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five feet from the ground, sheltered from wind and rain, in a north-east aspect, and the observation made at á o'clock A.M.; the barometer and winds are registered at 8 A.M. and 8 P.N.

(Kept at High Wycombe, Bucks.)

* Sun TORO

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was the contrary to that noticed last month, being nearly

inches : snow fell on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 21st,
d, 97th, 29th, 30th, and 31st, and sleet on several other
days-the whole, if added together, would give a depth
of 19 inches: the rain and melted snow measured 2.61375
inches : a partial thaw occurred on the 25th and 26th-
but frost returned on the following day. The evaporation
61625 of an inch.

(Kept at Edmonton.)
'M'N 3*~** 's 7's F' 153



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TO CORRESPONDENTS. To Clericus : we do not know the address of the widow of Blake, the artist; but have no doubt she might obtain liberal sums for such remains of his productions as may be in her possession. We will make some inquiries.

We had not noticed the Advertisement alluded to by an Original Subscriber, which is certainly very doubtful.

We shall be very happy to hear farther from S.; and if his following communications please us as much as the first, shall feel obliged to him for the series.

We think very well of Mr. Carstairs' system, as far as we have examined it--but want practice to speak authoritatively.

ERRATUM.-In the first column of page 106 of our last No., line 20 from bottom, for “ can scarcely be observed," read “ can scarcely be obscured."

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3 3
29-48125 55 24 32 44 52 25 73 60
4.68125 | 2

8.75 30.26209 34.25 30:07 | 28.75 29.52150 1.32 1•08125
37.08928 35.50 30-30 28 82 29.78714 1.48 1.41875

30-08 28-96 29-58494 1.12 0.575
41•60208 31:50 29-86 28.68 29.28477 1:18

30.18 29-34 29.78010, 0-84
30-14 29.15 29-77044 0.99
29.94 29-02 29-54881 0.92 4.7625
29.98 29.00 29.62236 0.98
29.99 28.89 29-49855 1.10

30-16 29.19 29.78366 0.97 2:0375
33.75 | 30.16 29.25 | 29-715 0.91

30.33 29.35 29-8472 0.98 0:33125

30.33 28.68 29.645371

19.50 37.65927 37.50

51.17338 38
55.91532 33
54.39314 36
49.78541 28.50
44.88709 35.50

74.50 34.50 54.91875 40
45.50 13.50 30-3387

8.75 43.77391

62-50 34
60-50 25

April ....
June ....
July ....
August ..
November 5375

Year ..1 74.50

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Connected with Literature and the Arts.

The Gallery for the Exhibition and Sale of the Works of
British Artists is open Daily, from Ten in the Morning till Five-
in the Evening.

Admission 19.- Catalogue ls.


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30-48 29-00 | 29-8395 1.48 26-75


Notice to Exhibitors. All Works of Art intended for the ensuing Exhibition with the Society of British Artists must be sent on Monday the 1st, or Tuesday the 9d, of March, between the hours of Ten and Six in the Evening, after which time no. Works can be received.

R. B. DAVIS, Secretary.

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30-24 29-06 29-7555 1.18
30-18 29-06 29-9443 1.42
30-05 29-00 29-4967 1.05 3.8
30-34 29-56 29.9952
30.39 29 29 29.9531 1.1
30.12 29.36 29-7457
30-22 29.22 29-827
30-16 29.16 29.709
30-36 29.36 29-9439 1
30.32 29-48 | 29-9071

30-43 29-58 30-0137
March.62 19.5 39.33 42-530-25 29.19 29.783 1.06

31.65 32
37073 39
44.10 35
85.75 42
61.55 45
61-05 39
58 95 40
53.59 37
47-07 41
38-42 40
32 41 , 40




69 08.961


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Exhibitors and the Public are informed that the Northern So-
ciety for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts will open their
Gallery on or about the First of May next; and that Works of
Art will be received during the first Three Weeks in April.

F. T. BILLAM, Hon. Secretary.
Gallery of the Northern Society, Leeds, Jan. 28, 1830.

All Letters to be addressed_" The Directors of the Northern Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts, Leeds."

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(Kept at Wendover, Bucks.)

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Council hereby give Notice, that Professor Dale will commence the Second Division of his Course of Lectures on English Literature on Tuesday the 23d of February. The Lectures are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Six to Seven in the Evening, and will continue every Week till July. This Division will comprehend the Origin and Progress of the Drama, the History of English Poetry, and the Origin and Progress of Romantic Fiction, &c. Fee, 31. for the Nominees of Proprietors-31. 158. for others. The Students of this Class will be allowed to contend for the Prize in the Senior English Language Class.

Professor Panizzi will commence a Course of Twelve Leca tures on Italian Literature, on Monday the 22d of February. They will comprehend the Tescide of Boccaccio, the Italia Lia berata of Trissino, the Gerusalemme Liberata of Tasso, the Secchia Rapita of Tassoni, and the Scherno degli Dei of Bracciolini. They will be delivered on Mondays and Thursdays from Three to Four o'Clock. Fee for Nominees of Proprietors, ll. 48.-for others 11. 10s.

Professor Muhlenfels will commence a Course of Twelve Leo tures on German Literature on Monday the 22d of February. The subject of them will be the History of German Poetry during the last Three Centuries. They will be delivered on Mondays and Thursdays, from four to Five o'Clock. Fee for Nominees of Proprietors 11.48.---for others 11. 108.

Lectures on History, by Benjamin Heath Malkin, LL.D.-Professor Malkin will commence a Course of Lectures on the Practi. cal Use of Historical Studies, with a comparative view of Society and Manners in different periods and countries, ancient and modern, on Tuesday the 9th of March. The Lectures will be delivered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at Two o'Clock, until the close of the Session in July. Fee 31. for the Nominees of Proprietors-31. 158. for others. There will be free admission to the Introductory Lecture on the 9th of March. University of London,

LEONARD HORNER, 16th Feb. 1830.


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470707 62.5 30:32 28.71 29-593 1.61 571 383 413 35, 5236 28: 75




17 33.50 33


13 47.59

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30-01 28-83 29.603 1.8 41
30-25 28.86 29.80 1.39 10

29-06 28.69 1.01 41
29.21 29.77.92 109
29 44 29-805 71 14
28 71 29.33
29-05 29.563 86

29.14 29-64
30.00 29-03 29.52
30.13 29.27 29.78
30-14 29-41 29.75

30-32 29.44 29-875 •88
56-38 32 5 30.15

26.5 29.97 58 28.5 41.73 20-5 30-07

60-355' 30-529.91

76 42:5 54.8 33.5 30.13
32 5 48-09 29.5

35:11 27.5
72-5 46 59
September 6+ 41.5 53.76 22.5

Noveinber 56 34.5 411



98.68 6.28 6.91


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EUCLES, and PUNCH, as Life in London, with NAPOLEON, URIEL and SATAN, LADY MACBETH, and several Drawings and Sketches, will open March 1st, at the West. ern Exchange, Old Bond Street.

