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[Feb. I, Mīrs. Jane Simpson, 82.-Mrs. Rawlinson, 140 grandchildren, and 162 great grand47.--Mr. Thomas Chisnall, 81, of Stratford children. St. Mary:-At Wingfield Castle, Anne, Talbot, brother to the late, and uncle to

At Witiam Lodge, 86, the Hon. Francis relict of Robert Pretyman, esq. 91.

At Ipswich, Mr. Nathaniel Blowers, 70. the present Earl of Shrewsbury,
At Eve, Mrs. Tayleure, wife of the

AT Brookhouse, Mount Bures, 28, Mary, Rev. S. 1'.-Mary, widow of the late Jolin eldest daughter of William Schreiber, esq. Maoning, gent. 86.

Åt Broomticid, Mrs. Surry.
At Westhorp, Mr. Buxton Andrews. At Great líorsely, 72, Mrs. Sadler.
At Witneslan, Mrs. King, 62, wife of the

At Little Buddew, Capt. P. Stoneham, Rev. John K.

84, R. N.--At Redgewell, 08, Rev. H. At Stowlangtoft, Mrs. Elizabeth Craske, Lawueli

, dissenting minister. 6., much regretted.

At Newton, Mrs. Alston, 95, formerly Al Cotton, Dir. John Last.

of Halstead. At Kedington, Mrs. Sims, 87, mother of At Elndon, Bury, Mr. W. Rolfe. the Rev. W. E.S. of Nayland. At Culford, Mrs. Harvey, of Woru.

In breaking into a very ancient grave, well.

lately, ai st. Cienient's Church, Sandwich, At Glemsford, Mr. Samuel Cook, 65. a pint boitle was und full of an offensive At Sudbury, 53, Mrs. Ursula Godlicy. liquid. The cas sünnd the bottle had inAt Wichhainbrook, Mr. J. Tyler, 7 t.

corporated itself with the glas.i. At Forniam, St. Martin, the Rev. Henry The slow, rom ten to twenty feet Punchard, A M.; he was instituted in No- dop), interrupted all communication and vember 1771.

intercourse in Kent, during several days in At Walton, Charlotte, wife of Charles the middle of the nionth, as well as in other Collett, esq.

parts vi inte kudoni, At Lowestoft, Mr. T. Curtis, 50.

The property destroyed by the fire in At Bungay, Mr. Hlm. Abel, second son Mr. Ilois japer wills and dwelling house, of Dlatthias Abel, esq. banker, deeply re

at Buckland, is estimated at 17,000l.; only greiteri by his family and fiiends.

7,000l. were insured. At Nowton, Mrs. Alston, 95.

The laie Mis. Tuwirell, of Canterbury, At Bredfield, Saralı, relict of William lett 19201. among the various charities and Whincopp, esq.72.

schoois i Canterbury, ami 2001. each to the At Higham Lower Green, Mrs. Cornell. deat' and duub, and the blind, charities in At Saxmundhan, Sarah, second daugbter

London. of Mr. Dencher,

That excellent establishment the general A1 Coddenham, 65, Mr. John Fox. Kent and Canterbury hospital, relieved last

At Ipswich, Mr. Daniel Goddard, 66, year 400 patients, and 503 out-patients, and late of London.

inoculated 860 tor the cow-pox. The prin. At Gazely, Mr. Robert Leach, 74. cipal benefactors during the year were At Sirlesmere, Mrs. Frances Treice, 66.

Lord Sundes 1951. aud Mr. Wheeler, of At Needham Maihet, 50, Mr. Mathew Otterden place, 1001, James Batman, only son of the late Rev.

In the Kentsh and various provincial paThomas Batman.

pers, we have observed notices of nearly fif At Stonham Aspal, Mr. Pemberton, 90, ty hildren burnt to death this month, many farmer.--At Great Horksley, Mrs. Sadler, of them from playing with fire!--The wire relict of W. S. esq.

safeguards seem to be the best protéclors. At Granard, Jolin Garnham, esq. of Married.] At Hythe, Mr. W. Tiffin, te Ashfield Lodge, and major in the West Miss C. Stokes. Suffolk militia.

Died.] Ai Canterbury, 62, Mr. W. Bates.

-59, Mrs. S. Tiddenial.-.54, Mr. Jonas Marritl.] At Greensted, the Rev. Weich.--Mr. R. Elwyn, 73.-Mrs. Giles, Caven Ord, to Miss Blagrave.

