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King Edward the Sirth'. Primer.

System of Religious Education.

In 1 vol. 8vo. with a Portrait, price 12s. in boards, the
In 19mo. price as. boards, the ed edition of
THE under-mentioned BOOKS have been

3d edition of

OME ACCOUNT of the LIFE and published with a view to enable Schools to teach, in a

WRITINGS of Mrs. TRIMMER, with original Letters, authorised and set forth by order of King Edward the VIth, to be of the Christian Religion; and they constitute the only regular and Prayers and Meditations, selected from her Journal. taugti, learned, read, and used of all his Subjects.

Course of Theological Instruction wholly independent of all con Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, Edited by the Rev. HENRY WATER, B.D.F.R.S. troversial opinions:-

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, tament, 1s.; or printed in a post Copy-Book, with Spaces between

1. Barrow's 500 Questions on the New Tes.

In 2 vols. 4to. with Portraits, from original Paintings in the and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. the Questions for entering the Answers, 28.

possession of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, price 51. 58. Embellished with Vignettes,

of the Right Hon. HENRY PELHAM, collected from 3. Rundall's Grammar of Sacred History, trated with Original Correspondence never before published.

the Family Papers and other Authentic Documents, and illus. NOVELISTS. Evelina, by Miss Burney, price 48. to berds. The Old Manor House, by Mrs. Smith, 6. Zeluco, with Maps, Engravings, and 400 Questions, 4s. bound.

By the Rev. W.COXE, M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. by Dr. Voore, 4.. A Simple Story, by Mrs. Inchbald, 31. The 4. Barrow's School Bible, consisting of the

Archdeacon of Wilts.
War of Feeling, and Julia de Roubigné, by Mackenzie, 38.
Narrative Parts of the Old and New Testaments, or of those

« The late Archdeacon Coxe has terininated his long and use. Tom Jese, by Fielding, . The Romance of the Forest, by Nr. Radcliffe, 46. Joseph Andrews, by Fielding, 3:. 6d. Ceci

Parts which are strictly adapted for School Lessons. In a large ful literary course by a work which adds largely to our stores of lia, by Visa Burney, Sr. The Mysteries of ldolpho, by Mrs. Rad. and clear type, price 6s. with 120 Cuts; with 500 Questions, authentic historical information. He has executed his task with

no less diligence and ridelity than he displayed while in the fall citte is. Roderick Random, by Smollett, 58. "Lady Julia Man: printed in pose 4to. 26. derille, by Mrs. Brooke; and Nature and Art, by Mrs. Inchbald, 5. Watkins's Scripture Biography; or, Lives enjar ment of earlies vigour "British Critic, No. 12.

A few Copies are printed on large paper, uniform with the 36. Edvard by Dr. Moore, 6s. O'Halloran, ds. 64. The Recers, of Scripture Characters from Adam to St. Paul, price 78.

Author's preceding Works, price 101. 108. boards. by Sophia Lee, 58. Od. The Spy, by Mr. Cooper, 58. 61. The 6. Barrow's School Sermons for every Sun

By the same Author, Italian, by Mrs. Radcliffe, 6s. The Castles of Athlin and Dunbasit, and a Sicilian Romance, by Mrs. Radcliffe, 44. Hum day and great Holyday in the Year, 78.

Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, in pory Clinker, by Smollett, 58. Tales of the Castle, by Madame 7. Barrow's Young Christian's Library; or, 6 vols. 8vo. with an Atlas, 51. 58. de bienlis, Be The Placid Man, by Jenner, 3s. Man as he is Companion to the Bible, 48. bound.

The Private and Confidential Correspondence detty Bage, 3r, 6d. The Man of the World, by Mackenzie, 2. tid. Any of the above may be separately purchased.

8. Nightingale's Account of all the Reli- of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, Principal Minister to Landon : M. Arnold, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden; and gions in the World, and of the Sects, Rites, and Ceremonies of King William. 410. with a Portrait, 31. 38. Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court. each, with 100 Engravings, 108, 64. bound.

History of the House of Austria, from the Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co. London; and to be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country.

Foundation of the Monarchy in 1218, to 1792. 5 vols. 8vo. price In 4 vols. 8vo. price 17. 16s. in boards,

31. 131. 60. ER M O NS, on various Subjects.

Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House
Price 6s. in cloth, and lettered, the First Volume of

of Bourbon. 5 vols. 8vo. 31.
Never before published.

Memoirs of Horatio, Lord Walpole. 2 vols. The same clearness of thought, unaffected learning, tidelity to

Mistress of Louis XV. of France. the souls of men, and deep and chastened devotion, which cha Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane

8vo. 11. 68. boards, 2d edition. racterise his other printed Sermons, will be found richly scattered

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. over these pages. London: Ha's hard and Son, Piccadilly ; Simpkin and Marshall,

A New and Improred Edition,
In I thick vol.third edition, much enlarged and improved, 158.

With Plates, 8vo. 15s. boards,
Statiucers' Court; and M. Arnold, Tavistock Street.

Price 78. 63. No. X. of the

REFRACTION of LIGHT; being Part I. of a Sys. a Popular Treatise exhibiting the Nature, Symptoms, Causes, and most efficacious Treatment of all Diseases, embracing tem of Optics,

By HENRY COILDINGTON, M.A. F.R.S. Contents: 1. Present State of the Netherlands-11.copious Collection of approved Prescriptions, Medical Manage.

Fellow of Trinity College, and of the Astronomical and Rosetti's Dante-III. Spix and Martius's Travels in Brazil-IV. ment of Children, most effectual Methods of rendering assistance

Cambridge Philosophical Societies. Bianca Capello. The Medici Family-V. Christianity in China in cases of Emergency, Rules of Diet, Virtues and Doses of all Cambridge: Printed by J. Smith, and sold by W. Simpkin VI. Freach Vorels. Paul de Koch-VII. Life and Works of Medicines, &c. The whole forming a clear and comprehensive

and R. Marshall, Stationers' Hall Court, London. Jerellaros -VIII. History of Gnosticism - IX. The Court of Medical Guide for the use of the Clergy, Families, and Invalids. Chcety-X. History of the Crusades-XI. Jacotot's System of

By T.J. GRAHAM, M.D. &c.

1s. 6d. bound, a new edition, corrected, of
Educatk -.XII. Sorereignty and Final Settlement of Greece “We conscientiously recommend Dr. Graham's Treatise to the
Criaal Sketches: X111. Present State of Literature in Poland public. It is very far above the celebrated Buchan's; and we
IV. Celletier's Introduction to the Old and New Testaments shall preserve the volume as the advice of an invaluable friend,

ANT; wherein the Words are arranged on an improved TV. Vadillo's Politico-Economical Discourses-XVI. Theatre of to which we can refer in the hour of need, without any doubt of plan; calculated to familiarise the Art of Spelling and Pronun. Geetarus III. - XVII. Bertolotti's Tour in Savoy - XVIII. being benefited by its wisdom."-Literary Chronicle.

ciation, to remove difficulties, and to facilitate general Improve. Wronk on Steam-Engines - Miscellaneous Literary Notices, " In the opinion of a respectable physician, well known in our ment for the Use of School and Private Tuition. NI-List of New Publications on the Continent, from No connexion, it is enriched with much of all that modern practice

By THOMAS CARPENTER, verber szy to February 1830, inclusive-Title and Index to the has ascertained to be valuable; and is not only incomparably su

Master of the Academy, Ilford, Essex. Fit, Volere.

perior to Buchan's, but also to every similar work in our lanPrinted for Treattel and Würtz, Treuttel, Jun. and Richter,

By the same Author,
guage."-Wesleyan Magazine,
20, Soho Square, London.

“lt is altogether deserving of permanent popularity."-London An English Vocabulary, in which the Words The first Five Volumes may now be had Weekly Reviem,

are arranged indiscriminately; designed as a Sequel to the Scho

" It is one of the very best and most useful books published in lar's Spelling Assistant. In 12mo. new edition, corrected, 2s, bd. complete, price 31. 155. in extra boards, or any Numbers sepa - modern times." - Monthly Olio. rately.

The New Orthographical Assistant; or, Published by Simpkin and Marshall. Sold by all Booksellers. No. XI. will be published in May.