Admittance, 18.- Catalogue 6d. The Private Day for the Nobility and Patrons will be the previous Saturday; and on Monday, April 5th, at Two o'Clock, the

Subscribers for the purchase of Eucles will be assembled to The mode of keeping the above registers was as fol- decide possession, and Lord F. L. GOWER in the Chair. lows:-At Edmonton, the warmth of the day is observed by means of a thermometer exposed to the north, in the "O BRITISH ARTISTS. At a Meeting shade, standing about four feet above the surface of the of the Committee, appointed by the Common Council, ground: the extreme cold of the night is ascertained by for Distributing the Premiums for Works of Art, granted by the a horizontal self-registering thermometer in a similar Council, and to be exhibited in the Exhibition in Liverpool: situation: the daily range of the barometer is known given to the painter of the best Picture in oil exhibited in the

It was resolved-That, for the ensuing year, Fifty Guineas be from observations made at intervals of four hours each, Liverpool Exhibition, without regard to size or subject, and from eight in the morning till eight in the evening: the without any restriction whatever, except that such picture must weather and direction of the wind are the result of the be known to be the work of a British Artist, painted expressly most frequent observations: the rain is measured every for the Liverpool Exhibition, and not previously exhibited in any morning at 8 o'clock. At Cheltenham, the temperature is ascertained by a committee of Gentlemen appointed by the Council.

Resolved-That the above Prize be adjudged and awarded by a horizontal self-registering thermometer, suspended about Liverpool, December 1839. J.WRIGHT, Chairinan,


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73.5 41

R. BROOKES'S MUSEUM of ANA:ISIR Sardce. Prinesellers to His Majesty, Pall Mall Bas MR.


India paper:





Stuart and Revett's Antiquities of Athens, non completed

and published. TOMY, Blenheim Street, Great Marlborough Street, Messrs. WHEATLEY and ADLARD bag to acquaint the Medical World and the Public at large, that the sale of this Museum Astley Cooper, Bart from a Picture by Sir Thomas Lawrence,

TIES of ATHENS, Part X. with Supplement, which will positively commence on Monday, March 1st, and continue P.R.A. Engraved in mezzotinto on Steel, by Mr. Samuel Cou completes Vol. IV. and the Work, is now in the course of delt. for Twenty-three following Evenings, (Saturdays and Sundays sins. Price of the Proofs before the letters, 31. 134. 6d., with the very to the Subscribers. The Werk consists of a much ang excepted), at half.past six precisely. letters, 21. 19. 60.; Prints, ll. 58.

mented edition of the 3 vols. of Stuart and Revett's Antiquities The Collection embraces an almost endless assemblage, in every A Book to receive Names of Subscribers is now opened of Athens, with Corrections and very considerable additions of department of Anatomy, Lootomy, Zoology, &c. Amongst the

at the Publishers'.

Notes, &c. elucidatory of Temples and Antiquities, the result of most prominent may be noticed upwards of Thirty Human Ske Michael Faraday, Esq; The Subscribers to letons-more than One Hundred Crania, many of them exempli: the Portrait of Michael Faraday, Esq. from a Picture by H. W.

more recent Researches.

Edited by W. KINNARD. fying the dire effects of the most malignant Diseases-about 2000

Vol. IV. entitled the Antiquities of Athens, Boules, containing subjects claiming the utmost interest -an Pickersgill, Esq. R.d. Engraved in Mezzotinto on Steel, by Mr. infinity of Vascular Preparations - Human and Comparative Samuel Cousins, are most respectfully informed, that the Engrav. and other Places in Greece, Sicily, &c.

Supplementary to the foregoing are the united Productions of Monsters of every description-several Mummies-nnmerous Ske. ing is just ready for delivery, at the Publishers', Colnaghi, Son,

Messrs. C. R. Cockerell, A.R.A.F.S.A., W. Kinnard, T. L. Do. letons of Birds, Reptiles, &c. finely articulated-beautifully stuffed and Co. Printsellers to His Majesty, Pall Mall East. Birds and Quadrupeds, well preserved, and in many instances The late Archbishop of Canterbury. Col. naldson, W. Jenkins, and W. Railton, Architects; and will be excessively scarce--Casts and Statues of the Human Figure, &c. naghi, Son, and Co. Printsellers to the King, Pall Mali East, will relating to pare Grecian Art. The whole making a vols. royal

The Museum will be on view from Monday, the 22d instant, lo shortly publish a half-length Portrait of the Most Rev. C. M. folio, with upwards of 200 Plates, price in boards, 151. 158. Saturday, the 97th, inclusive, from Eleven tili Three.

Sutton, late Archbishop of Canterbury, from a Picture painted The Fourth Volume of the preceding Work is printed of a size Catalogues are now ready, and may be had with Cards to view, by lloppner, (in the possession of His Majesty), engraved by Mr. to correspond with the imperial folio volumes of the Original at Messrs. Wheatley and Adlard's Offices, 191, Piccadilly. Charles Turner, A.R.A. Price of the Proofs before the letters, Works of Stuart and Reveti- Antiquities of lonia, Attica, &c.; 31. 38.; Proofs, with letters, 21. 25.; Prints, 11. ls.

to the former of which it is particularly applicable, as being Mr. Serjeant's Splendid Engravings. Bay of Patras. Illustrations of the Occur- supplementary to that great Athenian Work, price in boards

Gothic Architecture. The whole Interior and Wells, respectfully announce, they have re Squadron and Turkish Fleets,

from the 1st to the 6th of October, ceived Instructions to SELL by AlCTION, on Tuesday, Febru: 1827. Dedicated to Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, K.C.B. of King Henry the Seventh's Chapel at Westminster, consisting ary 23 and Four following Days, at Twelve for One precisely each graphed by G. P. Reinagle. Price 11. 55. plain paper; 21. 108. on Perspective, Views, Sections, Details, Mouldings, ornaments,

In Eight Plates, with Descriptions, designed and litho. of a Series of Practical Drawings of Plans, Elevations, Interior Day, this capital COLLECTION of ENGRAVINGS; comprising the most valuable productions of the Dutch, Flemish,

and Sculpture of the Chapel, drawn from actusi ad measureFrench, and English Schools, including the Works of Woollett,

Published by Colnaghi, Son, and Co. Printsellers to the

ments, by L. N. Cottingham, Architect; with Observations on Strange, Wille, Bartolozzi, Houbraken, Visscher, Edelisck,

King, Pall Mall East.

Gothic Architecture, and other Letter-press Description, atlas Drevet, Rembrandt, &c. &c; most of them engravers' proofs in

folio size, the Plates very neatly executed and printed on the best the choicest state: amongst others equally valuable will be found RNITHOLOGY and ENTOMOLOGY. paper, price 31. 35. in á Portfolio. This Work, of which only a Cooke's Southern Coast, engravers' proofs--the whole of the En.

select number has been printed, completes, and forms a second

L. DIETRICHSEN desires to inform Collectors of volume to, a Work published some time since on the Exterior of gravings after Wilkie, engravers' proofs, in the finest and rarest Ornithology that he has at present for Sale, a large Quantity of states. The whole forming one of the most interesting as well as Foreign Specimens in Skin, all in the best State of Preservation.

the Chapel. intrinsically valuable collections ever submitted to the public. Also a few Boxes of Brazilian Insects, remarkably fine.

