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before Algiers, or on shore in the event of as instances of cure have been related in this meenesters of the gude kirk of Scotland. One successful landing; to contain copious details of country.

complained that he had got a ringing in his all the warlike proceedings, and literary and Winter Gardens in Prussia.-There are at head!“ Do ye ken the reason that ?” scientific information.

Berlin four large gardens, in which is kept up asked his worthy crony. “ Na!" " I'll tell Literary Fund.— The Greenwich anniver. the appearance of perpetual summer. They ye: it's because it's empty!”

" And have ye sary of this admirable charity promises to be are filled with orange-trees and exotics of dif- never a ringing in your head ?” quoth the more than usually well attended. It is under. ferent kinds, and being covered over and having other. " Na; never. “ And do ye ken the stood that Mr. Cam Hobhouse, a V.P., will good stove fires, the temperature is always that reason? It's because it's cracked !" was the take the chair, and the friends of the Institu- of July and August. They contain reading retort; and the truth was not very far off. tion will rally round him on the occasion. For and refreshment rooms, and also small theatres. A revered and faithful old Gloucestershire gastronomy, the white bait (upon which an At night they are illuminated, and have a servant was feeding her mistress's lap-dog with essay is recommended, not to ascertain whether beautiful effect.- Paris Paper. Napoleon had a plate of broken fish from the table; but she it is fish or fry, but how it tastes,) is ordered a plan of this kind in contemplation for the refused him the carcass of a chicken, alleging to allow itself to be caught. Broadhurst has Tuileries. It was his intention to roof them as her reason, “ that the rib-bones would be promised the charm of song; and many other in, (which would have been an extraordinary sure to choak him!!!agrémens are in requisition.

undertaking), and at night to light them with Mr. Price, the celebrated oriental scholar, a sort of artificial sun, like the new lamp at died suddenly at his residence, near Worcester, the French Opera. His reverses in the field of


(Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XXV. June 19.] on Thursday morning,

course prevented his carrying this seeming Bourrienne's Memoirs. - In Bourrienne's visionary plan into effect. It would be well if and the Crimea, in 1829, by J. E. Alexander, 16th Lancers


in Memoirs it is stated, that a M. de Sala had the proprietors of Vauxhall could do something -An octavo edition of travels in Sicily, Greece, and communicated to M. de Metternich at Vienna, in the same way, especially as our “ summer Albania, by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D:- The Turf, a that, in the year 1815, he had been engaged by has set in (according to the excellent mot of a Novel, by the Author of " Richelieu" and " Darnley." M. de Stein, formerly a Prussian minister, to Lord Dudley) with its usual severity"!! -The Separation, a Novel, by the Author of “ Flirtapoison M. de Mongelas, the Bavarian minister. Canadian Giant. The greatest man now in tion."- Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks, a Novel. -ClaM. de Stein has published a lithographic bro- London is unquestionably Monsieur Modaste Dr. Nares' laborious undertaking, a Life of Lord Burghchure, in which he indignantly repels this Mailhoit, to whom we paid our respects, up ley, the first volume of which was published in 1823, iş charge, and, among other proofs of his inno- stairs, after visiting Mr. Thom's Scottish sta- Narratives, has in the press a poem entitled Visions of cente, adduces a letter from M. de Metternich, tues. He received us with gravity, but seems Solitude. declaring that no such communication had ever altogether a pleasant fellow of his inches, which been made to him. This correspondence affords, are considerable, viz. 6 feet 44 inches in height Morton's Travels in Russia, 8vo. 143. bds.-Philip on however, the strongest evidence we have yet (5 inches taller than Daniel Lambert), 7 feet Acute and Chronic Diseases, 8vo. 12. bds. – Pickering's seen of the authenticity of Bourrienne's work round the body, 3 feet 10 inches round the ham's Attendance on Charles 1. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 18., royal in other respects; and when we find such per- thigh, and 3 feet 44 inches round the calf of 8vo. 11. 11.. 6d. bds.-Tanner's Captivity among the In. sons as Prince Metternich and the Prussian the leg. His weight is 619 pounds, i. e. less dians, 8vo, bds.--The Denounced, by the Authors of ex-minister bearing witness to its superior and than Lambert's. M. Mailhoit has passed, with it. 118. Głe bds. —Dolby's Cook's Dictionary, post {vo.

“ Tales by the O'Hara Family," 3 vols. post 8vo. accurate information, we advert with pleasure all his fat, through his grand climacteric, being 96 6d. bds.--Oxford English Prize Essays, 4 vols, post 8vo. to the same opinion expressed in the Literary sixty-four years of age. He was originally a 11,168. bads. --Bishop, Heber's Life, 2 vols. 4to. 3. 136.6l. Gazette, upon the authority of an English mi, mill-wright at Quebec, and began to take on at Algebra, 8vo. 11. 48. bds. --Brief Compendium of the Hisnister, cognisant of many of the affairs related the age of thirty. His countenance is not re-tory of England, 32mo. 18. sewed.--Arnold's Thucydides, by De Bourrienne.

markable. He eats well, and a little more than yol. 1. 8vo. 188. bds.-Suranne's Dictionary, 18mo. 58. Science.-The Emperor of Russia assigned an ordinary person ; sleeps regularly about ten Translation, 8vo. 89. sewed. The Child's Guide to Know10,000 rubles per annum for the continuation hours, and enjoys good health. His only lan- ledge, 18mo, 3s. sheep: – Bell's Universal Mechanism, of the researches necessary to ascertain the guage is French, and he converses in an agree- Translation, 12mo. as bas.--Moncrieft”) March of Intelexact measure of the degree. M. Struve, the able tone, apparently quite alive to all that is lect, with Cruikshank's Designs, 18mo. 18. sewed. --Veneminent astronomer of Dorpat, is charged with going on about him. Reading and draughts touillac's Classics, 12 vols. 18mo. 31. 128. cloth. --British the direetion of this labour, which will last for are his chief relaxations, and he walks without of the Arterial System, 8vo. 48. bds. Madame du Barri's Two officers have been sent to any painful effort.

Memoirs, Vol. II. 18mo. 35. 6.; royal 18mo. 6s. bds.Finland to make observations; and M. Struve Chin-Chopping. It appears that the musical English Prisoner in France, 8vo. 7s. bds. --Short Memois also to undertake a journey on this subject. chin is not entirely without an example; since rials of the Lord's Goodness, 12mo. 41. 62. bds.

Anatomical Model.-At the sitting of the in the 283d No. of the Spectator, published in Paris Academy of Medicine, on the 8th inst., 1712, Budgell writes thus :_“ Nor can I in

METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1830. M. Auzon, a physician, exhibited an anatomi- this place omit doing justice to a youth of my cal model, intended to assist the young student own country, who, though he is scarce yet Thursday.. 10

29.95 Stationary in surgery, which excited great admiration. It twelve years old, has, with great industry and Friday

29.72 Stationary is five feet seven inches in height, and is ma- application, attained to the art of beating the Saturday.

