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rage !

“ Nay, but Religion, still, is” - Quite the the same character as that of Père la Chaise, but

on a much more magnificent scale. This, at JUVENALIA.--N0. II.

“ Is not Morale"-The foible of the Age? the same time that it will supersede the ne0! is that Terror fled, indeed, from Earth? “ Are not our English Ladies most”-Demure? cessity for burying the dead within the meOr sleeps it, blindly gnawing for new birth, “ Who is their pet at parties ?”_Simon Pure tropolis, will add considerably to the archiWithin her monstrous womb ? at Heaven's “ When did so many Gifted Brethren tectural improvements of the north side of this accord,

Whine ?

[fine? great city. Ready to burst its dark Cimmerian ward, " When were so many Bibles" Bound so We have been favoured with a view of all the That fell Destroying Angel of the Lord ? “ Has not almost each field a Church ” — And drawings and plans explanatory of the geneThat Sword of God! which his avenging ire

tub ?

[hubbub? ral scheme. It is intended to occupy a site of Swept round whole Europe like a torrent-fire!“ Did e'er new Preachers ". Make so much 150 acres, about Primrose Hill, to be divided Which seemed as if by Providence designed, “ Swarms not the Land with Sermons”-And into three regions of tombs. The inner region, For our dread sin, to decimate Mankind !

with Tracts ?

of 42 acres, to be adorned with several temples, Has he, whose wrath came whitening o'er the “ Pay we not swingeing Tithes ? and Poor- exact copies, and of the same dimensions, of the wave, (grave, Rates ?"_Facts !

most celebrated ancient Greek and Roman Too fierce a Spirit for clay, sunk through the “ Behold our Bishops busy"_At St. James ! structures, intended for mausoleums, and to To Hell's proud gates ? and his red-berried" See our Donations !” – And the Donors' contain monumental memorials of those_inwreath


[I own ! terred within the catacombs beneath. This Madly resuming, crowned himself as DEATH ? " Missions dispersed "- That should disperse, region, to be surrounded by a double cloister, Whether to Heaven, or his skull-structured" And the vile Slave-Trade driven no more" opening on the two outward sides to the inner throne,

In Blacks alone !

and outer region. The second region to be Or to Cerberean slumber, he is gone!

Prithee forgive this Hotspur mood of mine, appropriated to sepulture, and the site to be Sin, Sickness, Want Destruction's menial But passion fires, at times, the soft divine ; disposed of in single or family catacombs, and train,(main ; Indignant scorn confest I feel, to see

to be adorned with monuments, which will Murder (both care and cart-borne !) still re- That Sovereign Sin, that hag Hypocrisy, afford a rich and varied display of the archi. But he, the Appaller of all Hearts, is fled, So dupe the witless World, and simple thee! tectural and sculptural taste of the British And even his Mime of Muscovy is dead !

artists. These two regions to be planted and Religion now begins to breathe from prayer,


laid out in the modern style of ornamental Nor wearies Heaven to make good men its care ;

gardening. The third region to be appro

METROPOLITAN IMPROVEMENTS: Humility starts up, and wipes her knees ;

priated to the purposes of general sepulture, While, pick-tooth, Adoration stands at ease ; Proposed Grand National Cemetery. upon a plan that will secure the salubrity of No earnest dowagers on hassocks moan, The best efforts of scientific ingenuity and the spot, and relieve the respective parishes No politicians in pew.corners groan, public spirit appear to be now in full operation from the danger and inconvenience of burying With pious imprecations on the Gaul for the architectural improvement of the Bri- in churchyards.* The whole will provide dry Sighed in at each Amen; that bolts would fall, tish metropolis. This is as it should be. The and commodious sepulture for all classes, and seIn mercy, on the French, and blast them all! metropolis of Scotland has long been designated cure the sanctuary of the grave from violation. Britain is safe; thanks to our gallant Fleet, " the Modern Athens ;" and justly has it ob It is not possible, in this brief sketch, to Boulogne's flat-bottom boats dared never meet ! tained that high distinction, from the classic notice all the advantages proposed by the Nay, by St. George ! we the invaders were, structures which adorn that intellectual city. scheme; and we can only add, that the plan, With half barbarian Europe in our rear ! Englishmen, it may be presumed, cannot generally, abounds in architectural grandeur For each impertinent thou threaten’dst then, behold with indifference the architectural im- and taste. It is proposed to accomplish the Harewe not since repaid thee, France! with ten? provements which have lately been made in project by raising a fund of 400,000.. in Prigs for thy Savans, Squires for thy Chasseurs, London and Westminster. Every thing tend-16,000 shares, at 251. each ; and to form a And for thy gens-d'armes, downright English ing to augment the splendour of the metropolis society for its management, under the direcboors ?

of that kingdom on which all nations look with tion of a certain number of noblemen, who are Find'st thou not, that beef-witted Britons are veneration and respect, would, it should seem, to appoint governors, trustees, treasurers, &c. As pestilent, at least, in peace as war ? be regarded by its inhabitants with feelings. From the statistical arrangements of the proThough gilt their horns, our Bulls are fatal still, becoming the occasion ; yet such a considera- (jectors, it appears that they expect a vast reAnd, true to nature, with the head they kill. tion has not, until of late, been cherished but venue to accrue from the disposal of the cata.

“ But yet, my friend ! excuse me if I say, by the enlightened few ; the far greater part combs, and to produce a large and constantly In times of peril, 'tis no harm to pray ; of its vast population having bestowed scarcely increasing interest to the subscribers. Even on ship-board, hopes of safety past, a thought upon the subject.

The drawings of the general effect of the The Chaplain pipes all hands to prayers at last.” This must appear the more strange, when it site, the elevations, ground plans of temples,

l'faith on shore too, we have "hands” enough is considered, that the corporate bodies, sup- &c. which are very numerous, admirably exeAnxiously raised to Heaven, and the ruff! ported by the public spirit of the inhabitants of cuted, and sufficiently explanatory, will, it Clasped, or to forehead pressed_if very white,- so many provincial cities and great towns, in appears, be shortly submitted to the public.t Or the rich finger cast a diamond-light !-- various parts of the kingdom, particularly in The whole is designed by Mr. Goodwin, arProceed: I grant the Tar, when fates control, the northern districts, have manifested so en-chitect of several of the national churches and Damning his eyes, prepares to save his soul ; lightened a spirit for architectural improve other public structures. Wars are foul weather, churches often wrecks-ment. The superb buildings erected at Liver It remains to be ascertained, whether the What then?

pool, Manchester, Bristol, and other places, do heads of the church, the parochial clergy, and " Why, therefore, bend no contrite necks, honour to the taste of their inhabitants ; whilst, the public feelings or prejudices, are to be en. When for the brood of crimes our Nation bred in the metropolis, very few public works have listed on behalf of this speculation, which has Heaven's scourge hung, blood-bedropt, above been produced, whether under the auspices of many good points to recommend it, and many its head?”

(race ! the state, or the direction of the corporation, obstacles to surmount ; for all which, however, Wherefore, indeed, not bend? A stiff-necked that are commensurate with the wealth, or Mr. Goodwin has, as far as we could ascertain In whom that spirit of the soil you trace worthy of the taste of the British capital. by inquiry, ingenious explanations and answers Which makes their stubborn oak defy the storm Roused at length from that apathy which so to offer. Till double-bolted lightning rack its form, long continued a stigma upon the metropolitan And whirlwinds crush it prostrate !_Were our taste, we now hear of newly projected spacious

DRAMA. tears streets and squares, new markets, and splendid

KING'S THEATRE. Cansed be our sins ? _o no !_but by onr fears! plans of structures for scientific institutions ; MERCANDANTE's chef-d'æurre, Elisa e ClauThe Garl was at the gate!--and we, dismayed, all of which, their utility once admitted, readily dio, has been the novelty of the week. On Fawned on our Heavenly Father for his aid ! obtain ample support, and vigorously proceed NAPOLEON's sceptre was the virtual rod towards completion.