Priestley and Weale, No. 5, High Street, Bloomsbury, Catalogues are ready, and will be forwarded to those who may

N.B.-L. D. is at home daily at Five o'Clock, p.m. favour Messrs. Southgate and Co. with their address.

In 8vo. 78, Nerman Street, Oxford Street. 22, Fleet Street, Feb. 12, 1830.

on the GOSPELS. To be viewed on Saturday and Monday preceding, and Mornings of Sale. Catalogues may be had at the Rooms. HE following LETTER, respecting

Part I. St. Matthew, price 16s. Part II. St. Mart,

price 6s. 6d. Designed for the Use of Students at the University,

Mr. CARSTAIRS'S SYSTEM of WRITING, will and for Candidates for Holy Orders. Advertisements connected with Literature, Fine Arts, Science, &c. testify how highly it is appreciated, and the probability of its

By the Rev. M. BLAND), D.D.F.R.S. and F.A.S.

Rector of Lilly, Herts; Prebendary of Wells; and late Fellow > To Wm. Bruce, Esq. M.D. Hatton Garden, London.

and Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge. with Memoirs.

Dear Sir, I have been favoured with the valuable packet you
By W.JERDAN, Esq. F.S.A. &c.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.
have kindly addressed to me, containing Mr. Carstairs's Lectures
Publishing Monthly.

on the Art of Writing, and his Desideratum of Penmanship, acThe extensive and increasing circulation of the "National Por companied with five supplementary copy-books, and your copy

In 2 very thick vols. 4to. double Columns, trait Gallery" throughout the United Kingdom and on the Conti- papers, exhibiting your progress in his system of writing. It is

WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY. A nent, rendering in a very desirable medium for Advertisements not only a useful system, but the most perfect of its kind, and

few Copies of the American edition of this celebrated connected with Literature, the Fine Arts, Science, Sale of Es. highly creditable to the inventing genius of its author, I am, Dictionary have been received in a recent Consignment of Books tates, &c.- the Proprietors have resolved

on devoting a sheet each indeed, surprised that it was so long from being introduced in from the United States, by R. J. Kennelt, 59, Great Queen Street, month to this purpose, on the following advantageous terms: this quarter of the globe. I have adopted the method in my

Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Whole Page...

£3 3 0

seminary, and will also introduce it into the Madras Male and
A Column

.1 15 0
Female Orphan Asslams and Free Day-school, under the patron.

Of whom may be had, gratis, on application,
Half a Column
...1 0 0

age of the venerable Archdeacon Thomas Robinson, A.M. I am A List of American Books lately imported. Quarter of a Column ..0 12 0

only sorry that I cannot part with the copy of the work you fa.
Ten Lines ....

voured me with, otherwise I would, with much pleasure, recom-
Per Line above Ten.... ....0 06

mend its introduction and adoption into the Military Male "HE COURT JOURN A L. Adrertisements to be forwarded to 38, Newgate Street, by the

Orphan Asylum, under the superintendence of the Rev. Dr. Roy, 91st of each month at the latest.

The Publisher begs to remind those who desire to com. and other public seminaries here, so as to give publicity to this

mence taking this publication with the New Year, that, unless new and improved method of writing.

their orders are given immediately to their respective Newsmen Beautifully appropriate for Album or Scrap-Rook.

Madras, Sept. 19, 1829.

(Signed) C. KENNET.

or Booksellers, he cannot ensure their being supplied - as only a OLY FAMILY. Sir Joshua Reynolds's

moderate quantity of copies, exceeding the actual number sub.

scribed for, have been printed. fine Picture, the property of the British Institution, for

The attention of the public, and of the fashionable world in which Two Thousand Guineas were given. This day is pub BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. particular, is respectfully invited towards this new and popular lished, a fine Line Engraving, by Walker, from the above Píc.

Weekly Journal, which presents itself as the companion pot ture.

In 8 large vols. 8vo. containing 2350 pages of close print,

merely of the drawing-room and the boudoir, but of the break." To be had of the Printsellers of London; and J.G. Walker,

price 36s, in handsome cloth boards,

fast-table and the study. Bond Street, Chelsea ; and at Manchester, of Messrs. Agnew and

The occupations, engagements, and amusements of the higher Zanetti, Printsellers at Bath, of Salmoni, Printseller, at

DICTIONARY. Southampton, of H. Buchan, Printseller ; at Norwich, of Free.

classes of society had long required a record; and they found it By JOHN GORTON,

in the Court Journal. The public and private habits of royal man, Printseller; at Birmingham, of Everett, Printseller; at Oxford, of J. Wyatt, Printseller.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

and noble life, those habits which give the tone to manners

throughout the empire, are here depicted with a freshness and Proofs, India, before the letters, 15s. each; Proofs, India, with the letters, 10$. each, Prints, 78. each.

Price 8s. boards,

accuracy hitherto unattempted; but in addition to these leading

and peculiar features, it supplies information on every topic of

HE GARLAND. 2d edition, with passing interest-thus rendering it a Weekly Newspaper, of an New Works just published by R. Ackermann,

96, Strand.
additional Poeins.

entirely new, improved, and valuable nature.

The Court Journal is published every Saturday Morning, on a IEWS of NOBLEMEN and GENTLE

" A small volume of poems has just appeared under this title, handsome sheet of Sixteen quarto pages, containing Forty-eight of Country Seats of the Royal Family, Nobility, and Gentry of has claims upon the patronage of the public.”—Morning Post,

sion being stamped, subscribers may receive and transmit it to England, after original Designs, by W. Westall, J. Gendall, and

"An elegant little volume of miscellaneous poems."--Brighton their friends, postage free, throughout all parts of the Kingdom, other Artists, with Particulars, Historical and Descriptive. vols. Herald.

Published for Henry Colburn, by W. Thomas, at the Othoe, royal 8vo. hall-bound Russia, price tl. 48. " A pretty little garland of miscellaneous poems."- Mirror.

19, Catherine Street, Strand. 2. Lessons and Examples of Poonah Paint- blossoms, and twining them into the graceful wreath before us.” * We are indebted to the author for collecting the scattered Orders are received by all looksellers, Newsvenders, and

of the Roads ing, Part II.; being a series of Lessons with Formulas and Ex. La Belle Assemblée.

Private Communications for the Editor may sent to amples, by which a thorough knowledge of this fashionable art

T. and G. Underwood, 32, Fleet Street.

No. 8, New Burlington Street. may be obtained without the aid of a Master Price 9s. 3. Constantinople. Two beautifully coloured

Every Wednesday,

8vo. 128. Vol. II. of Views of the Fountains of Tophana and Bab Houmayon, from HE FOREIGN the Originals, by W. Page, size 314 inches by 22. Price 31. 31.


By the Rev. CHARLES WEBB LE BAS, A.M. the pair

W. Scripps, 7, Wellington Street, Strand. To be had of all Professor in the East India College, Hertfordshire; Rector of
Booksellers, Newsmen, &c. price 10d. or la, stamped.

St. Paul, Shadwell; and late Fellow of Trinity College, Can.

