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SKETCHES OF SOCIETY. negad," did it so differently from what the taste, tact, or discrimination, send over their

veteran expected, that he could not help ex- slubbered transcripts of every piece that is sucThe Original Macheath. Tom Walker, as

claiming in an angry tone, “ What trade are cessful in Paris, merely because it has been he was constantly called, (the so much cele. I am a gentleman.”

you, sir ?" The performer answered, “ Sir, successful there, that give a handle to the

" Then,” rejoined he,“ tiny whipsters” of the press, and furnish brated original Macheath in the Beggar's “ stick to that, sir ; for you will never be an every would-be critic with examples to adduce Opera), was well known to Macklin, both on and off the stage. He was a young man,

in proof of the degradation of the English rather rising in the mediocre parts of comedy, occasion

Macklin as Macbeth. The squibs on this drama, the absence of all original talent, &c. when the following accident brought him out being short, are given as a specimen :

were innumerable; the following &c. &c.--commonplace tirades that are at least

as devoid of originality as the trash against in Macheath.* Quin was first designed for this part, who barely sung well enough to give

I learned to-night what ne'er before I knew,

which they are directed. Unfortunately for That a Scotch monarch's like an Irish Jew.

the manager, Farren's admirable acting saved a convivial song in company, which, at that So uncouth Macklin's form, I'll suffer death, the piece. We say unfortunately; as it can time of day, was almost an indispensable claim If well I knew the witches from Macbeth.

never be productive to the theatre, while yet it on every performer; and on this account per No longer mourn, Macduff, thy children's fall, haps did not much relish the business : the

Macklin hath murdered sleep, Macbeth, and all.

may linger, so supported, long enough to be

paid for. As we have repeatedly noticed the high reputation of Gay, however, and the cri.

wretched scenery at this house, we are bound tical junto who supported him, made him


in justice to observe that there was really a drudge through two rehearsals. On the close


chamber-scene exhibited on this occasion which of the last, Walker, was observed humming On Tuesday Otello was the performance ; and did not require a label upon it to state for what some of the songs behind the scenes, in a tone and liveliness of manner, which attracted all added an act of it Turco ; so that the lovers of our brethren, we should take to ourselves the

Were we as vain as some of to this, the longest of Rossini's operas, was it was intended. their notice. Quin laid hold of this circum- music had “ surely enough ;" and it was near credit of working this miracle. stance to get rid of the part, and exclaimed, “Ay, there's a man who is much more qua- his capers. By the by, it is a bad sign of the one o'clock before Massaniello could commence

ENGLISH OPERA, ADELPHII. lified to do you justice than I am.” Walker was called on to make the experiment; and properties, (though one of old use and stand. MR. PEAKE produced a new melodrama here Gay, who instantly saw the difference, ac-chief for Otello! It is true he might be godfather, Sheridan, the fear of that most un.

ing), that they cannot find a pocket-handker- on the aforesaid Friday, not having, like his cepted bim as the hero of his piece.

The Beggar's Opera.--Mr. Gay wrote all, equally jealous of the sheet of paper (which lucky day before his eyes. The Skeleton Lover or the greatest part of, this opera, at the Duke passes for one); but it would be more real, as is of the same genus with the Bottle Imp, but

the Scotch say, to see a nose-napkin.we fear will not rival it in attraction. For of Queensbury's, in the summer-house, which is something like a cavern on the side of a at this house, when we were squeezed as terrifica, it has its pleasing horrors and its

On Monday, Mr. Kean took his farewell those, however, who admire the estravaganza. bank at Amesbury. The duke and duchess fat as a pancake, and stewed down to a frightful fun; and at any rate is not burdened men; particularly to the late celebrated Dr. jelly afterwards, but did nevertheless manage with that most heavy of dramatic sins-dulness. Arbuthnot. At that period the duchess thought expectations) Mr. Kean take his long, his speak most favourably of the music by Mr.

to see and to hear (which was beyond our We are happy also to have it in our power to herself slighted at court, and had desisted at- last farewell" of the London audience, as he Rodwell

. The opening chorus, the waltz in and Mr. Gay were almost constantly with her; impressively expressed it. He had evidently the last scene, Mrs. Keeley's ballad – “ When and, I believe, to gratify the duchess, he screwed himself up to the trial, and went through the glow-worm,” and that allotted to our touched on the modes of the court ; and Miss the close of the performance he advanced, still highly creditable to the taste and skill of the

his fatiguing task with unflagging energy. Åt charming little friend Miss H. Cawse, are Arbuthnot knowing many old Scots

and En, in his Othello's dress, and uttered a few, we composer, and were sung, the ballads especially: glish songs, collected the most proper airs, and Gay wrote in suitable measure for them ; so the cheers of the house, and terminating them opposition to the piece on the first night, in

may call them incoherent, sentences, amidst in the very best style. There was considerable they had no need of a musician to compose with the declaration above mentioned, retired, which we regretted to hear it said, that a young

The whole money received for the sixty-two supported by Mr. Harley and Mr. Cooper. A and popular musical composer, who had been nights of this opera was 11,1991. 14s.; and couple of wreaths were Alung to him on the passed into the house by the author, took a one night (making the sixty-three) for’a be- stage, and loud cries of “No! no!" interrupt- prominent part. The Skeleton Lover has, on nefit, 1681. 10s.

ed his allusions to a final separation from his its subsequent representations, been considerYoung Macklin. I was informed nearly the provinces before he departs for America ; off merrily and briskly enough.

theatrical friends. He makes a tour through ahly improved by curtailment, and now goes fifty years since by an elderly gentleman, who and although we do not think his resolution to was born and bred in Dublin, that Macklin quit the stage will hold, should he ever return had been a shoe-boy, i. e. a blacker of shoes, at to England, the probabilities are, that he fol- Our worthy friend Mr. Boai made an apology the college in Dublin, and was a waiter or lows his prototype, George Cooke, to a Trans- for not performing on his instrument the other marker at a gaming-table, where his common atlantic grave, and that we have really seen day, on account of his having got a cold :: appellation was cursed Charley.

the last of this great but misguided actor. wag observed, that he supposed it must be the Hyppesly, the original Peachum. In this

chin-cough! Another musical wonder has character Hyppesly adopted the very dress of

arisen in fertile Germany ;-a woman who Jonathan Wild a black coat, scarlet waistcoat with broad gold lace, velvet breeches, white An exceedingly stupid affair, called the Force nose. Nobody knows what the next improre.

plays beautifully on the piano-forte with her silk rolled-up stockings gartered under the of Nature, was produced here on Friday last. ment will be; perhaps to play the harp with knees with black straps, square-toed shoes, It is a translation from the French drama Phi- elbows." white flowing wig, laced hat, silver-hilted sword, lippe, which has drawn crowded houses in Paris, &c. Shuter followed his example.. He, Wild, because, notwithstanding the unnatural tone of LADIES' BAZAR, IN AID OF THE FUNDS OF was hanged in 1725.

sentiment which prevails throughout the piece, THE DISPENSARY FOR DISEASES OF THE The true-born Irishman,m-acted at Covent it is founded upon customs (we cannot call them Garden one night only, Nov. 28th, 1767, and laws) which existed during the reign of terror, MR. JENKINS' grounds, so prettily laid out not printed : Macklin seemed to acquiesce in and has a peculiar interest for the many who and so well adapted for the purpose, were the withdrawal, saying, in his strong manner, personally witnessed, at that frightful period, crowded on Monday with a host of the remain“ I believe the audience are right; there's a incidents as singular as those referred to in the ing rank and fashion in town. Very gaily geography in humour as well as in morals, drama, or who still feel the effects of their influ- decorated stalls were kept by some of our prewhich I had not previously considered.” ence on their families. In the French piece, also, mières élégantes, - Lady Vintry was proxy for