English Exercise Book. Written on an improved plan; for the Also, by the same Author,

more speedy Instruction of Young Persons in the Art of Spelling 9d edition, revised and enlarged, price 8s. 6d.

and Pronunciation. 3d edition, price 2s. bound. 2. A Treatise on Indigestion ; illustrating Printed for Longman, Kees, Orme, Brown, and Green; price 18s. the Symptoms, Varieties, Causes, and correct Treatment of the

and Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. London. By the same Author,

prevailing Disorders of the Stomach and Liver; with Practical

Observations on some Painful Complaints originating in those Maxims, Reflections, &c. 12mo. price 2s.

In 1 vol. royal 18mo. containing upwards of 500 pages, disorders, as Tic Douloureus, Gout, Fulness of Blood in the

price 108. 6d. boards, Pabbed by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green.

Head, &c.
“ We sincerely recommend it, and have long been convinced

The Family Library.
that such a work was imperatively called for."-London Medical

of the Fellowships, Scholarships, and Exhibitions, at the Prler 38. each rol. profusely illustrated, and bound in canvass, Journal.

Universities of Oxford and Cambridge; by whom founded, and “ It is very evidently the result of close attention to, and deep wheiher open to Natives of England and Walça; or restricted to os. I. and I1. The Life of Napoleon experience in the

subject. Mr. Abernethy speaks of it in terms particular places and Persons also, of such Colleges, Public Buonaparte.No. III. The Life of Alexander the Great. of high praise."-British Magazine, Jan. 1830.

Schools, Endowed Grammar Schools, Chartered Companies of Å ne ediuon. Nos. IV. and X. Lives of the most eminent

the City of London, Corporate Bodies, Trustees, &c. as have UniParts Painters, Sculptors, and Architects; Vols. I. and II. (to

In 12mo. price 18.64. bound,

versity advantages attached to them, or in their Patronage. With ceapleied in 3 vols.)- Nos. V. VI. and IX. The History of The Jers, 3 vols.-XO. VII. The Natural History of Insects,

ELECT LATIN PHRASES, taken from appropriate Indexes and References.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, VIL. Sumnerous Woodcuts; Vol. I. (to be completed in ? vols.) the best Authors.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. S. VIII. The Court and Camp of Buonaparte, with Portraits.


By the same Author,
Lives of the Painters, Vol. II. forming A Series of Latin Exercises, adapted to the

No. X. of the Family Library, is just published.
Rules in Syntax, particularly in the Eton Grammar, 38. 6d.

CATION; illustrated by the Method of Teaching the John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Logic Class in the University of Glasgow; together with ObservaA Key to the Same. 12mo. 2s.6d, bound.

tions on the Expediency of extending the Practical System to On the 1st of March was published, price 23. 6d. No. VI. of the

Introductory Latin Exercises to those of other Academical Establishments, and on the Propriety of mak.

ing certain Additions to the Course of Philosophical Education ONDON UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE. Clarke, Ellis, and Turner, New edition, 12mo. 94. 68. bound.

in Universities. Content Personal and Poetical Character of Lord A Vocabulary, English and Greek, arranged

By GEORGE JARDINE, AM. F.R.S.E. Eston-Lays of the Affection, No. 1.-The Cobbler of Munich, systematically, to advance the Learner in Scientific as well as Late Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in that University.

2d edition, enlarged, post 8vo. 108. 6d. boards. Tele of Golden Shoe-the Troubadours, continued-the Eve Verbal Knowledge. New edition, 18mo. 36. bound. *alpurgis, a German Story, concluded-the Bar versus the

“ It is the production of an experienced teacher, as well as of a

Introductory Greek Exercises to those of sensible and conscientious man; and contains much valuable Stage Land of the North-the Castle of the Drackenfeits-- Neilson, Dunbar, and others. 2d edition, 12mo. 58. 6d. bound,

the Writings of Biakethe London University, &c. &c.-Re. * of New Pablications, the Drama, Fine Arts, &c.-Uni The London Vocabulary, Latin and English. ing in our universities, with suggestions towards a reforın. We

would gladly have analysed it for the benefit of our readers; but ut, Pariamentary, Foreign, and Domestic Intelligence, with New edition, 18. 6d. a Bacter of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages, and other useful Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

as it is not a long work, while it is written in a plain, sensible

manner, and in an agreeable style, we shall rather recommend it * The London University may well be proud of this her first

to their own perusal."-Westminster Rerien. od fiverite foster-child. Though an infant, it shews the Her.

New Edition of D'Oyly and Mant's Family Bible.

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and eart the cradle, Sun, 1st Feb. Under the Direction of the Society for Promoting Christian

Simpkin and Marshall, London.

Knowledge. Lan Hunt, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard ; Con. stest aru Edinburgh; and Curry, Jun. and Co. Dublin; and

Part I. price 4s. (to be continued Monthly) of

The Holy Bible, Chronologically arranged. to be End of all Booksellers throughout the Kingdom.

Handsomely printed, in 4 large vols. 8vo. price 41. boards, Authorised Version; with Notes, Explanatory and

a new edition, with Marginal References, of turke's Works complete, with General Inder.

Practical, taken principally from the most Eminent Writers of
la 16 sols. 850. price 6l. 17:. boards,
the United Church of England and Ireland ; together with ap.

THE OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, propriate Introductions, Tables, Indexes, Maps, and Plans: preEDMUND BURKE.

The Rev. RICHARD MANT, D.D. (now Lord Bishop of Down connected History, in the very Words of the authorised TranslaPrieurd for C.,J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and Connor) late Domestic Chaplains to bis Grace the Lord tion. With copious Notes and Indexes. and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. Archbishop of Canterbury.

By the Rev. GEORGE TOWNSEND, M.A. * Afe Copies may be had on royal paper, price 31. 128. in Cambridge: printed at the University Press, and sold by Prebendary of Durham, and Vicar of Northallerton. c., J., G., and P. Rivington; Baldwin and Cradock; and Long. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. Several of the latter Volumes, in demy and mengadakan de ondern. Deichtons and Pos New box Cambridge:

Beilby and Knott, Booksellers in the The Old and New Testament may be purchased separately, togai c. and 460. to complete Sets. United Kingdom.

price 21. each, in boards.

DUPPA'S TRAVELS, 2d edition, 8vo.

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bearda Alma,


SERMON Spreached at High Wycombe.


0 0 KS. A Catalogue of Second-hand Ro




and other





The Two Sermons on Confirmation are sold separately, DOMESTIC DUTIES; or, Instructions


In 2 vols. 8vo. 108.6d, each, the 8th edition,

In 4 large vols. 8vo. price 31. 68. boards,

HISTORY of the of NOBLE and EMINENT PERSONS. T. LAYCOCK, having purchased the remainder of this Work,

By the Rev. C. BRADLEY, begs to submit it to the Public at the following reduced prices: Vicar of Glasbury, and Minister of St. James's Chapel, Clapham. Henry VIII.,

Edward VI., Queens Mary and Elizabeth. the Engravings, Thirty in number, by Le Keux and Blore, are Sold by Hamilton, Adams, and Co. Paternoster Row.

By the Rev. HENRY SOAMES, M.A. adinirably executed, and not to be surpassed by any of the present

By the same,

Rector of Shelley, Essex. day; it forms a suitable Companion to Lodge's Portraits, as it is

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

Parochial Sermons preached at Glasbury. published in the same form and highly finished style--the Six

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. Parts, bound in 1 vol. extra cloth, royal 8vo. 11. 105. published at 3d edition, 108. 6d.

Of whom may be had, al. 158, in Parts; the Proofs, 4to. 21. 58. published at 61,; Proof: Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship.

An Abridgment of the same Work, by the on India paper, 31. 188. 6d. published at 91.; odd Parts, to com- 2d edition, 28. 6d. plete Sets, at half-price.

Author, for the Use of Schools. In 12mo. price 58. 6d. boards, or

6s. bound. To be had at No. 2, High Street, Bloomsbury.

Price 68. each, Parts VIII. and IX. of

Just published, by Saunders and Benning, 43, Fleet Street,

HE LIFE of a LAWYER. Books, for 1830, in all branches of Literature, now sell. Printed for James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond Street.

Written by HIMSELF. ing, at the low prices affixed, by Thomas Laycock (late Jane Lay.

Of whom may be had,

Price 108. 6d. boards. cock and Son); including-Folio: Nichols's Leicester, 8 vols-- New editions of the following popular Works by the same Author: Dugdale's Monasticon, by Ellis, Fifty Parts Edmondson's Heraldry, 2 vols., Guillim's ditto, large paper, 1794--Ducange's GlosRural Architecture, consisting of a Series of

Price Sixpence, sary, 10 vols._Fox's Martyrs, 3 vols. &c. &c. Quarto: The Ency Designs for Ornamental Cottages, Lodges, &c. 4to. price 31. 38. UESTIONS on the CATECHISM of the clopedias of Rees, Metropolitana, and Britannica-Archdeacon Designs for Ornamental Villas. Royal 4to.