Illustrations of Cambridge,
This day is published, dedicated, by permission, to his Royal
In 3 vols. 18mo. with Six Plates, price 13s. the 3d edition of

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Highness the Duke of Gloucester, Chancellor of the University,

Also, Nos. I. and II. of the Second Series of

of the best Authors, with the Authorities given, and

A New Edition of Vol. I. 8vo. 10s. 6d. TIEWS (Interior as well as Exterior) of a copious Index to each Volume. “ The editor is obviously a man of deep reading: scarcely

Lord Londonderry's New Work.-In I vol. with a Nap and Plan, TOWN of CAMBRIDGE, engraved in the Line Manner, by many whose weighty comes are either too rare or too dry for one of our esteemed authors has he left untaxed, and from

ARRATIVE of the LATE WAR in Messrs. Storer, from their Original Drawings.

Number 1. comprises Interior of the Chapel of Jesus College- general reference has he extracted precious gems."-British Na.
Interior of the Hall of Trinity College-Gate of Honour of Caius

By Lieutenant-General CHARLES WILLIAM VANE, College, and the Senate House-Bridge of King's College. “ They afford a never-ending banquet."- Court Journal.

Marquess of Londonderry, 6.C.B. G.C.H. &c. &c. Number II. comprises New Buildings, St. John's College-In.

" They contain the wisdom of ages condensed into a small com. " The Narrative of the War in Germany and France, from the

pass."--Atlas. terior of Trinity Church - Clare Hall, from the Master's Garden

pen of Lord Londonderry, so long announced, is nearly ready for --Gisborne Court, St. Peter's College.

Sustenance and Stretch, Percy Street, Bedford Square. publication. This second work of the noble author, we under.

stand, is likely to be as much relished by fashionable as by mere Demy octavo

5 Demy quarto

Foolscap 8vo. 6s.

professional readers, from the variety of court anecdotes and Demy quarto, Proof's on India paper .. 12 each No. YONSOLATIONS in TRAVEL; or, the amwne opies which relieve the dryness of military detail, and Any Print may be purchased separately, on India paper,

Last Days of a PHILOSOPHER.

reviews, festivals, and balls. Much curious and important infor. price 46.


mation as to the real characters and designs of the royal and Four Numbers will appear in the course of each Year; and

Late President of the Royal Society.

noble personages who played a part upon the scene, will be, it each Number will contain Four Views.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

is said, for the first time afforded us; such indeed as cannot fail Cambridge: Published by J. and J. J. Deighton; T. Steven.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

to prove as agreeable to general readers as to his lordahip's com. son, and R. New by, and sold by Longman and Co.; Simpkin and Marshall; C., J., G., and F. Rivington; Moon, Boys, and

work."--Court Journal. Co.; C. Tilt; and E. Jennings, London, Plates and Woodcuts, 121.

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street,


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LITERARY SERMONS, on various Subjects.

L A CON LCS, the best Words






POEMs on

STORLES from the


THREE LECTURES on the cost of



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Won of Sermons by the most eminent Modern Divines of
A Dictionary of the English Language IGUAGE EXPLAINED; for the Use of Schools.

Post Ivo. . 60.
New Supplement to the Pharmacopeias.

Popular School Books,
In 8vo. price 12s. boards, the 2d edition, considerably enlarged, Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.


HISTORY, adapted to the Use of Families and Schools,, “We have been led to talk of Robinson Crusoe by the narrative LIN, and PARIS: forming a complete Dispensatory and Con. with appropriate Questions at the end of each Section. Mr. Head, who is a sort of Robinson Crusoe in his way. We spectus; including the new French Medicines and Poisons; as

By the Rev. H. I KNAPP, A.M. hare perused his work with considerable pleasure."-Westminster well as Herbs, Drugs, Compounds, Veterinary Drugs, Patent

I vol. 12mo. 6th edition, with considerable Additions, 5a. bd. Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Varnishes, and similar articles The History of England, related in familiar "The Rough Notes' of Captain Head on his gallop across kept in shops, with their Composition, Imitation, adulteration, Sauth America, are not more unlike ordinary trasels than this and Medical Uses; being a General Receipt Book for Daily Ex- Conversations, by a father to his children. By Elizabeth

Helme. 6th edition, 19mo. 58. bound. dars of a winter's journey in British America, and a summer perience in the Laboratory and at the Counter. residence in the woods there. The whole book is written in a


Instructive Rambles through London and its lively and agreeable spirit."- Quarterly Review.

Lecturer on Chemistry, Natural History, and Philosophy, Environs. By Mrs. Helme. 6th edition, in I vol. 45.6d, bound. Ia post Bro. 98. 6d. third edition,

London, &c.

Africa Described, in its Ancient and Present

* present of Rough Notes taken during some rapid Jour- 1,000 new pricies, bosides an enlarged Table of Medical con: State. By Mrs. Hofland.'12mo. with a Map, 6s.6d. me across the Pampas and among the Andes. By Captain F. tractions, Tables of Chemnical Affinities, and of Foreign Weights An Introduction to the Geography of the Bond Head.

and Measures; and the whole has been carefully examined and New Testament. By Lant Carpenter, LL.D. sth edition, 12mo.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

58. boards.
London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock.
Where may be had, lately published,

Conversations on the English Constitution.
Mr. William Butler's Outline Naps.- Price 18.
VEOGRAPHICAL and BIOGRAPHI. Dr. Shirley Palmer's Popular Illustrations 12mo. 88.

Letters on English History, from the InCAL EXERCISES, designed for Young Persons.

of Medicine. Svo. price 10s. boards. By the late WILLIAM BUTLER

sasion of Julius Cæsar to the Battle of Waterloo. By J. Bigland. The leth edit. enlarged by his Son, JOHN OLDING BUT

Tomkins' Sclect Poems.

2d edition, in 12mo. 68. boards. LER, and having an entirely new Set of Outline Maps, with a A new edition, with a fine Plate, in 18mo. price 38. bound, Letters on French History, from the Earliest Series of Questions adapted to each Map, and to the Biography.

VARIOUS SUBJECTS; Period to the Battle of Waterloo. By J. Bigland. 66. boards. "As a cariect delineation of the grand outlines of the four

selected to enforce the practice of Virtue, and to comquarters of the globe, and of the British Isles, these Maps are plete, in one volume, the Beauties of English Poetry.

A Compendious Chart of Ancient History entitled to much praise."-literary Gazette, March 7.


and Biography. By Mrs. John Hurford. Price 88.6d. in sheets; Jaha Harris, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard. A new edition, with many additional Poems, and a beautifully 10s. Ed. folded in boards; or 125. on canvass and roller, or in

a case.
engraved Frontispiece, from a drawing by Harvey.
13mo. 38. half-bound, a Ninth edition of

London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row. A Brief Summary of Ancient History, ar-

ranged in Periods; intended as a Companion to the above. ENGLAND.


18ino. 35.
Imo. price 3s. half-bound,

ERMONS PREACHED at the Geography for Youth, adapted to the dif-

ferent Classes of Learners. 2. Progressive Geography for Children. By

By the late Res. John Hartley. By the Rev. ANDREW IRVINE, B.D.

12mo. 5th edition, revised by his Son, 4s. 60. bound. the Author of " Sesries from the History of England."

Chaplain of the Tower, and late Assistant Preacher at
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Outlines of Geography, the First Course for
the Temple.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Children. By the Rev. John Hartley, Being an Introduction 8TO. 38. 6d.

to the “ Geography for Youth." 9th edition, price 9d. 8ro.