71.-Mrs. Bunce, 77,--Major O'Niel, of Mr. W. Megsy, jun, of Chelmsford, to the 9th regiment.---Mr. Coppin Chapman, Miss E. Smith.

- Mr. Join, Mrs. M. Rev. John Carter, of Braintree, to Mrs. Watkins.--74, Mr. T. Dixon.-Mr. W. Perry, of Great Saling.

Pearson.--Mrs. Alibeit.--Mrs. Hands.Rev. W. M. Moreton, to Elizabeth, 72, Mrs. S. Mate.--Mrs. Houges.---Mrs. eldest daughter of the Rev. H. Hutton, of Mary r'owtrell, whose benevolent legacies, Beaumont.

noticed above, best describe her character. Died.] At Tilbury Fort, 68, G. Mackay, At Margate, Mr. John Pierce, warden of csq. first major and barrack-master. the pilots-81, Mrs. E. Hensbaw._78,

At Newport, 86, G. Pochin, esq. many Mrs. Luck.--17, Miss Apn Barlow.-Mrsa years an active magistrate.

Penny. At Saffron Walden, Mrs. Day, 87, whose At Ramsgate, Mrs. Bing, jeweller.--78, children, grandchildren, and great grand- Mr. T. Chapman. whildren, amounted to 316: viz. 14 children, At Maidstone, Mr. W. Kennedy, of





Bromley.--Mrs. Stevens. John Wise, esq. Haslar.-70, Mr. W. Chase, Portzea.--Mr, 65, a good man, and universally regret. T. Woolgar, Gosport.---Mrs. Peake.--Mr. ted.-Mr. W. Wattle.

Stoover, D. Y. At Dover, Miss Thornton.--Mr. Allen. At Andover, Miss Route, and Miss Glen-Mrs. West.--Mrs. Chapman.--22, Mr. cross, who lived together. John Beer.—61, Mrs. R. Riyden.

At Upsombourne, Mr. John Andrews.At Wittersham, Mr. John Sampson. At Westmear, ixrs. Deller.At Ryde, At Hoath, 67, Mrs, Sarah Stead. 65, Mrs. Pemberton.-At Awbridge-house,

At Folkestone, Mr. Edward Kingsford, Mrs. Atkins.--At Nilforrt, snddenly, Mr. 31.-Mrs. Broad, 54.--Mr. T. Finn, 87. H. Gillingham.-At Fareham, Mrs. Barney. Mr. T. Pledge, 24.

At Twyford, Mr. Hannington, schoolmasa At Sandwich, 76, Mrs. Miute.--42, Mr. ter.–At Morsteail, 68, Mr.Johu Complin, R. Cooke.- Mrs. Davison.—Mrs. S. Duvk. --At Havant, 79, Mrs. Renaud.At North

At Staplehurst, 59, Mrs. Eliz. Couchman. wood, Geo. Gowan, esq. paymaster to the At Wateringbury, Mr. Cruthal.

E. I. forces at Parkhurst. At Murston, 96, Rev. Mr. Marsh, rector. At Whitstaple, 17, Miss Mary Morday. Murried.) At Maiden Bradley, Mr. R. At Romney, Mr. T. Paine.--Mr. W. Howell

, to Miss M. C. Moody. Welden, frozen to death.

At Trowbridge, Mr. W. Brookman, to -At Chatham, 81, Mr. Crawford Smith.-- Miss Edgell. Mrs. Harrison, wife of the Rev. W. H.-- Died.] At Devizes, Mrs. Bailey, Mr. Jesse Nower.

At Maiden Bradley, Mrs. Large.

At Norton Bavant, Mr. Thos. Hollway. In the Downs, the snow drifted into At Wick-house, 83, Mrs. Hazeland. mountains, and interrupted all intercourse At Chippenham, M1, S. Gatey, deserved for many days.

ly regretied.-23, Mr. John Coombs. Married.] Mr. Stocker, of Brighton, to

SOMERSETSIIRE. Miss Turner, of Bognor.

DR. WILKINSON, of Bath, has published Died.] At Chichester, Mrs. Teesdale. in the Bath Paper, a very ingenious anaAt Angmering, Mr. Amore.

lysis of the contents of the stomach of Near Rottingdean, by a tall from his horse, two horses who lately died suddenly, during a state of inebriety, Mr. Moore, of by which it appears that they had been the customs.