The necessity for burying annually upwards of Whipt us to Church ; we trembled at his nod, Amongst the most prominent ingenious 30,600 bodies in the churchyards of the metropolis cannot And to escape him, gave ourselves to God ! schemes of the day, we have to notice one, inhabitants, particularly in closely-built and very poWell! Heaven withdrew the scourge: what which, for architectural splendour, surpasses pulous districts. did we then ? aught we have yet seen or heard of. It is a enabled to embellish our columns with a wood engraving,

+ Next week, or the week following, we trust to be Why from our God withdrew ourselves again ! scheme for a National Cemetery, somewhat of illustrative of this extraordinary undertaking

Théâtre de Madame
Porte St. Martin


74,899 47,344 40,051 35,873 34,612 33,860 30,815 30,083 24,733


Gaieté ..

Italian Theatre

Saturday, the first night of its representa-{

Marseilles Lazaretto, has made a number of tion, the house was crowded ; and on Tuesday


experiments, from which he concludes that the it was more fashionably attended than we have

Coffee. - It appears from some parlia- vaccine eruption had no other origin than the before seen it this season.

mentary returns, that the use of coffee in this accidental transmission of the variolous virus Some eight years since, this opera had a country has increased considerably during the of man to the udder of a cow, and its conseconsiderable run at Milan; Belloc, Schira, last few years. A still more striking increase quent mitigation.

He thinks that this disDegrecis, Lablache, Donzelli, and other artists is manifested in the Netherlands. The quan-covery will diminish the number of the oppoof eminence, contributed much to its success ;tity of coffee consumed there annually is nents of vaccination ; as it will shew that the and though the maestro has taken many ideas 29,500,000lbs., of which seventeen millions are vaccine virus does not proceed from any impure from the Cenerentola of Rossini, and borrowed used in the southern provinces. The con- and disgusting animal malady, but is simply a largely, particularly in the buffo parts, from sumption averages above 5 lbs. a-head.

mild and local small-pox. the Matrimonio Segreto of Cimarosa, yet, we Newspapers in America.There are now Paris Theatres.

The following were the think, were the characters of the piece more fifty daily newspapers in the United States, receipts of the different Paris theatres during equally cast, the opera would be better relished two-thirds of which are supposed to be yielding the month of February :by a London audience. Neither Castelli nor fair profits.

Comic Opera..::

78,908 fr. Specchi can afford the support necessarily re The Cow-tree. It was stated a short while quired to give effect to some of the really pretty ago in the papers, that a person had arrived from French Opera concerted pieces in this opera. Of the entire Colombia, bringing with him some specimens distribution of the parts, there are only three of this curious tree. We now find, by an

Théâtre Français who can do justice to the author; and the American paper, that a bottle of the juice, and Ambigu Comique whole weight of the performance falls on Blasis, a piece of the bark, have been received at the Donzelli, and Santini ; Castelli, Specchi, Harvard University from Mr. Litchfield, the D'Angeli, Devile, and Ambrogi, should indis: American consul at Puerto Cabello. This milk

Olympic Circus


21,287 putably take their leave of the London boards. was taken from a tree about seven feet in cir

16,777 Ambrogi might be tolerated, were he any thing cumference, and one hundred and forty feet in


490,945 of a musician ; but he is a wretched timist, height. It is white, and bears a close resemand, whether in solos or concerted pieces, is blance to cow's milk, or rather cream. By

American Hemp.-A New York paper states always astray with the orchestra.

exposure to the air it becomes brown, and by that some experiments have been made in that The acting and singing (we are emphatic drying it is changed into wax, which burns city on the comparative strength of Russian on the former) of Blasis saved the piece. Her with a pure and strong light. The odour and and American hemp, by which it appeared duet with Santini, in the second act, we con- taste of the milk are like those of our sour that there was a superiority of twenty per cent sider (and we are convinced the musical world cream. Humboldt and other travellers have in the hemp grown in America over the finest will support us in our opinion) to have been one described the cow-tree; the milk fows from specimens of that of Russia. of the best morceaux heard within the walls of incisions made in the trunk. The natives and

Arlesian Wells.-M. Raphael Garrette, a the King's Theatre for many a day. The solo negroes go to the trees in the morning and merchant of Madrid, has proposed to the Spapassage, Non prego per memma'i figli,was 611 vessels ; some drink the milk under the nish government to form a company to esta. delivered by Blasis with a touching pathos tree, and others carry it to their children. blish Artesian wells for the irrigation of the that called down the plaudits of the whole The trees near the road are full of incisions country, and the supply of water to the towns. house,--the duet was unanimously encored on made by travellers, who appease their hunger According to his statement, few of the towns in both nights. We were glad to perceive on and thirst with the milk.

Spain, including Madrid, have a supply of Tuesday that Santini had washed his face ; Vesuvius. ---Private accounts from Naples, more than two-thirds of the quantity of water for on Saturday evening no coal-porter's was alluding to the extraordinary severity of the really necessary. more besmeared. Wonid that we could con- late winter in that part of Italy, mention, that

Corn in France. It is stated in a recent gratulate him upon his change of attire! An Mount Vesuvius was covered with snow for French work on the comparative quantity of Italian count should not assume the garb, or ten days,-a most unusual occurrence, ---and corn produced in France and in this country, rather the livery, of a London lord mayor's that during the whole of the period, the column that by dividing France into three portions, footman.

of smoke from its crater, which usually serves each a little larger than England and Wales, the Neapolitans as a weathercock, had entirely it will be found that one of these portions

ceased to issue; while not an explosion was produces less by one half, the second an equal On Wednesday, the sublime oratorio of the heard from the mountain. The Barrache del quantity, and the other a third more. Messiah supplied the true lovers of sacred Carmine and the Convent of Sta. Theresa

Atmospheric Phenomenon. - The Bulletin music with a sterling treat, which was enhanced were both struck with lightning about the same des Sciences Agricoles quotes from the Gaceta by the circumstance of the whole being pro- time; but the electric fluid appears to have de Boyona a curious account of the destruction duced by native talent. Miss Paton (who is been so weakened, that no damage was done in of the vines at Villanueva del Campo, in Spain, certainly in finer voice than ever) and Phillips either case.

in September last, and of a strange atmospheric were most effective; and Miss Bruce, Messrs.

Quentovic. --Much doubt has long prevailed phenomenon which preceded it. On the 20th Atkinson, Bennett, Goulden, J. 0. Atkins, among archæologists with respect to the exact of September, at balf-past four o'clock in the and J. Smith, ably supported them. On the position of the ancient port of Quentovicus, or afternoon, before which time the atmosphere preceding Friday, Miss Edgard, a pupil of Quentovic; which was sacked and destroyed was perfectly serene, the sun was suddenly M. Sola's, made a favourable début, though by the Normans, in the year 822 or 824. obscured by a white cloud, and in a short time evidently under the dominion of excessive ap. The result of inquiries into the subject, com- afterwards there were perceived round the sun prehension. She has, nevertheless, a fine con- municated to the French Academy by M. two concentric circles, exhibiting all the colours tralto, and runs the gamut well ; so that an Boacher, of Abbeville, seems to prove that it of the rainbow. At the end of six minutes air from La Donna del Lago gave us a very was situated at the mouth of the Canche, a they disappeared ; and in the evening a cold favourable opinion of her capabilities.

river of France, in the department of the Pas- came on as severe as is usually felt in January.

de-Calais, which falls into the English Channel The vines were frozen, and the leaves and Among our Lenten entertainments we ought near Etaples.