Sunday.... 13

29.76 to 29.72 nufactured from papier mâché. Every part grenadiers' march on his chin. I am credibly Monday takes to pieces. The muscles can be removed, informed, that by this means he does not only Tuesday

Wednesday 16

29.79 layer by layer, until the skeleton appears. maintain himself and his mother, but that he The brain is divided into slices, exhibiting all is laying up money every day, with a design, if

Wind variable, N.W. prevailing. Except the 10th,

generally raining: thunder and lightning about noon on the nerves and other ramifications. The lungs, the war continues, to purchase a drum at least, the 13th, and on the evening of the 14th. Since the 20th diaphragm, heart, intestines, &c. are remov- if not a pair of colours.” What would this of May, we have had four days only free from rain, viz. able. In the heart, which is filled with black ingenious writer say, could he hear the per-clover, which had been previously cut down, is entirely

the 28th ult., and the 2d, 5th, and 6th instant: much and red blood, all the minuteness of the organ- formance of Michael Boai, who seems to have spoilt : but the more distressing scene is, to see so many isation is shewn ; and the whole is so con- acquired such a mastery over this organ, if it poor individuals, who have come from distant parts of the trived as to be a perfect study in the absence of may be so called, that he can execute chro- to beg.-Rain fallen, 1 inch, and "325 of an inch. the real subject. M. Auzou was twelve years matic passages, however difficult, with all the engaged in the manufacture of this model ; taste, rapidity, and precision of the violin and Latitude.... 51° 37' 32" N.

Longitude but having succeeded, he is now able to make piano-forte-modulating his sounds to the subperfect copies at 3000 francs each. He has ject, and varying his keys in a manner so

TO CORRESPONDENTS. also a model for the study of the accoucheur. surprising, as to prove that he is a musician in

P. A. will find a packet at our Office. This is an admirable contrivance. By means the fullest acceptation of the term.

In our next we intend insertiog, entire, a very curious of caoutchouc and confined air, he is able to Facetiæ.-An Irish servant lad, going along and interesting paper on hydrophobia, read at the last shew the expansions and contractions in la- the passage, and singing rather inharmoniously, meeting of the College of Physicians. bour, so as to enable the student to proceed in was asked by his master what horrid noise he was Gallic Coins, last week, we stated the number of portraits his practice with confidence and safety. making ? “ I have not made any noise, sir!” he of coins at ninety-eight; but on looking more carefully,

Cataract.-A French paper contains an ac- replied. “ Why! you were singing, and a con- one of gold ought to have been added to that number, count of a cure for cataract, by continued founded noise it was.” “Oh! perhaps it was making the whole 119. The words “ still remaining," friction for several hours during the day, for a the singing in my ears your honour heard !" after the word " those," page 384. column 1, line 34, of

the same Review, are wanted to complete the sense of period of three months, over the eye. Similar | This reminds us of the dialogue between twa / the passage.

ten years.




29.93 to 29.90


Thermometer. From 46. to 56. 45. 65.

65. 40. 58. 40. 60. 43. 57.


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29.56 1 29.56

29.36 29.69



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3 51 W. of Greenwich.





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a} ditto,

Price 11. 1s.

ARTS.-Persons desirous of making Collections of Draw.
Connected with Literature and the Arts.

ings and of valuable Specimens for Albums, may procure genuine wherein are exhibited extraordinary and surprising Strokes,
and authentic Drawings from the Old Masters, by Sir Joshua which have excited the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of

Europe. Translated from the French of the celebrated
THE EYELBIN WATER Coloe nes, at the Gallery,
Apply to Mr. Colnaghi, Cockspur Street.


Formerly Capitaine d'Infanterie in the Service of France. Pall Mall East, WILL CLOSE for the present Season on Satur

Dedicated, by perinission, to the Most Noble the Marquess of

Cleveland. day next, the 20th instant. Open from Nine till Seven.

M U S I C.

This work is elegantly got up, and comprises 13 Fell.executed Admittance, 18.--Catalogue, 6d.

copper-plates, with directions for performing, with precision, the CHARLES WILD, Secretary.

tory and Circulating Library, 56, St. James's Street, sent day. It is, in this respect, a great desideratum to all the SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. The Britiseret og er en kondomobiles love to her and the or the legend blockereien en comparea unei persoane dhe

Dublin, respecifully inform the Nobility and Gentry that their the English language which can be compared with it, for the Exhibition for the sale of the Works of living British Rooms are always supplied with a splendid variety

of Grand Ca- beauty and precision of its rules and illustrations and none Artists, in Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East, is now open to the binet, self-playing, Cottage, square, and Circular Piano-Fortes, which comprise the great improvements and discoveries made in Public, from Nine till Sis. Admission, 18.-Catalogue, 1s.

by the most eminent Makers, at ihe lowest Manufacturers' Prices; the game within the last twenty years. R. B. DAVIS, Secretary.

also Harps, Guitars, and every other Musical Instrument. An London: Translated and published by John Thurston, Billiard extensive Library for the Circulation of Music in Town and Table Manufacturer, 14, Catharine Street, Strand; and to be had Country. Terms moderate.


Willis and Co. have just published the following: (to be established by Act of Parliament), for providing

New Vocal Music.

Places of Interment secure from violation, inoffensive to Public
Health and Decency, and ornamental to the Metropolis.
A Third Volume of Tyrolese Melodies, sung by the Rainer

REVIEW, No. XI. was published this day.
Capital, 4200,000, in Shares of 195 each.

Famíly, the Words by T. H. Bayly, Eag. the Music by s. d. June 17, 1830.
1. Moscheles ........

15 0 Shares may be obtained of Messrs. Snow, Paul, and Paul, Bank

Signor Don Micco del Canada, Fioravanti's admired Ter. ers, Temple Bar Without, on payment of 21. 108. per Share, on

Family Library, zetto, newly arranged by Siguor de Begais

3 0 account of the

Illustrated with Eight Engravings, hs.
Provisional Trustees:
Author. Composer.

; bir dokuscouan Palito Bart. l George Fredericia carden, Esa? Andrew Spottiswoode, Esq.M.P. The Brook is purl.}Song, C. Swain ........ G. Hargreave: 0

The Love Knot ....ditto, T. H. Bayly, Esq. I. Moscheles

Painters, Sculptors, and Architects,
An eligible site for a general Cemetery having offered itself, the The Roman Girl's


John Murray, Albemarle Street.

S the Music by public are now invited to join in this great national improve

's} ditto, Mrs. Hemans.. {, her sister. ? :

2. Family Library, Juvenile Series. No. I. ment.

The Parting Song ..ditto, ditto The grounds will be laid out and planted after the manner of

I. Moscbeles (which has been long in preparation), will be published on the the celebrated Cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise, surrounded with an England's Dead ....ditto,

The Curfew ...ditto, ditto

ditto ...... 2 01st of July,

ditto ....., 2 0 ornamental enclosure of sufficient height, and so watched and The Recal ......

3. Family Dramatists, No. II., containing ...ditto, ditto

ditto ..... 9 0 guarded as to prevent the possibility of the sepulchres within The Graves of a

the Plays of Ford, Vol. 1. will be published in a few days. being violated or disturbed." Within this area parishes, public

Household ......


ditto ...... 90 bodies, and individuals, may obtain ground for ipferment, with The Last Wish......ditto,

New Works just published by Mr. Murray, ditto

ditto ....., 0 liberty to ereot mausoleums or monuinents, after their own de

1. The Law of Population. By Michael

8 0 signs. Vaults and catacombs will also be constructed for general One constant Friend, Words and Music by Miss Deacon

O no, believe not!.,


ditto .....

2 0

Thomas Sadler, M.P. 3 rols. Bro. 30s. use.

The Heart's-ease, or, La Pensée, a Ballad; the English Words 2. Ireland and its Economy; being the ReA register of the death, age, and description of each individual interred, and of the situation of every monument, will be kept: Denuit Saxis

by Butler Danvers, Esq. Composed by C. M. Sola


sult of Observations made in a Tour through the Country in the

Mrs. R. Tibbits 1 6 and be open to inspection, in the same manner as the registers of We love the pleasantest Hours, Duet ......Dr, Carnaby .... ? : 81, 6d.

Autumn of 1899. By J. E. Bicheno, Esq. F.R.S. Post &vo. parishes.