Mrs. BOURNE, in the Grove, Bath, MR. COBBETT continues to write his was, on new year's day, burnt to death celebrated Political Register, from his by her clothes catching fire.-In another estate at Bottley in this comty, witing in place we have remarked on the number his own person, in their completest sense, of deaths from this cause, during the past the cliaracter of agriculturist, patriot, and month, in different parts of the kingdomman of letters. Some of his late numbers, at least forty children and ten adults! on the novel positions and pretensions of When all the complicated horrors of death the belligerent powers, are distinguished from being roasted alive amidst friends above all his former writings, for their mas and comforts are considered, it seems culine eloquence, power of reasoning, and wonderful that a simple and certain mecourageous delineation of TRUTH.

thod of prevention, which we discovered A Portsmouth brewer states in the and announced seven years ago, and have Hampshire Telegraph, that the present since reiterated in various shapes in this price of malt, from 60s. to 70s. per quarter, Magazine, should not be known in every does not afford more than a reasonable pro. family. The parties on fire have only to fit, and that the fair average of hops is 61. lie down, and the instant they do so, all but the present price 10 or 121. per cwt. the danger is removed; and they or their

Married.] Mr. B. P. Porter, of Portsea, friends may, at their leisure, extinguish to Miss Pike.--Mr. C. Sharp, of Sonthamp- the fire. In our experiment we took two ton, to Miss E. Clark.--Mr. Cole, of Rew. eqnal stripes of muslin, held one by a street, I. of W. to "Miss Roacli, of pair of tongs perpendicularly, and laid Redway.

the other horizontally and hollow, and At Fareham, Dr. Ringe, to Miss Witchell, then set them on fire. The perpendicular

Capt. G. W. Willes, R. N. to Miss Anne stripe wholly exploded, with an intense Lacon.

flanie a yard high, in half a minute; but Died.) At Winchester, Mrs. Harvey, the horizontal one was, with difficulty, kept grocer.-75, Mrs. Vaughan.

alight, and as its flame was never above At Southampton, 48, Mr. John Fay. half an inch high, it might have been 91, Mr. Thomas Smith.--T. Wettenoon, extinguished with the thumb and finger ; esq. at Smyrna.--Mrs. Newell.

it was also nearly five minutes before the At Portsmouth, &c. Mr. Hammond, fire extended to the other end. The fatal Dock-yard.-Mrs. Blacks, Portsea.--Mrs. effects are, however, produced not less Inhes, H. W. Honses. -Mr. Brain, D. Y.- hy the intensity of the flame than by its Mrs. Pearce, D. Y.-Capt. Tillard, at dicent to the throat, head, and sensual MONTHLY MAG. No. 251.




Dorset Devon,

[Feb. 1, organs, an effect which is also prevented Married.] Mr. C. Sheppard, of Dorchese hy instantly iying downl. Surely it is the ter, to Miss Smith. daty of medical men, and of clergynien At Lyme, John Hussey, esq. to Miss in fimeral sermons, and in other ways, to Daniel. propagate the knowledge of so infallible a Mr. R. Caives, of Melbury Park, to Miss seneciy for so dreadful an evil.

Kellaway. The Bath Society for relieving persons

The Rev. J. Parsons, fellow of Worces. imprisoned for small debts, hare enlarged ter College, to Ms. Smith, of Sherborne. twenty-one persons during the last year, F. Glossop, esq. of Henstridge, to Miss for the small suni of 941. 194. 61. Noah Louisa Yeatman. Chivers, esq. has presented tliem with a Died.] At Westbrook House, 59, F.J. donation of 211.

