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loved me,

from the pencil of Mr. Richard Marsden, the Mrs. Siddons, two of Miss Siddons, Miss Ce

ORIGINAL POETRY. public exhibition of which has since commenced cilia Siddons, Mrs. John Kemble, an anonyat the Colosseum, in the Regent's Park. We mous female portrait, two of Mr. Charles cannot give our readers a more distinct and Kemble, and Sir Toby Belch. We confess

First and Last Love. comprehensive notion of the subject, which is that we think two or three of these drawings I DEEM'D


for your eye " St. Paul before Agrippa," than by quoting might very advantageously have been allowed Would fondly rest on me; the words of the descriptive notice, circulated to remain in their portfolio; but, on the other I deem'd you loved me, for your sigh in the room :

hand, several of them, such, for instance, as Would breathe-your cheek would be " " Then Paul stretched forth the hand, the front face of Miss Siddons, and the elder Tinged with a crimson, if I came and answered for himself.' This is the imme- profile of Charles Kemble, are eminently Across your path by chance; diate point of time expressed in the picture. beautiful.

And then what thoughts, without a name, In an open hall of audience, among the splen

Spoke in your hurried glance ! did buildings of Cæsarea, on the hilly coast of Illuminated Ornaments, selected from Missals Syria, below the citadel or town of Straton,

I deem'd you loved me, for I knew and Manuscripts of the Middle Ages. By

How in my beart I shrined youthis memorable defence of the Christian reli. Henry Shaw. Part I. Pickering.

How in each gentle, tenderest clue gion was pleaded. The Apostle stands near “ The variety and beauty of those ornathe centre of the picture; a chain passes from ments," it is observed in the prospectus of this

Of fancy I entwined you ;

I deem'd you loved, because I saw his arm to that of the soldier behind him. At splendid little work, “ which decorate the Illu Your actions like mine ownhis right sits a Scribe, and more distant on his minated Missals of the Middle Ages, are so Your eye had my heart's timid awe, left is another, agreeably to the usage which duly appreciated by all acquainted with them, ordained that one should attend for the ac- that it is somewhat surprising no publication

Your voice my trembling tone. cased, the other for the accusers. Behind the has yet appeared, which, by a judicious selection

I deem'd you loved—I ne'er had loved last-mentioned Scribe are two Rabbis, perusing and careful imitation of them, might make

Until that feeling bursta record of his former pleading before Felix, their excellence more generally known. The

Beautiful, glorious, tried and proved, from whence to derive matter of accusation talent and taste displayed by Mr. Shaw in his

The passionate, the first. against him. Near the Scribe, on the right of “ History and Antiquities of the Chapel at

I deemed you loved—I was deceived ! the picture, on the fore-ground, sits a Pharisee, Luton Park,” are a sufficient assurance of the

My dream of bliss is past : intent on the proceedings, and behind him ability with which his present undertaking will Those only know like me bereaved, another Jewish Rabbi. Near these are a group be executed. It is to be completed in twelve of Christian converts, among whom is the parts; of which that under our immediate

Worton Lodge, Isleworth.

M. A. BROWNE. Greek Aristarchus, the friend of Paul and the notice presents an admirable sample. evangelist St. Luke, the fellow-labourer of the

Apostle. On the judgment-seat are enthroned
Agrippa and Bernice. On the right of Agrippa

One Hundred Studies, in Groups and Single A PARAGRAPH must include all our dramatic stands Festus, the Roman proconsul. Among

Figures, of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and other news and criticism this week. At the King's the captains and chief men of the city, behind

Domestic Animals. Engraved from the cele. Theatre, on Tuesday, Cenerentola was subthe throne, are a Roman senator and Julius brated Masters, Paul Potter, Cuyp, Berghem, stituted for Tancredi, and “ God save the the centurion, who afterwards conducted St.

Stoop, Karl du Jardin, &c. under the super- King !” was sung by nearly two first singPaul to Rome. On the fore-ground, on the

intendence of George Cooke. Moon, Boys, ers at the same time; for one had begun left of the picture, is an Ethiopian attendant,

and Graves.

when the other rushed on the stage (after with a censer, and the train-bearer of the To the lovers of picturesque art, the free, At the Haymarket, a successful petite comedy

being waited for) to commence the anthem.-queen. On the steep hill

, in the back-ground, loose, and characteristic style in which these has been produced, entitled separation and on the extreme right, is the tower of Straton, plates, thirty in number, are executed, will be Reparation, said to be by Morton, and Farren already mentioned.” highly gratifying. Some of those from Du

its main pillar.- The English Opera season With these materials, Mr. Marsden has pro- Jardin are especially beautiful.

commenced on Thursday, at the Adelphi, with duced a work which does him the highest

great éclat. Miss Kelly, inimitable in the honour. The composition is excellent; the Portrait of the Duke of Reichstadt. Engraved Sister of Charity ; Keeley (Mr. and Mrs.) also expression powerful and well contrasted, the by W. Bromley, A.E., after the original inimitable in their line ; Wrench and others chiaroscuro forcible, without exaggeration, and drawing by the late Sir T. Lawrence, P.R.A. fully sustaining the well-earned reputation and the colouring rich but harmonious. We do Tiffin.

attraction of the company. not recollect ever to have seen a painting to Much as the public have lately been occupied more advantage. The hall, at one extremity in viewing and admiring the works of the of which it is placed, is lofty and spacious, and lamented President, the specimen of his match

VARIETIES. by the judicious management of surrounding less talents under our notice is at least as

Fever.-A new mode of treatment in cases draperies, and the concealment of the sources much calculated to excite attention as any of fever has been introduced into some of the off the light which falls upon the picture, the thing that we have as yet seen from his hand. West India islands with extraordinary success. effect, on entrance, is strikingly brilliant and The stamp of his father's features is so very

It consists in the use of medicines applicable to imposing.

evident in this portrait of the young Napoleon, the peculiar changes which the blood undergoes PRINTS AND PLATES;

that no one can for a moment doubt the truth during the existence of fever, in opposition to The Works and Property of Mr. W. B. Cooke of the resemblance; though we believe from the established theory as to the solids. It is

the statement of travellers, that it is indebted stated by one of the physicians who adopt the The engravings of this artist, in connexion to the painter for the advantage of being new mode, that in 340 cases all the patients with the names of Turner, Girtin, and others taken in the position most favourable to grace

recovered. of our first painters of landscape and coast and effect. It is, however, difficult to ima

March of Piety.The Propagateur de Ca. scenery, have been so frequently the subject of gine a face in which the lines of beauty

are lais informs us, that a few

days ago a carriage our highest encomiums, as to render it unneces- more in accordance with those of the finest passed from Calais to St. Omer, containing two sary for us to say anything more respecting them antique busts. This appears with peculiar elegantly dressed females, who distributed, on than simply to call the attention of our readers distinctness in the

mouth, the bland expression their route, books of piety among all whom to the sale that, it will be seen by our Ad- of which in some sort tempers the keen hawk- they met They were said to be two rich young vertisements, is to take place on Wednesday like character of the eye, which has a sternness Englishwomen of the sect of Wesleyans. next; and to observe, that it will enable the in it not often seen at the age of eleven,- that

Mechanical Improvements.--We have often amateur or collector to enrich his portfolio with at which this portrait was taken. As a work turned, with gratification to describe the some of the finest examples of engraved art that of art nothing can be imagined more beautiful, marchof mechanical improvement in our have ever yet been brought before the public.

both with regard to the exquisite taste of the pages, (somewhat more substantial, in our design, and to the inimitable skill with which opinion, than the boasted march of intellect);

the engraver has preserved that lightness and but we never noticed any thing of this kind Imitations of the Chalk Drawings of Sir Tho- delicacy of tone by which the drawings of Sir with so much satisfaction as we not do the mas Lawrence. By R. J. Lane, A. R.A. T. Lawrence are invariably distinguished.