In rehearsing this piece, Macklin took in- the plot is dramatically developed ; while in its the Duchess of Cumberland, and Prince George finite pains to instruct a young actor in his mutilated copy, the consciousness of its want of was the first purchaser. This benevolent insti. part, who having to pronounce “ Lady Kin- interest for an English audience has induced tution deserves the highest encouragement from

the translator to huddle up the story, and run the public, if we think for one moment of the • Quin performed the part of Macheath for his own the chance of escaping in the confusion. It is dreadful affliction it alleviates. Upwards of benefit, (at Lincoln's Inn Fields, March 19, 1730), which produced 1121. 138. 6d. in money--tickets, 931. 16s. such persons as these, who, without the slightest 6355 patients are stated to have been cured, or

new tunes.




greatly benefited ; a circumstance which speaks | inches long, and in shape resembled the forma- cadence. There are two kinds of mazureks. volumes for the charity. It is stated that the tion of the human figure.”—Provincial Jour. The one, of which the first part is always in a fête will be repeated earlier next season : its nal. We are not told if they groaned either minor, and the second in a major key, are supporters cannot do better, and we trust it on being pulled up, or at the price given for composed to be sung, and, as they say in will meet with all the favour it so well deserves. them.

Polish, to be heard; the others are used in a New Medicine.-M. Leroux, an apothecary dance, the figures and steps of which are nu.

at Vitry-le-Français, has extracted from the merous. Its movement is in \; but is, never, VARIETIES.

bark of the willow a new substance, to which theless, less rapid than the waltz." Dress of the Bedouins.-A French officer in he has given the name of salicine; and which Corsica.--A company has been formed to the Algerine expedition thus describes the he has found to be a powerful febrifuge. A drain the marsh lands of Corsica. Several costume of the Bedouins. “ They are en committee of the French Academy, to whom thousand acres will be thus gained for agri. veloped from head to foot in a covering of M. Leroux's discovery was submitted for con- cultural purposes, and the health of the inha. thick flannel, fastened over the head by means sideration, have pronounced most favourably bitants improved at the same time. of a riband. They have neither shirt nor with respect to it. They say that its medical

OLD EPIGRAM, shoes, and are armed with a long gun, which properties are singularly energetic, and that it

On the Tares on Powder and Tea, by Mr. Jekyll. carries very far and very true; they are besides may be advantageously substituted for quinine.

You tax our powder and you tax our tea! furnished with a little sheath, similar to that M.' Majendie administered eighteen grains in We soon shall have no beaux-not even Bo-hea! used by butchers, in which they keep a small a day, in three doses of six grains each, and and exceedingly sharp knife.

that quantity sufficed to remove intermittent LITERARY NOVELTIES. New Street.-We rejoice to see it stated in fever, without any return. Experiments have [Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XXX. July 24.) the newspapers, that the new street from the also been made in the various hospitals of Paris, Πλουτος και της ψυχης, πλουτος μονος εστιν αληθης, Strand, opposite Waterloo Bridge, is to be car- especially at l’Hôtel-Dieu and · La Charité ; is given out as preparing for the press by Mrs. Harding: ried into effect;---a great and manifest public and it has always been found that eighteen, or ways and Byways," entitled the 'Heiress of Bruges, and improvement, and not the less welcome that it at most twenty-four grains, administered in intended, we are told, as the first of a series of novels ilwill re-establish so deserving an individual as doses of six grains each, have been sufficient to lustrative of the history of Holland and Flanders.--The Mr. Arnold on one of the finest theatrical prevent the return of the tit. It appears, Author of " Brambletye House,” which consists, we are situations in the metropolis.

therefore, that the quantity of salicine neces- informed, of a series of comic tales and sketches in prose Geology.--A new Society, under the name of sary for that purpose is smaller than the quan- announced as a sequel to " Flirtation," is now, it is said, “ the Geological Society of France," has just tity of quinine which must be employed under positively about to appear. been formed in Paris. the same circumstances. The committee are

LIST OF NEW BOOKS. Potatoes. At the present season it may not of opinion that M. Leroux's discovery is one of The Protestant Rector, 18mo. 28. 6d. bds.-Concise be superfluous to recall to the recollection of the most important with which the thera- Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures, 18mo. 48. bd; bils. our friends in the country the fact which has peutic art has for some years been enriched ; tion of the Saxon Chronicle, 12mo. 108. 6d. Þds.--Borthbeen recently promulgated in France, with encourage bim to continue his researches; and wick on the Second Advent, 12mo. 38. 6d. bds.—Johnson's respect to the growth of that useful root, the advise him to undertake the preparation of the Essays, with Remarks on Composition, 12mo. 5s, 61. bds. potato. By nipping off the flowers after they salicine in large quantities, that it may be sold Parke's American Law, 8vo. 129. bds.-Glenrock Sundayare fully blown, an increase of fully one third as cheaply as possible.

School, 12no. 58. bds.-Jenour's Isaiah, Vol. II. 8vo. 128. may, it is said, be anticipated in the crop. To preserve dead Game. The Journal des bds.- Keller's Panorama of Switzerland, plain, 123. in

case; coloured, 11. 45.- The Pocket Lawyer, 12ino. 6s. M. Grinthausen.-His majesty the King of Connaissances Usuelles states, that if the en- bds. - Russell on the Millennium, 12mo. 78. &i. bds.Bavaria has appointed M. Grinthausen pro- trails, &c. of the game to be preserved be taken Library of Useful Knowledge, Optics, svo ds. ldbdsma fessor extraordinary of astronomy in the uni- out, the inside filled with wheat, and the imperial 4to. proofs, 2. 128. 6d. ; India, 31. 136. 6d.; before versity of Munich. This extraordinary pro hare or bird afterwards placed in a heap of letters, 11. 43.-Burridge's Budget of Truth, 78. 6d. bus.-fessor is the same gentleman who perceived the wheat, so as to be completely covered, it will | The Pulpit, Vol. XIV. 78. 6d. bds. works of the fortified towns in the moon, and keep fresh for two or three months. The skin counted the number of the ships which were or feathers should not be taken off.


New Dishes.--The Corsaire, a French paper, Thursday.. 15 entering the various ports of that useful satel.



From 45. to 74. 29.94 Stationary lite of our globe!

says-“ One of the outposts of the French Friday School of Arts at Brussels.-The King of the army at Algiers killed two snakes and a lion, Saturday Netherlands, with a view to improve the ma- which they sent to the floating restaurant on

Monday.... 19 nufactures of the country, and create a desire the following day. The carte of this restau- Tuesday to establish manufactories in Holland, has just rant, among other things, contained the follow. Wednesday 21

Prevailing wind, S.W. founded a Royal School of Arts and Trade at ing :--filet de lion, sauté dans sa glace, mati.

Except the 18th and 20tb, generally clear, raining heaBrussels. This monarch is a great promoter lotte de serpens, boa à la tartare, fraise de lion vily on the 18th. of manufactures, and is proprietor of several à la poulette, pieds de lion farcis, lion fraisé

Rain fallen, 56 of an inch.

CHARLES H. ADAMS. manufactories, which must have fallen but for aux petits pois, &c.

