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When questioned by some fool," he sought

made manifest to his audience.

To effect this, a Man :" This concert, instituted for the relief of afflict-attention be observed, in both “side-play"

it is absolutely necessary that the strictest Argus himself might our vast city scan,

ed and decayed musicians, their widows, and and solto voce singing ; both of which, on Yet fail to find, at least an Honest One, Though for his torch he bore a fragment of orphans, took place in the Hanover Square two or three important' occasions

, were quite the sun!

Rooms, on Thursday week, and was attended, overlooked by Signor Santini. In the beautiSo rare is Honesty !_“And yet 'tis seen,

we are happy to say, by a numerous audience. ful trio of ó Nume benefico! Signor Santini Nothing so highly prized,” — high-priced you twenty-four pieces;- and among the active subdued toneopened this incomparable round.”

The bill of fare contained no fewer than advanced to the stage-lights, and with an un. mean !

supporters were_Mrs. Anderson, Mademoiselle Fernando should have been in the rear, and "Tis valued wondrous high-when to be sold ! And each man thinks it worth—its weight in Blasis, Messrs. Phillips, Donzelli, De Begnis, ought rather have suppressed his voice than gold !


Among the vocal pieces, indulged in the fortissimo. Yet it is but fair

Mademoiselle Blasis's “ Di piacer” appeared to confess that he gave great satisfaction to “ What! is not punctual H-, who ne'er to us the best ; and among the instrumental, his numerous auditors. Leaving his nightly Hell, to pay his debts ?”

Mrs. Anderson's concerto of Mozart, (Hum. He pays,—to play in that loved Hell again! Come ! come ! your sense of Honesty is plain: the trumpet. The concerto of Mozart, espe- by Rossini originally written for this vocalist.

Ambrogi personated the part of the Podesta. mel's arrangement) and Harper's fantasia on In our last No. we stated, that the part was What mine is, more convenient time may tell ; cially, from the exquisite beauty of the com- Signor Ambrogi's " reading” of this character So for the present, honest John ! farewell.

position, and the feeling, taste, and altogether is certainly very different from that to which masterly style in which Mrs. Anderson played

we have been accustomed. Nor do we think MUSIC.

it, was perhaps the principal and most ap- his conception of the part what was intended by plauded performance of the evening.

the author. He is too sombre, and impressed us THE Argyll being destroyed, the Philharmonic

more with the idea of a vocal psalm-singing Society commenced their annual series on Mon

clerk than an amorous magistrate. We prefer day last at the King's Concert Room, Hay: Five Bumper Toasts, &c., Sung by Broad Pellegrini in the part ; but Signor Ambrogi

hurst; the Words" by Dr. H. Fick. R. W. appeared “out of sorts”—he was “ not i' the market, with Beethoven's symphony in C

Evans. minor. Upon the whole, it was well played,

vein," having only recently recovered from and pleased ; but Mr. Weichsel, instead of COMPLETELY a gentleman's song, and one a severe attack of illness ; and as he has not leading, now and then suffered the orchestra which, beard from such an organ as Mr.

sung for several years, some allowance should be to leađ him, and this produced at times the Broadhurst's, must be listened to with delight. made for want of practice. We have heard effect of indetermination. The second piece, The Crusader ; a Song. By Augustus Meves. Curioni sing better; and Pof Pipo, the less we the duetto “ Dove vai ?" from William Tell,

S. Chapell.

. we should not have recognised to be Rossini's, A VERY spirited composition, and the music consider this part beneath her vocal rank. in consequence of its being mostly free_advan- well suited to the words. The accompaniment

This is the rock upon which most Italian tageously so - from those redundant triplet is extremely pretty, and brings to mind the

artists split. The new ballet to-night has passages with which most of his operas are ballad of olden days.

Rossini's music of Guillaume Tell. stamped. Even in the accompaniments there was German solidity, which Donzelli and San- La Gallopade. Written and adapted to the tini turned to the best account. A German

popular Gallopade tune, by Charles Dance. MR. KEAN is again announced for Henry V. lady, Madame Dulcken, a relation of the

Cramer, Addison, and Beale.

Should one of those sudden attacks, to which, Bohrers, appeared here for the first time with A CAPITAL song, to the most pleasing of the unfortunately for himself, he is so liable, disa pianoforte concerto of Herz.

Execution, Gallopade tunes, and from which the unini- appoint another audience, we trust that there her chief excellence, has become of late so com- tiated may learn the figure at the same time will be no repetition of the disgraceful scenes mon and cheap a commodity, that it now pos- they are acquiring the air,--a double induce- of last Monday week, or that measures will be sesses hardly more claim to distinction than a ment to purchase. The author is likely to taken to punish the ruffians as they deserve. foreigner's knowledge of French. She plays, become as popular a Dance as that which he Madame Vestris has been unable to perform however, with spirit and great precision, but has so pleasantly illustrated.

since Saturday last, on account of a severe without feeling: there is also a want of

hoarseness. She returns this evening to her character and style in her performance, which

popular part in the National Guard. Miss

DRAMA. was particularly apparent in the adagio. The

Mordaunt retains that of young St. Victor, in choice of the composition, too, did not speak


Past and Present, which she played at fourmuch in favour of her judgment, for such an Rossini's inimitable opera of La Gazza and-twenty hours' notice, and the piece loses assemblage of common-place and unmeaning Ladra was performed here for the first time nothing by the exchange. passages it has seldom been our fate to hear. this season, on Tuesday night. The part If we had been looking for half an hour into a of Ninetta was personated by Blasis. The kaleidoscope, our eye would have felt exactly vocal and histrionic powers displayed by her We had prepared a notice of Miss Kemble's what our ear did in hearing this concerto. in the representation of this not less dif- Mrs. Beverley, in which we imagined we had Herz has, however, of late been very popular ficult than interesting róle, only caused us to done full justice to her talents, and written for minor compositions, such as quadrilles, lament that she was not better supported in the that, in short, which it would have been as variations, rondos, &c. Spohr's “ Si lo sento,” piece. In this character we have seen her per- agreeable for her to read as it was gratifying to from Faust, is a scena so delightfully beautiful, form both with Zuchelli and Galli, and do not us to indite;- but, mercy on us! the transthat one is grieved not to meet with the same hesitate, particularly when supported by the ports of our brethren are of so intoxicating a genius more frequently in his other works. former, to pronounce her the best Ninetta on nature, that our own plainly worded, but sinA MS. overture to " A Midsummer Night's the stage. The scene in which she is separated cere commendations, would have fallen as flat Dream,” by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, is writ- by the soldiers from her father, and borne away upon the palate as small beer after Burgundy. ten with much design and skill; but, like all fór execution, is, in our opinion, one of the best Most happy are we, for many reasons, that the imitative and descriptive music, however inge- morceaux of melo-dramatic performances we success of this clever and amiable young lady nious, without a commentary it is utterly un- have ever witnessed.

has been so decided; but we object to exhausting ntelligible.