admirable contrivances of Mr. Pratt, (the well. Dickinson.

known and ingenious patentee of improved Ten drawings, viz. Lady Charlotte Campbell,

chairs, beds, &c. &c.), by which he was enabled



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to afford ease and comfort to our lamented | tremity a little pebble, by way of counterpoise. I in-chief, the Secretary-at-war, or the Duke of WellingSovereign during the later period of his pro. The pebble being heavier than the animal, kept extensively circulated,' and believe that the public in tracted sufferings. We find it rather difficult the web perfectly extended. A curious paper general respect those names, I beg leave to say that I have to convey a perfect notion of these contrivances was lately read at the Paris Academy of Sci- ühe honour to be known to all those personages, and have to our readers ; for they should be seen to have ences on the construction of a spider's nest in being incapable of acting the part ascribed to me by Mr. their merits fully understood. The chairs and earth. This spider is a native of Corsica. The Alexander. I have requested a friend to hand you this bed (of which last there were three) were nest is in the form of a well, two inches deep, letter, who will put you in the way of satisfying yourself stuffed in the springy and elastic manner which and six lines in width. The interior is lined so that you will have the fullest opportunity of judging distinguishes Mr. Pratt’s patent; and so modi- with fine web, and the top is furnished with a whether you ought to give my contradiction to the pubfied with joints, &c. as to be susceptible of kind of lid, with hinges, which shuts when the insert in your paper. In the mean time, I have the honour sustaining the body in every possible position. insect is in. This lid, which is composed of to be, sir, your very obedient H. C. Wilsox.* But this not being found sufficient to afford all earth and wel, consists of upwards of forty

To the Editor of the London Literary Gazette. the relief desired in the painful situation of his layers. Majesty, means were immediately invented, by Bicephalous Girl.–At the sitting of the Paris LITERARY NOVELTIES. passing bands of catgut transversely through Academy of Sciences on the 21st inst., M.

[Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XXVII. July 3.] the bed or cushion; which bands could be Geoffroy Hilaire read a report on a bicephalous command at Gibraltar, and afterwards when Commander tightened or loosened at pleasure, to raise or girl, which had been still-born at Aulay, near of the Forces in Portugal, towards a full and faithful lower, support or leave at rest, any limb or St. Girons. This child was very similar to Narrative of the Peninsular War.--Dignities, Feudal and other part, whenever the royal patient ex- Ritta Christina, who died lately in Paris. Regis, or High Court of the Barons, of the Magna Conpressed a wish to that effect. Sir H. Halford There were two separate hearts, having each a cilia, and of the Commune Concilium Regni, &c., by Sir was much delighted with the ingenuity and pericardium.

William Betham, Ulster King of Arms.-A third edition singular aptitude of this very clever device; Domestic Animals.-M. Dureau Delamalle Death, &c.; and a twelfth of the Omnipresence, &c. are

of Montgomery's Satan; a fourth of the Universal Prayer, and if any thing can add to an artisan’s tri- recently read to the French Academy a me- announced. — Mr. Moore's second volume of the Life of umph in framing an excellent work, it must be moir, the object of which was to shew, that Byron is promised in about a fortnight-An Historical in the recollection that its first use gave many domestic animals are capable of a more exten- vonshire and Cornwall, by Joseph Chattaway.-A Mehours of consolation to a Monarch, ever the sive development of the intellectual faculties moir of his late Majesty George IV., by the Rev. George friend of talents in every branch of art and than is commonly supposed ; that they have, of Leeds, announces a Treatise on the Mineral Springs of science.

although within limits not yet ascertained, in- Harrowgate. Dr. Roget. This gentleman has again re- stinctive qualities, powers of imitation, meplied to Mr. Babbage, and we must again mory, will, deliberation, and judgment; that Lardner's Cyclopædia, Vol. VIII., Mackintosh's Engrepeat, that in our opinion he has most satis- the individual, and even the race, are improv- lated, 8vo. 6s. Bd. bds.-Tennyson's Poems, 12mo. Sv. bels.

land, Vol. I. fcp. 6s. bds.---Francæur's Hydrostatics, transfactorily explained every point in the matter able by the state of knowledge of the persons - Light on the Poor, 8vo. 6s. bds.—Real Devil's Walk, alluded to, both to his own honour, and to the with whom they live, by education, by their with 13 woodcuts by Cruikshank, 18mo. 26. sewed: – Monhonour of the Royal Society. With regard to wants, by their dangers, and, in order to gene- bot's Legendary Tales, fcp. 88. 6d. bds.-Cayley's Comthat Society, there may, as in all others, be ralise the proposition, by the circumstances in mercial Economy, 8vo. 78. Gid. bds.- Maycock's Flora things which require amendment: and we which they are placed ; and that many of the Barbadensis, 8vo. 1&s. cloth.–Berington and Kirk's Faith trust they will be attended to, rather than qualities which are considered instinctive, are, No. VII

. 181no. 4s. 6d. bds.--Juvenile Library, No. 1. persisted in, in opposition to opposition. in fact, qualities acquired by their powers of 18mo. 4s. bds.

Vauxhall._ We have seen two or three fel. imitation, and that certain acts attributed to lows in the streets with placards on their instinct, are acts of choice, resulting from intel

TO CORRESPONDENTS. breasts and backs, stating that Vauxhall opened ligence, memory, and judgment. M. Dela The Juvenile Library. Our review of this work, to a on Friday, and would be open every Monday malle sustains these various propositions by a regard to it; but we have to add, that the volume was

certain degree explains the difficulty of our position with and Wednesday also. There were some de- number of very curious facts.

submitted for criticism to a gentleman as independent of tails of the entertainments ; but as the stand. A Chinese Student. There is now at Brus- the Literary Gazette as the Literary Gazette is itself indeard-bearers had large umbrellas over their sels a Chinese merchant, on his way to France, was assured that our invariable rule was to know neither heads to protect them from the pelting rain, where he intends to study French; and he is friend nor adversary in these pages; and, therefore, that and umbrella we had not, we did not stop to subsequently to proceed to this country for the he should exercise, in this and every similar case, his read the bills.

purpose of learning English. As he is in full necessary to state both in justice to such publications, and The Printers' Pension Society propose a two Chinese costume, he is an object of great curi- to ourselves: at all events it is the plain and simple truth. hundred miles aquatic excursion in the Har- osity. It is said that four other Chinese mer- Edward, are beautifully executed; and the whole-length lequin steamer on Monday week, for the benefit chants, of great wealth in China, were to follow of the Princess Victoria, and the portrait of Lawrence, of their charitable fund. What would old his example.

from his own crayon, are recommendations enough for a Caxton say if he could rise from his grave and One good Turn deserves another.-Reynolds, contents.-Ed. L. G.

book of twice the price, independently of its literary witness this triumph of machinery in the cause the dramatist, who, as we mentioned in our We have looked over the several pamphlets respecting of benevolence ? last, is about to appear in the character of a sity; but we refrain from taking up the subject, in the

the disputes unhappily existing at the London Univers Monument to Shakspeare. -- Proposals are novelist, was complaining to a friend of the hope that good sense and moderation may prevail at the in circulation for a public meeting to consider many difficulties he encountered in his new meeting, which, we see, is appointed for to-day, and the of the expediency of erecting a national monu- undertaking; the latter replied — “ Think, promote its successful labours in the cause of education. ment to Shakspeare, worthy of the genius of when the work is over, of the pleasure of corthe poet (impossible !), the progress of the arts, recting the press.” Ay!" rejoined Fred. the Zoological Club at its last meeting, that it has been and the grandeur of the empire. We heartily Reynolds —" and when that work is over, it was established, and merged, as it were, into our now wish the design success.

think of the press having the pleasure of cor- flourishing Zoological Society. Mr. Vigors' publication Steam-Carriage. A steam-carriage has been recting me.

is otherwise very generally interesting, from the view it

takes of the rapid advances recently made in every branch built at Leipsic, which is to run between that

Dublin, June 26, 1830.

of zoological science. Many of the statements are curious, place and Dresden. It was to commence run.