Latitude...... 51° 37' 32" N. his aid. It is customary with him to advance Steam Carriages.-Attempts are making in Longitude .. 0 3 51 W. of Greenwich. money to distressed manufacturers, taking an the United States to introduce the use of steam Extracts from a Meteorological Register kept at High assignment of their property until they are for land travelling on ordinary roads. Amongst Wycombe, Bucks, by a Member of the London Meteoroable to repay the sums borrowed, and then to other announcements on this subject, is that of logical Society. July 1830.

Thermometer--Highest........ 74.000 restore the property with a bandsome present an inhabitant of Pennsylvania, who states, that from his own purse.

by means of an ethereal vapour, of small cost, College in New South Wales. A college has and which he can condense at pleasure, and

Barometer - Highest ........ 29.85

Lowest ........ 29.14 been founded at Sydney, in New South Wales. restore to its gaseous state, he can impel a The first stone was laid on the 26th of January carriage of considerable size at the rate of nine Number of days of rain, 15. last. The following inscription (in Latin), or ten miles an hour, with boiler little

Quantity of rain in inches and decimals, 4.11875.

Winds. --- East-West-2 North-South Northengraved on a brass plate, was inserted in it: larger than a tea urn. We understand that east-- 1 South-east-12 South-west-8 North-west. “ This foundation-stone of Sydney College - a patent for something of this nature has been General Observations. - So wet and cold a June, atan institution founded for the vigorous and lately taken out in London by a speculative occurred during the last eight years; the quantity of rain

tended by so great a depression of the barometer, has not pious promotion of polite literature and the officer of marines ; but we have not heard of was extraordinary, exceeding by upwards of half an inch liberal arts among the youth of Australia — any satisfactory experiment having been per- the quantity which fell in ihe same month last year,

which was noticed as being particularly great: the mean was laid by Francis Forbes, chief justice of formed by him.

temperature was upwards of 23 degrees below the average New South Wales, on an auspicious day, viz. The Mazurka.-In the introduction to a of the last seven years. On the 25th there was much the 26th January, in the year of our Lord collection of Polish national and popular airs, lightning all round the compass, from & !'

. , until mid1830, in the happy reign of George IV.; Lieu- lately published by M. Sowirski, the mazurka lunar halo observed on the night of the 2d, about 10 P.M. tenant-General Ralph Darling being governor is thus described : “ The mazurek, the name The evaporation 0,21875 of an inch. of New South Wales."

of which comes from Mazovia, is the most New Crops.-“ Last Friday were exhibited characteristic dancing air of the country. It

TO CORRESPONDENTS. for sale, on the Market Hill, Huntingdon, two is the model of all our new airs. These latter We thank J. J. (Croydon), but the anecdote is old in mandrakes, the plants, or rather roots, men are, however, easily distinguished from the printo

We purpose inserting D.'s contrast next week, with tioned in Genesis. They were about thirty ancient by their less original and less tuneful some notes of our own.



17 .. 18

49. 42. 56. 50. 51. 51.

69. 66. 63. 69. 67. 75.

29.94 to 29.99 29.81 29.89 30.04 30.09

29.96 2:0.86 29.76 29.98 30.05 30.14




........ 35.00 ......... 52.46250


....... 29.56444


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The merinciples and Practice of Com ELEMENTS of RHETORIC, comprising


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Mantell, Esq. F.R.S. Lewis, Sussex: R. Venables, Esq. M.D. Sports. In 3 vols. 12mo. with Engravings on Wood, from Designs L'ABLES AMUSANTES, suivies d'une

Price 11. 18.

Price 108. 6d. ed edition, revised,

N HISTORICAL ESSAY on the LAWS wherein are exhibited extraordinary and surprising Strokes,

and the GOVERNMENT of ROME; designed as an Connected with Literature and the Arts. which have excited the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of Introduction to the Study of the Civil Law. Europe. Translated from the French of the celebrated



or the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. Formerly Capitaine d'infanterie in the Service of France. Printed for Longman, Rees, and Co.; and Saunders and Benof ART

Dedicated, by permission, to the Most Noble the Marquess of ning, London; T. Stevenson, Cambridge; J. Parker, Oxford; The opening of the Exhibition of the Liverpool Academy is


Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; and W. Collins, Glasgos. unavoidably postponed until One Fortnight after the closing of This work is elegantly got up, and comprises 43 well-executed the Exhibition of ihe Royal Academy at Somerset House, which copper-plates, with directions for performning, with precision, the has been deferred beyond its usual period, and from which several most masterly strokes of all the celebrated proficients of the pre

In 8vo. price 108. 6d. the 2d edition, to which is added, Works of Art are promised.

Two Lectures on the Mammiferous Animals, sent day. It is, in this respect, a great desideratum to all the ING'S COLLEGE, LONDON.- The the English language which can be compared with it, for the

Natural History and the Sciences, Vegetable Physiology, beauty and precision of its rules and illustrations; and none Zoology, the Animal and Vegetable Poisons, and on the Human Council of this Institution do hereby gire Notice, that which comprise the great improvements and discoveries made in Faculties, Mental and Corporeal. thes have deemed it expedient to extend the period for receiving the game within the last twenty years.

By WILLIAM LEMPRIERE, M.D. Applications for the under-mentioned Appointments until the 1st London: Translated and published by John Thurston, Billiard Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. of November next, víz.

Table Manufacturer, 14, Catharine Street, Strand; and to be had The Headmastership of the Lower Department. of all Booksellers.

Dr. Conolly's Work or Insanity.
The Professorships of Classical Literature.

In 1 vol. 8vo. 12s.
English Literature.

8vo. 12., a 3d edition of
Natural and Experimental Philosophy,

N INQUIRY concerning the INDICA.

TIONS of INSANITY, with Suggestions for the better
the Substance of the Article in the Encyclopædia Me Protection and Care of the Insane.
Natural History and Zoology.
tropolitana, with Additions, &c.

English Law and the Principles of Juris-

Professor of Medicine in the University of London. prudence.

Principal of St. Alban's Hall, and late Fellow of Oriel College, Printed for John Taylor, Bookseller and Publisher to the Information respecting these Situations may be obtained on ap


University, 30, Upper Gower Street. plication at the Office of the College, between the Hours of Twelve

John Murray, Albemarle Street, London; and and Three. By order of the Council,

J. Parker, Oxford.

Price 23. H. SMITH, Secretary. 2, Parliament Street, 13th July, 18.30.

'HE PRESENT STATE and FUTURE Marshall on Vaccination. Inl vol.

PROSPECTS of CHRISTIANITY; a Sermon, preached TION, with Reference to its Efficacy and Probable the Committee of the Association of the Deanery of Blackbur, The original Portrait of this celebrated Individual, Causes of Failure, as suggested by extensive Practical Experi. in aid of the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gaspainted by Chamberlin, in 1702, is now for sale, at Mr. Colnaghi's, ence.


pel in Foreign Parts, and published at their requesi.
Cockspur Sureet.
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

By the her. CHARLES CRAVEN, A.M.
Printed for T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

Lecturer at St. Philip's Church, Birmingham, and late Professor NOBLEMEN, GENTLEMEN,

in Bishop's College, Calcutta. or LEARNED SOCIETIES.

Climate in Consumption, &c.