Coxe's Works, 15 vols.-Sir Wm. Jones's Works, 9 vols.Boyle's

Works, 6 vols.-Philosophical Transactions, 18 vols. &c. &c. price 41. 45.
Octato: Dodsley's Annual Register, 70 vols. -Hansard's Parlia.

Minister of St. Peter's Chapel, Edinburgh.
In 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 56. boards,

Printed for J. Wardlaw, Edinburgh; and Whittaker, Treacher, mentary History, Debates, and State Trials, 130 vols.-Universal History, 60 vols.-Shax's Zoology, 14 vols.--Blackwood's Maga HE HISTORY of the CRUSADES for

and Co. Ave Maria Lane, London. zine, complete. A good Collection of Works on Divinity and

the Recovery and Possession of the Holy Land. Classics, Catalogues, price is. to be had at No. 2, High Street,


Handsomely printed in 2 large vols. 8vo. with a Portrait, Bloomsbury.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

beautifully engraved by Dean, price 11. Br. boards,
Libraries purchased-Books exchanged.
of whom may be had, by the same Author,

The History of Chivalry; or, Knighthood
In small 8vo. price 4s. 6d. cloth boards,
and its Times2d edition, in 2 rols. 8vo. 11. 45. boards.

The Travels of Theodore Ducas in Italy, at

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,
Is aught so fair

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. As virtuous friendship?

the Revival of Letters and Art. In 9 vols. 8vo. 11. 4. boards.
Or the mild majesty of private life,
Where Peace, with ever-blooming olive, crowns
The 16th edition, foolscap 8vo. 58. boards, of

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 12s. in boards,
The gale?-Akenside.


Edinburgh: Printed for Waugh and Innes; and Whittaker,

PROPHECY, wherein its Design and Use, together with
Treacher, and Co. London.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

its Sense and Application as the grand Fundamental Proof of

Religion, specially adapted to all Periods of the World, and all Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

Stages of the Church, are considered and explained; together In 12mo. price 58. 6d. in boards,

The Refuge, 11th edit. foolscap 8vo. 5s. bds. with an Inquiry into the Shekinah and the Cherubim in the Holy ERMONS on DOMESTIC DUTIES; to The Victim, 3d edit. fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d. sewed. Of Holies, Budhibiti visions of the Prophets.

By the Rev. JOHN WHITLEY, D.D. T.C.D. which are added, Two Sermons on Confirmation.

Master of the School of Galway,
Gethsemane, 3d edit. fcp. 8vo. 58. boards.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's

Churchyard, Vicar of Enfield.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by W. F. Wakeman, Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

In 1 vol. 12mo. 3d edit. 108. 6d. boards,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
price 8d. stitched.
to Young Married Ladies on the Management of their

In royal 19mo. price 6s. 6d. boards,
Households, and the Regulation of their Conduct in the various HE CLERGYMAN'S OBLIGATIONS

Relations and Duties of Married Life.
Russell's Modern Europe, continued by Dr. Coole.


CONSIDERED, as to the Celebration of Divine WorA new edition, in 6 vols. 8vo. Three Guineas, boards, “ The volume before us is a perfect vade-mecum for the young ship, Ministration of the Sacraments, Instruction of the Poor,

racter and Conduct, his Occupations, Amusements, and Interwith an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman economy and etiquette."-New Monthly Magazine. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

course with others with particular Reference to the OrdinaEmpire; and a View of the Progress of Society from the Rise of

tion Vow. By RICHARD MANT, D.D. M.R.I.A. the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris, in 1763. In a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his Son. With a Continuation

Kirby and Spence's Entomology, nere Edition.

Bishop of Down and Connor.

Oxford: Printed for J. Parker; and C., J., G., and F. Rivington,
In 4 thick closely printed vols. 8vo. with Piates and Portraits

St. Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London: Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; T. Cadell,

of the Authors, 5th edition, price 41. Longman and Co.; Baldwin and Co.; J. Richardson; J. Booker; N INTRODUCTION to ENTOMO. Whittaker and Co.; Hatchard and Son; Harding and Co.; R.

LOGY; or Elements of the Natural History of Insects.

Debrett's Peerage, corrected to Jan. 1st, 1830. Scholey; J. M. Richardson; Parbury and Co.; J. Duncan; By WILLIAM KIRBY, M.A. F.R.S. and L.$. and

In 2 vols. 12mo. price 11. 85. boards, with the Arms elegantly Hamilton and Co.; E. Hodgson Simpkin, and Co.; Cowie and


engraved, the 18th edition of
CoJ. ;

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.
Bain; W. and J. Maynard, T. Bumpus; and J. Templeman;
A Scientific Index to former editions may be

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
for A. Black, Edinburgh; J. Parker, 'Oxford; and J. and J. J.
Deighton, Cambridge.
had, price 28.

Printed for Rivingtons; Egerton; Clarkes; Longman and Co.;

Cadell; J. Richardson; J. M. Richardson ; Baldwin and CraMr. Moore's Life of Sheridan, in Octavo.

dock; Booth; Booker; Bagster; Hatchards; Hamilton and Co.; Price 4s. bound, for the Use of the Edinburgh Academy,

The 5th edition, with a new Preface, in 2 vols. 8vo.

Parbury and Co.; Scholey; Pickering; Lloyds; Hodgson; TemCOLLECTION of

11. Ils. 6d. boards,

pleman; and Houlstons. PHRASES and IDIOMS, Systematically Arranged,

Of whoon may be had, uniformly printed, so as to communicate a Progressive Knowledge both of the Prac


Debrett's Baronetage, new edition, (Sept. tical and Critical Parts of the French Language; preceded by the Conjugation of the Regular Verbs, &c., the Rules for the Forma


1828). In 2 vols. price 11. 88. tion of Tenses, and the most complete and useful Table of Irre

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. gular Verbs, with all their Irregularities, &c. distinctly marked

Of whom may be had,

19mo. 35, 6d. boards,
out and explained.
Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance.

French Master in the Edinburgh Academy,
Thomas Moore, Esq. with Four Engravings, from Paintings by

London: Published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall; and
R. Westall, R.A. 15th edition, in foolscap 8vo. 148. boards.

Printed for John Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.

Another edition of this Work, in 8vo. price 14s. And
Illustrations of the Poem, Westall, 8vo. 128.

In 4to. 158. Part IV. of
Price 38. 6d. bound, a new edition of

OHNSON'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY, Mr. Moore's Loves of the Angels, the 5th

Criminal before the High Court of Justiciary in Scotwith Walker's Pronunciation of all the difficult or doubt edition, in 8vo. 98. boards; and Illustrations, 58.

land; selected from the Records of that Court, and original MSS.

in the General Register House, Edinburgh.
ful Words.
Printed by C. Corrall, for Hurst, Chance, and Co.
An enlarged edition of Guy's Pocket Cyclopedia.

65, St. Paul's Churchyard.
The 9th edition, enlarged and extensively improved, with the

Writer to His Majesty's Signet, F.A.S. Scot., &c. The two standard Dictionaries of the English Language are addition of numerous appropriate Cuts, in a handsome thick

The future Parts will be published regularly on the first those of Johnson and Walker; the former in all that regards the vol. 19mo. price 10s. 6d. boards,

days of June, November, and February.

Printed for William Tait and John Stevenson, Edinburgh; authority and spelling of words, the latter as to their pronunciation. The object of the volume now offered to the Public is to combine in a portable form the advantages of both; and to assist

Epitome of Universal Knowledge, designed for Senior and Co. Dublin. in acquiring the ease and elegance of a correct speaker, in the

Scholars in Schools, and for Young Persons in general, containing

multifarious and useful Information on numerous Subjects neces. current language of every day. sary to be known by all Persons, yet not to be found in Books of

Withering's Botany.-A new Edition.
general use in Schools.