SIR, I happened to meet with your paper of the 5th H. G.'s lines cannot be inserted : nor F. W.'s. ning on the 1st inst. The saving in time is inst

. this morning, and there read an extract from the In answer to a Constant Reader's inquiry-There is, expected to be about one half. The Dresden Life of Alexander Alerander, which alludes to me. I beg we are assured, no Librarian yet appointed to King's Colletter from which we take this information leave to say that every line of it is false, from beginning lege; but the Secretary receives all presents of books, &c.

to end. I can conceive a poor devil circumstanced as you and records them in a catalogue, in which the names of says, that this carriage is provided with an describe the author to be, writing lies, or picking pockets, the donors are entered. apparatus for discharging the smoke imper- to get a livelihood; but I can with difficulty account for ceptibly, so as to prevent alarm to horses on the the selection, by the editor of a " Literary Gazette,” of a

• The Marquess of Sligo having vouched to us for the passage which has no other merit than its falsehood and respectability of the writer of this letter, we think it best road.

malignity, in order to recommend a work and its author to let him state his grievances in his own intemperate Spiders.-Professor Weber, of Leipsic, states, to the generosity of the public. There was no Lieut: language. If he had consulted his reason, instead of althat he watched a little spider as it was con- Alexander speaks of. I was colonel, commanding the Bri- ment as nature may have blessed him withal, he must structing its web between two trees. The tish brigade under General Bolivar, who treated me with have perceived that the “ Reviewer" could have no cogthree principal points to which it was attached, great ingratitude; but neither he, nor General Paez, nor nizance of the transactions alluded to, except through the formed, as usual, an equilateral triangle. The der," ever thought of charging me with any of the ridicubricator of falsehoods, or Colonel Wilson a mere adventwo upper threads were fixed to the trunks of Jous plots spoken of in the life of that person, nor with turer in a foreign service, must be alike unknown to him. the trees ; but not finding a point to fix the being a spy for the Spaniarde." It might have little The character of the Literary Guzette ought to protect it

weight with the imprisoned libeller or his reviewer, per- from the suspicion of wishing to hurt the mind of any lower upon, the spider suspended from its ex- haps, were I to produce the testimony of the Commander-I gentleman.

and the whole valuable.

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for Town and Country, price 98. 6d.
R. A. NASMYTH, Surgeon - Dentist,

For all Families.-Price 51. cloth,

Hanover Square, Corner of Maddox Street.

GUIDE. With upwards of One Thousand New and Connected with Literature and the Arts.

Approved Receipts, arranged and adapted for Families and all
Classes of Servants.

<< This book contains a mass of information that cannot fail to SOCIETY BRITISH ARTISTS. The

M U S I C.

be useful in the conduct of household affairs. We wonder at the Exhibition for the sale of the Works of living British

pains that have been bestowed in the bringing together so much Artists, in Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East, is now open to the FREDERICK KIRKMAN, Son of the late night and really useful knowledge upon domestic economy.Public, from Nine till Six. Admission, 1s.-Catalogue DA Golden Square, Grand Piano-Forte Maker to his Majesty, begs

“ No servant should be without it."-Morning Advertiser,
R. B. DAVIS, Secretary. leave most respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and his The Arcana of Science for 1830, price 5s.

Friends, that he has succeeded to the Business of his late Father, cloth.
He intends to continue the same on the Old Premises as above,

Printed for John Limbird, 143, Strand.
CATIONAL REPOSITORY, for the which have been in the possession of his family for upwards of a
Annual Exhibition of New and Improved Productions Century, and invites an Inspection of his choice Assortment of

In folio, price 76, 60, or with Map 12s.
of Arts and Manufactures, Royal Mews, Charing Cross. The Instruments of every Description, ready for immediate Sale.
Third Exhibition of this Institution is now open to the Public,

SURVEYOO SELKIRKSHIRE; or, and will continue open daily, until further notice.

New Music.

Etterick Forest: containing the Political, Ecclesiastical,
Adinittance, 18.-Catalogues, 18.
Just published, dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty,

and Agricultural State of this County.
T.S. TULL, Secretary.

ENINSULAR MELODIES, Part II. don ; Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; John Smith and Son, Glas.

Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Lon.
Collected by GEORGE LLOYD HODGES, Esq.

gow; and the principal Booksellers in Scotland.
'OR SALE by AUCTION.- Beautiful The Poetry by Mrs. Hemans, Mrs. Norton, John Bowring,
Esq. LL.D., and other distinguished Writers.

New Works just published.
Square. By Messrs. SOUTHGATE, GRIMSTON, and WELLS,
Published by Goulding, D'Almaine, and Co. Soho Square.

In 3 vols. post 8vo.
at their Rooms, 22, Fleet Street, on Wednesday, July 7th, and
Price to Subscribers, 11. 10.; ditto to Non-Subscribers, 11. 51.

A Novel Subscriptions received at Messrs. Ebers' and Co. Old Bond Fourteen following Days, (Sundays excepted), at One o'clock precisely, Mr. W. B. COOKE'S extensive Stock, and valuable Colec. Street; at the Publishers'; and all Music Warehouses.

In 3 vols. post 8vo. tion of Engravings, well worthy the attention of the Collector and

2. The Armenians; a Tale of Constanti. Amateur, consisting of choice and brilliant Proofs, before the Letters, of the following splendid Works :-Pompeii, Gems of

nople. By Charles Mac Farlane, Esq. Art, Views in the South of France and on the River Rhone, BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY.

In : vols. 8vo. Plates, River Scenery, by Turner and Girtin; Views in Sussex, by

Price Sir Shillings, No. XI. of

3. Constantinople in 1828-29, 2d edition. J. M. W. Turner, R.A.; Beauties of Claude, &c. &c. At the same time will be disposed of, the entire Remainders of the Stock,

THE FOREIGN QUARTERLY By Charles Mac Farlane, Esq. and the whole of the Copper and Steel Plates of the above Works, REVIEW .

In 3 vols. post Bro, together with their Copyrights. The Collection comprises also a Contenti.-I. Dæmonology and Witchcraft-II. Danish and

4. The Collegians; a Novel. 2d edition. great variety of Framed and Glazed Prints, &c. &c. all in the Norwegian Literature-111. Dutrochet's New Researches on Ve. finest condition. getable Physiology-IV. Caillie's Travels in Africa-V. Modern

In 3 vols. post sro, May be viewed, and Catalogues had, three days Swedish Poetry-VI. History of the Amphictyonic Confederacy

5. The Rivals. 2d edition. By the Author prior to the Sale.

--VIIThe English in India-VIII. State and Prospects of the
Wool Growers-IX. Fetis; Music made Easy-X. Fontanier's of the "Collegians."
Travels in Asiatic Turkey. Critical Sketches : XI. Plutarchi

In 3 vols. post 8vo.
(RAND LANDSCAPE by HOBBEMA, Vitæ, cura G. H. Schaefer-XII. A Disquisition upon Robert
a View of Dort, with Cattle and Figures, by A. Cuyp, Tables Astronomiques et Hydrographiques_XIV. Sacchi; Anti-

6. Hungarian Tales. By the Author of the

« Lettre de Cachet." and further Portion of the fine Collection, the Property of a No. bleman. chite Romantiche d'Italia--IV. Antologia Straniera-XVI. Pro

Saunders and Otley, Public Library, Conduit Street. Mr. EDWARD FOSTER respectfully acquaints the Nobility, pheta Minores, perpet. annot. illustr. D. Ackermann-XVII. Gentry, and the Public, he has received Directions from the No Novum Testamentum Græcè; curâ D. I. M. A. Scholz-Miscel

MAGAZINE, No. CLXVIII. for July, 1830, being the Pall Mall, on Wednesday, 30th June, and following Day, at Russia, Spain, and Switzerland-Oriental Literature ---List of the Twelve o'clock, a choice Collection of Pictures, of the Italian, principal New Works published on the Continent, from Feb. to first No. of Vol. XXVII.

