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Her eyes fill with unbidden tears,
Let thy loveliest slave lull thy sleep with her

Her cheek is pale with care-

NEW PUBLICATIONS. Lonely amid the festival,

Ay, drain the red wine-cup, -it all is in vain: For her heart is not there.

From the haunt of thy midnight I will not The Lays of a Wanderer. First Series. The

depart, She broods above her own dear thoughts,


Music, with Accompaniments for Piano. As o'er her nest the dove ; For thy guilt is my power - my home is thy

Forte or Guitar, composed by C. Walther.

Johanning and Whitmore. Memory and hope own but one dream

5. The Portrait.

At a period when German music is making Her first young dream of love. She hears a gallant trumpet sound,

Ah ! let me look upon thy face,

such an impression in England, when the com. A banner sweeps the air

Fling back thy clustering hair ;

positions of that country have been so unani. She sees a knight lead on the charge,

It is a happiness to gaze

mously applauded, and when we look for the And oh, her heart is there!

On any thing so fair.

taste being further cultivated by the perform.

ances of natives who are expected to visit our 2. The Companions.

'Tis such spring-morning loveliness metropolis, — we esteem Mr. Walther to be

The blushing and the brightWith thy step in the stirrup, one cup of bright

particularly fortunate in the time of appearing Beneath whose sway, unconsciously, wine,

The heaviest heart grows light.

before the public with this book of songs,

which are in English and German. Of the We'll drink the success of thy sabre and mine: When as boys we took down the bright arms

The crimson flushing up the rose

seven airs, we consider every one to possess from the wall,


When some fresh wind has past, great merit, and to deserve popularity. And rushed, in mock combat, around the old

Parting the boughs just such a hue Tippler” is very lively and original_“ Fare. We longed in true warfare the weapons to wield:

Upon thy cheek is cast.

well, my gentle Harp," sweet and plaintive;

the poetry of the latter, by Mr. Croly, must -Now the foc is before us, and yonder the field. Thy golden curls, where sunshine dwells

further recommend it to the lovers of melody. We'll onward together, thy steed beside mine,

As in a summer home; Our blow be as one when we rush on the line;

The brow whose snow is pure and white

Mr. T. H. Stirling has also furnished the En. As that of ocean foam.

glish verses to several of the airs; and in Should one fall, one only, the other will try

others, Mr. Walther himself has combined the A step for his vengeance, another to die

For grief has thrown no shadow there, triple offices of composer, poet, and artist; for On the neck of the fallen yield up his last breath, And worldliness no stain ;

the lithographic plates are from his hands. And the vow of their boyhood be cancelled by It is as only flowers could grow

On the whole, this is a very delightful volume, death.

In such a charmed domain.

and will afford great pleasure to our fair musi. But rather this evening as victors we'll ride I would thy fate were in my hands :

cians. O'er the field of our conquest, the place of our I'd bid it but allow pride,

Will you buy my Matches ? By R. Limpus. (as one Thy future to be like thy past, With our names on each lip, but named only And keep thee just as now.

Mayhew and Co.

A BALLAD for Vestris, of the “Buy a Broom" 'Tis the glory of either what each may have

L. E. L.

order, and likely to please the trollers of these done. Now on for the harvest that darkens yon plain,


pretty things. We come back in honour, or come not again.

The First and Last Agony.

3. Memory.
Oh! the tears that fell

A VOICE of gentle singing

When we were parting, as we deemed, for ever, Matilde di Shabran e Corradino was reproWent by upon the wind,

The quickening throb, the bosom's anguished duced on Tuesday evening, Madlle. Blasis susAnd an echo sweet is ringing

swell, The thought it left behind. That pained the more for every strong en.

taining the part of the heroine. The more this deavour:

opera is heard, the more it is liked; it is eer. 'Twas a song of other feelings

Oh! the thoughts that came,

tainly the most attractive composition Rossini That belonged to other days, Like withering light'ning through a twilight matchless; and the whole opera is got up in a

has ever produced : the concerted pieces are Ere I marked the stern revealings

calm, Of the curtain time must raise. Destroying, in their wild and feverish fame, The duet, Piacere egual gli Dei, between Don,

manner highly creditable to the management. When my heart and step were lighter The gentle dreams that were to us like balm ! Than they'll ever be again,

Oh! the long embrace,

zelli and Blasis, was rapturously encored ; and And the dream of hope was brighter The tearing of the impassioned hearts asunder, festly testified how much the audience felt

the curtain dropped amid plaudits which mani. For I believed it then. That sweet song was of gladness, That rose from the hot fount the bosom gratified by the general performance.

under! Yet it has left with me

Matilde di Shabran was followed by the final A shadow one-half sadness, This was the earliest sorrow known to me,

scene in the

third act of Zingarrelli's Romeo

Giulietta. The selection of this scene afforded One-half dear memory.

'Twas my first agony!

to Madame Malibran, who enacted the part of Though the darkness of November

But thou hast forgot

Romeo, ample opportunity to display, in declaAround my heart be thrown,

The vow of truth in that dark moment spoken, mation, her rich and sound contralto tonesYet how pleasant to remember

The heart that swore to rest on one dear more particularly as her voice has not to con. The spring hours once its own!


tend with orchestral accompaniments; but it 4. The Departed.

And never wander, though it should be broken. appeared to us to be only in the execution of
And the memory

her recitative that she eminently succeeded. Set thy spur to thy steed, thy sail to the wind,

Her performance of “ Ombra adorata" was, to You may leave the far vale and the mountain Of that last parting from thy heart is gone, bebind;

Even like a raging billow of the sea, our taste, disfigured by the introduction of chro. may'st be;

matic runs and misplaced ornaments, which Like the storm o'er the south in thy flight thou That burst, and left no echo of its tone. But where may'st thou fly from the memory of

Thou wert lost to me;

only went to mar the original melody. Yet still I trusted I might keep thy heart :

But I have learnt thy falsehood ; and for thee The struggle, the pleasure, the toil, and the could not one sweet, one soothing tear-drop A PRODIGIOUS hit has been made at this house, strife,

by the production of an historical opera, with May fill up thy days with the hurry of life ;

And the shock that rang

Rossini's music of Guillaume Teli, entitled But night cometh lonely o'er land and o'er sea, Upon my tortured feelings, withering all, Hofer; or, the Tell of the Tyrol. For this we And in silence and shadow I still am with thee.

Was such a maddening and o'erwhelming are indebted to the taste and talents of Mr. With no rose on my cheek, with no rose in my pang,

Planche, who, with great judgment, departing hair,

No more upon my crushed cold heart can fall, from the story so hackneyed on the stage, has But cold as the love whose remembrance I bear, I have but now to lay me down and die: constructed a drama entirely new to it, as a Breathing vows that are broken, and hopes that

'Twas my last agony! vehicle for this beautiful music. As ours is are fled, (dead. Worton Lodge, Isleworth.

