each division.

and Co. Glasgow ; J. Cummins, Dublin; and sold by all Book.sian of Mahomed Kasim Ferishta. By John Briggs, M.R.A.S.
Surgery-Mr. Pattison. Fee 21,; perpetual, ul.
sellers throughout the Kingdoin.

Lieut.-Col. in the Madras Army. vols. 8vo. 41. 45.
Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children-Dr. D. D.

Country Orders, with remittances, punctually attended to, and Col. Briggs's book is one of those which belong to the library
Davis. Fee 51.; first division 34. : second division 21.

Placards for Shop-windows enclosed with the books. This is an as a sterling and permanent work."--Literary Gazette, Sept. 19,
Clinical Medicine-Dr. Watson. Fee for the whole Course 41.; invaluable publication for the Colonies. Shipping Orders for 1829.
and for half the Course 91.
Materia Medica and Therapeutios-Dr. A. T. Thomson. Fee liberal terms, for Cash.

Ainerica, the East and West Indies, &c., prompily executed, on The History of Roman Literature, from its 61.; or for each division 31.

earliest Period to the End of the Augustan Age. By J. Dunlop, Chymistry-Dr. E. Turner. Fee 71.; first division 41.; second

Esq. 8 vols. 8vo. 21. 78. 6d.
division 31.

The most Extensive and Complete Interest Tables extant.
Comparatire Anatomy-Dr. R. E. Grant, terminating at the
The Seventh edition, carefully revised, in I thick vol. 8vo. price

The History of Thucydides ; newly trans. end of Januiry. Fee 91.

1. 112. 64.; or may be had separate, Part I. from One to One lated into English; and illustrated with very copious Annota. Botany- Professor Lindley. Fee 31.

Hundred Days, and One Month up to Twelve, 9s.

tions, Exegetical, Philological, Historical, and Geographical; Medical Jurisprudence-Dr.J. Gordon Smith. Fee 41.; or for TABLES of INTEREST, calculated at Five ranged, from the best commentators, Historians, &c. Prefixed

generally Original, but partly Selected, Translated, and Areach division 91, Hospital attendance daily from Half.

per Cent, shewing at one View the Interest of any Sam is an entirely new Life of Thucydides; with a Memoir on the past Twelve to Half-past One Fee for the session 51. from One Pound to Ten Thousand Younds, from One Day to State of Greece, Civil and Military, at the commencement of the Dispensary--ditto ditto

Thirteen Years. To which are added, Tables for calculating Peloponnesian War. By the kev. S.T. Bloomtield, D.D. P.A.S.
On Friday the 1st of October, at Three o'Clock precisely, Dr. Eighth to Five per Cont, &c. &c.
Commission on Sales of Goods or Banking Accounts, from One of Sidney College, Cambridge, Vicar of Bisbrooke, in Rutland,

&c. 3 vols. 8vo. with Maps, 21. 58. Conolly will deliver a General Introductory Lecture, for which

By JOSEPH KING, Liverpool.

The History of the Reign of George III. Tickets of admission may be obtained at this Ofice.

Sold by Longman and Co. London; and G. and J. Robinson,
A Medical Library has been formed for the use of the Students.

By Robert Bisset, LL.D. Author of the Life of Burke, &c. New

The other Classes of the University open on Monday the 1st of

edition, completed to the Death of the King. 6 vols. 8vo. 31. 38. November. Particulars of these and of the Medical Courses will

boards. be given at this Office.

148 An Account of the Distribution of Prizes in the Medical and

N INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of ocche French; with a Preliminary View of the French Revolu

The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor General Schools may be had gratis at the Office of the University,

ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, with Copious Indexes. tion. By the Author of " Waverley," &o. 2d edition. 9 vols. and of Mr. Taylor, No. 30, Upper Gower Street.


post 8vo. 41. 148. 6d. boards.
By order of the Council,
September 2, 1830.

of the Royal Naval College in H. M. Dockyard, Portsmouth;
Author of a New Translation of Herodotus," "The Odes of

The History of the Crusades for the Reco. Pindar in English Prose," &c. &c.

very and Possession of the Holy Land. By Charles Mills, Esq. NIVERSITY OF LONDON. - The “We have not met with a work of more value to the classical 2 vols. 8vo. 17. 58. boards. Council hereby give notice that the following Classes reader than this laborious and very useful volume. The indexes

By the same Author, will meet on Monday, the First of November next:

alone are worth half a historical series, as guides to references in The History of Chivalry; or, Knighthood Latin, Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Ori.

esteemed authors, and on every point connected with ancient geo and its Times. ed edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 48. boards. ental Languages, Blathematics, Natural Philosophy, Philosophy Eraphy that can interest the scholar or general reader. Brief of the Human Mind and Logic, General Jurisprudence, English capable of giving more information in an hour than even intelli. 2 vols. 8vo. !!. 4. boards.