In Svo. beautifully printed, and half-bound in silk, price 8s. OBTAINING MONEY, and on some Effects of Private

THE LIFE of SIR HUMPHRY DAVY, und Government Paper-Money, delivered before the University


comprising a great Part of his early Correspondence. ef Overd in Trinity Term, 1899.

By J. &. PARIS, M.D.

In eastern lands they talk in flowers, By NASSAL WILLIAM SENIOR, A.M.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

And they tell in a garland their loves and cares; Late Fellow of Magdalen College, Professor of Political Economy.

Each blossom that blooms in their garden bowers
John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Crabb's Dictionary of General Knorledge.

On its leaves a mystic language bears.
In the press, by the same Aathor, a new edition of In 1 large vol. duodecimo, printed double Columns, and embel. R. J. Kennett, 59, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Three Lectures on the Transmission of the lished with nearly Five Hundred Engravings, price 98. boards,

Of whom may be had, gratis,
Precious Metals,

or 128. in Turkey morocco,

A Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books, (includ.
Far Isralide and Families.
KNOWLEDGE; or, an Explanation of Words and ing a recent Importation from the vited States of America), at

the low prices atfixed.
Por ese Use of general Readers, in 1 vol. 13mo. with Engravings, Things connected with all the Arts and Sciences.
price 8*. 6d. boards,

Author of " English Synonymes,
"« Technological

In 8vo. price 10s. 6d. boards,
MANUAL of the ECONOMY of the

Dictionary," &c.

GERMAN PULPIT ; being a SelecHUMAN BODY, in Health and Disease Containing Printed by C. Whittingham, Chiswick, for Thomas Tegg, a brief time of its Structure and Functions, and the Diseases to

Cheapside; and sold by all Booksellers.

Germany. which it Sable; with ample Directions for the Regulation of

Translated by the Rev. RICHARD BAKER, A.M. Diet ard Regata, fren Infancy to old Age.

In 3 very elegant vols. demy Svo. with a Portrait, and Twenty Printed for w bitrater, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane,

Of Merton College, Oxford; and Chaplain to the British Vignette Engravings, from Designs by Hayter and Corbould,

Residents at Hamburgh. Loadan; D. Lizars, Edinburgh; and Curry and Co. Dublin. price 21. es. in boards,

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
4to. with Plates, 21. 88.
TASSO, translated into English Spencerian Verse, with

« To those who are at all interested in the inquiry respecting TRAVELS, containing SYRIA and a Life of the Author, &c. &c.

the state of religion on the Continent, this volume will prove of XODXT SINAI.


remarkable interest; but it is also equally valuable, if not more By the late JOHN LEWIS BURCKHARDT.

ed edition.

so, as a collection of excellent discourses, full of striking and im. John Marray, Albemarle Street.

"Mr. Wiffen, while he leaves the train of all other translators pressive views of religious truth, and furnishing the readers of Also,

far behind, has executed his task with no less spirit, and with far sermons with an addition to their collection, which will be of Burckhardt's Travels in Nubia, with Life Thusiastically worships the genius of his Italian master, he has the style and ideas of those which they have already perused.” – and Petrait, 24 edition, tto. 91. &c.

caught the inspiration, and reflected the light, of his ethereal Monthly Rezien.
mind."- Monthly Revien, Dec. 1825.

Price 108. od.
Published by John Murray, Albemarle Street.
In 3 vols. post 80. price 276.
OR E R. A Novel.

In 8vo.

Designed for the Use of Students in the University.

DERED, in a series of Letters, addressed to the Mem. Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Fellow of the
Ia 8vo. price 18s, boards,
bers of the Two Houses of Parliament.

Astronomical Society of London, and late Fellow and Tutor of

Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. CRITICA. Typis quinquies excusa prodeunt ex recen

Third Commissioner of the last Embassy to China.

Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. sme et con sotis aliquanto auctoribus, THOME KIDD, A.M.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

By the same Author, • Cell. SS. Trin. Accedunt Appendices loco Dawseii Lusus

The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigoforem bis : Milconi P.A. Grace Metaphraseos Specimen Inte.

Todd's Johnson's Dictionary, Second Edition. Ce: et Excerpta é Libello, Anglice scripto, "Tittle-Tattle.

2d edition, complete in 3 vols. 4to. with considerable nometry. 2d edition, 8vo. price 108. 6d. gero. Editio Secunda.

Additions, price 71.78. boards,
Pested for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane.

Price 6s. balf-bound and lettered,
LANGUAGE; in which the Words are deduced from

Domestic Medicine.
their Originals, and illustrated in their different signitications,

PRINCE BASTIAN, TRUE COURAGE, and PAG. bai thick vol. 8vo. double columns, price 148. cloth boards, by Examples from the best Writers; together with a History of GING; Tales.

By the Author of the Children's Fireside." DICTIONARY of MEDICINE, for the Language, and an English Grammar


Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. Popular lose, containing an Account of Diseases and

With numerous Corrections, and the Addition of several thou. der Tretreat, with Directions for Administering Medicines-sand Words, as also with Additions to the History of the Lan. the Berclaucs et Thet and Regimenand the Management of guage, and to the Grammar.

5th edition, revised, corrected, and improved, in small 8vo. the Diseases of Women and Children.

price 7s. bound, By the Res. H. J. TODD, M.A.F.S.A. and M.R.S.L.


Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty, and Rector of Felee et ibe Heyal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and

Settrington, County of York.

The whole illustrated with upwards of Two Hundred PD-Accoucheur to the Edinburgh New Town Dispensary. Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington; T. Egerton; E. Jef. Diagrams, and a coloured Plan of an Estate. Testeryatimi on climate, diet, rigimen, and the inanage: fery and Son, Longinan, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green .

By THOMAS DIX. met of Lafanta, are interesting and judicious; they comprise all and w. T. Clarke: Booney and Sons; T. Cadell, J. and A. Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co., and Poole and Ed. fre betalisted information on the subject. To parents and Arch; W. Stewart; S. Bagster: J. Murray; J. Booker; J. wards, Ave Maria Lane; and J. Souter, St. Paul's Churchyard. those who bare the superintendence of children, this work must Richardson; J. M. Richardson ; Hatchard and Son; R. Scho. besuei gade." _Edinbergh Medical Journal, No. 96. ley; R. H. Evans; J. Booth; Baldwin and Cradock; J. Bohn;

In 19mo. price 68. boards, the ed edition of er berser dapted for consultation."- Literary 6 sette.

Narshall; J. Duncan; G. B. Whittaker and Co.; Paxbury,
not a safer manual of medicine in our language."- Allen, and Co.; T. Bumpus; H. Butterworth; G. and A.

Greenland; E. Hodgson ; T. and w. Boone; Treuttel, Wirtz,

By WILLIAM SMART, M.A. ** Deted, the most useal book of the kind which has yet and Co.; J. Dowding; J. Bain; W. Pickering; Smith, Elder,

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, beootford to the public." ---Caledanian Mercury. and Co.; Wightman and Cramp, London; Wilson and Sons,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. Priser Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman York; J. Parker, Oxford; and Stirling and Kenney, Edinburgh. and Co. London.

of whom may be had,

Price 35. 6d., dedicated, by permission, to H. R. H. the

Duchess of Kent, 880. 38. 6d.