Signor Santini enacted the part of Fer- the English vocabulary of praise at the outset The second act, which began with Mozart's nando. We are not altogether satisfied that of her career, for the simple reason, that we ever-delightful symphony in D, had no novelty, the signor's conception of this difficult charac- trust to stand in need of the superlatives but was nevertheless very acceptable through- ter is exactly correct : the part requires no seasons hence, when time and practice shall out, particularly Haydn's masterly-executed ordinary study. Fernando is placed in situa- bave made her what our contemporaries call her violin quartett, by Mori, Watts, Moralt, and tions the most trying and distressing. Though now. What they will have left to say of her Lindley; and the terzetto, from La Clemenza, he be the stern soldier, he is, nevertheless, the then, puzzles our poor comprehension ; but “ Se al volto," by Miss Paton, Donzelli, and affectionate father ; and whilst he must conceal that is their affair, and not ours. In the meani Santini. Weber's beautiful and characteristic from those with whom he is unavoidably time it is sufficient to remark, that her attracJubilee overture had no small share in the thrown into contact on the scène, the con- tion is unabated, and that half at least of every applauses bestowed at the close of the even- ficting feelings by which he is so continually sentenee she utters is drowned by the boister ing's entertainment.

harassed, the emotions of his mind should be ous approbation of the spectators, for audience




they cannot be called ;- the few to whom that | acquire the living languages in the different in the island, 1117 convents, containing 30,000 term would properly apply, sitting in anxious countries ; of which, at the same time, they monks and 30,000 nuns. The nobility of this expectation of some pause in the storm of rap- could attain a competent knowledge of the small population consists of six dukes, 217 ture which may afford them an opportunity of laws, customs, institutions, arts, sciences, &c. princes, 217 marquesses, 2000 barons, and the acknowledging its justice. At present it is We now find that the young persons who had same number of an order called gentlemen. In literally going to see Miss Kemble. The play been got together on this travelling scheme, Palermo, the population of which is only is altogether well acted. Mr. C. Kemble's Bé- have already visited Turin, Genoa, Florence, 150,000, there are 388 churches. eerley is one of his best efforts in tragedy,- and Rome, and they are said to have made The Arts and Sciences in France. -Great and Ward and Abbott are more than respect- great progress in the different branches of edu- progress is making in the French provinces in able as Stukeley and Lewson. Remembering, cation. As they travel on an economical scale, literature and sciences, &c. Several new inas we do, Mrs. Siddons and J. Kemble as Mr. parents, who are anxious for their sons to see stitutions have been opened in large towns ; and Mrs. Beverley, Cooke as Stukely, and C. the world, have thus an opportunity of sending and at Marseilles an Athenæum has been Kemble as Lewson ; or, of later years, Miss them out without the exclusive expense of a lately formed, which is expected to equal the O'Neil, Young, Macready, and C. Kemble, in travelling tutor.

best scientific institutions of the capital. the same characters, with Miss Foote for the Sculpture.A short time ago, as some work. The Jesuits. There are at the College of Charlotte, our approval of the present cast is men were employed at a house on the Quai Jesuits, at Fribourg, 193 students, of whom praise of no ordinary description.

des Bernardins, at Paris, they discovered a 152 are French. There are also 130 out-door

great number of bas-reliefs, and other pieces students. FRENCH DRAMATIC READINGS. of sculpture, in a state of great perfection. Indian Art. - At a meeting of the Agri. THERE was a highly respectable company as. On inquiry, it appeared that the house was cultural and Horticultural Society of India, sembled to hear Monsieur Dupont's French built in 1557, by the President Dunoyers, and held in Calcutta, for the purpose of distriDramatic Readings at Willis's Rooms on Wed that the works in question were by John Gon- buting premiums to native gardeners and nesday :-his discours d'ouverture contained gon, a celebrated sculptor. It is understood others, for promoting the Society's objects, some very useful observations with regard to that the French government will purchase these an ingenious native blacksmith received a teaching and acquiring a knowledge of French. specimens for the Museum.

reward of fifty rupees for a model of a steamHis critical notices on the peculiarities of the

Cloth made from Moss Crop.-Mr. Helli- engine, which he had executed without assistlanguage, and especially as applied in defence well, of Greenhurst Hey, near Todmorden, ance, from an inspection of one in the Mission of the use of rhyme, in which all the best tra- has manufactured a beautiful cotton russet House at Serampore. gedies and comedies of that nation are written, cloth, and also yarn for stockings, from the displayed considerable talent and originality! wool produced by the moss crop plant found LITERARY NOVELTIES. Monsieur Dupont read several of the most upon his estate there. Specimens of the yarn (Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. X. March 6th, 1830.] interesting scenes in Corneille's beautiful tra- and cloth have been sent to us, and the latter gedy of the - Cid,” prefacing each with many be seen at our office..Leeds Mercury.

is remarkably firm and beautiful. They may This is the busy hour of publishing; and notwithstandjudicious remarks. His voice is clear and pow

ing all the novelties we have this day brought forward,

and the multitude which cover our table, we have to erful, and his pronunciation pure and distinct.

The Tempest. --Shakspeare's noble play of notice the following in progress, or, as the phrase is, If the succeeding séances be as good as the the Tempest has been recently made the sub-" very nearly ready." first, they cannot fail of being instructive and ject of a French romance, under the title of lumes of Burckhardt's valuable works, in addition to the amusing to those who are even slightly ac

* Miranda ; ou l'Isle Sauvage.” We have not labours of that celebrated traveller; one being the result quainted with the French language, and have seen the work itself ; but, if we were to judge of his residence among those extraordinary people the Bea taste for its literature.

of it from the passages quoted with applause by of the remarkable customs, manners, and opinions of the the French reviewers, we should say that the modern Egyptians, derived from their own proverbial

grandeur, simplicity, and purity of the original sayings current at Cairo, where our lamented author died; VARIETIES.

have been lost sight of; and that ce tableau other works, replete with curious and authentic informaGerman Theatre in Paris. - M. Laurent, délicieux des émotions d'une âme tendre et tion, and will afford a multiplicity of interesting and having still the privilège for the English and vertueuse, fc. fo. fc. is merely the vehicle of entertaining anecdotes: a second edition of Montgomery's German theatres, although he has been de mawkish and contemptible sentimentality. Omnipresence of the Deity: Frederick von Schlegel's prived of it for the Italian opera, has made Conveyance of Game, Fish, fc.--A project Philosophy of History; with an Historical and Critical arrangements for a series of operas in April, has long been entertained at Paris, and is about Notice of the Author, and of German Literature geby a German company. The celebrated tenor to be put in execution, with the consent of the trine of Universal Pardon considered and refuted, in a Hetzinger, and his wife, are engaged, as also a authorities, for the purpose of transporting, Series of Sermons, &c., by Andrew Thomson, D.D., prima donna, whose name is kept secret; and with greater despatch, game and fish from the ings, a Tale founded on Facts : "Letters on the Physical the Moniteur tells us that the company is gene- different departments

, so that they may be History of the Earth, addressed to Professor Blumenbach, rally, excellent. M. Laurent purposes, it is had in Paris fresher and cheaper than hitherto. by the late J. A. de Luc, F.R.s., Professor of Philosophy said, if possible, to bring this company to Lon. It is said that the projectors have adopted means with a vindication of the Author's Claims to Original dan in June.

for their preservation till now unknown, and Views, in regard to some Fundamental Points in Geology, Prussic Acid and M. Chabert.- On Thurs- several sloops are already employed

by them in by the Rev. Henry de la Fite, M.A. day some experiments were tried on two dogs fishing near the coasts of Normandy and Britand a rabbit, in order to ascertain the validity tany; means have also been taken to send off Kincaird's Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, post 8vo. o M. Chabert's pretension to the possession of the fish as quickly as possible. The directors 108. Ed, bds: Nolan's Supplement to an Inquiry into the a antidote for poison, and particularly for that having a large capital, it is expected that many Forms in Conveyancing, 8vo. 11. 48. bds.Swan on Ecclepowerful agent the prussic acid. They were advantages will arise from the plan..-French siastical Courts, 8vo. 5. bds. -- Mangin's More Short Isot so very satisfactorily conducted as to lead Paper.

