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great height, even above the Mysore, are at-ther apartment, and shewed us a dozen of to load our pieces. The rajah had a single tracted by the hills, and cover them during the highly finished single and double rifles, by rifle carrying a twelve-ounce ball, and two night. In such a country, no town or village Manton and Jover; fowling-pieces, pistols, &c. double ones, of one ounce each. Williamson meets the eye until you are close upon it; but then an air-gun, which he desired us to try. had a single rifle of two ounces, a double Manthough I have traversed nearly the whole, at It was now seven P.M. and torch-light had suc- ton of one ounce, and his own double fowlingdifferent times, I do not remember to have seen ceeded the day-light in his court-yard; we took piece. I had a single Jover of four ounces, a above six or eight villages throughout; and I aim out of the window at various things, and double Manton of one ounce, and my own am, indeed, inclined to pronounce the majority hit them, and I even knocked down a lime, a double Beckwith ; and before we ascended, the of its inhabitants to be wild elephants, tigers, species of small lemon, off the top of a cocoa- rajah explained to us where to take aim, &c. bears, bisons, buffalos, hyenas, civets, elks, nut; so uncommonly true did it carry. His son which, in an elephant, is a projecting spot imdeer, antelopes, and minor game. With such and several relations were next introduced to mediately over each eye. This space, in the resources, it is easy to ensure a day's sport, by us, all fine-looking boys; and the heir appa- smallest, will be about four inches, and in the opening the barriers of one or more enclosures rent, being about seven or eight years old, largest nearly eight inches in diameter ; and for some time previous, and, when required, to dressed in a general's uniform, with a sword the eunuchs were to advise us when the game secure them simultaneously. In the days of by his side, put me in mind of some old French was near enough to fire. After four hours' Hyder's successful usurpation of the Musnud prints, in which the girls are dressed in hoops watching, while tomtoms were beating, collery of Mysore, the reigning Rajah of Coorg was and farthingales, and the boys with bag-wigs horns blowing, and English drums sounding defeated and taken prisoner by this Mussulman and small swords. Ram-fights, &c. were going the general, the monster made his appearance, prince, and carried to Mysore, where he was on all this time in the yard, as it were to amuse strutting in all the pride and wantonness of his kindly treated from policy, and persuaded the the attendants ; and two of the rams had four enormous strength, and laying down every obusurper, that if he would send him back to his horns each. Then a lion made his appearance, stacle that opposed his passage. He came close own country, he would prevail on all his sub- led by a dozen men, with a strong rope. He under Williamson's gun, who fired and killed jects to submit to the Mussulman yoke, they appeared very tame, played with his leaders, him on the spot. The creature rolled over in. having previously betaken themselves to their and suffered me to go up to him and pat him stantaneously, carrying away several small trees hills and fastnesses, from whence he could nei- on the back. I acknowledge this was a bit of as he extended his enormous bulk upon the ther drive nor recall them. This man's name bravado on my part, and I was by no means ground. For a minute afterwards, the successwas Vérájundér: it is said that he took an oath sure how it would be received. Thank God ! ful sportsman, unused to such game, sat with of fidelity to Hyder before he was released, and it turned out well; though there was more his mouth open, gazing in utter amazement at that, in after times, he boasted of this breach folly than judgment in the attempt. Next the mighty proof of his own prowess ; while of faith. Be that as it may, he proved himself came a large royal tiger and two panthers, the the rajah and myself, more used to such scenes, an able statesman, if such a term be applicable former having his claws pared, but very savage, descending by our wicker ladders, were on the to a mountain chief; since he improved the trying every instant to break loose. We took top of the carcass in a moment. 'It stood ten natural fortifications of his kingdom, built leave at half-past seven, quite pleased with the feet high, and was in excellent condition; the towns, formed an armed militia, and success- kind and affable treatment of this prince, who, tusks were two feet outside, and nearly three fully defied his former conqueror. After the I am inclined to believe, is adored by his feet long when extracted ; and the length of death of Tippoo, this extraordinary man went people.”

the body was very nearly the same as its height. suddenly mad, and in one day destroyed one He was, as it appeared in the sequel, griev. He had been very violent all the morning, bethousand two hundred of his relations and ously mistaken: but we proceed with these ing what the natives call must, and had demoprincipal nobles, leaving, under an erroneous characteristic extracts.