Printed for H. C. Langbridge, Birmingham; and C., J., G., A Gentleman, Twenty-three years of age, of scientific habits,

In 8vo. price 12.. 2d edition, enlarged,

and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo Place,

London. and accustomed to respectable society, is desirous of a Situation HE INFLUENCE of CLIMATE in as Tutor or Secretary in a Nobleman or Gentleman's Family, or

8vo. 78. Bd, boards, as Superintendent of the Museum, &c. of a Learned Society. ORGANS, &c.; with an Account of the Places resorted to by The Advertiser has enjoyed a good education, and is known as

RIEF MEMOIRS of the late Right Rev. the Author of several Maihematical and Scientific Memoirs, and particular Diseases, and Directions for Invalids while Travelling cutta, particularly during his Residence in India; gathered franz Invalids in England, the South of Europe, &c.; their Merits in

JOHN THOMAS JAMES, D.D. Lord Bishop of Cal. is a Fellow of several Learned Societies. The advantages which and Kesiding Abroad. his pupils would enjoy abroad would be, an easy introduction to


his Letters and Papers. the learned men who might reside in the places they visited,

Member of the Royal College of Physicians.

By the Rer. EDWARD JAMES, M.A. and every facility in acquiring a knowledge of Satural History,

Printed for Thomas and George Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

Prebendary of Winchester, and Exainining Chaplain to the Geology, and Boiany, as well as in pursuing their usual Studies

Lord Bishop of the Diocese. The Advertiser also feels himself at liberty to other himself as

Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. the Curator of a Learned Society, whether in England or else.

Systematic Education, &e. &c. where, having long pursued the necessary studies.

New Editions of the following French Books, by J. Perrin, in EARNEST; being an Attempt to illustrate the first

revised by C. Gros, Botanical Magazine, Glazenwood, near Braintree, Essex ; G.

of Chelinsford ; or F.G.S. Witham, Essex.

Table générale et particulière des Mots, et de leur Sig. by George Cruikshank, price ll. 18. boards.

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India Proofs, ios. of
familiar and natural Elucidation of the real and apparent Mo.

with a Vocabulary, in French and English. 1o. 6d.
LLUSTRATIONS of POPULAR | Astronomicon, 31. 136.62. Lectures, 10s. 6d.
tions of the Heavenly Bodies. By W. H. Prior. Price of the

3. A Grammar of the Freneh Tongue, 4s.

4. Exercises, entertaining and instructive, WORKS. By GEORGE CRUIKSHANK.

Systematic Education ; or, Elementary In- with the Rules of Syntax. 3.. 6d.

struciion in the various Departments of Literature and Science, 5. A Key to the Exercises. 3s.
Combat between Roderick and Capt. Weazel.-Roderick Ran. with Practical Rules for studying each Branch of Useful know-

ledge. By the Rev. W. Shepherd, the Rev. J. Joyce, and the 6. French Verbs, Regular and Irregular, The Vicar preaching to the Prisoners --Vicar of Wakefield, Rev. Lant carpenter, LL.D. 3d edition, in 2 thick vols. 870. with Alphabetically conjugated. 10.64. on a Sheet. Ten Breeches.- Knickerbocker's New York. The Family Picture.- Vicar of Wakefield.

Rules for English Composition, by John Rip- all the French Verbs, engraved on an 8vo. page, 6d.

7. Particular and Common Terminations of Anthony Van Corlear and Peter Stuyvesant.--Knickerbocker's pingham. 19mo. 43. boards. New York.

8. La Bonne Mère. 18mo. 38. 6d. The Deil cam fiddling through the Town.-Burns'. Poems.

The Art of Extempore Public Speaking, by

London: Printed for Whittaker and Co., Longman and Co., Published for the Artist, by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, John Rippingham. 3d edition, 12mo. 6s. boards.

T. Cadell, Baldwin and Co., Booseys, Dulau and Co., E. WIand Green.

The Student's Manual ; being an Etymolo- liams, Harvey and Co., Hamilton and Co., J. Harris, J. Souter, Of whom may be had, by the same Artist,

gical and Explanatory Vocabulary of Words derived from the Simpkin and Co., Poole and Co., Holdsworth and Co., Westley Scraps and Sketches, Part II. Greek. By R. Harrison Black, LL.D. 4th edition, 2s. 64.

and Co., and Houlstons. An Etymological and Explanatory Diction.

Flügel's German and EnglisA Dictionary.
This day is published, price 4a, India Proofs, 78. tho
ary of Words derived from the Latin. By R. Harrison Black,

In : vols. medium 8vo, price 21. in boards,
Third Part of
LL.D. 9d edition, lamo. 58. 6d. boards.

GERMAN, and GERMAN and ENGLISH LAX. WAVERLEY NOVELS. and Physical. By Lant Carpenter, LL.D. 8vo. 125. boarde.

GUAGES, containing all the words in general Use, corapiled “ This work, if completed as it has been begun, will be worth all the miscalled illustrations of the Waverley Novels which have Sciences. By the Res. J. Joyce, Author of “ Scientific DiaA Familiar Introduction to the Arts and from the most approved Authors.

By J. G. FLUGEL, hitherto appeared." -- Monthly Magazine, July. Charles Tilt, 86, Fleet Street. logoes," &c. 19mo. 5th edition, with Plates, 6s. boards.

English Lecturer in the University of Leipzig. The Elements of Astronomy, by S. Treeby.

London: Black, Young, and Young, Foreign Booksellers,

9, Tavistock Street. (EW. CARICATURES, published by Mr. / In 18mo. with Plates, 3s. 6d. bound. M Lean, 28, Haymarket. Just published, on the recent Conversations on Algebra, 12mo. 7s. boards.

In 8vo. price 108. 6d, boards,
Political Changes-Packing up-Moving Scene--Cunning-hums
-the Lost Key, or Leaving the Castle--the Back Way--the De By James Morrison. 12mo. 46. 6d. bound.
pôt-Looking Grave on the New Appointments--New Preventive

Man-Design for a Regency-Man wot will Strer his own Vessel
A Key to the same. 12mo. 6s. boards.

By the late Rev. JOHN EWART, M.A. --the Gheber--Raising the Wind--the Ear Whigs-Pot Wallop. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Printed for the Editor; and sold by C., J., G., and P. Rivington, pers--the New Landlord's First Ordersmall among the Hotten.

St. Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. fots--Greek Papers-Turco-Greek Conspiracy-Danger of riding too high a Horse.

In 8vo. price 145. boards,

Miss Manguall'. Historical and Miscellaneous Questions, de. Election Caricatures executed for Gentlemen at the of True Christianity and Family Worship. Translated

A nen and improved Edition.
shortest Votice.
from the original German.

In 12mo. price 6s. bound and lettered,
By the Rev. E. J. BURROW, D.D.F.R.S. and F.L.S.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

QUESTIONS, for the Use of Young People; with BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

Selection of British and General Biography, śc. or whom may be had, by the same Author,

By RICHMAL MANGNALL. A superior School Atlas of Twenty-Fire Maps, with a A Summary of Christian Faith and Prac- sons with a compendium of useful and important informatica

The design of this work is to supply teachers and young pe. copioua Inder. In royal 8vo. the Plates re-engtased, and all recent Discoveries

tice, connrmed by References to the Text of Holy Scripture, com. It comprises a comprehensive abstract of classical, scripture, and added, price 125. half-bound, with coloured Outlines; the same

pared with the Liturgy, Articles, and Homilies, of the Church of general history; a more detailed account of the British Isless uncoloured, price 108, half-bound,

England; and illustrated by Extracts from the chief of those with a sketch of the English Constitution; a select biography of

Works which received the Sanction of Public Authority, from eminent persons; a brief siew of classical mythology, a shirt MODERN GEOGRAPHY, in Twenty-five Maps, com blished Formularies. In 3 large vols, 12mo. ll. 18.

curious and useful miscellaneous matters, relating chiefly to sabe posed from the latest and best Authorities,

jects of natural history connected with the domestic aris. The By J. C. RUSSELL, Geographer,

In 8vo. price 10$

present edition has been carefully revised, and may be recone To this edition has been added, an Index of the Names of all the Countries, States, Districts, Towns, Tribes, Baya, Capes,

SSAYS on the LIVES of COWPER, mended as a safe, pleasing, and important assistant to pareats Gulfs, Islands, Lakes, Mountains, Rivers, &c. to be found on

NEWTON, and HEBER; or, an Examination of the each Map, with the Latitude and Longitude, and a Direction to Evidence of the Course of Nature being interrupted by the Divine

By the same Author, the Map on which each particular Name is to be found. Governinent.