Stories, 18mo. 45. 60. hf.-bd.--Borner's University of Edinto certain conclusions, but the proof amounted Scientific Discoveries. A private letter from burgh, Yol, 111. 8vo. 128. bds. Family Classical Library, to a demonstration, that the immediate or Rome states, that for some time past scientific 12mo. 35. bds. --Steamers versus Stages, 18mo. 2. sewed.-Speedy exhibition of ammonia would counter- researches have been made at Gregna, under Sidney Anecdotes, Part 1, 18mo. 2s. tid. sewed. -Greville's at the effects of the acid in small doses. The the auspices of the Duchess of Berry, who has 8vo. 88. 6d. bds.-Affairs of the Nation, 12mo. 78. bds. dogs were recovered from seven drops of the defrayed the expense. The remains of a villa, Hennen's Medical Topography of Gibraltar, 8vo. 11. bds. hydrocyanic (not the concentrated, but the built and adorned with considerable taste, have bds.--Cloudesley, a Novel, 3 vols

. post 8vo. 11. 118. Cd. comman diluted manufacture of the shops); been discovered. From an inscription found in bds. – Douville's Child's Introductory Book to the French but the rabbit fell a sacrifice to the dose, various parts of the building, it appears that Language, Smo. 2. til cloth. Children as they are, though the antidote was administered, as M. the house belonged to Caius Bellicas, who lived hf.-bd.-Portugal, 12mo. Chabert declared, too late.

Other experi- in the time of Titus. One of the apartments Holy Spirit, 12mo. 68. bds.—M'Diarmid's Sketches from ments are to take place to-day, and to be at- is paved in Mosaic, of white and black marble, Nature, 12mo. 78. Gd. bds.

and another in opus spinatum, covered with New Mode of Education. -Several months opus sigininum, a mastic composed of pieces of

TO CORRESPONDENTS. so it was announced in the French papers, Etruscan vases.

U Notwithstanding the addition of eight pages to our that Count Alexander de Laborde had issued Sicilian Statistics. — According to the last articles intended for insertion: Second Reviews of Sir

Gazette of this day, we find we must yet defer many a certain number of census, Sicily contains 1,780,000 inhabitants, W. Scott's History of Scotland, and of Lord Londonpupils

, under competent masters; the distin- of whom 300,000 are ecclesiastics, or persons Turner's Letter from Bermuda relative to the Rosetta guishing feature being that the pupils should living on ecclesiastical revenues. There are Stone and other interesting Egyptian Antiquities, &c. &c.


6d, hf.-bd.-Hinton on the

tended with greater care.

proposals for educating


Principal objects on the pri

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2. Children of His Grace the Dake of PRACTICAL THEOLOGY.H comprising

Painted and THE ENCYcomo, Inetrading the recent supplement to

SEARCHING THE NET; from a Picture the Probleme

Views in the Mediterranean, dc.

In a few days will be published,
This day is published, by R. Ackermann, 96, Strand,

IEWS of the

Direct Route from Genoa to Naples. Sketches taken

Connected with Literature and the Arts. during a Residence at Palermo, and Views of the different Professor of Political Economy in the University of London,
Islands of the Mediterranean, returning by Sea to Genoa : to

A new edition, corrected and greatly enlarged. RITISH INSTITUTION, PALL 1. Stretton, Esq which are added, a few Sketches in Savoy. Taken in 1829 by Besides other important Additions, this edition contains new

Chapters on Credit Insurance-Cases in, and Objects for, which MALL,

To be published in Ten Monthly Numbers, beginning on the Government should interfere in Industrious Undertakings-InThe Gallery for the Exhibition and Sale of the Works of Ist of March; and will be completed in about 50 Lithographic fluence of Speculation on Prices--the Poor Laws-- the ImproveBritish Artists is open Daily, from Ten in the Morning till Five Plates. Price ais, 6d. each Nuinber on India paper; 11. la. onment and Letting of Land, ke. in the Evening. plain paper.

Printed for William Tait, Edinburgh, Longman and Co,
Admission 18.- Catalogue 1s.

London; and Curry and Co. Dublin.

Now ready,

Of whom may be had,

Smith's Wealth of Nations, with large Addi. OCIETY for ERECTING and

the Cottage Toilet.

tions by Professor M'Culloch, 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 128. Gul.

Painted by David Wilkie, Esq. R.A.; engraved by James Stew.
RELIGIOUS, CHARITABLE, and SCIENTIFIC INSTI art. Size 10 inches square. Prints 158.; Proofs 958.; India
Proots 30s. , before letters 368.

Shortly will be published, in 2 vols. Bro.
Sir Thomas Haring, Bart. M.P.
Hamilton (companion to the Daughters of C. B. Calmady,

Esq. Church of England and Ireland, Critical and other Tracts, and a

Discourses on the Liturgy and Principles of the United

M.P.), beautifully engraved by F. C. Lewis, in imitation of the
Right Honourable Lord Barham.

original Drawing by the late Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. Speech delivered in the House of Peers in 1824,
Right Honourable Lord Gambier.
Size, 12 inches by 15 high. Prints 108. 6d.; Proofs before let-

Right Honourable Sir G. H. Rose, M.P.
ters 11. 1o.

Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe,
Sir R. H. Inglis, Bart. M.P.

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row;
3. Portrait of Miss Bloxam (Niece to the
Sir Montague Cholmeley, Bart.

and John Cochran, 108, Strand.
Sir C. S. Hunter, Bart.

late Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.) Engraved by F. C. Lewis, Dircetors.

Size, in imitation of the original Drawing by Sir Thomas.

11 inches by 14 high. Prints 58, i linted, 104. 61. Thomas Bainbridge, Esq. Guilford Street.

New Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. J. G. Barker, Esq. Wardrobe Place,

4. Thalia. Engraved by T. Lupton, after on the 31st of March, 1831, will be published, Part First, price 6s. John Bridges, Esy. Red Lion Square. a beautiful fancy Picture by George Cint, 11 inches

of a new, greatly improved, and cheap edition of H. C. Christian, Esq. Strand. by 15 high. Prints 108. 64.; Proofs, before letters, 15s.

ENCYCLOPÆDIA ; W. M. Forster, Esq. Lincoln's Inn.

5. Scene from the Red Rover. William Grane, Esq. John Street. W. A. Hankey, Esq. Fenchurch Street.

engraved by Wm. Daniell, Esq. R.A, Size, 92 inches by 15 high. that Work : with Preliminary Dissertations on the History of the

Prints ll. 18.; tinted, 17. 18. W. Harding, Esq. Lower Eaton Street,

Sciences. L. Haslope, Esq. Copthall Buildings.

6. Scenery of the Rivers Yare and Waveney, By the late Professors STEWART and PLAYFAIR, W. B. Hudson, Esq. Haymarket Norfolk, Part II., from Pictures painted by James Stark, Esq.;

and by the Right Hon. Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH, H.G. Key, Esq. Abchurch Lane.

and Professor LESLIE. engraved by E. Goodall, J. Burnet, George Cooke, &c. Demy dto. G. T. King, Esq. Pudding Lane. 178. d.; imperial 110. 11. 94. 6d.; ditto India Proofs 11. 108.; published in Monthly Parts, and completed in Twenty Volumes

Illustrated with a new set of Engravings on Steel. To be J. Labouchere, Esq. Hamilton Place.

colombier, before letters, 11. 174. 6d. Samuel Mills, Esq. Russell Square.


Edited by Professor NAPIBR. James Nisbet, Esq. Berners Street. 7. Portrait of John Warde, Esq. on his

Mode and Terms of Publication. Archdale Palmer, Esq. Fenchurch Street. celebrated Horse Blue Ruin. Painted by Win. Barraud; en

I. By auginenting the contents of the page, but without de. Colonel Phipps, Piccadilly. graved by T. Lupton. Size, 19 inches by 15 high. Prints 191.;

creasing the size of the type, the work, while much improved in Henry Pow nali, Esq. Russell Square.