lished the huts and plantations of several of the idea of his imbecility, only one younger brother “After all our exertions of this day, it may ryotts or farmers, in his way to meet his alive, of all the males of his family. Vérájun- readily be supposed we slept soundly; and on quietus. At such seasons the elephant is very dér did not long survive this act, and most the morning of the 23d rose betimes as usual, dangerous, and blindly rushes on every thing likely such a man was assisted out of this a custom which I most strenuously recommend that opposes him ; at other times, though very world by some of the trembling slaves by whom to all young men doomed to spend any time in furious when wounded, he is rather timid, and he was attended, I had, however, nearly the East, and went to visit the rajah's stud and will not be the aggressor in a fray." omitted to mention the act of all others which elephants, and amongst the latter found a young In 1812, the year following his first, our stamped his conduct with the most indelible white one, about two years old, most perfectly countryman paid his second visit to Coorg, character of insanity. There was an old wo- formed, with flaxen hair, light eyes, and fair and we select the following particulars relative man who had confidentially attended him for skin. Of these animals, as his country abounds to it :years, cooked his victuals, and frequented the in them, he has great abundance. After break. “ The little white elephant had grown coninterior of his palace, and a child, only a few fast, we were astonished by a visit from the siderably, but his skin was getting darker, and years old, who was born there, a relation of Máhá Swámee, in state. No longer disguised he appeared to be in bad health.” this woman. After completing the work of in a European dress, he appeared in his native On the first day's sport, in a jungle beset by destruction, in which he bad played a conspi- robes, richly decorated with jewels, and certes, several thousand natives :-“ After three hours? cuous part, assisted by several elephants and in my eyes, he appeared a much handsomer beating, we collected our game within shot of soldiers in the court-yard, he retired into his man. He sat a few minutes, and then told us our post, and marched home with eight elks, a study; the old woman came in to offer her that he had received intelligence of a wild ele- monkey, squirrel, and jungle fowl. Of the services, followed by the child, when he imme- phant, and would, if we pleased, accompany us former í killed three, Lieutenant Pridham two, diately stabbed the woman, and, seizing the to go and shoot him. To us this was the most and Lieutenants Meredith and Davies, one child, laid it upon his table, and deliberately acceptable offer he could have made. We re- each; the peons killed one, besides lesser game. dissected it with a penknife. He was succeeded tired to prepare ourselves and our shooting Our eunuchs and rajah's people would not perby the boy whom his blindness had spared, and apparatus, and, on our return from our own mit any of us to quit our places of safety ere left him immense wealth, as well as most abso- rooms, found his highness ready, with elephants the whole was over, and told us it would cost lute power over all his subjects, and every kind and attendants. Away we set, the rajah him. them their lives if any accident happened to us. of property in his little kingdom ; indeed, I self driving the one I rode, sitting across its We were, therefore, literally state prisoners, blush to write it, the absolute deity of his igno- neck, with a hook in the right hand and a knife pro tempore. Not one of the elks could be carrant and misguided people. Such, in March in the other, to cut down any small branches of ried by fewer than six men, and they generally 181), was Lingrajunder Wadeer, to whom I trees likely to incommode me in the excursion. took twelve and fourteen, after being tied to carried an introduction from the Honourable "Such a man,' thought I, at the head of his bamboos for that purpose. We therefore cut Arthur Cole, resident in Mysore, who was followers, must be invincible,'—so perfectly dif- no small figure, with our game following, on also nominal resident in Coorg.”

ferent from the effeminate grandeur of most our return to Cuggore, where we found a capi. The reception was most magnificent, and eastern potentates. Arrived at the spot, which tal English tiffin waiting for us. The horns of every kind of sport was liberally provided. was only about a mile off, we dismounted; and one of the elks being nearly a yard long, with After shooting, hunting, &c. the author says: while the people were preparing seats on trees several branches, and extremely heavy, we

“ On entering his palace, we were amused by for our reception, amused ourselves by shooting naturally concluded that the beast who could a set of dancing girls, keeping time to reels and arrows at a mark, in which, as usual, the rajah carry them without inconvenience, must have country dances played on two fiddles ; and the beat us hollow. When all was ready, each been very thick-headed. Máhá Swámee shewed us various portraits of climbed his own tree, the rajah between us, “ I killed a junglee buckrah, or wood-goat, himself, the King, the Prince of Wales, Gene- and sat in a snug little wicker-box with three with a single bail, while running like the wind : ral Wellesley, &c. He then took us into ano. guns of the rajah's each, and two of his eunuchs lit was a very curious animal, with a body the

same colour and size of a dcer, having exceed- returning up stairs, were followed by Mahomed I well be anticipated here, to connect the whole ingly short legs, and therefore its swiftness Sahib, the butler, who entreated to speak with in one. A few months after, when in my own must proceed from the length and strength of me in private, and to request Lieutenant Me- house at Bangalore, I was surprised by the its body; it had short branching antlers, and redith to remain in the veranda, to prevent sudden appearance of Mahomed Sahib, exwas so extraordinary an animal altogether, any one from listening. This we acquiesced tremely emaciated, ill-dressed, and with a that I preserved the head and antlers on it, till in; and no sooner were we alone in the bed picture in his hand. He threw himself at my Lady Hood, passing through Bangalore, collect- chamber, than he threw himself at my feet, feet, and told me I had saved his life; that the ing curiosities, I gave it to her. It was the and entreated me, by the memory of his old rajah had given him four months' leave, and only animal of the kind I ever saw in my master, to save his life. I was perfectly thun. desired him to carry his picture to me in proof life.

derstruck; raised him up, and desired him to thereof. I refused it, however, when he told “A panther was started, but he escaped, explain himself; when he told me a tale which me he had returned a beggar, being stripped of from the density of the jungle. We got into harrowed my soul. The four Bengalees, every thing at the last barrier ; but that he our palanquins at sunset, and having moved in whom I had left fat and happy, had become never would return. I saw him in a good great state, with every one of our three thou- dissatisfied with promises, and wages protracted place, shortly afterwards, well and happy. sand attendants carrying a lighted fire-stick, and never paid; they had demanded their The rajah, Lingrajunder Wadeer, died in the arrived at our pavilion at half-past eight p.m., dismissal, and had, in consequence, been in- year 1820, and was succeeded on the Musnud actually illuminating all the country through humanly murdered. He himself had applied by his son, whom I had seen an infant in 1810. which we passed.