M. A. BROWNE. not a military critique, we shall not describe the A voice breaks thy slumber - the voice of the

insurrection of Hofer against the Bavarians,

me ?





nor detail the vicissitudes and adventures of great attention and made him many presents, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese. The medal the struggle,- suffice it to notice, that they are he states that it was his intention to proceed will be awarded in 1832. told in a dramatic and interesting manner. along the Delta, and to be at Abouzabel in A Paris paper contains some interesting But the music is really fine, the concerted February. If the plague should continue to details relative to the Polytechnic School of pieces most delightful and effective; and the rage there, he was to stay until it subsided ; if Copenhagen. This account of the establish. whole (sung, too, by native singers) such a not, he would be ready to return to France or ment states, that it is on the most extensive treat as has rarely been heard on the boards Syria in April. The Libyan authorities had scale and in a flourishing condition. It is under of an English theatre. Miss Stephens and undertaken to build an hospital, and to found the superintendence of the celebrated Ersted, Madame Vestris are two of the sweetest of a medical school, under the direction of French- and five professors. The students are obliged cousins; Mr. H. Phillips (as Hofer) superb, men. Dr. Pariset states that the Maronites to have a thorough knowledge of German and and Sinclair charming ; the latter has never are very kind and hospitable towards French French, and are said to get on surprisingly, enjoyed such an opportunity for the display of men, from the circumstance of their being Berlin. The Academy of Sciences at Berlin his powers since he has been before the public, Catholics ; but that they give no encourage- have elected MM. Arago and Poisson to fill and he has availed himself of it in a style ment to the English. He speaks highly of his the seats vacant by the deaths of MM. La. which must greatly enhance his high reputa- success in using the chlorurets of lime and soda place and Volta. tion. We ought not to pass unnamed Miss in cases of plague against infection; and in a Emigration. A great number of Alsatians, Faucit, Mr. and Mrs. Bedford, Messrs. Bland, subsequent letier, dated Abouzabel, Feb. 19, Swiss, and Germans, with their families, are Webster, Salter, and Miss Chickini, who, gives an interesting account of a public exami- on the point of embarking at Havro for with the rest of the corps, contribute essentially nation of the pupils of the school of medicine America. to the triumph of the opera. The scenery is in that place. He informs us that in this Rail-Roads. An iron railway is about to be also excellent ; and, rare to say, the poetry is school there are about twenty of the pupils constructed in France, from the coal mine of poetry-eminently lyric, and an honour to the very far advanced in medical and surgical Epinal to the Canal de Bourgoyne, which will author. A new farce has also been produced knowledge, and that children of nine or ten be six leagues in length. here this week, called A Joke's a Joke; or, too years of age were able to give satisfactory much for Friendship: but it unfortunately demonstrations of the human skeleton. The LITERARY NOVELTIES. turned out to be no joke at all, being a very examination took place in presence of Mussul. (Literary Gazette Weekly Adrertisement, No. XIX. Nay 8.] poor affair.

mans of every rank, who seemed to be much We are informed that a clever writer is far engaged in Covent Garden bas likewise given birth to a pleased with it. There were very few symp- the singular title of Satanic Records ! or Autobiography

a work of an original character, which is to appear under farce this week ; but, like that at Drury Lane, toms of plague; and the doctor imagines that of a Nobleman.--The Drama of Nature, & Poem, by it was unsuccessful, and the Colonel was dis- the part of Egypt in which he was sojourning Joseph Mitchell Burton.-George Cruikshank is etching missed the service. would this year escape.

a series of Illustrations of Popular Works, by which we

will be bound to say he will make them more popular. Small-Pox.-It appears that, owing to the -The Rev. Dr. Wiseman, rector of the English college hostility of the ignorant classes of the people in at Rome; is now engaged in translating some oriental

works in the Vatican: he is a great friend of M. Angelo We have taken a hasty glance at Mr. Lough's Paris to vaccination, the most frightful mor. Mai. glorious group, the Battle of the Standard, at tality is constantly occurring from small-pox, in the Egyptian Hall; and have no hesitation in the Hôpital des Énfans Malades. Nor is that Abernethy's Physiological Lectures, 8vo. 108. 6d. bds.ranking, it among the noblest efforts of the the only evil; for children, leaving the hos- Thomson's Life of Ralegh, 8vo. 148. bds.-A. M. Porter's sculptor's art, modern or ancient. Indeed, in pital full of the variolous poison, spread the Lancashire, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 2. 28. bds.-Paul some respects, we would say it is the most ex. infection throughout the city.

Clifford, by the Author of Pelham, 3 vols. post 8vo.

11. lls. 6d. bds.-The Mussulman, by R. Madden, 3 vols. traordinary production of that kind that ever Antiquarian Research.—A good example of post (vo. ll. 11s. Gd. bds.--Original Letters of Locke, exalted the fame of an artist. Twelve war- the certainty of antiquarian research occurs in Sydney, &c. post 8vo. 10s. 6d. bds.-Sadler on the Law of riors and seven horses engaged in deadly com- the last Gentleman's Magazine ; where Mr. F. Population, Vols. 1. and 11. 11. 206, bds-Bowles' Life of bat—the fierce, the overthrown, the dying and Madden in a letter notices, that the inscription Tremens, 8vo. 48. bds.-Stoke's Botanical Commentaries, the dead,seem to be a subject beyond the on a plate representing a Squirrel, in a pre- 8vo. 148. bds. - The Armenians, by c. Mac Farlane, reach of the boldest ambition and the greatest ceding No., had been made out to be Ignare royal 8vo. 106. Gd.; Imperial &vo. 128. od. ; 4to. proofs, talents. But our young sculptor has grappled notis ; whereas it happens to be in allusion to 18. - Barker's New First Class-Book, 12mo. 5e, 6d. bd.with it nobly; and his performance is truly the animal, I crave notis, i. e. I crave nuts. Babbage on the Decline of Science in England, 8vo. wonderful. We can find no words to express

New Leather. It is stated, that a French 106. 6d. bds.-First Love, a' Novel, 3 vols. post Svo.

78. 6d. bds.—Mitford's Village, Fourth Series, post 8vo. our admiration of it. In the room are other tanner has discovered a method of tanning 11. 116. 6d. bds. --Carpenter's Guide to Reading the Bible, compositions by the same hand, and all display- hare and rabbit skins, so as to fit them for the 18mo. 58. bds.

The Pleasures of Benevolence, 12mo.

56. Od. bds.--Hitchin's Christian Friend, 12mo. 58. bds. ing genius of the highest order.

manufacture of shoes, gloves, &c. equal to calf –On the 17th of May (containing thirty-six Portraits), While at the Egyptian Hall, we may note a or kid.

Vol. I. of the National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and striking picture of the Deluge, painted and ex. Paris Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Memoirs, by w. Serdan, F.S.A. &c. &c. imperial 8vo.

Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth Centurywith hibited by Mr. Rawson Walker ;-and also Lettres. There are eight candidates for the hf.-bd. in morocco, 21. 23. ; proofs, on India paper, 31. 8. that our musical favourites, the Prague Min- six places vacant in this Academy. They are, strel band, daily continue to attract fashionable M. Champollion, sen., M. Champollion, jun., METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1830. audiences,-their new selection of music giving M. Cousin, M. Reynaud, M. Augustin Thierri, April. higher gratification than that of the preceding M. Thurot, the Count d'Hauterive, and M. Thursday.. 2

29.34 to 99.39 week. A vacant hour, which is the length of Amediée Jaubert. The election was to take Eriday,

Saturday the performance, can hardly be occupied more place yesterday (May 7).

Sunday.... 25 agreeably than in hearing pleasing musio well The oldest of the French journalists, M. Monday

30.14 Stationary played, and in the company of a large portion Prudhomme, author of the Journal des Rć- Wednesday zí of that rank and beauty which the metropolis volutions de Paris, which commenced in 1789, Wind variable, prevailing S.W. Except the 22d, ge. has to boast of at this gay season. has just died at Paris of apoplexy, at the age nerally clear: raining heavily on the mornings of the 230

th, an .
of 77.