In 4 vols. 8vo. price 21. 168, boards,
In 8vo. price 8s. Cd. boards,

“ In company, to discover gross ignorance of things becoming HRISTIANITY always PROGRES- one's station in life to know, is insupportably mortifying and de

PLANTS, according to the latest Improvements of the SIVE; being the Christian Advocate's Publication for

Linnean System; with an Easy Introduction to the Study of By JOSEPH GUY,

Botany. the Year 11129. By HUGH JAMES ROSE, B.D. Formerly of the Military College, Author of the “ School Geo

By WILLIAM WITHERING, M.D.F.R.S. FL.S. Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge. graphy, ," "Elements of Astronomy," “ British Spelling. Book," Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Lisbon, &e. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churcheard, General School Question. Book," " Chart of History," &c.

The seventh edition, with considerable Additions, including and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and J. and J. J. Deighton, am. London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock; Longman and the most recent Discoveries, and numerous Annotations illus. bridge.

Co.; J. Booth; J. Booker; Whittaker and Co.; and Simpkin trative of Vegetable Economy.
Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

and Marshall. 1. The State of Protestantism in Germany

By WILLIAM WITHERING, Esq. LL.D. F.L.S. described; being the Substance of Four Discourses preached

In I vol. 8vo. with Seven Plates and Fifty-one Woodcuts,

Extraordinary Mem. of the Roy. Med. Soc. of Edinburgh, &c. before the University of Cambridge, in 1825.

London: printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; J. Xunn; The ed edition,

price ll. ls. boards, enlarged with an Appendix. 8vo. 145.

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; T. Cadell; J.

NEW SYSTEM of GEOLOGY; in Richardson; 5. M. Richardson ; 'Hatchard and son ; R. Scho2. A Letter to the Lord Bishop of London,

which the great Revolutions of the Earth and Ani. ley; S. Bagster; Baldwin and Cradock; Hurst, Chance, and in reply to Mr. Pusey's Work on the Causes of Rationalism in mated Nature are reconciled at once to Modern Science and to Co.; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; Whitmore and Fenn; WhitGermany; comprising some Observations on Confessions of Faith Sacred History.

taker, Treacher, and Co.; J. Duncan; J. Cochran; Simpkin and their Advantages. 8vo. 76. 6d.

By ANDREW URE, M.D. F.R.S. &c. &c. &c.

and Marshall; W. Mason ; G. Cowie and Co.; T. Bampus; 3. The Commission and Consequent Duties valuable accessions lately made to the scientific literature of our “ We regard this New System of Geology as one of the most G. Wilson ; T. and W. Boone; J. Dowding; W.J. and J. May.

nard; Smith, Elder, and Co. J. Baiv; E. Hodgson, Houlston of the Clergy, in a Series of Discourses preached before the Uni. country.”-Brande': Journal of Science, No. 9, New Series. and Son; and Stirling and Kenney, Edinburgh; and G. and J. versity of Cambridge, in April 1826. 8vo. 8s.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Robinson, Liverpool.




MEMOIRS of the LIFE of the Right Hon.


TRIALS and other. Proceedings in Matters

GUYS OPOCKET KY Choco. Per for, and Jolin Cochran, London ; and W. Curry





SCR the date bike HOMAS STAMFORD

LIFE and








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Cantos; and other Poems.

4to. 2. 139. 60.
In 4to, a new edition, with a Portrait and other Engravings,

Present State of Greece.-In 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 58. price 11. 16s, in boards,

R A V ELS in the MORE A. ECTURES on PAINTING, delivered at

By WILLIAM MARTIN LEAKE, F.R.S. RAFFLES, P.R.S. particularly in the Government of Java and the Royal Academy.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. Ben coolen; with Details of the Commerce and Resources of the

By HENRY FUSELI, P.P. Kastern Archipelago. By HIS WIDOW.

With additional Observations and Notes.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. &s. 9d edition, Printed for T. Cadell, Strand, Bookseller to the Royal Academy

The Topography of Athens, with Plates, and W. Blackwood, Edinburgh.

8vo. 11. 105. 2. The History of Java, by the late Sir

Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor, with Map, Thomas Stamford Rafles.

In fancy boards,

8vo. 18s. 3. Ninety-Six Plates, illustrative of the

PHRENOLOGICAL BIJOU; or, above, 21. ss. Vade-Mecum of Mental Science, &c. &c.

Smill's English Flora. 4. Map for ditto, folio, 68.

“ As a lover of riches finds wealth,

A new edition, in 4 vols. 8vo. 21. &. boards, John Murray, Albemarle Street.

So a lover of truth shall find truth."

London: Printed for the Author, and sold by Hurst, Chance,

Crabb's Dictionary of General Knowledge.

and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

President of the Linnaan Society, &c. &c. la 1 large vol. duodecimo, printed double Columns, and embel

By the same Author, lisbed with nearly Five Hundred Engravings, price 98. boards,

Last Monday was published, price 2s.6d. or 128. in Turkey morocco,

SECOND NUMBER of FRASER'S 78. 64. cloth boards.

A Compendium of the English Flora, 12mo. DICTIONARY of GENERAL KNOWLEDGE; or, an Explanation of Words and

The same Work in Latin, 5th edition, 12mo. Contents: Moore's Life of Byron-a Hard Hit for a DamosellThings connected with all the Arts and Sciences. Song--the Athenieum Club-House--on Human Perfectibility

78. 6d. boards. By GEORGE CRABB, A.M.

the Bird-Messenger, a Ballad from the Limousin-on the Mu A Grammar of Botany, illustrative of Arti. Author of " English Synonymes, " " Technological sical Memnon--Poetry of the Magyars-Stanzas -- the Three ficial as well as Natural Classification, with an Explanation of Dictionary," &c.

Guiseppes--Specimens of Irish Minstrelsy, No. 1.; Keens. By Jussieu's System. 2d edition, 8vo. 195.; or coloured, 11. 118.68. Priated by C. Whittingham, Chiswick, for Thomas Tegg, T. Crofton Croker-Don Miguel Donovan, the Intoxicator-Am Cheapside; and sold by all Booksellers. I to Blame? By T. H. Bayly- Night Thought-the Last of

An Introduction to the Study of Physiologi. the Supernaturalists--Lawrie Todd-Suicide of a Financier List cal and Systematical Botany. In 8vo. 6th edition, with 15 Plates, 2d edition, 8vo. 128. of New Publications, Bankrupts, Dividends, Meteorological 14$, plain, or coloured, 17. 85. boards.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London. [RELAND; its Evils, and their Remedies. Table: Exchanges, Prices of British and Foreign Securities, &c.

Published by James Fraser, 215, Regent Street, London;
and John Boyd, Edinburgh.

Price 7s. * Dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed."

CONSTITUTION. _“A good deal
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

In post 8vo. price 128.
Norway, Lapland, &c.- In 8vo. price 14s.

by a Sketch of the Language and Literature of Hungary some satisfaction in presenting our readers with a true likeness of

that editice, conceived by a mind more deeply read in the history LAPLAND, and PART of SWEDEN, with some Re


and philosophy of our Constitution, and traced by a hand more marks on the Geology of the Country, its Climate and Scenery, lands, and Member of the Literary Societies of Friesland, Gro from a volume entitled • Common Sense to the Duke of Welling

Honorary Correspondent of the Royal Institute of the Nether. familiar with its venerable outline, in an extract (page 61-65) tical Relatioes of the Two Countries, Statistical Tables, Meteoro- ningen, Paris, Leyden, Leeuwarden, Athens, Turin, Shelfield, ton."" -Times, Feb. Alth, 18.30.

&c. &c. logical Observations, &c.

Published by Etlingham Wilson, Royal Exchange. By the Rer. ROBERT EVEREST, M.M.F.G.

Printed for the Author; and sold by R. Hunter, 79, St. Paul's
Printed for T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

Churchyard; Robert Heward, 2, Wellington Street, Strand; and
Outo Wigand, Pesth, 1830.

LIBRARY. Vol. I. the whole of the first impression
Crown 8vo. 98. ed.

of which was run off, has been reprinted, and may now be had, Hume and Smollett's History of England-new and elegant Edition. price 58. 6d. in cloth. Vol. II. price 5s. 6d. which completes N FINANCIAL REFORM.

