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defends the infinitude of nature, and leans were first inade round; then 20d, weighed to pantheism. The second contends for an ounce troy. the eternity of the world, and may be thought to have furnished some argu

There was an information exhiliited ments to Dr. Toulmin. The third main- about the 4ih of Henry VI. against a tains that St. Paul understood by divine person, for that lie put a kind of onwlolen inspiration, OEOTTYEUSTOS, the natural efni some weed intu his brewing called a hop. cacy of a holy temper, and of a wind devoted to God.

Calvin printed in 1539, at Strasburg,

his Institutions: he calls himself in the The Wolsh boast that they exceed all title-page, Alcuinus, after the English the world in three things, having the first preceptor of Charlemagne. Now Alcu Christian king, emperor, and monastery, inos, is the anagram of Calvinus; and in the world, Lucius, Constantine, and this is the earliest modern instance of ihe Bangor.

adoption of an anagramatic device,

So that Calvin, if not the inventor, W365 The first double subsidy that ever was

at least the restorer of anagrams. granted was in 51 of Queen Elizabeth, and which Sir Edward Mildmay, then Oil is very dear in this country, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, said that ic West Indians complain that we do not made his heart.quake to inove for a dou, consune enough of their produce. Why ble subsidy, there being a single subsidy will they not plant olive trees, and magranted so lately as in the 29 of Eliza- nuiacture what we should be glait to con Feth, and said he hoped not to see a dou- sume? Olive trees are best propayated hle subsidy granted again; but asterwards, by means of suckers; the seedlings pro. in 33 Elizabeth, there was a treble subsi- duce olives of uncertain quality. The dy granted; in the 39th of the same reign wood is prized hy the inlayers. The me. the subsidy was quadrupled.--Cook's or- thod of pickling green olives in brine, guments for Ship Money.

after steeping them in lime-water, was PRICE OF MEAT REGULATED.

known to Columella; and olives so prea In 25 Henry VIII. it was enacted that pared, were already esteemed at the butchers should sell their beef and mut. tables of the Romans. ton by weight; beef for a halfpenny the pound, and mutton at three farthings, The Emperor Claudius was se fond of At that time fat oxen were sold for backgammon, that Seneca supposes is $0s. 8d. each, and fat wethers for Ss. 411. would be his punishment in hell, to play and a fat lamb for 120.-Stow.

with a bottomless dice-box. Ludera

pertuso fretillo, et fugientes tesserris sem. In Edward the First's time the penny per quærere. The younger Agrippa was was wont to have a double cross with a the most intimate friend of Claudius, erest, in such sort that the same might be whence it may be inferred, that be ton easily broken in the middle, or in a quar. was a gammon-player, and ingratialet ter, and so made halfpence or farthings. himself by teaching the game. In the 8th of Edward the First they at gammon the sovereignty of Palestine.



He won


* Communications of New Books and Titles are solicited.



Species, collecter dnring twelve years, EVOIRS of the Caledonian IIorti- Travels anil Residence in that Country: cultural Society. No. III. 8vo. 3$. by Frederick Pursh. 2 vols. 8vo, 11. 16s. BIOGRAPHY.

and with the plates coloured, čl. 125. 6d. Some Details conceruing General Mo

CIEMISTRY. rean, and his last Moments: followed by View of the Progress and present State a short Biographical Memoir'; by Paul of Animal Chemistry; by I. J. Berzelius, Svinine, charged to accompany the General M.D. 8vo. 53. 6d. on the Continent. 6s.


Taciti Germania et Agricola, ex edita Flora Americæ Septentrionalis ; or a G. Brotier, curâ R. Relhan. 8vo. 7s.6d. Systematic Arrangement and Description Novum Testamentum Græcum, juxta. of the Plauts of North America: contain- exemplar Millianım. 32mo. 8s. ing, beside what have been described by Copleston Prælectiones Academicæ. preceding authors, many pew and rare, 8vo. 155.





Evo, 6s.