for leave, and was immediately mulcted of all I have heard of no cruelties committed by the “ I have observed, that every square leagie, he had, and his thumbs squeezed in screws, present Máhá Swámee, who is described as a or mile, occasionally, is marked out into a kind made on purpose, and used in native courts; mild, inoffensive young man. The English of fortification; having a high bank, deep his body flagellated, and a threat held out, that have had, however, little or no intercourse ditch, hedge, and barrier. This renders the the next offence would be punished with death. with that country, since 1811, a road being country extremely strong in a military point of That the rajah being acknowledged as the god opened through Wynaud to the Malabar coast, view, every man being a good marksman, and of the country, exercised the supposed right and a capital ghaut made by our own pioneers. famous for sporting: because two thousand withont remorse and without control. That, I have omitted to mention, that as this country men can do more, in such enclosures, than ten, for instance, if a poor fellow, standing in his abounds with royal tigers, it is absolutely neor even twenty thousand, in equally thick presence, with both hands joined in adoration, cessary that they should be hunted every jungle, without these advantages. I remarked, as of the Supreme, incessantly calling out season, and the former rajah seldom killed also, this evening, from my bed-room window, Máhá Swámee! or Great God ! should be fewer than there were days in the year; and an immense concourse of people, seemingly suddenly bit by a musquito, and loosen his invariably gave a gold bangle to the first man labourers, winding through a distant road ; and hands to scratch; a sign, too well known, who should touch the tiger after he had fired, mentioning the circumstance at dinner, I ob- would instantly be made by this soi-disant deity, which must make brave soldiers.” served it threw a damp on the countenances of and the poor wretch be a head shorter in a the attendants, amongst whom, in spite of all my twinkling. This, he told me, had been the The Northern Tourist ; or, Stranger's Guide to entreaties to the contrary, I saw the native officer fate of the fine-looking Parsee interpreter, the North and North-West of Ireland. By of our honorary guard." No one would satisfy whom I had seen at my last visit, who, having Philip Dixon Hardy, Esq., M.R.I.A. Dubmy curiosity. I therefore changed the subject, built a house, and amassed some wealth, was lin, 1830. Carry and Co. and speaking to my old friend the butler, beheaded, and his property seized for the state; A GUIDE-BOOK, exceedingly creditable “ in asked him how he came to be so sickly since 1 and this, he also assured me, was the fate of the getting up” to the Irish press, and, as far last saw him, and what had become of four fat every man who entered the country, if he ever as we can judge, the literary portion executed Bengalees, who amused me with their civilities attempted to quit it again : and the rajah, ad- with great care, and a strict adherence to when I was last there ? A part of their duty mitting his troops to a share in the plunder, truth. From the many amusing anecdotes being to run after us, if we only went into the bound them to bis interests by chains of ada- interspersed through this volume, we select the garden for a moment; one carrying a chair, mant. He entreated me to take him with me following. another a juglet of water, a third a bottle and out of the country, which, he said, could be “ Some writers have stated the number of tumbler ; as if an European could not exist a easily accomplished, because he must accom- islands in Strangford Lough to be upwards of minute without such accompaniments. He pany me to the barrier ; but I could not listen two hundred, but it has been ascertained that turned pale, and trembled ; told me he had had to such a proposal, and at once told him so. there are not more than fifty-four. Some are a fever, but was now better, and that the other To connive at the escape of one of the rajah's inhabited ; on others cattle of various kinds men were gone away.. I rallied him on his servants, while I was his guest, would have are kept by the proprietors of the grounds on grave appearance, and inquired if he was not been a direct breach of hospitality, which I the opposite shore. Upon one of them there is happy. He immediately replied, “ Happy! he could not consent to practise. But learning, a very extensive rabbit-warren. The indi. must be happy in such a service ; that every on some further conversation, that the native vidual who resides on this island had for many one, under the Máhá Svámee, enjoyed hap- officer, under the appearance of an honorary years derived a considerable income from the piness.' I immediately launched forth in his guard, was placed there as a spy over every sale of the rabbit-skins, and although he had praise, and I observed this gave Mahomed word and action of every gentleman who lived erected a very good house, he never once pleasure: little did I dream, that every word in that palace ; I proposed to enter into such dreamed of paying any thing in the shape of he or I uttered, would be instantly repeated to conversation with him, in Hindoostanee, as excise or taxes. At length, however, a taxthe rajah; yet, fortunately, every thing. I being reported, might' induce the rajah to gatherer, who had paid a visit to the houses on then had to say was favourable. On retiring grant him leave.”