Contents.-I. Bear Hunting-II. A Tale of Ararat-III, We Flemish, and Dutch Schools, selected from fine Cabinets, and May, 1830, inclusive.

No. XII. will be published in August.

Return no more, by Mrs. He Part recently imported from the Continent, including a Woody

ans-IV. Story of Adam Scott, by Scene, with Water and Effect by Sunshine, a beautiful Chef. Printed for Treuttel and Würtz, Treuttel, Jun., and Richter, Proxy, the Jews Relief Bill, Messrs. North, Doherty, and O'Con.

the Ettrick Shepherd-V. The Silent Member, No. 4. Voting by d'uvre by Hobbema; View of the City of Dort, with Sheep and 30, Soho Square; and Black, Young, and Young, 2, Tavistock nell; Fatiguing Debates, Sensitive Privy Counsellors-V1. A Figures, by Albert Cuyp, a true and fine Specimen; the Conti. Street. nence of Scipio, by Jan Stein; Temptation of St. Anthony, by

Real Vision. By the Ettrick Shepherd-VII. Davy Jones and D. Teniers; a Series of Nine Pictures by Guercino, fine and un

the Yankee

Privateer-VIII, A Story of the Valley of Glen Cru

English Translation of the Classics. doubted.

agh.-IX. Ecloga. Christopherus, Dux, Satelles. The Same. Neatly bound, price only 45. Od.

Translated by Timothy Tickler-XI. Dan's First Parliamentary Rembrandt


Van Dyke


HE FAMILY CLASSICAL LIBRARY, Campaign=-11, Parties--X111. The Reminiscences of an old Rombouts


No. 7, containing Beloe's Translation of Herodotus, the lance of Food and Numbers of Animated Nature-XVI. To Cot Schalken

third and concluding Volume.

respondents. F. Mieris


The object of the Proprietors of this undertaking is to prodace Printed for William Blackwood, No. 45, George Street, Moucheron

a work, which, from its cheapness, and elegance, and uniformity,

Edinburgh; and T. Cadell, Strand, London. Also a few Books of Prints, Galleries, &c. including the Stafford

may recommend itself to all classes; the expensive existing edi.

tions having hitherto precluded the community at large from an Gallery, and Old Masters, coloured Proofs.

acquaintance with the writings of the greatest poets, historians, THE NEW MONTHLY and LONDON May be viewed Three Days before the Sale, when Catalogues and orators, the world has produced.

MAGAZINE for July. may be had, at l.. ench, at the Gallery, 51, Pall Mall. The First Three Numbers comprise Demosthenes, Sallust,

and Xenophon.

Contents. On the Progress of National Improvement in Great

Britain since the Peact Living with the Great-Intercourse beHenry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street.

tween the Literary World and the World of Fashion-The Sub.

lime Porte is to regain the whole of Western Greece, now in the JOURNAL.--The KING.-A Double Number of the

Foolscap 8vo.

hands of the Greeks-- The Miseries of the “Happiest Fellor without extra charge, in order to pretent to its readers a very copious and interesting Memoir of His late Majesty, written er

the German; and original Poems,

French Actors concluded: Mlle. Desbosses, Philippe Gardel, pressly for the work. It will occupy upwards of 48 columns out


Madame Dugazon ---Journal of a Parisian President; remarkable of the 96 which the journal will altogether comprise. The same

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Trial--Bath; the Rooms as they are, and the Rooms as they were

My Cousin's Toilette-Fashionable Eclogues, No. 9-Junior Number will include every particular that may transpire during the week, connected with the new court. Those who desire to

Price 11. ls.

United Service Club; Captain Biggs and Lieut. Wilkins-Luna. ensure copies, are requested to transmit their orders immediately

NOBLE GAME of BILLIARDS, Chamois Hunting, by an Alpen Jäger; Perils of the Chasseur ;

tic Lays, No. 1-The Land of Cakea, No. 4; Aberdeen Awato their respective Booksellers or Newsvenders. No. 18, Catherine Street, Strand, and transmitted, postage free, Europe. Translated from the French of the celebrated Published for Henry Colborn, by W. Thomas, at the Office, which have excited

the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of AdmissionThe Old Story: Psychological Curiosity-Letter

from the Siamese Boys--The Young Poetess-Specimens of Ger. to all parts of the Kingdom.


man Genius, No. 4-Description of the Grotto at Adelsberg-A0.

Formerly Capitaine d'Infanterie in the Service of France. ecdotes of Russia, continued - Russian Literature--and the usual The Fine Arts.-Cipriani's Rudiments for Drawing the

Dedicated, by permission, to the Most Noble the Marquess of Varieties in Politics, Critical Notices of New Publications, the

Human Figure.

Drama, Music, Fine Arts, Biographical Memoirs of Persons Just republished, price 126. imperial 4to. formerly sold at 218.

This work is elegantly got up, and comprises 43 well-executed lately deceased, Provincial Occurrences, &c. &c.

copper-plates, with directions for performing, with precision, the Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. ING the HUMAN FIGURE. Engraved by Francis sent day. It is, in this respect, a great desideratam to all the

In foolscap 8vo. price 76. 64. cloth boards, Bartolozzi. This beautiful Work, which has been the Founda- admirers of this elegant diversion, no work having appeared in tion of Instruction to our present Modern Masters and Historical the English language which can be compared with it, for the

Prose. Painters, is now in the most perfect state, and fine Copies may be beauty and precision of its rules and illustrations; and none had. which comprise the great improvements and discoveries made in

Collected by H. FOX TALBOT, Esq.

“ Dulce est desipere."- Horace. lery, 34, Rathbone Place, where every kind of work is published Table Manufacturer, 14, Catharine Street, Strand; and to be had London: Published by S. and J. Fuller, at their Sporting Gal. the game within the last twenty years.

London: Translated and published by John Thurston, Billiard James Ridgway, Piccadilly; and of every Bookseller. relative to the Art of Drawing, by our best Masters. N.B. The newest Works and Lithographic Prints from Paris. of all Booksellers.

The King's Deats !!!

French Remedies.-New edition, 68.

The Number for July contains-The Desperate System; Ps. nation of the Pupils at Goodenough House, Little Ealing,

TION and EMPLOYMENT of several NEW REME. verty, Crime, and Emigration- The Dead; by L. É. L.The which finished on Wednesday: was conducted on the only plan Dies, namely, Resin of Nur l'omica, Quinine, Morphine, Hy. Playhouses and the Players--- The Young Dragon: by Robert that can be a true

Test of a Box's
Learning. What is the repeti. (drocyanic Acid, Preparations of Cinchona, Iodine, Chlorurets of Southey,

Esq. (concluded) - The Lass o' Carlisle ; log the Ettrick tion of a Latin Play? An Effort of Memory !-What is the Lime and soda, Saits of Gold and Platina, l'hosphorus, &c. &c. Shepherd East India Question, No. III.; Evidence before Partranslation of Greek and Latin Lines which have been read every Translated from the 6th edition of the Formulaire of M. Majen liament-Evening, after a Picture by Schiller-The Wounded Day for Sir Weeks? A Test of Recollection : -The former is die; with an Appendix, containing the Experience of British Spirit; by D. M. Moir--Animal Magnetism--Letter from Sir the Examination of Westminster Boys; the latter of Charter Practitioners with many of the new Remedies.