List of New Publications in January. [Feb. I, Taciti Germania et Agricola, from Bro- St. Basil; translated from the Greek, luge tier's text, with all his observations, notes, H. S. Boyd. Royal 8vo. 12s. and emendations, and with critical and An Examination of the different Systems philological remarks; by E. H. Barker. of Shoeing the Feet of Horses, particu12ino. 58. 6d.

larly the Thin-heeled System of the Cola

lege, and the System now practised in the The Banker's and Merchant's Almanack Prince Regent's Stables; by R. Powis, for 1814; containing bank rupts, dividends, Veterinary Surgeon. 8vo. 29. hd. and certificates for the year, &c. &c. 78.6d. The Pantologia; comprehending a com.

plete Series of Essays, Treatises, and Who's 10 have Her? a Musical Farce in Systems, alphabetically arranged, with a two Acts; by Thomas Dibdiu. 8vo. 25. general Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and

Illusion ; or the 'Trances of Nonrjahal, Words; and presenting a distinct Survey an Oriental Tale in three úcts. 3vo. 2s. Gil. of Human Genius, Learning, and Industry;

Free Thoughts upon Methodists, Actors, by John Mason Good, esq. F. R. S., Olinand Intiuence of the Stage; by Robert thus Gregory, LL.D. and Mr. Newton Mausel, of the Theatres Royal York and Bosworthi. 12 vols, royal 8vo. 201. Hull. 7s.6d.

The Printers Price Book, containing EDUCATION.

the Master Printers Charges to the Trade A View of the System of Education at for Printing Works of varions Sizes, Types, present pursted in the Schools and Uni- and Pages. Also a new, easy, and correct versities of Scotland. With an Appendix, Method of Casting-off Manascript anci containing Communications relative to the other Copy, exemplified in Specinien University of Cambridge, the School of Pages of different sizes and Types : to Westminster, and the Perth Academy; which is prefixed some Account of the together with a more detailed Account of Nature and Business of Reading Proofthe University of St. Andrew; by the slicets for the Press, with the TypographiRev. M. Russel, M.A.

cal Marks used for this purpose, and their Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper; Application shewn in an Engraving; by illustrated with Figures. 6s. 60.

C. Stower, Editor of the Printer's GramMaternal Soliciinde for a Daughter's mar. 8vo. 18s. best interests; by Mrs. Taylor. 1210, 58. The Worth of a Penny, or a Cantion to

Introduction to Perspective, adapted to Keep Money; with the causes of the the Capacities of Children, in a series of scarcity, and misery of the want thereof, pleasing and familiar Dialogues; by Mr. in these hard and mercilesse times; as Hayter. 8v0. 10s. 6d.

also, how to save it in diet, apparel,

recreations, &c.; and also, what honest Essay on the Theory of the Earth, courses iren in wapt may take to live; by M. Cuvier; translated from the French by Henry Peacham, Master of Arts, some by R. Kerr, F. R. S. with Mineralogical time of Trinity College, Cambridge. Ree. Notes by Professor Jameson. 8vo. 88. prinied from the edition of 1667. 8vo. 7s.

Memoirs of the Analytical Society, 1813. The Edinburgh Annual Register for 4to. 13s. 1811, in iwo Parts, or Volumes, being Vo Inquiry into the present State of the lunie the Fifth of the Series, 1). 45. Medical Profession in England; by Robert

Thoughts on the Origin and Descent of Masters Kerrison. 8vo. 58. the Gael; with an Account of the Picis, Friendly Call, or Epistola Amicitiæ; Caledonians, and Scots; and Observations by J. Rickman, M.D. 8vo. 4.s. relative to the Authenticity of the Poems

NATURAL PUILOSOPHY. of Ossian; by James Grant, esq. of Corry. Essay on Light and Vision; by John movy, Advocate. 8vo. 16s.


Essay on Electricity; by the same. 6s. The Statutes of the United Kingdom of Evening Amusements, or the Beauty of Great Britain and Irelaud, 53 Geo. III. the Heavens displayed, for 1814; by Wile 1813, Vol. V. Part I. 4to. 11, 11s. 6d. liam Frend, esq. M.A. 12mo. 3s, MEDICINE.

NOVELS. Medico Chirurgical Transactions, pub Amabel, or Memoirs of a Woman of lished by the Medical and Chirurgical So. Fasliion. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 8s. ciety of London. Vol. IV. 8vo. 11. 15. Batchelor's Heiress, or a Tale without

An Account of a successful Method of Wonder, 3 vols. 12mo, 15s. treating Diseases of the Spine, with Oh Cælebs Married, being intended as a servations and Cases in Illustration ; by Continuation of Cælels in Search of a Thomas Baynton, of Bristol. 5s, 6d. Wife. Crown 8vo. 75.

Treatise on Glanders; by Thomas Smith. The Splendour of Adversity, a Domestic 8vo. 7s.6d.