The Paris Geographical Society have offered Thursday.. 29

29.96 Stationary
a gold medal, value 2,400 francs, for the most Friday,

29.85 to 29.82 German History.--As a reward for the great complete and faithful description of the ruins


Saturday .. 1 labour undergone, and real evinced, by Dr. of Santo Domingo Palanqué, near the river Sunday.. Pertz, in editing that valuable and interesting Micol, in the ancient kingdom of Guatemala. Monday

Tuesday work, Monumenta Germania Historica, he The candidates for this medal are expected to

Wednesday 5 has been appointed to the office of principal furnish the most faithful description possible Prevailing wind, S.E. Clear. librarian at Hanover ; which had remained of these ruins, with drawings and observations

Latitude...... 51° 37' 32" N. vacant from the death of the illustrious relative to the manners, habits, customs, and Longitude .... Leibnitz.

language, of this ancient people. Some in. Egypt.-A letter has been received at Paris formation is also expected concerning the Votan TO CORRESPONDENTS. from Dr. Pariset, dated Cairo, Jan. 5. After or Wodan of the Chiaparese, who has been com.

Two lines must suffice of the long poem " written 8th giving an interesting account of his favourable pared to Odin or Boudda. It is wished that February, 1830:" never was the Wind so boldly apostroreception by the Patriarch of Antioch, and the paper should be written in Latin, but it phised before!

O Wind I thou hast vitality, thou wanton, other distinguished persons, who had shewn him I will not be objected to if written in English, Inconstant, universal ravisher !


... 23

.. 24

Thermometer. From 43. to 34. 47.

55. 44. 57. 32. 38. 43. 63. 30. 65. 33. 69.

29.30 29.16 29.88 30.12

29.52 29.56 30.06 30.14

26 .. 27


to 30.04


From 39. to 72.

39. 73.

.... 30

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34. 36. 30. 32. 34.

63. 66. 64. 66. 72.


29.83 30.06 30.13 30.12 30.01



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SONS of the CLERGY...The Rehearsal of

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CLOTH of GOLD, 15, Oxford Street, near Charles Street,

MAGAZINE, for May 1830,
Sobo Square.

Contains among various other interesting Articles: A Glance Connected with Literature and the Arts. Mr. WILMSHURST's Magnificent Picture of the Tourna. At the State of Parties-Novel Policy of the Duke of Wellington

ment of the field of Cloth of Gold, painted on Enamel, on the Mr. Huskisson-Monos and Daimonos, a Legend-Faults on both

appearance of a Painting of such extraordinary Dimensions on On Fashions in Medicine-Recollections of a Göttingen Student, the Patronage of the King, instituted 1810, incorporated one Sheet of Glass, without the Frames or Joinings being visible. No. VI.-Specimens of German Genius, No. II. - Sketches and 1827. -The Friends of the Arts and Subscribers to this Institu. This splendid Work contains more than 100 Figures, including Recollections, No. V. Talma-The Lounger, No. II.-Parisian tion are respectfully informed, that the Twenty-first Anniversary upwards of 40 Portraits, with the strictest Attention to Costume. Journal-The Painter-On the Principles of Admission into the Dinner will take place in Freemasons' Hall, on Saturday, the 8th

Admission, 18.-Description, 6d.

Royal Academy-Letter to Martin Acher Shee, Esq. P.R.A. &c. of May.

Open from Ten till Dusk

- Political Events-Critical Notices of New Publications The His Grace the DUKE of WELLINGTON in the Chair.

Drama-Fine Arts-Varieties, Domestic and Foreign-BiograStewards,

phical Memoirs of Persons lately deceased -- Provincial Occur,

rences, &c. &c. The Earl Brownlow Henry Graves, Esq.

BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street The Earl of Chichester

Robert Garrard, Esq.
The Earl of Rosslyn
Robert Jennings, Esq.

Family Library.
The Earl Wilton
G. Morant, Jun. Esq.

On Thursday, April 22d, was published, with a Portrait, 58. Price 28. with an Engraving of a new Torricellian Air.pump,
Viscount Clive, M.P.
George Meek, Esq,

and a coloured Plate of Platessa Carnarla, or flesh-coloured The Right Hon. H. Goulburn, Joseph Neeld, Esq.M.A,

M.P. Chancellor of the Ex E.J. Otley, Esq.
MASSINGER, Vol. 1. illustrated with Explanatory Notes, and


S. Oliver, Esq.
Hon, W. S. Best
J. H. Robinson, Esq,

adapted to the Use of Families and Young Persons, by the oniission
of all exceptionable Passages.

ber VIII. for May 1830. Under the direction of
A. Cooper, Esq. R.A.
Henry Sass, Esq.

WILLIAM AINSWORTH, M.R.C.S.E. and J. P. De la Fons, Esq. H. c. Slous, Esq. New editions of the Family Library, just published,

HENRY H. CHEEK, F.S.S.A. &c. Hon. G. Agar Ellis, M.P. E. R. Tunno, Esq. M.P. Nos. V. VI. and IX., being the History of Contents.-). On the Native Forests of Aberdeenshire, by the William Ensom, Esq. J. Varley, Esq.

the Jews. William Finden, Esq. S, C. Weston, Esq.

Rev. J. Farquharson, F.R.S. (concluded)-2. Account of the SeW.C. Fish, Esq. Thomas Willimott, Esq. Nos. IV. and X.-Lives of British Painters. ries of Islands usually denominated the Outer Hebrides, by Wil.

liam Macgillivray, A.M. &c.--3. Description of a new TorricelTickets, 178. to be had of any of the Stewards; at the Bar of

Nearly ready,

lian Air-pump, by K. T. Kemp, Esq.-4. Description of a new the Freemasons' Tavern; or of the Secretary, 119, Mount Street, A Third edition of Nos. I. and II.--The Relies: 1. Tvö Essays on the Geography of Ancient Asia, by

Species of British Fish, by Capt. Thomas Brown, P.L.S. &c.Grosvenor Square. Dinner will be on Table at Half-past Five for Six precisely. Life of Buonaparte, 2 vols.

the Rer. John Williams, Vicar of Lampeter, &c.-2. A System JOHN MARTIN, Secretary,


of Geography, popular and Scientific, &c. by James Bell-3. Re. Court and Camp of Buonaparte, 1 vol. And,

view of the recent Discussion before the Academy of Sciences

Paris, on the “Unity of Organisation." Part 2. M. Geoffroy St. No. VII.-The Natural History of Insects. Hilaire's Answer to Baron Cuvier-4. On the present State of the Music to be performed at this Festival will take place

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Science Abroad, No. 1. Scientific Coteries of Paris--5. Arcana on Tuesday, the 11th of May, in St. Paul's Cathedral; and the

of Science and Art, &c.-With numerous Collections in Geogra. Anniversary will be held on Thursday, the 13th of May, when a

phy, Natural History, and Natural Philosophy, Catalogue Rai. Sermon will be preached there, before His Royal Highness the Splendidly illustrated with Engravings from Designs of Martin, sonne, Miscellaneous Intelligence, &c. Duke of Clarence, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, the

and with numerous Woodcuts by the first Artists, demy 8vo. Printed for Daniel Lizars, Edinburgh; Whittaker, Treacher, Bishops, the Lord Mayor, Sheritfs, Aldermen, Clergy, &c. by the 11. ls.; or in royal 8vo. (proof Plates) 21. 26.

and Co. London. Rev. EDMUND GOODENOUGH, D.D. Prebendary of West

CHE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, with a minster Divine Service will commence at Two o'Clock, instead of


The Bad edition, with great Improvements, and the whole Art Twelve O'Clock, as heretofore, and the West Door of the Cathe. By ROBERT SOUTHEY, Esq. LL.D. &c. &c. &c. brought down to the present State of Horticultural Knowledge, dral will be opened on each day at One o'Clock.

