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expofition of the fecond volume his Grace devolved on Dr. Cole, prebendary of Weftminfter; and Mr. Dutens tranflated it into French. Mr. Bryant was never married. He was of fedentary habits in his riper years, though active nd expert in youthful exercises as an Etonian; when, by his expertnefs in fwimming, he had the happinefs of faving the valuable life of Dr. BarDard, afterwards provost of Eton. Mr. Bryant preferved his eminent fuperiority of valents to the last days of his long life, which was devoted to Literature; and his ftudies were for the most part directed to the detection of Error and the investigation of Truth. His conversation was full of fpirit, pleafing, and instructive. His acquaintance and friends were choice, yet numerons, as his fociety was courted and enjoyed by al! diftinguished literary perfonages in his neighbourhood. Such was the high character he fuftained, that even Majefty intelf has frequently condescended to vifit the liumble retreat of this venerable Sage at Cypenham He was uniformly a faithful and true fervant of God, by whofe mercy he was bleffed with fulness of days, comforts, and honours. His attainments were pecuJiar to himself; and, in point of claffical erudition, he was perhaps without an equal in Europe. He had in his life-time prefented many of his valuable books to his Majefly, and his Caxtons to the Marquis of Blandford.

The titles of fuch of his publications as are not already enumerated above are,

"A Vindication of the Apamean Medal, and of the Infeription NNE; together with aan Illuftration of another Coin ftruck at the fame Place in honour of the Emperor -Severus." In the Archæologia, vol. IV. art. 21, 22, and 23; and a feparate 4to, 1775. (XLV. 225, 637; XLVI. 307, 461, 499; XLVII. 337).

"An Address to Dr. Pricfley, on the Doctrine of Philofophical Neceffity illuftrated, 1780." A pamphlet, 8-0.

"Vindicia Flavianæ; or, a Vindication of the Tebony given hy Jofephus con. cerning or Saviour Jefus Chrift, 1730," 8vo. (LI 179.)

"Onfervations on the Poems of Thomas Rowley; in which the Authenticity of thefe Poems is afcertained, 1781." 2 vols. 12mo. (LII. 27).

"Collections on the Zingara, or Gipfey Language' Archæ lagia, VII. 387.

Gemmarum antiquartum delectus ex præftantioribus defumptus in Dactylotheca Ducis Marlburienfis, 1783," fol.. The gems exquifitely engraved by Bartolozzi.

"A Treatife on the Authenticity of the Scriptares, and the Truth of the Chriftian Religion, 1792, 8vo, (LXIII. 241).

Obfervations upon the Plagues inflicted upon the Egyptians; in which is fhewn the Peculiarity of thofe Judgments, and

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"A Differtation concerning the War of Troy, and the Expedition of the Grecians, as defcribed by Homer; fhewing that no fuch Expedition was ever undertaken, and that no fuch City in Phrygia exifted, 1796," 4to, (LXVII, 42). Remarks on it by Mr. Falconer. (LXX. 234).

"The Sentiments of Philo Judæus concerning the AOFO2, or Word of God'; together with large extracts from his Writings, compared with the Scriptures, on many other particular and effential Dortrines of the Chriftian Religion, 1797," 8vo.

"Mr. B. had a youthful fancy and a play'ful wit, with the mind and occafionally with the pen of a poet. His first publication was calculated to throw light on the hiftory of the antient kingdom of Egypt, as well as the history of the Affyrians, Chaldæans, Babylonians, Edomites, and other nations. It contains differtations on the word Euroclydon, and on the fland Melite; together with an account of Egyp: ia its most early state, and of the firepherd kings, with a Rtatement of the thing of their coming, the province which they particularly poffeffed, and to which the Ifraelites afterwards fucceeded. The defign of the differtation on the Euroclydon fpoken of in Acts xxvii. 14, was to vindicate the common reading in oppofition to Bochart, Grotius, and Bentley, who were offended at it, and who, fupported by the authority of the Alexandrian MS. and of the Vulgate, thought Evgazuar, or Euroaquilo, more agreeable to

the truth.