the neighbouring shore, beheld with anxious to rest, and sitting down to bring up my We need not give the details, how this was gaze the goodly edifice which presented itself journal, the occurrences of the day passing in managed; but conclude with the finale. upon the island, and determined upon visiting review, I began to ruminate particularly on “ With all his kindness, I could not help it in the name of his majesty. The proprietor the workmen I had seen, and all the repairs I remarking, that his highness had lost some of of the place, having been in the habit of rehad witnessed in the fort and barriers. It his affability, so easily are we led by circum- ceiving visits from persons who came to purimmediately struck me that the rajal, mis- stances, or by previous opinion, to fancy what, chase his skins, and supposing the taxman to taking a late prohibition of Europeans passing perhaps, has no existence. His conduct to us be one of them, sent off a boat to fetch him to through his country, issued in consequence of throughout had been kind and condescending, the island. On reaching the place, the man of the gross misconduct of two officers, both since beyond that of any native prince I ever knew, taxes began to make various inquiries as to the dismissed from the King's and Company's and was never equalled, in after times, but by time the house had been erected, the number service, had imagined the British were going the Rajalı of Népaunee. He was particularly of windows, hearths, &c. it contained ; and, to declare war against him, and was conse- fond of the flower of the Calderah, called in having gained the desired information, he quently fortifying his country; and I supposed Hindoostanee Kewrah, the odour of which is immediately demanded, on behalf of his mathe work. people were employed on some strong generally too strong for English organs, but jesty, a considerable sum, as the amount of place in the neighbourhood. Having obtained sweet beyond any flower in the East. No man taxes and arrears due upon the place. In vain special permission for myself and companions, in his dominions dare use it, all being the the poor man protested against the proceeding, I therefore determined that I would imme- property of the Máhá Svámee; as the finest as an imposition in vain he contended, that diately undeceive him, as an act of kindness to Howers of their gardens are appropriated solely the demand never having been made before, be both parties. Rising very early on the 25th, to the decoration of their temples, by all the had no right to pay it then. The stranger was we took a quiet walk in the garden, and other natives of India. The sequel may aslinexorable, and nothing would satisfy him but

was put safely ashore, and never again visited APPARENTLY a reprint of some novel of cause of this indifference; I found it in ambi.

the payment of the money down, or, in default (quence of its increased trade, been transferred | totypes and examples of a numerous and existing

thereof, he threatened to return direct, with a to Belfast !!! Of the accuracy of the fore- body.
*party of the army, and lead, drive, and carry going, the reader will be able to form a correct
away all that he could find upon the island. (idea, when informed that the said capital of

ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE. At length, fearing such a catastrophe, and Antrim is a small inland town, not less than

NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE. finding every effort to soften the hard heart of twelve miles distant from any part of the coast. [The history of this interesting fragment is as follows: the exciseman completely fruitless, the poor As, however, Mr. Wright also mentions that and we leave our readers to form their own judgment man paid down the amount demanded, and got there was at one time a custom-house here, we as to its authenticity. It appeared in a work which was a regular acknowledgment for the same; and suppose such to have been the case, but are

immediately suppressed in France; and since that pe

riod no trace of it has been discoverable; so that this the officer, having put the money in his pocket, inclined to suspect it must have been for some MS., copied from it at the time, has very nearly the baughtily desired that he might be put ashore. time before the flood,' when, as has been value of an original. It purports to be part of a letter ' No, no,' said the old man; although his suggested by a learned writer, Lough Neagh

written by Buonaparte at the period of the execution of

Louis XVI., and must be perused with peculiar feelings majesty may compel me to pay taxes, he cannot formed a part of the Irish Sea, or Northern at this eventful moment.] compel me to keep a boat to row you, and the Channel !"

“ I LEARNT the next day that the advocate likes of you, back and forward.' After many And again, speaking of a monument of the Target had refused his professional aid to his threats and entreaties, the islander at last Chichester family at Carrickfergus, near the sovereign. This was, in the strongest acceptaconsented, as he had brought his visitor over, base of which an old author (M'Skimin) tion of the term, to erase his name from the to give him a bit of a row' back again; and mentions“ tablets of black marble, with a records of immortality! What were the arguboth getting into the boat, along with a young very long inscription in English.” Mr. Hardy ments of his cowardly prudence ?. 'I shall not lad, son to the proprietor, they pulled for some remarks:

save his life, whilst I may risk my own.' time in the direction of the shore. When “The inscriptions on these tablets must have Malesherbes, Tronchet, Desèze, faithful and about midway, wever, the islander, quietly certainly undergone some very extraordinary devoted subjects (whom I could not imitate, laying down his oar, informed the officer, that metamorphose since the period at which they but whom, if I were a monarch, I would place although he had promised to give him a bit of they were viewed by Mr. Wright, in the year at my right hand), united to defend by their a row,' he had never any intention of taking 1823, as he informs us they were at that time zealous exertions the descendant of St. Louis. him the entire way, and that he must now do in Latin - they are at present all in En- Should they survive this courageous act of fidethe best he could, as he was himself obliged to glish !!”

lity, I will never pass them without bareing my return to the island, or that they would land

head. Detained by business at Versailles, í him on Phaddy Ihug, (a large rock, which Brighton ; a Comic Sketch. Seven Wood En- only returned to Paris on the 16th of January; was visible at low water, but was many feet gravings by R. Cruiksliank. Pp. 36. Kidd.

I had consequently lost three or four scenes of beneath the surface at full tide)—from which, A HUMOROUS little poem, with a number of attended the National Convention. Ah! my

this ambitious tragedy, but on the 18th I friends on the shore might hear him, and send commendable puns, after the manner, but not friend ! whatever these revolutionary maniacs a boat to convey him the remainder of the up to the merit, of Hood's Hunts, &c. "The

may say, a monarch is not merely a man: his distance. On the other protesting against such cuts do not strike us as being peculiarly appli- head will fall, it is true, with that of the shepconduct, and insisting that they should con

cable to Brighton : though clever enough, they herd, but he who commands the murder will tinue their labour, and take him ashore-the might as well apply to London or York; and shudder at his own temerity; and were he not old man, pulling his oar into the boat, and of one of them, the drunken party, we cannot compelled by the force of his secret motives, desiring his son to do the same, very drily express our approbation.