A Compendium of Geography, 7s. 6d. bound. London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row.

Printed for B. Fellowes, Ludgate Street,

Priated for Longman, Recs, Orme, Brous, and Green,

per reports Shares. Editor of the PHILOSOPHY in SPORT made SCIENCE


Principles of Education, Intellectual

, Moral, A DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH and


A Concise System of Commercial Arithmetic. BIOGRANT CHARACTers, compiled from various


of of the Esta








Works of Fiction, by distinguished Writers, lately published by Stereotype Edition of Le Brethon's French Grammar.

Elementary French Works.
Messrs. Colburn and Bentley, New Burlington Street.
In 8vo. price 12s. the 4th edition, thoroughly revised


and corrected,

being an accurate System of French Accidence and By the Author of " Pelham," « Devereux," and

the "Disowned." In 3 vols.
especially devised for Persons who wish to study the

A new edition, 48. bound. 2. Walter Colyton. A Tale of the Reign Elements of that Language without the Assistance of a Teacher. Grammatical Exercises upon the French of James II. By the Author of “ Brambletye House," the “ New

By J.J.P. LE BRETHOX. Forest," &c. &c. In 3 vols.

Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row.

Language compared with the English. By N. Hamel. 44. bound. 3. The Denounced, by the Author of " Tales

Also, in 8vo. price 8s.

A Key to Hamel's French Exercises. 3s. by the O'Hara Family," the “ Nowlans," the " Croppy," &c. In

A Key to the Exercises in the above Work, The World in Miniature; containing an s rols. by means of which any person of a mature understanding may

Account of the different countries in the World, with Refer4. Cloudesley.

ences to the essential Rules of the French Language prefixed. A Novel. By W. Godwin, acquire the Elements of the French Language practically, as

surely as if a professed Teacher was sitting by his side; and with By N. Hamel. A new edition, 48. 64. Esq. Author of " Caleb Williams." In 3 vols.

a very superficial Knowledge of it, may teach it to others. Direc. 5. Darnley; a Novel. By the Author of tions are given in the Key to Parents not accustomed to teach By E. J. Voisin. 19mo. 4s. bound.

A Key to Chambaud's French Exercises. "Richelieu, a Tale of the Court of France." 3 vols. post 8vo.

Languages, who wish to instruct their Children with the Assist-
ance of this Book, how they must proceed.

An Explanatory Pronouncing Dictionary of 6. Sydenham; or, Memoirs of a Man of

the French Language, in French and English; wherein the the World. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

Price 25. 61. bound in red, a new edition of

exact Sound and Aruculation of every Syllable are distinctly 7. Women as they are; or, the Manners of NTICK'S SPELLING DICTIONARY Pronunciation. By l'Abbe Tardy, late Master of Arts in the

marked. To which are prefixed, the Principles of the French the Day. 9d edition, in 3 vols.

8. The English at Home, by the Author of speech are accurately distinguished, and the syllables accented Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green ; the “* English in Italy." In 3 vols. according to the just and natural Pronunciation of each Word.

and Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. London. 9. The King's Own. A Tale of the Sea. Carefully revised, corrected, and improved,

By THOMAS BROWNE, LL.D. By the Author of the « Naval Officer." In 3 vols.

Author of the Union and Classical Dictionaries," &c. &c.

In 3 vols. post 850. with a coloured Map, 11. 118. 6d. boards, 10. The Mussulman ; or, Life in Turkey. London: Printed for C., J., G., and F. Kivington; J. Nunn; TRAVELS in NORTH AMERICA, By R. R. Madden, Esq. Author of « Travels in Turkey, Egypt," and Green; J. Richardson ; J. M. Richardson; Newman and J. and W. T. Clarke; T. Cadell, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown,

in 1897 and 1898. &c. In 3 vols.

By CAPTAIN BASIL HALL, R.N. F.R.S. Co.; J. Booker; Harvey and Darton; E. Wilhams; J. Booth; The 3d edition, with Additions. To which is also added, an 11. The Oxonians; or, a New Glance at T. Tegg; R. S. Kirby, Baldwin and Cradock; E. Hodgson ;

Appendix, on the use of the Camera Lucida. Society. By the Author the “ Roué." In 3 vols.

J. Duncan; Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; J. Souter; Simpkin Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Simpkin and 12. Tales of the Colonies, by John Howison, and Marshall; Harding and Co., and Wilson and Sons, York.

Marshall, London. Esq. Author of " Sketches of Canada," &c. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

Nen Pocket German Dictionary.

of whom may be had, Printed uniformly with Nugent and Graglia's Dictionaries,

Forty Etchings, illustrative of the Travels, With a richly engraved Frontispiece on Steel, price 38. bound

price 13s. bound,

taken with the Camera Lucida. By Captain Hail. Royal 4to. in red, the 9th edition, of


"Colonel Davies said, he thought great benefit would result to for the Use of Schools, intended as Reading Lessons GUAGES. By G. NOEHDEN, LL.D. Ph. D.

our penitentiary discipline, if we acted upon the system adopted

in the United States. 'Criminals in England were frequently renfor the Younger Classes.

The 3d edition, revised and improved, by H. E. LLOYD.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; T. Ca prisons. In America, they were confined at nights in separate

dered worse by intercourse with one another in the hulks and Also,

dell; T. Boosey and Sons; Baldwin and Cradock; J. Booker; Solitary cells, and brought out in the morning to work in silence, 2. Mylius's Poetical Class-Book ; or, Reading Simpkin and Marshall; Treuttel, Wurtz, and Co.; and W. and

and under vigilant superintendence during the day. Many use. Lessons for erery Day in the Year, selected from the most popu. J. Maynard.

ful hints on these topics might be taken from the work of Captain lar English Poets, ancient and modern, arranged in Daily Lessons

Of whom also may be had, by Dr. Noehden,

Basil Hall on America." --Debate in the House of Commons, 91st and Weekly Portions. The 6th edition, ornamented with a fine Portrait of Shakspeare. Price 58. bound.

A Grammar of the German Language, 5th Mar 18:30:

Captain Hall's Descriptive Views look almost as if thrown 3. Mylius's Junior Class-Book; or, Reading edition, 12mo. price 108.6.1. boards.

out by some happy mechanical aid, corresponding to that of his Lessons for every Day in the Year, in Prose and Verse. The 7th

Exercises for writing German, according to Camera Lucida."-Eiinburgh Revićn, Sept. 1829. edition, price 5s, boards. the Rules of Grammar, 5th edition, 12mo, price 8s. boards.

“Captain Hall gives a luminous and instructive account of the

political constitution of the United States, and traces the changes 4. Mylius's School Dictionary of the English

Dr. .

it has undergone since the commencement of the Union. In this, Language, constructed as a Series of Daily Lessons, and preceded Price 4s, bound, a new edition, carefully

revised and corrected, of as well as the other subjects

introduced by him, which involve by a New Guide to the English Tongue. A new edition, 2s.6d. bound in red. Since the first publication of this very popular SHORT VIEW of the whole SCRIP-1 seneral reasoning and speculation, the talents of the author are

- exhibited in a very striking light." -Literary Gazette. School. Book, upwards of 100,000 copies have been sold, so univer.