A History of Ireland. By John O'Driscol. Law.

The Course of Chemistry commences with the Medical Classes gent research would be likely to supply in several days"-Literary Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, on the 1st of October, but the tirst five weeks are occupied with

Gazette. a general view of the science, and the detailed consideration of Oxford: For Henry Slatter; and Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. by Lucy Alkin. 2 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait from the rare Print each branch commences in Voreinber.


by Crispin de Passe, 6th edition, 17. 58. boards.

By the same Author, Botany also commences in October; but there is a Spring Course in April

Important Historical and Biographical Works,

Memoirs of the Court of King James the The Course of Zoology commences on the 3d of January, and

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. First. Designed as a Sequel to the Memoirs of the Court of Queen there is a Summer Course on Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. The Lectures on Political Economy commence in February. EMOIRS of the LIFE of SIR WAL- Elizabeth. 3d edition, vols. 8vo. 11. 4..

Annals of the Reign of George the Third. There are to be an Evening Course of Mathematics, and popular

TER RALEGH, with some Account of the Period in Courses of Natural Philosophy, commencing also on the first of which he lived.

By John Aikin, M.D. A new edition, brought down to the Period November

By Mrs. A. T. THOMSON.

of his Majesty's decease, 2 vols. 8vo. Il. 58. boards. A Prospectus of the several Classes, containing an Outline of

In 1 vol. 8vo. with Portrait, 148. boards.

The Historical Works of Miss Benger, com. the mode of instruction, with a Statement of the Hours, the Fees, « Such is the outline of a life which, in Mrs. Thomson's hands, prising Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry the Regulations for Admission to the Library, Museums, &c. may is a mine of interest: from the first page to the last the attention VII.-Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of be had on application at the Office of the University, and at the is roused and sustained; and while we approve the manner, we Bohemia. Uniform in 5 vols. post 8vo. with Portraits, and a Me. following Booksellers : Mr. Taylor, 30, l'pper Gower Street; Mr. still more applaud the spirit in which it is executed."--Literary moir of the Author, by Miss Alkin, 31. Murray, Albemarle Street; Messrs. Longman and Co., and Messrs. Gazette, May 8, 1830. Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Rover; Mr. Underwood, 32,

By the same Author, Fleet Street; Mr. Richardson, 23, Cornhill; Mr. Callow, 16,

By the same Author, Princes Street, Soho; Mr. Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly; and at Mr.

Memoirs of the Court of Henry the Eighth, of Henry VIII. 3d edition, 8vo. with ? Portraits, i2s. boards.

Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen Bell's, Chemist, 338, Oxford Street; and Mr. Garden, Chemist, in 8 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait, 11. 86. boards. 372, Oxford Street.

The History of England, from the earliest anecdotes of the Court of Wenty 11. during her Residence in

Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots, with
The Medical Classes meet on the Ist of October.

Period to the Death of Elizabeth. By Sharon Turner, F.A.S. France. 2d edition, 2 vols. 8vo. with a genuine Portrait, never
R.A.S.L. In 12 vols. 8vo. price el. 38.; or separately, as fol. before engraved, 17. 48. boards.

The History of the Anglo-Saxons, 5th edit. and his Sons Richard and Henry, illustrated by original Letters

Memoirs of the Protector, Oliver Cromwell,
TIFIC INSTITUTION, 47, Leicester Square.
Patron, THE KING.

3 vols. 8vo. 31. 5s. boards.
This Institution, founded in 1825, for the Diffusion of Useful The History of England during the Middle ant of the Family, 3d edition, with Portraits from original Pic.
Knowledge, offers the following Advantages :-
An extensive Library, for the circulation of New Publications Accession of Henry VIN1. 3d edition, 5 vols. 8vo. 81. boards.

Ages, comprising the Reigns from William the Conqueror to the tures, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 8s. boards. and Works of Interest.

Improved School Books. A Reading Room, supplied also with the Periodicals and Daily The History of the Reign of Henry VIII. Published by William Curry, Jun. and Co. Dublin; and Hurst, Papers. being the First Part of the Modern History of England. 2d edit.