stems had the appearance of having been burnt. to notice Lectures on Astronomy at Willis's Rivers. In order, if possible, to anticipate To keep Cabbages fresh. When the cab. Rooms, on Wednesday and Friday evenings, by and be prepared for the evils which frequently bages are cut, leave about two or three inches the intelligent correspondent of our Gazetté, arise from the Neva's overflowing its banks, of the stalk, the pith of which is to be hol. Mr. Adams, whose weekly meteorological re- Colonel Raucourt, a Russian officer, has been lowed out, taking care not to cut or bruise the ports have been long contributed to our sci. making a number of curious experiments with rind; tie the cabbages up by their stalks, and entific columns. His apparatus is most im- two instruments of his invention; the one then fill the hollow with water. By repeating posing and splendid ; including a zodiac fifty called a hydrotachymeter, by which he ascer- this daily, they may be kept for several feet in circumference, the mundane system tains the swiftness of the current of a river,

months.-Bulletin Universel. explained by transparent machinery, and a the other a hydrosynometer, by which he ascer Literal Despatch from the late George Canning to Sir magnificent vertical orrery. Nor are the lec- tains the pressure of water at different depths. Charles Bagot, Ambassador the Hague. turer's able explanations less worthy of public The result of these experiments has been com In matters of commerce, the fault of the Dutch patronage : such lessons can never be forgotten municated to the Académie des Sciences.

Is giving too little, and asking too much;

With equalised duties the French are content, by young or old.

Vaccination. M. Robert, a physician at the So we'll clap on Dutch bottoms full fifteen per cent.






.... 12


The Public se informed that the Exhibition of the Society Bloomsbury; and to be had also of J. Taylor, High Holborn: Author of the " Collegians." I vol. 10s. 6d.

School, a Young Lady whose prospects in life chietly

Governor of St. Lucia. A few Copies of the Portrait (Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. XII. March 20, 1830.] depend on her Education being completed

under eminent Lon of the late Major-General David Stewart, of Garth, Author of PUBLISHING.

don Masters, of whose Lessons she will have the same advantage “ Sketches of the Highlanders;" engraved by S. W. Reynolds, Mr. Macfarlane, who is so favourably known to the ence whatever will be made in their Treatment and Tuition. At Scrymgeour; may still be had of Moon, Boys, and Graves,

as the regular Pupils placed on the highest Terms, and no differ from a painting in the full Highland Costume, by James M. public by his work on Turkey, has just, we hear, com- the end of her Term, it mutually agreeable, she can remain

to Printsellers to the King, 6, Pall Mall, London; and Mac Lachlan pleted a tale, entitled, The Arnenians; the scene of assist in the Concern; or such an Appointment will be obtained nad Stewart, Edinburgh, Size

of the Plate, 18 inches by 23 high. which is laid on the banks of the Bosphorus. From the for her, as a Private Governess, as her Friends shall approve. Prints, 11. 16., Proofs, 11. 11s. 6d. author's residence in these parts, we hope for charac- The first References can be offered; and the Premium will deteristic illustrations of Armenian and Turkish life.- pend on the time required, &c. The first volume of a Treatise on Optics; containing the address C. G., Mr. Souter's, Bookseller, St. Paul's Churchyard,

M U S I C. theory of impolarised light; by the Rev. Humphrey Lloyd,

EW VOCAL MUSIC. The Words A.M. -A Transcript from a curious Manuscript, discovered under the foundations of the ancient Manor

selected, by permission of Mr. Murray, from Moore's

Life of Lord Byron. The Music composed by Dr. John Clarke, House at Abbots Leigh, Somerset; to be called, the

TIONS on OPERATIVE SURGERY. Mr. ALCOCK Royal Book, or Oracle of Dreams.

will deliver, at the School of Anatomy, Little Dean Street, Soho, Charles E. Horn, and G. Kiallmark.

a Course of Lectures and Practical Instructions illustrative of the Friendship is Love. 2s.
principal Operations of Surgery, in which, in addition to the

Hills of Annesley. 2s.
Practical Demonstration and Explanation of each Operation by
Dobell's Travels in Kamtschatka, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. ls. the Teacher, the Students will be carefully superintended in their Memory. 28.
bis-Gertrude, a Tale of the Sixteenth Century, 2 vols. own performances of the various Operations. An Explanation of

Those Flaxen Locks. 2s.
post 8vo. 11. 18. bds. - Phillips' Valence the Dreamer, the advantages of this mode of instruction, in which the difficul.
izmo. 34. bds.-Descent into Hell, a Poem, 8vo. 78. 6d.

ties experienced by the Students are obviated as they occur, and Young Oak. 2s. bus Matthias' Conversations on Geography, 2 vols. 18mo.

also a Series of Surgical Operations, thus performed, will be found

in the volume of "Lectures on Practical and Medical Surgery," Young Friendship. 2s. Ss. hf-bd--Acaster's Remedies for the Church in Danger, by Mr. Alock, just published by Burgess and Hill.

Sacred Song
ero. *. 6d. bds.-Stevens' Comments, Vol. XVII. 8vo. 108. The Introductory Lecture will be delivered on Monday the
bds-Brady's Executor's Account Book, 4to. 12s. bds. 22d of March, at half-past Pour in the Afternoon.

Father of Light. 28.
Fri's Listener, 2 vols. 128. bds.-Merlet's French
Particulars on application to Mr. Alcock, 11, New Burlington

Forget this World. 28.
Grammar, 12mo. 10s. bds.; Synopsis of French Gram-
Street, between the Hours of 'Ten and Twelve A. X.

Published by J. Power, 31, Strand.
mar, 12mo. 28. 6d. cloth. - Coventry's Revenues of the
Church, Svo. 68. bds.-Essays on the Lives of Cowper,

New edition of

MUSICAL FAMILIES. Board and Newton, and Heber, 8vo. 118. bds.--Hind's Three Tem

Lodging wanted by a Lady, in a small private Family, ples, 8vo. 58. 6d. bds.-Morehead's Dialogues on Religion, of Original Views of its splendid Public Buildings, Pictu- where there are no other Boarders, and where the study of Music imo. &c. bds.--Bannister's Humane Policy, 8vo. 14s. bds. resque Scenery, Seats and Mansions, and Antiquities. From is cultivated; that amusement, and pleasant society being the -Hall on the Sea and Shores of the Realm, royal 8vo. Drawings taken expressly for this work, by George Betrie, R.H.A. principal objects of the Advertiser. A separate Sitting Room 12. bis. - Porson's Devil's Walk, 12mno. 18. sewed. - and W. H. Bartlett. Engraved in the Line Manner by eminent will be required and the neighbourhood of the Regent's Park

would be preferred. Proper References will be given and exWalsh's Brazil in 1828 and 1829, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 14s. cloth. Artists. -Bland's Philosophical Problems, 8vo. 108. 6d. bds.

Published in Numbers, demy 4to. each containing Four Views, pected. Andrew's Sermons on Prayer, 8vo. 98. bds.Addison on taining four Numbers, 4s. ; Proots on India paper, 86. price Is.; Proofs on India paper, 2s. per Number Parts, con Letters, stating full Particulars, and the lowest Terms, are re

quested to be addressed, post-paid, to A. Z. Court Journal Office, Females, 8vo. 6s. bds.-Fate on Hysteria, 8vo. 58. bds. N.B. Agents wanted in the principal Towns of Ireland: apply No. 19, Catherine Street, Strand.

to Fisher and Co. METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1830.

Contents of the Numbers published :

No. I.

No. VI.
Thermometer. Barometer. Vignette - Howth Light-house, Lying-in Hospital and Rotunda,

Works by the Author of Pelham.
Thursday.. 11 From 40. to 58. 29.60 to 29.84 from the Needles.


E V E R EU X. Friday 38. 55. 30.02 29.86 Dublin, from Phænix Park. The Four Courts, Dublin.