The Feather .....
Original subscribers will be entitled to the privilege of remov: Philipp's Elementary Principles and Practices for Singing.. 0 0

.T. H. Bayly, Esq. I. Willis .... 20

3. Levi and Sarah; or, the Jewish Lovers. ing their relatives from other places of interment at reduced fees.

New Piano-Forte Music.

A Tale of the Polish Jews. Post 8vo. 88, 6d. Calculating on a small proportion of the annual interments, Quadrilles, Waltzes, Marches, Airs, &c. now performing by 4. Introductions to the Study of the Greek (40,000). there can be no doubt of an ample return for the capital the Prague Minstrels at the Egyptian Hall, London. Classic Poets, for the Use of Young Persons at School or College. invested.

No. I.--Reydowatzka and Kalamayka; Bohemian Country Post &vo. 6s.6d, At a Public Meeting, held at the Freemasony' Tavern, on Wed.

Dances, arranged by I. Moscheles ... nesday, the oth of June, to consider the best means of relieving No. II.-The Emperor Alexander's Grand March, composed

5. Conversations with Lord Byron on Reli. the metropolis from the inconveniences arising from the present

by I. Moscheles ......

! Ogion: By the late James Kennedy, M.D. ofH. B. M. Medical system of interment of the dead, at which upwards of 200 persons No. III.-The Hungarian March, composed by Moscheles.. i 6 Staff. 8vo. were present,

No. IV.-The Love Knot, a Bohemian Melody, arranged by 6. The Life of Bishop Heber. By his Widow. Lord Viscount MILTON in the Chair,

Moscheles ....


2 vols. 4to. the following resolutions were agreed to:

No. V, -The Duke of Wellington's March, ditto..

16 It was moved by the Marquess of Lansdowne, and seconded No. VI.-Josephine's Grand March, composed by I. Willis 1 0

In 8vo. 6s. 6d. by the Rev. James llarris,

Les Ecossais Quadrilles, performed at Almack's and the Nobi. 1. That interment within the metropolis is highly objectionable,

lity's Balls. Arranged by P. Musard

4 0

FRANCIS D'AGUESSEAU, Chancellor of France, leading to consequences injurious to health, and offensive to de: 11 Pirata ditto; to which are added, Sis German Waltzes, as cency.

performed by the Prague Minstrels, arranged by J. M. and of his Ordonnances for Consolidating and Amnending certain Weippert

4 o Portions of the French Law. And an Historical and Literary It was moved by Andrew Spottiswoode, Eso. M.P. and

Just received, a splendid Collection of Musical (15-day) Clocks, Account of the Roman and Canon Law.
seconded by Sir Robert Price, M.P.
containing Twelve Divertimentos, from the Works of the most

By CHARLES BUTLER, Esq. 2. That the most effectual way of remedying the evil is, by the eminent Composers, arranged so as to perform one tune each hour,

John Murray, Albemarle Street. establishment of spacious cemeteries without the limits of the

or the whole

at one time if desired, and are admirably adapted for town, which, while they conduce to public health, may be ren. a Quadrille Party.

8vo. 38. Od. dered in a high degree ornamental to the metropolis.

Willis and Co. hare a constant supply of the newly invented CREDIT CURRENCY, and its SapeIt was moved by Sir J. D. Paul, and seconded by

German Eolians, in great variety; also their Patent Bar Folio
J. T. Barber Beaumont, Esq.
for holding Music, Prints, &c.

riority to COIN; in support of a Petition for the Esta

blishment of a cheap, safe, and sufficient Circulating Mediure. 8. That in establishing such cemeteries, it is advisable to avoid

In the press,

By G. POULETT SCROPE, Esq. F.R.S. F.G.S. &c. every expense that may tend to increase the cost of interments. A Set of Six Songs, written by Mrs. Hemans,

John Murray, Albemarle Street. It was moved by G. F. Carden, Esq. and seconded by Lord Radstock. composed by J. Lodge, Esq.; the Words and Music dedicated to

IR WILLIAM GELL'S POMPEII. 4. That this meeting approves of the principles upon which Lady Caroline Murray. the General Cemetery Company has been formed, and recommends provement of public taste, to join them in promoting this import.

this day.

Mr. JOSEPH KIRKMAN, of No. 19, Broad Street,
ant object.
It was resolved unanimously,
Golden Square, Grand Piano-Forte Mater to his Majesty, begs

Part III. will appear on the 15th July. 5. That this meeting approves of the resolution of the Provi.

leave most respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and his The Work will be completed in about Twelve Parts, forming sional Committee of the General Cemetery Coinpany, to the effect ile intends to continue

the same on the Old Premises

as above, ing Six Engrarings, and occasionally two or three Vignettes, with

Friends, that he has succeeded to the Business of his late Father. Two Volumes, a Part to be published every two months, contain. that no shares of the Company shall be transferable until threelifths of the amount shall have been paid up:. That the thanks Century, and invites an Inspection of his choice Assortment of rial 8vo, 12. 6d.; Proofs, an demy 4to. 186.;,India

paper, with which have been in the possession of his family for upwards of a two sheets of Descriptive Letterpress. Royal 8vo. 108. 64.; impe of this meeting be given to Lord Viscount Milton, for his impar. Instruments of every Description, ready for immediate Sale. tial conduct in the chair.

the Etchings, limited to Twenty-five copies, il. Ils.6d. C. B. BOWMAN, Secretary, 18, Milk Street, Cheapside.

Jennings and Chaplin, 62, Cheapside.
Prospectuses and every information may be had as above, and
of G. F. Carden, Beq. 3, Inner Temple Lane.

Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopeia, including the Nere

Prench Rencdies.
This day is published,

Price 70. 6d. Vol. VIII. Part I. of

4th edition, improved and much enlarged, in 8ro. price 143.

PHY. Series of Designs, illustrating his Dramatic Works, from


PEIA; being a Treatise on Pharmacology in general, the Designs of Retsch, Ruhl, &c.

Editor of the “ Annales des Voyages," &c.

including the Drugs and Compounds which are used by Practi. No. I. Hamlet, 2a. Grl.-No. II. Romeo and Juliet, 25.--No. III. This Part contains the Geography of Spain, Portugal, and part Formulæ, and an Esplanation of the Contractions used by Physka

tioners of Medicine; with a Collection of the most useful Medical Midsummer Night's Dream, ls. 60.--No. IV. Macbeth, 2s. Ac

of France. The work is now finished in the original; but in cians and Druggists. companied by Descriptions and appropriate Quotations.

order to render it a more complete System of Geography for the
Charles Tilt, 86, Fleet Street.
English reader, large additions will be made to the description of


Printed for T. and G. Undervoor, 32, Fleet Street. No. V. Merchant of Venice, will soon be Great Britain, which is now in progress, and will be published in

The present edition contains a large Collection of the most ready. “ We think the translators of M. Malte-Brun's Geography have

approved Horse and Cattle Medicines, and Perfumery. done good service to the public, by rendering so valuable a work

Planting. In 80. price 28. 61. TISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS to the accessible to the English reader. If the part which is to treat of

the United Kingdom be as well executed as that which treats WAVERLEY NOVELS.

of the United States of America, it will do something to supply The Subscribers to the new edition of Sir Walter Scott's Novels,

an Exposure of the Misrepresentations of the Author's Tales, &c. are respectfully informed that Historical Illustrations able account of the British dominions." -- Edinburgh Reviews, Walter Scott, Baronet, and to Sir Henry Steuart, Baronet: with

one of the greatest desideratumg in British literature-a toler. Treatise on Planting, contained in Mr. Withers's Letters to Sir to Guy Mannering, containing Six Subjects, are this day pub. No. 97. Jished, from Designs by Stothard, R.A., Wright, Corbould, and