THE GRAMMAR of the FRENCH LAN8vo. 14. boards. obtaining MONEY, and on some Effects of Private and

By Dr. B. GRANET, bormat Paper Money. Dellvered before the L'niversity of

Todd's Johnson's Dictionary of the English of the University of Paris, and Master of the French Academy, Ordare, s Toni, Tem, 1828. Language in Miniature; with a copious Vocabulary of Greek,

Durham House, Chelsea. L, NASSAU WILLIAM SENIOR, A.M.

Latin, and Seriptural Proper Names, divided into Syllables, and Printed for Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane; Late Fedlor of Mag. Col. Prof. of Political Economy. accentuated for Pronunciation. By Thomas Rees, LL.D, F.S.A. Bossange and Co. Great Marlborough Street; and Booseys, Old Jobs Marnay, Albemarle Street. In 18mo. Portrait, 34. bount.

Broad Street,











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SIDNEY, ANECDOTES, (as a Sequel to

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Parting of Hector and Andromache; and the Shield of 128 In 13mo. price 5s. bound,

2d edition, 8vo. 123.

On Wednesday, Feb. 94, will be published, in 3 vols. post THE MODERN LITERARY READER, RELAND; its Evils, and their Remedies.

8vo. price 945. consisting of Selections in Prose and Verse, principally

from the Works of the most popular Writers of the present day.
Dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed."

By the Author of the Sectarian."

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Consisting of a Series of Tales, illustrative of the Scenery and Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Manners of Scotland.

“ What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within The Family Library.


this little span of life, by him who interests his heart in every

thing, and who, having eyes to see what time and chance are Price 58. each vol. profusely illustrated, and bound in canvass,

perpetually holding out to him, as he journeyeth on his way,

In a few days, 3 vols. 8vo. OS. I. and II. The Life of Napoleon

misses nothing he can fairly lay his hands on!"-Sterne.

London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street. A new edition.-Nos. IV. and X. Lives of the most eminent

By WILLIAM MARTIN LEAKE, F.R.S. British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects; Vols. I. and Il. (to

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Shortly will be published, in demy Bro. be completed in 3 vols.)-Nos. V. VI. and IX. The History of

Shortly will be published, in 8vo. dedicated, by permission, OUR YEARS' RESIDENCE in the the Jews, 3 vols.-No. VII. The Natural History of Insects,

to Thomas Moore, Esq. with numerous Woodcuts; Vol. I. (to be completed in 2 vols.) -No. VIII. The Court and Camp of Buonaparie, with Portraits. THE TRAVELLER'S LAY; a Poem. ings.

By F. W. N. BAYLEY, Esq. In I vol. 5s.

" Cynthia was much taken with my narrative."-Tatler. Lives of the Painters, Vol. II. forming

By THOMAS MAL'DE, Esq. A.M. Oxon. No. X. of the Family Library, is just published.

Printing for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

0, then, may all the world resemble Cynthia! - Author.

Printing for William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

In the press, 4th edition, thoroughly revised and corrected, and

containing all the improvements of the latest German edition, A new edition, post 8vo. price 10s. 6d. with numerous Wood 9 vols. 8vo. 309.

The Tenth Number of Engravings of original Portraits and Subjects of interest,


TUS MATTHIE. « The Gold-Headed Cane is a modest little volume, con

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

the 25th instant, will contain an Article on the Sovereignty and

final Settlement of Greece. taining sketches of the lives and manners of our most eminent physicians, from Radcliffe to Baillie, and composed in a style

Of whom may be had, 12mo. price 38.6d.

30, Soho Square, Feb. 18th, 1830. lively, graceful, often humorous; well calculated to attract the An Abridgment of Matthiæ's Greek Gram. unprofessional reader. We wish it were generally circulated."- mar, for the Use of Schools. Edited by the Rev. C. J. Bloom On the 1st of March will be published, Part I. price 86. 6d. of the Quarterly Revier.

tield, D.D. Also, John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Kenrick's Greek Exercises, adapted to Mat the Percy Anecdotes, and of the same moral tendency), 3s. boards, thia's Greek Grammar. Svo. 53. 61.

of the various Follies, Foibles, and Vices of Mankind. Selected

from History, ancient and modern. "REE MASONRY A Short View of the Shortly will be published, with a Portrait, Map, and Plates, 4to. By CHARLES and AMBROSE SIDNEY, of Glastonbury;

of the LIFE and PUBLIC And illustrated with a Frontispiece Portrait, engraved on of England.


Steel, and numerous Wood cuts, by M. U. Sears,
RAFFLES, F.R.S. particularly in the Government of Java and

London: Published by W.J. Sears, 1, Warwick Square,
P.M. Grand Master's Lodge.
Bencoolen; with Details of the Commerce and Resources of the

Paternoster Row; and may be had of all Booksellers.
London: Crew and Spencer, 27, Lamb's Conduit Street;

Eastern Archipelago. By HIS WIDOW.
and Simpkin and Marshall.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Nearly ready, in 1 vol. duodecimo,

IALOGUES on NATURAL and The Two Series of

In the press, 8vo. HE ROMANCE of HISTORY,

'HE FIRST BOOK of the ILIAD; the

an Appendix, and Notes and Illustrations.

By the Rev. ROBERT MOREHEAD, D.D.F.R.S.E. in 3 vols. each. Achilles : Specimens of a New Version of Horner.

Formerly of Balliol College, Oxford, one of the Ministers of New Series. Spain, by Don T. de Trueba.


St. Paul's Chapel, York Place, Edinburgb, and Domestic ChapJohn Murray, Albemarle Street.

lain to their Royal Highnesses the late Princess Charlotte, and England, by Henry Neele. 3d edition.

Prince Leopold of Sase Cobourg. " an excellent medium for conveying strong and vivid pictures

On Saturday, the 27th Feb. will be published,

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and of the past."--Monthly Reviem.


Simpkin and Marshall, London. " The plan of this work is excellent."--Literary Gazette.

" The plan of this work is novel, and of a very interesting de-
with Forty Illustrative Engravings, a perusal of which will en

India. In a few days,
N.B. Historical summaries of the leading events of the times

able a moderate Player to execute some of the most brilliant

Strokes that were ever discovered. are prefixed to the Tales, and present a complete history of each


PANY'S GOVERNMENT from the ATTACKS of country. Printed for Edward Bull, New Public Subscription Library, Billiard Table Manufacturer, 14, Catherine Street, Strand.


26, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.

Bengal Civil Service.
Dr. Hutton'. Works, by Dr. Gregory.

Also, nearly ready, a second edition of
In 3 vols. 8vo. price 11. Ils. 64. boards, either Volume separately,

On Monday, March 1, will be published,

Mr. Canning's Speeches, corrected by Him. price 106.60.

The Second Volume of the History of Scot-slih Memoirs of his life. By R. Therry, Esq. Barrister. COURSE of MATHEMATICS, land, in 2 vols. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

James Ridgway, Piccadilly; and of all Booksellers. composed for the Use of the Royal Military Academy. Lately published, small 8vo. 6s. with Vignettes by Finden, By CHARLES HUTTON, LL.D.F.R.S.