John Murray, Albemarle Street; and John Major, Fleet Street. by James Main, A.L.s. in 12mo. 76.6d. boards,


Handsomely printed in 4to. with a Portrait, price 31. 31. boards,
His Grace the Duke of Portland The Solicitor General, M.P.
The Lord Bishop of Bristol The Dean of Lichteld

D.D. Master of Trinity College, and Regius Professor of Kitchen Garden, Orchard, Hot-beds, Flower-Garden, PleasureThe Hon, and Rev. G. V. Wel. The Dean of St. Asaph

Divinity in the University of Cambridge; with an Account of his Garden, Shrubbery, Greenhouse, Hothouse, &c. for every Month lesley, D.D.

Rey, Joseph Goodall, D.D. Pro Writings, and Anecdates of many distinguished Characters dur. in the year; with practical Directions for raising, propagating, The Hon. F. G, Howard, M.P. vost of Eton, (second time) ing period in which he flourished,

and forcing; and also relative to Soil and Situation to which The Right Hon. the Lord Rev. Robert Hamilton, D.D.

By the Very Rev, JAMES HENRY MONK, D.D. is added, a complete Systematic Catalogue of Plants proper for Mayor Rev. Ralph Tatham, B.D.

Dean of Peterborough,

Cultivation in British Gardens, with Directions for their Culture. Sir Henry Halford, Bart. John Meggott Elwes, Esq. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Church.

By THOMAS MAWE and JOHN ABERCROMBIE. Sir George Thomas Staunton, John Soane, Esq. R.A. yard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; sud J. and J. J. Deighton, T. Cadell, Baldwin and Co., J. Richardson, J. Booker, R. Kirby,

London: Printed for Rivingtons, Longman and Co., J. Nunn, Bart. Cambridge.

J. M. Richardson, Hurst and Co., Harvey and Co., Hamilton and The Music will consist of Selections from Handel's Dettingen

Co., J. Duncan, Whittaker and Co., Matchards, W. Joy, R. Te Deum--the Coronation Anthem ("* The King shall rejoice"),

Post 8vo. and the Hallelujah Chorus--Green's Anthem, "God is our Hope EVI and SARAH; or, the Jewish Lovers. Westley and Co., Poole and Co., and Poulstons,

Scholey, Simpkin and Co., Cowie and Co., E. Hodgson, J. Heame, and Strength"-Magnificat and Nuno Dimituis, Artwood. Con.

A Tale of the Polish Jews. ductor, Mr. Greatorer. Organist, Mr. Attwood. Leader of the Band (which will consist of the Members of the Royal Society of

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Price only 48. 6d. neatly bound, Musicians), Mr. Cotton Reese.

FAMILY CLASSICAL will admit cach person to the Galleries and Closets, and express lished in London, at Seven-pence each. Sold by all News

LIBRARY, No. V. Containing Beloe's Translation of

Herodotus. their hopes that for admission into the choir, no person will con

paper Agents in Town and Country. tribute less than half-a-crow. To the individual, this latter

The object of the Proprietors of this undertaking is to produce

HE OBSERVER, price Seven-pence. a work which, from its cheapness and elegance, may recommend small donation can be no object, whilst the aggregate is of the

A Monday edition of the Observer is regularly published, itself to all classes. The expensive existing editions have hitherto utmost importance to the interests of the Charity. The whole of the Collections at St. Paul's Cathedral and Mer up to the Monday afternoon; always published sufficiently early writings of the greatest poets, historians, and orators, the world

containing the latest news, clerical intelligence, the corn market, precluded the community at large from an acquaintance with the chant Tailors' Hall will be appropriated by the Stewards in ap. for the newsmen to send by the general post. This edition is has produced. prenticing the Children of necessitous Clergymen. Tickets for the Dinner on Thursday, the 13th of May, at half. those residing abroad. Tho price of the Monday edition of the Sallust, and Xenophon.

rendered particularly acceptable to persons in the country, and The Four Numbers already published comprise Demosthenes, past Five o'clock precisely, at Merchant Tailors' Hall, to be had Observer is Seven-pence. gratis, of Messrs. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and Water.

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, B, New Burlington Street,

Printed and published by W. I. Clement, adjoining the Office loo Place; and at the First Fruits Office, Temple. Benefactions to this Charity will be thankfully received by the of the Morning Chronicle, in the Strand, London.

In 3 vols. post 8vo. Treasurer, J. H. Markland, Esq. 14, Whitehall Place, or I'em.

ANULPH DE ROHAIS. A Romance ple; and at the First Fruits Office, Temple.

Bell's Life in London is the best and cheapest journal ertant for No Tickets are requisite for admission into the Cathedral.

of the Twelth Century. sporting varieties. It is a large folio twenty-column weekly jour. By the Author of " Tales of a Voyager to the Arctic Ocean." nal, published in London every Saturday afternoon, in time for

William Kidd, 6, old Bond Street. red miles from London on Sunday. This paper combines, with Anniversary of this Society will be celebrated at Freema the news of the week, a rich repository of fashion, wit, humour,

New Work by the Author of Pelham, de. sons' Hall, on Wednesday next, the 12th May, when his Grace the DUKE of SOMERSET, the President of the Institution, sporting departinent are copiously detailed, and, for accuracy, and other interesting incidents of real life. The events in the Just published by Mesers. Colburn and Bentley, 8, Nev

Burlington Street. will take the Chair.

stand unrivalled. The emblematical illustrations, which head Stewards.

CL I F F O R D. the articles on drama, poetry, the turf, the chase, the ring, the The Earl of Glengall Henry Gally Knight, Esq. police, cricketing, pigeon-shooting, the aquatic register, and the

By the Author of " Pelham," " Devereux," and The Hon. Henley Eden Thomas Longman, Jan. Esq. affairs of the fancy, were all desigoed by Cruikshank, in his most

the Disowned." The Right Hon. the Lord John Murray, Jun. Esq. humorous and happy manner. These cuts alone are worth more

In 3 vols. post Bro.
Samuel Rogers, Esq.

than the price of this newspaper, which is only seven-pence. Richard Bentley, Esq.

2. Private Memoirs of Napoleon, by M. de Thoinas Roscoe, Esq.

The sale of Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, is the Bourrienne, Private Secretary to the Emperor. Complete in Edward Lytton Bulwer, Esq. Martin A. Shee, Esq. Pres. largest of any london weekly Journal except the Observer. Inn-Pols. 8vo. Edward Bull, Esq.


keepers and publicans are likely to benefit by additional business Rer. George Crabbe, B.D. Telesforo de Trueba, Esq.

"One of the most faithful narratives of that extraordinary to their house, from taking in Bell's Life in London and Sporting man's career that have yet reached the public."-Allas. Robert Fisher, Esq. The Rev. Dr. Wade

Chronicle, being a journal of coinicality and fun, calculated to
Captain Glasscock, R.N.
The Rev. Dr. Walsh.
“drive dull care away," and dissipate the blue devils. Office,

3. The Mussulman. By R. R. Madden,
Dinner at Six precisely.
169, Strand, London.

Esq. Author of " Travels in Turkey, Egypt," &e. In 3 rols. Tickets, 203. each, to be had of the Stewards; also of Mr. The Englishman, price Seven-pence.

post 8vo. Snow, at the Chambers of the Society, 4, Lincoln's Inn Fields;

4. Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, and at the Bar of the Freemasons' Tavern.

This highly respectable and independent weekly newspaper is published at No. 170, in the Strand, every Sunday morning, at

collected during his Travels in the East. By the late John Lewis Four o'Clock, at the price of Seven-pence only. The Englishman

Burckhardt. in I vol. uniformly printed with his other Works,

Published by Authority of the African Association.