By the Author of « Pelham," and the Disowned.' Saturday .. 13

51. 30.10

Great Court Yard, Dublin Castle. King's Bridge, Dublin.
Curaghmore, Co. Waterford. Ditto, East View.

Second edition, in 3 vols, post Bro.
Sunday.... 14
30. 52. 30.13 29.82
Lismore Castle, ditto.


"A first-rate novel, the production of a first-rate mind."-LiteMonday 15

29.48 29.36

Bank of Ireland, Dublin.

rary Gazette. Tuesday .. 16 30. 48. 29.53 29.74

No. II.

Ruins of Lord Portlester's Cha. 2. The Disowned. By the Author of “ Pel. Wednesday 17 33. 61. 29.71 29.94 Cove Harbour, Cork.

pel, Dublin.

ham." 3d edition, in 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 6d. Wind S.W. Except the 13th, 14th, and 16th, generally Nelson's Pillar, Dublin.

South Mall, ditto.
Wellington Testimonial, Phe.

" If Pelham justly raised for its author a very high character.

nix Park, Dublin. cloudy: a little rain on the mornings of the 15th and St. George's Church, ditio.

the Disowned will raise it far higher."-Literary Gazette.

Memorial of the King's Visit to 17th; not sufficient to be measurable in the pluviameter.

Ireland, Kingstown.

3. Pelham; or, the Adventures of a Gentle. CHARLES H. ADAMS.

No. III.


man. The 3d edition, revised, 3 vols. Latitude...... 31° 37' 39" N. Exterior of the Church of the Powerscourt Waterfall, County

“In the order of novels of fashionable life we never expected to

Wicklow. Longitude...

Carmelite Friary, Dublin.

see a production of the talent and utility of Pelham. The appear0 3 51 W. of Greenwich.

Interior of ditto, ditto.

Round Tower, Belfry, and ance of such a book is the outward and visible sign of an improveKilkenny Castle.

Church of Swords.

ment which we have hailed with delight in the rising generaDitto, North Front.

St. Peter's R. C. Chapel and tion."- Eraminer.

Free Schools, near Dublin. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street.

No. IV.
We are very much obliged to C. S. T. His communi. Vice-regal Lodge, near Dublin.

College Street, Dublin.

Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion

No. IX. cation shall be immediately inserted, and his future cor. Terenure, Co. Dublin.

af Useful Knowledge.

Post-Office, Dublin. respoedence will be most acceptable. Poul-a-Phuca Waterfall, County Strongbow's Monument, Dub

Price 2s. Ur. Chevalier's letter, explaining a slight inaccuracy of Wicklow


THE NEW ZEALANDERS, Part I. expression in our Gazette of the 27th ulto (and copied into Round Tower of Clondalkin, Co. Courtstown Castle, Co. Kil. The Second Part of this Subject, which is complete in

Dublin. the Medical Gazette), respecting his paper, read at the


I vol. will be ready in a few days.

No. V.
Royal Society, on the Anatomy of the Ear, is too long Cloth Mart, &c. &c. Usher's

Inchmore Castle, ditto.

The following Volumes have been published, price 4s. Od. each, No. X.

bound in cloth, for admission.' We are not inclined to question his state Quay, Dublin.

Dublin, from Blaquiere Bridge.

Vol. I. The Menageries. Dent that his discoveries are not hypothetical, but de- Royal Exchange, Dublin. Sarah's Bridge, Dublin.

II. Timber Trees-Fruits. monstrable. Jenkinstown Castle, Co. Kil. Obelisk, Newtown Park.

III. Insect Architecture. The Condor !-We believe the condor, the dimensions kenny.

The Phænix Pillar, Phænis

IV. Pursuit of Knowledge.

Park. of which were stated in our Review of Temple's Peru last | Castle Howel, ditto.

London : Charles Knight, Pall Mall East. week, was not intended for the prodigious bird shot by the


Gratis, author, but a still more prodigious monster, an account highly romantic scenery, in the plates which embellish these

" There is much architectural magnificence and beauty, with LIST of NEW PUBLICATIONS of which he noted from native report. Numbers."-Literary Gazette.

added to STEUART'S LIBRARY and READING ERRATA. - In our last, under the Royal Institution,

ROOMS, 189, Cheapside, 1829-80, including all Works of general we mentioned an excellent microscope, on the principle work of art justly entitle it to be; it is sold, too, at a price that

" We hope it may become as widely known as Its merits as a

interest up to the present Period. recommended by the late Dr. Wollaston, as having been places it within the reach of all. Pour views of the most inte

Terms of Subscription, 51. 51.-41. 11.-31. 38.--and 21. 25. per made by Captain Grover: in the latter particular we were resting scenes in our beautiful conntry, or of its cities, towns, and

Anrrum. Complete Catalogues, 25. Od.

Cards, stating further Particulars, to be had on application. ia error, as we are informed that it was constructed by remarkable buildings, with letter-press descriptions, cost but a

The Family Cabinet Atlas. Mr. Cary.- Page 180, col. 1, line 13, for "colleagues" read shilling, though formerly they could hardly have been procured "colleague."-- In the list of hard winters in our last, for oss times that sum. We have devoted rather a larger space to To be published in Monthly Parts, not exceeding

Twelve, each this notice than we had intended; but as it may be truly called a containing Eight Plates, from Engravings on Steel, by Mr. lowest of thermometer in 1794-5, read 1°, instead of 1'.

national work, we trust that an account of it will be acceptable to Thomas Starling, in the finest Style of the Art, price 2s. 6d.
our readers, and induce such as have not yet seen it to look at its plain, and 36. 6d. coloured,
embellishments."-Dublin Literary Gazette.

The spirited proprietors, Messrs. Fisher, Son, and Co. of

constructed upon an original Plan. London, who have got up this truly elegant production at an im. The Family Cabinet Atlas will furnish all the information of Connected with Literature and the Arts.

mense expense, deserve the patronage and support of a discerning the larger and more expensive general Atlases, far more readily, public; the work, indeed, requires only to be known to ensure it and in a clear and accurate manner. Its plan embraces many an extensive circulation."--Belfast Guardian.

new features of great utility; and the entire work will be rendered London: Fisher, Son, and Co. Newgate Street; Ackermann, as perfect and beautiful as possbile, both as an Atlas and a Gem MALL.

Strand; and Colnaghi and Co. Pall Mall East.

of Art; forining, when complete, a volume of the same size as The Gallery for the Exhibition and Sale of the Works of

the Family Library, or Cabinet Cyclopædia, to which series of Bria. Artists is open Daily, from Ten in the Morning till Five in the Evening.

Just published,

popular publications it will be a most valuable companion.

Part I. will be issued on the 10th of April.
Admission 18.--Catalogue ls.

all the principal Booksellers in the United Kingdom. Price 12s. medium ; 168. imperial 410.; or India paper proofs,

Popular Works just published.
PALL MALL 11.,, with an embellished Wrapper, and containing a Vignette 1. The Game of Life; a Novel.
LAST, 19th March, 1830.

Title and Ten Plates.
by A. , his , 105, Russell Street,

2. Tales of the Five Senses. Edited by the Britist Artists will open on Monday, the 22d instant.

R. B. DAVIS, Secretary.

Priestley and Weale, High Street, Bloomsbury; and Jennings and 3. The Lost Heir; a Novel. In 3 vols.

Chaplin, Cheapside.
In the Second Part, which will complete the Work, will be

4. Creation; a Poem, in Six Books. By VANDYCK. For Sale and Exhibition, at Bentley's press, consisting of brief Notices of the Buildings represented.

given, besides the same number of Plates, descriptive Letter William Ball. 105. 6d. budaa Warehouse, 192, Regent Street, an undoubted Picture by Although undertaken as an accompaniment to the Examples, 3 vols, 318. 6d.