Proofs ll. ls.; India ditto, 11. 58.; before letters 18. 11. 6d.
Richardson Purves, Esq. Sunbury.
London: Published by Moon, Boys, and Graves, Printsellers

appearance, will be comprised, not withstanding the great exten

sion of its matter, in Twenty Quarto Volumes, handsomely printNathaniel Robarts, Esq. Bedford Street.

to the King, 6, Vall Mall.

ed on paper of a superior quality, twenty volumes of the present George Robinson, Esq. Great Queen Street.

being nearly equal to twenty-four of the former Editions. Each Rev. R. H. Shepherd, Pimlico.

volume will consist of 800 pages, containing a much greater Joseph Trueman, Esq. Mark Lane.

Mr. Collins' New Print.

quantity of matter than any similar publication; and the Pro. Thomas Walker, Esq. Piccadilly. Treasurer.

in the possession of Sir A. Hume, Bart. Painted by the Work shall not, on any account, exceed Twenty-one Volumes; Henry Drummond, Esq.

W. Collins, R.A and engraved in the Line Manner by J. Phelps, their present confident belief, at the same time, being that it will Secretary.

is now published by F. Collins, 52, Great Marlborough Street; to be completed in Twenty, Mr, J, R. Clark, 31, Northampton Square.

be had of Messrs. Colnaghi, Son, and Co. Pall Mall Eası; Moon, II. The publication will proceed in Monthly Parts, of which March, 1830.

Boys, and Graves, Pall Mall; Molteno and Graves, disto. Six will form a Volume; each Part thus averaging above 183
Prints, 128.; French Proofs, 11. 18.; India, Il. 48.

pages. The first Part will be published on the 31st of March, The Directors are happy to state, that considerable progress

1830. As the Work is already far advanced at press, and as the has been made in the erection of the Public Building, intended

printing of the whole will be finished long before the expiration to afford increased and adequate accoinmodation for holding the

of the period required for issuing the successive Monthly Paris, anniversary and other Meetings of the Religious, Charitable,


the Subscribers will have the option, as soon as the whole is and Scientitic Institutions in the Metropolis; and that the

printed, of completing at once their Copies of the Work, or of necessary arrangements have been made for completing it at the

To Professors and Pianoforte Studente.

abiding by the publication in Parts till the end of the Series. earliest practicable period.

Price 6s, a new and improved edition of

III. Each Part will be sold for Six Shillings, thus making the The Building is most convenientiy and centrally placed in the

TSEFUL EXTRACTS for the Pianoforte, price of a quarto volo me, of 300, ample pases, only Thirty-six greatest thoroughfare of the Metropolis, being situated in the

of . Strand, between Southampton Street and the spot where Exeter

consisting of Scales in the Major and Minor Keys; to lar publication of the day, and which, when the quantity of Change formerly stood, and consists of a Hall to contain about

which are added, Exercises calculated to form a proper Position matter in each volume, the quality of paper and printing, the 3000 Persons, a smaller room capable of holding an Audience of of the Hands, arranged and fingered

numerous Engravings, and the ability of the Articles, are taken 600, and various Ohces for the convenience of different Institu


into account, must be allowed to place the Work in a highly ad. tions.

Introductory Practice, being a Selection from antageous point of view. Considering its execution and extent, In order to provide the necessary means for effecting this ob. the Works of the most eminent Composers; intended as a Con.

it will, indeed, present the cheapest Digest of Human Knowledge ject, Shares are issued of £50 each ; and it is confidently expected, tinuation of the Useful Extracts, or an intermediate course of that has yet appeared in Britain, in the convenient form of a from every inqairy and calculation which have been made, that practices preparatory to the Author's Diversions and Studio,

Dictionary: the Profits arising from the use of the rooms and Offices con. By J. B. Cramer. 8,

Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh ; Simpkin and Marshall, nected therewith, will be amply sufficient to give a reasonble return, (not exceeding £5 per cent), on the Capital which may be

Characteristic Diversions, Practices dedi. London, John Cumming, Dublin; and to be had of all the Book! subseribed.

eated to his Pupils, Op. 71, a new edition. By the same The utility of this object, as tending to afford very great accom. Author. 146. modation to the Public, and, in an especial manner, to promote

Also, a new edition of

Waverley Novels.--New Edition the interests of the varions Religious, Charitable, and scientitic Studio

per il Pianoforte, consisting of Now in course of Monthly Publication, price 58. each volume, Institutions in London, the Directors are persuaded, cannet fail to be rightly esthinated. The want of a Building of this descrip: marked to each passage. By J. B. Cramer. In 9 vols. 215. each.

Eighty-Four Exercises. Composed, and the leading fingers NEW EDITION of the WAVERLEY tion has been long and severely felt; and a considerable suin was

NOVELS, with Notes and Introductions. The above Collection of Exercises forms the most complete subscribed towards the object before it was practicable to make a

By the Author, Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. commencement with the Building. The Directors, therefore, lingering of them is earnestly recommended to all who are de

Series of Pracucal Studies extant: a particular attention to the Ten volumes of this work have already appeared, and comprise, cannot but confidently bope, now that it is in rapid progress, that the undertaking will meet with that further encouragement sirous of acquiring a solid proficiency on the Pianoforte.

Waverley, in 2 vols., illustrated by F. P. and support, which the important advantages it is calculated to The Pianoforte Student's Catechism, a con- Stephanhott, E. Landseer, G.S. Newton, and James Stephan laoff. confer, so well entitle it to receive.

cise Introduction to the Rudiments of Music, designed principally Guy Mannering, in 2 vols., illustrated by Applications for Shares may be made to for the Use of Schools. By J. Goss. Price 88.

C. R. Leslie, William Kidd, and Abraham Cooper. Sir T. Baring, Bart. M.P. President, 21, Devonshire Place,

Cramer, Addison, and Beale, 901, Regent Street,

The Antiquary, in 2 vols., illustrated by Henry Pownall, Esq. 63, Russell Square;

Clerkson Stanfield, Abraham Cooper, F. P. Stephanboft', and Lancelot Haslope, E-4.3, Copthall Buildings;

E. Landseer.
J.G. Basker, Esq. 10, Wardrobe Place,
Rev. R. H. Shepherd, 11, Chatham Place, and Palace Street,


Rob Roy, in 2 vols., illustrated by William Pimlico; and Mr. Clark, Secretary, 31, Northampton Square.

Shortly will be published, in 8vo, dedicated, by permission,

Kidd, A. E. Chalon, C. R. Leslie, and Abraham Cooper.
Donations will also be received by

to Thomas Moore, Esq.

The Ninth Volume, published on 1st FeMessrs. Drummond and Messrs. Hankey, Bankers to the Society,

a Poem. bruary, comprises the Black Dwarf and part of Old Mortality, or by any of the Directors. Written during a Tour on the Continent.

illustrated by David Wilkie, Principal Painter in Ordinary to By THOMAS MAUDE, Esq. A.M. Oxon.

His Majesty, and by J. Burnet.
Printing for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

The Tenth Volume, published this day, is
The Copy-

beautifully illustrated by Wilkie and Cooper. The succeeding right of a Provincial Newspaper, of extensive Circula.

volumes will have the assistance of the same distinguished

Every Saturday will be published, tion and long-established Connexions, to be Disposed of. A l'rine

Artists; also of Martin, Stothard, E. Landseer, Stephanhoff,

HE PRIVATE TUTOR, and CAM. Chalon? Leslie, Newton, Kidd, Chisholm, Fraser, smirke, Borall, ing Business, attached to the above, may be had at the option of the Purchaser.