the sentence would expire on his lips ere its observed, that if the gentleman did not wish

utterance. I gazed eagerly on the intrepid to quit the boat, they would not insist upon The Midsummer Medley for 1830. A Series mortals who were about to dare pronounce on his doing so, as they could swim like twa of Comic Tales, Sketches, gic., in Prose and the fate of their virtuous sovereign. I studied water-dogs,' and thus easily regain the island; Verse. By the Author of “ Brambletye their looks scrutinised their very hearts. It but that if he chose to pay him for it, they

House.” 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1830. was by the excess, the importance of their treswould willingly land him at any place he

Colburn and Bentley.

pass, they were supported, whilst inwardly wished. Finding himself outwitted by the Two amusing little volumes, from which the awed by the rank of their victim: could they islanders, the officer deemed it the more ad- previous popularity of many of their component have ventured to retract, the prince had been visable way to accede to the terms proposed parts, alone prevents our quoting. Without saved! But unfortunately they had said, if when, to his astonishment, he found that the calling for any thing like strict criticism, they his head does not fall to-day, ours must soora demand was nothing less than the entire will pass away half an hour, or more, pleasantly submit to the stroke of the executioner. This amount he had received for the taxes, together enough, as the reader chances to be of slow of was the predominant idea that dictated their with a receipt for those of the following year, rapid habits of perusal. We cannot characte- votes.

No pen could with justice describe the and a special engagement, that he would never rise them better than by quoting the moito in situation of the people in the galleries. Silent, again return to that island to demand taxes or the title-page. It is a good thing to laugh, gloomy, breathless, their looks were alternately excise. Hard as the terms were, he was at at any rate; and if a straw can tickle a man, it directed towards the accused, his advocates, and length compelled to accede to them, rather is an instrument of happiness." There is not, bis judge. Circumstance as strange as hor. than take the alternative of being left to drift however, much of that broad wit or humour rible, D'Orleans' vote was.--Death! The shoek out to sea in an open boat, on a tide which, at that excites laughter, in these volumes ; which of electricity would have been less visibly felt: the time, was running at the rate of nine miles are rather agreeable and pleasing.

the assembly rose with one spontaneous start an hour, with scarcely a hope of relief from any

of horror, and the hall reverberated the murquarter. It is scarcely necessary to observe, that having paid back the money, and given Norrington ; or, the Memoirs of a Peer. mur of similar and responsive feeling: one man the required receipt, the crest-fallen tax-man

2 vols

. London, 1830. Hurst, Chance, and alone, immovable as a rock, kept his seat -- it Co.

was 1! I ventured to inquire of myself the the , or trusted himself

company so tricky a customer as the old dealer in rabbit- humblest of a now exploded school. sixty years' since,” being on a par with the conduct of the Duke of Orleans ; to me, there

-only such a sentiment could reconcile the skins.”

fore, it was natural : he sought a throne to Nir. Hardy, in some of his notes, is plea

which he had no title, and such acquisitions santly enough severe upon the blunders of Protestant Truths, and Roman Catholic Er- are not to be made without forfeiting the right former writers: take for example the obser

rors. By the Rev. Plumpton Wilson, LL.D. to virtuous and general estimation. vation which he makes, after noticing the

12mo. Pp. 235.
London, 1830. Longman

“I shall now, my friend, become concise : I village of Crumlin.

and Co.

do not like the unfoldin

of funereal crape. The following extraordinary description of An interesting and prettily told story, but The king was condemned to death! and if the this small place appears in the Topographical very unfair in its premises, and illiberal in its 21st of January did not for ever affix an odium Dictimary of the United Kingdom, published conclusions. An author, it is true, is like an on the French character, at least it added a in London, in the year 1826 ! Antrim, absolute monarch, and does what he pleases glorions name to the list of martyrs ! What a eighty-four miles from Dublin, is the capital of with his subjects.' It is, however, neither very town was Paris on this awful day! The poputhe county of the same name. There is a good good reasoning, nor very strict justice, to make lace appeared in a state of stupefaction : it road and pier here; but the custom-house, certain imaginary individuals commit certain seemed that the people assembled only to ex. which was formerly established, has, in conse- imaginary acts, and then hold them as pro.change gloomy looks, and to fly from each

No. 37 Basinghall St.

In my


other without speaking. The streets were de- at Berlin having presented to the arts and at double that planet's distance from Mercury, serted, and houses and palaces wore the appear. sciences there, an article for silk shirts. how inconceivably greater must be that of the ance of tombs. The air even seemed to smell I am not aware of the said article being a nearest planet of the next system to ours ? of the executioner. To be brief, the descend-new discovery, I am now manufactureing and And how can Uranus or his satellites be ant of St. Louis was led to death, through files have been for sometime an article of silk Mixt imagined, any more than our other planets, or of mournful automata, but lately his subjects. with other articles which produce an article of indeed at all, within the sphere of that sys