Chance, and Co. London; sold by all Booksellers. Classes for the attainment of the Sciences and Languages, and 9 vols. 8vo. 11. 68. boards. for the Discussion of Literary and Scientific Subjects.

with a Paraphrase and Notes in English.
Interesting and Instructive Lectures by eminent Professors.
Convenient Rooms for Conversation, for Chess, and for Amateur and, 2d edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 125. boards.
Elizabeth; being the Second Part of the Modern History of Eng-


Head Master of the Feinaiglian Institution, Luxembourg. Concerts

12mno. 4s. cloth. Admission Fee, los. 61.-- Subscription, 2. 26. per Annum, pay The Annual Biography and Obituary for the able Half-Yearly. Year 1830, containing Memoirs of celebrated Persons who died in comprehensive account of the City, Religion, Politics, and Cns.

2. A Synopsis of Roman Antiquities; or, a A Prospectus and Form of Admission may be procured, gratis, 1823-30. In Bro. 15. boards. at the Institution of Messrs. Grays and Fell, 60, Piccadilly; Contents.-Sir William Hosto--the Countess of Derby--Lieut..

toms of the Ancient Romans, with a Catechetical Appendix. By Roake and Varty, 31, Strand; and Tilt, 86, Fleet Street.

Col. Denham-Sir Humphry Davy-Major Laing-Sir Edward John Lanktree. 2d edition, enlarged, and carefully revised,

West-Earl of Harrington-Sir Kiles Nightingall--Sir Brent 1&mo. 38. cloth.
THOMAS'S HOSPITAL.- The Spencer---Lord Colchester--Dr. George Pearson-Bishop Lloyd 3. A Spelling Book, on a New Plan; con.

Air. Terry Sir David Baird-Earl of Buchan Sir George Mad taining all the cominon Words in the Language: to which is the 1st of October. Theory and Practice of Medicine-Pirst Course, Dr. Elliotson; tingdon--Dr. Young, &c. &c.

Baron Hullock-William Thomas Fitzgerald, Esq.-Earl of Hun. Sounds of the Letters--2. 'The Quantities of the Syllables-3. A Second Course, Dr. Williams.

« We are unacquainted with any work of the kind which does ing sereral useful Tables. By the Rev. Richard Roe, A.M.

Rythmical Classification of Words, with an Appendix, containMateria Medica Dr. Roots.

so much credit to the industry and talents of its editor."-Lile. 12o. 1s. 6d. Chemistry-Dr. Burton.

rary Gasette, Jan. 9, 1830. Anatomy --Mr. Tyrrell and Mr. John F. South.

4. The First Three Books of Livy, with Surgery Mr. Green.

Also may be had,

English Notes. By James Prendeville, Scholar of Trinity Col.
Midwifery-Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Ashburnam.

The preceding Thirteen Vols. 158. each.
Comparative Anatomy -Mr. John F. South.

lege, Dublin. 2d edition, corrected and much improved. izmo.
Clinical Lectures will be given.
Memoirs of the Administration of the Right 6s. vid. bound.

In the press,
Papils entering to the Surgical Practice of this Hospital Hon. Henry Pelham, collected from the Family Papers and other
are allowed to attend that of Guy's.
authentic Documents, and illustrated with original Correspond-

5. The Four Gospels and Acts of the AposFor Particulars apply to Mr. Whittield, Apothecary ence never before published. By the Rev. w. Coxe, M.A. lles, in Greek, with English Notes, and Lexicon. By the Rev. to St. Thomas's Hospital,

F.R.S. F.S.A. Archdeacon of Wilis. In 2 pols. 4to. with Por Edward J. Geoghegan, A.M. M.R.I.A. Editor of Xenophon, &c.


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The Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and THE SELECT SATIRES of JUVENAL;










MINISTER of the CHURCH of ENGLAND. 616 Rogers's Italy.

Domestic Brewing.

Royal Denbigh Eisteddfod.
Price 11. 10. boards, Proofs before the letters, price 21. 28. boards, Comprised in Two Numbers of the Treatises published by the In 850. price Ba. Bl. dedicated to Sir Edward Mostyn, Bart.
TALY; a Poem.

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge,
Interspersed with Nar.

HISTORY of the ROYAL EISTEDD. HE ART of BREWING, price ls. ratives in Prose.

FOD, held at Denbigh, in September 1828, together By SAMUEL ROGERS, Esq.