5. The Romance of History, New Series, Twica, of the Holy Family.

these Views are to be considered as a separate Work; and from Upwards of 500 Perions have viewed the above Picture Admission, ls.

the picturesque character of the subjects, and their interest as 6. Bacon's Life of Francis, 2 vols. 8vo. 2d within the last fortnight.

Topographical Illustrations, may be acceptable to many amateurs edition, 288.
A great Variety of Cabinets, Carvings, Bronzes, &c.

and collectors who do not wish to possess the above-mentioned Published by Edward Bull, New Public Subscription Library,

26, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.










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No. containing

the heart' A COLUMBUS.

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Works on Gardening, Rural Economy, dc.

Half-a-Dozen Hints on Picturesque Domes Popular Novels just published by Henry Colburn and Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street
HE ENGLISH FLO R A. Proofs, boards.
tic Architecture. ed edition, in 4to. 155. boarda, or . ls. India

LO UDES LE Y; à Novel.
Designs for Parsonage Houses, Alms-Houses,

By W. GODWIN, Esg.
A new edition, in 4 vols. 8vo. 21. ss. boards.

Author of " Caleb Williams, "St. Léon,' &c.

In 3 vols. post 8vo.
A Compendium of the English Flora. 12mo. Kordon royal dto. 91 Plates, 212: boards, or India Proofs, Il. 116.6d.
7s. Bd. cloth boards.

2. Gertrude. A Tale of the Reign of
Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that
By the same Author,
The same Work in Latin, 5th edition, 12mo. 5th edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. with Plates and Woodcuts, 186. boards.

relates to Guns and Shooting. By Lieut..

Colonel P. Hawker. Henry IV. In 2 vols. post 8vo.

3. Carwell; or, Crime and Sorrow. In 7s.6d. boards.

1 vol. post 8vo. A Grammar of Botany, illustrative of Arti

4. The Exclusives !!! A Satirical Novel of ficial as well as Natural Classification, with an Explanation of

PÆDIA. Published in Monthly Volumes, small 8vo. Fashionable Life. Third edition, in 3 vols. post 850. Jussieu's System. Id edition, 8vo. with 277 Figures of Plants, price 68.

5. The Manners of the Day. In 3 vols. and their various Parts and Organs, 194.; or coloured, 11. 113. 6d.

Volumes published, An Introduction to the Study of Physiologi.

“An authentic record of the Manners of the Day,' particularly

I. IV. History of Scotland, in 2 vols. by of the state of female society at the present period, which we cal and Systematical Botany. 8vo. 6th edition, with 15 Plates, Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

think has never been so thoroughly examined and so attractivels price 148. plain; or coloured, 11. Bs. boards. A Synopsis of the British Flora, arranged II. History of Maritime and Inland Disco- depicted.”—Literary Gazette.

6. Sydenham ; or, Memoirs of a Man of very, 9 vols. Vol. I. according to the Natural Orders, containing Vasculares, or Flow.

the World. In 3 vols. post 8vo. ering Plants. By John Lindley, F.R.S. L.$. and G.S. &c. &c.

III. Domestic Economy. By M. Donovan,

" Sydenham is a very clever work, which must make a great In 19mo. 108. 6d. boards. Esq. Vol. I.

stir in the upper circles."--Literary Gazette. The Gardener's Magazine. Conducted by

Volumes to be published,

Nearly ready,
April 1.A Treatise on Mechanics, 1 vol. with Plates, by Capt.
J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. H.S. &c. Vols. I. to V. 8vo. 41. boards.
H. Kater, V.P.R.S. and Rev. Dr. Lardner.

7. Walter Colyton. A Tale of the Reign
To be continued in Numbers every Two Months, alternately with May ). --The Lives of Eminent British Lawyers, 1 vol. By of James II. By the author of “Brambletye House," the « New
the Magazine of Natural History, price 35. 6id.
Henry Roscoe, Esq.

Forest," &c. &c. In 3 vols. post 8vo. No. XXV. will be published on the 1st of April.

June 1.-History of Maritime and Inland Discovery, Vol. II. 8. The Oxonians; or, a New Glance at An Encyclopædia of Plants, comprising every July 1.-History of England, in 3 vols. by the Right Hon. Sir Society. By the Author of the « Roué." In 3 vols. post 8vo. desirable Particular respecting all the plants indigenous, culti. James Mackintosh, M.P. Vol. 1.

9. Sir Ralph Esher; or, Adventures of a vated in, or introduced to Britain. By J. C. Loudon, Esq.

Volumes in preparation, F.L.S. &c. Complete in 1 large vol. Bvo. with nearly Ten Thou. The History of England, Vols. 11. and '. By Sir James Gentleman at the Court of Charles II.' In 3 vols. sand Engravings on Wood, H. 148. 6d.; or in Nine Parts, los, 6d. Mackintosh. each. Numbers I. to X. to be continued Monthly, 2s.6d. each. A Preliminary Discourse for the Cabinet of Natural Philosophy,

Family Library-Irving's Life of Columbus, complete is I rol.

Illustrated with Plates and Maps, 5s. An Encyclopædia of Gardening, comprising by J. F. W. Herschel,

Esq. F.R.S. L. and E. &c. the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, ArboriHistory of Ireland, in 1 vol. By Thomas Moore, Esq.

XI. of the FAMILY LIBRARY, Lives of the most exinent Naval Commanders, by R. Southey, culture, Landscape Gardening, &c. Complete in 1 large vol.

Esq. LL.D. Poet Laureate. 8vo. with Engravings on Wood, 21. boards.

A Treatise on Astronomy, by J. F. W. Herschel, Esq. (It is

Abridged by him from his larger Work.
By the same Author,
intended that the scientitic treatises shall be written in a popular

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
An Encyclopædia of Agriculture, on the same and generally intelligible style entirely free from math cinetica! Of whom may be had, price 58. each volume, profusely illustrated,
Plan, with upwards of 800 Engravings on Wood. Reprinting.

and bound in canvass,
Conversations on Vegetable Physiology, com- lishers trust is guaranteed by the names of the eminent persons
That they will not, however, be superticial or unsound, the pub-

Nos. I. and II. The Life of Napoleon prehending the Elements of Botany, with their Application to who have undertaken to write them.)

Buonaparte. 3d edition.-No. III. The Life of Alexander the Agriculture. By the Author of " Conversations on Chemistry," Lives of the most Eminent Literary and Scientific Characters Great. A new edition.- Nos. IV. and X. Lives of the most Emi. &c. &c. In 2 vols, 12mo. with Plates, price 12s.

of all Nations, in 8 vols, by Scott, Southey, Moore, Mackintosh, nent British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects; Vols. I. and II.
“We can have little doubt that these instructive little volumes Campbell, and all the principal Literary and Scientific Contribu--Nos. V. VI. and IX. The History of the Jews; 3 rols.-Xo VII.
vill meet with success."-Edinburgh Review, No. 99.
tors to the Cyclopeedia

The Natural History of Insects; Vol. I. (to be completed in
The Different Modes of Cultivating the Pine the principal Contributors to the Work.
Lives of the most Eminent Artists of all Nations, in 5 vols. by 9 vols.)-Xo. VIII. The Court and Camp of Buonaparte, with

Portraits. In 1 vol. 58.
Apple, from its first Introduction into Europe, to the late Im.

A Treatise on Botany, by J. Lindley, Esq. E.R.S. provements of T. A. Knight, Esq. In 8vo. 98. boards. Lives of the most Eminent Military Commanders, by the Rev.

Works by Lady Morgan.-2d edition, in 2 vols. post 8vo. A Treatise on the Culture and Management G. R. Gleig, Author of the Subaltern."

HE BOOK of the BOUDOIR. of Fruit-Trees, by William Forsyth, Gardener to His Majesty.

A Preliminary Discourse for the Cabinet of History, by Sir
In 8vo. 7th edition, with Plates, 138, boards.
James Mackintosh, LL.D.F.R.S.M.P.

before the public, not as a romancer or an historian, but with
An Essay on the Beneficial Direction of
A Treatise on Chemistry, by Edward Turner, M.D.