Remarks on Sir Walter Scott's Essay on Planting, and on certain

“M. Malte-Brun is probably known to most of our readers as Parts of Sir Henry Steuart's Planter's Guide. Also, Observations Richter, engraved by Charles Heath, E. Portbury, and F. Bacon.

the author of a systematic work on geography; he is, besides, the Prints, adapted to the new edition of the Works, price 58. 6d.; editor of a periodical digest under the title of Nouvelles Annales future Navies, and on the Quality of the Timber, as affected by

on the Mode adopted in the Royal Forests of raising Timber for royal 8vo. 78. Gd. ; Proofs, colornbier 4to. 125.; India Proofs, with

des Voyages de la Géographie et de l'Histoire;' the tirst is as much the Trenching and Maouring System, or the more common Me. Letters, 188.; India Proofs, before Letters, 258.

superior to the compilations of our Guthries and Pinkertons as thod; with some additional Information, Hints, &t.
Rob is
the other is to the garbled productions of our Truslers and Ma-

Jennings and Chaplin, 62, Cheapside.
vors," - Quarterly Review, No. 09

Author of a series of Facts, Hints, Observations, and Experi-
"infinitely superior to any think of its class which has crer

ments, on the different Modes of Raising, Pruning, and Training OMPOSITION

appeared."--Literary Gazette, No. 405. BLOCKS for SEALS.

Young Trees in Plantations; Superintendent of ihe P'lsurtting of Geography stripped of the swaddling clothes in which it had the Forest of Dean, and the Chopwell Woods, belonging to His Mr. TASSIE'S New Catalogue of Devices and Mottos been trammeled, and raised, principally by his example and ex. Majesty. for Seals is now to be had, at No. 20, Leicester Square, price 54. panded mind, to the rank of a useful and elegant science." Shrewsbury: Published by Charles Holbert; and sold by Long. The Collection, by the numerous late Additions, is augmented to Foreign Literary Gasette, No. I.

man, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; Ridgway; and Wrights, more than 1500 in Number.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orgie, Brown, and Green, London ; London, Charuley, and Heeton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and all Block Seals also, from the fine Collection of Antique Gems.

and Adam Black, Edinburgh.

other Booksellers,



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On the RCA and
state, according to the Idea of etiche








In 8vo. price 7s.


For Travellers on the Continent.
In 18mo, price 76. bound and lettered,

In 8 vols. Sro. with a most accurate Map and Plates, price 21. 57. and DISSENTING CHURCHES.

RA V ELS in the M O R E A. By the Rev. J. BALLANTYNE. through Italy; containing a concise Account of the

By WILLIAM MARTIN LEAKE, F.R.S. Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane, Antiquities and Curiosities of that classical and interesting Coun. Author of the “ Topography of Athens," and “ A Tour London; and John Wardlaw, Edinburgh. try; with a particular Description of the principal Cities; also, a

in Asia Minor." correct List of Posts, Distances, Rates of Posting, Monies, Inns, “ It claims a higher rank than to be classed among mere books In 1 vol. post &xo. price 10s. 61. 2d edition,

Modes and Expenses of Living, Manners and Customs, Directions of travels. These volumes are indispensable to the student of an. the &c. &c. to Travellers, with Medical Advice to Invalids, Prescriptions, cient Greek history and Geography, as well as to the intelligent By W. C. BOYD, M.D.

traveller in Greece; and they ought to be, and we have no doubt

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lano. will be, found in every classical library." - Asiatic Journal, with Aids toward a right Judgment on the late Catholic Bill. By S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq. R.A.R.S.L.

2. Information and Directions for Travellers London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

In 2 vols. 8vo. price 188.

on the Continent. By Mariana Starke. 6th edition, thoroughly THE HISTORY of the CHURCH, from seviyede, pod considerable addition, Poitevolen Constable's Miscellany. Price 70, or on fine paper, price 105, Vols. 55 and 56, containing

Nineteenth Century of the Christian Era, in the form of Question Health; being the Journal of a Tour in Portugal, Italy, Switzer. HE LIFE of KING JAMES the FIRST. By the late A LONDERSTERSON, of Aberdeen. Land, and Frances. By the late Henry Mathews, A.M. ad edit. By ROBERT CHAMBERS,

Revised, edited, and prefaced,
Author of the “ History of the Rebellions in Scotland," ke. By the Rev. JAMES BREWSTER, Minister of Craig

4. Antiquities, Arts, and Literature of Italy, London: Hurst, Chance, and Co.; and Constable and Co. The First Volume contains a Summary of Church History, by Joseph Forsyth, Esq. 3d edition, 2 vols. post 8vo. 158. Edinburgh.

from the Creation of the World to the conclusion of the Apostolic 5. Rome in the Nineteenth Century, 4th

Age; and is thus, for the greater part, an Epitome of Sacred His. In 1 large and closely vol. 8vo. 168. a new edition, tory. It comprises all the Historical Facts and Biographical In. / edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 116. 6d. corrected and greatly enlarged, of the

cidenta recorded in the Inspired Volume, brought together in a 6. Switzerland ; or, a Journal of a Tour and Pri RINCIPLES of POLITICAL comparatively small compass, and arranged in their natural order Residence in that CountryFollowed by a general View of its ECONOMY

History, brought down to the present time. By S. Simond. 24 The Second Volume forms a Summary of Church History, from edition, 2 Tols. 8vo. 245. By J. R. M CULLOCH, Esq. Professor of Political Economy in the University of London, the commencement of the Christian Era the close of the

7. An Autumn near the Rhine; or, Sketches Eighteenth Century: Smith's Wealth of Nations, with large Addi. This part of the Work is executed with great judgment and of Courts, Society, and Scenery, in Germany near the Rhine. 20 tions by Professor M.Culloch, 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 128, 64.

fidelity, and may challenge a comparison with any similar tres edition, 8vo. 14s. Tytler's History of Scotland, Vols. I. II. pass of information, and conciseness of statement; tise in point of simplicity of style, clearness of arrangement, com.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. and Ill. 8vo. 13s, each. Pripted for G. Clark and Son, Aberdeen; and Whittaker,

In 8vo. price 10s. 6d. The Picture of Scotland, by R. Chambers.

Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane, London,

II ? vols. post 8vo. with Bight Views of Scottish Scenery, 11. 18. Printed for William Tait, Edinburgh; and Longinan and Co.

In 9 vols. 8vo. price 248. boards,

POWER of FAITH, in a series of Popular Discourses on

Part of the Eleventh Chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews. London.

By T. BINNEY. Inquiry in which the Arch-Heresy, its Diffusion and London : Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard. Publishing in Monthly Parts, price 6s. each, and in Half-Volumes Continuance, are examined on a new Principie, tending to con.

Quarterly, price 188., a new, greatly improved, and cheap edition tirm the Evidences, and and the Propagation of the Christian
of the

In 19o. price 6s. 6d. boards,
Faith. By the Rev. CHARLES PORSTER, B.D.
NCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, with Chancellor of Ardfert, and Examining Chaplain to the Lord
Preliminary Dissertations,

Bishop of Linerick.

COME; or, Christian Friendship on Earth perpetuated By Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH, and Professors STEWART,

" The reader will find the subject of the Ishmaelitish descent in Heaven. By C. R, MUSTON, A.M. PLAYFAIR, and LESLIE.

of the Arabian treated in a clear and convincing manner by Mr. London: Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard. To be completed in Twenty Volumes, 4to. With a New

Forster, in his learned and valuable work, Mahometanism Un.
Set of Engravings on Steel.
veiled."- Quirterly Review, No. 33.

