The Bay of Pigs and the CIA

Ocean Press, 1999 - 212 páginas
At a time when the United States has begun to declassify previously-secret CIA documents on the 1961 invasion of Cuba, Cuba has initiated a similar process. For the first time, key Cuban files on the Bay of Pigs are published in this new and dramatic interpretation of the first foreign policy debacle that confronted the Kennedy Administration. This Cuban version of the Bay of Pigs story is based on Cuban counterintelligence archives and quotes extensively from secret reports prepared by Cuban double agents who had penetrated the anti-Castro exile groups seeking to overthrow the new revolutionary government. The Cuban Government has decided to release information on the invasion that has previously been unavailable to researchers and historians. No CIA document on the Bay of Pigs can be read in the same way after the publication of this Cuban account of the invasion and its aftermath.

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