1. History of Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott, Late Professor of Mathematics in that Institution.

In March will be published, in 8vo. 2 vols. Vol. I. With many Corrections and Improvements.

REAL PROPERTY in INDIA ; By OLINTHUS GREGORY, LL.D. 2. History of Maritime and Inland Disco

With an Examination of the Principles of the preProfessor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy. very, 9 vols. Vol. I.

sent Land Tax as it affects the People of that Country and 2. Dr. Hutton's Mensuration, in 8vo. price 3. Domestic Economy, Vol. I.-Brewing, Great Britain. 184. boards. Distilling, Wine-making, baking, &c. by M. Donovan, Esq.


Printing for Longunan, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. 3. Dr. Hutton's Compendious Measurer, M.R.L.A. Prof. of Chemistry to the Company of Apothecaries in

Ireland. 19mo. price 4s. Ed. bound.

To be published,

Next week will be published, 4. A Key to the Compendious Measurer, April 1.-A Treatise on Mechanics, 1 vol. by Capt. H. Kater, THE EDINBURGH REVIEW; or, Cri. 19mo. price 6s. bound.

V.P.R.S. and Rev. Dr. Lardner. 5. "Dr. Hutton's Mathematical Tables, con

May).--History of Maritime and Inland Discovery, Vol. II.
June 1.-History of England, 3 vols. by Sir J. Mackintosh. Miller's Philosophy of History, Forster's Mahomedanisin Uma

Contents: Art. 1. Providential and Prophetical Histories; Dr. taining the Common, Hyperbolic, and Logistic Logarithms, &c. Vol. I. In royal 8vo. 7th edition. In the press.

The most eminent men of the Age are engaged in this

veiled, &c.-11. Political Economy: Mr. Sadler's School, Italian Printed for Rivingtons, Longman and Co., Baldwin and Co.,

Cyclopædia. See the Prospectus.

Economists-III. Lieutenant Maw's Journal of a Passage from J. Richardson, J. M. Richardson, J. Booker, Harvey and Co., Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,

the Pacific to the Atlantic-IV. Etruscan History and Antiqui. Hamilton and Co., Parbury and Co., J. Duncan, Whittaker and

Paternoster Row; and J. Taylor, Upper Gower Street.

ties; Inghirami, Müller, &c.V. Wilson's Life and Times of Co., J. Souter, T. Tegg, Cowie and Co., Simpkin and Co., and

Daniel Defoe-VI. Duties on Sugar; Sugar Trade-VII. The Holdsworth and Co. London; and Stirling and Co. Edinburgh. Works just ready for publication by Messrs. Colburn and Bentley, Franckland, Madden, Walsh, Macfarlane-Vili. Impolicy of In:

Ottoman Empire, Travels in, Present State, and Prospects; Also may be had,

New Burlington Street.

creasing the Duties on Spirits-IX. Sir Rufane Donkin on the A Key to the Course of Mathematics, by D. Dowling. 8vo. 188.

a Personal Narrative of a Residence in Norway and of Cure; Hahnemann's Homöopathie-XI. Southey's Colloquies Sweden. By L. LLOYD, Esq.

on the Progress and Prospects of Society, &c. &c.

In 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous Plates.
Humboldt's Personal Narrative.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London ; In 7 vols. 8vo. with Maps, Plans, &c. price 61. boards, Carwell; or, Crime and Sorrow. 1 vol.

and Adam Black, Edinburgh.
NARRATIVE of Travels in various Parts of Peru, comprising

No. 101 will be published in April.
TRAVELS to the EQUINOCTIAL REGIONS of the a Year's Residence at Potosi. By Sir Edmond Temple. 2 vols.
Bro. with Map and numerous Plates and Vignettes.

No. II. The King-No. I. Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Tales of the Colonies. By W. Howison, Esq. Translated into English by HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS.

'HE LADY’S MAGAZINE; established Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Author of “Sketches in Canada," &c. In 9 vols. post &ro. of whom may be had, by the same Author, Personal Narrative of an Officer in the En- of the King, elegantly engraved on Steel, and printed on India

The next No. for March ist, will contain a splendid Portrait Researches concerning the Institutions and glish Army of Occupation in France. In 3 vols. small &vo. paper, and Three other Plates-Confessions of a Platonic LoverMonuments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America; with De Frescatis; or, Scenes in Paris. In 2 vols. The Affront Hunter - Fragment; Miss M. A. Browne-Brighton scriptions and Views. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Ils. 64. boards.

- Story of an Italian Mendicant-Journal of a Lady of Fashionpost 8vo.

The Ruins of Castle Acre-Penshurst Castle-Love by ArithmePolitical Essay on Mexico. The 3d edition, Scenes of Life and Sketches of Character, in tic-Black and Blue Eyes-- Henrietta. Reviews of Moore's Byron, in 4 vols. 8vo. with Sections and Maps. Price 31. 135. 6d. boards. 2 vols. post 8vo.

second Notice-Tales of a Briefless Barrister-Fitz of Filzford Correspondence and Diary of Philip Dod-ties-Varieties--Monthly Chronicle of Events, Births, Marriages,

Mirror of the Graces, &c.-Music-Fine Arts Drama-Antiqui. Debrett's Peerage, corrected to Jan. 1st.

dridge, D.D. The 3d and concluding Volumes. Edited from the Deaths. In 2 vols. 19mo, price 17. Bs. boards, with the Arms elegantly Originals, by his Great-grandson, John Doddridge Humphreys, Sold by Robinson, Chapter House Passage, St. Paul's, where engraved, the 18th edition of Esq.

Books, Prints, Music, &c. for Review, and all Communications Sir Ralph Esher; or, Memoirs of a Gentle for the Editor, may be forwarded, postage free. Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

man of the Court of Charles II. In 3 vols. Printed for Rivingtons; Egerton; Clarkes; Longman and Co.; Letters from Nova Scotia, containing Sketches LONDON: Publiched erery Saturday, by w. A. SCRIPPS, at Cadell; J. Richardson; J. M. Richardson; Baldwin and Cra. dock; Booth; Booker, Bagster; Hatchards; Hamilton and Co.; of a Young Country. By Capt. William Moorsom, In 1 vol.

the LITERARY GAZETTE OFFICE, 7, Wellington Street, Scholey; Parbury and Co.; Pickering; Lloyds; Hodgson; Tem small &vo. with a Map and Plates.

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, Orford pleman; and Houlstons.

Gertrude; a Tale. 2 vols.

Street; sold also by J. Chappell, 08, Royal Eschange. B. Of whom may be had, uniformly printed,

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hill; A. Black,

Travels in Kamtchatka, Siberia, and China, Edinburgh ; Smith and Son, and Robertson and Atkinson, Debrett's Baronetage, new edition, corrected by P. Dobell, Esq. Counsellor to his Imperial Majesty the Empe. Glasgow: and J. Cumming, Dublin. to Sept, 1828, in & yels. price il. 88. ror of Russia, 2 vols, small 8vo. with lates.

J. MOYES, Tool's Court, Chancery Lane






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Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.


