The Life of Archbishop Cranmer, Volumen 1

C.J.G. & F. Rivington, 1831

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Página 133 - I marvel what my lord of Canterbury meaneth, that thus abuseth the people, in giving them liberty to read the Scriptures, which doth nothing else but infect them with heresy. I have bestowed never an hour upon my portion, nor never will. And therefore my lord shall have his book again, for I will never be guilty of bringing the simple people into error.
Página 227 - It was wonderful to see with what. joy this book of God was received not only among the learneder sort and those that were noted for lovers of the reformation, but generally all England over among all the vulgar and common people; and with what greediness God's word was read and what resort to places where the reading of it was.
Página 155 - ... highly touched (whether the things that commonly be spoken of be true or not) that I remember not that ever Almighty God sent unto your grace any like occasion to try your grace's constancy throughout, whether your highness can be content to take of God's hand as well things displeasant as pleasant. And if he find...
Página 157 - Star-Chamber j and there declared unto me such things as your Grace's pleasure was they should make me privy unto. For the which I am most bounden unto your Grace. And what communication we had together, I doubt not but they will make the true report thereof unto your Grace. I am exceedingly sorry that such faults can be proved by the Queen, as I heard of their relation. But I am, and ever shall be, your faithful subject.
Página 211 - English, both of a new translation and of a new print, dedicated unto the king's majesty, as farther appeareth by a pistle unto his grace in the beginning of the book, which in mine opinion is very well done, and therefore I pray your lordship to read the same. And as for the translation, so far as I have read thereof, I like it better than any other translation heretofore made...
Página 259 - Damascus, and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven. And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?
Página 273 - VIII; and in some things so enforced by the evil counsel of certain papists, against the truth, and common judgment both of divines and lawyers, that if the king's majesty himself had not come personally into the parliament house, those laws had never passed.
Página 313 - Archbishop) much of your meaning herein, as needful in a commonwealth ; but yet utterly to exclude the ploughman's son and the poor man's son from the benefit of learning, as though they were...
Página 105 - That the Roman Bishop has no greater jurisdiction given to him by God in this kingdom than any other foreign bishop.
Página 155 - I think your Highness would not have gone so far, except she had surely been culpable. Now I think that your Grace best knoweth, that, next unto your Grace, I was most bound unto her of all creatures living. Wherefore, I most humbly beseech your Grace, to suffer me in that, which both God's law, nature, and also her kindness bindeth me unto; that is, that 1 may with your Grace's favour, wish and pray for her, that she may declare herself inculpable and innocent.

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