London: Baldwin and Cradock.

with the Essays and Poems on the Subjects proposed for Adjudi. A new edition, carefully revised, and illustrated by Fifty-six .* The First Number of this Comprehensive Treatise com cation at that Meeting; with a Preface. Vignettes, Forty-four being from Designs of Messrs. Stothard prises a Description of the various Utensils, and of the Thermo

By the Rev. JOHN BLACKWELL, B.A. and Turner, R.A., engraved in the best manner by D. Allen, meter, Saccharometer, and Assay Jars; of Materials, as Water, Chester: Printed for T. Griffith; sold by H. Hughes, W. Finden, E. Goodall, H. Le Keux, J. Pye, J. H. Robinson, Malt, Hops, Isinglaa, &c.; of Solutions and Mixtures; and of

15, St. Martin's-le-Grand, London. W. R. Smith, and R. Wallis, &c. &c.

Illegal Ingredients. The Second Number contains the Process Printed for T. Cadell, Strand; Jennings and Chaplin, of Brewing and Fermentation; also the Method of making various

Price 78. boards, 62, Cheapside; and E. Moxon, 64, New Bond Street. Ales, Small Beer, Porter, &c.; and Rules for Small Brewings. A few Copies of the Vignettes are taken off for Amateurs, and also for Illustrators of the various Publications on Italy, which

Price 17. 18.

RIGHTS, in a Practical View of the Subject, and as

By GEORGE GILES VINCENT. side. Proofs, delivered in a portfolio, price....... 19 19 6 wherein are exhibited extraordinary and surprising Strokes,

Printed for T. Cadell, Strand, London; and India Proofs, with the Letters, ditto...........3 13 6 which have excited the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of

William Blackwood, Edinburgh. India Proofs, before the Letters, ditto........4 4 0 Europe. Translated from the French of the celebrated

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, price 195.

Formerly Capltaine d'Infanterie in the Service of France.
Poems; including the Pleasures of Memory, Dedicated, by permission, to the Most Noble the Marquess of

Human Life, &c. Illustrated by Fifty Wood Engravings, from


« Pensez à moi," my gentle friends, the Designs of T. Stothard, R.A. This work is elegantly got up, and comprises 43 well-executed

Dear remnants of a broken chain; copper-plates, with directions for performing, with precision, the

To each this flower Fidelia sends,
most masterly strokes of all the celebrated proficients of the pre-

O keep it till we meet again!
The American Revolution,-Price 18.
sent day. li is, in this respect, a great desideratum to all the

Published by J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. HISTORY of the AMERICAN REVO. admirers of this elegant diversion, no work having appeared in

LUTION, published under the Superintendence of the the English language which can be compared with it, for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, and forming Nos. beauty and precision of its rules and illustrations; and none which comprise the great improvements and discoveries made in

BOOKS IN THE PRESS. 81 and 82 of their Treatises.

the game within the last twenty years. London: Baldwin and Cradock.

London: Translated and published by John Thurston, Biliard Libraries in course of Publication by Messrs. Colburn and Bentley.

Table Manufacturer, 14, Catharine Street, Strand; and to be had In small 8vo. with Engravings on Steel of Lord Byron and 8, New Burlington Street. of all Booksellers.

the Countess Guiccioli, price 5s. Messrs. Colburn and Bentley have just published the following:

Works on Medicine, Physiology, Chemistry, fc. RASCATIS; or, Scenes in Paris. Published by Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row.

Conducted by the Rev. G. R. GLEIG. 3 vols. 274. N ELEMENTARY SYSTEM of PHY.

Containing the Life of Lord Byron, by JOHN GALT, Esq.

N.B. The title of The National Library has been adopted 2. Narrative of a Journey over Land from


instead of the Library of General Knowledge, on account of the England, by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea, to


similarity of the latter title to those of other existing Works. India; including a Residence there, and Voyage Home, in the Author of the History and Present State of Galvanism.

No. II. containing the History of the Bible,

The ed edition, corrected and enlarged, in 3 vols. 8vo. Years 1825, 1826, 1827, and 1898. By Mrs. Colonel Elwood. In

with a General Index, price 468.

by the Rev. G. R. Gleig, will be pablished on the 1st of October 9 vols. 8vo. with Plates. 3. The Separation ; a Novel. By the Au.

The volumes are sold separately.

Neatly bound, price only 48. 6d. thoress of « Flirtation.” 3 vols.