BRIDGE MATHEMATICAL REPOSITORY; com. Bonington, Farrier, Clint, &c. Address A, B. at Mr.

Reynell's Country Newspaper and prising Illustrations and Examples in every branch of the Ma. Printed for Cadell and Co. Edinburgh; Simpkin and Marshall, General Advertising Office, 42, Chancery Lane, London. thematics: with Essays, Problems, and other Contributions.

London; and sold by all Booksellers.
Conducted by J. M. F. WRIGHT, B.A.

1&t March, 1830. Author of " Solutions of the Cambridge Problems," &c. &c. &c. GENTLEMAN, who has for the last This Work is designed to exhibit, in the clearest point of view,

the Progress of Science at the University of Cambridge. It will Eight Years conducted one of the most influential and

In the course of the present month will be published, handsomely popular Journals in the North of England (which is still under contain an account of every Mathematical Examination, whe

parinted in I large vol. 4to. with a Portrait, his care), and who has also been connected with several London Colleges, Smith's Prizes, or for the honours of the Tripos; and

ther for Fellowships, Scholarships, Class Prizes at the several Periodicals, having some leisure time, is desirous of forming a will furnish solutions of all the Problems that may be proposed Divinity in the University of Cambridge:

D.D. Master of Trinity College, and Regius Professor of Literary Engagement as a Corrector of Proofs, in preparing MSS.

at those Examinations, for the Press, in Editing any Miscellaneous Work, or as a Reviewer for a Periodical vbich is independent and unbiassed. No. IV. will be published on Saturday,

By the Very Rev. JAMES HENRY MONK, D.D.

Dean of Peterborough. Terms shall be made perfectly agreeable to the Employer. March 6th, by W. P. Grant, Cambridge ; and sold by Whittaker. Printing for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Church. Address, post-paid, 2. 2. 7.., at Mr. Barker's Country News. Treacher, and Co. London; to whom all Communications to the yard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and J. and J. J. Deighton, paper and General Advertising Oflice, 52, Fleet Street. Editor are to be sent, post-paid.















In the press, 8vo.
Works published during the Week by Longman, Rees,

8, New Burlington Street, HE FIRST BOOK of the ILIAD; the

Orme, Brown, and Green.

Messrs. Colburn and Bentley have just published

the following New Works:

In 3 vols. post 8vo. Achilles : Specimens of a New Version of Homer.

tical Journal, No. 100. Price 6s.


Contents: Art. I. Providential and Prophetical Histories; Dr.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Miller's Philosophy of History, Forster's Mahomedanism Un-

By W. GODWIN, Esg;
Veiled, &c.-II. Political Economy; Mr. Sadler's School, Italian

Author of Caleb Williams," " St. Léon," &c.
Boonomists-III. Lieutenant Maw's Journal of a Passage from 2. Field Sports of the North of Europe,

the Pacific to the Atlantic-IV. Etruscan History and Antiqui. including the Narrative of a Residence in Norway and Sweden, BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. ties; Inghirami, Muller, &c.-V. Wilson's Life and Times of by L. Lloyd, Esq. In 9 vols. 8vo. with numerous Plates. THITTINGHAM'S FRENCH Ottoman Empire, Travels in, Present state, and Prospects;

3. Travels in various Parts of Pern, includ. CLASSICS, with beautiful Frontispieces.

Franek land, Madden, Walsh, Macfarlane-Vilí. Impolicy of In- ing a Year's Residence at Potosi. By Edmond Temple, Knight

creasing the Duties on Spirits-IX. Sir Rufane Donkin on the of the Royal and distinguished Order of Charles II1. of Spain. Histoire de Pierre le Grand. Par Voltaire. Course and probable Termination of the Niger --X. New System In 9 vols. 8vo. with Map and numerous Plates. Price 6.

of Cure : Hahnemann's Homöopathie-XI. Soaihey's Colloquies 4. Letters from Nova Scotia, containing Paul et Virginie. Par St. Pierre. 28. 6d. on the Progress and Prospects of Society, &c. &c.

Sketches of a Young Country. By Capt. William Moorsom, sed

No. 101 will be published in April. Elisabeth ; ou, les Exilés en Sibérie. Par

Light Infantry. In I vol. small 8vo. with a Map

and Plates. Vadame Cottin.Price 24. 6d.

Conversations upon Comparative Chronology 5. The Manners of the Day; a Novel. In Histoire de Charles XII. Par Voltaire, 5s. and General History, from the Creation of the World to the Birth 3 vols:

post 8vo.

“An authentic record of the Manners of the Day, particularly Bélisaire. Par Marmontel. Price 3s.

“We can bear the highest testimony to its merits. No research of the state of female society at the present time, which we think Les Aventures de Télémaque. Par Féné-mation acquired from the most authentic sources in a very lumi. picted."--Literary Gazette.

seems to have been spared, and the author has placed the infor. has never been so thoroughly examined and so attractively delos Price 68. 64. nous point of view. We most cordially recommend them to the

And in a few days,
Atala. Par Chateaubriand. La Chaumière public."-Literary Gaxette, Feb. 13, 1836.
Lectures on the Theory and Practice of By the Hon. Mrs. Norton. 1 vol. post 8vo.

6. The Undying One; and other Poems. Indienne. Par St. Pierre. Price 38. la Henriade. Poëme de Voltaire. 3s. Surgery. By John Abernethy, F.R.S. Delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and drawn up by himself, from Notes

7. Travels in Kamtchatka and Siberia, Estelle, Pastorale. Par Florian. 28. 6d. which he had prepared with a view to ultimate publication. In with a Narrative of a Residence in China. By P. Dobell, Esq.

ounsellor to his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia. In Numa Pompilius, Second Roi de Rome. Svo, price &... Far Florian. Price 5s.

The History of England during the Middle 2 vols, small 8vo. with Plates.
Les Incas; ou, la Destruction de l'Empire the accession of Henry vill, and also the History of the li of the " Roué.” In 3 vols, post 8vo.


8. The Oxonians; a Tale. By the Author du PérouPar Marmontel. 6s.

terature, Poetry, Religion, the Progress to the Reformation, and Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane. Par Le of the Language of England during that Period. By Sharon

Burke's Peerage for 1830. Suge. 9 tom price 136.

Turner, F.A.S. R.A.S.L. 3d edition, in 5 vols. 8vo. price 31. Third edition, corrected to the present period, inscribed, by perGonzalve de Cordoue. Par Florian.

mission, to His Most Gracious Majesty, in 1 large vol. with 58. 6d. Illustrations of some of the Principal Dis

numerous Illustrations, Guillaume Tell, et Eliezer et Nephthali. enses of the Ovaria, their Symptoms and Treatment; to which Pur Plorian. Price 39. these Parts in the Human Body and in Animals. By Edward

PEERAGE and BARONETAGE of the BRITISH " Beautifully printed and prettily ornamented, the present J. Seymour, M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in EMPIRE. graceful httle tomes only require a morocco or russian dress, to London, and one of the Physicians to St. George's Hospital, In « We notice this new edition of Burke's Peerage with much deserve a place in every rosewood bookcase. The engravings are 8vo. bds. with an Atlas of 14 Lithographic Engravings in folio, satisfaction, on account of the great and real improvements which wory beauufel."--Literary Gazette. sewed, price ll. ls.; or on India paper, 11. 11s. 6d.