" It contains the best account of the Arab tribes we have ever of Clinical Lectures, at Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, during the the Englishman, that it is open to all parties-influenced by

Professors in the School of Physic will deliver a Coursements-that of the strictest impartiality. It may be truly said of seen."--Literary Gazette, ensuing Summer, commencing the 1st of May. Hour of the

5. Women as they are; or, the Manners of daily Visit at the Hospital, 12 O'Clock. For Particulars, apply to valled; not a line, or an advertisement, of an immoral tendency, none." As a family newspaper, the Englishman stands upri.

the Day. 2d edition, in 3 vols. past 3ro. Dr. Crampton, or Dr. Barker. (Signed) DAVID BRERETON, M.D. is allowed under any circumstances to stain its pages. The En.

6. The English Army in France; or, Per

In 2 vols, small 8vo. April 26, 1830.

glishman is a twenty-folio-column journal, the same size and sonal Narrative of an Officer. Registrar to the College of Physicians. price as the Observer. The paper upon which it is printed is an 7. The King's Own. A Tale of the Sea.

excellent sort, and the type almost new; indeed, for variety, By the Author of the Naval Officer." In 3 vols. past 8vo. ATIONAL REPOSITORY for the entity, and quality, it is the most perfect. In speaking of Sun: dey newspapers, it is proverbial to say, the Englishman is almost

In a few days, Annual Exhibition of new and improved Productions a l. rary in itself, and to such readers who do not desire a party 8. The Third Volume of Dr. Doddridge's of Arts and Manufacturers, Royal Mews, Charing Cross. Patron, paper, a trial of the Englishman is strongly recommended as a the King: The Third Exhibition of this Institution is now open neutral journal, in which such a combination of literary talent is

Private Correspondence. to the public.

engaged as cannot be excelled by any weekly newspaper what. 9. Travels through the Crimea, Turkey, Admittance, 18.- Catalogues, ls.

ever. The Englishman is sent from London by the mails on Sun- and Egypt. By the late James Webster, Esq. of the Inner Tein. T.S. TULL, Secretary, day, and may be had in the country on the blank post days. ple. In rols. Bro. with Places


Bell's in Lofa in Londona Price even pencer RA


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THE ELEMENTS SALGEBRA. Some garantend Queen's College, University of Cambridge. Me.



Genuine Editions.
Published by W. Curry, Jun, and Co. Dublin, Hurst, Chance,

Stirling's Horace, by Dr. Nuttall.

and Co. London; and sold by all Booksellers.

HORATII FLACCI OPERA, with In vols. 19mo. price 14s. with Etchings, by W. H. Brooke,

an Ordo and Verbal Translation. tators, comprehending a Life of the Poet, and an enlarged History RAITS and STORIES of the IRISH

By JOHN STIRLING, D.D. of the stage.

PEASANTRY, designed to illustrate their peculiar

Vicar of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire.
By the late EDMOND MALONE.
Modes of thinking and acting.

A new edition, critically revised, with the Ordo and With a new Glossarial Index. In 21 vols. 8vo. with two Por. Contents. I. Ned M Keown, Introductory--11. The Three

Translation interlineally arranged. traits, and an Engraving from the Monument at Stratford, price Tasks, or the Little House under the Hill; a Legend-I11. Shane

By P. A. NUTTALL, LL.D. 191. gs. boards,

To be completed in 4 vols. 18mo. price 4s. each.

Vols. I. II. and III. are already published. 2. Shakspeare's Plays, accurately printed of the Faction=vi. The Funeral-VII. The Party Fight-VIII.

"* Stirling's is the most accurate and useful translation which from the Text of the corrected Copies left by the late George Steevens, Esq. and Edmond Malone, Esq. With Mr.

Malone's entertaining as descriptive of manner. We have bere a publica phy.

« Genuine and capital Irish stories and traits these are: equally has ever been laid before the public."-Moss's Classical Bibliogravarious Readings, a Selection of Explanatory and Historical tion which may well be placed on the shelf beside its most popu. * It will enable the uninstructed in classical literature to form Notes from the most eminent Commentators, a History of the lar contemporaries."--Literary Gazette, April 10.

an idea of Horace, and is well calculated to be useful to boy Stage, and a Life of Shakspeare, By Alexander Chalmers, F.S.A. Handsomely printed in 8 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait, price 31. 128.

Also, by the same Author,

scholars, and even to idle and forgetful scholars at a later period

of life." -Literary Gazette. boards.

Father Butler--the Lough Derg Pilgrim; "To persons endeavouring to acquire a knowledge of Latin 3. Shakspeare's Plays, the same edition as Irish Sketches. 18mo. 3s. 6d. boards.

without the help of a master, (and we believe there are many the preceding, printed on fine thick paper, embellished with En.

humble retired students of this class), the publication we are no

ticing will form a very acceptable offering."-Athena um, gravings from the Designs of celebrated Artists, Ulustrating a

In 3 vols. 12mo. price 16s. 62. Scene in each Play, price 41. 168. boards.

London : Printed for Thomas Ward, 84, High Holborn. James the Fourth of Scotland. An Historical Romance.

2d edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. price 188. with Glossarial Notes, and a Portrait, price ll, los. boards; or on

By ALEXANDER CAMPBELL. royal paper, 21.

Printed for A. K. Newman and Co. London.

LITY, and on the Private and Political Rights and 5. Shakspeare's Plays, complete in 1 vol.

Just published,

Obligations of Mankind. Svo. with a Sketch of his Life, a Glossary, and a Portrait, price Nun of St. Agatha, a Romance, 3 vols. 18s.


Author of an "Inquiry into the Accordancy of War with 6. Shakspeare's Plays, Miniature edition, in Corsair's Bride, by the Author of Bandit's

the Principles of Christianity," &c. Bride. 3 vols. 188.

London. Published by Hamilton, Adams, and Co. & vols. with an Engraving and Vignette Title to each Volume, price 21. Jewish Maiden, by the Author of Ambition,

Paternoster Row. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; T. Egerton; Long 4 vols. 11. 2s.

In 9 vols. royal 8vo, price 31. 84. boards, man and Co.; T. Cadell; J. and W. T. Clarke; J. Booker; I. Booth; J. Richardson; J. M. Richardson; R. H. Evans, R.

CATALOGŮE of the LIBRARY of the Scholey; J. Bohn; Baldwin and Cradock; Hatchard and Son;

In 8vo. price 84.

COLLEGE of St. MARGARET and St. BERNARD, Newman and Co., Harding and Co.; Hamilton and Co.; Whit, more and Fenn; T. Tegg; J. Duncan; W. Mason; G. B.

Designed for the Use of Eton School.

thodically arranged Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin and Co.; J. Setchell; Parbury and

By the Rev. J. BAYLEY, M.A.

By THOMAS HARTWELL HORNE. Co.; J. Hearne; G. Wilson; T. Ward; E. Hodgson; J. Dow.

Late Fellow and Mathematical Lecturer at Emanuel College, Printed for the Society of Queen's College, and sold by C., J., ding: M. Doyle; J. Wicksteed; and Smith, Elder, and Co. Lon.


G., and F. Rivington, Si. Paul's Churchyard; and J. and J. d. don; also by J. and J. J. Deighton, Cambridge; Wilson and Sons, York; A. Black, and Stirling and Kenney, Edinburgh.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. Deighton, Cambridge.
In 8 vols. post 8vo. price 373. boards,

Price ld. each, or 5s. per Hundred, or 20$. per Thousand,
In 8vo. price 108. 6d. boards,


By Mrs. BRAY, M.A. Late Vicar of Lois-Weedon, Northamptonshire,

of England, and

the Danger of continuing in the Church of Rome. Author of " De Foix," the “ White Hoods," the and formerly Fellow and Tutor of King's College, Cambridge.