In 10 large vols. 8vo. with Two Portraits, engraved on Steel, " Murphy's Tacitus," for 118. (the two vols. binding in one, and By Sir HENRY PARNELL.

by J. A. Dean, price 41. 158. in boards,

containing verbatim the same as the original edition at Two John Murray, Albemarle Street. Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Death of Geo the

rodotus," complete for 58, 6d. (verbatim the same as the 4 vols. Recently published, by John Harris, at the Corner of

Second A new edition, with the Author's last Corrections and published at 368.) was published the 1st March.
St. Paul's Churchyard,
Improvements. To which is prefixed a short Account of the Life in the same correct and beautiful style of printing, and embellished

*.“ Baker's Liry," “ Spelman's Xenophon," &c. will follow
EVENINGS at COLLEGE ; of Mr. Hume. Written by HIMSELF.
Printed for T. Cadell; C., J., G., and F. Rivington ; Longman

with fine portraits, &c.; the whole forming a uniform Library a Description of the Manners, Customs, Public Insti. Eticas, Religion, and Mysteries, &c. of the Ancient Greeks; a

and Co.; J. Richardson; J. M. Richardson; J. and A. Arch; Series, in the regular octavo size, of approved and Standard abert Account of the State of Modern Greece, and Reflections on

Carpenter and Son; J. Booker; Jeffery and Son, R. Scholey: Translations of the Classics, at one-fifth only of the original the Revelations of Empires.

J. Booth; S. Bagster; Baldwin and Cradock; J. Bohn; Hatch prices!
By the Rev. B. T. H. COLE,
ard and Son; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; J. Duncan; Whitta.

Jones and Co. Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square; and Rector of Warbleton, Sussex, formerly Scholar of Trin. Coll. ker and Co.; W. Mason; Simpkin and Marshall; Parbury, Allen,

may be had of all Booksellers. and late Fellow of Magd. Coll. Cambridge.

and Co.; T. Boone; T. Tegg; Lloyd and Co.; Whitmore and With a Frontispiece. Price 78. 6d. half-bound, 18mo. Fenn; W. Pickering: J. Hearne; J. Bigg; T. Bumpus; Black

Price 78. in cloth, and lettered, * We cunot confet a greater obligation on our youthful readers thua by warmly recommending this work to their attention. In

E. Hodgson; J. Bain; R. Mackie; Smith, Elder, and Co.; Susthe most familiar form and unpretending size, these small vo. tenance and Stretch; J. Parker, Oxford ; J. and J. J. Deighton, the London Fever Hospital, 1828-1829.

FEVER; comprising a Report of the Cases treated at lunes cores very accurate and useful information upon the Cambridge; and G. and J. Robinson, Liverpool.

By ALEXANDER TWEEDIE, Tarsus topics of which they treat, and bring forcibly before us Of whom may be had, printed uniformly with Hume and Member of the Royal College of Physicians of London, Physician the conditioa and appearance of ancient Greece, drawn from a


to the London Fever Hospital, &c. altitude of classic stores. The Evenings are passed by a col. 1. The Works of William Robertson, D.D. Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. lege tator and his pupils; but the design is so admirably execated, that we knos of no age, from ten years to the largest span, In 8 vols. 8vo. with Portrait and new Maps, price 31. 4s, boards.

Price 193. the 3d edition of thu may not be pleasantly instructed by the author's labours." 2. The History of the Decline and Fall of Litrary Gazette, Jan. 1829. the Roman Empire. By Edward Gibbon. In 8 large vols. 8vo.

PRACTICAL ESSAY upon CON"Tas is an excellent little work, well adapted to convey useful with Portrait and Maps, price 31. 4s. in boards.

TRACTION of the LOWER BOWEL, illustrating, by iastraction to the young in a very pleasing and enticing manner.

Cases, the Connexion of that Disease with Irritation of the Lungs, Nor de xe ccafine our measure of applause to the character of

Affections of the Womb and of the Bladder, Prolapsus of the this book as a manual for the young, there are many, perhaps,

Price 4s.

Rectum, Fistula, &c.; to which is now added, Observations on at on the readers of our grave and salemn lucubrations who siabt tara away from the bewildering haunts of the theologian

By FREDERICK SALMON, F.C.S. 23: critic to soatch an interlusory revival of early associations

printed upon Vellum, of Editiones Principes et Aldinæ,

Senior Surgeon to the General Dispensary. frera shese modest pages, without fearing that they should incur

and of Books in Foreign Languages; now on Sale, at the affixed Published by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. the censre of condescension," &c. &c. &c. Christian Remem. prices, by Payne and Fosa, 81, Pall Mall. brescer, May 1829.

In 3 vols. 8vo. with Maps, price 21. 58. The County Album, containing 400 Topu.

General David Stewart-Highlanders.


In 2 vols. 8vo. the 3d edition, price 11. 8s. boards, illustrated graphical Hieroglyphics, indicative of the Products, Staple Com.

by a Map of the Highlands,

newly translated into English, and illustrated with

very edities, Manufactures, and Objects of Interest in England and Walo; for the Amusement and Information of Fireside Travel

cydides, and a Memoir on the State of Greece. Civil and Military, ler. Price 58.6d half-bound, 12mo.

NERS, and PRESENT STATE of the HIGHLANDERS at the commencement of the Peloponnesian War. The powerful effect upon the memory of hieroglyphics, or pic of SCOTLAND; with Details of the Military Service of the By the Rer. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D. F.S.A. terial representations, is too generally known to need any recom- Highland Regiments.

of Sidney College, Cambridge; Vicar of Bisbrooke, in Rutland, &c. Erstatica. Whatever enters by the eye makes a more lasting By MAJOR-GENERAL DAVID STEWART.

By the same Author, pesa apen the mind than any thing we hear of. The ap. Printed for Longman, Kees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London; pilation of such a method to give the young reader a recollection

and Adam Black, Edinburgh.

Recensio Synoptica Annotationis Sacræ. In the manufactures, productions, &c. of the several counties of

8 large vols. 8vo. 6/. 2. bds. is native land, is povel, and cannot fail of being useful.

The Rev. Robert Taylor, A.B.

The 6th edition, price 48. 6d. half-bound, of

printed paper, entitled, “Manifesto of the Christian bas just published a New Modern Atlas of the World, Evidence Society," The 4th edition; to which is annexed,

THE TOURIST'S FRENCH COM. comprehended in Tbirty Maps, shewing the latest Discoveries in A REJOINDER to a Pamphlet by the same Author, the Rev,

PANION; consisting of Familiar Conversations on every part of the Globe, and containing a copious Index of up Robert Taylor, A.B., entitled, “ Syntagma of the Evidences of every Topic which can be useful to the Continental Traveller; Warda al 0,20 Names, with their Latitudes and Longitudes.

the Christian Religion." 2d edition, referring to Mr. Taylor's together with Models of Letters, Notes, and Cards, occasionally Price 18. coloured and half-bound. « Diegesis." 8vo. 18. 60.

used. Te had of the Author, Soho Square; Williams, Eton Ware. London: Holdsworth and Ball, 18, St. Paul's Churchyard. The whole exhibiting the true pronunciation of the French boase; and Whittaker and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

Language, the silent letters being printed in Italic throughout

the Work. Lawrence ea the Horse. In I vol. 12mo. price 88.

Montgomery's Poetical Works.

By M. DE ROUILLON. 3d edition, in foolscap 8vo. price Bs. boards, "HE HORSE in all HIS VARIETIES

London: sold by Longman, Reen, Orme, Brown, and Green ; 'HE PELICAN ISLAND, in Nine Baldwin and Cradock; Whittaker and Co.; J. Souter; W. Joy and USES, his Breeding, Rearing, and Management,

Harrey and Darton: Mozley and Son, Derby; John Stacy, Nor. Vlietha ia Labour ar Rest; with Rules, occasionally inter


wich; and all other Booksellers. ered, fx bas Preservation from Disease. By JOHN LAWRENCE,

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Aather of " a Philosophical and Practical Treatise on

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

Mediterranean.-In 8vo. price 20s. Horses," the History of the Horse," &c. ** Independently of the practical value of the book-and it is

GRAPHY of the MEDITERRANEAN, comprising an seal 24 extensively valeable it is one of the most amusing the The World before the World, 8th edit. 9s.

Account of Gibraltar, the lonian Islands, and Malta; to which Teider will seet witő in a thousand--complete and unique--embring every possible subject that can be connected with the

The West Indies, and other Poems, 7th is pretired, a Sketch of a Plan for Memoirs on Medical Topo. baxvely Magazine. edition, as.

By JOHN HEYNEN, M.D, F.R.S.E. M. Ardodd, Taristock Street, Covent Garden : sold by Longinan Greenland, and other Poems, 3d edit. 8s. bds. Author of the “ Principles of Military Surgery." and Co; Whittaker and Co.; Hurst and Co. London; and Oliver

Edited by his Son, Dr. JOHN HENXEN. A Esya, Binaugh.