Story; by the Author of Black Rock

House. 3 vols. 15s. Select Passages of the Writings of St. Laura Valcheret, a Tale for Adoles, Chrysostom, St. Gregory Nazianzen, and cence, 5s.









Subjects relating to Zeal and Practice, Rudiments of Hebrew Grammar, Part I. Faith and Hope; delivered at the Unitaconsisting of a Table of Hebrew Primi- rian Chapel, Stockport; by the Rev. S. tives, with a short Account of the Forma- Parker. To which are added Critical and tion, Inflection, and Composition of Hebrew Explanatory Notes. 45. 6d. Words, by accessions to the Root. 1s. The Vision of the Beloved Disciple; a

Sermon on the Portion of_Scripture apPoetical Trifles, written on various sub- pointed for the Epistle for Trinity Sunday; jects, serious and comic; by Edward by the Rev. James Rudge, M.A. Lecturer Trapp Pilgrim. A new edition, with of Limehouse. 1s. 6d. severel Pieces never before published. 4s. Copies of Letters sent to the Clergy of

Prince Malcolm, in five Cantos, with Exeter, from 1796 to 1800, with Commuother Poems; by John Doddridge Hum- nications and Prophecies put in the Newsphreys, jun. 8vo. 9s.

papers in 1813; by Joanna Southcott. Carmen Triumphale; for the Com- 8vo. 1s. 3d. mencement of the Year 1814 ; hy Robert A second Letter to the Rev. C. Simeon, Southey, esq. Poet Laureate. 4to. 35. M.A. iu Confutation of his various Mistate

Tixall Poetry, with Notes and Illustra- ments, and in Vindication of the Efficacy tions; by Arthur Clifford, esq. editor ascribed by our Church to the Sacrament of Sir Ralph Sadler's State Papers. 4to. of Baptism; by Herbert Marsh, D.D. 21. 2s. and a few royal copies, with proof F.R.S. &c. plates, 31. 38.

A Plea for Unitarian Dissenters, in a Moonlight, a Poem, with several Copies Letter of Expostulation to the Rev. H.H. of Verses; by Edward Lord Thurlow. Norris, M.A. on that part of his late Work 4to, 5s.

against the Hackney Auxiliary Bible So. The Parent's Poetical Anthology; being ciety, which relates to Unitarians ; by Ro. a Selection of English Poems, principally bert Aspland, Pastor of the Unitarian designed to assist in forming the taste and Church, Hackney. 45. 6d. sentiments of young readers. 6s.

The Necessity of Revelation to teach Chalcographimania, or the Portrait Col. the Doctrine of a Future Life; a Sermon, lector and Printseller's Chronicle; a Hu- by John Kenrich, A.M. 25. morous Poem. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and The Battle of Bosworth Field, 1485, Paradise of Dante; translated by the with a Life of Richard III, till he assumed Rey. H. F. Cary, A.M. 3 vols. 32mo. 128. the Regal Power; by W. Hutton, F.A.S.S.

The second Edition, with Additions, by Further Considerations of the State of J. Nichols, F.S. A. and eleven Plates. the Currency, in which the means of l'e 8vo. 128.-The Additions may be had se. storing our Circulation to a salutary State parate, 5s. are fiilly explained, and the Injuries sus Additional Plates, with further Additions tained by the Pablic Treasury, as well and Corrections, for the First Volume of as by the National Creditor, from our Magna Britannia, containing the Counties present pecuniary System, are minutely of Bedford, Berks, and Bucks; by the detailed; by the Earl of Lauderdale. Rev. Daniel Lysous, A.M. F.R.S.F.A. 8vo. 6s.

and L. S. Rector of Rodmarton, in GlouThe Political State of Europe after the cestershire; anul Samuel Lysons, esq. F.R.S. Battle of Leipsic. 8vo. 45.

and F.S.A. Keeper of his Majesty's Records Letters addressed to Lord Liverpool and in the Tower of London. 4to, 11. 1s. and the Parliament on thic Preliminaries of on large paper, 11. 11s. 6d. Peace; by Calvus. 8vo. 4s.