“ If any one be near you, my friend, when the appearance of silk, possesing all the quali- tem's attraction ? And all this without referyou read this despatch (even were it your ties of silk and for which I have obtained his ence to the immeasurable distances of the fixed father), conceal from him what follows—it is a Majesty's Royal Patent, this article is not only stars, the admitted centres of other systems. stain on the stuff of which my character is used for shirts, but for sheets to Sleep in, and “ I would further remark, in reference to made. That Napoleon Buonaparte should be for various other uses, as a substitute for Flan- your opinion of the received account of the sensibly affected at the destruction of a human nell next the skin, and strongly recommended origin of Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, being being, and constrained to keep his bed from by the most Eminent Physicians as being very (to say the least) extremely unsatisfactory,' the consequences of this impression, is a fact conduceive to Health and very particurlarly so, &c.,—that the theory of their origin, from an scarcely to be believed, though true, and one for weak and sickly constituions, It is also exploded planet formerly moving between the which I cannot avow without blushing with made in colors in stripes and checks for Shirts, orbits of Mars and Jupiter, which I take to be contempt for myself. Yes, I experienced a that may be used for summer, without waiscoats that you allude to, seems directly to result feeling, which, however admirable in another, and well calculated for all warm or cold cli. from Bode's law; because this law, and the was disgraceful to one who had disavowed all mates.

harmony of the whole system, requires one the weaknesses of the human heart. The If you will please to Insert this or with any original primary planet within that zone, and night preceding the 21st of January I had not alteration you may deem proper in your next not four. Does it not therefore immediately closed my eyes ; yet I was unable to account Number you will much oblige, Sir your most follow, that the four asteroids must of necessity to myself for the cause of my unusual agitation. obedient

be fragments either of that original planet or of I rose early, and eagerly ran wherever the crowd

Naish and Co. a dismembered secondary system like Jupiter's ? was assembling. I wondered at, or rather I

5 Aug. 1830.

And this, independent of the arguments to be despised, the passive imbecility of forty thou

I shall be Glad to shew you or any of your derived from the proximity and intersections of sand national guards, of whom nine-tenths Friends the various articles, and if you will their orbits, which have conducted astronomers were only mechanically the agents of the exe- please to call a pair of Gloves of the same to the same conclusion. Indeed, with the cutioner. At the Porte St. Denis I met San. article will be at your Service."

above-mentioned law, and its proofs before us, terre: he was followed by a numerous staff.

any longer to suppose the asteroids original I should have liked to have cut off his ears: I


independent members of the solar system, spit at him, not being able to do more.

would, I apprehend, be to suppose an anomaly opinion, his post had been better filled by the

in the all-perfect and harmonious works of Duke d’Orleans : his object was a crown; and A valued correspondent, referring to Mr. creation. The existence of many, perhaps we all know that such a motive over balances Bucke's letter, which appeared in our No. 703, hundreds, of analogous fragments of the ex. many considerations. Proceeding along the while fully subscribing to the utility and con- ploded planet or system, the majority of which Boulevards, I reached the Place de la Revolu- venience of the proposed Nomenclature of the are probably far too minute for the highest teletion. I was ignorant of the invention of the Satellites, differs from the conclusions on one scopic vision, may also doubtless be inferred. guillotine: a cold perspiration crept over me. or two other points adverted to in that essay.


J. CULLIMORE." A stranger, who stood near me, attributed my

“ You infer,” he says to the writer, “that it Upon the whole of this correspondence, the agitation and paleness to a peculiar interest in must be a necessary consequence (of attraction), subject being one of the highest scientific imthe King of France. Be of better cheer," said since Jupiter disturbs the motions of Saturn on portance, we would shortly remark, that Mr. he, “ he will not perish: the Convention is only one side, that there must be one large primary Bucke is correct respecting the satellites of desirous of proving its power, and he will meet planet, or several smaller ones (like Ceres, Saturn; they are not numbered according to his pardon at the foot of the scaffold.' 'If that Juno, Pallas, and Vesta), between his orbit their order of distance but discovery ; thus the be so,' replied I, the gentlemen convention and that of Uranus.' But how does such a sixth and seventh are, in fact, the first and alists are not themselves far from their fall, theory agree with the law of the excesses of second. and never would culprits more richly deserve the planetary distances discovered by Professor

It does not seem necessary that there should their fate. He who attacks a lion, and would Bode ? A law, which has been extended to be a large planet revolving between Saturn and avoid being destroyed by him, should not the satellites in the last volume of the Cam- Uranus, to complete the equilibrium of the syswound, but throw him dead upon the spot.' bridge Philosophical Transactions, and seems tem ; for though Jupiter does disturb the moA low and confused noise was heard it was as thoroughly established as the celebrated one tions of Saturn, he is himself disturbed by the royal victim! I hurried forward, elbowing of Kepler. According to this law, the ex- Saturn; but those mutual perturbations become and elbowed. I approached as far as I could cesses of the planetary distances above Mercury compensated after a lapse of ages. all my efforts to get near were vain: the scaf- form a geometrical series, of which the common

The arrangement of the system of Uranus fold was hid from me by an armed force. The ratio is 2; each orbit in ascent being double is very singular and amazing - the satellites rolling of drums suddenly interrupted the the distance of the next inferior one from that retrograde, and moving nearly at right angles mournful silence of the assembled multitude of Mercury. Its soundness was demonstrated to the ecliptic: but there does not seem sufficient

It is the signal of his release,' said the stran- by the subsequent discovery of the Asteroids reason for supposing that it is the exterior ger. And it will rebound on his murderers, moving in the assigned path, at nearly the planet. I replied : 'in such a case, half a crime is a same mean distances from the sun, being about