• The Book of the Boudoir,' a little work filled with the spirit, History of Greece, in 2 vols. by the Rev. C. Thirlwall, Fellow

and calculated for the meridian, of that delightful temple of Rural Expenditure, by R. A. Slaney, Esq. M.P. 68. 60. of Trin. Col. Cam.

woman's fascination and unresisted supremacy. It is discursive,
First Steps to Botany, by J. L. Drummond, A Treatise on Optics, by D. Brewster, LL.D.F.R.S.
M.D. 9d edition, with 100 Woodcuts, 9s. boards.

like her ladyship's imagination; original anecdotes, piquant ob.
History of France, to the Restoration of the Bourbons, in 2 vols. servations, souvenirs du passe', sentiment, sallies of wit, thought-
The Gardener's Remembrancer. By James of Maritime Discovery.
Descriptive Geography, 3 vols. by the Author of the “ History fulness, lerits, gloom, and joy, all topics, all countries, and al.

most all passions, are made to contribute a leaf, sometimes a Macphail, 73. 64.

Sacred History, in 1 vol. by the Rev. Thomas Dale, A.M.

flower, to the wreath she has wove."- Courier. Conversations on Botany, with 21 Engrav.

Domestic Economy, Vol. II. by M. Donovan, Esq. M.K.1.A.
A complete System of Natural History, in 19 vols, by the most

Also, by the same popular Author, new editions of ings, 6th edition, enlarged, 12mo. 7s. Ed. plain, or 125. coloured.

eminent Naturalists of the Age, Fellows of the Linnaan and 2. The O'Briens and the O'Flahertys; an Muscologia Britannica, by William Jackson Zoological Societies.

Irish Tale. 4 vols. Hooker and Thomas Taylor. 2d edition, ll. 118. 6d. plain, and

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,

“A work which abounds in all the numerous characteristics 31. 3$. coloured Plates.

Paternoster Row; and John Taylor, Upper Gower Street.

of Lady Morgan's eminent talents and genius."-Morning Chro. The British Flora, containing a Description


In thick 12mo. 78. 6d. boards, of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of the British Islands, arranged

3. The Life and Times of Salvator Rosa; according to the Linnean System. By William Jackson Hooker, LL.D. F.R.A. and L.S. &c. &c. In 1 vol. royal 12mo.--Nearly

By JOHN M DIARMID, Dumfries.

4. Italy. Being a Journal of a Residence ready.

Contents: The Eagle-The Gull; Stock-Gannet; Terraughty The plan of the above work will be similar to that of the first Garden--- Twelfth of August; Preservation of Game-Fish-Pond in that Country: exhibiting the Present State of Society and part of Dr. Hooker's “ Flora Scotica." The Mosses, and the at Logan-The Fox; Galloway Huntsman-The Mull of Gallo- Manners, Arts, Literature, and Public Institutions; interspersed rest of the Cryptogamia, will form a distinct volume, correspond-way--Langholm and its Environs--The Elephant-Descriptive with Anecdotes of the most Eminent Literary and Political Chaing with the above, and with the “ English Flora" of the late Sir Sketch; Sailors-The Otter--The Cat; the Bear --Bees-- Portracters. New edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. James Smith.

Patrick --The Montes-The Heron; Castle-Kenneds-Rooks and 5. Florence Macarthy; a National Tale. Remarks on the present System of Road- Rookeries-Gretna-Green-- Sculpture - Curling; Mr. Carnie's oth edition. 4 vols. 12mo. 98.

Curling Ring - General Assembly: Scottish Clergy - Another
Making, by J. L. M'Adam, Esq. 9th edition, 74. 61.

Year - Inutility of Aërostation A Veteran Blacksmith - The 6. Essay on Absentees. Small 8vo.
By the same Author,
Blind Belman - Mr. Gilbert Burns-Mr. Thomas White--Mi.

7. O'Donnel ; a National Tale. 3 vols. 218.
John Kennedy-Colonel de Peyster-Captain Hugh Clapperton-
for the Care of Turnpike Roads. 8vo. 6s.
-Autumn; Winter; Rural Life--St. Michael's Churchyard;

Price Sir Shillings, Lectures on Botany, containing the Descrip- Disinterment of the Remains of Robert Burns-The Real History

of Jeanie Deans. tive Anatomy of those Organs on which the Growth and Preser.

HE F O R E IGN REVIEW, vation of the Vegetable depend. By Anthony Todd Thomson,

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and

No. X. containing, among many other very interesting M.D. 8vo. Plates, 11. &s, boards.

Simpkin and Marshall, London.

and valuable Articles, one on Ignatius Loyola, the Founder of

the Order of the Jesuits. A Treatise on the Valuation of Property for

Of whom nay be had,

London: Black, Young, and Young, No. 2, Tavistock Street; the Poor'. Rate. By J. S. Bayidon, Land-Agent and Appraiser. The Scrap-Book; a Collection of Amusing

Bossange and Co.; and Whittaker and Co. 8vo. 78. 60. boards.

and Striking Pieces, in Prose and Verse. With an Introduction,
By the same Author,
and Occasional Remarks and Contributions. By John M'Diar. English Language is also just published, price 76. to Subscribers

Part I. of Dr. Webster's Dictionary of the
The Art of Valuing Rents and Tillages, &c. mid. 5th edition, : vols

. post 8vo. 175. boards.
sd edition, 8vo. 72. boards.
*. Either Volume may be had separately, price 8s. 6d. boards. for the whole Work, and us. to Non-Subscribers.

Part II. will appcar on the 10th April.
Elements of Agricultural Chemistry. By Sir
Poems, by William Cowper. To which is

New Editions of the Family Library.
Humphry Davy, Bart. In 8vo. 4th edition, 15s. boards.

prefixed a Memoir of the Author; also, Critical Remarks on his
Poems; by the Same. 3d edition, 24mo. Ds. boards.

A new edition of
The Botanical Cabinet, in 4to. carefully
Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield, Essays, and

coloured, published in monthly Numbers, price 58. Each Part
contains T'en Figures, with an Account of each, and Rules for
Poems. With Prefatory Remarks. By the Same. 24mo. 58. bds.

tors, and Architects.
its Cultivation, &c. By Conrad Loddiges and Sons.
Paul and Virginia; and Elizabeth. New

Nearly ready, a new edition of
A New System of Shoeing Horses. By J. Translations. With Prefatory Remarks. By the Same. 24mo. 2. Lives of the Painters. Vol II.
Goodwin, Esq. Veterinary Surgeon to His Majesty, id edit. 128.

In the press, a Third Edition of Family Library,
A Complete Treatise on Practical Land-Sur-

8vo. 78. 6d.

3. Nos. I. and II. The Life of Buonaparte. veying, by A. Nesbit, Land-Surveyor. 4th edition, in 1 large THE DESCENT into HELL. A Poem.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. vol. 8vo. 195. boards.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. The Elements of Land-Surveying, designed

Italian Literature. for the Use of Schools. By A. Crocker. 4th edition, 12mo. 9.

Price 28. 60.

from ITALIAN PROSE Exemplars of Tudor Architecture, adapted

SYNOPTICAL CHART of the various WRITERS. to Modern Habitations. By T. F. Hunt, Architect. In royal


DISEASES of the EAR; shewing, at one view, their 410. with 37 Plates, 21. 95.; or with India Proofs, 31. 38. Order, Classification, Seat, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

Professor of the Italian Language and Literature in the “Whoever wishes to talk cunvinglie' of old houses and old By J. HARRISON CURTIS, Esq. Surgeon-Aurist to the King.

University of London. furniture, should consult this volume."--Literary Gazette.

Published by S. Higbley, 174, Fleet Street.