Phe Son of a Genius, a new edition, 18mo. price 35. half-bound.
Edited by Professor VAPIBR.
Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row;

Just published, by John Harris, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard, In this edition the Supplement will be incorporated; every

and John Cochran, 108, Strand.

HE SON of a GENIUS; a Tale article will be thoroughly revised, and what is antiquated or im.

for Youth. perfect superseded by new and inore complete treatises. The

To Heads of Schools, Parents, fc. &c.

By Mrs. HOFLAND, editor will receive the assistance of many additional contributors Dedicated, by Permission, to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of of the highest celebrity in science and literature, at the same time Clarence, elegantly printed in royal 18mo. with a coloured em.

Author of " Daughter of a Genius," " Alfred Campbell, the that he will have the support of those eminent individuals by blematic Presentation Plate, price 6s. in handsome boards,

Young Pilgrim," and others. wbose contributions the late Supplement attained so high a repu

New edition, carefully revised and enlarged by the Author,

THE ANTHOLOGY; an Annual Reward tation.

with a Frontispiece. Among these may be enumerated Sir Walter Scott, Barrow,

Price 105.
Jeffrey, Malthus, Sumner, Ivory, Wallace, Grevnle, Whately, &c. adapted to the Amusement and Instruction of Youth.
Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; Simpkin and Marshall;

By the Rev. J. D. PARRY, M.A.
Whittaker, Treacher, and Co.; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; and
Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria I ane.

Jennings and Chaplin, London; and John Cumming, Dublin.

By W. WITHBRING, M.D. Part IV. will appear on the 30th of June.

Just published, and may be bad gratis,

Corrected and condensed, preceded by an Introduction to the

Study of Botany, with nearly 200 Figures.
At reduced Prices.
Condition, and offered at low Prices, including Thane's

In 1 vol. 8vo. in cloth boards, price 5s. Bd.
British Autography, 3 vols. 4to. morocco--Grose's Antiquities, Member of the Wernerian Natural History Society, &c.

J. F. Dove, St. John's Square, London; D. Lizars, Edinburgh ;
European Sociery, 6 vola. royal ito. Proofs, morocco Spectator,

and M. Keene and Son, Dublin. LOWELL'S GENERAL CATALOGUE RAISONNE Tatler, and Guardian, 14 sols. imperial Bvo. large paper-Scott's of FOREIGN BOOKS for 1830, with an Alphabetical List of (Sir Walter) Novels and Poetical Works, 50 vols. morocco.

Price 4s. bound, Authors' Names.

S. W. Sustenance, 162, Piccadilly, near St. James's Street. B. B. and L. beg leave respectfully to inform the Nobility,

TEACHING and STUDY of the Gentry, and Public in general, that from fresh Arrangements made with their Correspondents abroad, they are enabled to lower

In 2 vols. 8vo. price 24.. boards,

derived from the Principle of M. Jacotot's " Système d'Enseignewhich have taken place are from 15 to 25 per cent from their for

Discourses on the Liturgy and Principles of the United to Grammatical Theory, to farníliarise the Ear and the Tongue, mer Catalogue; and they will continue to furnish all modern Church of England and Ireland; Critical and other Tracts; and and to facilitate French Conversation, as well as Composition Publications at the same reduced Prices. a Speech delivered in the House of Peers in 1824.

and Reading. Part the First. This Catalogue contains a peculiarly nich Selection of ancient

By the Res. JOHN JEBB, D.D. F.R.S.

By J. C. TARVER, French Master, Eton. and modern Works on Divinity, Philosophy, Natural History,

Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghados.

Eton : Printed by E. Williams; sold also at the Eton Warehouse, Fine Arts, Poetry, and the Drama; Biography, Memoirs, and all

10, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London. Classes of Literature, in the French, Italian, and Spanish Lan.

Also, just published, in 1 vol. 850. price 10s. 6d. boards, guages. Practical Discourses ; a Selection from the

Price l.. For the convenience of Schools, their Catalogue of Elementary unpublished Manuscripts of the late Venerable Thomas Townson, THE PRINCIPLE and DESIGN of Works, and also their Italian and Spanish Books, may be had D.D. Archdeacon of Richmond, and some time Fellow of St. separate, price 21. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. Edited, and with a Biographi

MORAL OBLIGATION cal Memoir, by John, Lord Bishop of Limerick.

London: Samael Bagster, 15, Paternoster Row; and In I vol. Evo, price 254. boards, illustrated by upwards of They strike us to be nearly such sermons as Addison would

James Fraser, 215, Regent Street.
Fifty Explanatory Plates,

have composed had he been a clergyman." -Theological Revier,
No. 10.

In 8vo. 81.
Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row;

HE BOOK of PSALMS, newly translated Systematical and Historical, in Four Parts.

and John Cochran, 108, Strand. By JOHN CLERK, Esq. of Eldin.

from the Hebrew, and with Explanatory Notes, Third edition, with Notes by Lord Rodney, and an Introduction

By W. FRENCH, D.D. by a Naval Officer.

In 2 vols. 8vo. price 15s.

Master of Jesus College, Cambridge; and
Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman and Co. EMOIRS of a GENTLEWOMAN of


Pellow of Jesus College, Carnbridge.

Printed at the University Press.
London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Vol. XII. of this edition, containing the Conclusion

In 8vo. price 8s. boards, of the Heart of Mid-Lothian, and the Commenceanent of the Bride

Diseases of India. of Lammermoor, is published this day.

THE BOOK of the PRIESTHOOD; an Second edition, with large Additions, in 8vo. with coloured This Volume, besides an Introduction by the Author, is

Plates, price 18. boards,

Argument, in Three Parts.
illustrated by F. P. Stephanoff and R. Farrier.
All the early Volumes are again reprinted.

Part I.-The Christian Ministry not a Priesthood.

Part II.-Christ the only, but all-sufficient Priest of the Chris. Printed for R. Cadell and Co. Edinburgh; and Simpkin and

DISEASES of India, comprising a Treatise on the Epi- tian Church.
Marshall, London.

d mic Cholera of the East, embracing also the Annual Rate of Part III - The Levitical Terms employed in the New Testa

Mortality, &c. of European Trops, and Practical Observations ment which do not apply exclusively to Christ, belong equally to Of whom may be had,

on the Effects of Calomel on the Alimentary Canal. Illustrated all true Christians. The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, by Tables and Plates.

By THOMAS STRATTEN. Bart. in Eleven vols. Svo, price bl. boards; and Eleven vols.


London: Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard. lamo. price 31. 35. boards, with Smirke's Plates and New Intro.

Madras Medical Establishmeni.
Printed for Thomas and George Cinderwood, 32, Fleet Street.

In 18mo.
The Eleventh Volume separately, in 8vo.

Price 6s.

ING of the BIBLE, in Three Parts. price 188., and 1&mo. price 3s. to complete former editions.

Part I. A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the English the HEBREW TEXT of the BOOK of GENESIS: to Bible. 18mo price 3s.

which is pretixed, a compendious Hebrew Grammar. Designed Part II.-Suggestions and Observations on the Reading and N OUTLINE of the FIRST PRINCI. Of that Language. to facilitate the Progress of those who are commencing the Study Study of the Bible.

Part 111.-On the Genuineness, Authenticity, and Divine PLES of BOTANY.


Origin of the Bible. By JOHN LINDLEY, F.R.S. &c. &c. &c.

Fellow of Catherine Hall.

Professor of Botany in the University of London.
Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane,

Price 5s. cloth.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Londou; and G. Basraclough, Cambridge.