Morgan O'Doherty, Bart.- Review of the Reproof of Brutus-Ån House Boys. But at Goodenough House the Pupils were required


Epigram, by S. T.C.-Webster's Travels, and Burckhardt's Arsto translate 100 Lines of Greek and Latin, selected at the moment

Printed for T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

bic Proverbs-Poems to Distinguished Individuals, No. 1.; to by the Examiner. This was a severe trial. But from the Hecuba

Thomas Geni, Esq.; No. 11, to the Rev. George Croly-The Gal. of Euripides, a boy 15 years old translated 100 lines fluently;

In 8vo. 8.

lery of Illustrious Literary Characters, No. II.; Thomas Campanother, 100 from Homer; another, 100 from Xenophon; another, 100 from Livy, another, 100 from Horace; another, 100 from

l'orirait, with Biographical Notice Colonial Question-Parallel Virgil; and one little boy, reported to have studied Latin but two

from the Hebrew, and with Explanatory Xotes,

Cases of Esther Hibner and the Mosses--The Case of Missionary years, translated 100 lines of Virgil. Maps were drawn neatis,


Smith-And why should I dream? by Miss Jewsbury--Robert without copies, of all the world, by six boys. The Examination

Master of Jesas College, Cambridge; and

Montgomery and his Critics-The Farewell of the Convicta in Pure and Mixed Mathematics, Algebra, &c. did the pupils


Thonghts on the Wellington Administration, by Pierce Pungent credit.

Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge.

-Election of Editor-Death of the King!!! Prospectus, price 64. at Egerton's, 30, Charing Cross; Rodwell's,

Printed at the University Press.

Published by James Fraser, 915, Regent Street, London; and 46, New Bond Street; and Moon's, 20, Threadneedle Street.

John Murray, Albemarle Street,

John Boyd, Edinburgh; and Grant and Co. Dablia.



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Guy's School, Ciphering-Book, online post THE MAID OF SCIO; a Tale of Modern


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SONGS. of the AFFECTIONS; with


Turner's Ristory of England.
The Twelfth Edition of Guy's School Geography,

Price 68, 6d. in cloth, or 79. bound in roan and lettered,
In 12 vols, 8vo. price 81. 33. in boards,

In royal 18mo. with Seven useful Maps, the 12th edition,

price only 31, bound in red,

DICTIONARY, abridged for the Use of Grammar Schools,
earliest Period to the Death of Elizabeth.


The 2d edition.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Capacity, and to every Class of Learners, both in Ladies' and " Dr. Dymock is a practical teacher and an eminent scholar,
of whom may be had, by the same Author, separately,
Gentlemen's Schools.

two advantages which peculiarly fit him for the task he has By JOSEPH GUY,

undertaken. This edition of Ainsworth possesses greater ad vanThe History of the Anglo-Saxons. 5th edit. Late of the Military College, Great Marlow.

tages than any with which we are acquainted; it is perfectly 3 vols, sro. 21. 56. boards.

A Key to the Problems, price Is. 6d.; and portable, remarkably voluminous, and published with a singular The History of England during the Middle the Maps done up separate, printed on royal drawing paper, and Latin students. "It is exquisitely printed, and its shape is well Ages, comprising the Reigns from William the Conqueror to the coloured, price 2:

adapted to suit varieties of taste. We do not hesitate to recomAccession of Henry VIII. 3d edition, 5 vols. 8vo. 31. boards.

Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row; and

mend it as the very best Dictionary which could be selected for The History of the Reign of Henry the

Whittaker and Co. Ave Maria Lane, London.

the use of Grammar Schools.'"-Edinburgh Literary Gazette. Eighth. 3d edition, 2 vols. 8vo. price 11. 68. boards. Where may be had, the following popular School Books, by

Glasgow: Printed for R. Griffin and Co., and the same Author:

T. Tegs, London,
The Reigns of Edward VI. Mary, and Eliza.
beth. 2d edition, 9 yols. 8vo. 11. 195. boards.

Guy's School Question-Book on History,

consisting of Ten Ancient and Eighteen Modern States; on Bio- New editions of the following Juvenile Publications are ready for Bateman on Cutaneous Diseas, by Thomson, graphy, Astronomy, Heathen Mythology, and a great Variety of

delivery at John Harris's, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard. In 8vo. 156. boards, the 7th edition of

Miscellaneous Subjects, useful to the Student, and more fully THE JUVENILE RAMBLER, in a Series PRACTICAL SYNOPSIS of CUTA- Printed in 12mo. the 3d edition, price 4s. 6d. bound in green and given than in any other work of a similar kind. Handsomely

with Twelve Woodcuts. 12mo. half-bound, price 88. 6d. plain, NEOUS DISEASES, according to the Arrangement of lettered.

43. 6d. coloured. 9d edition. Dr. Willan; exhibiting a concise View of the Diagnostic Symp Guy's Elements of Astronomy, familiarly 2. The Little Library; the Mine. By the Lons, and the Method of Treatment. By THOMAS BATEMAN, M.D. F.L.S. explaining the general Phenomena of the Heavenly Bodies, &c.

late Rev. Isaac Taylor, of Ongar. With 16 Illustrations, square Edited by ANTHONY TODD THOMSON, M.D. F.L.S. Third edition, with Eighteen tine Copperplates, 5s, bound.

16mo, bound in coloured cloth, price 38. 6d. 2d edition. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Guy's Pocket Cyclopædia, the 9th edition, 3. How to be Happy ; or, Fairy Gifts : prov. Of whom may be had,

enlarged and extensively improved, with the addition of nume-
An Atlas of Delineations of Cutaneous Erup-rous appropriate Cuts, in a handsome thick vol. 12mo. 101. Ga je utbe on efficiency of Talenis, Fortune, Rank, and Riches, to

ings,, half-bound, price 5s. 6d.
tions; illustrative of the Descriptions in the above Synopsis. By
A. T. Thomson, M.D. Royal 8vo. 31. 35. boards.
Guy's Chart of General History, on a large

In I vol. small 8vo. price 58. cloth gilt,
Dr. Bateman's Delineations of the Cutaneous Sheet, coloured, 5th edition, 76.; on rollers, 103. 6d.
Diseases comprised in the Classification of the late Dr. Willan.
4to. with 72 coloured Plates, price 121. 125. boards.
Writing Paper, and new Script Types. 4to. Sth edition, 38. Od.

Greece. In Six Cantos.


“We consider Miss Snowden's poem as an admirably sustained HITTAKER'S MONTHLY MAGA. Key to ditto, 6d.

effort. The metre she has chosen is perhaps the most treacherous ZINE for July contains-I. George the Fourth-II. Guy's Tutor's Assistant; or, Complete Scho. form in which an elegant mind could be led to em body its bright On Book-keeping--I11. Europe and the Horse Guards Cabinet-lar's Arithmetic. 6th edition, price only es. bound.

conceptions, yet she appears to have surmounted the fatal faci. IV. Recollections of a Valetudinarian --V. Tales of the Dead;

lities' which it presented, and to have preserved all through the the Impaled Turk, the Half-hanged Bandit, and the Drowned A Key to the Arithmetic, with Solutions of style which was fitting her heroic

subject. The Maid of Scio Englishman--VI. Voice of the Country; Abolition of Slavery- the Questions given at length, and numerous Examining Ques- is a poem that would confer credit on many a name which is exvil A Visit to Ceuta, the Spanish Presidio on the coast of Bar. tions added. Price tr. 64. bound in blue and lettered.

tensively known."--Monthly Review, Feb. 1830. bary-VIII, The Naval Affairs of Great Britain-IX. The Sugar Cane Cultivation-X, Affairs of British India. XI. Notes of the nion to his new British Spelling-Book, containing an Alphabetic feeling, and a rich fancy."- New Monthly and London Magazine.