Tyssen, esq. The Tuunten Courier speaks of the late At Dewlislı, Mrs. Hall.--At Sandford, fogs as enveloping the whole vale of 72, the Rev. George Bent, rector of High Taunton, but as not extendmg beyond Bray. — At Poundstock, Mr. Thomas Blagdon Hill, where the weather was inild Pearce.--At St. Anderies, G. E. Balch, and clear.

esq.--At West Quantoxhead, Mrs. Wala At the Somerset Quarter Sessions, at ford. At Stowboro', Mrs. Anne Brown. Wells, the chairman remarked at some At Martolk, 94, George Sims, called jump. lengih, on a supposed error of grand juries ing George.--At Hartgrove, Mrs. Meatin road cases; who frequenily refuse to yard.--At Gillingham, Mr. Thomas Light. receive the prosecutor’s evi:lence, and to

40 Maiden Newton, Mr. Robert Willie find the bill, unless notice has been pre- ams.-At Silton, Mr. Cambridge.

At viously given to the parish presented." A Bingham's Melcombe, Mrs. Bingliam, wife practice in which we confess we agree with of Colonel B.-At Warminster, Mr. Sagranii juries.

muel Provis, an upright man. -At Cheddar, Married.] At Bath, Mr. Gnerieux, of 68, Mrs. Symons.--At Blandford, 76, Mrs. the French navy and Legion of Honour, Atkins.—34, Mrs. Sweetapple.--At Dorto Miss Sarah Marshall.

chester, 41, Mrs. Clark, wife of Mr. C. Mr. W. Maish, of Bath, to Miss F. bookseller, universally regretted. -- At Capper. of London.

Stoughton Cross, Mrs. Shartman. At dr. T. B. Coward, of Bath, to Miss Wareham, 83, Mrs. Dampier.-68, George Cooke, of Hereford.

Mr. R. Fairhurst, of Worrington, to
Mirs. Salter, of Bath.

We learn from the Exeter Flying Post, Mr. Edwards, of Freshford, to Miss that this usually mild and 'genial county has Wakeford.

been as deeply covered by the late heavy Mr. Goodhall, of Bath, to Miss Pitman. snows as any in the kingdom. The road Dr. Berkit, of Bath, to Mrs. Beezley. from Plymouth to Exeter and London, was Mr. W. Gooden, of Durleigh, to Bliss R. wholly impassable at Halldown for several Bryant, of Eridywater.

days. Dicd.] At Bath, 82, Robert M'Clinrock, Warm baths, at an expence of 3201. are esq. of Dunmore. --- Mrs. Alexander.--At to be annexed to the Exeter Lunatic AsyLaura House, Miss M. C. Phibbs, of Sligo, a lum, in conformity, we presunie, to the lady of superior qualities.-- The Hon. Vrs. plans of treatment described in late numHamilton.--84, the Rev. Dr. Greenhill, bers of this Magazine, of Cotiisford, father of Mr. G. M. P. and Mr. WOOLMER lias changed the day of an amiable character. The Rev.S. James, the publication of his Exeter and Plymouth rector of Radsiche ---By an accident, Mr. Gazette, from Saturday to Thursday, Vowles, ví Puitney-bridge---MIrs.' Amu

Tie Derin and Lxeter Institution conHarrison.--24, Mrs. Ann Tongue.- Mrs. sists already of 150 proprietors, and its IV. Sealey, oi Kingsmead-street. --- Mrs. funds amount to 2,5601. Donations of 113 Haberley.--Mir, Gille, Welis road.--The valuable books have been presented by Rev. James 'luson, rector of Binegai, and Messrs. Granger, Kendall, Carpenter, a county mayisirate.

Leach, Acland, Johnson, Woolmer, and At Finnie, Nr. Willoughby.--At Pound others. The active and spirited committee stock, Mr. Thos. Pierce.

propose to purchase Courtenay House. Among the proprietors are the Lords Graves

and Clifford; the Dean and Chapter; Sirs A part of the sea chits on the coast, near J.T. Duckworth, S. H. Northcote, T.D, Lime, lately fell clown, after a violent storm, Acland; and most of the clergy and and discovered the fossil remains of an enor: physicians in and near Eseter, mous crocodile, in a stale of perfection not Murried.] At Littleham, the Rev. W. before found. This extremely valuable Coney, to Miss C, Baring, of Exmouth.. relic was discovered on the estate of At Chorieigh, G. Woolway, esq. to Miss H. H. Henley, esq. who has liberally pre. Jane Dart. fanclit to fuel oudion Museum of Natural At Wolborongh, Captain May, R, N, to History,

Miss Flamank, of Newton Abbot.