From Sir H. LYNDE'S Via Tuta."

“ Protestant," &e. &c. To which are annexed, an Essay on the Literary Beauties of the “We conclude with expressing our hearty approbation of

Published by James Nisbet, 21, Berner's Street, Oxford Street,
Scriptures, which gained the Norrisian Prize in 1784, and Five Fitz of Fitz-Ford,' whether for the sound principles of religion
Discourses preached before the University of Cambridge. and morality which it every where incidentally inculcates, its

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 86. 6d.
Rector of St. Dunstan's in the West, London.
which it is penned; and we will venture to predict, that when

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, the numerous works now portraying the intrigues and follies of

By the Rev. ERSKINE NEALE, B.A. and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, and sold by Hatchard and Son, the present age shall sleep in oblivion, Mrs. Bray's romances will Lecturer of South Shields, and late Assistant Minister of Piccadilly. survive, an example of the permanence, secured by an adherence

Monk wearmouth. to the simplicity of nature. --Gentleman's Magazine.

To which are added, Remarks on the Prospects and Present Ia small 8vo. price 86. boards, the 2d edition of

Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornbill.

State of Parties in the Church of England. London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard.

« There is much curious matter in this book, for the sermons ORDINATION SERVICES for Deacons and Priests in

Handsomely printed in 12mo. price 7s. 6d. bound, the United Church of England and Ireland; for the Use of Can.

are the least remarkable part of it."-Literary Gazetle.

ERMAN and ENGLISH DIALOGUES; didates for Orders, and of those who renew their Ordination or, Easy Introduction to the German Language. This

In 3 vols. price Il. ls. Vows; and respectfully proposed as a Manual for Ministers of all work is particularly intended for Pupils, and those intending to ages. To which are added, appropriate Prayers for Clergymen, travel in Germany, and who are tolerably well acquainted with selected and original. the Pronunciation. It contains upwards of Eighty well-written



and amusing Dialogues, with
a suitable Vocabulary, where neces.

If the sale of a work is any criterion to judge of its merits, this
Rector of Eggieseliffe, in the County of Darham. sary, and an Alphabetical List of the Verbs, &c. It further er novel will rank with any of the present day, 3000 having been
Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, plains the New System of Declensions, founded on the Works of sold within the last six months.
and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.

the most eminent German Grammarlans. The Work also con Published by G. Virtue, 26, Ivy Lane; Simpkin and Marshall, Also, by the same Author, tains an Alphabetical Collection of Idioms, with literal and ele.

Stationers' Court; and may be had of all Booksellers. gant Translations, exemplifying the character of the two Lan. 1. Meditations of a Recluse, 8vo. 9s.

guages, together with Epistolary Specimens, Invitation Cards, In 12mo. price 98. boards, dedicated, by permission, to 2. Meditations for the Aged, 12mo. 58. Notes, Receipts; accomp ied by an phabetical Series of

His Grace the Lord Primate of Ireland, Kingdoms, Republics, Provinces, Principal Towns, and Native our blessed Saviour with his Disciples, vo, 105. Bd. exhibiting the Alphabet and Forty Copies of German current Clerical Duties--Prayers for the use of the Clergy-Scheme of

Parochial Clergy, containing a Scriptural View of the Hand-writing, will be found very useful to the Traveller and Pastoral Visitation-Outlines of Sermons-and Books for the Use 4. Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, Learner. new edition, in 1 vol. 8vo.


of the Clers; the Rev. HENRY THOMPSON, MA,

Professor of the German Language. In 8vo. 26. sewed, “ This work is more elementary than the former (alluding to Printed for C., J., G., and P. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

of St. John's College, Cambridge, Curate of Wrington, Somerset. very useful to beginners. It supplies a better collection of Ger,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. POREIGN POLICY of Mr. CANNING, as contrasted man dialogues than the learner of that language had before the vith that of the existing Administration. opportunity of possessing. Besides rules and explanations of

of the ASTRONOMICAL Printed for John Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly, constructions and idioms, Mr. Reymann has given, at the end of

SOCIETY of LONDON. Vol. IV. Part I. In 4to. the volume, two copious lithographic tables of German hand price 946.

writing. Those who know the difficulty of deciphering that chaad edition, in foolscap 8vo, 76. boards,

Priestley and Weale, High Street, Bloomsburs. racter will be sensible of the value of such an appendage."

Also to be had,
Game-the Salon-the Palais
Royal--the Sharper--Frase the necessities of the German student. li does its compiler


" This is a useful practical elementary work, well adapted to Vol. I. Part I. 213. Vol. I. Part II. 248. cats-the Guillotine; and Versailles, a Poem. By WILLIAM READ, Esq. credit, more especially for the alphabetical collection of idioms

Vol. II. Part I. 30s. Vol. II. Part II. 30s. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. with which it abounds."-Sun,

Vol. III. Part I. 12s. Vol. III. Part II. 20s.
Printed for Treutiel, Wurtz, Treuttel, Jun, and Richter; and
In 8vo. 2.. 6d, sewed,

Dulau and Co. Soho Square; Black,
Young, and Young, Tavis-

Tables and Catalogue 265.
tock Street; J. D. Haas, 11, Bemer's Street and sold by all other

With Portraits, and a Design by Callcott, R.A. Vol. I.

8vo. 158. of in a Letter to Sir Henry Parnell, Bart. M.P. By General Sir SAMUEL BENTHAM, K.T.G.

of FutFormerly Inspector-General of Naval Works.

to His Majesty, London: J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly.

gious, from his Birth to his Death; including some Account of Price II. ls.

HIEROGLYPHICS and EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES. the Life of Morley, Bishop of Winchester, his first Patron, and

the Friend of Isaac Walton, Brother-in-Law to Ken. Printed for C.,J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, By the Rev. W.L. BOWLES, Canon Residentiary of Sarum. wherein are exhibited extraordinary and surprising Strokes, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by Deightons, and Stewhich have excited the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of venson, Cambridge; and Parker, Oxford,

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Europe. Translated from the French of the celebrated

In foolscap 8vo. price 68. in cloth,

In 3 vols. ll. l.. boards,
Capitaine d'Infanterie in the Service of France.

Dedicated, by permission,
to the Most Noble the Marquess of

FLORIST'S DIRECTORY; being a familiar Treatise
A Tale.

on Floriculture, particularly the Management of the best stage, This work is elegantly got up, and comprises 43 well executed


bed, and border Fle ers, usually cultivated in Britain. To Copper-plates, with directions for performing, with precision, the This is a novel of strong interest, lively humour, and originality which are added, Directions for the Management of the Hote

of idea. most masterly strokes of all the celebrated proficients of the pre

house, Greenhouse, and Conservatory, with the different Modes sent day. It is, in this respect, a great desideratum to all the

Published by G. Virtue, 26, Ivy Lane, Newgate Street; of Raising and Propagating Exotic Plants. Interspersed with admirers of this elegant diversion, vo work having appeared in

and may be had of all Booksellers.

many new Physiological Observatons. the English language which can be compared with ii, for the

By JAMES MAIN, A.L.S. beauty and precision of its rules and illustrations; and none which comprise the great improvements and discoveries made in

In 8vo. 148. boards, the First Volume of

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

Also, the game within the last twenty years.

20TANICAL COMMENTARIES. London: Translated and published by John Thurston, Bil.

Hogg on the Culture of the Carnation, &c. By JONATHAN STOKE, M.D.

19mo. 88. liard Table Manufacturer, 14, Catherine Street, Strand, and to London: Published by Simpkin and Marshall; and Treuttel and be had of a Booksellers.