The c-lebrated work on antient mytho logy is a literary phiæ omenon, which will probably remain the admiration of scholars as long as a curiofity after antiquities hall continue to be a prevailing paffion among them. Paracelfus, the celebrated Quixote in chemistry, though he failed in ducovering the philofopher's tone, found what was of much greater confequence in his excurfions through Nature, and opened a field of entertainment and information which an.. ply recompenfed his affiduity, however diftant it might leave him from the original object of his purfuit. Nothing in the extenfive range of Grecian and Roman literature, however recondite or wherever difperfed, has escaped its fagacious author in his diligent investigation. Departing with a boldnefs of genius from his predeceffors and their ty items, he delights by his ingenuity while he aftonishes by his courage and, though the exuberances of fancy and imagination

imagination are every where confpicuous, the plaufibility of his hypothefis is likewife frequently apparent. Mr. B. has contended in various fields of controverfy with various fuccefs, but always with a zeal for truth, and a fobernefs of enquiry. The leading object of his obfervatious on Rowley is to prove that Chatterton could not have been their author, becaufe, in a variety of inftances, he appeared not to underfind them. Specious, however, as this plea appeared, it is certain that the learned Author failed egregioufly in his proofs, and this publication probably added a very flender thare of credit to the reputation he had already acquired.

"The treatife on the authenticity of Scripture is an anonymous publication, and the whole of the profits arifing from its fale are to be given to the Society for the Propagation of the Gofpel. It contains a good general view of the leading arguments for Divine, Revelation; but has, perhaps, little upon the whole to entitle it to a pre-eminence over other works of a fimilar kind Neither are the learned and elaborate obfervations upon the plagues inflicted on the Egyptians, however good and commendable the author's motives and his attempt, perhaps, calculated on the whole to promote the caufe of Revealed Religion in this unbelieving age.

At his feat at Wingerworth in Derby fhire, in his 81ft year, univerfally lamented on account of his many amiable qualities, Sir Henry Hunloke, bart. fourth baronet of his family. He married Mifs Coke, eldest daughter of Wenman Coke, efq. of Longford, Derbyshire, by whom he bas left a numerous family. Sir Henry, the first baronet, teftified his loyalty by lending to King Charles I. a confiderable fun of money in his most preffing neceffity, even at a time when there was little probability of ever being repaid. But his fupport of the royal caufe ftopped not here, for he (at his own expence) levied and accoutred a troop of horfe in the regiment of Col. Frechevile (afterwards Lord Frechevile), whereof he himfelf was lieutenantcolonel; and this young hero, not then 22 years of age, at the battle of Edgehill, fo fignalized himself, that King Charles knighted him in the field of battle, and foon afterwards created him a baronet. Not long after, making an attempt upon the enemy near Beftwood park, in Not tinghamshire, in a skirmish with fome of the adverse party, in ambush, be received a cut with a fword in his elbow, which fo difakled his right hand, that it hung ufeless in a fcarf to his dying day; and, for his loyalty to his fovereign, he was fined 14581. by the fequeftrators. The late ba ronet is fucceeded in his title and eftates by his eldeft fon, Sir Thomas Windfor Hunloke. His fecond fou furvived him only feven days.


"For the repofe of Mr. B's well-earned fame, it probably would have been better had his Differtation concerning the War of Troy never been written. Surely even the high authority with which he is armed could not warrant him in controverting opinions fo Jong maintained and established among hiftorians, and in difproving facts fo well attefted by the most extenfive and moft brilliant evidence. Great and natural was the furprize of the Literary World on the appearance of this publication; and very few, if any, were the profelytes to the new doctrine which it inculcates. It was answered by Mr. Gilbert Wakefield, a vary indecent letter to Mr. B.; and in a tyle more worth y of the fubject hy J. B. S. Morrit, efq. of Rokeby park, near Greta bridge." (LXX. 59). New Catalogue of Living Authors, 341-6; which being re-published in the British Critic, Mr. B. weakly expoftulated with the Reviewers (LXX. 551); and Mr. Morrit anfwered him (I. 55). And here (with the exception of fome fportive verfes on a Cat, in our vol. LXX. pp. 875, 1080) Mr. B's pen retted from its public lahours. See fome elegant lines addreffed to him, vol. LXXI. p. 65.

15. At his Lordship's houfe at Colchef-ter, the infant daughter of Lord Stanley.

At Burton upon-Trent, in her 87th year, Mrs. Downes, a maiden lady-Allo, Mrs. Harrison, relict of the late Mr. Jofeph H.. fen, ironmonger.


16. At Conway, in Wales, on her way to Ireland with the Countels, her mother, Mifs Stewart, third daughter of the Earl of Londonderry.