This Journal is supplied Weekly, or Monthly, by the principal Booksellers and Newsmen, throughout the Kingdom; but to those who may desire

its immediate transmission, by post, we recommend the LITERARY GAZETTE, printed on stamped paper, price One Shilling.

No. 684.



In Bali " the rajahs are Sadrayas or | They are looked upon as benignant spirits, REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS.

Wisayu ; after death the corpse is kept a long whose influence is beneficial to the human Memoir of the Life and Public Services of Sir time, by the higher classes above a year, by race.

These divinities listen to the prayers, Thomas Stamford Raffles, F.R.S. &c. By the lower at least two months ; the dead and are pleased with the sacrifices offered to his Widow. 4to. pp. 823. London, 1830. bodies are preserved by daily fumigation with them by mortals. They know all that passes J. Murray.

benzoin, &c.; they are then burned, except on earth; they have a general superintendence ANOTHER big square book, as a royal duke children who have not shed their teeth, and over mankind and all mundane affairs; the once said to Gibbon, is an overwhelming as- persons dying of small-pox, who are buried destinies of men are in their hands, and all sault upon a poor weekly critic, who, instead immediately. The widow of the Sadraya and events are at their disposal. To these be. of, lover-like, praying the gods to annihilate Wisayu classes generally burns herself with nignant beings man is indebted for the prin. both time and space, would weary them with her husband's corpse; this, however, is volun. ciple of life, and this debt is continually in. petitions to prolong the one and extend the tary; and not the wives only, but concubines, creasing through every instant of his exist. other. The contents of this work, too, are so and female slaves also, sacrifice themselves on ence, for the preservation and maintenance of various and interesting, combine so much of such occasions. The father of the present that principle within him. There appear to personal narrative with matters of public note, rajah of Balibing was burned with seventy- be orders and gradations of these beings ; they and furnish such a mass of materials for four women. It is customary with some are not all of the same importance to man. observation, that we could hardly do them classes to throw the dead bodies into the sea. They have their abodes on the earth, and justice after a month's reading, and the dilation The era is denominated Isahia : each month choose different parts of its surface for their of a full quire of foolscap. Apologising, there has thirty-five days; the year four hundred habitations; some resort to the deepest and fore, for a very imperfect report, we shall do and twenty.”

most gloomy woods and forests; some to hills Ittle else than introduce it to our readers. Elsewhere we are told of native customs. and mountains ; some preside over the rushing

Sir Stamford Raffles, the son of a West During our stay at Tranjung Alem, the torrent, while others, delighted with the gentle India captain, who did not find his way to chiefs entered into a treaty, by which they murmurs of the limpid stream, retire to its fortune in the trade, was born at sea. His placed themselves under the protection of the shady banks. Particular trees are devoted to progenitors were originally of the north of British government, and thus all cause of these deities : thus the sacred bringin tree or England; and the later branches, of Berwick. dispute and misunderstanding was at once set the venerable banyan spreads forth its shade on Tweed. He received only two years' at rest. I must also note another occurrence in a peculiar manner, in order to shelter the boarding - school tuition at Hammersmith, of moment : an old woman of rank died, and sacred habitation of a Dewa ; even the kalapo being at the early age of fourteen engaged as we witnessed all the ceremonies; they com- gading, (a variety of the cocoa-nut tree), in an extra clerk in the India House; so that for menced by all the females of the village re- the opinion of these superstitious people, is all his acquirements he was indebted to his pairing to the house of the deceased, and under the benignant influence of a holy Dewa, own love of instruction and industry. These setting up a squall something like the Irish who resides in its branches, and produces a qualities, with a most retentive memory, howl for an hour or two. After this the body more excellent sort of fruit. But besides these enabled him greatly to surmount the deficiency was removed to the Bali, or hall of audience, there is another order of beings, whose in. of education, and raise himself to honourable where we were to dine; we, however, pre- fluence is far less benignant. They are called Estinction in life. He was also possessed of ferred dining in another place, but in the Jins, or evil spirits, and are considered to be high moral worth, and, especially as an af- evening it was expected that we should be the authors of evil. All the misfortunes and fectionate son, from first to last displayed a present at the ceremony, which consisted of calamities attendant on human life proceed from rery excellent disposition.

dancing and singing, in the presence of the them. They likewise have their residence on Having, by his good conduct, secured the whole village assembled in the hail where the different parts of the earth ; and should a man approbation of his superiors, he was in 1805 body lay. On the next morning the head of by accident approach the unhallowed spot, he sept out as assistant secretary to Penang, the village killed a goat and sprinkled the usually feels the anger of these resentful spirits. where the Company had resolved on a settle- blood about the house of the deceased, and all There is still another class of beings, who, in ment. With his usual diligence, he speedily the maidens within hail attended at the Bali, regard to the qualities and attributes ascribed de himself master of the Malay language, contending with each other who should exclaim to them, appear to possess a middle rank bead acquired so much general information on loudest: Oh mother! come back, mother, tween the Dewas and the Jins, approaching every subject connected with the Indian Archi- come back! This continued till they con- much nearer to the nature of the former. ' pelago, as to render himself and his services cluded the body would keep no longer, when it They are termed Orang Alus, that is, fine, ir dispensable for all the operations pursued in was hurried off, and quietly ed out of the impalpable, or invisible men. I do not know that quarter.

Before 1808 he had become village to a grave, in which it was interred the precise office or nature of this fairy tribe. secretary, and in that year visited Malacca, without further ceremony. The people, though They seem to be a mixture of material and improving himself in all kinds of useful know- professedly Mahomedans, seem more attached immaterial beings, partaking of the nature of ledige. In 1811, when Lord Minto undertook to their ancient worship and superstitions than men and spirits. I have seen a man who, it the expedition against Java, it may readily be I expected. I clearly traced an ancient my- was said, was wedded to one of these Orang supposed that the counsels of Mr. Raffles were thology, and obtained the names of at least Alus. I concluded his children partook of the sugbt; and accordingly we find that he bore twenty gods, several of whom are Hindus. ** nature of their mother, for although he had a a very prominent part in that important con. They have no idea of one eternal Supreme large family, nobody had ever seen one. The quest, of which he was appointed governor. Being, who made all things; although they name of the man was Dupati Rajo Wani; in In this high station he remained till 1816; frequently make use of the expression Allah appearance he much resembled a wizard. Such and from 1817 to 1824 had the charge of Tuah, the term by which the Arabians express are the ridiculous ideas of this people! But Bencoolen and its dependencies. His life and that idea, and, 'borrowing from the latter, are they more gross than those entertained by correspondence in these employments unfold which the Malays use to express the same the Greeks and Romans with regard to their the history of the commerce, resources, lite- idea; but the more ignorant Pasumah affixes deities? The manes of their ancestors are nature, zoology, and other scientific relations no such meaning to it. Ask him what he held in the highest veneration, and are esof this portion of the world ; and from the means by it, and he replies, it is one of the teemed not inferior to the gods themselves. details we make the following characteristic Dewas. In the mythology of these people, They suppose them to take concern in the miscellaneous selections, as fairly illustrative of Dewas are the highest order of beings, whom welfare of their posterity, over whom they are ibe work before us.

they regard with superstitious reverence, I always watchful. They have a strong regard

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