TURE HISTORY, with a Continuation of the Jewish “ Captain Hall's book may probably do good in America; we sally is it now adopted.

Affairs, from the Old Testament till the Time of Christ, with hope it will-but we are quite sure it must do so here. It may London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row. Figures relating to the Camp, Taberpacle, and Worship of the furnish many well-disposed persons with arguments by which to


defend the blessings they enjoy. It may decide the wavering, New Works on Education, fc.

By the same Author,

and confute, if not silence, the turbulent and revolutionary. The

common-sense views he has taken, the penetration he has exhiIBBON'S HISTORY of the DECLINE Logic; or, the Right Use of Reason. 12mo. bited in sifting facts, and the powerful scrutiny he has exercised, and FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE, adapted to the 45. bound.

give to his communications a very uncommon character both of Use of families and Young Persona, in which the Civil, Political, and Silitary Transactions of the Empire are given in the power.

The Improvement of the Mind; or, a Sup- interest and information."—Quarterly Review, Nov. 1829. ful Language of the Author ; but the indecent Expressions, and plement to the Art of Logic. 8vo. 106. 6d. boards; and 12mo. all Allusions of an improper tendency, have been erased. 43. 64. bound.

A new edition, in 4 vols. price 118. neatly half-bound, By THOMAS BOWDLER, Esq. F.R.S. &c. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; Longman, Rees,

In 5 vols. 8vo. price 31.3s, boards.

Orie, Brown, and Green ; Harvey and Darton; J. Richardson;
J. M. Richardson; Baldwin and Cradock; Hurst, Chance, and

By the same Author,
Co.; E. Williams; G. B. Whittaker and Co., J. Duncan; Simp-

. The first two volumes, which may be had separately, conThe Family Shakspeare, in which nothing is kin and Marshall; J. Souter; Westley and Davis; Houlston and

tain the Little Dog Trusty--the Cherry Orchard-Frank-the added to the original Text, but those words and Expressions are Son; Holdsworth and Ball; and J. Parker, Oxford.

Orange Man-Rosamond-and Harry and Lucy. Vols. 111. and

IV. comprise the Continuation of Rosamond, and Harry and omitted which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family.

Lucy. In 10 vols. royal 18mo. price 31. 38. boards; also in 2 vols. &vo. Lindley Murray's Elementary Works, with the Author's

London: Printed for R. Hunter; Baldwin and Cradock; Har. Sth edition, price 41. 143. Bd. boards.

last Corrections.

vey and Darton ; J. Booker; Burst, Chance, and Co.; Hamilton, "We are of opinion that it requires nothing more than a notice N ENGLISH GRAMMAR, comprehend-Adams, and Co.; and Simpkin and Marshall. to bring this very meritorious publication into general circula. tion."--Edinburgh Revier, No. 71.

Also, recently pablished, by the same Author, trated by appropriate Exercises, and a Key to the Exercises. In Select Works of the British Poets, with Bio- 2 vols. 8vo. 5th edition, 17. 1s. boards.

1. Rosamond ; a Sequel to Early Lessons, graphical and Critical Prefaces. By Dr. Aikin. In 1 vol. 8vo.

9 vols. 58. half-bound.

An English Grammar, 12mo. 44th edition, 186. boards. Also in 10 vols. royal 18mo. to match the British 14. bound.

2. Frank ; a Sequel to Frank in Early Les. Essayists and Novelists, 31.; and in 10 vols. post 18mo. 21.

The object of this work is to comprise, within a moderate com An Abridgment of Lindley Murray's En- sons, 3 vols. 86. half-bound. paas, a chronological series of our classical poets, from Ben Jonglish Grammar. 105th edition, ls, bound.

3. Harry and Lucy concluded, being the son to Beattie, without mutilation or abridginent, with biographie cal and critical notices.

English Exercises, adapted to Murray's En- last part of Early Lessons. 4 vols. 19mo. 170. half-bound.

4. Parent's Assistant; or, Stories for Chil. Moral Biography; or Lives of Exemplary glish Grammar. 29th edition, 2. od. Men; for the Instruction of Youth. By Dr. Aikin. 38. 6d. half

28. 6d. bound. The Exercises and Key may be had together, Volume of the above, price 35. 6d. half-bound.
A Key to the English Exercises, 18th edit. dren, in 6 cols. 123. half-bound.

5. Little Plays for Children, forming the 7th boupd. Annals of the Reign of George the Third,

43. 64.

Introduction to the English Reader; or, a 6. Moral Tales, 2 vols. foolscap, 10s. boards. brought down to the Period of His Majesty's Decease. By John Aikin, M.D. Abridged for the Use of Schools, 12mo. 41. 6d. Selection of Pieces in Prose and Poetry, &c. 27th edition, 38. bd. 7. Popular Tales, 3 vols. foolscap, 12s. bds. An English Lesson Book, for the Junior The English Reader; or, Pieces in Prose

8. Comic Dramas, 12mo. 7s. boards. Classes. By Lucy Aikin. In 18mo. 2s.6d. half-bound.

and Poetry, selected from the best Writers. 91st edition, 45, 6d. A Legacy for Young Ladies, consisting of

18mo. 2s. 6d. halfSequel to the English Reader; or, elegant

9. Poetry explained,

bound. Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse. By the late Mrs. Bar. Selections in Prose and Poetry. 6th edition, 4s. 61. bound. baulu 2d edition, in I vol. 19mo. 7s.6d, boards.

Introduction au Lecteur François ; ou, Re

10. Readings in Poetry, 18mo. 3s. half-bd. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

cueil des Pièces choisies, avec l'Explication des Idiotismes et des 11. Essays on Practical Education, 3 vols. Phrases difficiles qui s'y trouvent.

5th edition, 35.64.

12mo. 166. 6d, boards. Lecteur François; ou, Recueil des Pièces, en of ANCIENT and MODERN GEOGRAPHY, in Fifty. Prose et en Vers, tirées des meilleures Ecrivains, pour servir à

Price 38. 6d. boards, three Plates, imperial 4to. on a new Plan. Coloured, 21. 25.; full perfectionner les Jeunes Gens dans la Lecture. 5th edition, 5s. BRIEF STATEMENT of the DOC. coloured and half-bound, 21. 15s.

TRINE of HOLY SCRIPTURE, concerning the Second Index to the Eton Atlas, 78. boards.

Lessons, adapted to the Capacities of Children. 33th edit. Is. 6d. Advent of our Blessed Lord. A Comparative Atlas of Ancient and Modern First Book for Children, 20th edit. 6d. sewed.


Downing College, Cambridge. Geography, in Fifty-Seven Plates, medium 4to. reduced from the Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green ; Harvey

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, London; and above, and including Two complete Indices. 305. coloured, and and Darton, London; and Wilson and Sons, York.

T. Stevenson, Cambridge. in green cloth; 21. 28. full coloured and half-bound.

Of whom may be had,
An Atlas of Ancient Geography, in Twenty-
sis Plates, medium 4to. with an Accentuated Index of all the Himself. 2d edition, avo. with a Portrait and Fac-Simile, aš.
The Life of Lindley Murray, written by

In 8vo. price l.. the Tenth Number of

THE GARDENER'S MANUAL and Xames. 15. coloured and half-bound. An Atlas of Modern Geography, in Thirty Grammatical Questions, adapted to the Gram.