To the inexpreffible grief of his family, beloved and regretted by all who knew him, aged 24, Wright Edward Atkyns, efq. of Ketteringham, co. Norfolk, nephew to John Aikyus Wright, efq. M. P. for Oxford, and only fon of the late Ed ward Atkyns, efq. who married Mis Walpole, daughter of Thomas Walpole, efq. of Athlone, a defcendant of Sir John Walpole, who fo gloriously obtained from King Charles II. in the field of battle the highly honourable augmentation to his arms of a canton Gules charged with a lion of England, and for his crest an arm upholding a royal crown, and the king's motto, "Dieu et mon Droit." W. E. Al kyns, efq. was late a captain in the ift Dragoons, or Royals, which post he would npt at this crifis have quitted but for his declining health. He ferved upwards of feven years in the army with high honour, never abfenting himself from duty fix months during the long period, fetting an example of unremitting attention to the fervice. He pollelled the affection and refpect of every officer and private in the regiment. 17. At

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17. At Peterborough, in her 64th year, Mrs. Bertie, of that city, fifter of Gen. B. M. P. for Stamford, co. Lincoln.

Mrs. Bertram, wife of Dr. B. of Hull. Near Bangor, in Wales, where she was on a visit, of a rapid decline, Lady Geor gina Canning, fifter of Lord Caftlereagh, and niece to Earl Camden.

19. At Gilton, in the parish of Ash, next Sandwich, co. Kent, in her 89th year, Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman, late of the adjacent parish of Wingham, widow.

At her house in Exeter, Mrs. Hurrel, widow of the late Rev. Mr. H. rector of Drewsteignton, Devon, and aunt to the late Sir John Davie, bart.

At Bath, univerfally lamented, William Sheppard, efq. of Styles-hill, major-commandant of the Frome-Selwood Valunteers. 20. At Hammersmith, Middlesex, Mr. Wm.

Hewlett, ironmonger, of the Strand.. 21. At Sandwich, co. Kent, aged 58, of a fever, Mr. William Castle, formerly a hoyman of that town, but who had for feveral years lived retired from business.

In an apoplectic fit, a few minutes after
he had entered the Corn-market, Mr. John
Sherwood, of Mark lane, cornfactor.

At Bath, in his 83d year, the Rev. Peter
Grigg, rector of Bathwick and Woolley.
He was appointed curate of that parish in
01749; and prefented to the living in 1748.

22. Aged 60, Mr. Harrison, many years
keeper of the White Horse cellar in Picca-

dilly. He rofe, at his villa near Brompton, in apparent good health, and, having given fome directions to his fervants, preparatory to going to his office in town, went into his garden, where, in half an hour afterwards, he was found dead.

23. At Bath, aged 95, the Rev. Richard Graves, rector of Claverton, Somerset. He was of All Souls college, Oxford; M. A. 1740; and late fellow of the college, and chaplain to the Countefs-dowager of Chatham. He published, in 1792, a translation of the Meditations of the Emperor M. Aurelius Antoninus; and, next year, Xenophon's Hiero, a Converfation on the Condition of Royalty, the Spiritual Quixote, and various other works. He was always remarkably well, and very lately wrote his Effay on his Manner of preferving Health. He purchased the advowfon from the truftees of the late Ralph Allen, esq. in 1767, who had partly built the parfonage-house, a very good fubftantial building, much enlarged and improved by Mr. Graves. The garden, though not large, is a pretty rural fpot, ftrongly marked by that claffic elegance of talte which diftinguished the proprietor as an author. (Collinson's Somerset, vol. I. p. 147.)

24. In his 21ft yaar, Mr. Silvanus Williams, scholar of Baliol college, Oxford.

26. After an illnefs of only three hours, Mrs. Teasdale, wife of Richard T. efq. fulicitor, of Bishopfgate Within.

BILL of MORTALITY, from Oct 23, to Nov. 27, 1804.

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Fine 90s. to 95s.-Seconds 80s, to 855.-Fine Pollard 29s. to 30s.-Bran 8s. to gs. cd.
Return of Flour, Nov. 10 to Nov. 16, from the Cocket Office:

Total 10,004 Sacks. Average 96s. od. 128. 6d. higher than the last Return,
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, Nov. 17, 415. 3d.

Average Price of SUGAR, computed from the Returns made in the Week ending
Nov. 21, 1854, is 58s. 1d. per Cwt. exclufive of the Duty of Customs paid
or payable thereon on the Importation thereof into Great Britain.

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31. os. cd. to 41. 125. od.
21. os. 64.