Respecting undiscovered planets, Mr. B. is, weakness. A momentary silence ensued. Sud. half the distance of Jupiter, and twice that of perhaps, nearer the mark than he is aware: denly something fell heavily on the scaffold : Mars from Mercury: Saturn revolves at twice several small planets are suspected; the splendid the noise struck at my heart. I inquired the the distance of Jupiter, and Uranus at twice catalogues of stars by Bessel and Struve, and cause of a gendarme. It is the falling of the that of Saturn. Is it not therefore necessary the list of the Astronomical Society, will tend axe," he replied. “The king is not then saved ! to the harmony of the system, that Uranus very considerably to set this question at rest; - he is dead !- he is dead! I pronounced at must be the next primary planet to Saturn ? when these catalogues come to be revised, by least ten times these words he is dead! I

“ You infer from the retrograde motions of going over the stars again, some may be missed, became insensible for some minutes, and, with the satellites of Uranus, that he is the last others may be found, proving that some which out knowing by whom, I had been taken from primary planet of our system, and that these have been classed as fixed stars are, in fact, the crowd, I found myself on the Quai des motions indicate the approach, and indeed the planets. There is ground for the suspicion, Théatins : 'there I recovered some degree of actual beginning, of another system, of which which, if confirmed, will completely upset the recollection, but I could utter no word except they are at once the heralds and the connecting “ explosion system. She is dead !' In a state of distraction | links. But, as according to the established

The comet of 1770, one of great bulk, passed reached home, but at least an hour elapsed be- recession of the planetary orbits, the next through the system of Jupiter, and was fore I had perfectly regained my senses. above Uranus (if any such there be) would be tained four months near his orb, without having

any perceptible effect on the motions or places To the Editor, $e.

• Having received a letter of this kind, our sense of of the satellites ; a sufficient proof that comets SIR, I observed in your last number of the justice induces us to publish it, and our sense of literature Literary Gaxette a mention made of a person think we have won our gloves.--Ed. L. G.

We say nothing about the article ; but we possess very little matter in proportion to their

magnitude. We can expect but little satisfac




tion from such a visit to the system of Ura-oranges, dates, tamarinds, pine-apples, paradise | cabals and disagreements which have for some

figs and other delicious fruits, hemp-trees, time unfortunately interrupted the purer pur

cotton of superfine staple, precious dyewoods, suits of scientific objects.* This arrangement, EXPEDITIONS.

ebony and many other finely-grained and beau- we understand, will be agreeable to his MaA GERMAN periodical of recent date contains tiful woods for cabinet-makers, also camphor jesty's wishes. a letter addressed to a literary friend in Ger- trees, areka, and betel.

We are not among the cavillers who think many by Dr. Mertens, secretary to the Aca Such are the capabilities of New Guinea, an finding fault with every thing the best road to demy of Sciences at St. Petersburg, and Natu- island discovered early in the sixteenth century, improvement ; but neither can we be blind to ralist to the Russian expedition to Bebring's but hitherto overlooked by all the colonising the fact, that long-established systems have a Straits, and thence to Manilla, and farther to nations of Europe ; containing a surface ex- tendency to degenerate (were it only into inac. some imperfectly known islands in the eastern ceeding that of Borneo, over which a population tivity), and that an occasional infusion of ocean. It describes the volcanoes of Kamschatka, of half a million is thinly scattered. Here also judicious change and reform does a great deal &c.; and is dated from the harbour of St. Peter the wild bees produce immense quantities of of public good. With regard to the Royal and St. Paul, in October 1828, at which period honey and wax; here are birds of paradise and Academy, we are not aware that it has yet the Siniavin, having completed her survey of other birds innumerable, and most of them found time to reply to his Majesty's patriotic the Straits of Behring, &c. was within a week suitable for the table : also cattle and pigs, buf. inquiry ; but we are sure that its constitution of her departure for Manilla.

faloes, stags, goats, horses, and various kinds is susceptible of very beneficial alterations. It appears highly probable from the frequency of monkeys. The seas are stored with shell An exclusive party of artists managing all the of Russian voyages of discovery in the Pacific

, and other fish, also pearls and ambergris; while concerns of art is in itself objectionable since that the Russians will, ere long, take possession there is good reason to believe, that the moun- every individual must have personal and priof and colonise some of the most productive tains are rich in minerals, especially gold and vate interests opposed to those of the whole islands. In Dobell's travels through Kams- iron, and that the river-sands contain gold- profession. There ought unquestionably to be chatka, China, &c. (published April 1830), dust

. The produce of New Holland and Van à fair proportion of eligible persons unconafter enumerating the many local and other Diemen's Land is meagre and contemptible nected with the practice of any of the arts advantages of Kamschatka, he particularly when compared with the boundless variety and (sculpture, architecture, painting, engraving,) mentions its vicinity to the most fertile and opulence of New Guinea ; and we throw out upon the council of the Academy, where their populous countries on the globe, and states these hints from having seen that Mr. Bucking- mere presence would lead to justice being done that the passage thence to any part of the ham again explained the nature of his projected to the numerous, and often most accomplished, Japanese islands, is only ten or twelve days ; voyage at a public meeting on Thursday last. aspirants who were not academicians. In the to the Sandwich isles, to Macao, the Philip-Let him survey this island and make its advan- annual exhibitions it is too much to expect pines, or any of the Indo-Chinese islands, only tages known_he would find numerous settlers that an artist who has the power of choosing thirty or forty days; to the N. W. coast of from New Holland, Hindostan, and Great favourable places for his own productions will America, California, or the islands of the Great Britain, to recompense all the toils and dan- voluntarily yield them up to some other claimPacific, sixty days. gers of his expedition.