have been made in the work."--Literary Gazette. Pripted for M, Arnold, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden; and sold by all other Booksellers. The Annual Biography and Obituary for tory of the British Nobility. It is enriched by a variety of per

“ This popular work justly deserves to be considered as a Histhe Year 1830, containing Memoirs of celebrated Persons who sonal Anecdotes, never before published, relative to many illusla : vols, post 8vo. price 911. boards, died in 1838-99. In 8vo. 158. boards.

trious houses, in addition to numerous authentic details connected! “ We are unacquainted with any work of the kind which does with their lineage, and communicated to the author by the noble

so much credit to the industry and talents of its editor."-Lite inheritors of the titles. The volume, containing 900 pages of By the Author of" Recollections of the Peninsula," &e. rary Gazette, Jan. 9, 1830.

letterpress, is moreover illustrated with upwards of 1500 heraldic By the same Author,

Also may be had,

plates, is printed in double columns, with so remarkably clear 1. Recollections of the Peninsula. 108, 6d.

and beautiful a type, as to comprise a quantity of matter equal to

The preceding Thirteen Vols. 158. each. no less than 12 octavo volumes!”-John Bull. boards 2. Scenes and Impressions in Egypt. 128. Society of London. vol

. xv. Part II. In 8vo. with Plates,

Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgical Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. beards,

Cheap School Editions of Latin

Authors. price 108. 6d. boards.

Published by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. 3. The Story of a Life. 3d edition, 2 vols. * By an arrangement made with the Council, the Publishers

will supply sach Members of the Society as may be desirous of VIRGILII pont Bro. 18. boards.

MARONIS OPERA, ex 4. Notes and Reflections during a Ramble Prices which may be had of Longman and Co. or of any of their ford. ' 18mo. price 36.6d. bound. completing their Sets of the Society's Transactions, at a Scale of

Editione Chr. G. Heyne. In Usum Scholarum. Ox. in Germany. Nex edition, 8vo. 12:. boards.

Correspondents. 3. Sketches of India.

2. P. Virgilii Maronis Opera, ex Editione 4th edition, 8vo. Office for the Visitation of the Sick, accom- Chr. G. Heyne. Accedunt Notæ quædam Anglice scriptae. A boards.

panied with Notes and Explanations. By William Coxe, M.A. Oxford. 18mo. price 6s. bound. * Such is the merit and charm of the volumes before us, they Archdeacon of Wilts. In limo. Is. 64. black cloth.

3. Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera. With a plan u konce by the side of the author, and bring before our yn isd minds the scenes he has passed through, and the feel Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that Preface on the different kinds of Verse used in the Odes. Edinis they agrested."--Edinburgh Review.

relates to Guns and Shooting, &c. &c. By Lieut..Colonel P.burgh. 18mo. 36. bound. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Hawker. 6th edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. with Woodcuts, 18s. boards. 4. M. Tullii Ciceronis de Officiis, ad Mar.

The Magazine of Natural History, and Jour. cum Filium, Libri tres. Item, Cato Major, Lælius, Paradoxa, No 1. for March, price 36. Gd.

Conducted by J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. G.S. Z.S. &c. No. XII. (10 5. Cornelius Nepos, de Vitis excellentium This Number contains a Review of past Operations, with con be continued every Two Months, alternately with the " Garden Imperatorum. Notis et Vocabularit, &c. illustravit O. Ritchie, dessed Reports of the Progress of Mining Companies--Corre- er's Magazine,") price 2s.6d.

A.M. 18mo. price 3s. bound. podence from the Mining Districts since the last Reports pre Vols. I. and II. containing Nos. I. to X. 6. Cornelii Nepotis excellentium Imperatorested to the Proprietors-Reports of General Meetings Mining

may be bad, price 11. 268. boards. TelesGlossary of Spanish Mining Terms, with Section and

rum Vitæ, ad fidem optimorum exemplorum denuo castigatæ. Grand-plan of the Gongosoco Gold mine, from Drawings by A New General Atlas, with the Divisions In Ædibus Valpianis

. Price 2s.61. Capt. G. P. Lyon, R.N.

and Boundaries carefully coloured. Constructed entirely from 7. Publii Terentii Afri Comoediæ Sex, ad blished by T. asd T. Baosey, 4, Broad Street, City; and new Drawings, and engraved by Sidney Hall. Price 108.6d. the fidem editionis Westerhovianæ concinnatæ. Io Aditus ValpiSipkia and Marshall, Stationers' Court, Paternoster Row. 17th and concluding Part.

anis. Nova editio. Price 30. 6d. Contents.-Ireland-Palestine-Nubia and Abyssinia

8. Caii Sallustii Crispi quæ extant. In The 15th edition, price 12s. in boards,

Canada-New Brunswick-and Nova Scotia.
With an engraved Title and Index.


Valpianis. Nova editio. Price 23. 6d. bound. the Clergy, Heads of Families, and Seminaries, &c. &c.

Also may be had,

9. Eutropii Historiæ Romanæ Breviarium, Parts I. to XVI. 108. Od. each.

ab urbe condita usque ad Valentinianum et Valentem Augustos: * This edition, containing a copious description of all the new

necnon Sexti Aurelii Victoris de Viris Illustribus Liber. To

*** In order to prevent inconvenience, the Subscribers are which is added a Vocabulary, in Latin and English, of all the medres, &c. we can cordially recommend. It embraces the requested to complete their Sets without delay, as no more Parts Words, except the proper Names of Men. Edinburgh. 18mp. practical part of medicine, without the saperfluous theories with which was of the systems of physic are loaded." -Alkendum, will be prepared than what are required.

price 28. bound.

10. Florilegium Poeticum ; ex Operibus Pested for Langman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

In 3 vols. post 8vo.

Ovidii, Tibulli, Propertii, Martialis, &c. in usum Tironum, cas-
DVENTURES of an IRISH GENTLE- tissima curà selectum. Editio nova, recognita atque emendata, à
Police and Crimes of the Metropolis.

MAN; comprising an Account of his Residence in G. Whittaker, A.M. 18mo. price as. bound.
In 8vo. 12:. boards,

France at the sanguinary period of the Revolution.
" Of this we are sure, that five pages of it contain more vigor.

This day, post 8vo. 96. 6d.
CRIMES of the METROPOLIS; also, an Account of ous talent and literary power than any three volames, which have THE VERACITY of the FIVE BOOKS
Se Coura Sustice and Prisons of London, and an Inquiry into recently become fashionable. It is pathetic, characteristic, ludi.

Caner of the Increase of Crime, the Tendency of the Debtor crous, poetical, historical, &c. The part descriptive of the hero's
u, sad the state of the Brewers" and Licensed Victuallers' residence in Portugal is more like Smollett than any body else; found in them,

when compared in their several parts.

By the Rev. I. J. BLUNT,
By the Editor of the « Cabinet Lawyer."

and the narrative of the occurrence of the French revolution, in
** We tourmend it as a work of great intelligence and merit."
which the hero himself is made to be a principal actor, is the very

Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. perfection of literary painting. Indeed, it seems impossible that

John Murray, Albemarle Street. Ladie Printed fox Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. the writer should not have participated in the scenes he so vividly

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

The Veracity of the Gospels and Acts.
Elsburgh Gazetteer, brought down to 1829.
Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street,

Post Bro. 58. 64.
In large vols. 51. 53. bds.
Now ready, in 3 vols. post 8vo. price 945.

In 3 vols. post 8vo.
ition of the various Countries, &c. of the World.

Consisting of a Series of Tales, illustrative of the

the World. An Abridgment of the above, in 1 vol. 8vo.

Scenery and Manners of Scotland.