Guy's New British Expositor ; or, Compa "A very sweet and pleasing little poem, printed at Dover. It

displays considerable powers of versification, great tenderness of
Montb on Affairs in general-Reviews of New Works - Fine
Arts-Lists of New Publications--Patents-Obituary-Agricul al Collection of the most useful, usual, and proper Words in the
English Language; calculated for the Use of schools and Fami.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.
tural Reports, &c. &c.
Whittaker and Co. London: Waugh and Innes, Edinburgh;

lies. A new edition, price 18. 6d. neatly bound.
and J.M. Leckie, Dublin.
*** The alacrity shewn by Teachers in immediately adopting

In foolscap 8vo. price 78.
this work on its first publication, is the best proof of its use in
school teaching,

other Poems.
ENCE, LITERATURE, and ART, for July. Edited at in a neat half-binding, price only 6d.
Guy's New British Primer. New edition,


Printed for William Blackwood, 45, George Street, Edinburgh; the Royal Institution,

and T. Cadell, Strand, London.
By W. T. BRANDE, Esq.
Guy's British Spelling-Book. The 31st

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,
Centents.--Proceedings of the Royal Instiiution-On the Sys. edition, with fine Frontispiece, and many Cuts, 16. 6d. bound.
tems of Numerical Signs used by diferent Nations, &c. by Ales. *,* This Spelling-book may now be considered as decidedly

1. Records of Woman; with other Poems. ander Von Huinboldt-On the Relations which exist between the the most popular extant; the attention of the author is constantly The 3d edition, foolscap 8vo. 86. 68. Force, Construction, and Sailing Qualities of Ships of the Line-devoted to its improvement, and that of the publishers to its On the Analysis and Structure of the Greek Tougue, by W. San- accuracy and beauty.

2. The Forest Sanctuary; with other Poems. key, A.M.On the Reciprocal Action of Indigo and the Fixed Oils, by C. H. Weston, Esq.-On Proper Names-Commentary on

Guy's New British Reader, with 17 Wood- 2d edition, with Additions, foolscap-810. 8s.6d.
a Paper entitled "a Deseription of a Microscopic Doublet, by cuts. 6th edition, price 3s. 64. bound.

Price 9a.
W. H. Wollaston, M.D. &c. by C. R. Goring, M.D.-On the Com.

position of the Fin Rays and other Parts in the Anatomy of Fishes,
by Dr. Hancock-Fragments on Egyptian Literature -Ilustra-

lished with Thirteen Engravings on Wood, from Designs tions of the Cetetheræ, Herponitherre, &c. by G. T. Burnett, Esq: this day, containing Two Portions of the Map of England.

Useful Knowledge. The Sixth Number is published by R. Cruikshank.
On Snate Poisons and their Remedies, by Dr. Hancock-On

of the Devil's Walk" there's been much talk, Opium and its Tests, by Dr. Ure-Mechanical Science-Chemical No. VII. will be published on the 1st of

And folks seem mighty curious;
Science On the Comununication of Hydrophobia, &c. &c. August, after which a Number may be expected monthly.

Now this is the real " Devil's Walk,"
Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. * These Maps, which are engraved on steel, in the best

And all the rest are spurious.
manner, in size 15 inches by 10, are sold at only 6d. each, plain,

London: Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange. In atlas 4to. price 12s.; Proofs, 16s.

and yd, with Outlines coloured, in Numbers of Two Maps each. ART III. of a SERIES of SUBJECTS

London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock.

In 3 vols. post 8vo. with a coloured Map, 11. 11.. 64. boards, from the WORKS of the late R. P. BONINGTON.


The American Indianı.

in 1827 and 1928.
Printed for James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond Street. In a closely printed volume 8vo. with an excellent Portrait,
Of whom may be had,

Burnet on Painting. 3d edition, illustrated

The 3d edition, with Additions. To which is also added, an NARRATIVE of the CAPTIVITY and

Appendix, on the Use of the Camera Lucida. by bearly 100 Etchings from the most celebrated Pictures of the

ADVENTURES of JOHN TANNER, during Thirty Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh; and Simpkin and
Old Masteri. 4to. price 34. 36.
Years Residence among the Indians in the Interior of North

Marshall, London.
America. Prepared for the press

Of whom may be had,
Hunt's Architectural Works.

In royal 4to. with 37 Plates, price 21. 28.; or with India Editor of the Account of Major Long's Expedition to the Forty Etchings, illustrative of the Travels,
Proofs, 31, 3s,

Rocky Mountains.

taken with the Camera Lucida. By Captain Hall. Royal 4to. London: Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row; and price 10s. 6d. T. Ward, Holborn.

“ Colonel Davies said, he thought great benefit would result to TURE, adapted to Modern Habitations; with illastra.

our penitentiary discipline, if we acted upon the system adopted ure Details, selected from Ancient Editices, and Observations on the Ferniture of the Tudor Period.

Dr. Johnson on Indigestion.

in the l'nited States. 'Criminals in England were frequently ren. By T. F. HUNT, Architect.

dered worse by intercourse with one another in the hulks and

N ESSAY on INDIGESTION, or prisons. In America, they were contined at nights in separate « Whoever wishes to talk cunninglie' of old houses and old furniture, should consult this volume."--Literary Gazette. Proximate Cause, or Characteristic Condition of Dyspepsia, Ner- and under vigilant superintendence during the day. Many useBy the same Author,

vous Irritability, Mental Despondency, Hypochondriacism, and ful hints on these topics might be taken from the work of Captain Architettura Campestre; displayed in Lodges, many other Ailments, with an improved Alethod of Treatment, Basil Hall on America."-Debate in the House of Commons, 21st Gardeners' Houses, &c. Royal 4to. with 12 Plates, 21s. boards, or the Diseases and Regimen of lovalids, &c.

"Captain Hall's Descriptive Views look almost as if thrown India Proofs, ll. lls. 6d. boards,


out by some happy mechanical aid, corresponding to that of his Half-a-Dozen Hints on Picturesque Domes. Physician to His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Camera Lucida."--Edinburgh Review, Sept. 1829. tie Architecture. 2d edition, in 4to. 158. boards, or 218. India

6th edition, enlarged, price 6s.6d. boards.

“ Captain Hall gives a luminous and instructive account of the Proofs, boards.

Published by T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street. political constitution of the United States, and traces the changes

it has undergone since the commencement of the Union. In this, Designs for Parsonage Houses, Alms Houses,

In royal 4to. price 128,

as well as the other subjects introduced by him, which involve &c. Royal 410. 91 Plates, 21.. boards, or India Proofs, 11. 118. od. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

ART I. of the COSTUMES of the general reasoning and speculation, the talents of the author are

exhibited in a very striking light."--Literary Gasette,

FRENCH PYRENEES, with Characteristic Back. “ Captain Hall's book may probably do good in America; we 'RABBE'S DICTIONARY of GENE- grounds. Drawn on Stone by J. D. Harding, from the Sketches hope it will, but we are quite sure it must do so here. It may of J. Johnson, Esq.

furnish many well-disposed persons with arguments by which to RAL KNOWLEDGE has become the most popular The Work will consist of 30 coloured Drawings, accompanied defend the blessings they enjoy. It may decide the wavering, Fork of the present day. It appears to us to combine all the fea by Letterpress Descriptions. To be published in Six Parts. and confute, if not silence, the turbulent and revolutionary. The tures that are best adapted to please and attract, as well as to instract. There is admirable tact and skill displayed in the com.