ENGLISH BOTANIST'S COMPANION; being an Plates medium tto. with an Index of all the Names. 16s. cold.

mar of Lindley Murray. With Notes. 'By C. Bradley, A.M. Introduction to Gardening, on Philosophical Principles. To and half-bound.

which is added, a Catalogue of British Plants, in the monthly 21. 6d. bound, 7th edition, considerably improved.

Order of their Flowering:
Compiled from original Authorities, and containing the latest
First Lessons in English Grammar, designed

Discoveries. By A. Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to the King, as an Introduction to the Abridgment of Murray's Grammar.

To be completed in Twelve Monthly Numbers. Soho Square New edition, 9d. sewed.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacber, and Co. Ave Maria Lane,




fanion English spelling Book, with Keading A


Vol. IV. Part II. price 98. sewed,

8vo. illustrated with numerous Woodcuts, Plans, &c.

Vol. I. price 158.

Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia.
On the 2d of August will be published,

NIMROD; ad Piscourse on certain Passages PRINCIPLES of GEOLOGY: being can

OUTLINES of HISTORÝ. 1 vol. 6s.




WAVERLEY NOVELS., New Edition, ADDRESS tortibue periculoase with Explanator si se lule;

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of History and Fable.
Attempt to Explain the former Changes of the Earth's

Volumes published.
The Subscribers to this work are respectfully informed that Surface, by Reference to Causes now in Operation.

VIII.- Sir James Mackintosh's History of England. Vol. I. the Second Part of the Fourth Voluine is this day published.


I. IV.--History of Scotland, in 2 vols. By Sir Waller Scott, Contents. Chap. III. Paradise-Note upon Origen--Note upon

Foreign Secretary of the Geological Society.

Bart. Sin. Chap. IV. Cain. Chap. V. Deluge- Iris, a Poem. Chap.

II.-History of Maritime and Inland Discovery. Vol. I. VI. Aminon-Note on Polygamy. Chap. VII. Monarchy of the

Third Edition of Guy's Historical Question Book.

III. Domestic Economy. By M. Donovan, Esq. Vol. I. Sol-ipse. Chap. VIII. Alchymus--Note on Fracastorius.

Price 48. 61. handsomely bound in green,

V.-Mechanics. By Capt. H. Kater and Dr. Lardner. Vol. IV. Part I. may still be had, price 6s.;

VI.-Lives of Eminent British Lawyers. By H. Roscoe, Esq.

VII.-Cities and Towns of the World, 9 vols. Vol. I. with the Four Volumes complete, price 21. 6s. 60.


John R. Priestley, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden.
Late Professor at the Royal Military College; and Author of the

To be published.
The Greek Language.
School Geography, and many other popular School Books.:

Sept. 1.The History of the Netherlands. _ 1 vol.
In 8vo. price 108. 6d. boards,
The first and chief object of this manual has been to supply

Printed for Longman and Co.; and John Taylor.
FUNDAMENTAL WORDS of the south with a compendium of general history, and, perhaps, such

a body of historical matter has never been compressed in so modeGREEK LANGUAGE, adapted to the Meinory of the rate a volume. It embraces the most prominent features of ten

Dr. Webster's English Dictionary. Student, by means of Derivations and Derivatives, Passages from ancient and eighteen modern kingdoms and states. The miscel

On the 1st of August will be published, price 7s. to Subscribers the Classical Writers, and other Associations. laneous portion includes the human structure explained; the

for the whole Work, and 9s. to Yon-subscribers, Part IV. of By F. VALPY, M.A. Triuity College, Cambridge. mental powers; productions for food, wines, spirits, &c.; gums, DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH In 12mo. price 38. bound, spices, &c.; mineralogy, earths, gems, woods, vegetables; titles

LANGUAGE. 2. Short Greek Exercises, on an Improved porations, trade, and coinmerce; poetical and literary terms; the and distinctions, great offices, government, law, &c.; tithes, cor


This Work will appear in Twelve Parts, each consisting of Plan, containing the most useful Rules in Syntax; being a con. different denominations of Christians, &c.

Twenty sheets, and forming 2 vols. 410. cise Introduction to the Writing of Greek. By the Rev. J. Pic.

'Three large editions of this valuable school-book have

The Subscription price will positively close on the 1st August.

been called for within twelve months. quot.

London: Black, Young, and Young, Foreign Booksellers, 2, London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row. A Key to the above, price ls. 6d. sewed.

Tavistock Street; and sold by all Booksellers in the United King

dom. In 8vo. price 12s. 3. Greek Grammar, for the Use of Schools.

BOOKS IN THE PRESS. Translated from the German of V. Christian Fred. Rost. To

Vol. XV. of this edition, containing a Legend of which is added, an Appendix on Greek Versitication.

Landseer's Illustrations of the Poems of Robert Burns.

Montrose, with an Introduction by the Author, and illustrated « This Grammar is distinguished by lucid arrangement, con.

On Saturday, July 31, will be published, the celebrated ciseness, and fulness. The author judiciously commences with

by R. Lauder and w. Boxall, will be published on Saturday, Prosody, and then proceeds to Etymology and Syntax. The system of Accentuation, which is so slightly noticed in Matthiæ, he

Notes, illustrated by Eleven beautiful Engravings on All the early Volumes are again reprinted, explains with the utmost clearness." -Monthly Magazine. Wood.

and are to be had of all Booksellers,
London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street.
In 8vo. price 10s. 64.'

Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Whittaker,

Treacher, and Co. London. 4. Epigrammata e Purioribus Græca Antho

On the 1st of August will be published, illustrated by logiæ Fontibus hausit. Annotationes Jacobsii, De Bosch, et Seven Plates, price 3s. the First Number of

Of whom may be had, aliorum instruxit; suas subinde Notulas et Tabulam Scriptoruin

The Poetical Works of Şir Walter Scott, Chronologicam adjunxit, Joannes Edwards, A.M.

and SURGICAL JOURNAL. In 8vo. price 68. 6d. boards,

boards, with Smirke's Plates, and New Introductions. 5. Æschyli Prometheus Vinctus. To which butt, of Manchester,--the late William Her, of Leeds-Dr. Car. Containing Original Communications from Drs. Lyon and Car.

Also, is subjoined, a Greek Ordo, a literal Prose Translation, and Notes, bon, of Liverpool-J. Robertaon, Esq.-Thomas Farrington, Esq. The Eleventh Volume separately, in 8vo. which contain the Derivations of the more abstruse Greek Words, Josh. Jordan, Esq., of Manchester-Dr. Arnold Knight, of Shef price 18s. and 18mo. 99. to complete former editions. and Explanations of the Difficulties of Metre. Grammar, &c. field -and Dr. Gilly Wakefield. Also, a Review of the Physio.

Also, Opposite cach Verve of the Chorus is placed the Name of the Sys. logical Principles of Mr. Sadler's recent Work on the Law of

Mr. Skene's Sketches of the Localities of tem to which it belongs, and the Ellipses of the Greek Text are Population; with various other Articles. supplied in the Ordo.

Printed for Whitaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane, the Waverley Novels. Nos. I. to XV. price 14. and 1s. Ed. each. Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.


8, Non Burlington Sireel. Life of Romney the Painter,

Rogers's Italy.

The following Works will be published in the course of a fev In 4to. price 21. 28. boards, with a fine Portrait, Speedily will be publisbed, Fifty-six engraved Vignettes,

days by Messrs. Colburn and Bentley. EMOIRS of the LIFE and WORKS of

illustrative of

'HE MIDSUMMER MEDLEY for 1830. GEORGE ROMNEY, including various Letters, and


A Series of Conic Tales and Sketches. Testimonies to his Genius, &c. Also some Particulars of the


By the Author of "Brambletye House," &c. &c. Life of Peter Romney, his Brother, a Young Artist of great Ge. Forty-four being from Designs of Messrs. Stothard and Turner,

2 vols, small 8vo. nius and promising Talents, but short Life.