2. Popular Illustrations of Medicine. By 2. The Family Classical Library, No. IX. 4. Travels in Greece and Albania. By the Shirley Palmer, M.D.. In 8vo. price 10s. boards.

containing Dryden's Translation of the Æneid of Virgil. 3. The Morbid Anatomy of the Stomach, former times, is to continue always a child, and the learned

Dr. Rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D. of Emanuel College, Cambridge. 2d edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. with great Additions and Improvements, Bowels, and liver. By John Armstrong, M.D. Parts I. II.II. Parr says, " if you desire your son, though no great scholar, to and 33 Illustrations, 32s.

In royal 4to. illustrated by Plates from Drawings after Nature, read and reflect, it is your duty to place in his hands the best 5. Paul Clifford, by the Author of " Pel- with explanatory Letter-press, and a Summary of the Symptoms translations of the best classical authors.". ham," “ Devereux," and the Disowned." ed edition, with con. of the Acute and Chronic Affections of the above-named Organs.

To those, therefore, who are desirous of obtaining a knowledge Price 108, 6d. each Part; or with Plates coloured in the finest of the most esteemed authors of Greece and Rome, but possess siderable Additions, in 3 vols. manner, 918.

not the means or leisure for pursuing a regular course of study, 6. Retrospections of the Stage.

By the
Part IV. to complete the Work, is at press.

the present undertaking must prove a valuable acquisition. late Mr. John Bernard, Manager of the American Theatres, and

4. Facts and Observations relative to the The preceding Numbers comprise Demosthenes, Sallust, formerly Secretary to the Beef-Steak Club. Edited by his Son, Fever called Puerperal. By the same Author. 2d edition, en

Xenophon, Herodotus, &c. &c. W. Baile Bernard. 2 vols. post 8vo. 186. larged, 8vo. price 85. boards.

And on the 1st of October, neatly bound, with Four beautiful And, in a few days, 5. An Outline of the Sciences of Heat and

Embellishments, price 4s. 7. Heiress of Bruges, a Tale. By Thomas Electricity. By Thomas Thomson, M.D. P.R.S. Regius Profes.

3. The Juvenile Library, No. III. contain. Colley Grattan, Esq. Author of “Highways and Byways," sor of Chemistry, Glasgow, &c. In 1 large vol. 8vo. illustrated ing Africa, its Geography and History, Ancient and Modern. « Traits of Travel,'' &c. with Cuts, price 158. boards.

This work is conducted by William Jerdan, Esq. the Editor of 8. Otto Von Kotzebye's Second Voyage #. This volume forins the first portion of a New Edition the London Literary Gazette, with whom a number of authon et round the World, performed in the Years 1893, 1894, 1825, and

of Professor Thomson's System of Chemistry entirely new high character are associated, to illustrate the various branches 1826. In I vol. small 8vo.

modelled. The next portion, now in the press, will consist of polite literature and popular instruction in which their respec 9. Basil Barrington and his Times, a Novel. will be complete in itself, and altogether distinct from the

of the Elements of Chemistry, in 2 vols.; but every portion tive talents have already obtained public weight and celebrity. 3 vols. others.

An extra Plate, engraved by Thomson, of Philip Louis, 8vo. 28. sewed, ciples of Chemistry by Experiment. By the same Author. In will be given in La Belle Assemblée for October, in addition to

the Portrait of the Baroness Riblesdale, which will be the ritud being an Answer to "The Country without a Govern 7. An Inquiry into the Nature and Treat of the Series of Female Nobility, now publishing in that Work.

The Portraits of the following distinguished Personages are in ment," and the “Edinburgh Review."

ment of Diabetes, Calculus, and other Affections of the Urinary Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. Organs. With Remarks on the Importance of attending to the preparation for the forthcoming Numbers of La Belle Assemblée State of the Urine in Organic Disease of the Kidney and Bladder: de Berri-Princess Esterhazy-Marchioness of Stafford--Countess

the King and Queen of England--the Empress of Russia--Duchesa with some Practical Rules for determining the Nature of the Gower-Countess of Antrim-Dowager Countess of Erroll-Lady In 3 vols. 12mo. price 168. 6d.

Disease from the Sensible and Chemical Properties of that Secre: Durham-Lady Cumming Gordon-Lady Normandy-Lady Mary

tion. By William Proul, M.D. F.R.S. 2d edition, much en Leslie, &c. &c. &c.
Printed for A. K. Newman, and Co. London.

larged, with coloured Representations of various Calculi, 125.

