A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (A.D. 1450-1880) by Eminent Writers, English and Foreign, Volumen 4

George Grove
Macmillan, 1889

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Página 196 - Chappell, with notes to eche chapter to synge and also to play upon the Lute, very necessarye for studentes after theyr studye to fyle theyr wyttes, and alsoe for all Christians that cannot synge, to read the good and godlye storyes of the lives of Christ hys apostles.
Página 190 - ... monte comme une voix de la brise, à laquelle sa tonalité particulière donne une certaine ressemblance. La note finale de chaque phrase, tenue et tremblée avec une longueur et une puissance d'haleine incroyable, monte d'un quart de ton en faussant systématiquement.
Página 340 - ... into the propriety of the name, or exactness of the imitation. However, with respect to my own feelings, I must confess, that of all the stops I have yet heard, which have been honoured...
Página 382 - The first set of English Madrigals to 3, 4, 5 and 6 voices. Newly composed by John Wilbye. (Altus and Quintus). At London: Printed by Thomas Este, 1598. . - The second set of Madrigals to 3, 4. 5 and 6 parts, apt both for Voyals and Voyces.
Página 167 - Trenchmore, and the CushionDance, and then all the Company dance, Lord and Groom, Lady and Kitchen -Maid, no distinction. So in our Court, in Queen Elizabeth's time, Gravity and State were kept up.
Página 210 - Use, some the Use of Bangor, some of York, and some of Lincoln : now from henceforth, all the whole realm shall have but one Use.
Página 298 - No wonder Beethoven felt very much obliged to Clement and reciprocated by composing the violin concerto for him. Its humorous title reads: "Concerto par Clemenza pour Clement primo violino e direttore al theatro di Vienna. Dal L. v. Bthvn. 1806." Clement played it on December 23, 1806, according to contemporary reports, without even a rehearsal, as Beethoven had finished the piece hardly two days before the performance. The public applauded it, but the experts showed a somewhat critical attitude...
Página 132 - Burney's theory], she dwelt sequestered from the world in a remote part of the house, and had a large garden to range in, in which she would frequently walk, singing and giving way to that innocent frenzy which had seized her in the earlier part of her life.
Página 106 - I ASSURE you, my dear Sir, that you truly hurt me with your pecuniary parcel. It degrades me in my own eyes. However, to return it would savour of affectation ; but as to any more traffic of that debtor and creditor kind, I swear by that HONOUR which crowns the upright statue of ROBERT BURNS'S INTEGRITY — on the least motion of it, I will indignantly spurn the by-past transaction, and from that moment commence entire stranger to you...
Página 62 - But how great was my astonishment when I heard him play with consummate skill a sonata of such exquisite beauty as surpassed the boldest flights of my imagination. I felt enraptured, transported, enchanted; my breath was taken away, and I awoke.

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