Songs of Zion, 3d edit. foolscap 8vo. 58.

Thomas and George Underwood, 32, Fleet Street,

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A CATALOGUE of Manuscripts, of Books Piles and the By FREDERICK TEREMOS


, Anda melhor eso

Printed for the man, Reds

, Orme, Brown, and Green.




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The Wanderer of Switzerland, loth'edit. 68. SKETCHES of the MEDICAL TOPO




PÆDIA. Published in Monthly Volumes, small 8vo.

for the Months of January and February, 1830.

nected with Foreign Literature: in all, 77 Works. price 6s. of which Four have already appeared. The first two Months of the foreign Literary Gazette being. Rome, Berlin, &c. &c. detailing the Progress of the Fine Arts

Original Papers and Correspondence.--22 Letters, from Paris, Jast published,

now completed, the Publishers proudly refer to the Contents of Reports of Learned Societies---Original Sketches of Manners, &c. Vol. IV. being the Second Volume of the pledge in their Prospectus, by supplying a great desideratum in dental Notices of the Italian and German Drama.

The Drama.-Full Reports of the Parisian Theatres, and inci. History of Scotland, in 2 vols. by Sir Walter Scott.

regard to Science, the Arts, and Literature, in Foreign Countries, The Publishers solicit attention to the following selection from and giving the Publie a vast and immediate Variety of useful, titic Expeditions, including a full Account of those sent out by

Original Accounts of Foreign Voyages of Discovery and Scienthe numerous List of Contributors to this Work: interesting, and amusing Continental Information.

Catherine II., Alexander I., and Nicholas, of Russia.


A Paper each week, containing a Condensation of the ProceedRev. Dionysius Lardner, LL.D.F.R.S.L. and E. M.R.I.A. Original Papers and Correspondence.--Paris Miscellanies, Anec-ings of ihe various Scientific and Learned Bodies in England. F.L.S. F.Z.S. Hon.F.C.P.S. M.Ast.s. &c.

dotical and Entertaining-Improvements in our Colonial Posses. · Interesting Anecdotes, Jeux d'Esprit, &c. under the head of Literature. sions-Précis of Domestic Intelligence-Account of the Porcelain

« Miscellanies." Right Hon. Sir J. Mackintosh, LL.D.F.R.S. M.P.

Manufactory, Sèvres-Original Recollections of Napoleon's Escape A complete Weekly List of Works in, or preparing for, the ConSir Walter Scott, Bart. Pres.R.S.E.

from the Isle of Elba-Arabian Antiquities- A View of the Pro- tinental Press. Thomas Moore, Esq.

gress of Scientific Expeditions in Russia under Alexander and and under the Head of “ Poetry" are given spirited TranslaRobert Southey, Esq. LL.D. Poet Laureate.

Nicholas-Fine Arts at Rome-Adventures of Gasparoni, the tions of short Poems, striking for their Originality, or remarkable Thomas Campbell, Esq.

famous Bandit-Original Anecdotes of Napoleon-Belgium and on account of their Authors. Maria Edgeworth.

its People-Expedition to the Swan River - Original Letters of Published every Wednesday, by W. A. Scripps, 7, Wellington James Montgomery, Esq.

Count Rumford and Buonaparte Bon-Mots and Sayings of Tal Street, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street; Dulau and Co. Soho S.T. Coleridge, Esq.

leyrand-On Colonial Literature-Present State of Hanover, its Square; E. Marlhorough, 4, Ave Maria Lane ; J. Chappell, 18, Rev. Connop Thirlwall, Fellow of Trin. Col. Cam.

Population, Finances, &c.-Leipzig Correspondence- American South Side, Royal Exchange, Cornhill; and to be had of all Book T. B. Macauley, Esq. M.P.

Colony of Liberia in Africa-Memoirs of Sanson, the Jack Ketch sellers, Newspenders, &c. Rev. G. R. Gleig, Author of the “ Subaltern," &c.

of the Reign of Terror-Historical Sketch of Dwarf-Personal T.C. Gratlan, Esq. Author of " Highways and Byways."

Recollections of German Students-Excavations of Ancient Tar. E. E. Crowe, Esg. Author of “ To-day in Ireland." quinia-Baron V. Hammer on the First Relations between Eng

Dr. Butler's Geography and Atlases. Henry Roscoe, Esq. land and Turkey, &c. &c.

A new edition, 1 vol. 8vo. price 9s. boards, The Sciences. Rev. T. Dale, A.M. Prof. Eng. Univ. Lond.

Naturalists' Society, Moscow -- Bicephalous SKETCH of MODERN and ANCIENT George Long, Esq. A.M. Prof. Greek, Univ. Lond. Child, with an Engraving-Professor Schouw on the Mountains

GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools.
&c. &c. &c.
of Europe, their Productions, &c.--Flora Jave-Proceedings of

Science and Art.
the Royal Academy, Bruseels-Archirological Society, Rome-

Archdeacon of Derby, &c.
Capt. Francis Beaufort, R.N. F.R.8. F.G.S. M.Ast.S. &c. Origin of Myrrh-Transplantation of Human Hair-Russian Nu In the present edition, the Author has made some very
Thomas Bell, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.Z.S. F.G.S.

mismatics --Imperial Academy, St. Petersburg-Straw Paper important additions, chiefly in the Modern part of it. Edward Turner Bennett, Esq. F.L.S. Vice-Sec.Z.s. Hungarian Yest, &c.-History of the Lives of the most celebrated

By the same Author,
J. J. Berzelius, F.R.S. Ass.-Inst. Fr.Professor of Chemistry, Architects Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia-Maxi.

mum of Cold at Paris, 1665-1825– Vitality of the Globe-Trans Atlas of Modern Geography, consisting of 22 James E. Bicheno, Esq. F.L.S. Sec.L.S. F.G.S. F.Z.S. actions of the Agricultural Society at Pesaro-Unroth on Bees

coloured Maps, corrected to 1829. 128. half-bound. David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S. &c.

Novel Treatment of Vines.
J. G. Children, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.G.S. F.Z.S.
Fine Arts.-Gibson's and Rennie's Sculptures-Largest Vase in

Atlas of Ancient Geography, consisting of 21 George Dollond, Esq. F.R.S.

the World--Thorwaldsen's Pius VII.-Hippograff of Pisa-Tene- coloured Maps, with a complete Accentuated Index. 128. M. Donovan, Esq. M.R.I.A. &c.

rani's Pius VIII.-German Annuals--Golden Lyre-Schadow's General Atlas of Ancient and Modern GeoRev. John Fleming, D.D. F.R.S.E.M.W.S. &c.

Pictures-Severn's Pictorial Talent-Kessels' (the Dutch Phidias) Davies Gilbert, Esq. J.P. Pres. of the Royal Society.

Sculptures, Account of the Belvedere Gallery, Vienna-Geddes graphy: 43 coloured Maps, and two Indexes. 11. 45. hf.-bound. Rev. H. P. Hamilton, F.R.S.L. and E. Fellow of Trinity Col. the Painter-Boulanger's Death of Henry 11. of France-Varie- places; and in that of the Ancient Allas the quantities are

marked. J. F. W. Herschel, Esq. F.R.s. L. and E. M.R.I.A. F.G.S. bucedo, unpublished, with an ample Description of that CityTopography, Voyages, and Travels.-Caillie's Travels to Tim

Outline Geographical Copy-Books, in 4to. ; M.A.S. &c. T. Horsfield, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.G.S. F.Z.S.

Von Humboldt in Siberia, 1829 Journey through Savoy--Prus- intended as practical Exercises on Dr. Butler's Atlases. 46. each, Captain Henry Kater, V.P.R.S. &c.

sian Statistics-Present State of Austria, with curious Examples sewed, or 78. 6d. together. John Landseer, Esq. F.A.S.A.R.A. &c.

of the Censorship of the Press-Statistics of Denmark-Rhenish Dr. Lardner.

Outline Maps of Ancient Geography, selected Vineyards-Pfyffer's Present State of Java - Professor Colboy's Armand Levi, Esq. F.G.S.

Eighe Charts of Poland-Review of American Statistics, 1823 by Dr. Butler from D'Anville's Ancient Atlas. Folio, 101.64. J. Lindley, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.G.S. Ass.-Sec.H.S.

Letter describing Erzerum (1829)-Sketches of Brittany-First A Praxis on the Latin Prepositions, being an William Sharpe Macleay, Esq. F.L.S. F.2.S.

