Child-Widows Silenced and Unheard: Human Rights Sufferers in Tanzania

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According to me 'Spiritual Romance' is very important aspect of human life in the present day world. Romance is certainly a matter of person's heart and he/she is the best judge to give his/her views on the subject. Word romance is interpreted by individuals for the love they develop or experience during the course of their life time. As romance is a natural entity it also has a spiritual reality. As per ­­­­Christian belief 'God loved mankind so much that He gave His only Son "Jesus Christ" as ransom on the cross of Calvary to save mankind.' Majority of people who believe in God tend to worship Him for who He is and love Him for being super-natural power. God Jehovah also has a perfect romance for His created beings. Finally God's romance will end-up in TWELVE TRIBES of Israel preaching the Gospel of Christ to the world when the Church will be taken up in rapture. When should this event happen? Let's find out. When God created Adam and Eve they lived in a spiritual atmosphere in the Garden of Eden. This means that they were spirit beings living in human bodies who walked and talked with God. That is the reason why human BRAIN or MIND has no direct point of contact with the Spirit of God but it is through one's own spirit he/she can come in contact with God. I have explained this by studying the testimony of a brother in Christ. I hope this writing will open up a new revelation of spiritual life for the readers. God Jehovah has revealed few things to me. One such revelation helped me understand the difference between - the Word 'Christ' and the Works (in India my friends call it KARMA).

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Sobre el autor (2008)

Dr. Monica Magoke-Mhoja is an Advocate of High Court of Tanzania and currently engaged in Consultancy work in international human rights law, legal pluralism, gender and development.  She is also a part-time researcher and Coordinator of Africa Programs with the Dignity Alert & Research Forum (DARF).  She is married to James Mhoja and they have four children.

She holds a PhD in Human Rights Law from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland – United Kingdom; LL.M from George Town Law Center – Washington D.C (USA) and LL.M & LL.B from the University of Dar es Salaam.  She is an initiator member and first Chairperson of Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF).  She is also a founder member and the first Executive Director of Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) one of the leading women’s rights organisations in Tanzania. 

As the Director of WLAC, she actively led WLAC to participate in a number of Coalitions and contributed in advocacy of law reform such as the Sexual Offence (Special Provisions) Act, 1998, the Land Act, 1999 and initiated the advocacy for the inheritance reform as the then Chairperson of Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) - Tanzania. She also facilitated the establishment of a number of Paralegal Centres in the regions.  She was also the first coordinator of Social Watch Programme in Tanzania and CEDAW Task Force.  In addition, she is a member of Tanganyika Law Society, Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) and AWID-CANADA. 

She had been a board member to a number of institutions nationally and internationally; she is currently a board member of World-Vision Tanzania, ACODE–Uganda and FORWARD - London -UK.  In recognition of her staunch human rights activism, the American Bar Association (Litigation Section) awarded her the 2003 International Human Rights Award.  Monica has published widely on women’s rights issues.

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