"Sydenham is a very clever work, which must make a great “ The writer of the work before us is entirely Scotch, and his stir in the upper and political circles. Its pages are in reality As a secumpaniment to the above, may be had,

pages are pictures from scenes whose impres of truth tell he has memoirs of the political intrigues of the time, full of keen obser.

taken them as an eye-witness; and many are rich in quiet, simvation, graphic sketches of character, biting sarcasm-one page St. Hydrographer to the King, froin the lake..

Autho Fee pagh excited in these pages, to gazing on a series of rustic land. sonages are of course real, though under fictitious names; and da bi Maps. Komal so 1. coba half-bound, scapusand simple home remedio ceo we recommend

them ful: their portraits are touched with high powers of satire. Literary
Prater for Langman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.
ther to our readers?"-Literary Gazette, Feb. 27.

London; William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street.

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street

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MINING REVIEW, nal of Zoology Botany, Mineralogs, Geology, and Meteorologia et Somnion Selpilonte lemos prises bound





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Practical Arithmetic.
Dr. Dymock's New Abridgment of Ainsworth's Dictionary.

Price 58. 6d. neatly bound in green,
In 18mo. the 10th edition, revised, price 43. 64. bound, In a pocket volume, closely printed, price 6s. 6d. in cloth boards, COMPREHENSIVE GRAMMAR of
HE COMPLETE PRACTICAL 78. bound in roan, or 10s. in Turkey morocco, with full allow.

ance to Teachers, &c.
ARITHMETICIAN; containing several new and useful
INSWORTH'S DICTIONARY, Author of « Pinnock's Catechisms," "'Grammar of Modern

Improvements, adapted to the use of Schools and Private Tuition.

Geography," &c.
London : Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; Longman abridged for the use of Grammar Schools.

Embellished with numerous Plates, illustrative of the most and Co.; Whittaker and Co.; Baldwin and Co.; Boosey, Ha Into this edition are introduced several alterations and im celebrated events recorded in the Scriptures, Biographical Pormilton and Co.; J. Duncan ; Simpkin and Co.; J. Souter; and provements, for the special purpose of facilitating the labour, and traits, and accurate Maps, engraved on steel. Houlston and Son; and Wilsons, York. increasing the knowledge of the young Scholar.

London : Printed for Poole and Edwards (late Scatcherd and Of whom may be had, price 5s. 6d.


Letterman), 12, Ave Maria Lane. From the great reduction in size, the public may be apt to A Key to the above; containing Answers suppose that there has been not only an abridgment of the ar. Illustrated with Plates, price 70. 6d. in cloth boards, to all the Questions, with the Solutions at full length whereverticles, but a diminution of their number. On examination, the

RCHITECTURAL NOTES on there is the smallest appearance of labour or difficulty. To reverse will be found to be the case; for several additional which is added, an Appendix, containing a Synopsis of Logarith-articles have been inserted, which will not be found in former

GERMAN CHURCHES ; with Remarks on the Origin mical Arithmetic, shewing their Nature and Use, in the plainest editions, but were deemed necessary to complete the intention of

of Gothic Architecture.

Published by J. and J.J. Deighton, Cambridge; and Longman. manner possible. Also, general Demonstrations of the principal the Editor. Rules in the Arithmetician. The whole forming a compre. London : Printed for Thomas Tegg, Cheapside; R. Griffin

and Co. London. hensive System of Arithmetic, both in Theory and Practice.

and Co. Glasgow; and J. Cumming, Dublin.

Price 70. to Subscribers for the whole Work, and 98. to Non8, New Burlington Street. Price 2s, with coloured Engravings of the Whidah Bunting,

Subscribers, Part I. of Messrs. Colburn and Bentley have just published the following

and a Map of the new Colony at Swan River, New Works:


This Work will be complete in 12 Parts, each consisting of 20 GERMANY and FRANCE. for March 1830.

sheets, and will form 9 vols. 4to. By Lieutenant-General CHARLES WILLIAM VANE, Under the direction of WILLIAM AINSWORTH, M.R.C.S.E. London: Black, Young, and Young, Foreign and English Marquess of Londonderry, G.C.B. G.C.H. &c. &c.


Booksellers, 2, Tavistock Street; and sold by all Booksellers in In 1 vol. with Map and Plan.

Contents: Account of the Outer Hebrides. By W. Macgil- the United Kingdom. “A work of very high political and historical importance."- livray, A.M.-Monograph on the Pisidium, a new Genus of Bri The Foreign Review, No. 10, will be pubLiterary Gazette. tish Fresh-water Testacea. By Captain Brown, F.L.S.-Facts

lished on the 12th inst. 2. The Manners of the Day. A Novel. In connected with the phenomenon of the Helm Wind of Cross

Fell, Cumberland. By Charles Slee, Esq.- On the Growing 3 vols. post 8vo. Power of Russia, and her late Acquisitions in Asia. By James

In 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait,

R. moitié à faire des riens."-Marmontel. By Captain Brown - Remarks on the Genera Callitriche and

of HIS OWN LIFE and TIMES, now first printed 3. The Diary of Ralph Thoresby, Author Elatinc. By G. A. Walker Arnott, F.L.S.- Reviews : Histoire

from the original MS.; including interesting particulars relative of the “ History of Leeds." Edited by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, Naturelle des Poissons. Par Cuvier et Valenciennes The Bo

to Lord Shaftesbury, Duke of Buckingham, Prince of Orange, tanical Miscellany. By W.J. Hooker, LL.D.- with numerous F.S.A. In 2 vols. 8vo.

Lord Clarendon, Lord Lauderdale, Lord W. Russell, Dr. Tillotson, Collections in Geography, Natural History, and Natural Phi. 4. Sydenham ; or, Memoirs

Dr. Oates, Sir W. Temple, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Bura of a Man of losophy, Catalogue Raisonné, &c.

net, Dr. Sherlock, Hobbes, &c. &c. the World. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

D. Lizars, Edinburgh ; Whittaker and Co. London ; and w. “We think it likely that Dr. Calamy's autobiography will “ Sydenham is a very clever work, which must make a great Curry and Co. Dublin; to whom Communications may be ad.

become one of the most popular books of memoirs extant, ranking stir in the upper and political circles."--Literary Gazette. dressed.

with those of Evelyn and Pepys."-Literary Gazette. 5. Travels to Timbuctoo and other parts of

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street, New and popular Works recently published by Hurst, Chance, Central Africa, during the Years 1824, 1825, 1896, 1897, and 1828.

and Co. 65, Sr. Paul's Churchyard.

Actual State of India. By M. Caillie. In 2 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait of the Author, and

In 2 vols. 8vo. with tine portrait, numerous other Plates.


IFE and CORRESPONDENCE of SIR Complete in 1 large vol. 8vo. price 41. 141. 6d.; Parts I. to V. to formed by Order of the Government of British India, to ascertain

THOMAS MUNRO, Bart. K.C.B. late Governor of be continued every Two Months, 108. 61. each; Numbers I. to the Actual Fate of La Pérouse's Expedition.

Madras, with Extracts from his Private Papers. X. to be continued Monthly, 28. 6d. cach.

By the Cheva Capt. T. DILLON.

By the Rev. G. R. GLEIG.
In 2 vols. 8vo. price 945. with Plates.

"An admirable work, which ought to take its place wherever 2. Memoirs of the Life and Times of Daniel Collingwood's Memoirs and Correspondence, and Bishop Heber's comprising the Description, Specific Character, Culture, History, Application in the Arts, and every other desirable De Foe, containing a Review of his Writings, and his Opinions mind."--Literary Gazette.