Ascent of the highest Peak iu Helvetia, 1829-Extraordinary In- Attempt to Illustrate their Origin, Signification, and GovernAugustus De Morgan, Esq:

crease of Darmstadt-Petersburg, Moscow, and Russian Society, ment. 3d edition, in 8vo. price 6s. 6d. bds. or 78. 6d. bound. Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq. &c. 1829-Manufactures of the Russian Empire.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. William Young Outley, F.A.S. &c.

History and Biography.-Von Hammer's History of the OttoRev. W. Pearson, LL.D. F.R.S. &c.

mans, with many illustrative Extracts-Court and Town under T. Phillips, Esq. R.A. Prof. of Painting, &c.

the French_Kings, also amply illustrated-Joan of Arc's De In I thick vol. 8vo. with 47 Maps, price ll. 116. 6d. boards, John Pond, Esq. F.R.S. &c. Astronomer Rogal. scendants-Baron Grimm's Memoirs, with striking Anecdotes

a new edition of Rev. T. R. Robinson, D.D. Prof. of Astron. Armagh.

History of the Ensign Nun, Catalina, and her strange Adven TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY Capt. Edward Sabine, Royal Artillery, Sec.R.S. &c.

tures.nnuaire Historique - Hoffmann's Mental Aberrations, Joseph Sabine, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S. Sec.H.S. F.Z.S. and a Translation of one of his most singular German Tales-the

of the UNITED KINGDOM; containing every City, George B. Sowerby, Esq. F.L.S. F.Z.S.

Regeneration of Egypt-Condition of Italy in the Middle Ages Town, Village, Hamlet, Parish, District, Object, and Pla John Taylor, Esq. F.R.S.

Count Diebitsch--Present Emperor of the Brazils-Unpublished in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the small Islands A. T. Thomson, M.D.

Life of Diderot-Military History of the French-Dute of Alba's dependent,
Edward Troughton, Esq. F.R.S. &c.
Breakfast - French King's malicious Portrait of Que n Elizabeth

Edward Turner, Esq. M.D.F.R.S.E. &c. Prof. of Chem. --Origin of Paper Currency-on Public Characters in England,

Of the Secretary of State's Office. Andrew Ure, M.D. F.R.S. Prof. of Physics, &c. Glasgow. &c. by Sir W. Rehberg-Uncle of Henry Ill. , an Illustration of

Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co. London; and N. A. Vigors, Esq. F.R.S. F.L.S. F.G.S. Sec.Z.S. Hume and Daniel - Remarkable Hallucinations of Voss the

sold by all Booksellers in Town and Country, William Wilkins, LL.D. R.A. &c. Younger--Schiller's Last Hour Gothe as he is—Unpublished

Of whom may be had, William Yarrell, Esq. F.L.S. M.Z.S.

Memoirs of a Woman of Quality-Valenciennes in the Fifteenta

Century: &c. &c. &c.

The Wonders of the United Kingdom; dePrinted for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Life and Manners, Tales, the Drama, &c.--Arabian Nights' scriptive of every Object of singular Curiosity, with above 100 Paternoster Row; and J. Taylor, Upper Gower Street.

Entertainments, a New Edition Samuel Bernard-Nero's Feast finished Engravings. By the Rev. J. Goldsunith. 3 vols. 216.
-Parisian Drama-Molière's Early Life --De Baur's Novicehalf-bound.

Courac of Instruction in the Italian Language.

Marie, or the Blue Handkerchiet, an affecting Story-Mozart's A Grammar of British Geography; including
Price 4s. 6d. bound,

Violin, another pathetic Tale-Austrian Theatricals--the Four the United Kingdom and all the Colonies, with 120 Maps and
Hundred of Pforzheim, a stirring Military Narrative-- Mehemed,

5a. 64.
PARTS of SPEECH in the ITALIAN LANGUAGE; Manners and Literature-Account of Paganini, the Violinista
with References to the Grammar, 4th edition, illustrated with Chronicles of the Bull's Eye, Versailles-Curious Peep into the

An Amusing English Grammar.
English Notes and Explanations.
Life and Habits of Galley-Slaves-Frederic William, a pseudo

In royal 18mo, finely printed by Davison, price 36.
Apellet-Anna Boleyn and Blanche, a Soothsaying Tale-Legend

neatly half-bound and lettered,
By the same Author,

of Göttingen; Punishment of Vice - Robert le Diable-Swiss 2. A Complete Grammar of the Italian Lan-Characteristics, the Swiss Bashaw, Pontius Pilate, &c. Education, Jurisprudence, fr.- De Pansey on the Judiciary

ENGLISH LANGUAGE; with a Short History of guage, comprising all the Rules and Peculiarities of the said Authority in France-Swedish Universities-- Selitha - Holty's its origin and Formation. Language, explained in the best and simplest manner, with Notes first Two Chapters of the Vendida-Dictionary of the Venetian

By CHARLES BUCKE, and Observations, and illustrated by numerous and appropriate Dialect-Van Heusde's Letters on Education-British Muscum, Author of the “ Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Examples from the most celebrated Writers. The 4th edition, Catalogue-Education, Prague and Pesth - Lucchesini on the

Nature." revised, improved, and enlarged. 12mo. 78. 6d. Primitive Greek Alphabet-Royal College of Navarre-Egyptian

London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock. 3. A Dictionary of the Peculiarities of the Pawr, Castigliones orth American Review for Jan. 1920- trouble on the part of the Tutor-of engaging the attention and

This Grammar has been written with a view of saving Italian Language; being a Collection of Sentences from the most Education, 1789-1829 -- Divina Commedia of Dante - Professor exercising the reasoning faculties of the Pupil-of furnishing a approved Italian Authors, particularising those Verbs, Prepo. Walther's New Edition of Tacitus-Freytag's Lexicon Arabico- Key to the best English poems (for nearly all the illustrations are sitions, &c. which govern different Moods and Cases, and forming Latinum-Klaproth' a Supplement to all other Italian Dictionaries, 8vo. 98, 6d.

yptian Antiquities - Annals of Prison given in the most admired poetry of our language)—and of ren

Discipline-Laws and Customs affecting Foreign Residents in dering that study attractive and amusing, which has, hitherto, 4. Elisabetta, ossia gli Esiliati nella Siberia, England and France Orphan Asylums, their Origin and Pro- been considered dry and repulsive. tradotta dal Francese di Madama Cottin. Seconda Edizione.gress-Meyer on Codification-Russian Translation of Homer 19mo. 6s.

Leipzig edition of Stephens' Greek Thesaurus. 5. A New Set of Exercises ; consisting of a lanies-- Population of Bessarabia-State of the Jews Abroad-Miscellanies.- New Orations of Aristides-Maltebrun's Miscel. In 19mo. with a Map of France, in Departments and Provinces,

price 6s. bound and lettered, Collection of Entertaining Histories, Anecdotes, Descriptions of Paris Refuge for the Destitute-National Museum in Greece as for the Instruction of the Student in the Italian Language. Standard, 1820, with an Engraving--Russian Almanac-Murder

MANDY; froin the Accession of Claris to the Battle Illustrated by Notes, Explanations, and Directions for their by Translation (Göthe's Faust)--Hoax on the Pope Animal Crie of Waterloo. By W.C. TAYLOR, A.M. Translation. ed edition. 12mo, 4s. 6d. minal State of Crime in Denmark-Pope's Shoemaker-Horse

Also, by the same Author, price 4s. 6d. 6. A Key to the New Set of Exercises ; Woul, a Prediction-Kussian Caravans-Buonaparte Relics races in Georgia-Treatment of the Insane in Holland-Louis

Historical Miscellanies ; or, Illustrations of being a faithful Translation of them into Italian, calculated to

the most important Periods of Ancient and Modern History: assist the Student 19mo. 43. 6d. London : Printed for Longman, Rees, and Co:; Whittaker, nent-Miscellaneous and Original luformation.