Thomas Beawes, esq. of Beaumont, to ed, in 1791, the post of Minister at War, Miss Eliza Davis, of Bristol.

with a view to save the king. This object Died.] At Teignmonth, 70, Joseph Sa was clearly evinced, by a propísal which bine, esą. At Exmouth, Mrs. Comins. he made verbally, in the most serious man. "At Bishopsteignmouth, Mr. W. Jack- ner, to the National As-embly, and at the

same time in writing to the Duke of BrunsAt Luppit, near Honitor, I. Ratten- wick. On the 9th Jan. 179%, he resigned bury, 106.

his office, and retired into private life.

Napoleon drew hm from obscurity as a The transport, Queen, No. 332, having branch of the ancient noblisse, to give brought home, 315 ck and invalided soldi. splendor to his court, and Narbonne very ers, us women, and 58 children, from the unwillingly cousented. He could not stoop British army on the continent, besides six to tlatter. The most favourable exp,ession French officers, prisoners of war, and a that ever escaped his lips respecting Napocrew of 21 men, making a total of 473 per- leon was, Il est si hereux!--how lucky he sons, was lying in Carrick Road, Falmouth, is! He often said of him, Su téte est un on the 14th January. At the commencement volcun--hats hoad is a volcano; and still more of the gale of that night, she was observed frequently, C'est un crane, qui n'a point to ride hard, and, at about five o'clock in d-ntraillis-he is all head and no licart. the morning, she parted her cabies and with the emperor lie was however a great drove ashore on Trefusis Point, where, in a favourite. tie is said to have gone with short time, she was beat to pieces. One great reluctance to Russia, 0 Vienna, and hundredi men and fonr women, with great lastly to Torgall, where he died. difficulty, succeeded in getting ashore; but, Drowned in the Ilster, after the battle all the rest perished with the-ship. Thus 366 of Leipsic, Prince Poniatowski, liephew sonls were, in a few moments, buried in to the last King of Poland, and the hope the sea, under the most awful circum- of Polista patriotism. On the 19th of üc stances! The bodies of five men, ten vo. tober, when the French army was talling men, and nine children), have been waslied back, the emperor ässigned part of the on shore at Penryn, and a greai number at suburbs of Leipsix', next to the Borna roari, Flushing. The soldiers were all artillery- to Prince Poniatowski. This post he was men, except about thirty-two, who belongs to defend with a body of 2000 Polisi med to the 30th regiment.

fantry. Perceiving that the French coA shocking homicide was lately commit- lumns on his left flank were retreating, and ted at Camborne, by a poor lunatic, on an that there was no possibility of getting attendant female ;-an:l, at Sancreet, by a across the budge, wirich laut been blown villain of the name of Burns, on John Allen, up by accident, he drew is said'e, and a sailor.

turning to the officers round hin-GenMarried.] Mr. W. Mudge, of Bodmin, to tlemen,” said he, “ ?tis better to fall with Miss Hawkins, of Wadebridge.

honour,” and at the head of a few Polish Mr. N. Cole, of Trebine, to Miss Hen- cuirassiers, and the officers attending him, wood, of Cardinham.

he fell finiously opon the advancing columns. Died.] At Falmonth, Mr. John Bunny, He has also been wounded on the 14th and 76, druggist.--At Truro, Mrs. Loke, wité 16111; and on this occasion be received of Rear Admiral Luke.--At Simonwarst, the a pusket ball in luis left arm. With the Rev. R. Baron.--At Veryan, Mr. Hugoe. words above mentioned, he sprung forward,

but found the suburbs already tilled with Died.] At Slehch-hall, 87, Nathaniel allied troops. He cnt his way throagir Phillips, esq.--At Rosepool, John Cozens, them, but was again wounded through hus esq.-At Caerphilly, Mr. Edward Jones, a cross, and throw ng himself into ile Pleisse, celebrated performer on the Welsh barp.- with the assistance ut the surrounding ottiAt Swansea, 19, deeply lamenteri, Archi cers, reached the opposite shore in safety. bald, eldest son of Mr. T. Jenkins, printer The horse which he rode was left behind of the Cambrian Newspaper.

in this river, and the Prince, exhausted, DEATHS ABROAD.

mount. d another which was brougit hiin. Died.] At Valenciennes, Richard Vis- He then proceeded to the Elster, and count Barrington. He is succeeded by his seeing the Prussian and Saxon rtlernen brother, the Rev. George Earrington, Pre- advancing upon him on ail sides, le plunged bendary of Durlam.

