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Vols. 1901- include also an appendix: Learned societies, printing clubs etc., with lists of their publications.

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Página 270 - 21 Macmillan t British Red cross soc. Reports by the joint war committee and the joint war finance committee of the British Red cross society and the Order of St. John...
Página 148 - DOCUMENTS CONCERNING THE ACTION TAKEN BY THE COUNCIL of the League of Nations under Article 14 of the Covenant and the adoption by the Assembly of the Statute of the Court (not including material collected for, or the minutes of, the Advisory Committee of Jurists).
Página 228 - BEES FOR PLEASURE AND PROFIT. A Guide to the Manipulation of Bees, the Production of Honey, and the General Management of the Apiary. By G. GORDON SAMSON. With numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo, wrapper ...... 1 /O BOOK-KEEPING for FARMERS and ESTATE OWNERS.
Página 271 - ELECTRICITY IN THE SERVICE OF MAN. A Popular and Practical Treatise on the Applications of Electricity in Modern Life.
Página 116 - COL. HAWKER'S INSTRUCTIONS to YOUNG SPORTSMEN in all that relates to Guns and Shooting.
Página 218 - Papers relating to the commission appointed to take an account of what would have been due to the British South Africa company if the administration of Southern Rhodesia by the company had been determined on the 31st March. 1918: correspondence and report.
Página 2 - Southern islands ; 3rd edition, 1926 10 0 •EASTERN ARCHIPELAGO PILOT : Vol. I. Comprising the Philippines (with the exception of the Western coasts of Luzon and Palawan), Sulu sea, Sulu archipelago, Celebes sea, and the North-east coast of Borneo; 4th edition, 1923 10 0 II.
Página 117 - In demy 8vo, cloth gilt, 149 pp. 6s. net. THE TRANSFER OF STOCKS, SHARES, AND OTHER MARKETABLE SECURITIES. A Manual of the Law and Practice. By FD HEAD, BA (Oxon), Barrister-at-Law.
Página 212 - Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates, fiction, fact and fancy concerning the Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main : From the writing and pictures of Howard Pyle : compiled by Merle Johnson.

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