Journal, are to be found improving and delighting the human particular respecting all the Plants indigenous, cultivated in, or upon a variety of important Matters, Civil and Ecclesiastical. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street. introduced to Britain; combining all the advantages of a Linnean

By Walter Wilson, Esq. of the Inner Temple. In 3 very large and Jussieuean Species Plantarum, an Historia Plantarum, a vols. 8vo. price 91. 28. embellished with a fine Portrait.

Embellished with several Engravings, price 45. 6d. half-bound, Grammar of Botany, and a Dictionary of Botany and Vegetable 3. The History of the Hebrew CommonCulture. The whole in English, with the Synonyms of the com

ORE SHORT STORIES. moner Plants in the different European and other Languages: A.D. 19. Translated from the German of John Jahn, D.D. wealth, from the Earliest Times to the Destruction of Jerusalem,

By the Rev. E. MANGIN, M.A. the Scientitic Names accentuated, their Etymologies explained, the Classes, Orders, and Botanical Terms illustrated by Engrav. Stowe. In 2 vols. 8vo. price 218. With a Continuation from the time of Adrian. By Calvin E.

Author of " Short Stories for Short Students," &c.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane, ings; and with Figures of nearly Ten Thousand Species, exemplifying several Individuals belonging to every Genus included 4. Memoirs of the Tower of London ; em.

London; and J. Upham, Bath. in the Work. bellished by a Series of Engravings on Wood, by Branston and

In 8vo. price 58. 6d. Edited by J. C. LOUDON, F.L.S. H.S. &c.

Wright. In I thick vol. crown 8vo. with numerous Engravings, Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. price 12s. Dedicated, by permission, to the Duke of Wellington. « Our general impression of the work is, that, taking it alto The Literary part, by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley, Fellows of Formation of Urinary Calculi; with Remarks on their Frequency

DISORDERS of the KIDNEYS, which give rise to the gether, it is the most extraordinary that has yet appeared on any the Society of Antiquaries, &c., comprises a great variety of branch of science."--Literary Gazette, Oct. 31, 1829. Historical and Biographical Anecdotes, as well as some curious

in the County of Norfolk. “ We may confidently assert, that this is a book perfectly sui and interesting information respecting this Metropolitan and

By WILLIAM ENGLAND, M.D. generis. The quantity of matter is truly astonishing; and the National Fortress and Palace.

London: Published by T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street. entire publication is offered at a price 80 moderate (four and a

5. On the Constitution of the Church and half guineas) that we can hardly dare to hope it will do more

Illustrated with Engravings, 8vo. price 128. than cover the expenses of the public-spirited booksellers, who State according to the idea of each, with Aids towards a Right

of the it to be, the most useful and the most popular botanical work

R.A. R.S.L. In I vol. 8vo. price 10s. 6d. that has ever appeared in the English language."-Jameson's 6. The Poetical Album, and Register of Mother Events in Paradise, proving the Temptation and Fall of Man Edin. New Phil. Journ. No. XIV.

dern Fugitive Poetry. Second Series. Edited by Alaric A. Watts, By the Rev. JOHN BATHURST DEANE, M.A.

Esq. In 1 thick vol. post 8vo. price 12s. with a beautiful Frontis Late of Pembroke College, Cambridge: Curate of St. Benedict In 2 vols. 8vo. containing 2,350 pages of close print, 365. in piece.

Finck; and Evening Preacher at the Chapel of the Philanthropic
handsome cloth boards,
“ See! I have culled the flowers that promised best

And where not sure-perplexed, but pleased- I guessed

London: J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly : and
At such as seemed the fairest."-Byron.

C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard. By JOHN GORTON. " This Dictionary is peculiarly valuable as a work of reference

Post 8vo. price 78. 6d.

Miss Aikin's Court of Elizabeth, &c. for the general reader, on account of information respecting pro RA Y ER; a Poem.

In 9 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait from the rare Print minent characters that have figured on the stage of life being

by Crispin de Passe, 6th edition, 11. 54. boards,

By FREDERICK EDWARDS. more its object, than an alphabetical list of individuals of various

London: Sold by Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's

EMOIRS of the COURT of QUEEN note and merit; and upon this ground particularly it has a claim


ELIZABETH. to distinguished notice. Impartiality is another recommenda

By LUCY AIKIN. tion; and, as far as we have observed, this spirit is very cre


By the same Author, ditably maintained throughout."-New Monthly Magazine.

Memoirs of the Court of King James the " It is small praise to say this Dictionary supersedes all the prior compilations of the kind; but we have consulted a mul. ENGLAND; exhibiting the Rise and Progress of First, Designed as a Sequel to the Memoirs of the Court of Queen titude of articles, and have been surprised at the accuracy, ver. Ecclesiastical Taxation. satility, and intelligence, which they exhibit. We must not


Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. omit to remark an important recommendation in a bulky book Author of " An Inquiry relative to Junius."

Of whom may be had, of reference—its cheapness. Though far more copious, and " The first Christian emperors supplied the wants of the clergy carried down to a much later period, we believe the work does out of their own imperial revenues."--Eusebius.

Annals of the Reign of George the Third. not exceed the price of the imperfect repertories of biographies."

London: Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange.

By John Aikin, M.D. In 2 vols. 8vo. a new edition, brought -Allas.

down to the Period of his Majesty's decease, price ll. 58. boards. “ Among the many cheap and useful publications now issuing

Dr. Aikin's Annals of the Reign of George from the press, we have scarcely seen one which unites so many excellencies as this Biographical Dictionary. It exhibits a fine ANGLICANUM. The Fifty-Third Part of this Work is

the Third, abridged for the Use of Schools. In 1amo. 4s. 6d, bd. specimen of typography, and has a merit which belongs to very published this day, being the First Part of the Index: the few low-priced works." -Scotsman. Second, containing the remainder of the Index, Preface, Tables

Lent Sermons. “ Mr. Gorton's publication is altogether one of great excel of Contents, Titles, List of Subscribers, and various Tables of

In 8vo. price 7s. 6d. boards, lence calculated to be useful to a large number of students-and Arrangement for Binding, will complete the Work.

SERMONS on OUR LORD'S deserving extensive popularity."-Atheneum. If any Subscribers have not received the whole of their Parts,

TEMPTATION; grounded upon those of the learned " This work displays throughout traces of research and in they are requested to make application for them through their Bishop Andrews: to which is added, from the same author, a dustry, and contains as valuable a body of biographical informa respective Booksellers immediately.

Sermon on the Passion, tion as any that we have in the language."-Sun, Feb. 2.

London : Longman and Co.; and Harding and Co.

By WILLIAM KIRBY, M.A.T.R. and L.S. &c. &c. Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

Rector of Barham in Suffolk.

Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.
A New Latin Delect 118.

Printed by order of the Trustees of the British Museum,
Price 2.. 6d. neatly bound,
in 2 large vols. 8vo. price 24s. in boards; folio Copies 31. 38.

Price 100. Od.

a gressive Lessons in Latin Construing and Parsing, from DRAWINGS, &c.; forming the Geographical and

tive of the Progress of the Reformation, and of the the purest Latin Authors; adapted throughout to the Syntax of Topographical Collection attached to the Library of His late Sufferings of some of the Reformers. the Elon Grammar. For the Use of Schools and Private Tuition. Majesty King George the Third, and presented by His Majesty

George the fourth to the British Museum.

Authoress of the “Favourite of Nature."
London: Pripted for Poole and Edwards (late Scatcherd and Printed by order of the Trustees, and published by Ilarding Published by Longman, Rees, Orme,

Brown, and Green, Letterman). 12, Ave Maria Lane.

and Lepard, l'all Mall East.

London; and T. Stevenson, Cambridge.





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