History and Antiquities of Hawstead and Tables of the Parliamentary Repre- Hardwick, Suffolk; by the Rev.Sir John Culsentation of Great Britain and Ireland, Jum,bart. Royal 4 to. 21. 2s. imp. 4to. 41. 45. with the Patronage and Proprietorship of

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. the several Counties, Cities, and Boroughs. Travels in the Caucasas and Georgia, Folio.

during the Years 1807 and 1808, by comCobbett's Parliamentary History of Eng. mand of the Russian Government; by land, Vol. XVIII. Royal 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. Julius Von Klaproth, Member of the ImTHEOLOGY.

perial Academy of Sciences of St. Peter's. Bampton Lectures; by the Rev. John burg, &c. Collinson, M.A. 8vo. jos. 6d.

Observations made on a Tour from HamEvidences of Revealed Religion, on a bnrg, through Berlin, Goriitz, and Breslau, new and original Plan; being an Appeal to Silberberg; and thence to Gottenburg, to Deists, on their own Principles of Argu- passing through the late Head-quarters of ment. 4s.

the Allied Armies; by Robert Semple. Primitive Christianity, or Discourses on Svo. 7s, MONTHLY Mag. No. 251.






[ 50 )


Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign.
Authentic Communications for this Article will always be thankfully received.

MONG the successors of the first years of age. His other recent proA

English school, the name of WARD ductions are a fine copy of the Diana stands conspicuous for the originality of Titian, in the Stafford Gallery, in which his style, the boldness of his concep- he has happily imitated the Venetian tions, and his successful delineation of colouring, and has endeavoured to re

He has been compared to store the exact manner of Titian when Sneyders, and to Rubens, but the com. the picture was in its perfect state ; an

parison is irrelevant, except as a parallel Italian greyhound for Mr. HEATHCOTE; of merit; for his manner is all his own, a spaniel for LORD DARNLEY; a stallion and he is as original as either of those for Sir John SHELLY; and a portrait of great painters, while his pictures as Mr. PAPWORTII, the architect. He is completely satisfy the eye of taste. at this time employed on a rich and Nor is his genius limited to animals, in pleasing view of Tabley Tower, in which he has so powerfully and con The park of Sir John LEICESTER, in fessedly excelled; for we have seen a Cheshire. portrait of his, which reminded us of LORD Erskine is engaged in writing Rembrandt; and an bistorical piece, a pamphlet adapted to existing circuma not unequal to the best, manner of stances, to serve as a continuation of the Titian. The landscapes in which he reasonings and principles contained in places his animals are, as is well known, his celebrated pamphlet printed about unequalled for force, justness of co fifteen years since, on the Causes and Jouring, and variety of expression; and Consequences of the War. are exceeded by nothing of their kind Mr. BABEr announces, Pentateuchus in any

modern school. It improves our Græcus e Codice Alexandrino, qui Londiopinion of the age to find his pencil fully ni in Bibliotheca Musei Britannici usser. employed, and upon subjects which vatur, Typis ad Similitudinem ipsius are worthy of its rare powers. For Codicis Scriptura fideliter descriptus. example: he has recently finished a

The pen

teuch to be printed from the : picture for LORD RIBBLESDALE, which, text of the Alexandrian manuscript, we think, will rank as his master-piece, page for. page, column for column, end which can scarcely fail to be the line for line, letter for letter, with types chief ornament of the next exhibition perfectly resembling the original, and cast at Somerset-house. It is at once woni for the purpose of printing this venerable derful as a superior work of art, and manuscripc. The obliterations occasioned wonder-working in its effect on the mind by time, and the alterations or restora. of spectators. It represents a vast dell tions made by modern hauds, will be also formed by perpendicular cliffs of lime- faithfully noticed. The work will be stove straia, at a place called Gordale published in three parts, printed in imScar, near Skipton, in Yorkslıire. A perial folin, to correspond with the por. chasm in the rocks, down which falls a tions of this manuscript already printed cascade, enlightens the gloom on a plain in fac-simile, viz. the Book of Psalms and at the bottom, on which Mr. Ward has the New Testament. introduced groupes of wild animals pe The literary world are naturally cu. culiar to the country, and among others rious to know the progress and fate of his favourite, the bull. These give the the interference of the Prince of Wales desired effect to the enormous cliffs, and in the affair of the HERCULANEUM MSS. we doubt whether a more perfect repre about which we excited a lively interest sentation of the vast in nature, was above twelve years ago. The mission ever produced on canvas. This picture of Mr. Haytee to Naples, to support is fourteea feet high, by eleren wide. which a grant was made by Parliament, Mr. Ward has also just finished, in his terminated in that gentleman sending best manner, for Mr. HURST, of Alder

to England six of the original charred wasley, rustic portraits of Luke and Papiri. These were received at Carlton: Kate Kenry, charcoal-makers in the house in the year 1805, and it woods near Matlock, in which they have hoped that British genius and art might lived above fifty years, and brought up bave led to some improved means of large family, being now 96 and 38 unfolding them. In truth, a room was