London: Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard


THE ENTEACHUNG sand I SEDDY the por procedent laboratorio PRACTICAL THEOLOGY; comprising








IT HUICY RIDES. Yode, le containing

TRAVELS in RUSSIA, and a Residence at




VOL: XViof the MIRROR will be pub

Works published during the week by Longman, Rees,

True State of Slarery in the West Indies.

For Colleges and Schools.-98.6d. boards,
Orme, Brown, and Green.

In 1 very thick vol. demy 8vo. illustrated by numerous Litho-
graphic Engravings, and handsomely bound in cloth and let.

Books I. and 11. with English Notes, &c. on the plan of tered, St. Petersburgh and Odessa, in the Years 1827-1829;

the School and College Greek Classics. intended to give some Account of Russia as it is, and not as it is


By the Rev. Dr. BLOOMFIELD), Vicar of Tugby, Leicester. represented to be, &c. &c.


Vols. II. and III. which will complete the

By P. W. N. BAYLEY, Esq.
Member of Trin. Col. Cambridge, &c. &c.

Work, will be published together in September next, price
In I vol. 8vo. 141. boards.

Opinions of the Public Press.

145. 6. "" Four Years' Residence in the West Indies' has enabled our A Treatise on the Nature and Cure of those clever author to produce a book at once amusing and valuable;

Printed by A. J. Valpy, M.A.; and sold by all Booksellers

in London, Oxford, and Cambridge. Diseases, either Acute or Chronic, which precede change of struc. amusing from his lively manner, and valuable from his judi Recently published, on the same plan, 68. each play, ture, with a view to the Preservation of Health, and particularly cious information. He is not one of those who saw nothing but

Hecuba, Medea, and Phænissæ of Euripides. the Prevention of Organic Diseases. By A. P. W. Philip, M.D. negro oppression and misery in the West Indies; on the contrary, F.R.S.L. and E. &c. In 8vo. 195. boards.

though an advocate for gradual emancipation, he draws, on the By the Rev. J. R. Major., (Orestes in the press.) Inquiry into the Rise and Growth of the whole, a favourable pictare of the condition of the slave popula. @dipus Rex, Coloneus, Antigone, and TraRoyal Prerogative in England. By John Allen. In 8vo. gs. bds. the son of a military officer, and utterly unconnected with plant.

tion: and his testimony is entitled to the more attention, as, being chinix of Sophocles. By the Rev. Dr. Brasse. The British Flora ; comprising the Pheno-ers, he could have no bias to warp his views on this momentous

Anabasis of Xenophon. By the Rev. F. C. gamous, or Flowering Plants, and the Ferns. By William Jackson question. We must not omit to notice the most useful and the Belfour. 88. 6d. Hooker, LL.D. F.R.A. and L.S. Regius Professor of Botany in most ornamental portions of the volume--the first consisting of Select Orations of Demosthenes.

By E. H. the University of Glasgow, &c. &c. In I vol. royal 19mo. 128. concise chronologies and statistics of the various islands, from

Barker, Esq. 88. 60. cloth boards.

their discovery to the present time; and the second, of a nuinber . The plan of the above work is similar to that of the first part of well-executed lithographic einbellishments. In both these re Herodotus, Æschylus, &c. will be published of Dr. Hooker's “Flora Scotica." The Mosses, and the rest of spects the author deserves our praise; and his work will, we are

as soon as possible, on the same plan as the above. the Cryptogamia, will form a distinct volume, corresponding with persuaded, be very favourably received by the public in general." the above, and with the “ English Flora" of the late Sir James Literary Gazette, June 3.

In 8vo. 195. Sinith.

" This voluine contains a variety of information which will be Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Ralegh, found of much avail to persons interested in the state of the Lee

LORD BYRON and others. Held in Cephalonia, a with some Account of the Period in which he lived. By Mrs. virtue of the great variety of facts which it includes. All that short time previous to his Lordship's Death A.T. Thomson, Author of " Memoirs of Henry the Eighth." In relates to the habits and conditions of the slaves will be read with

By the late JAMES KENNEDY, M.D. 1 vol. 8vo. with Portrait, 146. boards. much interest. The work is embellished with a number of very

Of H. M. Medical Staff « Such is the outline of a life which, in Mrs. Thomson's hands, pretty lithographic prints, and altogether it forms a useful and

John Nurray, Albemarle Street. is a mine of interest: froin the first page to the last the attention

attractive publication."-Court Journal, June 12. is roused and sustained; and while we approve the manner, we "Four Years' Residerce in the West Indies' is a work which Still more applaud the spirit in which it is executed." --Literary deserves a much longer notice than the present state of our Gazette, May 8, 1830. columns will permit us to afford this week. We shall therefore

BOOKS IN THE PRESS. Emigration or no Emigration ; being the defer it till our next number, when it will receive the attention Narrative of the Author, (an English Farmer), from the Year it so well merits; content ng ourselves in the mean time with On the 1st of July, dedicated to Her Highness the Princess Vic.

toria, by the express permission of her Royal Highness the 1824 to 1830, during which time he traversed the United States of saying, that both the subject of which it treats, and the manner

Duchess of Kent. (To be continued monthly), America, and the British Province of Canada, with a view to

in which that subject is handled, will secure it a place in the settle as an Emigrant. By Joseph Pickering, late of Fenny Strat. library of the bistorian and geologist, while the lightness and ford, Buckinghamshire. 12mo. 58. boards. humour of its style and description cannot fail to make it accept

containing the Lives of Remarkable Youth of both Sexes. able to the general reader." - Intelligence, June 6,

This Work will be conducted by William Jerdan, Esq. the The Barony, a Romance. By Miss Anna “ Our limits, last week. allowed us to do little more than men. Editor of the “ London Literary Gazette," with whom a number Maria Porter. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 78. boards.

tion the appearance of Mr. Bayley's interesting volume, entitled of Authors of high character are associated, to illustrate the va“ The descriptions are picturesque even to poetry. The beau • Four Years' Residence in the West Indies.' It well deserves, rious branches of polite literature and popular instruction in tiful and healthy spirit of that best of morality, the morality however, some further nofice. Independent of the embellish which their respective talents have already obtained public weight grounded on religious feeling,-thoroughly pervades these grace ments, which consist of some extremely well-executed lithogra- and celebrity. "This volume will contain a portrait of Her HighTul pages."-Literary Gazette.

phic sketches of the principal buildings, &c. in the Leeward ness the Princess Victoria, from an original drawing, in the posSt. Ethelbert; or, the Dissolution of Monas. Islands, it contains much real and solid information concerning session of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent portraits of

our West Indian Colonies, conveyed in an easy and colloquial King Edward VI. and Lady Jane Grey, and one of Sir Thomas leries. A Romance. By the Author of Santo Sebastiano," the tile, which amuses by its lightness without giving offence be Lawrence, engraved from a portrait painted by himself. Romance of the Pyrenees," &c. &c. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 45. boards.

flippancy. The tables of the relative value of the currency and Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. Literary Recollections. By the Rev. Rich- state exchange will be found very useful by all persons whom

Of whom may be bad, ard Warner, F.A.S. Rector of Great Chalfield, Wilts, &c. In duty, business, or inclination, may carry to these climes; while 2 vols. Bvo. 11. 6s. boards. those of the comparatire value of provisions, &c. will be no less

The Sixth Number of the Family Classical “ We have seldom seen so much good sense, and still more

so to those who are speculating on the advantages of the voyage. Library, containing the Continuation of Beloe's Translation of rarels so much good humour, united with a greater abundance of But there is much sterling information of a higher description in Herodotus, neatly bound, price only 46. 62. charitable feeling and innocence of purpose. The style is remark.

this volume, and we strongly recommend its perusal to all those ably forcible, chaste, and elegant."- Monthly Reviere, June 1830.

who wish to form a competent and unbiased judgment on that Traditions of Palestine. Edited by Harriet socopter usgitated question, the state and proposed enfranchise

lished on the 30th instant, embellished with a Portrait Martineau. In post Bro. 68. boards.

authority, that most of the regulations recommended by Mr. of the Duke of Wellington, and upwards of Forty other Engrav. Plain Instructions to Executors and Admin Coleridge in 1825, for the amelioration of the condition of the ings, price 56. od. nistrators, shewing the Duties and Responsibilities incident to negroes, have not only been carried into effect, but that many

Part 95 will be ready on the same day. the due Performance of their Trusts, &c. By John H. Brady, lion fully equal, not tr 1 superior in point of comfort, to that of

others have been also adopted, all calculated to render their situa. Jate of the Legacy Duty Office, Somerset House. 8vo. 3d edition, the working classes in the mother country. The account of Col

Vols. I. to XIV. price 31. 168. boards. enlarged, 88. boards.