Literary Notices. Works in land or in the Press on the Conti- with a particular Account of the British Constitution and Coin:

merce: forming a Supplement to Goldsmith's Histories. Treacher, and Co.; Hurst and Co.; J. Souter; and Simpkin and

Poetry.--L'Amant Coupable-Faithfulness-God our Refuge

And, in 12mo. with Nine Maps, price 5s.
Ebert's Poems--the Angel and Child-Garland of Flora--Poem
by the present King of Bavaria (1829)—Spanish Royal Epithala-

An Epitome of Classical Geography; with
Chismick Press Edition.

miums, 1829_Justice of Providence-Russian Byron's Satirical Historical Notices of the most important Ancient Nations. Novel - Beautiful American Poem, by Hawley-Original Sonnet of

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. unique Selection, moral, instructive, and entertaining, Arabian Fable_" Her Name," from Victor Hugo--Unpublished

Monti-Death and the Loved One, by Gleim-German Sayings from the British Poets, Poetical Translators, and the most emi.

Fragment of Sotheby's New Translation of Homer--the Serpent LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. A. SCRIPPS, at nent Prose Writers. Neatly printed in 12 cabinet vols. and em. bellished with 24 beautiful Vignettes. Price 31. in extra boards. Slayer.

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, Of the Prose, which forms 6 volumes, the last two are Epistolary; Such are the principal Contents of only Eight Numbers, by Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, Oxford and the last two of the Poetry are translations; either of which which the Editors desire their exertions and means to be judged Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Exchange, R. may be separately purchased.

by the Public; though it is impossible to particularise every arti Karlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Ril: 4. Black Chiswick : C. Whittingham, College House; N. Hailes, Picca. cle which fills these miscellaneous pages. As a Summary, it may Relinburgh, Smith and Son, and Robertion and 46% in 2017 dilly; M. Arnold, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden; and all be stated, that in January and February they have

Glasgow i and J. Commung, Dublin. other Booksellera Reviewed 83 pola of French Works -7 Italian-94 German

J. MOYES, Tock's Court, Chancery Lane

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No. 686.




accompaniments, would have been ministering | Death, Hope, or Sin, into these religious

the most effectually to the instruction and dramas, representations of another kind, called The Family Library, No. XII. Dramatic delight of our countrymen, and, above all, of Moralities, had by degrees arisen, of which Series, No. 1. Massinger. London, 1830. our fair countrywomen.

the plots were more artificial, regular, and J. Murray,

We welcome, therefore, the appearance of connected, and which were entirely formed of We are not surprised at the wide circulation the first Number of the Dramatic Series of the such personifications : but the first rough of the Family Library; nor do we think it Family Library with no ordinary feelings of draught of a regular tragedy and comedy likely that the conductors will drop from their satisfaction. We are now sure that, ere many Lord Sackville's Gorboduc, and Still's Gammer high station, if they continue to vary their bill months elapse, the productions of those distin- Gurton's Needle-- were not produced till within of fare with the good taste and tact which have guished bards — all of them that is worthy of the latter half of the sixteenth century, and hitherto, on the whole, distinguished them. their genius, their taste, and the acceptation of a little more than twenty years before the stage The volumes are, of course, of unequal merit, moral and refined people—will be placed within acquired its highest splendour in the producbut, with perhaps one exception, none of them reach of every circle from which their very tions of Shakspeare. About the end of the wants some features of powerful attraction, and names have hitherto been sufficient to exclude sixteenth century the attention of the public most of them possess claims of a superior order them, in a shape such as must command con- began to be more generally directed to the as to literary execution; while the shape and fidence, and richly reward it.. The text will drama; and it throve most admirably beneath appearance of these little books, and the style in be presented pure and correct, wherever it is the cheering beams of popular favour. The which they are decorated, „in short, to speak fit to be presented at all--every word and theatrical performances which in the early technically, the whole getting up of the con- passage offensive to the modest ear will be part of Elizabeth's reign had been exhibited cern-must be allowed to be admirable, even in omitted ; and means adopted, through the on temporary stages, erected in such halls or this time. But much as we have been grati. notes, of preserving the sense and story entire, apartments as the actors could procure, or, fied with the Library heretofore, we must say in spite of these necessary erasures. If this more generally, in the yards of the larger se consider the present Number as opening a were all, it would be a great deal—but the inns, while the spectators surveyed them from happier and wider field, and one more certain editors undertake much more. They will fur- the surrounding windows and galleries, began to prove eminently useful to the public, than nish in their preliminary notices, and in their to find more convenient and permanent habitaany thing the editors had previously set before notes, clear accounts of the origin, structure, tions. About the year 1569 a regular playns. Whatever may be thought of the plan of and object of every piece, and the substance of house, under the appropriate name of the publishing Family Shakespeares—and we know all that sound criticism has brought to their Theatre, was erected. It is supposed to have opinions are still much divided on that sub- illustration, divested, however, of the personal stood somewhere in Blackfriars; and, three ject-there can be no sort of question that the squabbles and controversies which so heavily years after the commencement of this establish. works of our other elder dramatists, rich as and offensively load the bottoms of the pages ment, the queen, yielding to her own inclinathey are in every element of interest and in- in the best existing editions of our dramatic tion for such amusements, and disregarding struction_beautiful as is their poetry, exqui- worthies. Lives of the authors will be given ; the remonstrances of the Puritans, granted site their versification, powerful their pathos, and if they be all drawn up with the skill and license and authority to the servants of the and lofty their philosophy are wholly and elegance which mark the life of Massinger, in Earl of Leicester ( for the recreation of her entirely unfit to be placed, as hitherto edited, the present volume, these alone will form a loving subjects, as for her own solace and pleain the hands of young persons, or of females of standard addition to our biographical literature. sure when she should think good to see them') any age, or even to be thought of for a moment We have said so much of the design in to exercise their occupation throughout the a furniture for the drawing-room table and general, that we must be excused for saying whole realm of England. From this time the the parlour-window, or to form the solace of a little of the specimen. It is understood to number of theatres increased with the infamily circle at the fire-side. In most cases, come from the Rev. Mr. Harness, Lord Byron's creasing demands of the people. Various nono doubt, those gifted writers, when they accomplished school-fellow at Harrow, of whom blemen had their respective companies of peradmitted improper passages into their com- so many interesting traits are given in Moore's formers, who were associated as their servants, positions, were only sacrificing their own better life of his noble friend; and whose character is and acted under their protection ; and when taste and judgment to the comparative coarse too well known, both in the literary and Massinger left Oxford, and commenced dra. nes of their contemporaries ; but when we in the religious world, to need any of our tes matic author, there were no less than seven cast our eye over their pages, and observe in timony. His performance will in no way dis- principal theatres open in the metropolis. what large proportions the best of them have appoint expectation ; but we can only afford With respect to the interior arrangements, condescended to traffic in absolute filth, it is room for one extract, in which he breaks a there were very few points of difference beimpossible not to think with pain and sorrow spear with Malone and Gifford; and has tween our modern theatres and those of the of the degradation to which lucre can make clearly and decidedly, in our humble opinion, days of Massinger. The prices of admission, gezins stoop. What lady will ever confess the advantage over them both.

indeed, were considerably cheaper :- to the that she has read and understood Massinger, or “ The theatre, when Massinger first took up boxes the entrance was a shilling ; to the pit Ford, or even Beaumont and Fletcher ? There his abode in the metropolis, must have pre- and galleries only sixpence. Sixpence also was is bardly a single piece in any of these authors sented attractions of all others the most cal. the price paid for stools upon the stage ; and which does not contain more abominable pas- culated to excite the interest, and inspire the these seats, as we learn from Decker's Gull's sages than the very worst of modern panders imagination, of a young man of sensibility, Hornbook, were particularly affected by the would ever dream of hazarding in print-and taste, and education, like our poet. No art wits and critics of the time. The conduct of there are whole plays in Ford, and in Beaumont ever attained a more rapid maturity than the the audience was less restrained by the sense and Fletcher, the very essence and substance dramatic art in England. The people had, of public decorum; and smoking, tobacco, of which is, from beginning to end, one mass indeed, been long accustomed to a species of playing at cards, eating and drinking, were

pollution. The works, therefore, of these exhibition called Miracles, or Mysteries, founded generally prevalent among them. The hours immortal men have hitherto been library, not on sacred subjects, and performed by the mi- of performance were also earlier. drawing-room books ; - and we have not a nisters of religion themselves, on the holy fes- commencing at one o'clock. During the redoubk, ibat, down to this moment, they have tivals, in or near the churches, and designed presentation, a flag was unfurled at the top of een carefully excluded, in toto, from the vast to instruct the ignorant in the leading facts of the theatre; and the stage, according to the majority of those English houses in which sacred history. From the occasional introduc- universal practice of the age, was strewn with their divine poetry, if stript of its deformingtion of allegorical characters, such as Faith, rushes ; but in all other respects the theatres

the play

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