London: Printed for James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond common-sense views he has taken, the penetration he has exhi. pression of its details; and in the quality of the matter, as well

Street; and Miller, Princes Street, Edinburgh.

bited in sifting facts, and the powerful scrutiny he has exercised,

give to his communications a very uncommon character both of as the manner of its execution, the volume may be considered unique. The engraved illustrations, too, are exceedingly pretty; Just imported, in 1 large voto medium gro. price 218. boards,

interest and information."-Quarterly Review, Nov. 1829. altogether, it is a work both for the eye and the understanding,

being the Third Volume of
and we doubt not that it will be found as useful as eren some of

In 8vo. 128.
the author's most important publications."-Scots Times.

TER for 1897-8-9, or the Fifty-second and Fifty-third
The work is beautifully printed at the Chiswick Press, and Years of American Independence.

LORD BYRON and others. Held in Cephalonia, a illustrated with nearly 500 Engravings, price 95. in cloth, or 12s. “ The first work of its useful kind that has appeared in Ame- short time previous to his Lordship's Death.

rica."-Literary Garette.
Printed for Thomas Tege, London ; R. Griffin and Co. Glasgow;

By the late JAMES KENNEDY, M.D.
New York: Published by E. and G. W. Blunt; and sold bs

OF H. M. Medical Staff.
and sold by all the Booksellers.
Thomas Ward, 84, High Holborn, London; and all Booksellers.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.


APS by the Society for the Diffusion of THE








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9 vols.

9 90

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New Works just published by Mr. Murray.

George the Fourth. HE LIFE of BISHOP HEBER.


In 8vo. with a fine Portrait, from a Drawing by Wivell,

nearly ready for publication,
By his WIDOW.
3 vols. 4to. 31. 131. 6d.

Life of Byron.

MEMOIR of HIS LATE MAJESTY 2. Conversations with Lord Byron on Reli. Preparing for immediate publication, in monthly volumes, price

GEORGE the FOURTH. 61, each, beautifully embellished, and printed in small &so.

By the ker. GEORGE CROLY, A.M. gion. By the late James Kennedy, M.D. of H. B. M. Medica!

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row. Stafl. 8vo. 128.

LEDGE. 3. The Camp of Wallenstein, from the Ger

Edited by the Rev. G. R. GLEIG.

Gencral Election. man; and Original Poeins. By Lord Francis Leveson Gower. No. I. containing the Life of Lord Byron, by John Galt, Esq. In a few days will be published, a od edition, in 1 vol. 8r0. Foolscap 8vo. 58. 6d. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street.

price 100. 64. boards, 4. The Law of Population. By Michael

to the Conduct and Thomas Sadler, M.P. 2 vols. 8vo. 30s.

8, Nin Burlington Street. The following Works will be published during the month of

Management of a County Contested Election, andressed 5. Ireland and its Economy; being the Re

July, by Messrs. Colburn and Bentles.

to Candidates for the House of Commons, their friends, Commitsult of Observations made in a Tour through the Country in the

tee Men, and Agents; and to the several Persons who may be

IFE and CORRESPONDENCE of JOHN engaged or interested in County Contests. With an Appendix of Autumn of 1829. By J. E. Bicheno, Esq. F.R.S. Post 8vo. 8s. 64.


the Statutes on County Elections, including those of the present 6. Levi and Sarah ; or, the Jewish Lovers.

2d edition, with considerable Additions, in 2 vols. 870. Session, systematically abridged, with Practical Forms, adapted 2. Life of Lord Burghley, Lord High Trea- the Canvass and the Polling

to immediate use, for the purpose of facilitating the Business of A Tale of the Polish Jews. Post 8vo. 8s. 64.

By G. BUTT, of the Inner Temple. 7. Introductions to the Study of the Greek Surer of England during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, with Ex

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.
Classic Poets, for the Use of Young Persons at School or College. the Rev. Dr. Nares, Regius Professor of Modern History in the
Post 8vo. 64. 6d.

University of Oxford. Vol. II.
Family Library.
No. XIV. of the Family Library, being the R.A: By William Hazlitt, Esq. In I vol. small 8vo. with Por-
3. Conversations of James Northcote, Esq.

8, New Burlington Street.

The following Works will be published in the course of a few Lives of the most eminent Physicians, will be published in a few

days by Messrs. Colburn and Bentley. trait. days. Family Library, Juvenile Series. No. I. Years Principal Oboist at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden. 4. Musical Memoirs, by W. T. Parke, Forty

By the Rev. T.S. HUGHES, B.D. (which has been long in preparation), will be published on the 2 rols.

Of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Ist of August.

Second edition, in 9 vols. iro. with considerable Additions Family Dramatists, No. II., containing the Himself, and comprising Personal Details of the Grand Military 5. Memoirs of Captain Cooke, written by

and Improvements, with 33 Illustrations. Plays of Ford, Vol. I. will be published in a few days.

2. De l'Orme; a Novel. By the Author of Operations in the Peninsula under the Marquess of Wellington. Interspersed with numerous Anecdotes and Traits of Adventure.

Richelieu," and " Darnley, or the field of the Cloth of Gold,"

In 3 vols.
Hall's New General Atlas completed.
Folded in half, and pasted on guards, in strong canvass

6. Captain Frankland's Travels to Constan.

3. Narrative of a Journey over Land to and lettered .....

EB 18 6
tinople. 2d edition, % vols. 8vo. with 38 Engravings, price 245.

India. By Mrs. Colonel Elwood. In : vols. 8vo. with Plates. Half-bound, russia backs, corners, and lettered

4. Soutbennan; a Tale of the Reign of In the full extended size of the Maps, half-bound, russia backs, corners, and lettered.....

...10 00
Dedicated, by permission, to Her Royal Highness

Queen Mary. By John Galt, Esq. Author of « Lawrie Todd," Proofs on India paper, half-bound, russia backs, corners,

the Princess Victoria.

&c. In 3 vols. and lettered

14 5 0

5. Travels to the Seat of War in the East, THREE MAPS, with the Divisions and Boundaries and illustrated by Portraits of her Royal Highness the Princess Imperial Fleet and Army, Characteristic Anecdotes, &c. By carefully coloured. Constructed entirely from new Drawings,

Victoria, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Lady Jane Grey, and King Ed- Capt. James Edward Alexander, K.L.S. 16th Lancers, M.R.A.S. ward VI.

&c. In 2 vols. post 8vo. with Map and Plates. and engraved by SIDNEY HALL. Completed in Seventeen Monthly Parts, any of which may still be had separate, price each, illustrated by Engravings. Etchings, Woodents, kc.

This Work will be published in Monthly Volumes, price 48. 6. The Persian Adventurer ; forming a Se. 101. éd. each.

quel to the Kuzzilbash. By J. B. Fraser, Esq. In 3 vols. “ We have taken some pains to examine this new Atlas, and we

On advancing into this new field with a Monthly Work, simican safely state our conviction of its general superiority to all lar in plan to the very popular publications already in existence,

7. Private Correspondence of Sir Thomas other Atlases."-Sphinx, (conducted by J. S. Buckingham,Esq. it will appear, that though intended to aid all these valuable prothe Proprietors beg very briefly to state their views, from which

Munro; forming a Supplement to his Memoirs. Edited by the

Res. G. R. Gleig. In I vol. 8vo. " The best and most recent authorities are in all cases con. sulted; and the maps are engraved in a masterly manner."-New

ductions, it is not meant to interfere with any of them. The 8. Maxwell ; a Story of the Middle Ranks. Monthly Magazine. Juvenile Library is addressed to a very distinct'and numerous

By the Author of “ Sayings and Doings." In 3 vols.
class the young of both sexes--and its objects are to enable that
Preparing for publication,
class, not only to comprehend and enjoy its more mature contem.