R.A., engraved in the best manner by D. Allen, W. Finden, E.
By the Rev. JOHN ROMNEY, B.D.

2. Narrative of a Journey over Land to
Goodall, H. Le Keux, J. Pye, J. H. Robinson, W. R. Smith,
Formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge.
and R. Wallis, &c. &c.

India. By Mrs. Colonel Elvood. In 2 vols. 8vo. with Plates. London: Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row. Proofs, imperial 4to. delivered in a portfolio, price.. £2 12 6

3. Travels to the Seat of War in the East, India Proofs, with Letters..

.1.3 13 6 Sir Walter Scott's Pactical Works.

through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829, with Sketches of the India Proofs, before the Letters

.440 In !! vols. 8vo. with Twenty-two Engravings after Smirke and

Imperial Fleet and army, Characteristic Anecdotes, ke. Be Nasmyth, and a Portrait after Wilkie, price 61. in boards,

London: Jennings and Chaplin, 62, Cheapside.

Capt. James Edward Alexander, K.L.S. 16th Lancers, M.R.A.S.

&c. In 9 vols. post 8vo. with Map and Plates. 'HE POETICAL WORKS of SIR Of whom may be had, by the same Author, price 12s. Poems; including the Pleasures of Memory,

4. The Persian Adventurer ; forming a See the Scottish Border and Sir Tristrem.

Human Lile, &c. Illustrated with Fifty Wood-cut Engravings, quel to the Kuzzilbash. By J. B. Fraser, Ésg. In 3 vols. To this Edition there are prefixed, and now published for the from Designs of T. Slotbard, R.á.

5. Private Correspondence of Sir Thomas first time, Two Essays on Ballad Poetry. Also, separate Intro.

Munro; forming a Supplement to his Memoirs. Edited by the ductions to the Lay, Marmion, Lady of the Lake, Rokehy, and

Lord Byron and the Religion of the Bible,

Rev. G. R. Gleig. In I vol. 8vo. Lord of the Isles. Volume Eleventh will be found to contain Mac. duff's Cross, the Doom of Devorgoil, and Auchindrane.

On the 1st of September will be published, beautifully printed 6. Maxwell ; a Story of the Middle Ranks.

in l vol. crown 8vo. Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Simpkin and

By the Author of “Sayings and Doings." In 3 vols.
Marshall, London.

7. The Revolt of the Angels, and the Fall
Of whom may be had,
with Notes, comprising a Philosophical, Logical, and from Paradise; an Epic Drama. By Edmund Reade, Esq., Au-

thor of Cain the Wanderer,'' &c. 8vo. Another edition of the Poetical Works, in Practical View of the Religion of the Bible

Il vols, 18mo. with all the new Introductions, and the same Illus-

Author of Chancery Practice."
8. The Heiress of Bruges; a Tale.

Ву trations as the 8vo. edition. Price 31. 35. boards.

London: William Crofts, 15, Chancery Lane.

the Author of " Highways and Byways," "Traits of Travel,"&c.

4 vols. Also, Volume Eleventh of the 8vo. size, price, in

Ortaro Edition of Lord King's Life of Locke.

9. Fuseli's Six New Lectures on Painting, Two Parts, 18s. And

In a few days, in : vols. with considerable Additions, delivered at the Royal Academy. Printed uniformly with the
IFE and CORRESPONDENCE of JOHN First Series, price 218.

LOCKE. both to complete former editions.

10. The Separation ; a Novel. By the Au.

The Lay, Marmion, Lady of the Lake, &c. 2. Life of Lord Burghley, Lord High Trea- thoress of 'Flirtation.". 3 vols.

11. Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks; a may be had separately, in 8vo, and foolscap 8vo.

surer of England during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, with Ex

tracts from his Private Correspondence and Journals. By the Novel. 3 vols. In & vols. demy Bvo. price 21s. in boards, or in royal 8vo. Rev. Dr. Nares. Vol. II.

12. Frescati's ; or, Scenes in Paris. 3 vols. price Il. ll.. 64.

3. Conversations of James Northcote, Esq. NARRATIVE, by JOHN ASHBURN- R.A. By W. Hazlitt, Esq. Io I vol. small 8vo. with a úne Por.

13. Stories of American Life. By American

Writers. Edited by Mary Russel Mitford. 8 Fols. HAM, of his Attendance on King Charles the First from

trait of Mr. Northcote. Oxford to the Scotch Army, and from Hampton Court to the Isle 4. Musical Memoirs,

by W. T. Parke, Forty

14. Clarence; a Tale of our own Times. In of Wight: never before printed. To wbich is pretired, a Vindi. Years Principal Oboist at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.

3 sols. cation of his Character and Conduct from the Misrepresentations 2 vols.

15. Retrospections of the Stage. By the of Lord Clarendon, by his Lineal Descendant and present Representative.

5. Captain Frankland's Travels to Constan-late Mr. John Bernard, Manager of the American Theatres, and Esoriare aliquis nostris ex ossibus ultor." tinople. 2. edition, 9 vols. 8vo, with Thirty-Eight Engravings, formerly secretary to the Beer-Steak Club. Edited by his son,

W. Baile Bernard. 9 vols. post 8vo.
Payne and Foss, Pall Mall; Baldwin and Cradock,

price 945.
Paternoster Row.
6. An Octavo Edition of Mr. Buckingham's

16. The Turf; a Satirical Novel. 2 vols.

17. Mothers and Daughters; a Tale of the Very neatly printed, price ls. Travels in Assyria, Media, and Persia. 2 vols.

Year 1830. 3 vols. AIRY TALES, in Verse.

7. Letters from the East, written during a

recent Tour through Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, the Holy Land, 18. Russell ; or, the Reign of Fashion. Ву Lichfield.

Syria, and Greece. By John Carne, Esq. 3d edition, in 8 vols. the Author of a “Winter in London," “ Splendid Misery,' &c. post 8vo. 18s.

3 vols. Part 96 of the

8. An Octavo Edition of Mr. Crawfurd's MIRROR, published this day, contains a copious Memoir Narrative of a Residence at Síarn. 2 vols. with Plates. of George IV. and Particulars of his Illness, Last Moments, and

Also, just published,

LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A. SCRIPPS, af Death; with a Portrait, and Interior View of the Bedchainber in

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, which His Majesty died. 1150, a large Engraving and accurate

9. Conversations of Lord Byron with Tho

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Joulton Street, Orvard Description of the Proclamation of William IV., Entertaining edition, in 9 vols. Small 8vo. price only 4s. 64. each volume.

mis Medwin, Esq. Noted during a Residence at Pisa. A new Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exchange K. Literary Novelties, &c.

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludzate Hill: 4. Bock, Vol. XV. is just completed, price 5s. 6d. 10. Narrative of a Pesidence in Algiers. Ву Edinburgh : Smith and Son, D. Robertson, and

and Co. Glasgow; and J. Cumming, Dublin, Age! JUT Vols. I. to XIV. price 31. 16s. boards.

Signor Pananti, with Notes and Illustrations by Edward Bla.
quiere, Esq. 2d edition, with Plates, 25s.

America, 0. Rich, 12, Red Lioa Square, London.
Printed for John Limbird, 143, Strand.
Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Stroet.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.

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Volume Eleventh of the 18mo. size, price 9s. L



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