Wurtz; and Belcher and Son, Birmingham.

The Greenhouse Companion, 8vo. 14s.



EMILY. MORELAND the Maid of the

3. Contemplations on the last Discourses of Santomhidh e ai "Appendage online Lenographie Fatebe? PASTORALIA; a Manual of Helps for the


ROUGE. NOIR . in Six_Cantos. The

FINANCIAL REFORM SCRUTINISED, Foreign and English Booksellers er






POMPEIANA : the Topography, Edifices,



scribers to the New Edition of Sir Walter Scelthat he 312 In ito. price ls. or the Map coloured, 16. Bd. No. I. of

Non Works just published.

On the 1st of June will be published, Part IX. of

In 3 vols. post 8vo. OULE'S ENGLISH COUNTIES.


HE ARMENIANS. А. lineated; or, Descriptive View of the present State of England


Turner, Esq. R.A.; with

Descriptive and Historical Illustrations, and Wales, accompanied by a Map of London, and a series of


by H. E. Lloyd, Esq. Porty County Maps, embellished with Vignette Views of remark

Author of "Constantinople in 1828."

Parts I. to VÍ. royal 4to. 146, each. Imperial 4to. Proofs, 11. ls. able Places, and Armorial Decorations, chiefly from the Seals

In 3 vols. post 8vo.

Imperial 4to. Proofs on India paper, 11. lis. 8d. Colombier folio, of County Towns. Porrning two vols. handsomely printed in

limited to 30 Copies, 21. 196. 6d.

2. First Love. A Novel. 4to.

Part X. will appear on the 15th of June, By THOMAS MOULE,

But tell me, in the time of your sweet sighs,
Author of " Bibliotheca Heraldica," and Editor of several

forming Vol. I. of the Series
By what, and how Love granted, that ye knew
popular Topographical Works.

London: Robert Jennings and William Chaplin, 68, Cheapuide.

Your yet uncertain wishes ?- Dante. Each Number will contain not less than Two Sheets of Letter. press, closely printed in double columns, on demy 4to. paper,

3d edition, in 3 vols. post Svo.

Preparing for publication, in monthly volumes, prica accompanied by a beautiful Map, from the very best Authorities, 3. The Rivals. By the Author of the “Col.

Five Shillings,
and embellished with four interesting County Views.
London : Printed for G. Virtue, 26, Ivy Lane: Simpkin and legians."
Marshall, Stationers' Court; and may be had of all Booksellers. * We consign this work to the applause of the public, and to

the unquestioned admiration of all lovers of excellent fictions."
Literary Gazette.

In announcing the speedy publication of the Library of Gene.

ral Knowledge, its Projectors beg distinctly to state, that they Sir William Gell'. Pompeii.- Part I. price 108. 6d,

In 9 beautifully printed vols.

embark in their undertaking without any design whatever of 4. The Annual Peerage and Baronetage for trenching upon the ground already occupied by others. Atlitue and Ornaments of Pompeii.

is it their desire to decry the exertions of those who labour in the 1830. By Sir WILLIAM GELL, M.A.F.R.S. F.S.A. Printed under the sanction and from the Communications of the these, on the contrary, they entertain the highest respect; but

same vineyard, and seek the same end with themselves. Por Second Series.

Nobility, with new Plates of the Arms. The Work will be completed in about Twelve Parts,

the field seems sufficiently wide for all parties, and therefore they forming Two Volumes.

2d edition, 9 vols. 8vo. Plates,

enter it. They are willing to persuade themselves, moreover, A Part to be published every two months, containing Six En.

5. Constantinople in 1828-29. By Charles not unfavourable to its success. Almost all our knowledge arises

that the circumstances under which they approach their last are gravings, and occasionally two or three Vignettes, with two sheets of Letterpress, handsomely printed in royal 8vo. price Mac Farlane, Esq.

from experience, and hence, by imitating as far as can be, the 106. 6d.; imperial 8vo. 121. 6d.; Proofs, on demy 4to. 184., India

excellencies of their predecessors, no less than by avoiding their

2d edition, in 3 vols, post 8vo. paper, with the Etchings, limited to Twenty-five copies, only

errors, should such chance to have been committed, they hope to Ten left for sale, 11. Ils.6d.

6. The Collegians.

produce a series of works which shall at once satisfy the judge Part II. will be published on the 1st of June. craviolescence man behar which this work presentes to us, and when it comes united with instruction.

“ We do not remember to have ever seen a more beautifully ment, and suit the tastes of those who relish amusement the most Robert Jennings and William Chaplin, 62, Cheapside. we believe no novelist ever dereloped with inore exquisite pathos

The Projectors of the Library General Knowledge offer no the sensations of a breaking heart when it first feels the stroke display of great names. These may dazzle for a moment, but which annihilates its only hope."- Monthly Revien.

they seldom effect more. Price 5s.6d. No. IX. of

As little are they disposed to make HE QUARTERLY JOURNAL of Printed for Saunders and Otley, Public Library, Conduit Street. Professions, which are in all cases more easily made than realised.

Their work must speak for itself. If it prove such as they conf.

dently anticipate, it will receive, because it will deserve, the ap. TRANSACTIONS of the HIGHLAND SOCIETY of SCOT. In royal 8vo. price 218. the 7th edition, with Seven additional probation of the public. LAND.

Tables of Trigonometrical Formule, by Olinthus Gregory, The Library of General Knowledge will be conducted by the Contents.-I.

LL.D. Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Aca. Rev. G. R. Gleig, M.A. &c. Assisted by a large proportion of the 1. On the Habits of the Domestic Rat, and on a Method of De demy, &c.

"ATHEMATICAL TABLES; contain Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. stroying it-II. On the Manure required for a course of Crops. By Dr. Coventry, Professor of Agriculture in the University of

ing the Common Hyperbolic, and Logistic Logarithms; Edinburgh--I11. On the Agriculture of the Romans, concluded IV. On the Origin and Natural History of the Sheep and Goat.ansaIsoner: Smangentse Sesants, and Versed sines, both Natural On the

20th of May will be published, the 3d edition, in a large

vol. 8vo. containing 600 pages, price 185,; or, the Plates on India By James Wilson, Esq. P.R.S.E. M.W.S. &c.-V. On the Uses to

Mathematical Calculations; also, the complete Description and paper, price 11.76.; Prints, ii, lo. which certain Indigenous Plants have from Time immemorial

HE HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of been enıployed in the Outer Hebrides-VI. On the Agriculture Use of the Tables.

By CHARLES HUTTON, LL.D. F.R.S. &c. of France, and on the Effects of a Division of Property in Land.

the TOWER of LONDON; with Memoirs o Rogal In a Letter from 'Tours-VII. On the Accidental Injuries of the London : Printed for Rivingtons, Longman and Co., Baldwin and Distinguished Persons, deduced from Records, State PaPoot of the Horse, arising from Shoeing, with their Effects and and Co., J. Richardson, J. Duncan, J. Booker, Parbury and Co., pers, and Manuscripts, and from other Original and Authentic Treatment. By Nr. William Dick, Veterinary Surgeon, Edin Hamilton and Co., Whittaker and Co., W. Joy, Simpkin and Co., Sources. burgh--VIII. On the Cure of Hydatids, or Sturdy, in Sheep, by Sherwood and Co., J. Souter, T. Bumpus, J. Collingwood, J. By JOHN BAYLEY, Esq. F.R.L. P.S.A. M.R.I.A. &c. &c. Trepanning-IX. On the Tala Plant, as a Substitute for

Thorn Wickstead,
Houlston and Son, and G. Mackie; Parter, Oxford;

Illustrated with numerous Engravings. in Hedges. Communicated by the Right Hoo. Sir John Sinclair, and J. and J. J. Deighton, Cambridge.