9. The Revolt of the Angels, and the Fall An Alphabetical "Index of all the Names poraries, but to fit them the better for the pleasures, the disap. from Paradise: an Epic Drama. By Edmund Reade, Esq., Au.

thor of "Cain the Wanderer,' &c. 8vo. contained in the above Atlas, with References to the Number of pointments, and the duties of active life and society. the Maps, and the Latitude and Longitude in which the Places schools, or studies, with the character of having completed their

The truism, that when the young are removed from their 10. The Heiress of Bruges ; a Tale. By are to be found. Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. education, they are in general deplorably ignorant of almost every

the Author of Highways and Byways," « Traits of Travel," &c.

4 vols.
thing which their immediate intercourse with the world requires
they should know, is too notorious to need argument. Actual

11. Fuseli's Six New Lectures on Painting, In I vol. 4to. on royal drawing paper, with Seven Plates

experience is often dearly bought; and where the lessons of wis. by E. Finden, price 31. 121. 60.

delivered at the Royal Academy. Printed uniformly with the dom are sought from books, the seeker frequently discovers that First Series, price 216. London: J. Hearne; and W. Blackwood, Edinburgh.

these oracles assume too much to have been previously learnt, LLUSTRATIONS of the ANGLO- and consequently shape instruction in forms unintelligible to

12. The Separation ; a Novel. FRENCH COINAGE, from A.D. 1159 to 1454. youthful capacities. In endeavouring to supply the want thus

thoress of Flirtation." 3 vols. By a F.A.SS. Lond. et Scot., of the Royal Societies felt, to simplify information, to afford facilities to parents and 13. The Marquess of Londonderry's Narra. of France, Normandy, &c. &c.

teachers, to prepare juvenile minds for inore complicated and
Sparsa collegi.
extended relations than mere education (even with all its modern

tive of the late War in Germany and France. ed edition, vol. improvements) has ever contemplated--this Library proposes to

14. Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks; a supply a regular succession of volumes, which shall be eligible to Novel. 2 vols. PÆDIA. Published in Monthly Volumes, small 8ro. iheir moral character, and, by the great force of example, to

15. Frescati's ; or, Scenes in Paris. 3 vols. smooth their way to knowledge, and its concomitant, happiness. 16. Stories of American Life. By American

And while thus anxiously cultivating the most important as well
Volumes published.

Writers. Edited by Mary Russel Mitford. 3 vols.
as the most untended period in the whole span of human years,
VIII. Sir J. Mackintosh's History of Eng- it is hoped that able writers may demonstrate the possibility of

17. The Midsummer Medley for 1830. A land. Vol. I.

Series of Comic Tales and Sketches. By the Author of "Bram. I. IV. History of Scotland, in 2 vols. by structures are raised on the foundations of learning and science.

of all necessary intelligence; and amusing, though the super. bletye House," &c. &c. 2 vols. small 8vo. Sir Walter Scott, Bart. The superintendence of this undertaking, which the projecten by Himself. 2d edition, 2 large vols. 850. 315. 6d.

18. The Life of Dr. Edmund Calamy, writII. History of Maritime and Inland Disco-tors trust the young will love and the old approve, has been con

fided to William Jerdan, Esq. with whom a number of Authors 19. Lawrie Todd; or, the Settlers in the very. Vol. I. III. Domestic Economy.

of high character are associated, to illustrate the various branches By M. Donovan, of polite literature and popular instruction in which their

Woods. By John Galt, Esq. d edition, revised, in 3 small vois

20. Clarence; a Tale of our own Times. In Esq. Vol. I. respective talents have already obtained public weight and cele

3 vols. V. Mechanics. By Capt. H. Kater

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. 21. Retrospections of the Stage. By the Dr. Lardner. VI. Lives of eminent British Lawyers.

late Mr. John Bernard, Manager of the American Theatres, and By

Preparing for publication, during the ensuing Autumn, formerly Secretary to the Beef-Steak Club. By his Son, *. H. Roscoe, Esq.

Embellished with numerous Wood Engravings.

22. The Turf; a Satirical Novel. 2 vols. Vol. I. with Woodcuts.

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.
To be published.

Nearly ready for publication,
August 1.-Outlines of History, ! vol.
Printed for Longman and Co.; and John Taylor.

LETTRES. In Monthly Cabinet Volumes, at 18. each.

LIBRARY, in Monthly Volumes, small 8vo. price 56. Dr. Arnold's Thucydides.-Vol. I. price 184.

Commencing in July, 1830, with Addison's Essays, in % vols. embellished.

In compliance with what appears to be the prevailing taste, This Work, which has been some time in preparation, is in SIAN WAR, by THUCYDIDES. The Text according work will in fact (like those of a similar class already in progress) rest as do not fall within the regular plan of the Cabinet Csco. to Bekker's Edition, with some Alterations. Illustrated by Maps, differ but little in its collective form from the succession of pædia." It will be supported by the same class of literary and taken entirely from actual Surveys. With Notes, chiefly Histo volumes which have issued from his press during the last thirty scientific contributors as the Cyclopedia, and will form a compa rical and Geographical.

years, and which have been honoured with solarge a share of public nion to that work. Oxford: Printed by S. Collingwood, Printer to the University, approbation. It will scarcely be expected that, in this day of The publication of the Cabinet Library will commence with for!. Parker, Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; C., J., G., and open competition, he should fully disclose the plan of his publica- the Life and Reign of George IV. in 3 vok. P. Rivington, London; and J. and J. J. Deighton, Cambridge. tion; nor is a programme to a course of polite literature (always A Biographical Work by Thomas Moore, Esq. will be among more agreeable when most díscursire) by any means called for.

the earliest Volumes. In Folio, the Last Part of

When he has stated that History, Geology, the Mathematics, and Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Pater. in short all the graver Sciences, will give place to Poetry, Ro. noster Row; and John Taylor, Upper Gower Street

mance, Literary and Biographical Anecdote, Epistolary CorreCANUM

spondence, and the pleasant gossip of Polite Learning, the leadEdited by Messrs. CALEY, ELLIS, and BANDINEL.

ing features of this work will be sufficiently understood. It need Subscribers are requested to make immediate application for hardly be added, that tbe judgment exercised in the selection of

LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A, SCRIPPS, their copies of this concluding Part of the Monasticon; and those his matériel, will rigidly exclude everything that militates in the

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Sirret, persons who have not yet completed their sets are requested to do most trifting degree against religion or morality.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, offers so at the earliest possible period, as, after a very short time, sin

Published by John Sharpe, Piccadilly.

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exchange A. gle Parts of this work will not be attainable, and copies not now The Works which will follow the Essays of Addison, 9 vols.,

Morlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill; A. But, completed must in consequence be rendered altogether imper- are the Lyre; Fugitive Poetry of the 19th Century- The Modern

Edinburgh : Smith and Son, D. Robertson, and Altera fect. Decameron, Vols. I and II.-The Laurel, a Companion volume

and Co. Glasgon; and J. Cunning, Dublin. - Ages for Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; and to the Lyre; Anecdotes of Literature-The Portry (selected) of

America, 0. Rich, 19, Red Lion Square, London.
Harding and Lepard, London.
the Age of Queen Elizabeth.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.


By the An.


price 6s.

and brity,

VII. Cities and Towns of the World, 3 vols. THE

NEW COMIC ANNUAL for 1831. Barbie Bermudes vots. posted on




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