One thick vol. post 12mo. 108. 6d. boards,
By the same Author,

" This Chart expresses the whole subject in so lucid and mas.
Architettura Campestre ; displayed in Lodges, The popular mode of explanation adopted by the author will fessor Panizzi, LL.D. izmo.36, neatly bound.

An Elementary Italian Grammar. By Pro-
Gardeners' Houses, &c. Royal 4to. with 12 i'lates, 218. boards, make it as acceptable to non-medical readers as to the profession." Printed for John Taylor, Bookseller and l'ublisher to the
or India Proofs, 11, 118. 64. boards.

University of London, wu, Upper Gover Street,


KETCH Ens from NATURE. with Extraces from his Correspondence. : vols. 8vo.

Observations on the Management of Trusts ekon. Keep in Topolche deve ter Cable Power Bergen Tree Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street.


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, Scenery


SYDNEVA ; or, Memoirs of a key to this work. Bydd




A New and Improved Edition.
Now ready, in 3 vols. post 8vo. price 948.

The cheapest and most complete Work of its size, on the In 1 thick vol. third edition, much enlarged and improved, 156. HE DOMINIE'S LEGACY.

same subject, ever published. In 12mo. containing 482 pages, and illustrated by upwards of

300 Woodcuts, price 78. 6d. bound, « Popular Treatise exhibiting the Nature, Symptoms, and Manners of Scotland. Causes, and most efficacious Treatment of all Diseases, embracing

CONCISE SYSTEM of MATHEMA. “The writer of the work before us is entirely Scotch, and his all the modern Improvements in Medicine. Containing also a pages are pictures from scenes whose impress of truth tell he has

TICS, in Theory and Practice, for the Use of Schools, copious Collection of approved Prescriptions, Medical Manage- taken them as an eye-witness; and many are rich in quiet, sim. Private Students, and Practical Men; comprehending Algebra, maent et Children, most effectual Methods of rendering assistance ple pathos, which is evidently his forte. We should compare the Practical Geometry, Logarithms, Plane and Spherical 7'rigonelocam of Emergency, Rules of Diet, Virtues and Doses of all feelings excited in these pages, to gazing on a series of rustic land. metry, Mensuration of Surfaces, Solids, Heights, and Distances; Menez, &. The wbole forming a clear and comprehensive scapes and simple home-scenes. Need we recommend them fur. Land Surveying, Gauging, Mensuration of Artificers' Works, &c. Nadical Guide for the use of the Clergy, Families, and localids.ther to our readers?"--Literary Gazette, Feb. 97.

With a copious Appendix, containing the more useful ProposiBy T.J. GRAHAM, M.D. kc.

" There is much fascination in this author's style. He at once tions of Geometry, Conic Sectious, Flusions, and Demonstrations "He conscientiously recommend Dr. Graham's Treatise to the tixes attention, and we go on with real anxiety to know how his of the Rules in the Body of the Work. The 2d edition, thoroughly pablic. It is very far above the celebrated Buchan's; and we characters are to fare."-Sunday Times, March 7.

revised, with many importan Additions and improvements; shall preserve the volume as the advice of an invaluable friend, These Tales teem with delicate strokes of truth and sinpli. besides an accurate Set of Stereotyped Tables,

comprising Logate stich ve can refer in the hour of need, without any doubt of city, and contain a happy variety of sketches after life. The ma-rithms of Numbers, Logarithmic Sines and Tangents, Natural beebechled by its wisdom." - Literary Chronicle.

chinery by which they are strung together is inartificial, and Sines and Tangents, and the Areas of Circular Segments. ** Lo the opinion of a respectable physician, well known in our owes nothing to invention. Were we to select a writer to furnish

By ALEXANDER INGRAM, coane, it is enriched with much of all that modern practice a true statement of the modes, moral and physical, of the Scotch

Author of “ Elements of Euclid," &c. haakertained to be valuable; and is not only incomparably su peasantry, we should unhesitatingly name the Author of the

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and perior to Buchan's, but also to every similar work in our lan Dominie's Legacy.'"-Ailas, March 14.

Simpkin and Marshall, London. riage."-Wesleyan Magazine. London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street.

Of whom may be had, " It is altogether descrving of permanent popularity."-London Wukly Rerits.

In 8 vols. post 8vo.

Ingram's Principles of Arithmetic, Explained "It is one of the very best and most useful books published in

in a Popular Manner, and its Application to real Business clearly oder time."-Vontily Olio. Published by Simpkin and Marshall. Sold by all Booksellers.

Man of the World.

A Key

By the same Author. Also, by the same Author, « What human kind desires, and what they shun,

18mo. 2s. Od. bonnd. ed edition, revised and enlarged, price 8s. 6d.

Rage, passions, pleasures, impotence of will, 2. A Treatise on Indigestion ; illustrating

Shall this satirical collection till."-Dryden.

Melrose's Concise System of Practical Arith. the Symptoms, Varieties, Causes, and correct Treatment of the found_Sketch of a celebrated Lawyer-Education of a Statesman

Among the varied Contents of this interesting Work will be metic, improved by Ingram, 8th edition, 18mo. 2s, bound. prevailing Disorders of the Stomach and Liver; with Practical

A Key to this Work. By Alexander Ingram. Observations on some Painful Complaints originating in those of Fashion--the Maneuvring Mother and Daughter-Education

-a perfect Beau contrasted with a perfect Gentleman-Leaders 18mo. 48. bound. disorders, as Tic Douloureus, Goui, Fulness of Blood in the of Ladies-Suppers of the Gods, Fashion at Watering PlacesHead, &c

Price 188. boards, with Woodcuts and Lithographic Plates, "We sincerely recommend it, and have long been convinced the Romantic Lady--the Member of Parliament-Beau Brum.

AMATEUR'S Hunt such a work was imperatively called for. London Medical mell-

Toad-Eaters, &c. &c. Journal

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. " It is very evidently the result of close attention to, and deep

form, and so to Methodise and Arrange the Sabject as to render aperience in the subject. Mr. Abernethy speaks of it in terms Io two Parts, neatly and very closely printed, price 7s. 62. bound the Practice familiarly Intelligible to the uninitiated in a few el lugha praise."--Brúisk Magazine, Jan. 1830.

together; or, in separate vols. price 4s. each,

The follering popular Works are published by Cadell and Co.

Also, price 158.
Edinburgh, and Simpkin and Marshall, London.


A Supplement to the Same; completing the Part I. consists of a new and enlarged Dictionary of the Theory of the Horizon Line of Levels above and below the Eye

English Language; containing, independently of every well. Down-hill Views in Nature-Atmospheric Refraction, &c. By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart.

authorised word to be met with in the largest Dictionaries, Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly; and sold by In 3 vols. 108. 60.

upwards of a thousand useful and significant Words, with their Colnaghi, Cockspur Street; and Egerton, Whitehall. 2 Tales of a Grandfather, First and Second Detinitions, used by modern Authors of repute, bue which are

not to be found in any other Lexicographical work whatever. Seriex. Nes editions, 108. 61. each.

The cheapest Geographical Class-Book ever published. Preceded by a compendious English Grammar; with Verbal feu vorks bare attained greater popularity than these inte- Distinctions, classed, and occasionally illustrated, &c.

In 18mo. containing 300 pages, and illustrated by Ten Maps, price

38. 6d. bound in red, the 2d edition, thoroughly revised and contestias Tales from the History of Scotland. They comprise a Part II. comprises a new Universal Gazetteer, with Popu siderably enlarged, of view of Scottish History from the earllest Periods to the Year lation and other Tables; a compendious Classical Dictionary, COMPENDIUM OF MODERN GEO.

followed by Scripture Proper Names, accented; a Chronological 3. Captain Basil Hall's Travels in North Analysis of General History; a Dictionary of Law Terms; and

GRAPHY; with Remarks on the Physical Peculiari

ties, Productions, Commerce, and Government of the various America. A new edition, & vols. 11. 113. 64.