St. James's-Hay
Straw Il. 135. od. to


Whitechapel-Hay 31. 105. od. to 41. 105.
Clover 41 105. od. to 51. 5s. od.
Straw Il. IOS. od. to Il. 18s. ad.

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Average 31. 165. od.

Average 11. 155. 91.
Average 41. os. od.

Average 41. 175. 6d.
Average (l. 149. od.

To fink the offal-per stone of 81b.
Pork 1

43. 44 to 5s. 44.
45. od. to 5s. ad. Liinib
59. od. to 75, od.

48. od. to 55. o.'.
45. od. to 55. 4".
Beats 2500. Sheep an Lambs 15,000.
COALS. Reft, in the Pool, 57. Delivered 69s. Sunderland, 50s 6J. Delivered 625. 6.L
SOAP, Yellow, 824. Mottled, 90s. Curd, 94%. CANDLES, 125. Moulds 135.
TALLOW, per itune, 8lb. St. James's 4s. 6d. Clare Market 45. 6d. Whitechapel 45. 5d.

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Canterbury 2

Cardifle Chefter


Worcester 2

Meteorolog. Diary-Average Price of Corn 1086 Diary for the fame Period kept at Baldock 1119 Thirteenth Letter from Dr.Lettfomon Prifons 108 Solar Macule & hæcula-Hadley's Quadrant 4 120 Mr. Neild's Remarks on Labour in Prifons 10. Parfaits of Archite&.Innovat. N° LXXVII. 1121 Mrs. Montagu's Vifit to the late Mr. Burke 1c90 Defcript. of St. David's Cathedral continued 1122 Death of G. Grenville-Treatment of Gout 1091 Four to the Netherlands in Autumn of 1793 1123) Remarks on Female Education-Horfted 109: Primævity of the Hebrew-Leech-Worn 1124| Memoirs of the late Rev. Sam. Ayscough 1093 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS; viz. Mr. Knight on Mr. Forfyth's Experiments rogs Warner's Tour to Northern Counties, &c. 1125 Gaols at Colchester authentically defended 1097 Warner's Sermons, and Falconer's Aufwer 1135 Mr.Speechley-TheOxford Almanacks,&c. rc98 St. Luke's Preface to his Gofpel examined 1136 Genuine Anecdotes of the Family of Hollis ibid Dr.Gray'sSermonfor London Charity Schools137 Erection of the Poultry Crofs at Saiifbury 1099'luniptre's and Heneage Horiley's Sermons 1138 TheHiftories of long-lived Perfous defirable 1100 Bp. of Bristol's Charge-Hodg fon's Sermon 1141 Date of Windmills -D. Bond's Paintings ii. Pitt's and Lowe's Sermons-Day of Alarm 1142 Eaft Wittering and Ernley in Suflex defcribed 110: Memoirs of Peers of England temp. James I. 1143 Account of Birdham-Q. Anne's Farthings 1102 INDEX INDICATORIUS-Queries anfwered ibid. Diftreffing Situation of Curates pointed out 1103 SELECT POETRY,Antient and Mod. 1144-1143 Gardeners' Calendars published in England 1104 Proceedings in the ft Seffion of Parlament 1 149 Hints to Corporation of Kingston on Thames 11o-Interefting Intelligence from Lond.Gazettes 1154 Remarks on projecting the Map of World 120S Abtract of principal Foreign Occurrences 1156 THE PROJECTOR, N° XXXVIII. 1109 Country News-DomefticOccurrences,&c. 1160 Candio Reflections on Vaccine Inoculation 1113 Biograph. Account of the late Dr Percival 1162 Attention to Military Etiquette in a Ruffian 1:15 Additions & Corrections to former Obituaries 1164 Domeftic Recollections and Amufements 1116 Marriagesand Deathsofemin. Perfons 1165-1178 Remarks on the Young Rofcius-Norwich ibid. Prices of Grain-The Bill of Mortality, &c. 1179 Swallows-Diary for November kept at Hull 1118 Daily Variations in the Prices of the Stocks 1180


Embellished with a Portrait of the late Rev. SAMUEL AYSCOUGH, F.S.A.; and Views of ERNLEY, EAST WITTERING, and BIRDHAM CHURCHES, SUSSEX; &c. &c.

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Printed by NICHOLS and SON, a: Cicero's Head, Red-Lion Paffage, Fleet-ftreet, London; where all Letters to the Editor are defired to be addreffed, PoST-PAID. 1804.

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