143, Strand, June 17. rington College, illust ated by a beautiful lithographic engraving, The Gardener's Magazine, and Register of is particularly satisfactory." –Intelligence, June 13. Roral and Domnestic Improvement. Conducted by J. C. Loudon,

"We have been favoured with a sight of the proof sheets of a F.L.S. H.S. &c. 8vo. No. 26, (to be continued every two months, forthcoming work, eutilled Four Years' Residence in the West

published on the 30th instant. alternately with the Magazine of Natural History), price 38. 6d.

Indies.' We shall tale an early opportunity of entering more
Also may be had,
fully into a review of the merits of this important publication:

Vol. XV. will be ready on the same day, Vols. I. to V. price 4l. boards.

and in the mean time we make the following extract, which, ir price 58. 64.

we mistake not, will go far to open the eyes of those who enterA New General Atlas of Fifty-three Maps, tuin incorrect views of the real condition of the waves in our

Vols. I. to XIV. price 31. 168. boards. with the Divisions and Boundaries carefuúly coloured.

143, Strand, June 17. Con

West Indian colonies." -Felir Farley's Bristol Journal, June 6. structed entirely from New Drawings, and engraved by Sidney rully stocked library of travels." -Atlas, Juce 13.

** This is a volume for which we have no parallel in our plenti. Hall. (Completed in Seventeen Monthly Parts, any of which may

On the 24th of June will be published, in 1 vol. crown 8vo. still be had separate, price 108. 61. each)

"This volume, which is written in a very lively style, contains LBUM VERSES, and other Poems. Polded in half, and pasted on guards, in strong canvass much curious information on the state of our West Indian colo

By CHARLES LAMB. and lettered ER 18 gnies. The author is very happy in his pictures of negro society."

London : Edward Moxon, 64, New Bond Street. Half-bound, russia backs, corners, and lettered

990 -- Sunday Times, June €. In the full extended size of the Maps, half-bound, russia

"** Four Years' Residence in the West Indies,' (though the backs,cornera, and lettered..

...10 o o production of a young writer), is a very clever and useful book. New Worke nearly ready for publication by Messrs. Colburn Proofs on India paper, half-bound, russia backs, corners, The author has taken the opportunity afforded by his residence

and Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. and lettered ....14 6 o among the planters and the slaves, to mate himself vell acquainter!

O U THE N N A N. A Novel. “We have taken some pains to examine this new Atlas, and we with the condition of the black population ; and though he advo

By JOHN GALT, Esq. can safely state our conviction of its general superiority to all cates the gradual abolition of slavery, he vet, on the whole, gives

Author of Lawrie Todd, or the Settlers in the Woods, * &c. other Atlases."-Sphins, (conducted by's, s. Buckingham.Esq.) a favourable description of the treatment of the negrocs." --Weekly

In 3 vols. " The best and most recent authorities are in all cases con

Despatch, June 18. sulted : and the maps are engraved in a masterly manner."-Norv

“ Amongst the numerous volumes of voyages and travels with 2. Travels to the Seat of War in the East, Monthly Magazino.

which the press teems daily, the Four Years' Residence in the through Russia and the Crimea, in 1890, with Sketches of the Preparing for publication,

West Indies' deserves very favourable mention, whether we con Imperial Pleet and Army, characteristic Anecdotes, &e. By An Alphabetical Index of all the Names &c?

is one postessing considerable novelty; for, notwithstanding the In 8 vols, post ero. illustrated with a Map and Plates. contained in the above Atlar, with References to the Number of creat and increasing importance of our West Indian colonies, very the Maps, and the Latitude and Longitude in which the Places little information has yet been disseminated in this country

3. The Turf; a Novel. 2 vols. are to be found. respecting their internal situation, their statistical history, or the

4. De l'Orme; a Novel. By the Anthor of The Edinburgh Review; or, Critical Jour- manners, customs, or smusements of their inhabitants. We know but little of the domestic habits and pursuits of the colonists,

“ Richelieu," “ Damley, or the Pield of the Cloth of Gold," &c. nal. No. 101. Price 68. or of the real state of society in that portion of the British domi.

In 3 vols. Messrs. Colburn and Bentley have just published the following much of novel and important information upon all these mbjects, By the Rer. T. 8. Hughes, B.D. of Emanuel College, Cambridge, nions. In the volume now before us, Mr. Bayley has given us

5. Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania, New Works :

and that information is conveyed in a form which cannot fail to an 8vo. edition, considerably improved, with numerous Illustra. GORDON, Esq. 9 vols. 8vo. with Portrait. The narratise portion of the work is written in an easy, familiar,

6. The Separation ; a Novel. 2. The Oxonians; or, a New Glance at thewhat use author has a mind capable of feeling and appreci-thor of " Flirtation." 3 rols.

By the An. Society. By the Author of the Roué." In 3 vols.

ating the beauties of nature. The following description of the 7. Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks; a 3. The Undying One, and other Poems, by approach and progress of a storm, is an example at once of brevity Novel. 2 vols.

and effect combined." _W'cckly Times, June 13. the Hon. Mrs. Norton, Author of the “Sorrows of Rosalie," &c.

London: William Kidd,,Old Bond Street; Henry Constable, 8. Clarence; a Tale of our own Times. In In l vol. 8vo.

17, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh; and Atkinson and Co. Glasgow. 3 vols. 4. The Denounced. By the Author of " Tales by the O'Hara Family,” the " Nowlans," the "Croppy," &c. In 3 vols.

The Life of Bishop Heber.

8 vols. 4to. with a Portrait and other Plates, price 31. 138. 61. LONDON: Published every Saturday, by w. A. SCRIPPS, al 5. The Official Kalendar for 1830. By John

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, Burke. Esq. Author of the " Dictionary of the Peerage and Baron.


Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, Oxford etage," neatly bound, price 103. 60.

Street: sold also by J. Chappell, 99, Royal Exchange : E.

By HIS WIDOW. 6. Tales of a Tar, by one of the Authors of lished Works.

Marlborongh, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill; A. Black,

John Murray, Albemarle Street. the « Naval Stetch Book." I vol. post 8vo.

Edinburgh : Smith and Son, D. Robertson, and Alkinson Contents.-The Breeze at Spithead-Jack a Biographer-Kind

Of whom may he had, just published,

and Co. Glasgum; and J. Campung, Dublin. - Agent for Inquiries--Command O'Mind-Sailor Sal-Dreams at Sea-A A New Edition of Bishop Heber's Journal,

America, o. Rich, 12, Red Lion Syware, Londog. Brush in the Boat A" Call for the Ca:. 3 vols. 8vo. 284.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane,

PARTS 94 and 96 of the MIRROR will be

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Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.