Whittaker and Co. London; Waugh and Inpes, Edinburgh;
Where may be had, published this summer,

and J.M. Leckie, Dublin. Clarence ; a Tale of our own Times. 3 vols. of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Paris : forming a complete

8. A New Supplement to the Pharmacopeias J6s.6d.

Family Library, No XFT.
Dispensatory and Conspectus, including the New French Medi.

New Work by the Author of Waverley.
Jewish Maiden, by the Author of Ambition. cines and Poisons, as well as Herbs, Drugs, Compounds, Veteri. On Tuesday next will be published, with

Frontispiece, 58. 4 vols. 11. 2..

nary Drugs, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Varnishes, ETTERS on DEMONOLOGY and Perkin Warbeck, by Alexander Campbell. tation, Adulteration,

and Medical Uses ; being a GenerapReceipt and similar Articles kept in Shops, with their Composition, Imi.

WITCHCRAFT. 3 vols. 16s. 6d.

By SIR WALTER SCOTT, Bart. Corsair's Bride, by the Author of Bandit's By James Rennie, A. M. Lecturer on Chemistry, Natural Histors, Volumes published up to the present time, price 58. each, Bride. 3 vols. 188. and Philosophy, London. 2d edition, much improved, in 8vo.

bound in cansaks: 12. boards.

1. and 2. Life of Buonaparte 8. Court and Camp of Baona Belmont's Daughter, by Miss M‘Leod, in 9. Elements of Experimental Chemistry. 2. Alexander the Great

parte 4 vols. ll. 48.

11. Irring's Columbus Youth of Edward Ellis ; a Welsh Tale, in hending an the Recent Discoveries; and illustrated high pren 5. 6. and 9. History of the Jews 12. Southey's Nelson

7. Insects,

14. British Physicians 2 vols. 12.. Plates by Lowry, and several Engravings on Wood, in 2 vols. 8vo.

15. British India Mystic Events, by Francis Lathom, 4 vols. price 17. 14s.

Also, 11. 45.

John Varley's Perspective.--Price 10s.

Family Dramatists, No. I. Massinger.
Price 21. 60.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. of DRAWING in PERSPECTIVE, adapted for the HE LAYMAN'S TEST of the TRUE Study of those who Draw from Nature, by which the usual Errors

Robert Cruikshanlı Nery Work, may be avoided.

On the Both instant, ready for delivery with the Magazines.

London: Printed for Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper,
Paternoster Row.

THE DEVIL'S VISIT, a Poem, with Eight " Both laity and clergy will be interested and instructed by this admirable treatise."--See Christian Rememhrancer for Sept. 1830.

Illustrations by Robert Cruikshan).
Printed for T. Cadell, Strand.
The Bnglish Lakes.-Price 76. in cloth,

" In the parliament house he felt quite at home, Of whom may be had, by the same Author,


As if in his oren possessions;

For they gull their victims with words of hope, Sermons on the Relative Duties of the Poor, LAND, and LANCASHIRE, illuetrated with a large and accu.

While they torture with fresh oppressions." 45. boards. rate Map of the Country, and Maps of Windermere, Derwent

London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street.
Water, Borrowdale, Ulls Water, Grassmere, Rydal Water, and
School Books.

Third edition, 12mo. 36. 61.

Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand.
of whom may be obtained,

LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A. SCRIPPS, at N ABRIDGMENT of MATTHIÆ'S Leigh's New Pocket Road. Book of England

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, GREEK GRAMMAR, for the Use of Schools.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moullon Street, QU: and Wales, 18mo. 88. bound, with 55 County Maps, 184. Edited by the Rev. C. J. BLOOMFIELD, D.D.

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exchange E.
Scotland, with a Map and Plan, 8s.

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgete Rill:

Edinburgh: Smith and Son, D. Robertson, and the Kenrick's Greek Exercises, adapted to Mat

Ireland, with Maps, &c. 98.

and Co. Glasgow ; and J. Cumming, Dublin, - Agex ja thie Greek Graminar. 8vo. 58. 6d.

Leigh's Road-Map of England, Wales, and America, o. nich, 12, Red Lion Square, Londen.
Jolin Murray, Albemarle Street,
Scotland, 104. luck.

J, MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.

6. An Attempt to establish the First Prin- PHILIP LOUIS, KING of the FRENCH. GOVERNMENT WITHOUT WHIGS: * An nou to find

CAMP N v Tale of the South.

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