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fitted - up for the purpose, and much manuscripts of various descriptions, con
ingenuity exerted; but, we lament to cerning Swift and his affairs, which re-
say, without any success. It was sug- mained in the hands of Dr. Lyons and
gested that steam might give consistence Major Tickell, from originals in Swift's
to the charred vegetable, and this men- hand-writing, in possession of Leonard
struum was tried on one of the rolls; Mac Nally, esq. from Matthew Wled
but it reduced it to an inseparable pulp. Hartstonge, esq. who has furnished much
Delicate mechanical means were then ap- curious information, from laborious re-
plied to unravel a second, but the result searches made through various jours
was equally unsuccessful; and, discoura. nals and collections of rare pamphlets,
ged by two failures, the other rolls have in wbich many of Swift's satires made
remained unexamined, and are now in their first appearance; and from Dr.
possession of Dr. Young. Mr. Hayter's Berwick, who has obliged the editor with
arrival at Naples, backed by British some curious illustrations of the Dean's
capital, gave new vigour to the business last satirical Tracts. In the Biographical
of unfolding; and although but eighteen Memoir, it has been the object to con-
MSS. had been developed in forty years, dense the information afforded by Mr.
yet, during six years, he was the cause Sheridan, Lord Orrery, Dr. Delany,
of nearly 200 of the whole 1800, being Deane Swift, Dr. Johnson, and others,
completely or partially unrolled. Of into one distinct and comprehensive nara
course Mr. Hayter left Naples with the rative.
court, on the French invasion taking A new edition is preparing of Gray's
place in 1806; but he carried with him to Poems; with Extracts Philological, Po.
Palermo ninety-four fac-similes of MSS. etical, and Critical, from Mr. Gray's
and afterwards brought them to England, Original Manuscripts, selected and are
and presented them to his royal master, ranged by Mr. MATIAS,
as the result of his mission. These the Since the decease of the late Dr.
Prince judged it proper to present, GarTuSHORE, the literary and scientific
through the medium of Lord Grenville, public have lost a luxury which was
its Chancellor, to the UNIVERSITY OF enjoyed in the weekly conversazioni of
OXFORD, in the just expectation that the worthy Doctor, at which were reo
that learned body would gratify the gularly assembled the resident cognose
literary world by their speedy publica- centi of the metropolis, and where
tion, Mr: Hayter binuself afterwards strangers were able to meet with many
received an appointment from the Prince, of those men of genius whose works
and resided some time at Oxford, to had excited curiosity in regard to their
aid the labours of the professors by his persons and conversation. The doctor
experience; but we are concerned to himself was more distinguished for his
find that the appointment has lately urbanity than his erudition ; but he was
been superseded, and that there now known to be wealthy, and a standing
exists, in consequence, no immediate of forty years in his profession, made
prospect of the publication of these most of the literati his juniors, and

conferred a character of respectability Sir EGERTON BRYDES proposes to on meetings at his house, which can gratify the lovers of black-letter literature scarcely be acquired under less favoura with another periodical work. It will ap- able circumstances. It is, however, to pear on the 1st of March, at four shil. be regretted, that no gentleinan of equally lings, (to he continued monthly,) and be general connections has condescended entitled, RestITUTA, or the Titles and lo resume the accommodation afforded Characters of Old Books in English Lite. hy the amiable Garthshore; because it rature, and their Authors, revived. is much desired by the public at large,

A complete edition of Swirt's works and because it would scarcely fail to is printing, under the supervision of gratify himself and his friends. At preWALTER Scott, esq. with a Life of the sent the only assemblage of this kind is Author, Notes Critical and Illustrative, at the house of Sir Josepu BANKS, the &c. &c. It will extend to nineteen vo venerable and respected President of the lumes 8vo. hardsomely printed. Up- Royal Society.

It takes place every wards of a hundred original Letters, Es. Sunday evening during the session of the says, and Poems, by Dean Swift, which Society, and has now, for many years, have not hitherto been printed with bis heen the constant resort of learned foworks, will appear in this edition. These reigners, and of many of our distin have been recovered from Theophilus guished literati and men of science, Swift, esq. Dublin, from a collection of Here are to be found Literary and Phi.



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