into the river and sunk, with his horse At Torgan, aged 61, by a fall from his Several officers who precipitated themselves horse, the celebrated statesman, the Count in the water after the prince, were likede Narbonnė, god-son of Louis XV. whom Wise drowned, while others were taken he much resembled. During the reign of prisoners on the bank, or in the river, to Lonis XVI. he rose to the rank of Liente be sent by the magnanimous Alexander to nant-general inrithe royal army, and chiefly Siberia! His funeral obseqnies were perresided at the Court of Mesdames (the formed on the 19th November, in the danghters of Lons XV.) by wliom he was church of the Holy Cross at Warsaw, in held in high consideration. After the the presence of the most distinguished Rusbreaking out of the Revolution, uc accept- sian and Polish families in that



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MONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. UR advices from the midland and other manufacturing counties are highly grati.

facturers; but the export trade has been checked, not only by the severity of the scason, but by the exhausted, unsettled, and still disordered condition of the countries which have been involved in the continental war.

The merciants of London and others connected with Germany, have, with character. istic benevolence, opened a subscription for the reliet of the thousands of families who have been deprived of every comfort by the passage of great armies through that illfated country.

During the month, among other stimulants to the creation and zealous propagation of false reports, policies have been done to pay one hundred guineas on receiving ten guineas, if the omnium is not at 25 per cent. premium, or the 3 per cents. at 72, before a certain day in February! Hence the hundreds of impudent fabrications circulated from day to day, to affect the sinister purposes of the parties! Ought not the moral character of the country to be protected against such nefarious practices, by some law making them highly penal?

The Reduction of the National Debt, from the 1st of Angust, 1786, to the 1st of November, 1813, has proceeded as follows: Redeemed by the Sinking Fund

227,412,215 Tranferred by Land Tax redeemed

24,569,830 Ditto by Life Annuities perchased



5 per lb.


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per ton.

per cwt.

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0 per 1b.


• 254,266,770 The sum to be expended in the next quarter' is 4,621,5261. Ss. 8d.

Prices of Merchandize, Jan. 28.

£. s. d. £. s. d.
Coffee, West India ordinary 4 12 0 to 4 15

( per (wt.
6 9 0

7 0

ditto. Mocha

9 0 0

9 10 0

ditto. Cotton, West India, common 0 2 4

2 Demerara

2 9

2 11 ditto. Flax, Riga

100 0

0 Gold, in bars

5 10 0

0 0 per oz. Hops, new, Pockets

5 12 0

12 0 0 Days

5 12 0

10 0 0 ditto. Iron, British, Pars

14 0.0

14 10

per ton,
8 0

9 0 ditto.
Oil, sallad

4 0

4 0 per half chest. Galipoli

105 0 0

0 0 ( per ton. Pags, Hamburgh

2 13 0

2 16 0 per cwt. Italian, fine

3 12 0

0 0 0 ditto. Silk, China

1 5 0

1 9 Bengal, skein



Silver, in bars

6 111

0 0

() per oz. Sngar, Jamaica, brown

5 14

5 16

( per cwt.
6 5 0

6 8 0 ditto.
East India

5 12 0

6 8 0 ditto. lump, tine

7 11 0

7 16 () ditto. Spices, Cinnamon

( 13 6

0 0 O per lb, Cloves

011 6

( 12 6 ditto, Nutmegs

0 15 0

0 17 0 ditto. -, Pepper, black

0 1

0 1 9 ditto.
0 3 10

() 4 0

ditto. Tallow, town melted

4 19 6

0 0

0 per cwt. Russia, yellow


0 () 0 ditto. Tea, Bohea

() 2 5

( 2 8 per lb. Hyson, fine

0 5 5

0 0 0 ditto. Wine, Madeira, old

90 0 0

120 () per pipe. Port, old

120 0 0 125 0 0 ditto. At Messrs. Wolfe and Co.'s Canal Office, No. 9, Change Alley, Cornhill; Commereial Dock shares fetch 1371. per share.--West India ditto, 1501.--The Grand Junction CANAL shares fetch 2201. per share.- The Grand Surry, 801.--And the Leicester Union, 1051.--The East London WATER-WORKS, 601.- The Grand Junction 35!.--And the West Middlesex, 301.-The Albion InsuRANCE OFFICE shares fetch. 431.---The Globe 1061.And the Imperial 45l.

The 3 per cent. cons, on the 28th were 67; 5 per cent. 95%; new omnium, 204 premium.



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