ant who is out of the pale, and throw himself A chain of island-groups extends from New

into the back ground. Thus there is no season *Holland to Kamschatka, namely, the Moluccas ;

in which we are not inundated with complaints the large islands of Borneo and New Guinea ;


on this subject. And another part of the ex. the Carolinas, the Philippines, the Ladrones, ROYAL PATRONAGE OF GREAT PUBLIC AND isting mode is perhaps still more objectionable; the Loo-Choo isles, the Japanese isles, the

-we allude to the members of the Academy Zezo isles, the Kourile isles, and others of less In our last we recorded his Majesty's gracious being allowed to paint on their pictures after importance. In this immeasurable Archipe- declaration of patronage to the King's College they are hung up. Every one at all acquainted lago, the Philippines alone consist of not fewer now erecting, and to form the left wing of So- with the art knows that the consequence of than 1200 islands, of which the Spaniards oc- merset House; and in a preceding Literary this is the making of our exhibition rooms cupy only Luzou (Manilla), Mindanao, Samar, Gazette we also stated that his Majesty had mere patch-work, where pictures of intrinsic Leyte, Mindoro, Panay, Negros, Zebu, and the in the same gracious manner placed himself at excellence are completely destroyed by the Calamianes ; and on this insignificant number the head of the Royal Asiatic Society-a So-whelming glare of their neighbours, wrought they possess merely portions of territory near ciety already conducted with a degree of energy up to the requisite pitch of gilding and colour. the sea, while the interiors are very little known. and judgment which scarcely needed an ad. Nothing can be more unfair than this ; and we * Most of the islands above named are of volcanic dition to its strength and spirit, however grate- have often been astonished when we saw picorigin, presenting great variety of surface, and ful such an addition must be.

tures after the show was over, and found on valleys of singular fertility. The island of New But his Majesty has not stopped here with examination that its brilliant ornaments were Guinea alone is well worthy of a national ex. his encouragement of those things which con- daubs, and some of its obscured and un. pedition, with a view to present traffic and tribute most to the power and refinement of a noticed performances honours to the English ultimate colonisation. This immense island, nation, and to the lasting splendour and glory of school. Another effect of the opposition of inwhich is immediately north of New Holland, a crown. It has been mentioned that the King's dividual to general benefits is the use, or rather and not farther from England than the Swan pleasure was communicated to the Royal Aca- the abuse, of the invitations to private views, River, is preferable to Borneo, being farther demy, founded by his venerated father, and a the Academy dinners, and other little complifrom the equinoctial line, and possessing, from request made to the Council which manages mentary opportunities. We firmly believe that its varied and mountainous surface, a climate its affairs, that it should point out the best not one in five hundred of these is addressed to better suited to European constitntions. means of promoting the cultivation of the the advancement of the national arts : on the

In its fertile groves and valleys the spices of Fine Arts.' In like manner_has William IV. contrary, they are invariably disposed of to the Moluccas grow wild; and of the following notified (through Sir Robert Peel) to the Royal list of valuable produce, the growth of the Mo- Society of Literature, the spontaneous and stances, and the deterioration of the country in the eyes

• As a proof of the necessary result of such circumluccas and Philippines, many grow in New munificent foundation of his late lamented of the world when compared with the advance of other Guinea, and all might easily be cultivated to brother, that he consents to be the patron of nations in the highest walks of science, the following any extent.

this noble Institution. The Royal Society, was (as is well known) commenced many years ago Sugar of the finest quality, coffee, cocoa, too, has been honoured by the King's attention, by the celebrated Dr. Maskelyne, and was found to pepper, ginger, nutmegs, cloves, almonds, cocoa- and we believe we may consequently anticipate be of so great importance, that scarcely a vessel left nuts, rice, tobacco of superlative excellence, some considerable changes in the government that period, however, many deficiencies and errors,

of that learned and scientific body:-we have especially the former, have been discovered in Dr. MasOur ingenious and scientific correspondent, Mr. · Bucke, does not seem to be aware, that the satellites

or reason to expect that the excellent president, kolyne's work. To ascertain the best mode of remedyJupiter when first discovered by Galileo, were nained by Mr. Davies Gilbert, will retire from that high | The plan suggested by this gentleman to his lordship was, second, Cosmos major ; the third, Maria Medicæa; and will be elected in his stead. With every feel. in that city, and to reduce the meridian of Berlin, and him Sidera Medicæa. The first satellite, Cosmog minor; the station, and that H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex to translate the Ephemeris of Professor Encke, the astrofirst satellite the name of Jovial Mercury : the second, ing of regard and esteem for Mr. Gilbert--and adapt it to that of Greenwich !!!--Whilst England posthat of Jovial Venus, &c. Johannes Baptista Hodierna he has eminently deserved them by his per- to find that Lord Melville did not act upon this sugges(who was the first that published Ephemerides of the sonal conduct and great attainments-it may tion; for he soon after transferred his inquiry to the the second, Victripharus ; the third, Cosmipharus; and be allowed us to congratulate the Society on Astronomical Society of London-a council of which was inte fourth, Fernantiphacus each of which names were the probability of having a prince of the blood imediately called for the purpose of gi ing that atten

as Tuscany.

at its bead, and one likely to quash all the quired.

the fourth, Katherina Medicæa. Simon Marius

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