The whole surrounded by Moral Masims, Proverbs, and Countries; Questions for Examination at the End of each Divi4. Forty Etchings, illustrative of Captain Aphoristic Precepts, the experience of the Past, and a guide

for sion; and Descriptive Tables, in which are given the PronunciaHats Travels. A new edition, 10%. Bd. the Future.

tion, and a concise Account of every Place of Importance through

out the Globe. 5. The Practice of Cookery, by Mrs. Dal. London : Printed for S. Maunder, 10, Newgate Street; and sold

by every Bookseller in the United Kingdom.

By the Rev. ALEX. STEWART, gairns, a ses edition, 78. 6d.

Author of " the History of Scotland," &c. * We creeder we have reason strongly to recommend Mrs.

The general approbation with which this Work has been reDalgains' es an ecosaznical, useful, and practical System of

Works by the Author of Brambletye House,

ceived has encouraged the Author and the Publishers to use every Ceakery, adapted to the wants of all families, from the tradesman

Second edition, in 3 vols. post 8ve.

exertion to render this new edition still more deserving of prefer to the country gentleman."-Spectator, 13th June, 1829. HE NEW FOREST. A Novel.

The whole Work has been revised with the most anxious

attention ; and has received so many improvements, that in areth edition, 78.64.

Addresses, &c.

rangement, in accuracy, in condensation, and in extent of infor"Te venture to prophesy that the Coot's Oracle' will be " Mr. Smith, who has so distinguished himself by the his.mation, it now forms the most complete, as well as the cheapest, dered as the English Institute of Cookery."-Edin. Review, torical romance, here comes to our own times, and draws his elementary System of Geography, of a similar size, that ever issued amusing and able pictures from life as it exists in the every-day from the press.

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and world."Morning Chronicle.

Simpkin and Marshall, London.
Brazil and Portugal

Also, by the same popular Author, new editions of
OTICES of BRAZIL in 1828 and 1829.

Of whom may also be had, 2. Zillah ; a Tale of the Holy City, 3 vols.

Stewart's Discourses on some Important Wich Griginal Maps and Views never before published, « The attractions of this work are uncommon and manifold." and many hastrations. In 9 vols. 8vo. -Athenarum.

Points of Christian Doctrine and Duty. 8vo. 105. 6d. boards. Be the Rer. R. WALSH, LL.D. M.R.I.A. &c. &e. Dr. Walak zocampanied the late extraordinary embassy to Rio

3. The Tor Hill, new edition, 3 vols.

Stewart's History of Scotland. Thick 12mo.

58. bound. , as Chaplain, and visited several parts of the interior 4. Reuben Apsley, new edition, 3 vols. the country daring his residence in Brazil, particularly the

Stewart's Stories from the History of Scotan districts.

5. Brambletye House; or, Cavaliers and land 2d edition, enlarged, 18mo. 48. half-bound. Lender: Printed for Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, Roundheads, new edition, 3 vols.

Stewart's Improved Edition of Goldsmith's Stationer's Court.

* We would by no means rank the author of Brambletye

House' among imitators. He has top much genius, too much History of England. Sth edition, 12mo. 66. bound.
Professor Schalefield's Euripides.

boldness, too much originality, to be put among such a class. Stewart's Improved Edition of Cornelius la Sra. price 145. boards, the ed edition of

He is rather to be regarded as an intrepid, and not an unsuc. Nepos, with Notes, &c. 7th edition, 18mo. 38, bound. cessful competitor, who has had the courage to face the mighty

In 1 thick vol. 18mo, price 6. Bd. boards, Berdatenua posissimüin rationes reddentibus instructæ.

same distinctoess and individuality and truth in the characters,

the same vivacity in the dialogue, and the same power of
Gretarum literarum apud Cantabrigienses olím Professor exciting and keeping up of interest. Like our great Scottish with Notes, Critical and Explanatory.
Recensuit suasqne notulas subjecit
Novelist, too, he has shewn wonderful verhatility of talent; and

the grave, the comic-the humble and the sublime--what excites

Minister of St. George's, Edinburgh.
College SS. Trinitatis Socius et Græcarum literarum

pleasure, and what overwhelms with terror and awe, seem Published by Longman and Co. London; and W. Whyte and Co. Professor Kegius. equally natural to him."-Edinburgh Magazine.

Edinburgh. Creutrigix : Venezat apud J. et J. J. Deighton ; et C.,J., G.,

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. PRIT attoo : Longman et Sec.; G. Ginger ; E. Williams, budes e Grabock; Whittaker et Soc. ; Black et Soc.; Simpkin Complete in 2 vols. with a Portrait of the Author, and numerous

Dedicated, by permission, to the Hon. Misses Forester, in 1 vol. e Manbaut; Cowie et Soc.; et S. Walker, Londini.

crown 8vo. price 10s. 6d. bound in canvass, other Plates, price 304.

Of whom may be bad,

Parts of Central Africa, during the Years 1824, 1895, 1826,

By EMMA E. KENDRICK. risdictat. Recensait suasque Botulas adjecit J. Scholetidd, 1827, and 1828. By M. CAILLIE.

Printed for J. Hachard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. Sold also by The details of one of the most interesting expeditions into the

the Author, 4, Duchess Street, Portland Place. interior of Africa, and one so successful as to lead the adventurer Kately printed in a rols. 856. with a Portrait, price al. 188. to the long-sought Timbuctoo, must excite great public curiosity

Colonel Tod's History of Rajpootana.
in boards, the 3d edition of
in every quarter of the globe."-Literary Gazette.

Dedicated by permission to His Majesty,

" M. Caillié is the first European who has succeeded in the Just published, in 1 vol. royal 4to. price 41. 146.6d., illustrated attempts to penetrate to Timbuctoo, and returned in spite of the with an original Map, Genealogical Tables, and nearly thirty

superior line Engravings, kiadtrators, tegether with some Account of the Life and Writ- tion he has collected."- Evening Paper.

HE ANNALS and ANTIQUITIES of * Of Wles, derived principaily from Documents in His Ma- Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. **J's State-Fazer OfLoe, nov first published.

States of India.
By it her H. J. TODD, MA. F.S.A. and R.S.L.
Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty, and Rector of

UNIVERSE AS IT IS; or, the Late Political Agent to the Western Rajpoot States.
Settrington, County of York.
London: Hirted far CJ., G., and F. Rivington; J. Nunn;

Detection and Refutation of Sir Isaac Newton, and The entire Work will consist of two volumes; the present 20.1. Certe: Lebgman and Co. ; T. Cadell; Jeffery and prored Fabrication of the Solar Syetem by the late Mr. Brothers, volume, which forms a complete Work in itself, contains a Geo.

Kichardson; 2. and A. Arch : Carpenter and Son; Bald- and establisbed and confirmed by Mr. Finleyson, that the Earth graphical Sketch of Rajpootana, History of the Rajpoot Tribes, and Ca; d. Banker; J. Bohnid. Danoan; Black and Co. is at rest; with the exact distance of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Sketch of their Feudal System, Annals of Méwar, Religious I tend Co., J. Bain; W. Mason; J. Hearne; Simpkin how they daily revolse round it, in spiral orbits; how the Winds Establishments, Festivals and Customs of the Rajpoots, and the and Mardi and E. Hodiskon.

Come and go; the cause of the variation of the Needle; and other personal Narrative of the Author. The Life may be most

Specimens of the splendid Engravings may be seen at the

1; I al 2 peice 106. så ta boards.


Budd, 118, Pall Mall,



URIPIDIS TRAGEDIÆ priores quatuor Champion of the North, and challenge him tonbe comes in the

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Æschyli Tragediæ Septen. Cum Fragmentis TRAY

other C°N


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