London : Robert Jennings and William Chaplin, 03, Cheapside. Bart.--. On Economy in Planting. The Practical Planter,

Also may be had. containing Directions for the l'lanting of Waste Lands and Man

A New Edition of Hutton's Course of Ma. agement of Wood. By Thomas Cruickshank, Forrester at Ca.

Heath's Historical Illustrations to the Waverley Nordla. reston-XI. Parliamentary Procerdings; Reduction of Taxes thematics, 3 vols. 8vo. 310, 6d.

On the 20th of Nay will be published, XII. Miscellaneous Notices -XIII. Quarterly agricultural Re:


ING; Sir Subjects, price 5s. 6d. (adapted to the new edi. 1. Reports on the Improvement or Waste Land for Tillage.


tion of the Worts). A very limited number in 4to. India Proofs On the Improvement of the Siphon for Draining Quarries. By

before the letters, 188, Proofs lier; rogal 8vo. 76. 6d. J. Stewart flepburn, Esq. of Colquhalzie-III. Essays on Thatcha

In a few days will be published, post 8vo.

Mr. Charles Heath has the houtour of announcing to the Subing with Heath and Pern-IV. Report on the Effects of Nitro as a Manure. By Robert Bruce, Esq. of Kennet-V. Reports on laying down Land as a permanent Pasture-VI. Description of a

Result of Observations made in ? Tour through the Coun. excellence as his popular Annual, “ the Keepsake," frora the

first Artists, and at a price that will add very little to each Machine for sowing Turnips with Bone Manure. By Nr. Aler: try in the Autumn of 1829.

By J. E. BICHENO, Esq. P.R.S. Sec. Linn. Soc. &c. &c. volume, which will make the edition one of the most beautiful ander Nichol-VII. Description of a Subsoil Plough. By Mr. Sinith, of Deanston, &c. &c.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

and complete Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and

Published by Robert Jennings and William Chaplin,
T. Cadell, Strand, London.
In a few days will be published, 8vo.

68, Cheapside.

In a few days will be published, price be. Vol. I. containing

the " Poeins of Burns," of CAL JOURNAL for May contains--Reviews of Twelve vious to his Lordship's Death. recent Works-Blate and Pearson on Delirum, Tremens-De

By the late JAMES KENNEDY, M.D. vees, Gervino, Rumball, and Marley, on Diseases of Children

Of H. B. M. Medical Staff.

the BRITISH POETS, to appent in monthly volumes, Clarke on Climate-Ballinghall, Alcock, and Averill, on Sur.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

ranging with the Waverley Novels, Family Library, and similar gery-Murray on Heat and Humidity-Burrows' Letter to Sir H.

Publications. Halford-Ryan's Ethics-and various Articles from the European and American Journals, with Reports of Societies; being a com

In a few days will be published, & vols, foolscap 8vo.

It is the characteristic of the present age, to place science and

literature witbin the reach of every class of society, by the publi. plete Esposition of the Progress of the Medical Sciences.

IFE and ADVENTURES of GIOVANNI |cation of standard and popular works in a form to combine the Edited by MICHAEL RYAN, M.D.

FINATI, Native of Ferrara, who, under the Name of advantages of cheapness, con renience, and beauty. To meet Published monthly, by T. and G. Underwood, Fleet Street. Mahomet, made the Campaign against the Wahabies, for the this taste, with respect to the poets of our country, the Aldine

Recovery of Mecca

and Medina; and since acted as Interpreter Edition of the British poets is undertaken. The text will be

to European Travellers in some of the Part least visited of Asia carefully formed from the best editions, and to the works of caed Cheapest Magazine!!! No. I. for May, price only 1.. 6d. containing nearly 100 8vo. pages, and edited and Africa. Translated from the Italian, as dictated by Himself, poet an original memoir will be prefixed.

William Pickering, Publisher, Chancery Lane, London. HE FAMILY MAGĂ ZIN E.

By WILLIAM JOHN BANKBS, Esq. Among its attractive Contents are-Royal Sportsmen

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

A Natural History of Great Britain, on a new and interesting plan. The Sovereign Gem, by Mrs. Rolls-Present State of the Jewi-.

On the Ist of Jure will be published, The Last of the Pamily, by the Author of " Mansie Wauch," " Legend of Genevieve, &c.-The Prince-Sovereign of Greece

Nearly ready, post 8vo.


Second Volume. sengers-Paul Sarpi, a Story of Venice, by W. H. Harrison, Esq.

GREEK CLASSIC POETS, for the Use of Young Per. Author of " Tales of a Physician"-The Lawyer's Visiter, by Der.

London : Printing for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. sons at School or College.

Ave Maria Lane. vent Conway-Adventures of a Nigh-American Sketches The Contents of Part 1.-1. General Introduction-9. Hameric

of whom may be had, National Cemetery-Unda, a Tradition of Tyrol-The Drowned Questions-3. Life of Homer--4. Iliad - 5. Odyssey-8. Margites Alive-Estella, from an Unpublished Tragedy-Rousseau and 7. Batrachomyomachia-8. Hymns--9. Hesiod.

The First Volume, with numerous IllustraRobespierre - May-Day - Bourrienne's Memoin of Napoleon,


tions, price 6s. 6d. &c. &c.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

This is a very uncommon book. It is more readable and in. " This Miscellany, both prose and verse, is pleasing ; it is

teresting to what are called general readers; and to a inere lite cheap, and of unobjectionable purity in morals and language." -Literary Gasette. On the 12th May will be published, 3 vols. 18mo. price 11. 21. 6d. it is almost the only book of the sort which could be named."

rary man, who confines his perusals to belles lettres productions, Hurst, Chance, and Co. London; sold by all Bookselleri.

uniformly printed with the Author's former Works, Atheneum.
HE TRUE PLAN of a LIVING of this volume is to make every body his own naturalist to lead

" The bold and commendable purpose of the very able vilter In 4 large vols. 8vo. price 31. 88. boards, the ed edition,

TEMPLE; or, Nan considered in his proper Relation him, that is, to study living subjecti, and abandon dead system. revised and corrected, of to the Ordinary Occupations and Pursuits of Life.

Such a work, pursued in the spirit with which it is so well begus, By the Author of the “ Morning and Evening Sacrifice," will be sure to make its way."--Nonthly Magazine. and GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY and PROPHECY,

the “ Last Supper," and "Farewell to Time." in which their Elements are attempted to be explained, harmo.

Also, lately published, nised, and vindicated, upon Scriptural and Scientific Principles; Sixth Edition of the Morning and Evening LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A, SCRIPPS, . tending to remove the imperfection and Discordance of preceding Systems, and to obviate the Cavils of Sceptict, Jews, and Sacrifice. 6s. 6d. boards.

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFF1CR, 7, Wellingtes Street, Iptidels.

Third Edition of the Last Supper. 7s. 6d.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Noulton Street, Oxford By the Rev. WILLIAM HALES, D.D.

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exchange, B. boards. Rector of Killesandra, in Ireland; and formerly Fellow of

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill; 4. næk, Trinity College, and Professor of Oriental Languages in the Uni. Third Edition of Farewell to Time. 78. 6d. Edinburgh : Smith and Son, and Robertson and Atkinson, versity of Dublin. board..

Glasgow; and J. Cumming, Dublin, - Agent for America, Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, and

0. Rich, 19 Red Lion Square, London, and Waterloo Place, Pail Mah.

Simpkin and Marshall, London.

J. MOYES, Tool's Court, Chancery Lane.


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