This Journal is supplied Weekly, or Monthly, by the principal Booksellers and Newsmen, throughout the Kingdom; but to those who may desire

its immediate transmission, by post, we recommend the LITERARY GAZETTE, printed on stamped paper, price One Shilling.

No. 701.

SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1830.



society, to be afterwards punished for the sanity; Byron heard of it, and wished to be

very faults its indulgence had first sanctioned. present. I had seven or eight meetings at Conversations on Religion with Lord Byron. Of all sins, vanity is the one which we owe which he was not present; and I had seven or

By the late James Kennedy, M.D. 8vo. most to others, and which they least forgive: eight meetings with Byron alone.” pp. 461. London, 1830. Murray. an author is soon flattered into the personi. Indecision, rather than unbelief, is representEVERY work that tends to throw light on fication of his own heroes; and it was a mere ed as the pervading feature of his mind: witLord Byron's character is of great value; first, common love of exciting wonder, that made ness a passage in one of Count Gamba's letters. for the extreme interest of such a moral study; Lord Byron rather like that the mystery “In my opinion, the sentiments of his lordand secondly, (if it be possible to force on which hung round his creations should identify ship on religion were not fixed, that is, he was people the conviction drawn from the writer's them with himself. But follies are always not held more to one religious and Christian experience), for placing in the strongest point more severely visited than faults; and every sect than another ; but his profound sentiments of view, the folly, not to say cruelty, of harsh crime he depicted, every expression of re- were religious, and he professed a deep respect judgment, founded half on your own imaginary morse, were soon considered to be his own : he for the doctrines of Jesus Christ, as the source premises, and half on the mere gossip of the had excited the imagination, and set it in array of virtne and felicity. With respect to the day, which is generally false, and always against himself. Among his many and dark recondite mysteries of faith, his mind was inspiteful-false from its love of the marvellous, offences, infidelity was most especially set forth volved in doubts, which, however, he had a and spiteful from that consolation our own for reprobation ; and a species of warfare com- desire to dissipate as troublesome, and on this faults seem to derive from those of others. menced between him and public opinion; and account he never shunned conversations on this Literary fame has always been purchased at a lits various methods of expression were all subject, as you well know. I have had occadear price; genius has either had to complain directed to his mortification and annoyance. sion to observe him often in those situations in of poverty and neglect, or of envy and mis. Much was, doubtless, said and written in the which the most involuntary and most sincere representation—the leaves of the laurel may be aggravation of the moment, which cooler judg- sentiments of the mind are unfolded, -in seri. given, “ but the trail of the serpent is over ment and less excited feeling would have ous danger of the stormy sea, or otherwise_in them all.” And in the present day especially, avoided ; and we cannot but think that Don the contemplation of a fine and tranquil night the successful writer has to suffer under the Juan (the least defensible of his works) of summer-and in the midst of a solitudefalse verdict of incompetent judges, or the still would, if written under less irritating cir- and I have observed his emotions and his falser of interested ones; the feelings he avows cumstances, have rather avoided than sought thoughts to be deeply tinctured with religion. are denied or misconstrued, those he conceals occasions of unnecessary offence: if, as he The first time that I had a conversation with bronght forward for reproach or ridicule ; himself asserts, he had a moral end in view, it him on this subject was at Ravenna, my native and while we grudge, hesitate, and refute, was at least injudicious to begin by sneers at country, about four years ago, while we were aught that is mentioned as praiseworthy, there what was respectable to all, and, still more, riding on horseback in an extensive, solitary is nothing too improbable for belief when it sacred to so many of his readers. But let us wood of pines. The scene invited to religious requires blame. Lord Byron's life is perhaps first observe what the spirit of opposition effects meditation.

It was

a fine day in spring. as discouraging a specimen of literary fame as in only the daily relations of quiet and do- * How,' he said, 'raising our eyes to heaven, or ever gave a warning, and in vain; it began, mestic life, and thence allow for its effects in directing them to the earth, can we doubt of and it ended, in bitterness. It is curious to the exciting field of literature. And we do the existence of God ?-or how, turning them observe how little the Edinburgh Review has not think it taking too favourable a side, when to what is within us, can we doubt that there led public opinion in respect to works of ima- we say that Lord Byron was originally a fine is something within us more noble and more gination: our principal poets have made their and noble nature : loving excellence more from durable than the clay of which we are formed ? way in opposition to the critical judgment impulse than judgment, variable in his opi. Those who do not hear, or are unwilling to which pronounced sentence of death on their nions, from their being founded on impressions listen to those feelings, must necessarily be of efforts; Wordsworth, Montgomery, Coleridge, too keen and too impetuous to be lasting, hea vile nature.'&c., were alike jeered and run down; but seems to have been generous, though hasty, Again, he observes : “ Prayer does not conno one now denies their poetical pre-eminence. and kind in feeling, though bad in temper. sist in the act of kneeling, nor in repeating Keen, lively, logical, French in his philosophy His temper was certainly bad. a key, we certain words in a solemn manner. Devotion and its brilliancy of expression, Jeffrey had think, to much of his character, though too is the affection of the heart, and this I feel; neither feeling nor imagination strongly de- simple for general use; for who is not pro- for when I view the wonders of creation, I bow veloped in himself, and was therefore, by nature, voked to find that the meaning of a riddle is a to the Majesty of heaven; and when I feel incapable of doing justice to these qualities in very obvious one ?

the enjoyments of life, health, and bappiness, others; and when his praise was given, it was in These Conversations shew Lord Byron in a I feel grateful to God for having bestowed a spirit of nationality or private friendship. The very favourable point of view, giving his time, these upon me.'”. effects of sarcasm, bitter, personal, and crush- his thoughts, his fortune, in the hope of The following dialogue is interesting, though ing, beyond what could ever be called for by a benefiting a cause he held to be both ho- it has only reference to his private feelings :slight volume of youthful poems,-for we hold, nourable and useful - beloved by his depend. I have had letters from England,' said that the critic will not err too much on the ants, and facilitating, as much as lay in Lord B., ' which mention that Ada has been side of mercy, who takes a general tone of his power, the moral and religious instruc- unwell,--she is now better. Her complaint kindliness and encouragement towards the ef- tion of those within his influence. Dr. Ken- was a determination of blood to the head : what forts of the young, -censure so contemptuous, nedy seems to have been a most well-mean. is the cause of it at her age ?' * This depends must have cut deep, and left its scar in aling man-zealous, we must say, with little on various causes, and I could not pretend to mind conscious of its own high powers, such encouragement; for out of the five he begins judge what the cause is in her case, unless I as Byron's certainly was. To his first suc- with attempting to convert, not one of his saw her. Do you,' asked he, think that cessful defiance of public opinion, for such it efforts proved successful. We shall endeavour such a complaint is habitual ?' No, it is not was to him, in the English Bards and Scotch to extract those passages which throw the most necessarily so,' I replied. It is curious,' he Reviewers, may, we think, be traced much of light on Lord Byron's own opinions : they answered, that it is a complaint to which I his recklessness of it in after life; that to defy were elicited in the following manner : myself am subject.' 'I could easily suppose was to subdue, became with him a principle. Dr. Kennedy says: “Before Byron came to so,' I said, “from your mode of life, and habits Our limits forbid us from entering into the de-|Cephalonia, four officers had agreed to enter on of study,-irregular, but intense ; and I think tails of his career; he was the spoilt child of the investigation of the doctrines of Christi- I could have inferred so from the state of your

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